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United we stand, divided we fall. 
Seniors 10 

Do all the good you can, by all m\ 

you can, at all the places you carl 

all the people you can, as\ 

Clubs and Avtii 

No river can return to its source, yet all 

rivers must have a beginning. 

Underclassmen 52 

Each warrior wants to leave the mark of his 
will, his signature, on important acts he touches. 

This is not the voice of ego but of the human 
spirit, rising up and declaring that it has some- 
thing to contribute to the solution of the hardest 
problems, no matter how vexing! 
Sports 90 



There are places I remember all my V 
though some have changed, some for betU 
forever. All my life I loved them al 
Student Life 142 

ns you can, in all the ways 
it all the times you can, to 
mg as you ever can. 
[ties 180 

e hundred years from now it will not matter what 
vd of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how 
\ch money I had in my bank account, nor what my 
hes looked like but the world may be a little better 
because I was important in the life of a child. 

Faculty 218 


If you want to make money, go where 

the money is. 

Ads 244 

Mi 2001 

KiocHanoJl HcYior 


1 r-v : **1 

.' 1-'"; 

King Philip Regional 
High School 

201 Franklin Street 
Wrentham, Massachusetts 02093 

Tel. 508-384-1000 FAX 508-384-3875 

The Chieftain 


Volume 44 



P.O. BOX 340 


We hold our responsibilities to be the development of the intellectual, 
physical, and social capabilities of the students as a base upon which they can 
continue to grow as mature, contributing members of a free and democratic 
society and to instill in them a sense of integrity, direction, and purpose. 

first day day of school in seventh 

grade was a big change for many of us. 
All three towns came together for the 

first time ™ d e 

entered the school unsure of what was to 
come. Quickly friendships were made 
that would last a lifetime. We grew closer 

together * 

become eigrttn graders, the big fish of 
the Junior High. In the end we had the 
memories and the unity to enter High 
School and the next four years as the 

Glass of 2001 

/ had so many laughs. 

-Elizabeth Kinney 

We were studs! 

-Mike McCabe 

J made my best friends. 

-Linda Boulden 

We were so young in junior high and did 
not know what to expect. All we had was a 
belief in our dreams. We held onto those 
dreams because we are such an awesome 
class. 1 love you guys. 

-Marissa Tuohy 

Junior High is where I met 
the people that I know I can 
always call at three o'clock 
in the morning, even when I 
am twenty years old. 

-Elizabeth Flannery 

We all looked so different in 
Junior High. It is weird to 
look back and see just how 
much everyone has 
changed — not only the way 
we look, but our maturity as 

-Kevin Healey 


Class competition was so much fun. I had no 
idea what to expect. It was a great way to get 
everyone involved. 

-Courtney Howard 


Looking back on our 

----- - 

freshman Semi it was a new 

experience and was one of 

mKBfi s ^ r ^^wwwwi. J—M 

the most memorable times. 

1 — / 

-Mindy McGrath 

Wmi Jmm 

■ mlr ^B 

L J ^ > '^^,' 

mef) ^^^ 

Walking the halls freshman 

■ Mm 

Wr~ ^ 

^w\ IB i 1 

■_ -»V 

kk r m 

L 4 

year was so different from Jr. 


Ht / 

L [i 

E?^ ™ 

High. We were on our own 

■k -mHm! 

^fc^. ■ 

t^L^ ^ 

and had time to talk with 


m t_ ;f5l 

Ufa * ^^B 

^^ y. 


1 ^ 

1 1 IL J 

-Katie Cove 

I was so intimidated by all the 

WW / 

5 ' J 

F ! 

> Ypssi 


upperclassmen, until I found 

F i 

out how nice they were. 

j m 

^^ * _^ji^H \J^hVb1 

V < 

-Becky Sevy 


_ — r 


we entered 

high school. We were now the young ones 

^ we were 

involved with new experiences. To our 
junior high memories we added our first 
Class Competition, Spirit Week, Semi and 
Prom. I /fl ^^ day we were babies 
and the next we were associating with 
upperclassmen, friends who drove, thus 
giving us more freedom. The Class of 2001 

was one 

step closer 

to graduating. 

We always get into our work.. 
-Lydia Helliwell 

This was one of the best nights. 
-Eric McDonald 

Rainy days are unforgettable. 
-Rosanne Boyle 

It was so cool when 
friends got their licenses. 
We had so much freedom 
and were really growing 
up. Sophomore year flew 
by and we were almost 

-Holly Manigan 

The Class Competition is 
definitely something to 
lookfoward to every year 
and is always a great 
experience. or lose. 
-Ryan Pinsoneault 

We bonded at field hockey! 

-Courtney Howard 

The Semi was awesome! 

-Jayme Fitzgibbon 

We were proud to befriends! 
-Emily Holt 

We had so much fun dressing ridiculously. Everyone wore 
the craziest costumes on Halloween that year. 

-Julie Poirier 


fr^ were no longer the 
smallest ones in the school. We had 
some say and were almost considered 
important in school actvities. We 

stepped up 

to the pressures and showed spintas 
no sophomores had ever shown be- 
fore. From dances 1-J || f| 
semi f ormals to spirit week and class 
competition, we showed everyone we 
were a class to be reckoned with and 

we always 

on top. 

came out 


brought new responsiblities and more 
excitment. We were now imperclassmen. This 

fjperciassmen. ir 



college fairs and the 5eCcLsional college day. 
We visited the Newport Mansions, and em- 
barked on new adventures. We participated 
in our first powder puff game, and won class 
competition for the first time as juniors, and 
we JJy Plj enjoyed our first prom. 
We were finally on our way to becoming 
seniors. The Class of 2001 has experienced 
many memories and has grown 

closer together. 

We were just being girls. Design your world is laid back. Powder puff was a team effort. 

-Katie Grich -Mike Rieger -Christina Knowles 


On the last day of junior year we were all just 
waiting to go to summer break to relax, and 
enjoy the nice weather, and to move on to 
become the new senior class. 

-April Barker 

We wanted to be tough guys, so 
we dressed up in all the old stuff 
that was in our room. We went a 
little crazy. 

~Andy Croteau 

We went on a road trip to 
Dennis, during the rainiest day 
over summer. We went 
kayacking and had a picnic on the 
beach. It was the best time. 
-Laura Kraby 

■ ■■■■ 

■ • • • ■ 



United we stand, 
divided we fall. 99 


The Class of 2001. ..12-39 

Remembering Drew. ..40-41 

Superlatives. . .42-46 

Remember When... 47-51 


Brian Allaire 


LIKES: Bosco, Mrs. Bourke, Flecktones, Phish, 
Lake Archer, The Bungalow, Santabarbara, OCB, 
Victor Wooten, Mike Gordon, brewdogs, Officer 
MacNeil. DISLIKES: bad gas mileage, Blink 182, 
people who like Blink 182, preludes, mascots, kids 
who challenge authority, kids who wear black, 
being fired. FAV. MEM.: the Mascot Incident, 12/ 
31/99- Key West, 7/3/00, 7/4/00, Bela Heck con- 
certs, Newport Folk Festival- 8/00, flipping the 
canoe with MP and BH, getting busted at Bunga- 
low w/ AA, AB, TM, JB, WR. ACTIV.: spring track 
1-4, winter track 2-4, X-C 3-4. FOUND: with the 
guys, at the gym, nowhere near the prelude. 
AWARDS: varsity letter and jacket. AMBITION: 
to get married, have two kids, live in a nice house, 
make my parents proud, never lose my taste in 
music, and to become even cooler than I am now. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad for always put- 
ting up with my bull. 

Scott Amidon 

Amahog, Amadil, Amadank 

LIKES: nicknames, bball, ftball, girls, the monster, 
shockers, milf's, #6, BD, thongs, OCB, ride to 
OCB, Cch F, munchies, concerts, camel toe, wally 
orange hair(s), kings, pong, waterfalls, jean, camp 
sessions, tubing, drawing, Sharon, Phil, Kenny 
Lumbos. DISLIKES: slots, early a.m., alarm clocks, 
air horns, SDT, po po's, big shows, panthers, mean 
gene, happy Joes' rattail. FAV. MEM: my neg. yrd 
punt, my p.a.t. that fell short, dmb '00, Up in 
Smoke '00, summer '00, Pats vs. Panthers, quaries, 
get togethers, Cape w/Becca (best buds forever) 
nelly & hamma, hard knock '98. ACTIV: bball, 
ftball, pro playstation player, partier, reading nov- 
els, walks on the beach, lifting. FOUND: @ thog's 
house, in the white rabbit, bk, @ parties. 
AWARDS: bball capt, high honors 4 yrs, v. letter. 
AMB.: be rich, successful, just like Barry. OTHER: 
Thanks to my family and friends. Good luck Class 
of 2001. 

Emily Andreozzi 

Em, Miss Emily 

LIKES: friends, family, daisies, Ireland, Ben & 
Mariah, KC's fraps4crap, Applebee's, hugs from 
Maria, animals, the ocean, dolphins,zip-up hoodie 
swtshrts, btrfngr mcflurrys, laughing, Sven. DIS- 
LIKES: public bathrms, seafd, gdbyes, confronta- 
tion, being sensitive, hypocrites. FAV. MEM: Not the 
4th of July concerts w/the fam., prankin headqrters 
w/JN, all Plymouth vacas, 4-2-00, 2-16-00, 8-31-99, 
7-30-00, 8-22-00, UFO sighting w/AA, SJ & DW, 
takin sign ©Ozzfest, white water raftin '99, all the 
McD runs w/AA, SJ, & DW. ACTIV.: Leo Club 2-4 
(3-4 exec, board), Pr Ldrship 2, SADD 1-3, sftball 
1,2, sprng trek 3,4, Held hock. 1-4(2-4 mgr). FOUND: 
@ work, w/AA, SJ & DW., laughing AMB.:to be 
happy and successful in everything i do. OTHER: 
Mom&Dad: thats 3 down, 1 to go! Thanx for every- 
thing. Harry, Bean, and Tizzy-Lish, the best sisters 
ever, i luv u! LW, KB, AA, SJ, DW, RC, thanx 4 bein 
the greatest friends, I luv u guys! 

Andrea Annese 


LIKES: puppies, thunder storms, food, purple, art, 
snow tigers, B.M.'s, taz, Scooby Doo. DISLIKES: 
large groups of people, strawberry ice cream. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: U.F.O. sighting, Vermont, 
coyote chase, rollerblade trip. ACTIVITIES: soft- 
ball 1,2. FOUND: work, with friends. AMBITION: 
To be rich, enjoy what's left of life. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Mint, Optimists are most likely to be happy. 
Pessimists are more apt to be right.-S.C OTHER: 
Thanks S.J., E.A., D.W., M.C., and everyone else 
for your influences throughout these four years. 

Krista Anthony 

Krustee, Dances with sticks, roots 

LIKES: pirates, poodles, getting lost, listening to 
rain, chocolate, Dr. Bombays. DISLIKES: alarm 
clocks, fruit, brown, loudness, Tuesdays. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: Quiz bowl, crucifixion, ceramics, 
video scavenger hunt, French freshman year, N.H. 
with L.B. ACTIVITIES: NHS, French NHS, Quiz 
Bowl. FOUND: wherever you see me. AMBI- 
TION: to become President. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Voir e'est croire! 

Jonathan Baker 


LIKES: juicy navel oranges, Mr. Ferney, Mr. 
Cormier, cream soda. DISLIKES: most people. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Calnan's pink socks, Cook- 
out at Russel's, all things Ferney. ACTIVITIES: 
frightening small children and the elderly, throw- 
ing rotting fruit at the Royal Canadian Mounted 
Police. FOUND: in between the couch cushions. 
AWARDS: gold medalist in women's weight lift- 
ing at 2000 Sydney Olympics. AMBITION: to 
single handedly end world hunger, to finally sort 
and organize my collection of 200,000 squirrel 
skeletons. FAVORITE SAYING: Evil will always 
triumph over good, because good is dumb. 

Joanna Balzer 

fo-fo, Big Mama 

LIKES: true friends, parties, weekends, the beach, 
sublime, sleeping, Big Mama's, long talks, free 
time, school lunch, field hockey, the Cape, my 
room, laughing, flowers, trust, life. DISLIKES: car 
accidents, fake people, lies, homework, the cold. 
FAV. MEM: lawn, Cape, rain dancing w/SF, CF, 
DR; Power w/EK, KM, LT, KF, CD, BG; Jimmy 
Buffet; Prom night '00; Montreal '00; sleepovers 
w/SF; MB w/CH, JP; New York; Super Jam '97; 
Providence w/SF, CH. Rips at Kirby's; memories 
of Drew. ACTIVITIES: field hockey 1-4; track 1-3; 
basketball 1-2; Leo Club treasurer. FOUND: sleep- 
ing; partying; eating w/2 Big Mama's; w/SF, SO, 
or EK. (Thanks for everything you guys.) AMBI- 
TION: to spend the rest of my life w/the one I 
love. To live life to the fullest, be happy, and have 
no regrets. OTHER: Mom- 1 will never be able to 
thank you enough for everything you've done for 
me. Dad- Thanks for always being there. You and 
Mom have shown me what family is all about. 
Sam- Good luck and have fun! I love you! 

Maria de Fatima Pina Baptista 

la, FAY, Fati 

LIKES: God, boxing, weightlifting, Bey, Nature, 
Terral's, Emily's, Kristin's friendship. Daddy's 
hugs. DISLIKES: rude people, critical people, 
snakes, people with a trash mouth (swearing). 
FAVORITE MEMORY: being up on a tree with 
my best friend for 4 hours, watching the lightning 
bugs. ACTIVITIES: boxing, weightllifting. 
FOUND: home, boxing, church, working, in 
Pawtucket, babysitting. AWARDS: 3 spelling bee 
trophies, three honor rolls, certificate of achieve- 
ment for D.A.R.E. FAVORITE SAYING: If you 
want others to keep your secret, you must first 
keep it yourself. OTHER: Thank you, Daddy, for 
all your love and affection and your great advice. 
Also thank you, Uncle Joe Cafferky and Marion, 
for your help. Thanks so much Uncle Joe & Aunt 
Colleen Calzaretta. 1 love you so much and 1 thank 
God for you everyday. God Bless! Thank you so 
very much to my brother Tony and Ismay for 
having been there for me even when I didn't need 


Susan Barb 


LIKES: alternative rock, the abstract, my puppies, 
science-fiction, the sky, quotes. DISLIKES: confor- 
mity, being bored, algebra, rap. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: watching the stars on clear nights up 
in New Hampshire. ACTIVITIES: concert and 
marching band. FOUND: SKIING!, at band re- 
hearsal or at home listening to music. AMBITION: 
to be an aerospace engineer or writer. Actually, 
I'll be happy just being generally remembered for 
my individuality. FAVORITE SAYING: What lies 
behind us and what lies before us are small matters 
compared to what lies within us. -Emerson. OTHER: 
Never forget the words of the great Buckaroo 
Bonzai: Wherever you go, there you are! 

April Jean Barker 


LIKES: summer, daydreaming, conv. w/ES, beach 
days/movie nights w/KC, JM, JR, ES, hurdles, 
flashing 10's, auto racing, #20 TS, lifeguards, figgy 
cake, Bombays, N'SYNC, UU, +1. DISLIKES: 
homework, swears, pain, running Creeks, being 
late, stress, worry, tears, fights. FAV. MEM.: vacs, 
in NH, NYC missions trip w/KC, ES, prom '00, 
+1 concert '00, getting license, driving standard, 
Barbies w/ES, track, stories w/JM, French class 
w/KA, JB, LB, notebooks w/KC. ACTIV.: indoor/ 
outdoor track 1-4, French NHS. FOUND: beach, 
movies, bowling, mini-golfing, youth group, 
Spruce Pond, Applebees, TJ Maxx. AWARDS: Ntl. 
French exam, Hock Champs- Indooor Track '98, 
'00, Hock Champs outdoor track '98, varsity letter 
and jacket. AMB.: to become successful, famous 
and never have to worry about money. OTHER: 
Thanks to God, my family and friends. You made 
these 4 years so much easier. 

Jason Barron 

Latter day Saint, Mormon, Jay, TBTLL, jj 

LIKES: clean girls, fast cars, BK, snowbrding, vaca- 
tions, boxing, wkends, chillin w/friends, systems, 
rock climbing, D'angelos, trust, relaxing. DISLIKES: 
blue flashing lights, getting lost, running out of gas, 
math, flat tires, negativity, lies, contention, rushing, 
po po's. FAV. MEM.: water ballooning, hitchhiking- 
picking up hitchhikers w/AK, hanging out w/my 
bro Matt, all the times w/my friends. ACTTV: box- 
ing, snowbrding, sleeping, pushin weight, fooseball. 
FOUND: w/friends, church, causing trouble w/ 
BM, CD, JG, JB, MC, RM, Boston Temple, reminisc- 
ing, online. AMB.: To have a family and be success- 
ful mentally, physically, spiritually. FAV. SAYING: 
Endure to the end, CTR, Don't do anything I wouldn't 
do, I can do ALL things though Christ who strengthened 
me- Philippians 4:13. OTHER: I want to thank God 
for EVERYTHING, my brother for what words can- 
not explain, and all my friends for the great memo- 
ries. I will remember you all. 

William Noah Bauser 

Bill, Slick 

LIKES: music, my car, cruisin',Sox, groovin', Pats, 
Kristen, drumming, Norm, chillin', tv, culture, 
hackin', frisbee, nature, stars, thought, movies, com- 
mon sense, AWARENESS, triangle pillow, day- 
dreaming, freedom. DISLIKES: breakin' the cycle, 
accidents, politics, being wrong, wakin' up, socks, 
attitude, the shaft, munchies. FAV. MEM.: DMB '98- 
'00, Steely Dan '00, Sox games, Brown games, Rent, 
6/9/99, WGI gold '00, el conejo. ACTTV.: mrch bnd 
1-4, w. percuss. 1-4, jzz bnd 3,4, jzz cmbo 3,4, cncrt 
bnd 1-4. FOUND: in my car, w/Kristen. AWARDS: 
w. percuss.- PSW 2nd Place '97, '98, 1st place '00, 
mrch bnd 1st place in all nat. comps- '96- '00, jzz 
ensmbl- gold medal '99- '00, cncrt bnd- gold '98- '01 . 
OTHER Mom- 1 love you with all my heart. You are 
my light at the end of the tunnel; Dad- always there 
when I need you. You are my best friend and I love 
you; Mr. and Mrs. V.- my second family, thank you 
for being so supportive and taking me into your 
home and hearts; and finally, Kristen: you have my 
soul and always will, I treasure you like a glass gem 
and will hold you on a pedastal forever: I love you. 
Thank you all. P.S.To my siblings: I love you guys. 

Jennifer Michelle Beaton 

Jenny B, Jennifer Bennifer 

LIKES: figgy- cakes!, driving, French class, shop- 
ping, movies, laughing, winter days, my puppies!, 
weekends, Monty Python, snow, fall leaves, be- 
ing creative. DISLIKES: homework, good byes, 
change, getting up early, large crowds, bad atti- 
tudes, math,. growing up. FAVORITE MEM.: 
Krista and the pickle, Kristen teaching us about 
pegs and flashing by the time you whip it all out!, 
April's video scavanger hunt! Quiz bowl, ceram- 
ics. ACTIVITIES: Girl Scouts, National Honor So- 
ciety, French NHS, Pond Home French program. 
FOUND: at work or goofing off at Krista's house. 
AWARDS: Silver Award. AMB.: to live a happy 
and rewarding life, to make the right choice for 
my career, and to accomplish all my dreams, 
hopes and goals. FAVORITE SAYING: Always 
shoot for the moon. The farthest you can fall is 
among the stars. OTHER: I'd like to thank Mom 
and Dad for helping me with my decisions and 
supporting me, Jeff and Michelle for always be- 
ing there, and my friends for always listening and 
making me laugh. 

Kristen Beaver 



LIKES: blue, snow days, techno, Fall, friends, 
drivin around, rollin w / the crew, frogs, the Cape, 
Jim Henson, Belize, my S-10's. DISLIKES: loud 
people, humidity, car accidents, Plainville Police, 
prejudice, liars. FAVORITE MEMORY: Nova 
Scotia w/ Lee 99', 00', Energy w/ Jenn, LF w/ JB, 
KA, LB, France 4/00. ACTIVITIES: DECA 3-4, 
Softball 1. FOUND: in the billiard room, w/ the 
candlestick- or causin a raucus, getting in trouble 
and having fun. OTHER: Thanks Dad, Mom, Dave, 
Gram and Papa for being there for me always and 
helping me get through these years. Make the 
most of the next two years, Dave! 

Clifford Stephen Bassett 


LIKES: hangin' with friends, concerts, system in my 
truck, music, WWF, Nintendo, Structure, A&F, elec- 
tronics, movies, driving, Bruins, Patriots, Red Sox, 
Celtics, golf, relaxing on the beach. DISLIKES: bus 
drivers, B's class, boy bands, frosh, hw, ftball camp, 
reading, Franklin, NA, OA, Puff Daddy, Yankees. 
FAV. MEM.: DMB '99-'00, Blink-182 '99-'00, Creed 
'00, Blue man, France, Summer Sanitarium, Maine, 
family values. ACnV: football 1-3, Leo Club 3,4, 
Sadd 3. FOUND: at school, at home with FC, with 
Jen, driving JB, tennis courts, at work, in Maine, at 
concerts. AMBITION: Driving a nice car, living in a 
big house, loving wife, 2.3 kids, great job, live a long 
and happy life. FAV. SAYING: Are you working hard 
or hardly working. OTHER: Thanks to my friends for 
making H.S. great. Thanks to my family for putting 
up with me. Kelley, work hard and play hard. Jen, 
being with you made this year great, I can't wait 
for many more, I will always love you! 

Melissa Jane Bell 

MJ, Meliss 

LIKES: Topaz, shoes, Doc Martens, Birkens, Teva, 
Reef, WWF, The Rock, Game Show Network, 
Charles Nelson Riley, Richard Dawson, ER, 
George Clooney, Polo Sport, sleeping, my bed, 
chsecake, Polartec, Crocodile Hunter, Daria, 
Rugrats, L.L. Bean, EMS, Ferney. DISLIKES: Boy 
Bands, Britney Spears etc., wisdom teeth, stupid 
people, Kurt Angle, ants, bats, rodents, colds, 
being sick. FAV. MEM.: Rolling Stones '97, fresh- 
man gym, English w/ AC and JC and when JC 
stopped coming, physics w/ JB, AC, and BO. 
ACTIV: band, Sadd( co- president), Peer Leader- 
ship, NHS, tennis, dance. FOUND: sleeping on 
the couch, shopping. AWARDS: honor roll. AMB.: 
get through life happy and be healthier than 1 
have been my first 18 years of life, be a nurse and 
cure people's disabilities and make those in 
wheelchairs walk. FAV. SAYING: Can you smell 
what The Rock is cooking? - The Rock. OTHER: 
Thanks to Mom and Dad for buying me all of my 
shoes and The Topaz and not making me get a 
job. To the Class of 2001: 1 really can be 
a nice person. Good Luck! |3 

Gregory R. Beloff 

Wedge, Lit' 'Lof 

LIKES: Drucie's lunches, BK #5, fishing, 
wakebrding, rdtrips, Nelly, parties, the rock, when 
Bill and Drucie vacation, beating MG in pool, midget 
vids, mail, older bros. DISLIKES: hunger, woken up 
by Drucie, Dre-Ho's mood swings, poor drivers, 
5.0's, spding tix, letter from RMV, riding home from 
Rockport & N'Sync, schl lunch, having to drive. FAV. 
MEM.: tailgatin' Pats pre-season '00, Allaire vs. 
mascot, bio vid. w/AL, MG, rollin in the Trooper, 
Wonder Motel '99, Smokin' Grooves '98, Pearl Jam 
'00, Chillin at BL's, Night Party '00, ping pong w/ 
KH, Fuzzy AC, BL, MG, GY, KM. ACTIV.: 
bball.NHS. FOUND: Healy's front lawn, working 
for the GZA, working for Gage, Down Tbels' Ends. 
AMB.: live life to the fullest, push a Benz, own my 
own business, be rollin' in loot. FAV. SAYING: It's 
not how far you've come, it's how far you're going, 
OTHER: Good luck Class of '01 . Thanks Drucie, one- 
eye, Andrea, Kurt, Easy E, & Pups. 

Jeremy Bentley 


Lauren Bettencourt 

LeamsBurns, Lolly 

LIKES: #8, orange, mashed potatoes, buffalo, 
reading, swimming, writing, movies, ceramics, 
travel, Maryland, Denmark, friends, family, 
laughter, boating, Red Sox. DISLIKES: Yankees, 
loud people, pork, wasting time, prejudice. 

Janice M. Bishop 


LIKES: running, screaming, playing tuba, being 
w/friends, bright colors, helping those who are 
struggling, homeroom, stuffed crust pizza, my 
favorite stool. DISLIKES: crowded hallways, those 
who don't do their work, rainy days, french fries, 
chairs. FAV. MEM: cleaning the tuba room, Mahler 
1. FOUND: music. ACTIVITIES: music. FOUND: 
in a practice room or trying to park my car. 
AWARDS: played in GBYSO and MYWE senior 
year, many trips to districts, Outstanding Leader- 
ship and Musicianship at South Shore Conserva- 
tory. AMB. : to share my love of music with young 
children. FAV. SAYING: If you bothered to wake up 
this morning, why not give your best effort now that 
you 're here? ~ Prof Rowell @ 7AM on a tough Mon. 
a.m. of summer vacation. OTHER: I wish luck to 
the music program and Mr. Tileston, to whom I 
owe all my success (in music and life itself). 

Jonathan Bluhm 

Johnny B. Goode, Jon the Floom, Jon Boy 

LIKES: Drew, funk, moist indoors, girls who are 
fit, Mr. Vega, 3 Amigos, Game Henge, the sorcer- 
ers, My Basses. DISLIKES: the brown frown, schl 
ski trips, music that doesn't groove. FAV. MEM: I 
cherish every memory of every moment I spent 
with Drew, Kirby's Leprechaun Day 00', Phish, 
the gazebo, animal house. ACTIV: Funk. FOUND: 
bat cave, Animal House, Lefty's on the weekend 
chillin' w/boys, making music over the Gibeaults. 
AWARDS: powerlifting champion, #1 son in first 
grade field day. AMB.: be able to make a living 
playing/writing music, and on a nightly basis 
produce a funky sound. OTHER: Thank you Mom 
and Dad for putting up with me, and always be- 
ing supportive of me and my dreams. 1 hope more 
than anything to make you proud someday. 
David, thank you for being there when I need 
you most. Alex, both you and your future are 
bright. Use that brain to set and reach goals, and 
cherish times you spend with your friends. I love 
all of you, and need you to know I am always 
here for you. 


Bryan R. Bocock 

Byran, Bonuts 

LIKES: paintball, street hockey, golf, soccer, Air- 
craft. DISLIKES: school. ACTIVITIES:track 2-4, 
soccer 1-2, street hockey, paintball, golf. FOUND: 
playing golf or working, online. AWARDS: Hugh 
O'Brian Youth Leadership, Presidential Student 
Service award. AMBITION: to gain my pilot's 

Linda Boulden 


LIKES: George, Steinway grads, silliness, Boston, 
playing cards, making someone's day, quintet, The 
Firebird, loud brass passages, physics, calculus 
parties, running, freedom, passions, sleep, purple, 
Shakespeare, Lincoln, Mahler, rain, fireworks, 
green tea. DISLIKES: history, conflicts, Bach In- 
ventions, blond jokes, restrictions, corn, Bolero, 
repetition, stinky feet, laziness, bad attitudes. FAV. 
MEMORY: 3/25/99, Rhapsody in Blue, Luciano's 
w/ quintet, growing up w/LD, silly stories w/ 
JB, kicking AE MB & JG out of the car, advice from 
JC on the bus, concert band w/MS and BF, ac- 
counting w/ JC, talking to DK online, pre-calc w/ 
MR, painting JC's room w/JD, jazz improv w/ 
AL, RD, and GB, combo w/ SD and VG. FOUND: 
at the piano, working, with the quintet, sleeping. 
AMBITION: to be the CEO of my own business, 
and a concert pianist, to live long and build my 
dream house. FAV. SAYING: Dream as if you will 
live forever; live as if you will die today. OTHER: To 
LD, JC, GB, JB, BF, JD VG- thank you for being 
my best friends. I love you guys!! 

Eric Boulter 

Boultamos, NBC 

LIKES: Becky, my family, my friends, the SHO. 
JM's SHO, cruisin', Maine, VT, out of New En- 
gland, hiking, fishing, the outdoors, Loco. DIS- 
LIKES: snobs, yuppies, math class- except for Mr. 
Webb's, Franklin, Feehan, the Yankees, bringing 
the water bottles. FAVORITE MEMORIES: Blue 
Man Group, New Year's '99, January 4, 1999, 2nd 
Franklin game '99, state tourney-baseball and 
hockey, when we crushed Feehan, Yello wston e 
with Chuck, Katahdin with Jarrod. ACTIVITIES: 
hockey 1-4, baseball 1-4. FOUND: the hockey rink 
Becky's house, on the tennis court w/DD, any- 
where but class. AWARDS: hockey captain, 10th 
player- JV Baseball. AMBITION: to have a fun and 
happy life. OTHER: Mom and Dad, thanks for 
pushing me to do better. Kelly, good luck, but 
you ain't gettin' my car! 


Rosanne Elizabeth Boyle 

Roe, Rosie, Rosalita, Boyle 

LIKES: yellow, smiles, eyes, running, Guster, 
*NSYNC, the corner, Lance, concerts, cute ears, 
DMB, laughing, Stu. Co., jeeps, hugs, rndm nites, 
#15, comfiness. DISLIKES: awkward situations, 
rndm allergies, injuries, frozen pudding, rumors, 
being cold. FAV. MEM.: MASC '99-'00, Vermont '98- 
'00, concerts, wng league XC '99, CLI '99, rebels 
sleepovers, XC camp '98-'00, mdm nites, Foss '00, 
CC w/MT & JN, driving w/MT, *NSYNC w/RP, 
chalk outlines w/BR & CS. ACTTV.: XC 2-4, in/outdr 
track 1-4, NHS 3-4, soccer 1. FOUND: running, the 
Comer, lost and 5 minutes late, having good ol' 
fashioned fun, honking & waving. AWARDS: letter 
& jacket, unsung hero XC '98, Hock/Sun Chron. All- 
Star, captain XC/outdr track. AMB.: Find the pot of 
gold at the end of the rainbow. FAV. SAYING: Cel- 
ebrate we will cause life is short but sweet for certain, 
aw, rebels. OTHER: M,D, V and C- I love you so 
much. Thanks for everything. 

Jennifer M. Bryant 


LIKES: smiles, ocean, laughing, sleeping, daisies, 
.spring, yellow, Jeeps, angels, rain, pictures, VW's, Ire- 
land, memories, daydreaming, sweaters, quotes, paint- 
ing, stars, long talks, happy endings, real people, 
dimples, rottweilers, shamrocks, secrets. DISLIKES: 
stress, liars, cliques, mornings, procrastination, inse- 
curity, ignorance, noise, fighting, waking up, 
diappointment, gd-byes, waiting, selfishness, bad 
moods, guilt, freckles, debt, embarassment, reality, re- 
grets. FAV. MEM.: every precious moment spent w/ 
my friends. They're all unforgettable. You have made 
every second of h.s an amazing, indescribable experi- 
ence for me. Thank you now&forever. FOUND: w/ 
the crew, driving, sleeping. AMB.: to follow my dreams, 
find true friends, true love, and live happily ever after. 
on the way down. Life is short, but sweet for certain. -DMB. 
OTHER; Mom, Dad, & Jeff- Thanks for everything and 
I love you. To my friends- You guys have helped me in 
more ways than words can express. You have made 
me into the person I am today and I love you more 
than anything. Class of 2001 - Just be happy, that is some- 
thing you will never regret! Good luck ! I Love you all! 

James Brady 


Heather Ann Bronsdon 

Heth, Hethy, Heather-Ann, Hunter 

LIKES: fall, laughing, rain dances, beaches, friends, 
AE, hugs, DC, memories, yellow, tulips, lng lashes, 
moon, froz. gbs, luv, riling in leaves, sunsets, equi, 
shags, PW. DISLIKES: mean people, ignorance, ft, 
gdbyes, hives, Quadzilla, stupidity, lack of 
undrstnding opposite gender, complexes. FAV. 
MEM.: Cape '99 & '00, DMB '00, hijacking, dncing 
in stores, B+J trips to Xavarian, stalking w/LD, 
Applebees, Honk Honk Beep Beep, Is that frosting 
on your face? I don't care if it's your b-day!, dance prties, 
Guster, Oh, Geez there's salt in this water?, ME w/BS, 
snbrn party, hitting mailboxes. ACTIV: track 1, 
P.Leadership 3-4, SADD 3-4, Loser Club Secretary. 
FOUND: at the 2's, out w/SH, KO, JM, KC. AMB.: 
Be successful, live in Australia, happily ever after. 
FAV. SAY: Good God, Love doesn't conquer all. It ends 
and then begins again, Oh my man. OTHER: Thanks 
M&S 4 everything. Dad, I'll luv u 4ever. Ri & Bella- 
Luv u. My girls- Good luck & always keep smiling. 

Jennifer Rose Brown 

Jenny Rosie, Jennifer Juniper 

LIKES: sunsets on the beach, music, dance, mint 
tea, flowers, smiles, laughs, sleep, dreams, snow, 
ice cream, Pawsox. FAV. MEMORY: individuality 
w/JM, whittling w/TH, procrastinating w/EW, 
humor w/LB, drives w/JF, chem w/RB, car acci- 
dents w/HM, lockerbuddies w/HB & EB, Bos- 
ton, crow's nest, Steve Miller & Cranberries '99, 
Chili Peppers '00, 8/17, KP football games, 
powderpuff, BYORB w/ KT. ACTIVITIES: dance 
(15 yrs.), teaching dance (6 yrs.), Church, NHS 
(president), Leo Club. AMBITION: Love, teach 
and have fun! FAVORITE SAYING: Everything's 
gonna be all right. OTHER: Good Luck Katie! Take 
care of Allie, Emma and Michael. Pam, you're my 
favorite "wicked- stepmother." Daddy, Goodnight, 
sweet dreams, God bless, I love you. Mama, you are 
my best friend. XOXO 

Elizabeth Marie Burger 

Bitsy, Cheesy, Liz, Capt. Burger, Burgs 

LIKES: hugs, comfiness, serenity, friends, rowing, 
hurdling, beaches, road trips, SNL, DMB, mix tapes, 
forks, Birkenstocks, Jeeps, mdm nights, inner peace, 
laughing, 6-pack abs, heart-to-hearts, sleep. DIS- 
LIKES: ignorance, pain, people who drive w /their 
blinkers on, slow walkers, my feet, stress. FAV. 
MEM.: road trips w/MG, LPP '00 w/SM, XC camp 
'00, egging w/BB, BD, JM, REBEL sleepovers, 6 
Flags w/MM, KF, JK, hijackin', dancin' around Old 
Navy, rndm nights w/RB & MG, beeping w/MG 
or RB, Gettysburg '97, ski trip '98. ACTTV.: soccer 1- 
3, XC 4, indr/outdr track 1-4, NHS 3-4, Leo 3-4, 
drama 1-4. FOUND: hangin' w/the girls, at KP, at 
track practice, having good ol' fashioned fun, seek- 
ing inner peace. AWARDS: letter/jacket, unsung 
hero 99-00 track, capt. indr/outdr track. AMB.: To 
be happy, healthy, successful and have no regrets! 
FAV. SAYING: The race is long, and in the end, it's only 
with yourself. OTHER: Thank you Mom, Dad, and 
Andrew for being so supportive. You are the best 
family a girl could ask for. REBELS: I would be lost 
without you, my memories are endless! I love you 
all! Class of '01: Best wishes! 

Sarah Burke 

Irene, Sass, SWB, Sassa, Drat 

LIKES: sports, driving, nice paychecks, swim- 
ming, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, 
punk, art. DISLIKES: work, humid days, driving 
in the snow. FAV. MEMORY: going skiing sopho- 
more year w/my best friend Hilary Turnbull, 
ceramics, and being w/ KA & AB, hanging w/ 
MC & LG at North Eastern, having trouble going 
through Boston w/ MC & LG. FOUND: working 
at Star, driving around w/AG. AMBITION: Get 
out of this town. FAV. SAYING: Nice, That's Bonk, 
yo, Groovy, SBB, What am I some kind of freakin 
rabbit?, three whole days, you were like what?, a 
husband, a dog, a few cats, maybe a ferrit, I have a 
cousin named Peter, climb a tree, zvho beat up Joe? 
OTHER: TJ, SA, AG, LG I love you very much and 
wish nothing but the best for you. Mom, Dad, You 
are the best and I thank you for putting up w/ me. 
Ann, I love you w/ all my heart, you are a good 
friend and a great sister. 

Kayla Irene Burt 


LIKES: friends, #25, green, Scotty, sleepovers, 
summer Softball, JL's sweats, laughing, puddle 
jumping, the pits, fuzzy blankets, pictures, golf 
carts, ice cream. DISLIKES: being rushed, being 
lost, mean people, snakes, lightning, goodbyes, 
1/22/99. FAV. MEMORY: NH W/KM, Friendly's, 
WWW 8/6/00, 6 flags w/the boys, 7/22/00, 7/ 
23/00, the honking game w/ KM, work w/JL and 
TP, Foxboro stadium w/KM. ACTIVITIES: soft- 
ball. FOUND: at work, w/ JL or KM. AWARDS: 
honor roll, letter and jacket. AMB.: To live a long, 
healthy, happy, and successful life. FAV. SAYING: 
Triumph is try with a little bit ofuinph in it. OTI IER: 
Thanks Mom and Dad for always being there for 
me. Thank you Matt and Tim for the millions of 
laughs over the years. Thank you Kara and Jus- 
tin for teaching me so much and being the best 
friends ever. I don't know what I would have 
done without you all. I love you! 


Andrew Calnan 

Andy, Paco, Reverend 

Jennifer Alice Capachin 

Jen, jenny 

Margaret Mary Casey 


Jennifer Veronica Chillemi 


LIKES: rubber chickens, chocolate mousse Swed- 
ish chef style, boxes, slippers, wiener dogs, ski- 
ing through revolving doors. DISLIKES: purple 
dinosaurs, bio, Gatorade bottles, lazy chestnuts. 
FAV. MEM.: locking Sken's out, C- on DA's pa- 
per, Uno in Math w /Walsh, Tom in the window 
seat, summer sanitarium, Godzilla 2000 w/the 
crew, O-Zones. ACTIV: collecting salt shakers, 
drama, urban hang gliding, full contact origami, 
touring NJ w/the travelling centrifugal, force 
demonstration, Bee Keeper's Club. FOUND: 
asleep with the lights on, passed out on Steve's 
porch, loitering on-line, working at BB, conspir- 
ing w/SK, AG, and TG, hamming it up at drama. 
AWARDS: Best Couple w/CL, Best Voice 0oey 
Awards). AMB.: just once, to have someone call 
me sir without adding You're making a scene. 
OTHER: To all my friends and Infidels, sorry if I 
left you out. I love you all! 

LIKES: horses, honesty, friends, music, dancing, 
cats, scaring BF, laughing, jazz. DISLIKES: dishon- 
esty, soda, cynicism, people who are too serious, 
not being told secrets. FAVORITE MEMORY: col- 
lege accounting w/LB, Bekah-Therapy, Spanish 
w/ JF, JB, and LB, homeroom, partying w/BF, JB, 
JB, DH, and LB, calculus parties. ACTIVITIES: 
concert band 1-4, NHS 3-4, Bible study 1-2. 
FOUND: on my horse, at HVF. AWARDS: honor 
roll 1-4, Excellence in Accounting 2000. AMBI- 
TION: to train horses, be respected, make a dif- 
ference, and to be happy. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die 
today. -James Dean OTHER: Class of 2001, follow 
your hearts and accomplish your dreams. To all 
my friends-thanks for putting up with me. Curi- 
osity killed the cat, but we're not cats. 

LIKES: laughing, summer, photos, f-ball games, sun- 
flowers, mix cd's, Wranglers, stars, collages, NJ 
beaches, Freddie Prinze, skiing, cowboys, Bandaids. 
DISLIKES: drunk drivers, feet, mice, Aliens, Officer 
Mike FAV. MEM: clubbin w/NL,CH,EG,KF, Beach 
98 w/NL, bball games,DMX 99, NSYNC 99,NL's 
room w/CH, NJ w/MM, hitch hiking, snipers, LH 
holding it in, corrupting KF, BL's house, Big Dog's, 
Prom 00 w/AC, Kiss 108 w/KF, MM parties, 
N'SYNC 00,6 Flags w/MM, RM, GY, CF, Dance 
Party w/CH, NL, KF, LH, laser tag, picking up Lisa, 
backseats ACTTV: X-C 2-4, track 2-4, SADD 1-4, Secy 
3-4, Pr Med. 1-4, Pr Leadership 3-4, FNHS 3-4. 
FOUND: w/my friends, on the phone, at practice 
AWARDS: letter/jacket. AMB.: to become an 
elem.teacher, marry Freddie Prinze Jr, traveling the 
world in a yellow Jeep Wrangler. FAV SAY: Goodbye 
my Love! OTHER: Thanks Mom,Dad, Steven,Kath I 
love you. R.I.P Drew. We love you. 

LIKES: bubbles, music, playing bassoon, hanging 
w/JD, quintet rehearsals, working at the Tweetc 
Center, being w/all my friends, girls' night oui 
driving around w /JR, piccolo section, being happ\ 
DISLIKES: people who think they're better thar 
everyone else, rudeness, stupidity, people who art 
close minded, getting mono. FAV. MEM.: froshbk 
class w/LW, LB, SF, CP, soph gym class w/JRanc 
our FAV person, NJ '96-'99 , Hosfra '99-'00 , Califor 
nia and Maine w/JR, quintet party 8/5/00, are 
thing done with quintet, JD running through Brook- 
parking lot to get film, good times w /friends 
ACTIV.: marching band 1-4, quintet 1-4, Leo'sClut 
2-3, NHS 3-4 . FOUND: at JD's house and usuall; 
not at home AMB.: to go to a good college, so that 
can get into Harvard Medical School to become 
cardiac surgeon, along with being happy and hav 
ing a family FAV. SAYING: Always keep smilir, 
because things could be a whole lot worse. 

Andrea Chruney 

"A," Dred, Croondog 

LIKES: the beach w/LS, friendly people, Nate's 
butt, orange, hoodies, being comfy, roses, uni- 
corns, dreams. DISLIKES: pessimists, school work, 
working, liars, and dishonesty. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: winter track, cross country, X-C camp 
w/Gorilla Dan, going to the beach w/Lisa S,Big 
Bang Bowling w/LS, ND, and J. ACTIVITIES: 
winter track, cross country. FOUND: with LB and 
NF in the PJ's, at the outlets, Hollywood Video, 
Blink Mobile, pimp wagon, w/KL,MS,NK,LS, at 
DB w/KC,SH,JS,AS, Nova Scotia w/KB. 
AWARDS: varsity letter. AMBITION: to go to 
college and make much money. FAV. SAYING: 
Reach for the moon. Even if you miss you'll still be 
among the stars. It's better to say something and ivish 
you hadn 't than to say nothing at all and wish you had. 
OTHER: Thanks, Mom and Ben, for being there 
for me! Special thanks to Linda for being the best 
friend a girl could have! I love you guys! 


Holly Caroline Ciavattone Joshua Laurence Clark 

Holl, Ben 

LIKES: the ocean, blue, black chickens (w/MS), 
BBHDRD. endangered species (MJ, JJ), episodes, 
whistling, making new trends w/ JB, dress up w/ 
MJ, Old Silver Beach, BSB, N'Sync. DISLIKES: flat 
tires, snobs, scum, working, WT, seafood, white 
chickens (MJ), curbs that move in from of you (JB, 
AM). FAVORITE MEMORY: minidumper w/CK 
and SJ, meeting Mandy w/MJ, CH, MC, making 
up new ways to entertain ourselves w/ JB, living 
w/MJ, N'Sync 00', homemade movies and movie 
and popcorn nights w/KM, Sixteen Candles and 
Dirty Dancing w/MS, OCB trips w/ KM, JB, CE. 
ACTIVITIES: dance. FOUND: w/my girls, in my 
CS (MS), at dance. FAV. SAYING: Yo mama said 
you're ugly-EM, me?, Yeah Yow.'-MJ, You took the 
roords right out of my mouthl-OCb w/KM. OTHER: 
Thank you, Mom, Jeff, Dad, Domenique, and 
Frankie for putting up with me all these years! I 
love you guys. Good luck everyone! 


LIKES: music, the Beatles, ska, hack, Berry, 
Phish,Goldfinger, D. Matthews, Benker, Building 
19, rugs, Timmy from Eagle Brook, the Domino's 
pizza guy, Jazz, Coltrane. DISLIKES: un-smart 
people, slow people, math. FAV. MEMORY: D. 
Matthews 98/00, Rug Scandal at Lupo's, Down 
the Cape w/Benninghof and Barry, New Jersey 
96, Goldfinger shows, SYMS 00, Beans' parties, 
Matty B at Job Lot, late night barn jams, trip to 
Tully's NH house w/Rug Scandal, BOA Finals 
'00. ACTIVITIES: marching band 1-4, jazz band 2- 
4, symphonic band 2-4, jazz combo 2-4, Photo 
Club 3-4, NHS 3-4,Rug Scandal 3-4. FOUND: the 
Barn, Chris's dirty couch, my minivan. AWARDS: 
Eagle Scout, Outstanding Jazz Soloist 99, gold 
medals w/Jazz Band, Symphonic Band and 
Marching Band AMBITION: To finally figure out 
what I should be doing with my life. FAV. SAY- 
ING: Hoooogieee, You said, 'that Hike' instead of 'I like 
that...' 1 like that. ..I mean. ..that I like 

Michael Clinton 


LIKES: Taco Bell, Getting lost with BU, chine 
food, pig tails, rage, libertarianism, RIHC, BHl 
cars, football, Star Wars, music. DISLIKES: Mikas. 
Test Hickles, ignorance, our govt., getting lfr 
with BU. FAVORITE MEMORY: Boston withB 
EG's cookout 00, every moment with LK. Al 
TIVITIES: work, my car, computers. FOUND: wr 
EG, BU, SE, NP or my brother, most likely wr 
LK. playing UO with EG, NP, SE, TH and ever 
one else, Plainville pool hall with NP, RB, orl 1 
FAVORITE SAYING: 1 didn 't eat your cheetos!,h 
name is Robert Pulson. 

Sarah Connolly 


LIKES: green, shopping, shoes, nuggets, phillies, 
beach, college days, friends, vacations, jewelry, 
parties, warm weather. DISLIKES: working, liars, 
snobs, waking up early, homework. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Smokin grooves, River Rave, New 
York City w/ Brianna and Missy L., Florida, 
Hampton Beach, Bootleggers, riding the quad w/ 
Missy H., Quarries, 4th of July '99. FOUND: par- 
tying w/ Missy H., cruisin around, chillin w/ 
friends. OTHER: Good Luck MW, KF, DP, SB, RB, 


Kristin Leigh Conrad 

Dorkits, Connie 

LIKES: flashing 10's, white shoes, UU, purple, life- 
guards, bodyguards, sunshine, finding closets,beaches, 

friends, stars, summer, Y.G, cars. DISLIKES: snow 
tubing smash ups, fighting, rainy days, birds, moving, 
gdbyes, clowns, blonde jokes, flat tires. FAV. MEM: 
plus one w/ AB, ES, Prom '00, NY '99, Loon 99', talks, 
beach trips w/dorks, holes in the wall w/ES, NS, CH 
and KE, New Yrs. Eve 00', yoo whoo Laoora WAKE 
UP!!,3/25/00, 1 /30/00,chasinghotties w/ JM. ACTIV.: 
swimming, drama, P.Leadership, Leo Club. FOUND: 
Applebees, Spruce Pond, w / dorks, DB w / AC, JS,SH. 
AMB.: to live every day to the fullest and regret noth- 
ing. FAV. SAYING: Good friends are hard to find, Itarder to 
leave and impossible to forget. Don't put things in the 
window that aren't for sale. OTHER: Dad, Mom, Justin, 
Jason, thanx for always being there for me! I love you all 
very much! JRC, enjoy the rest of HS. It flies by! To my 
friends- we made it! Thanx for all the great memories 
and fun times. I love ya! Good luck Class '01! 

Erin Conroy 

Orange, Red 

LIKES: friends, late night drives, surprises, hang- 
ing with I.H., CD., B.K., M.T., DODO..The Best Lis- 
tener, late phone calls, stars, sleeping, tigers, 11 /l / 
82. DISLIKES: lies, fake people, rude people, not 
having money, working all day, double shifts, bugs, 
spiders, stress, secrets, not having fun. FAV. 
MEMORY:Maine 99, May 27th, New York 99, Penn- 
sylvania 99, 11 /22/99, Thursday lunch dates, Trivial 
Pursuit, Charlie's Angels. ACTIVITIES: field hockey 
1, soccer manager 2, Leo Club 1, Peer Leadership 4. 
FOUND: Nicky's, w/Iza and Chrissie, shopping, 
taking adventures in unfamiliar places. AWARDS: 
letter. AMBITION: to succeed in life in every way. 
FAV. SAYING: Happiness is a mystery, like religion, and 
should never be rationalized. OTHER: Mom & Dad, 
Thank You! I love you! Beth and Joe, thanks for 
putting up with me! Chrissie & Iza-through thick 
& thin always and forever. Hoaglands & Duffey's, 
thanks for lifting me through the door. Love ya! 

Frank B. Cook 


LIKES: #29, winning, ladies, mackin', parties, soc- 
cer, rnning, A&F, summer, DMB, talking, driv- 
ing, friends, Vipers, McGann's Pub, Bruins games, 
fights in stands, stars, Aurora Borealis, Lover Lay 
Down, #41, Jimi Thing-DMB, California Love- 
2pac/Dre, Gangster Party-2pac, California, shad- 
ows, kayaking, the beach, Vettes. DISLIKES: los- 
ing, change, ignorance, annoying people, Franklin, 
OA, NA, slow drivers, mornings. FAV. MEM: 
DMB '99-'00, River Rave '99-'00, Metallica'00, 
Bosstones'00, 8/3/00, BA fighting the OA Tiger, 
France Trip. ACTIV.: Soccer 1-3, XC 4, W. /S.Track 
1-4, Yrbk 3-4, Sadd 2-4, Leo Club 3-4. FOUND: my 
house, CB's house, playing soccer, running, on 
the phone. AWARDS: Boys' State. AMB.: To be- 
come a better person, be successful and make a 
difference in the world. OTHER: Thank you to 
my friends for the great times. Mom & Dad, 
thanks for being there. Good Luck Class of '01! 

Joseph Cook 


LIKES: mopars, big blocks, rims, in take, v-tech, 
In flames, At the gates, Mesuggah, underground 
metal, 311, dank, camels, color changing glass, 
cnap cappas, typa typas, wingbakas. DISLIKES: 
Backstreet Boys, Pokemon, Mushroom welts, 
Mikasa, Wrentham Outlets, Shwigs, purple 
headed ninjas, Divas, Green Day, meal worm, 
reesty cappas, beans, shake, DVDA, the brown 
spider. ACTIVITIES: tipping rubes, skating at 
Bubble King late style, chasing camel toes, Jammin 
on the kit at BG's. FOUND: in my golf, at Music 
for a song, under my deck. AWARDS: mad awards. 
AMBITION: to see the sailboat. 

Kevin Cotter 


LIKES: hoodies, Caitlyn, #7, orange, friends, tunes, 
wakeboarding, waterskiing, barefooting, mtn, bik- 
ing and good tunes. DISLIKES: ignorant people, 
chicken, drunk drivers, telemarketers, classes and 
liars, third floor pool. FAVORITE MEMORY: Soph. 
Semi w/CS and friends, DMB concerts '97-'00, 
Spanish w/KC, MG, BB, and Sevy, waterskiing 
w/KO on LP, driving range with Walsh, talking 
with Whitey, eating w/ CS. ACTIVITIES: marble 
counting 96-4, pencil sharpening 30-29, wheel 
barrel racing club 100-0, lemon tasting contest 4- 
0, oreo twisting practice. FOUND: in my car with 
CS or wakeboarding w/ KO. AWARDS: lemon 
tasting MVP, 4 gold medals in marble counting, 
captain of wheel barrow race club, slowest pencil 
sharpener. AMBITION: to be an engineer. FAV 
SAYING: 10-4 Good Buddy. OTHER: Mom and 
Dad, I want you to know that I am grateful for all 
of your help through the years. Thank you for 
putting up with me, for your support and love. I 
love you always. 

Katherine Cove 

Katie, Kates 

LIKES: my friends, Phish, full moons, the shags, 
Applebees, Italy, dreams, rd trips, DMB, tennis, blue, 
shooting stars, angels, chihuahuas, skiing, Guster, 
smiles, clouds, FAJ, PH posse, flowers, cat naps, 
referees. DISLIKES: rainy days, hypocrites, crying, 
Framingham, John & Ed, lies, getting up early, hot 
dogs, fights, humidity, edge, stress, sunburns, 
wedgies. FAV. MEM. : Italy w/ BS & MJ, DMB 99-00, 
Phish 00 w/ RC, Down by the Bay w/ BS, white 
water rafting w/JM, KO, BS, SH, KS, Burlington, 
Deliaela in Worcester w/KO & SO. ACTIV.: tennis 
1-4, bball 1, Leo Club 1-4, SADD 2-4, NHS 3-4. 
FOUND: in the shags, w/ friends, Applebees, at 
work. AWARDS:letter, jacket, tennis unsung hero 
'99. AMB.: to be happy and successful in whatever 
I choose to do. FAV. SAYING: Remember yesterday, 
dream about, tomorrow, but live for today. OTHER: 
Mom and Dad, thanks for everything you've done 
for me! I love you! Biz, thanks for always being 
there. Good luck! Luv ya, Allie!( and no, you can't 
have my room!) All my friends- you guys are the 
best! I love all of you! 

Kimberly Cox 


LIKES: M.C., Applebees, sleeping, Cape, 
cheerleading, chick fingers, 90210, kittens, tulips, 
penguins, shopping, KT/MC, sleepovers. DISLIKES: 
waking up early, working, frizzy hair, heat, sun- 
burns. FAV MEM.: New Year's Eve '00 w/MC, 
endless nights on my driveway w/EK, party train 
w/KF, CH, and LT, sleepovers at Becky's house, 
double dates w/BS, any memory w/ Becky M. 
(forts, B's, falling through screens), Boston Babes 
'00, DECA trips w/ RM. ACTIV.: cheerleading (f & 
w) 1-4, DECA 3-4. FOUND: w/Mike, at work, 
cheerleading, or w/BS, EK, RM, JP, KF, LT. 
AWARDS: letter and jacket, capt. w. chrleading 3-4, 
MVP w. chrleading '00, DECA officer 2, DECA 
awards. AMB.: to live a happy and successful life. 
OTHER: Thanks to Mom, Dad, Kristen, Micheal, 
Nane A., Nana P. I Love You! Thanks to Becky M. for 
being the bestest friend for all those years!!! Good 
Luck Class of 2001!!! 


Andrew K. Croteau 

Machine, Fuzzy, Flyn Squirrel, Houdini 

Belzail Cruz 

Belle, Taco, Chalupa, Bell Atlantic 

Meaghan Curley 

Meggy, Smeggers, Meggy doodles, Meggycakes 


Chris Darling 


LIKES: ftball, big hits, big plays, milfs, the hocker, 
camel toe, moose knuckle, goat foot, sexy women, 
Britney Spears, midgets, the cod fish, mullets, 
crowds, fire works, cash, mac & chse, pizza deliv- 
ery, OCB, Coach F. DISLIKES: fat chicks in bikinis, 
losing, rednecks, rudeness, ignorance, mistakes, er- 
rors, turnovers, long lines. FAV MEM.: Drew, fire's 
at Eric's, quarry jumping, BL's house, concerts, rips, 
frosh ftball, 4 straight turkey day victories, ftball 
camps, Finase's air horn, Sweatt Hill. ACTTV: ftball 
1-4, s. / w.track 1-4. FOUND: with friends, at gym, in 
bed. AWARDS: letter/jacket, ftball & track capt, 
hock all-star w. track '99, '00, Sun Chronicle all-star 
w. track '99. AMB.: to be happy and successful in 
whatever it is that I decide to do with my life. 
OTHER: Good luck to the Class of '01. Drew, we 
miss you. Greg, thanks for giving me a good path to 
follow. Mom and Dad, thanks for all your support 
and encouragement and for putting up with me. 

LIKES: Puerto Rico, Arroz con polio, parties, Hey 
Amy I love S.I. rainbows, pools, macaroni and 
cheese, sun. DISLIKES: spiders, bridges, braces, 
hatchbacks, cold weather. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
me at X.H.S. w/CS, ZL dancing partners, JF sum- 
mer of 98, France 2000 w/CN,BS,CR,RR, at the 
bowling alley in France, Prom night 2000 with 
NA,SS,BC; me with TJ,CJ, guy searching. AC- 
TIVITIES: cheerleading, makeup for drama, 
SADD. FOUND: in San Juan, P.R. relaxing at the 
beach. AMBITION: to find birth parents (Let's get 
going, Julie). FAVORITE SAYING: I don't believe 
it, whatever, so anyways. OTHER: Thanks, Midge. 
Wouldn't have done it without you. Hey TJ, Thanks 
for all those talks. HASTA luego, Los veo en Puerto 
Rico, Bailandu Merengue y Salsa y Comiendu 
Empanadillas de carne con lus buriquas. Thanks 

LIKES: family, friends- AA, SJ, EA, DW, R&LG, SB, 
KB, LT, & Ralph Wiggum, Diet Coke, apples, red, 
DMB, Sublime, little plastic castles, LHBP crew, 
Bryant, triscuit, laughing, silver, My Cousin Vinny, 
Gumby. DISLIKES: pickles, CN, Coke, work, the 
marshmallow, Blockheads H&J, spiders, oranges, 
rude people, ignorance, crying. FAV MEM.: sum- 
mer '99 & '00, BNL '98, Bush '97, DECA trips, 
Cruisin w/ Emmy, all together, camping '97-99, 
every memory w / LT, hanging out with DW, AA, SI 
& EA, Ralph Wiggum in history w/ HB, coyote 
chase. ACTTV.: DECA. FOUND: The Big Apple, 
cruisin w/my friends, my house, laughing at Bahja 
Picante. AWARDS: DECA AMB.: to be happy & 
successful in whatever I do. OTHER: Thanks Mom 
for absolutely everything. I owe everything to you. 
All my friends- don't ever change. I would be lost 
w/out you. LT- you're my best friend ever, & I'll 
miss you so much. 

LIKES: Kate, golfing w/the boys, sports, rock, 
women, milfs, wiffleball, GB's parties, OCB. DIS- 
LIKES: Fiske, school, getting up, work, BC. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: P. Rock 2000, T-day beating 
Franklin 27-0, golfing at toils w/ KF, BH, DMB 
98', 99', Challenger's w/ KF, JC, beating CC w/ 
BH, San Diego w/ LT, CC, KF, MM, MP, Crack's 
rip frosh. year, partyin at my house, corner of mad 
tr mel. ACTIVITIES: baseball 1-4, football 1-4, 
basketball 1,3. FOUND: the rock, my house play- 
ing wiffleball, Kate's house, at the movies. 
AWARDS: baseball- captain, MVP, Hock All-Star, 
football- captain 3-4, Sun-Chronicle. AMBITION: 
to be successful without having to go to school 
again. FAVORITE SAYING: wooh-ee. OTHER: R.I.P 

Derek M. Darling 

Dee, Double D 

LIKES: hockey, winning, singing, tennis, guitar, 
The Delta, Incubus, the girl from The Whole Nine 
Yards, Guster, writing songs, Structure. DISLIKES: 
bone spurs, losing, Franklin, Bellingham, whin- 
ers, quitters, NY Jets, boy bands. FAV. MEM.: beat- 
ing W-H in state tourney- 99', 00', Incubus at 
Tweeter, Guster at Bowdoin, driving through 
Wrentham State fields with RS, LK, JK, concerts 
played with Six Cents, Cape-summer 2k, 4/29/ 
00, 7/24/00. ACTTV.: hockey 1-4, tennis 3-4, NHS, 
Six Cents. FOUND: hockey rink, tennis court, con- 
certs, cruisin in Delta, writing songs, playing mu- 
sic with JK, MK, KM, QT, w/ Tyler Matthew. 
AWARDS: Hock League All-Star, Sun Chronicle 
All- Star, hockey/tennis capt., honor roll every 
term. AMB.: Graduate from college, live happily 
and successfully. FAV. SAYING: I've changed by not 
changing at all. - Eddie Vedder. OTHER: Thank 
you Mom, Dad, Paul, Phil, Amanda and Nick. You 
have all helped me become the person I am to- 
day and I love you. 


Chris DelGrosso 


LIKES: hockey, running, good fellas, concerts, 
DMB, B-Boys, Beatles, girls, parties, BL get to- 
gether, pool, steak, skipping class, Starbursts, 
Skittles, rips, Narcon, Citron V, Frisby. DISLIKES: 
stupid people, fast food, going to class, naive 
people, ignorance, narcs, attitude. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Saturday nights w/ BG, JG, Phish 98', 
99', DMB 00', Allman Brothers, hockey 1-4. AC- 
TIVITIES: hockey. AMBITION: to become suc- 
cessful in life. FAVORITE SAYING: Don 't be a dick. 

Jillian Marie DiNunzio 


LIKES: Princess Leia, marimbas, Harry, St. Patrick's 
Day, bunnies, turtles, milk, w. percussion, penguins, 
sheep, the quintet, rainy days w/ KS, microwaves, 
Handel, cream spinach, hair spray, buffalo chicken, 
drive-thru at Taco Bell, Mickey Mouse, my dance. 
DISLIKES: storms, seafood, wrong notes, Spanish 
II, blisters, soda, people licking food off their fin- 
gers, blue snakes, do, Gail-no's. FAV. MEM.: WGI 
finals 97-01, DMB 99, 00 w/KS, Giants Stadium 97, 

98, BOA 99, 00, CA 00, w/JC, the quintet's night 
out, potluck diner nights at KV's house, Mr. Puttz, 
MK's party, 2/14/00 w/KS, redoing JC's room, 
prom 00'. ACTTV.: w. percuss, ensemble 1-4, NHS 
3-4, mrching bnd 1-4, symph. bnd 1-4, Art Club 2, 
woodwind quintet 1-4. AWARDS: WGI percussion 
world champs 00, silver 97, 98, USSBA 1st place 98, 

99, BOA Reg. (AA) class 1st place 99, Symph. Bnd 
gold 98-00, Woodwind Quintet gold 00. OTHER: 
Thank you, Mom and Dad, for building all those 
sets and props and sewing all those costumes. All 
the work has really been appreciated. Thanks to Jen, 
Kyle, Linda, and Meg for being the greatest friends 

Lisa Marie Domenica 

Rachael, Leese 

LIKES: red, sunshine, fall, shoes, friends, beach, 
hugs, shopping, Greek men, roses, candles, smil- 
ing, pizza, coffee, ballns, trampolines, family, Land 
Rovers, Italy, talking, eyes. DISLIKES: lies, tears, 
goodbyes, fights, roller coasters, bad moods, bad 
hair days, alarm clocks. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
graduating & news broadcast w / MM, stalking w/ 
HB, Applebee's w/LM, PM, DW, Cape, DD w/ 
Leah, Las Vegas, Hot Night 00', sleepovers. ACTIVI- 
TIES: track 1, SADD 3-4, Peer Leadership. 3-4. 
FOUND: @ the Welsh's, in my car, laughing, w/ 
my friends. AMBITION: to succeed in life especially 
in college, to live a happy, successful, & fun life, to 
make all my dreams come true, even the unrealistic 
ones! OTHER: Thanks, Mom & Dad. Both of you] 
mean the world to me. The person I am today is a 
reflection of you both. Thanks for your constant love 
and support. You're the best. I love you! Deana, I 
will always look up to you. I can always count on 
you to be there. I love you. Jamie, best of luck. You 
only have 3 more years left. Good luck. I love you! 

Kevin Donovan 


LIKES: New Hampshire, Simpsons, Annie, math 
w/Mr. Webb, snow days, 2:25, basketball, taco 
day, Maine hockey, gym. DISLIKES: getting up 
in the morning, Star Market, Mondays, Renault 
cars, The Big Show, Coke, Yankees, Jets (N.Y.), 
being bored. FAVORITE MEMORY: senior year, 
New Year's Eve Y2K, Allaire vs. the Mascot, 
classes with Mr. Femey, leaving for vacations. AC- 
TIVITIES: hanging out, jv basketball, visiting 
friends, going to New Hampshire. FOUND: at 
work, in bed, New Hampshire, on a golf course. 
AMBITION: to become wealthy without doing 
anything and to be happy. OTHER: Thanks, Mom 
and Dad, for everything you have done for me. 

Brian Downing 


LIKES: hanging out with friends, #21, music, cars, 
The Beach, Xena, going to the movies, funway, 
Moutain Dew, The Breaks . DISLIKES: talking on 
the phone, snakes, cold weather, ignorant people. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: going to the Easy Rider 
Barbecues, going to the beach with Burger, com- 
ing home from Plymouth with Eric, Nick, Matt 
and Dave,hanging out without the ferret and the 
bald eagle, going to the football games with Mike, 
Lauren, and Erin, hanging out with John, Mike 
and Chris, going out to lunch with Chris Rice. 
FOUND: in East Bridgewater, Franklin. AMBI- 
TION: to race cars and to open my own business. 
OTHER: Thanks to all my friends and family for 
helping me get through these four years. 

Christine L. Duffey 


UKES: hanging w/EC, IH, BK, DR, MF, p.m. talks with 
JG, slping, talks with MS, ckie dough ice cream, days 
off from Nicky's. DISLIKES: pessimism, doubles at N's, 
losing people, fighting. FAV MEM.: VT 98, 99, 5/27/ 
00, Nantucket, NY, 8/28/99, 11/22/99, Boston 9/5/ 
00, NSync, 3/98, 3/17/89, L.George. ACTW.: sftblll, 
SADD 1, P.Ldershp 4. FOUND: w/Iza and Erin, mov- 
ies. OTHER: Mom, you are the strongest person I know. 
I wouldn't be who I am if it weren't for you. You are 
my inspiration/strength. I love you. Dad, we have been 
through some tough times, but I love you and am so 
very proud of you. Mike, you are the best brother any- 
one could have. I love you, bud. Jenn, no matter how 
far apart we are I know that you will always be here 
for me. I love you. Bell and Erin, I love you guys and I 
couldn't get by w/out you. Best friends forever and 
always. My other families, the Conroys and the 
Hoaglands, I will miss you guys and think of you a lot. 
Class of 2001, good luck! 

Lindsay Dumont 

Linz, Linzdoe 

LIKES: my God, close friends, ange fonce, Annie's, 
dancing, fashion, pos. attitudes, outgoingness, guard 
girlies, my truck, star watching w/W, heart-to- 
heart w/L. & L. DISLIKES: ignorance, atheism, 
tarea, confusion. FAV. MEM.: Jayda entering my 
life, in London with the G's, KY with E., Ozzfest, Joni 
Mitchells' and Tori Amos' concerts, beach w/H, J 
and H moving out!! ACTTV.: soccer 1, s. track 1, 
drama 1-4, DECA 3, c. guard 4, chorus 4, Sachem 2- 
4. FOUND: Fossil and GAP, my truck, rehearsing, 
slping. AWARDS: 2nd DECA Dist, 2nd DECA 
States' comp for CCP. FAV. SAYING: J don't know 
what the future holds, but I know who holds thefurture. 
AMB.: to stay on the straight /narrow path to where 
His plan leads my life. OTHER: Mom and Dad you 
mean more to me than words can say. I love you 
both. Heather and Jen, thanks for not retaliating 
when I stole your clothes. Grammas D and P, thanks 
for my Godly foundation. 

Lauren Durette 


Sameer Hany Zenobius El-Far 

Shinobi Warrior 

LIKES: loud car stereos, Eclipse, Rockf ord Fosgate, 
Image Dynamics, CDs, DVDs, taco day, VW Jettas, 
BMW, Audi, DECA, FL, fd buffets, vid buffets, 
vid games, money, Oz and Sopranos, cooking, 
being a highly trained Shinobi Warrior, playing 
Deus ex. DISLIKES: getting captured by enemy 
terrorists and having to break free, fake people, 
people who give up on themselves, car problems. 
FAV. MEM: Breaking into Iraqi terrorist base and 
rescuing 14 US P.O.W.s, deep sea diving off coast 
of Namibia, turning of f fuse box at 1 2AM 1/1/00. 
ACTIV.: taking bamboo sticks from pandas, sleep- 
ing, covert operations, playing rugby with polar 
bears against the penguins. AWARDS: 2nd place 
DECA District Competition, 4th place DECA 
State Competition '00, 1st place Anaconda Hunt, 
3rd place in feed the lions contest. AMB.: go all 
around the universe and free enslaved aliens, be 
a billionaire, and rescue the princess. FAV. SAY: 
Excuse me, I just noticed you noticing me and I just 
wanted to give you notice that I noticed you too. 
OTHER: Operating a vehicle while sniffing white- 
out can cause an accident. 

Anthony Feeney 


Kerry Feeney 

Emillio, Feeney 

LIKES: DMB, J.Carrey, movies,eating out, music, 
KP's hot pants, ftball w/JP, Mike's Deli, snow, 
skiing, ice coffees, BOLAS!, OG, pink boas, 
Savastanos, story time, Friendly's, Mr. Webb, Mr. 
Ferreira, corn masks. DISLIKES: running, getting 
ditched ©concerts, the Aliens, rude pple, being sick, 
braces. FAV.MEM.: mting Dave & Carter w/KG & 
CB, Span. vid. '00 w/KP, pickin up Lisa w/MC, lost 
in Prov. w/JP, KM,, manhunt © DM's, partyin w/ 
MC,Cape w/CK, Fla. w/CH, Hartford in ghetto w/ 
KPJP, 7/4 w/KG, CB, clubbin w/NL, EG, CH, MC, 
classes w/JM, missing the train in Bost. w/KG, 
stalking w / KP, Nick's w/MC, day trip to San Juan, 
making up dances w/CH, MC, BK drive thru w/ 
MC, CH, U.Del w/KG. ACTIV.: drama 1-4, SADD 
2-4. FOUND: w/inhaler, online, sleepin, chillin w/ 
da gang. AWARDS: 5th in keybrding comp. AMB.: 
be on SNL! FAV. SAY.: EEEE! Lay off me. I'm starving! 
Chips, there have been chips here the whole time? YOUR 
MOM! Did I just say that out loud?! OTHER: Thanks 
to my family for supporting me through the years, 
and thanks to my friends who have been there for 
me, I love you all! J9 

Michael Adam Ferrara 


Rebekah L. Fisher 


Kyle Fiske 


Jayme Elizabeth Fitzgibbon 

Fitzy, Isabelle 

LIKES: drama, Chris' funny faces, long walks on 
the beach, Star Wars, loves Lisa P. DISLIKES: 
ignorant people, school, homework. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: drama w/LP, AF, AK, LD, AG, ND, 
JM, KS, CW, BL, LP 10/21/99, 9/2/00, Al's par- 
ties, going to Al's at midnight, slapping Chris' 
butt. ACTIVITIES: drama, GAPS, Lisa. FOUND: 
in my 1992 Astro Van, at drama, at Lisa's house, in 
Chris' basement, in Al's house. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: Do or do not, there is no try, I like mittens. 

Elizabeth Marie Flannery 

lizzie, la-la, lul/liza, lizbeth 

LIKES:Outside, trees, 17, clouds, bracelets, cozi- 
ness, French, quality car rides, rides with BB & Er, 
pasta, dirty dancing, jeeps (Volvos 2), hockey play- 
ers, hope, UUism, gluesticks, markers, rainbows, 
FB, rain, walk 2moons, Earth Day, KP hockey, 
channel 09.DISLIKES: left turns, 8-9, discrimina- 
tion, odds, irresponsibleness. FAV MEM: 
applebees 9 & 10 yr, rebel S.Os, W.track fresh yr., 
9-19, hist.days, France, last day of school S.Os w/ 
ej, live, the zoo,chillin @ MG's, CB fair 99'. heart- 
hearts, forks & cell phones, trips to maine w/ej, 
les mis w/bits, hampton 00', DMB. ACTIV: w-s 
track, PL , NHS, drama 1-4. AMB.:to always fol- 
low my dreams.FAV. SAYING: Never be afraid of the 
distance between your dreams and reality, if you can 
dream it, you can make it so. OTHERMom, Dad, Kt 
& Bob: thx 4 being the best parents, supportive, 
loving, & believing in me. EJ, you will always be 
my true sister, thx for a great childhood. Justin, 
Jake, Erika, Nathan, Josh & Ryan x2: I luv U. I'm 
always here for you. REBELS: thx 4 always being 
there. You know I couldn't have made it w/out you. 


LIKES: structure, clarinets, God, MWS, sleep, mu- 
sic, starry nights, camp, physics, nice people, my 
friends, history, rainy days, cool clear nights, 
swimming, kids, Thomas Jefferson. DISLIKES: 
ignorant people, people who don't try, Spanish. 
JS, JC, & KB; Spanish w / JC; NHD w / DH, JC,& ST; 
BS w/JC, SB, JW, AA,& the rest of the group; 
Loon; Monadnock; Semi; movie weekend w/JC; 
phone calls w/JC. ACTIVITIES: marching band, 
concert band. FOUND: YMCA, ECC, FBC. 
FAVORITE SAYING: Don't take life too seriously; 
no one gets out alive. OTHER: LB- you are Tiger 
Woods, JS-212; JC- There's hope for us yet!, DH- 
Those dolls were beautiful ! , LB- 1 want to be in the 
light!, JC- Curiosity killed the cat. Thank you, 
Mom and Dad! I love you all! 

LIKES: EK8, ftball, bball, skies, whiffle ball, Casey's, 
#5, #42, skippin, Dipas, 2Pac+Eminem, rap, anythin 
Ghetto, Mom, the Nova, Caves, 20's, driveway w/ 
BH, top/hill, x, Burke's class, sweat pants, sweat 
shirts, ftball camp. DISLIKES: Bean, 2"4, RC, BO, RJ, 
Bellingfish, worth, cops, missing Thanksgiving 3yrs, 
Thanks ML, Finase air horn. FAV MEM: 9/10, the 
rock, P-rock, Tollis w/CD+BH, Ruff+cash w/CM, 
LT, BS, JM. SL house, 10/10, The D.Tub, wedges, 
cracked ribs, hill game, cleanin rock w/BC, MM. 
ACITV.: 1,3,4 ftball, 1-4 bball. FOUND: in the Nova, 
@ EK8's, cave, Bean, Becky, Snuggy & Pender. @ the 
rips. AWARDS: 1st bball tourney win/KP history, 
beatingFox.+Bo.,KPDTcapt.AMB.:neverto change, 
get married, have kids, play pro bball. OTHER: RIP 
Drew. We love u. RIP Papa&Kitty, Thanks Mom. I 
love you. Thanks Casey&Jesse. Thank you, Mr. C, 
Mr. S., Mrs. L., Mrs. H., Mrs. C, Mrs. S. Thanks 
Becky. BFF I love you. Thanks. 

LIKES: X-C Camp, French class w/ Diane, flow- 
ers, blueberry Crystal Light, all of my classmates, 
R.S., Aussie/Bog., K.K., meeting new people. DIS- 
LIKES: math, prejudices, stories about the club. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Sophomore Semi, Chez 
Diane, studying for physics w/MJ, YK, and NL, 
Worlds, Prom. ACTIVITIES: X-C 1-2, NHS, Sa- 
chem, SADD, French NHS, Model Senate. 
FOUND: R. Rink, w/K.K. (Rand-Dear), G.B., trav- 
elling. AWARDS: FNHS, NHS, Honor Roll, 2nd in 
J. W.C, 26 in Comm/s Race, S.Q. AMBITION: make 
a difference, be successful, live life to the fullest. 
FAVORITE SAYING: Never frown-you never know 
who might be falling in love with your smile! OTHER: 
Thank you Mom, Dad, Kevin (you've been awe- 
some), Mrs.C, Coachy, S.G., P.G., S.P.-v's, c's, 

Lindsey Fliger 


LIKES: Figgy-cakes, skating, pitas, Harry, my sashy 
baby, shoes, snow, tv, music, Jacuzzi, lessons w/WAW, 
PE's cnvrtible, hangin w/KJ, K's Wrangler, French, 
purple. DISLIKES: Fr. drivers, mom taking my car 
away, meat, vanilla coolatas, coconut, going to WV in 
NH. FAV.MEM: stakeout w/JE, physics, Lauren vs. 
bird in France '00, summer '00, @ KG's, The Pita Club, 
singin on Metro, movienghtw/KG'OO, going to MVw/ 
KJ, the fashion show in 6th gr. ACTIV.: Figure Skating 
Club, Precision, NHS, FHS, Leo Club, P.Ldrship, Girl 
Scouts. FOUND: @ skating rink, hangin ® KG's, makin 
pitas and watchin movies, jumpin on LW's trampoline, 
hangin w/KJ, ® WV in NH. AWARDS: Silver & Gold 
fromG.S, silver @ Wrld Champs for F.S, gold © Distr. for 
F.S.AMB.: to have happiness, success, love/friendship. 
To fulfill my dreams & to live life to the fullest. FAV. 
SAY.: Wliat's your point, Yaaal, Get over it!, Oh Geese! 
OTHER: To Mom & Dad, thanks for always being there 
forme&helpingmealongtheway. Youhaveshownme 
that if I put my mind to it I can accomplish anything. 
Rachel, without you I wou Id have no one to beat up on. 
J /K, you have been a best friend, and I hope you have a 
successful hs career. 

Chrissy Flynn 


LIKES: laughing, hypermode, beach, dancin midgets, 
hugs, fall, mnts., blue, $, mdm loudness, concerts, 
Phish, kids, night, mom calls, eye contact, food, gettin 
funky, summer, fiestas, flowers, car dancing, BMW's, 
sunroofs, sunsets. DISLIKES: arrogance, snobs, smells, 
boredom, egos, accidents, bad days, funerals, sarcasm, 
humidity, toughguys,lost, scared, feet, annoying people. 
FAV. MEM: havin taretts w/DR, Cape-JB, DR, SF, 
Santana97, Phishll/97, 12/99, Wow she's pissed! w/ 
DR, 1 Bad Night w/KF, seein people in bed @ DD's , 
Drvn w/AS&MJ groovin, Fay I'm fine I swear! w/AL, 
Are you locating slioes? Do tltei/ Itave laces? w/ KF, KG 
fallin down strs, 2 hippies on the road w / KG, gd times 
w/ DM, 'Cuse w/ AL, Chrissy r u ok? w/ MM, 7th gr, 
makin a fool out of self @ BF's w/MM. FAV. SAYING: 
Wlw brought tlie freak?, Smuggle it women, smuggle it, 
Embrace the days & nights for they are yours, & each moment 
is free for tlte fflA-msj.OTHER: Thank you, Mom, for 
everything you have ever done to help me. You're the 
best and coolest Mom in the world. I love you, Dad, 
thanks for all your help and support along the way. 
Gram and Bumps, you're the greatest! I luv u! Andi & 
Stef, thanks 4 being there 2 make some great memories! 

Stefanie Lee Frynn 

Fanie, Big Mama, Flynna 

LUCES: best friends, beach @ night, roadtrips, CA, big 
mama jokes, 90210, surprises, flowers, parasailing, 
lawn convos, laughing, wedding story, DR's chicken 
broccoli, hugs & kisses, back scratches, cowboys, Pee 
Wee's play house, toughguys. DISLIKES: carrots, rain 
spiders, Ferbies, losing things, spirit, Howard Stem 
forgetfulness, waking up, tasty, broken promises, ta- 
pered pants, BN's tough actin tinactin. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: experience with white& pork rice with EK. 
lawn talks with DR, CF, JB, CC, rain dancing with JB 
DR, roadtrip 500 with SO, LK, RM, EK, JP, sleepovers 
with JB, DR's comer, California withBN, Providence 
trips with CH, eatin with big mamas, Buffet 99', 00', 
com masks with KF, big balooga calls with SO, JB, with 
RM, 5:00 @ Esplanade with RM, talks with EK, UPCs 
with KF, DM, making cake with DR, times with BH, 4 
12/99. ACnV.:sofftbalJ 1, field hockey. 1-4, Peer Me- 
diation 1-4. FOUND: in thespirit, with JB,@DR's, with 
BN. AMBITION.: toalways have fun and to meet a real 
cowboy. FAVORITE SAYING: Hot weenasl 

'Ji&Bf ' I 


1 l— "N Hi 

' *"' l ^fl* ^B j 


'W v 


Stephen Foulis 

Foulis, Captain 

LIKES: mocha coolattas, my bari sax, Snapple Fire 
drinks, telling TJ to shut up, sleeping, Mountain 
Dew, my little gray VW, little green aliens, fish 
tanks. DISLIKES: annoying people, tapping, stu- 
pid mistakes, homework, Cherry Coke, waking 
up, not knowing the time, Mondays. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: band trips to NJ and NY-especially 
2000, conversations during physics classes, per- 
forming at Symphony Hall. ACTIVITIES: march- 
ing band 1-4, jazz band 2-4, NHS 3-4. FOUND: 
taking a nap in the tuba room. AMBITION: to be 
successful at everthing I do. 

Daniel Frageorgia 


Jennifer L. Friedman 


LIKES: RM, dreams, friends, happiness, flowers, 
baby blue, food, summer, the beach, convertibles, 
smiles, sunsets, shopping, concerts, ftball games, 
leopard prints, pictures, and hugs. DISLIKES: spi- 
ders, mean people, finals, winter, rainy days, lies, 
good byes, SAT's, stress, and fender benders. FAV. 
MEM.: BSB w/LM, trip to Disney w/KP, Dancing 
Queen w/LM, sledding w/MG, stake out w/LF. 
ACTIV.: NHS, chrleading 1-4, chorus l-4,Pr Lead- 
ership 3-4, SADD 3-4, singing, dancing. FOUND: 
in my room, at the mall, or with A in Boston. 
AWARDS: honor roll, finalist-National History 
Day-Washington,DC, student of the month, letter 
and jacket. AMB.: to get a college degree, eventu- 
ally get married, to live a happy and healthy life, 
and live it to the fullest. OTHER: Thanks Mom and 
Dad for all of the love and support you ha ve given 
me. I love you! Best of luck, Class of 2001! 

Melyssa Rose Fuller 

Missa, Mel 

LIKES: turtles!, Mall Rats, my car, Dunkies, being 
lazy, school, talking. DISLIKES: mayo!, home- 
work, being kicked out of Mrs. Sullivan's office, 
missing breakfast. FAVORITE MEMORY: art class 
sophomore year, EW's green Benz, Friday's. AC- 
TIVITIES: Diversity Club. FOUND: nurse's, mall, 
sleeping, im my li'l blue car, the fence. AMBI- 
TION: go to college for art therapy, join the Peace 
Corps, pass something in for once. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Yo tengo muchos ojos! 

Steven Gavrilles 


Jonathan Genovese 


LIKES: Ronas, the Border, dippoas, BK, SB's, 
freshies, Smokin Joe's class, mullets, the Rock, 
ladies, golf, 5 and 4, the ear trick, coastin in neu- 
tral, Mexicano Taco, B-Pong, weekends, going 
skiing, shockers, the dead end, Pirates Cove. DIS- 
LIKES: The Hill, getting grounded, accidents, 
homework, Medway, chilly dips, BudMud. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Brown trip w/MR, BR, SR, 
Columbus Day Weekend 99', Steve Miller 99', 00', 
Beastie Boys, Cash Money, Up in Smoke, MR's 
house, BR sharing his goods, BP w/CM. ACTIVI- 
TIES: golf 2-4, baseball 1. FOUND: the Gate, sit- 
ting on SW's bench in front of the lake, BK. 
AWARDS: captain for golf. AMBITION: to be 
succesful and happy in whatever I choose to do. 
FAVORITE SAYING: No type, True, You know this. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Jeanine, and Susan 
for everything. 

Emily Ghosh 


LIKES: bolas, bacon cheeseburgers, winning, the 
bears, Ainsley, goldstar, Irish roofers, Rajah, JK's 
stories, parties, burbur, KP's Swedish cotton, the 
vegetables, Virginia cowboys, 52-ing, the view, 
lumberjacks. DISLIKES: rudeness, progressives, 
communities, monsters, winter, unruly clones, 
island hair, bees, Irene & Barbus, the pit lounge. 
FAVORITE MEMORY.: Span, vids, sweaty bolas 
w/KF, KP, RM, JN, DMB 00' w/AL, CH, JP, JM, 
UMass- sometimes I steal my parents ' car w/KP, MJ, 
JN, MT, Sweden 00', the bet w/JK, mnt. biking in 
someone's backyard w/JP, triple date w/CK, JM 
(ghetto clothes and the string bikini), chem. study 
group till 2:30 am w/CH, SO, MT, KM, clubbing 
w/CH, KF, NL, MC, soccer camp 99', God will save 
us, in the dungeon w/LH. ACTIV.: tennis 1-4 
(capt.), soccer 1-4, p. med. FOUND: lost in Hull 
w/JMOH. AWARDS: MVP tennis 00'. FAV. SAY- 
ING: Hello. .Hello there, He's just a little guy, I'm not 
15, I'm 27!, You cloned me, Yo soy Salvidar. OTHER: 
I love you Mom, Dad, Ben and Rajah. Ben, you 
have the whole world ahead of you, Good luck! 

Laurie Marie Giampa 


LIKES: MAD TV, SNL, Lorraine, Chris Farley, Jim 
Carrey, bull dogs, Junior Mints, Dumb & Dumber, 
Chester, Soul Asylum, sleeping, Coca-cola, Stuart, 
Mini-Me, weekends, vacations, Florida, summer, 
rollerblading, BL's sense of humor. DISLIKES: 
homework, projects, chemistry, food fights, slow 
drivers, rain, dresses, butterflies, moths, boring 
teachers, lady bugs. FAVORITE MEMORY: soft- 
ball '98 & '99, Prom '00, Newport with SB, TJ, & 
MC, working at VD, No Doubt concert '97, Hey SB 
where is the angel going to go?, Egg 2. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Softball, rollerblading. FOUND: working at 
H.H. AMBITION: just to succeed in life and make 
lots of money. FAVORITE SAYING: GOD!!, 
Agggh, gosh that's cute! Cafl! Carl! noooo! I found 
it on the floor! OTHER: Hey Robin, WE MADE IT! 
Thanks to Mom, Dad, for being there. I love you 
both. Megan, GOOD LUCK to you in your years 
in high school! 


Robin Lynn Giampa 

Miss Rob, Bobbius or whatever Beth calls me 

LIKES: summer, sun, snflwers, Swdish fish, 
raisinettes, Woody, Van Gogh, Creed-Higher, fun, 
Ivan Rodreguiz,#7, Jeff Gordon, #24, clothes, 
shoes, shpping, $, hang time w/NC, Moose Hill 
DISLIKES: 11/27/99, working doubles, bad hair 
days, cramps, ktchn work, meat, pumping gas, JS, 
being broke. FAV. MEM: 1st date w/NC, Creed w/ 
NC, Korn w/Murfs, slpovers w/NC, J's Pizzeria. 
ACTIV.: art, exercise, receptionist at Maples, vol- 
unteer at VD. FOUND: front desk @ Maples, w/ 
NC, w/Glory/Gloria, drawing/painting, Bird 
Park. AWARDS: Art Book Award, Art All-State. 
AMB.: To thrive and do well in all aspects of life! 
To get recognized for who and what I have be- 
come. To live a happy life. FAV. SAY.: That he can 
take this life, and hold it by the hand, and he can greet 
the world with arms wide open. OTHER: Thank you, 
Mom and Dad! I love you! Thanks to everyone 
who has supported me through this stressful time. 

Ashley Gifford 


LIKES: Mex. Vampires, after school sessions w/ 
Joanna, mix tapes, storms, flying, sweaters, beach, 
schl lunch, surprises, pick-up lines, summer, naps, 
snow days, ftball, TV, ckouts, new friends. DIS- 
LIKES: fake people, bad decisions, gas lights, 
Mon. a.m., hving no $, wakin up for school, last 
day of vac, interruptions. FAV MEM.: Mission 
Impossible w/CR, Bella Fleck w/ AS, gettin lost 
w/JB, SATS w/SO, Narragansatt w/CH, CR, AS, 
getting lost in Chinatown w/BS, the complex w/ 
RM, BS. ACTIV.: vball 1-3. FOUND: lost, A&F, 
Roger Dodger, w / AM causing trouble, Haverhill, 
the lake, cooking heat rods w/CD. AWARDS: 
Joint Solitaire Champion w/CR. AMB.: to marry 
a real man w/a lot of $, to meet as many people as 
possible, to live w/SO forever. OTHER: A special 
thanks to Crystal, I don't know where I'd be 
without you. Mom and Dad, thanks for everything. 

Stephanie E. Gilbert 


LIKES: fleece, pops cereal, friends, the Pontiac, 
frisbee, f. hockey, windsurfing, waterskiing, sail- 
boats, my lake, Maine, DMB, piano, kayaking, 
lilies. DISLIKES: wet socks, being sick, mono. FAV. 
MEM: DMB 98, steam rolling MT, slpovers w/MJ, 
JN, MT, T.C.'s breakfasts, percuss, worlds Dayton 
98-00, Fri.'s w/ JF, Lupo's w/ LK, f. hockey camp 
talks w/LK,Tues.'s with JK,KF,and MM. ACTIV.: 
f. hockey, drama, track, w.percuss., P.Med, Leo 
Club, NHS . FOUND: at school doing some activ- 
ity, in Maine. AWARDS: 2nd place worlds 98, 5th 
99, and 1st 00, PSW Finals, Un-Sung Hero fresh, f. 
hockey, v. letters. AMB.: be successful and happy 
in life. Own a Steinway piano. To not only talk the 
talk, but walk the walk. FAV. SAYING: Tomorrow's 
life is too late, live today! OTHER: Mom, Dad, and 
Matt, I love u and I wouldn't be here w/o your 
support. Thanks to all my friends who were there 
for me. I love u all. 

Kaela Goldstein 

Kae, Todayla 

LIKES: new moons, water, accents, laughing, danc- ' 
ing, skiing, traveling, thunderstorms, red heads, 
sleep, waffles, orange juice, green. DISLIKES: 
bumping into things, rushing, messiness, pro- 
crastination, sunburns. FAV. MEMORY: Pita Club, 
Boston outings, New Year's Eve '99, Elin's pool, 
Keith's pool, hot tub, walks with Keith, campfires 
with Andy, Terita, Jen, and Erin, happenings at 
my house. ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-2, basketball 1, 
drama 1-2, Art Club 3-4, Sachem 3-4, Photogra- 
phy Club 3-4, Leo Club 3-4, NHS 3-4. FOUND: 
wandering, in my tux at Lakeview, in the kitchen, 
Charlie's, Applebees. AMBITION: to understand 
myself and others, to travel far and wide, and to 
live happily ever after. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Enough about me, what do you think about me? 
OTHER: Mom, Dad, and Jazz, thanks for so much. 
I love you. 

Josh Gould 


LIKES: fast cars, parties, Phish, concerts, funny 
people, sleeping, hanging with friends, rainy days, 
snow days, BG's house, summer, weekends, no 
homework, no working, being lazy, money, find- 
ing money, holidays, skateboarding, best buds 
w/BG,C.D. DISLIKES: stereotypes, angry driv- 
ers, rush hour, broken up parties, breaking down, 
flat tires, cold pizza, senior soccer, dressing up, 
naive people, ignorance. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Saturday nights w/ CD and BG, Sunday mornigs 
with BG, Six Flags, Deca trips, Baltimore, 10/15/ 
96, going to CVSat midnight. FOUND: Birkenstock 
sandals, Marxism, art, music, mountain biking, 
CHE'. AMBITION: to have a 7 digit income, live 
on the beach, retire when I'm 40, have lots of cars. 

Melissa Kathryn Gray 

Lissa, Mel, Rudy 

LIKES: laughter, sunshine, friends, memories, 
comfiness, ice cream, green & gold, dreams, stars, 
serenity, orange Skittles, DMB, sndtrx, roadtrips, 
beach, boys who say hi, mixtapes, random nites, 
jeeps, soul searching. DISLIKES: stress, hate, war, 
racism, accidents, death, nervousness. FAV MEM: 
Gettysburg, Rebels SOs, heart2hearts, Dirty Danc- 
ing, Semis, Proms, Em's CCH, road trips, XCamp, 
random nites, zoo, Nfield, magnetic poetry, CLI 
'99, fair, CD's/BD, GA'00, forks & cell phones. 
ACTIV: XC, s/w track, sb, StuCo, 10 prez, Leo's, 
mediator, drama, NHS. FOUND: running & laugh- 
ing. AWARDS: unsung XC & s. track, capt.s. & w. 
track,vars. letter & jacket, honors, Girls' State. 
AMB: continue 2 find the bright side of things, be 
happy & successful, & never stop smiling. FAV 
SAYING: Smile at the world and the world will 
someday smile back. OTHER: Thanx Mom, Dad, & 
Casey 4 always believing in me & encouraging me 
2 succeed. I luv u & u mean the world 2 me. Casey, 
you're the best sister ever. Enjoy being young. The 
Rebels, I wouldn't have survived with out you. 


Katherine Anne Grich 

Katie, Kate, K,Grichmeister 

LIKES: skiing,VT, DMB, Phish, dancing, puppers, 
the sunset, chillin, laughin at JP, playing w/H., 
Friendly's grilled cheese, lizards, being w/CB, 
Stepanian, scaring JM&JP, 3-13-99. DISLIKES: 
spding tix, drunk drivers, UV lights, burns, gd- 
byes, waiting, late to semi's b/c date can't show 
up in time. FAV. MEM.: tanning at Em's w/ AL, 
early years w/JP, Phish 9-12-00, mting Dave/ 
Carter w/KF, TRAX, double dates w/CB, SO and 
DM, Arnie, Mad River w/CH, 6 Flags w/girls, 
window parades, ski trips, S.C.I.w/DM and JB, 
Strangefolk Days, Conan w/ CB, chillin poolside 
w/SS and DM, memories w/Drew. FOUND: by 
the pool, the boat w / EM, in the mnts. skiing, or at 
a show w/peeps. AMB.: have fun forever. FAV. 
SAY.: Sup man. What's going down Bobby Brown, 
Shout your name into the wind, Sometimes I will think 
of you, and if you ever think of me, kneel down and kiss 
the earth. OTHER: Thanks to Christine, Andrea, Jen, 
and Jen for the best years of h.s., and Craig u're the 
best for always being there for me. Mom, Dad, Sarah 
and Christine, thanks for everything. I could have 
never made it without you. I love you! 

Stephanie Beth Griffin 


LIKES: ocean, bball, summer, ER, thunderstorm, 
V W bugs, movies, Jr Mints, my trampoline, sleep- 
ing, green, chocolate, COPS, 2:25 p.m., scuba 
diving, Coast Guard, family, snow days.animals, 
Ricky & Enrique. DISLIKES: smokers, liars, tests, 
snobby people, wakin up, stress, snakes, pollu- 
tion, homework, unhappiness, working, having 
no $, commercials. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Yosemite 99, doing 360's in squad cars with the 
ST's, lifeguarding @ Sweatt Beach w / BL, NL, TN, 
AK 00, Student Trooper Program 00, Prom 00, 
Waterville Valley w/BLandNL, Blue ManGroup 
99, Charles, Homer, Reba. ACTIVITIES.: basket- 
ball, rowing, sailing, scuba diving, and horseback 
riding. FOUND: on the beach, watching TV, sleep- 
ing, doing homework. AWARDS: Honor Roll 
AMB.: to become an officer in the Coast Guard 
and live in my big house on the ocean. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Are you serious? OTHER: Thank- Mo« 
and Dad, for always being there for me and sup- 
porting me in whatever I wanted to do.l \o\ eyo 

Whitney Griffin 

Whitey, Houston 

LIKES: sailing, ocean, animals, walks on beach, 
soapfizz & Poshi Newport, fall, drawing, hrseback 
riding, mornings, laughing, hooded sweatshirts, blue, 
Jcrew, t-storms, moonlit nights, muscles, tank tops, 
Hank & Charlie, choc, family, Blain Wilson. DIS- 
LIKES: snakes, smokers, guns, liars, Mon. am, 
hmewrk, corruption, immaturity, chem., frizzies. 
FAV. MEM.: spinning out in the state trooper cruiser, 
Reba, Homer, Radar & Charles, art class w/ KF, EW, 
KG, Sail Newport, Yosmite 99, swimming w/ dol- 
phins in Key Largo, Gettysburg 97, wrkin at Sweatt 
beach. ACTTV.: bball #25. FOUND: standing outside 
during severe t-storms, on my trampoline. AWARDS: 
Honor Roll. AMB.: to save lives in the US Coast 
Guard, have a big farm house and to make the most 
of my life. OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad for always 
being there and for everything you have done for me. 
I couldn't have done it without you. I love you guys! 

Matthew W. Griffith 

Matt, Griff 

LIKES: soccer, baseball, sleeping, pool, mini-golf, 
BK runs, midgets, relaxing, goat foot, chihuahas, 
sweat pants, Sheba, winning, Britney Spears, 
Mr.Miagee, underdogs. DISLIKES: losing, janitor 
work, time limits, Willow and Peck, running, 
double sessions, road kill, excuses. FAV. MEM.: 
Hock champs '99, Bio vid. w/AL and GB, History 
Day w/GB, AL, and JM, New Year's Eve '98, 
mini-golf tournaments, the Beach. ACTIV.: soccer 
1-4, baseball 1-4, NHS 3-4, Peer Mediation, Leo 
Club 3-4, Boys' State, Model Senate. FOUND: in 
the Camry, home chillin', on the field, w/the 
boys. AWARDS: letter/jacket, capt., the Key, some 
math stuff. AMB.; to be successful. FAV SAYING: 
It's not the size of the dog in the fight. It's the size of the 
fight in the dog. OTHER: Thank you, Mom and 
Dad, for all the love and support. Thanks, Mike, 
for being a great brother. Good Luck '01. 


JKjMk *9%r* 

■ ■>•"'" 

<^R* wNTF**~ r \y 




Brian Gulino 


LIKES: Girls, the Rock, partying, having fun, just 
chillen, summer, skiing, baseball, football, good 
movies, #24, J-Dude, cups. DISLIKES: North, 
fights, 2by4, homework, getting up early. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY:Joanna's '99, the Rock 98-00, 
Bean's house, Beloff rips, me and K.F. at C.M.'s 
pool, Fiske's house, Springfield w/CD and LT, 
then KR's, cracks rip, skiing at Stratton Mtn. , 
Fiske's driveway, the DT, Chase's house. AC- 
TIVITIES: Baseball 1-4, football 1-4. AWARDS: 
Unsung Hero '00. AMBITION: To be happy and 
successfull in life. FAVORITE SAYING: It's not the 
size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the 
dog , WHASSUP. OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad 
for the support. Thanks JG, MG, KG, DB for al- 
ways being there. R.I.P. Drew, BFF BA. 

3 H .... ■''. 

\-3 % 

■■^Ml. .....,:,';.: 

Thomas Hall 


LIKES: Heather, math, science, pool, swimming, 
golf, going fast in my car, dirt biking, taking 
things apart and not putting them back together, 
bowling. DISLIKES: cops, speeding tickets, En- 
glish, history, stupid people. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: B-day party from Heather, going to 
VT with Heather to finally get my license. AC- 
TIVITIES: playing pool, going out with friends, 
bowling, putt-putt, driving fast, golf. FOUND: 
work, pool hall, bowling alley. AWARDS: getting 
a 5 on the AP calc exam. AMBITION: go to a great 
college, get a real job and find someone for me. 

Brendan E. Halpin 


LIKES: sports, Simpsons, running, rap, OCB, Sub- 
urbans, backyard ftball, snow, golf, home run 
derby, whiffle ball, q's, Red Sox, ping pong, Bosco, 
DLO's class, auto. QB's. DISLIKES: homework, 
Timberland, bball w/Gregg, preludes, bk, Santoro, 
Acedog, Hill workouts, bees, boy bands, salad, 
false starts. FAV. MEM.: xc class c champ., indoor 
class C champ., movies w/JM, Acedogs house, 
getting pulled over 3 times prom night, Bullock's 
house, pulling kids over w/M.R, B, Lake run, XC 
camp, locking RP in shower, Reggie Lewis meets, 
fishing, ghetto trips, falling at Franklin Park. 
ACTIV.: xc 1-4, w. track 1-4, s. track 1-4. FOUND: 
running, working. AWARDS: XC class C champs, 
indoor class C champs, Indoor Hock champs 98', 
99', 00', Outdoor Hockchamps 00', most improved, 
capt XC, v. jacket. AMB.: college, become success- 
ful, have fun. FAV. SAY.: aww the prelude, its not 
that I dislike mutants, whateva kid, doh, my cat's 
breath smells like catfood, bosco!. OTHER: Thank 
you Mom, Jess, and Julie for everything. Thank 
you to all my friends. Good luck in everything 
you do. 

Stefanie Hayes 

Stef, Steffer, Steffy, Stefanoli, The Big T, himenator 

LIKES: family, friends, Applebees, ice coffee, 
water, chix caesar salad, roses, dreams, riming, rd 
trips, Ben + Jerry, stars, beach, Guster, DMB, mix 
tapes, the Batmobile, shags. DISLIKES: spd bumps, 
cyclists, tow truck drivers, quadzilla, Edge, 
Framingham. FAV. MEM: bagels w/ MJ, kareokee 
w/ MJ, JN, MT, tacos w/ LB', Bitsy hijacking cars, 
AZ 00', Riverside 99, Charity Banquet, DMB 98- 
00, Guster w/KC, trips to F., G-burg, gypsy w/ 
MG, being hit w/ a H20 bottle, harbor cruise 00' 
. ACTIV.: XC 2-4, w. track 1-2, s. track 3-4, drama 
1-4, Leo 2-4, P.Ldership 1, PACT 3-4, NHS 3-4. 
FOUND: never at home, w/friends JM, KO, HB, 
KC, BS, Applebee's, at LB's. AMB: live a long, 
healthy life filled w/love/happiness. FAV. SAY- 
ING: We all take different paths in life, but no matter 
where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere. 
OTHER: Thank you for everything, Mom! You 
have been an inspiration to me and have guided 
me through life. Sam, thanks for everything. To 
all my friends: Through all the tears and laughter, 
you've always supported me. I love you all! 

Kevin Healey 


LIKES: soccer, hanging out w/ friends, parties, 
#21, night games, mullets, sleep, skiing, winning, 
DMB, winter, ping pong, bay route. DISLIKES: 
losing, work, tests. FAVORITE MEMORY: Hock 
champs 99', Headquarters, DMB 96'-00', killing 
the deer w/Chewy, Stutterin' Pete/Bruce, 
George's Atomic Shop, Pepe Pequeuo. ACTIVI- 
TIES: soccer 1-4, NHS, track 2, Peer Mediation. 
FOUND: the soccer field, w /my friends, sleeping. 
AWARDS: honor roll. AMBITION: to live a long, 
happy, successful life, always be the best I can be. 
OTHER: Thanks, Mom and Dad, Keith, Bryan, 
and Meredith for always being there for me. I love 
you guys. To my friends, the best of luck with 
whatever you may pursue. Drew, we miss you! 

Terita Heath -Wlaz 


LIKES: friends, cheese, my room, music, men, 
sleeping, laughing, movies, lip gloss, being warm, 
corn fields, accents, good jeans, the beach at night, 
red, puzzles, toads. DISLIKES: early mornings, 
stress, sickness, self absorbed people, cold 
weather, vitamins. FAVORITE MEMORY: Crow's 
nest, Cranberries 99', Quabbing, Keith's party, the 
field, Boston, Kaela's hot tub, Symphony Hall, the 
soup kitchen. ACTIVITIES: NHS 3-4, Sachem 1- 
4, drama 1-2, Leo Club 1-4, FHS 3-4, band 1-4. 
FOUND: Don's Diner, online, Kaela's house, my 
room. AWARDS: Xerox award, honor roll. AMBI- 
TION: to always have freedom, happiness, love, 
and self-respect. FAVORITE SAYING: Her heart is 
full and hollow, like a cactus tree, being free. -Joni 
Mitchell. OTHER: Thank you Kaela, Erin, Jen, and 
others who stood by me for so long. The happi- 
est times of my life are when I'm with you. 


Lydia A. Helliwell 

Lyds, Special K 

Michelle Lee Henderson 

Mowella, mish, Baja Picante 

Deanna Ho 


Izabela B. Hoagland 

Iza, Bell 

LIKES: #1, soccer, beach, fluff, Simpsons, friends, 
Hock Champs, Roswell, Ever After, the view, 
McHales van, school lunch, soccer burnings, T- 
Ping Franklin. DISLIKES: running, sprints, home- 
work, losing to OA, cars that look like my dad's, 
pen springs, GIANT BOULDERS, Girls' State 00. 
FAV. MEM: history day w/MT, winning Hock 97', 
98', every soccer season, Newport fid trps, N'Sync 
w/NL, DMX 98', John Smith 99', Dungeon @ camp 
00' w/EG, breaking down w/NL,MT, jumping 
into another man's car w/MT 99', Spanish w/MT, 
gym class w/JK, beach w/NL, Prom 00', Semi 99', 
math w/NL, skip day '98. FOUND: making a fool 
of myslef. AMB.: to have a wonderful life. FAV. 
SAYING: Excellent. OTHER: Mom & Dad, you are 
the best. Thanks for everything. I love you. 
Ross,have fun w/o me. Good luck. Squeaky- you'll 
always be my baby. To all my friends, I love you 
guys. Nicky, thanks for ALL the memories. 

LIKES: yellow, red, black, lov, cats, music, art, danc- 
ing, rain, spring, nighttime, stars, JD's old Mustang, 
friends KS, LS, JS, AS, MH, Kelly's Kitty Wiggla, 
laughing, having fun, being crazy. DISLIKES: people 
who drive slow, fakes, hot hot days, math, snobs, 
stupid girls, hateful words. FAV. MEM: the Emerald 
room w/AS, JS, JB, PG, flowers of Deathe w/Lisa S., 
Bottle Incident w/ Kelly, M. M. Bosstones, Creed, 3 
Doors Down Concerts, Foxboro Fair 00', triple stack 
turbos w/KS, JB, JS, airport runway w/ Justin C, 
Amy's crazy adventures, bridge of Death w/Kelly. 
FOUND: Santucci's Blink Mobile, bumpin Sebago's 
car The Dynastie, Children's Place, dancing and 
throwing staples in the hallway w/Kelly S. AMBI- 
TION: go to college. OTHER: Thanks to my family 
for being there for me. To my close friends, good luck. 
The time has come. Thanks to the Shaw family, for 
being my second family. Good luck to the Class of 
01 and to others to come. 

LIKES: basketball, cute guys, summer, candy, 
music, no homework, my friends, flowers, pup- 
pies, Bekah's shirt, dragons, ying-yangs. DIS- 
LIKES: history, English, biology, country music, 
bugs, school food, freshmen. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: going to the movies with my friends, 
or Six Flags. ACTIVITIES: cross country, Softball. 
FOUND:at work making money. AMBITION: to 
become rich and famous. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Seniors Rule 1 . 

LIKES: family, friends, #7, EG, EC, CD, DP, CS, PP, 
MT, WS, hugs, sandals, my car, hving fun, traveling, 
sleeping. DISLIKES: thunder/lightning, drugs, fakes, 
attitudes. FAV. MEM: VT 98, 99, N'Sync 98, PA 99, 
Semi 98, 99, 11/22/99, Nicky's, 5/27/00, Charlie's 
Angels, Prom 00, Scream 3 w/EC, a.m. walks w/CD 
&EC, Triv. Purs., Oliv Gard, Appleb's, movie nights 
w/EC&CD. ACTTV.:sftbll 1, SADD 1, Leo Club 4, 
P.Ldrshp 4. FOUND: w/E.&C, ©Nicky's, shoppin, 
Appleb's. AMB.: live a long, happy, successful life. 
FAV. SAY.: Life moves fast, hut not so fast that you can't 
slow down to enjoy it. OTHER: Mom and Dad, thanks 
so much for everything. I couldn't have gotten this 
far without you. I love you. Ania and Aga, good luck 
with your last hs years. Enjoy them because they go 
by too fast. Love ya girls!! Chrissie and Erin- you are 
my life. We've been through so much over the last 4 
years. The Conroys and Duffeys-thanks for every- 
thing. I'll miss you! 

Christine Holmes 

Holmesy, Holmeslice, Dill 

Emily Holt 

Em, Emasiah(son) 

Brianna Hooley 

Bri, Bri-Bri, Bianca 

Andrew Howard 

Turtle, Howie Wowie 

LIKES: friends, laughing, blue, #7, beach days, skiing, 
stars, coconut, hugs, my puppy, hood sweats, JP's 
imitations, parties, OG brdstcks, silliness. DISLIKES: 
rain, drunk drvin, snow banks, waiting. FAV. MEM: 
DMB 00, w/ AL, JM, JP, EG, J Buffet 00', 6 Flags, 
mission C, t-day sleepovers, sneakouts, permabed 
w/AL, all memories w/ DM, Mad R., FL, chillin w/ 
KG, NH w/AL, KG, JP, JM, TT, w/ JB, sterling, 
sftbaUs w/CR, CK, 2/14/99 w/ BP, window parades 
w/AL, KG, Provy trips w/SF, Superjam w/SO, KK, 
JB, smmr prty trains 99, Boston Babes 00. ACTTV".: 
treas 1 -4, tennis 1-4, fid hcky 1 -4, Leo Club 3-4. FOUND: 
with KG, AL, JP, JM, laughing in the bug, eating good 
food,shopping w/CR. AWARDS: letter/jacket. AMB.: 
To find complete happiness in what I do and with the 
one I love! OTHER: Mom: Thanks for being my best 
friend, and support system through these past years. 
I wouldn't be the person I am without you! Dad: 
Thank you for guiding and supporting me. I love you! 
Good luck Andrew and Erin! Thank you to my best 
friends for always being there for me. I love you guys! 
Good luck '01! Drew, we love and miss you! 


LIKES: Josh, Phish, Dave Matthews, Bob Dylan, 
my car, the sun, summer, skirts, the beach, sweat- 
ers, sandals, Bermuda, friends, coconut car fresh- 
eners, incense, Portishead, hoop earrings, run- 
ning in the rain, Baltimore, Cheerios, VW vans. 
DISLIKES: ignorance, Eminem, football, H&C, 
snow, being cold, meat, hypocrites, A&F, author- 
ity, superiority complexes, bumper sticker thieves, 
preppiness. FAVORITE MEMORY: Phish '00, 
Dave '98-'00, Oct. 15, loser outings, DECA trips, 
Scott's strip show, Cape trips, New Year's Eve '99, 
9th grade gym. ACTIVITIES: track, Leo Club,NHS, 
DECA, Loser Club, IHT Club. FOUND: in my car, 
with Josh, with friends, wanting to run. AWARDS: 
letter and jacket. AMBITION: To never love 
money. FAV. SAYING: Of truth we know nothing 
for truth lies at the bottom of a tiv//.~Democritus. 
Toss what you don't need in the end, keep what's 
important and know who's your friend. -Phish, Theme 
From the Bottom. OTHER: Thank you to every- 
one who supported me through everything. Good 

LIKES: James, my friends EM, MF, J, MM, HC, SC, 
JK,monty, shopping, LHBP, parties, ice cream, 
skiing, rainy days, sleeping late, summer, swim- 
ming, vacations, my car, Disney World, red, hav- 
ing fun, eater, movies, rainbows, laughing, birth- 
days. DISLIKES: sluts, alcoholics, disloyal friends, 
fake people, Amanda, grumpy people. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: parties at my house, evy at LT 
house, sleepovers w/ the crew, going for rides w/ 
Missy, Semi freshman year, Smokin Grooves, Riv- 
erside, Canada, prom '00, Y dances, high school, 
summer '00. FOUND: at LHBP, in my car. AMBI- 
TION: To live life to the fullest, and to be happy 
with whatever I do. OTHER: Thanks Mom and 
Shawn for putting up with me. I love you always! 
Thanks to my friends for always being there for 
me. ST & SC thanks for helping me through the 

LIKES: Crocodile Hunter, Australia, 12 ft crocs, 
powerful creatures, Stevie Irwin, ftball, Mr. Finase, 
#55, OCB, cruisin to Phish, Adirondack Club & 
the kids, my canoe, Milo (RIP), womenfolk, 
Rippa's, Benda's, parties, aol, my river, Phil 
Collins, sat. a.m., Down Under, the rock, Santa, 
being Prez! DISLIKES: NA, Fakes N' Flakes.wrk, 
Franklin, insensitivity, manipulators, back 
stabbers, joey abs. FAV. MEM: anything w/JW, 
JM, CM,MS and the ftball crew, DMB 00, EG and 
EM's parties, MJ's party-swamp thing, jr prez 
speech, OCB, ftball 00, Lion King w / Micah, Holly 
& Kat, Grandma's home cookin, family ckouts, 
Cape. ACTIV.: Junior and Senior Class President, 
ftball 1-4, day care, catching small creatures, 
undrH20 bowling. AMB.: become a child psy- 
chiatrist, rake in mad dough, live in a quaint little 
house w/10 little Adrew Jr.'s. FAV. SAYING: 
NNN1CEH, peace out!, Now have a look at this little 
fella, DUDE!, You little rascal! OTHER: Love u 
Mom and Dad. Thanks for being there for me. 
Steph + Danielle, can't wait to have family ckoutS 
w/ our kids someday! I love u KP! Peace out! 

Courtney Anne Howard 

Court, Courts, Big Orange 

LIKES: hugs, naps, GAP, movies, my room, HH, 
figgy cakes, collages, laughing, magazines, poetry, 
pink, shutouts, kids, angels, rajah DISLIKES: drunk 
drivers, chem, tests, stress, milk, a.m., rushing, lies. 
FAV. MEM.: dance @ M's, clubbin w/NL, KF, MC, 
EG, chem p.m. w/MT, SO, EG, KM, BS Concert! FL 
'99, art w/Mrs. C, MADS w/CK. ACTTV.: VFH 1-4, 
sftball 1, bball 1-2, track 3-4, ten. 3-4, SADD 1-4 (pres 
3-4), P. Med. 1-4, P. Lead. 3-4, Stu.Co. 1-4, FNHS 3-4. 
FOUND: @ the movies, sleeping, dancing, cleaning, 
chillin' AWARDS: letter /jacket. AMB.: To live ev- 
eryday to the fullest & help children. FAV. SAY.: J 
close my eyes when I go to bed, and I dream of angels who 
make me smile. I feel better when I hear them say every- 
thing will be wonderful someday. - Everclear. OTHER: 
Team Howard- thanks for everything! I love you 
guys so much. You're the best! Maura, I miss and 
love you more everyday! Thanks for always watch- 
ing over me. Take good care of Drew for us. 

Teresa Marie Hunt 


LIKES: marching band, rain, Italian and Chinese 
food, sailing, friends, Marvin the Martian, Chris- 
tian Keyes, cosmic bowling. DISLIKES: talk ra- 
dio, sunshine, school food, homework. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: visiting friends in Michigan. AC- 
TIVITIES: marching band, work, color guard. 
FOUND: home, Christian's house, work, Cinema 
Pub. AWARDS: Most Dedicated Soccer (9th), Most 
dedicated Cheerleading (9th). AMBITION: To be- 
come a biologist and a psychologist. To be mar- 
ried (to Christian). To live where it rains. 

Micah Amber Jackson 


LIKES: Brian, friends, laughing, yellow, flowers, 
peach rings, Canobie L., Gram's house, raw nights, 
don gomes, mouthwash, E. Murphy, HC's cookies, 
home vid., EM's basement, killing JB. DISLIKES: 
liars, fights, crying, falling off desks, brillos, DR, 
rumors. FAV. MEM: 10/7/99, bra chain, HC's rips, 
singing w / AH, hunting at Wal-mart, bagels w / SH, 
Italy w/BS + KC, white chickens, s'mores at HC's, 
vanilla ice, Who me?, BH's dream, D&D Olympics, 
officer he, hair supplies w/ JB, dancing queens w/ 
LM, oob w/JB&EM, Prom '00, New Yrs, 6 Flags, 
Let's go, name game w / DK, frosh Softball. FOUND: 
w/BH, w/JB, as an Eng. aristocrat w/JB, working, 
mall w/BH, em's basement, HC's ottoman, Gram's 
housew/em,oobw/JB&em, pastry shop w / EE,BS, 
KC. AMB.: to be happy and successsful. OTHER: 
Dad, thank you for everything! I love you. Jill&Sam- 
have fun. To my girlies- 1 love you. Brian I love you! 
Mom, I love you and miss you always! 

Terral Vance Jackson 


LIKES: my family, best friends, rap, tv, King Philip, 
my car, cats, Manny, talking Spanish, art class, 
Keika, Maria, Cherry, Nike sneakers, the color 
blue. DISLIKES: prejudiced people, math class, 
getting up in the morning. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
My favorite memory is when my family and I 
went on a road trip to Texas. We drove to Georgia 
and chilled for a couple of days, then went to 
Florida- Disneyland and then drove to Texas and 
we stayed a couple days in each state. It was really 
fun. FOUND: at TJMaxx, the mall. AMBITION: to 
go on to be successful. FAVORITE SAYING: Hoody 
Hoo... Master P. 

Erin Rose Johnson 


LIKES: trees, rain, running, UUism & spirituality, 
friendships, key lime pie yogurt, France, singing, 
Cotton Eye Joe, creativity, fall weather & sweaters, 
hugs, Quikmilk, DMB, Sarah McLacklan, tunes that 
bring you back to a specific place, fruit, bumber 
stickers, natural beauty. DISLIKES: nervousness, 
feeling alone, eggplant, closed mindedness, money 
issues, unavoidable self-conciousness, systems. FAV. 
MEM.: XC, Northfield, History Days, bio project, 
Arsenic and Old Lace, hockey games, REBELS 
anythings, Les Mis, Nantucket, New Year's Eve 98', 
sweet sixteens. ACTIV.: XC 3-4, w./s. track 1-4, 
drama 1-3, NHS 3-4, yrbk 2-4 (editor 3). AWARDS: 
letter and jacket, capt. for XC and indoor track, New- 
comer of the Year XC 99'. AMB.: to find my place in 
life and never be able to ask myself what if? To wit- 
ness the health and happines of my loved ones. FAV. 
SAYING: The human spirit is stronger than anything 
that can happen to it. OTHER: Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Ryan, Liz, Bitsy, Rosanne, Steph, Will and the 
Flannery's! I love you all for you support and guid- 
ance. You are my angels. Good luck, Class of '01- 
You are all such wonderful people. 

Sarah Johnston 


LIKES: nature, friends, music, animals, holidays, 
candy, laughter, rain, winter, hurricanes, hoodies, 
P.H Posse, swimming, rollerblading, the beach, 
surprises, dreams, BM's, Ben and Jerry's. DIS- 
LIKES: snobs, littering, racism, boredom. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: UFO sighting with Emily, Danielle 
and Andrea, Ozzfest 00', Warped Tour 00', Red 
Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews, coyote chase, 
school running with DW, snowboarding, Ver- 
mont, white water rafting. ACTIVITIES: Leo Club 
2-3. FOUND: at work or out with friends. AMBI- 
TION: To live out in the woods with the monkeys. 
FAVORITE SAYING: We're only gonna die from our 
own arrogance, so we might as well take our time. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Alison, Heather, 
Pete, and my friends for your love and support! I 
love you all! 

Meredith Jones 


LIKES: friends, family, concerts, theater, camping, 
eclectic tastes in music, singing, knowledge, danc- 
ing in the rain, tolerance, reading, Indian food, 
'00 VW Cabrios, Haight-Ashbury, babysitting, the 
ocean, diversity. DISLIKES: ignorance, the V club, 
fiestas a mi casa, computers, chem., soaps, dis- 
honesty, meat, violence, purple minivans. FAV. 
MEM.: JN's cottage, MT's summer house, Provi- 
dence on my B-day w/ JN, SG, MT, San Diego 
w/ JN, Mt. Washington w/ MT, ski trip 98', 
UMass 98', w/ JN, camping w/SG 99', UMASS 
'99 w/ MT, JN, EG, KP, Austria 98', canoeing 
Penobscott w/ JN, Walnut Hill 00', Barnes and 
Noble w/ JF, JK, NL, last day of Junior year, 
Deerfield w/ SS, July 4th ® Whitehorse Beach w/ 
JN, long rides to school in Comet w/ JN. ACTIV: 
NHS 3-4, Stud. Advis. Coun. 4, bball 1, f. hockey 
1-2, XC 3, drama 1-4, voice 1-4. FOUND: procras- 
tinating. AMB.: To travel all over the world help- 
ing those in need, to find true love. FAV. SAY: Just 
a box of rain, wind, and water. Believe it if you need 
it, if you don't just pass it cm. -Greatful Dead. 

Alex Kalinowski 


LIKES: mittens, music, movies, making silly home 
videos with the boys, playing Golden Eye and 
Mario 3 for hours. DISLIKES: living with Mike, 
having rude customers come into work, negative 
comments from people, homework, parents get- 
ting on my case. FAVORITE MEMORY: drama 
field trip to Vermont '99, summer '00, late night 
excursions with the boys, Kiki's birthday, 
Feeney's New Year's Party. ACTIVITIES: drama, 
Tae Kwon Do, Kombat Hapkido, working, hang- 
ing out with the fellas, harassing Baker, keeping 
Gunni in line. FOUND: at home, drama, driving 
around, answering Mike Ferrara's pages, Chris 
Lawn's basement, Pac Sun-Emerald. AWARDS: 
receiving my redbelt second stripe in Tae Kwon 
Do and being certified in Kombat Hapkido. AM- 
BITION: go to college, join the Guard, get mar- 
ried, get a good paying job. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Score! I'm out of here like a fat girl in dodge ball. Good 
deal. Why do you hate me? You're golden. 


Steven Paul Kalliavas 

Steve, Chief, Big Guy, Killa 

LIKES: my computer, chess, camping, dressing up 
like an Indian 2x a year for OA ceremonies, great 
outdrs, hangin w/ friends, plottin w/ friends, slink- 
ing through forests at night, downing sixer of Jolt in 
4 min., pulling an all-nighter, good friends, good mu- 
sic, good times, good memories. DISLIKES: Be cre- 
ative for the next 53 minutes, OR ELSE!, arguments 
(because I'm always right, some people are just 
slower to notice it), low branches at night. FAV. 
MEM.: Casts and stab wounds'., Ashanti '00, Summer 
Sanitarium, Andy's red socks, Way to go Andy! 
AMB.: to grab life by the neck and squeeze until it 
does my bidding. FAV. SAY: Courage is the ability to 
let go of the familiar. OTHER: to my friends: U have 
earned my undying respect over the course of hs. If 
any of you ever need anything that I can help you 
with, don't hesitate to come find me. Or maybe I'll 
find you first. ..To the rest of the Class of '01, you're 
all good people, and I expect you all to go far. 

Kristin M. Kehrmeyer 

Spirit-Kermie-Special K 

LIKES: #24, hugs, good friends, girls' nights out, car- 
ousels, roses, gymnastics, Applebee's, beating Can- 
ton. DISLIKES: thunder & lightning, fights, pinneys, 
goodbyes, nightmares, losing, cheaters. FAV. MEM.: 
Prom '00 w/MM, Steve Miller '98, NYC, Super Jam, 
getting lost w/JP, hangin' w/MM, EK, & KF, man- 
hunt w/the gang, Boston Babes '00, Seekonk w/SO 
and the boyz, gymnastics sleepover '00, P.S. w/LK, 
chillin' at Leary's frosh year, time spent w/Drew. 
ACTIV.: Vice President 1-4, field hockey 1-4, gym- 
nastics 1-4, track 1, Leo Club 2-4, Ski Club 2-4. 
FOUND: following EK8 around. AWARDS: gymnas- 
tics captain. AMB.: To marry rich, have a white picket 
fence, & a toy poodle. OTHER: MOM & DAD I owe 
you the world. Thanks for always being there for 
me. Karen and Kevin you're the best. Thanks for 
showing me the ropes & for always being there to 
catch me if I fall. I love you all , XOXOX! Good luck 
Class of 2001! 

Michael P. Kenney 


LIKES: skiing, winter, hangin w/friends, BR's re- 
petitive stories, BK runs, MR's 8th grade picture, 
Jeeps, wkends, vacation, sleep, Seinfeld, laughing, 
challenges, mullets, meditation, moments. DISLIKES: 
losing stuff, feet, responsibility, wakin up, humidity, 
liars, bad drvrs, warm winters, cold summers. FAV. 
MEM.: This Old House, camping trips, MR getting 
on the wrong train in Bost, skipping to MR's house 
w/ BR, anytime w/friends, Prom '00, end of summer 
'99, making the list w/BH, Cape w/KM, Brewester 
Country Store, skipping w / KM, Fall Fest '00. ACTTV.: 
baseball, skiing, golf 1-2 1/2. FOUND: w/BR, MR, 
SR, at BK, wrk. AWARDS: letter, 2nd ski comp. '99. 
AMB.: ski trips @ Tuckerman's Rav., be the happiest 
I can be. FAV. SAY.: Smith u drive?, Quit slammin my 
doors'. OTHER: Thanks Ma, I luv you. Thanks Lisa for 
all you've done, I appreciate it. Good luck to Class of 
'01. I'll miss you guys! 

Christian Keyes 


LUCES: playing the trumpet and drums, listening to 
music, Teresa, web design, mittens, hanging out with 
my buds, Chia Pets, rubes of gloom, tearing up the 
football field at marching band. DISLIKES: math of 
all sorts, siblings, mayonnaise, pasty mac & cheese, 
dragons, insane clowns, tubesocks, Salvius, the parm 
cheese they leave out in the design tech room. FAV. 
MEM.: doing log rolls down the plush green hills at 
Newport in front of the mansions and hearing the 
sound of Andy rolling repeatedly over his keyes. 
ACTTV.: marching band, jazz band, 2 yrs. of concert 
band. FOUND: working in a small village at a little 
store called Bugle Boy, rehearsing like nobody's busi- 
ness. AMB.: To become a well known web and 
graphic designer aswellasa music performer or pro- 
ducer. If that plan fails, I'll become a neurosurgeon. 
FAV. SAY: Stupid people do stupid things, smart people 
outsmart each other, then themselves, Squeegeeee! 

Elizabeth Kinney 


LIKES: friends, smiles, sunshine, laughing, roses, 
people, eight, autumn, winning, boring nights with 
BS and RM, funny memories, ftball/ bball, food. 
DISLIKES: community runs, meatloaf, rain, mean 
people, the V-club, failure. FAV. MEM.: 10/10/99, 
SP with JB, KM, LT, KF, BG, CD, crispy bacon w/ 
JB, GB, the bus-a-bus, 09/10 w/KF, all nighters w/ 
KF, FL and AZ w/RM, frosh yr, flat tire w/JB, LT, 
BG, mathematicians, rd trip w/SF, LK, RM, SO, JP, 
end of the world talks w/SF & CF, Boston Babes 
2000, the bug w/AL, star watching w/KC, nights 
w/KF, KK, MM. ACTIV.: soccer 1-4, track 1-4, 
Stud. Coun. 2-4, Leo Clb 2-4. FOUND: running 
around, w/BS and RM doing nothing, in trouble 
w/JB, laughing w/KF. AWARDS: letter/jacket. 
AMB.: To travel and see the world, be happy, con- 
tent, and successful in life, live life to fullest. FAV. 
SAYING: 100% of the chances you don't take are 
automatic failures. OTHER: Mom and Dad, thank 
you for everything you've done and thank you for 
being such an involved part in my hs career. I love 
you very much. Class of 2001, thank you for all the 
~ , memories. I'll never forget you guys. 

George Peter Kleczka 


LIKES: working on my car, driving, being with 
Christina. DISLIKES: not being able to find a 
cheap replacement engine for my JEEP. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: looking for the pool on the roof. 
ACTIVITIES: none. FOUND: under my car, with 
Christina, under Rob's car, on the roof. AWARDS: 
Eagle Scout. AMBITION: To go to college, get 
recruited by government agency. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Shaken, not stirred. 

Christina Knowles 


LIKES: dance, pink, Sublime, popcorn, green eyes, 
salt, reading, hockey players, The Little Mermaid, 
kittens, Kid Rock, dimples, partying, school lunch, 
RR, MT, Ranger, Figgy cakes, Betty & Terry. DIS- 
LIKES: chemistry, being cold, meat, Smudges, 
orange soda, waiting, Jack, Tucker, and Dee Dee, 
sand, tapered pants, people who chew w /mouths 
open. FAV. MEM.:Officer Mike, France w/CR & 
BS, Cat Fight '99, Adv. w/Prev, Br & En w/CR, 
Cape w/KF, MADS w/CH, Vids & Friendly's w/ 
KG, mailboxes w/SO, JP, New Yr's '00, Emily's 
'99, CCD w/JP, triple date w/JMOH &EG, Hal- 
loween '99, M.D. w/HC, sketchy deli w/EK, RM, 
CR, sledding w/SO, EK, JB, 2/6/00, 3/6/00, soft- 
balls w/CR, CH; ACTIV.: dance, Leo Club 1-4 
FND: at Friendly's, grounded, dance, partying, 
fighting w/Prev; AMB.: to be on Say What? 
Karaoke, dance in MTV videos, marry a real cow- 
boy, and have a job where I get to boss people 
OTHER: Thanks to my family for everything. I 
luv you! Steph, have fun. Katie J-Go home! Good 
luck 2001. Thanks for the great memories. 

Daniel Kolodziej 

Dan, The Beard, O], Fro 

LIKES: love, peace, understanding, mashed-po- 
tatoes, Rug Scandal, ska, minivans, The Barn, 
music, drum corps, my friends, marching band. 
Miles Davis, Guster. DISLIKES: war, agression, 
anger, ....and green beans. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
band trips to NJ, Rug Scandal at Lupos, making 
the best friends I'll ever have, Sept. 18, 98', Hippos 
and Reel Big Fish in Providence. ACTIVITIES: jazz 
band, concert band, marching band, Model Sen- 
ate, Rug Scandal, chorus. FOUND: band room, 
Norfolk Food Mart, Provolone cheese, Josh's 
minivan, the Barn. AWARDS: Outstanding Solo- 
ist Award at Massachusetts State Jazz Finals. AM- 
BITION: To live my life the way my wonderful 
parents taught me to, and become a rock star in 
Rug Scandal, (and eat mashed potatoes). FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: Scoozie! You want towel?? Hooee! 

Laura Elizabeth Kraby 

Laus, Krabes 

LIKES: my guilty conscience (it keeps me out of 
trouble), silver bullet, yellow, country music, trucks, 
boats, sports, skiing, hands, art, fans, the sky, Loon, 
home runs, winning, hockey games, 318, sneezing. 
DISLIKES: my guilty conscience (it keeps me out of 
trouble), feet, whiners, pessimists, crying, drugs,bad 
drivers, Betsy, losing, pinneys, outside pitches. FAV. 
MEM.: P.S.w/KK, Loon, proms & semis, Allman 
Bros, DMB '97-'00, Road Trip 500, Manhunt, the 
pharoah, hangin' in Maynard, sideout, Big Mama, 
fid hckey camp, softball tourneys, Bost. Babes '00. 
ACTTV.: fid hckey 1-4, sftball 1-4, Leo Club 2-4, Ski 
Club 1-4, Pr Ldrshp 2-3, N.H.S. 3-4. FOUND: outside 
with my friends, in the Volvo; AMB.: to live a long, 
happy, healthy, successful life. AWARDS: N.H.S., 
honors 3yrs, letter/jacket, sftball capt., state champs. 
FAV. SAY.: Don't think about how good you are. Think 
about how great you can be. OTHER: I love you Mom, 
Dad & Jessie. 

Mike Kraby 


LIKES: winning, hockey, Pong, tennis, money, 
BK, mullets, shockers, chodes, the Border, Less 
Than Jake, Balderdash. DISLIKES: losing, school 
work, working Joseph, health class, Geoffrey 
Beene. FAVORITE MEMORY: hockey states, beat- 
ing Franklin, tennis states, taking health in the 
office, wh @ JD's, LTJ concerts, discovering the 
joys of sarcasm with SW, Rage. ACTIVITIES: 
hockey, pong, tennis, playstation-seshing, listen- 
ing to LTJ. FOUND: Nda rink, the table, NHL 
sessions, Tony Hawk sessions, BK, in the go cart, 
my pad, LTJ concerts, the tournament. AWARDS: 
NHL face off- most wins, Fastest and Most Showy 
Car, Best Pong Player at KP ever. AMBITION: To 
fail and have no money. OTHER: Yos, EZ, Hii Mii, 
Siiiiiiif, wasah, Boultamooos, Kieeeqs, This is the 
old dude- Harry J Reynolds. OTHER: hi. 

Jennifer Krewko 


LIKES: partying, KBC, Rahls. DILIKES: school, 
working. FAVORITE MEMORY: partying at 
Dick's house, KBC, the Bird-mouth, long strange 
trips, band room with KB, JS, Ozz-fest 98', with 
DR, shovel fires, camp-outs. AMBITION: to make 

Johanna Krouk 


LIKES: Russian accents, that 70's show, exotic 
foods, museums, Hopper, Sweden, strange 
dreams, licorice, fate, Rajah, Ben Harper, The 
Simpsons, fruit. DISLIKES: busy work, lying, long 
car trips, giving blood, caterpillars, my neigh- 
bors. FAVORITE MEMORY: lamb's heart with 
KP, Tonga, Sweet 16, Europe 99', the hotrod, Jimmy 
Buffet 00' with JM and KG, the undies, the bet with 
EG, Irish roofers, Officer Mike. AMBITION: To 
become bilingual and marry a foreigner. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: Everything happens for a reason. 

Nicole W. LaPointe 


LIKES: Mt.Dew, the Camry, rain, 13, Figgy cakes, 
bunkbeds, AOL, lightning, 7th heaven, school 
lunch, the cop car, winning, bball, Maine. DIS- 
LIKES: a.m., homework, drunk drivers, losing. 
FAV. MEM.: JK's house '00, *NSYNC w/ 
MC,LH,KF,MT, DMX w/LH,MC,RM, Beach '98 
w/MC, clubbin w/MC,KF,CH,EG, Class Comp., 
UMASS, breakin down w /LH,MT; MC,CH- clean- 
ing my room; baseball games w/KM + MC (#7), 
LH-holding it in! WYB, beach w/LH, Prom '00, 
math class w/LH. ACTIV: bball 1-4, softball 1-2, 
NHS 3-4, class secretary 2-4. FOUND: online, 
eating, watching Lydia make a fool of herself. 
AMBITION: to be happy and have no regrets. 
FAV. SAYING: Heroes are the people who do what 
has to be done when it needs to be done, regardless of 
the consequences. OTHER: Mom- Thanks for ev- 
erything. You did a great job! Di- you're a won- 
derful sister. Thanks for all the support. To my 
friends- thanks for all the great memories. I'll 
miss you guys. Lyds - Thanks for being a great 
friend. Good luck Class of 2001! R.I.P. Drew. 

Bethany LaValley 

Beth, Bethie 

LIKES: singing, music, drama, poetry, beaches, 
PYF, CYC 4 EVA, talent shows, friends, family, 
eyes, inventing personalities w/LD, chillin w/ 
Stretch & EH, duets w/ JF, dancin w/CL & AK, 
anything w/ tools, guys, DEC A conferences, sar- 
casm, dreams. DISLIKES: people who need to get 
kicked in the head, prejudice, homeroom the last 
4 years, broken promises. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
football games w/ KB, RG, mission trips, talks on 
the lake, sharing waterbeds, drama. ACTIVITIES: 
drama 2-4, DECA 3-4. AWARDS: DECA officer 4, 
Ann Hasseltine of CYC 00', Joey for Best Accent. 
AMBITION: always be a little girl and have fun. 
become the youngest singer to duet w/ Bette 
Midler. FAVORITE SAYING: Tool, I have a condi- 
tion. It's called advanced dillusionary schitzophrenia 
w/ involuntary narcissistic rage, I wish they were 
rabbits! OTHER: I love you all. Good luck! 

Heather Lanagan 


LIKES: soccer, Cape, skiing, Cheshire, CT, Texas, 
Plymouth, hockey, working out, traveling, foren- 
sic science, running, coaching, Patrick Shannon, 
medicine, tennis, lacrosse boys, law, Wilmington, 
NC, the Egg Mobile, the Vineyard, planes, trains 
and automobiles, the blues, Power Bars, Varsity 
Blues, cowboys, diamond Jack's, putt putt, Brown 
U. DISLIKES: math, slow drivers, big hairy blond 
guys, tags, waiting, bathroom lines, sunburns, 
early mornings, clowns, dunk tanks. FAV. MEM: 
Creed 00', Tom and Cliff's b-day surprise, France, 
NYLF 00', Loon Mt., sneaking to CT to see Pat, 
UNH's criminal profiling seminar, DMB 95'-00', 
falling in the river w /Jen, Blue man Group, throw- 
ing francs off the Eiffel Tour w/ Cliff. FOUND: at 
the Y, with Tom, Cliff and Jen, in NC, working on 
the sports pages, at the country bar, providing 
emergency medicine to innocent bystanders. 
AWARDS: sports editor, NHS, honor roll 1-4, 
NYLF on medicine, FHS, Student Athlete Day 
Award. AMBITION: Medicine. To marry some- 
one w/a first name as a lastname. FAV. SAYING: 

Kirsten Larrabee 



Christopher Lawn 


LIKES: acting, dark, comedies, music, dancing, big 
jeans,weird shirts, CYC, weird jokes/impressions, 
indep. films, diversity, lively people, improv. DIS- 
LIKES: ftball, homophobia, cruelty/ignorance, med. 
iced coffees, annoying customers, double standards, 
gender bias, (Viking-type) opera. FAV. MEM: VT 
drama trip 99', Jr English, Prom 00'. ACTIV.: drama, 
Divers. Clb, FHS. FOUND: working at Dunks, danc- 
ing at drama, Al K's house, listening to music, Divers. 
Clb on Tues., MF's van, doing weird faces/impress., 
getting my butt slapped by my friends. AWARDS: 
drama- best prop, best couple. AMB.: I want to go to 
college to get a career that I enjoy. I also want to 
change at least one prejudiced person's mind and 
make him tolerant. FAV. SAYING: I'll see what's goin' 
on, hey kids...ivanna ride?, 1 like mittens, it's ok, I don't 
have to, like two nice job, Mike 1 ., sweet kid. OTHER: I'd 
rather have a job that I love and not make much than 
have a job that I hate and make a lot. 

^1 1 

Brian Leary 


LIKES: hangin' with the boys, parties, spending 
time with AI, friends, the beach, VT, concerts, ski- 
ing, playing the guitar, quarry jumping, roller 
coasters, baseball, music, relaxing. DISLIKES: ig- 
norant people, sickness, getting up in the morn- 
ing, Spanish class. FAVORITE MEMORY: BA 
pounding the OA mascot, fires at EM's with the 
boys, DMB 00', ski trips, VT with KG & EM, gath- 
erings at the headquarters, Ghosh's roadtrips, 
Phish, times with DM, parties at EG's, 10/29/99. 
ACTIVITIES: cross country all 4 years, freshman 
baseball. FOUND: chillin' with the boys, with AI, 
concerts, my house, rollin' in the Expedition. 
AWARDS: Freshman Newcomer of the Year for 
XC, 4 varsity letters and jacket, honor roll. AMB.: 
My greatest ambition is to be successful and make 
the best of my life. OTHER: Thanks, Mom and 
Dad, for all your support. You guys are the best. 

Matthew Lupfer 


LIKES: soccer, psych., soc, cooking, graduating, 
family, Mickey/Minnie, fights w/Holly, people 
who truly make me smile. DISLIKES: people who 
don't think, those who make out in school, people 
who can't think for themselves, big egos, show 
offs, people who don't listen, people who don't 
work for what they get. FA V.MEM: Elephant Shoes 
2000, May 15, 2000, winning the Hock 1999, debat- 
ing 12 hours w/Holly, drinking aspirin as op- 
posed to eating it. FOUND: playing soccer, think- 
ing alone, driving the big blue Volvo station wagon. 
AMB.: play the Stock Market, retire at age 26, write 
my autobiography at age 27. Then enjoy the one 
thing that everybody forgets about, LIFE!! FAV. 
SAYING: Beauty comes from within and not how you 
dress or who you hang out with. A man good for 
anything ought not calculate the chances of living or 
dying, he should only consider whether he is doing right 
or wrong. -Socrates. 

Andrea Fay Lyons 


LIKES: 721, skiing, fall, red, soccer, #6, snow, the 
bug, rips, Seinfeld, hooded sweatshirts, naps. DIS- 
LIKES: losing, spiders, 5-0's, drunk drivers, Of- 
ficer Mike, Smudges, community runs, UV lights, 
needles. FAV. MEM.: 6 Flags w/CH,JP,KG; DMB 
7/00 w/JM,JP, EG,CH; tanning at EG's w/KG; 
Mission C w/CH; rafts w/JM; Span, videos w/JP; 
rips at EG,GB,BL's; 'Cuse w/Flyrms; LK's driving 
® Star; bio video w /GB, MG; snow fight '99 @DM's; 
in bug w/EK; Boston Babes '00; Hist. Day w/jM, 
MG, GB. ACTIV.: Stud. Council 1-4, prez 4; soccer 
1-4; Softball 1-4; b-ball 1; Schl Cncil 4; yrbk artist 3- 
4; Ski Club 1-4. FOUND: laughing, sleeping, ski- 
ing. AWARDS: lett./jack., capt/soccer/softball, 
Nat. Born Ldr-SC. AMB.: to be happy with wher- 
ever my life takes me. FAV. SAY.: Ok kids! OTHER: 
We miss you, Drew. Mom, Dad, Tom, and Eddie- 
Thank you for all of your love and support. I love 
you. Good luck Class of 2001! 

Rebecca MacDonald 

Becca, Bees, Macka 

LIKES: soccer, #23, the Cape, beaches, surfing, track, 
basketball, midnight madness, eyes, food, my soc- 
cer sisters, the sugar daddy caddy, 52ing, Mormons 
Rips, concerts, ski trips, Carl. DISLIKES: OA, losing, 
dishonesty, biters. FAV. MEM.: DMB 98', 00', Hard 
Knock Life Tour, Jay's Pool, Semi 98', 99', Prom 00', 
the Cape, ski trips 99', 00', 01', DR's parties, Punch, 
The Pit Lounge, Marsh fight w/SA, soccer, MV trips, 
soccer camp, ride up. ACTIV.: soccer 1-4, basketball 
1-2, s. track 1-4, NHS 3-4, Ski Club 3-4. FOUND: 
working the corners w/Lissa, w/my soccer sis at 
the Cape, w/SA, drinking punch, playing soccer. 
AWARDS: varsity letter and jacket, varsity pins for 
soccer and track, Hock champs soccer 97', 98', Hock 
champs track 97'. AMB: To be healthy and success- 
ful in whatever I do. FAV. SAYING: Waasssup to DR, 
Train. OTHER: Thanks, Scott, for being right by me 
all these years. I'm gonna miss you. Tim, Mom, Dad, 
Nan, Cramps, everything you've ever done, you've 
made me the person 1 am today. Tim- Good luck at 
KP and to the Class of 2001: 1 wish you the best of 
luck. I'm gonna miss you all! 


Rachael E. MacKenzie 


LIKES: honesty, the Jetta, friends, gd books, vacations, 
choc., Buffy, VT, good hygiene, Figgie cakes, shopping, 
sleep, skiing, parties, 52'ing, the muscle, mugs, 
Cumberland Reservoir, Fall, bandaids. DISLIKES: ta- 
pered pants, dirtiness, the V club, swings and misses, 
waiting, sick, ignorance, carelessness, being hot. FAV. 
MEM.: freshman year, going to Bangcock, soccer camp, 
ski trip '98, dirty fingernail boy, summer after sopho- 
more year, Off Mike, hiding in the closet at MM's '99, 
stealing the statue, corrupting MC, the scary gas sta- 
tion, Prom '00, Newport w/PC, the Pit Lounge, doing 
two 360's on the exit ramp. ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-4, 
w. /s.track 1-2, Leo Club, NHS. FOUND: in the Jetta, at 
Nicky's, out w/friends. AMB.: To live a happy, healthy 
and successful life. FAV. SAYING: Hello! McFly!!, It 
doesn't matter., Bro! OTHER: Mom, thank you for all 
your love, support and encouraging words. Katelyn, I 
am so proud of all of your wonderful accomplishments. 
Thank you for being you. Amanda, you are the coolest 
sister I could ever have. Lissa and the McLacklans, 
thank you for all your support and all the times you 
were willing to listen. Dad, thanks for everything. I 
love you all so much. 

Christopher Mahoney 


LIKES: football, LL, the Rock, O.C.B., skiing, 
Coach Finase, movies in Da Crib, JMX, rips, 
Dream Machine, Mormons, B.K., all my dogz, 
pony rides. DISLIKES: taking time, N'SYNC 
(J.C.), I.L.U-L.L., kids who climb trees and smoke 
butts, flat tires, rats, phantom rips. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: cooking noodles at M.M., quarry 
jumping, driving round w/B.G., 10/23/99, late 
night arrivals at K.F.'s, Cash-money-ruff ryders 
2000, help B.C. find sandal, every time at rock, J.V. 
superstar with K.F. ACTIVITIES: football 1-4, 
spring track 2-4, winter track 2-4. FOUND: in 
M.M.'s kitchen, B.G. basement, O.G. with Lauren, 
L.T.'s couch, G.Y.'s w/Bean, cheerleading with 
B.G., Team F.T. with B.C., working hard with J. G., 
showing up at 1 AM with KF and BG, J.G./B.P. 
AWARDS: varsity letter and jacket. AMBITION: 
To find Snuggy's sandal. OTHER: Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Jim, Lisa, Lauren and all my friends. I love 
all of you. 

John Majewski 


LIKES: tennis, sailing, skiing, riding, being in 
command, fast cars, French class. DISLIKES: Ter- 
minator, lack of sleep, lazy people, hypocrites. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: white cap on Sunday River, 
Giants Stadium, Boggle with Kramer. ACTIVI- 
TIES: marching band 1-4, NHS 3-4, FNHS 3-4. 
FOUND: on the trails w/ KS and CB. AWARDS: 
marching band triumphs, National French Exam, 
Honor Roll. AMBITION: To develop the next big 
monopoly. FAVORITE SAYING: Do not seek to fol- 
low' in the footsteps of the wise. Seek -what they sought. 

Scott Maloney 

Mai Perm 

LIKES: movies, the fab 4, Narcon, Old Country Buffet, 
LPP, golf carts, history, Shanes, ghetto of Baltimore. DIS- 
LIKES: Mondays, the Gauntlet. FAV. MEM.: whenever 
I'm w/the J's, Tercel off-road challenge 2000, K.O. J.M. 
E.H. strip dancing for me, getting lost in Wal-Mart park- 
ing lot, the warehouse, golf carts at LPP, Boggle with 
Kramer, 9-14-00, Phantom Fireworks, Normandy, golf 
balls with Kate, junkyard with Pins, LPP with M.C., 
Indiana w/E.H. & J.S., 4th of July w/Shawn. ACnV: 
wrestling, soccer, track, xc, DECA, drama, Pr Ldership, 
DECA v.p., IHTC. FOUND: LPP, warehouse, KP Mini- 
Mall. AWARDS: 2nd place dist. '99, 3rd place states '99, 
vars. lett./jacket, Most Improved, Iron Man. AMB.: To 
be happy, successful, and not have any regrets. FAV. 
SAY: I do not regret the things I've done, only the things I 
have yet to do. OTHER: Jen- High school will be over 
before you know it. Love it, live it and have fun. The J's- 
you guys are the best friends I could ever ask for. Mom 
& Dad- Thanks for everything. I love you. 

Holly Lyn Manlgan 

Holls, Manahog 

LIKES: Drew, beaches, true friends, cars, hotties, 
stargazing, sleeping, blankets, summer, crepes, 
cuddling, food. DISLIKES: feet, hw, lies, getting 
sick, fights, crying, NFCG, loneliness.FAV. MEM: 
8/22/98, Rock parties, rowdy hockey games, foot- 
ball games, baseball games, Prom 00', The Band, 
physics, flat tire in Providence, Steve Miller & 
BNL concerts, Hanover Road Trip, Prom 98' w/ 
PH, The Pharoah, Super Jam, Espanol con Lordes, 
Spanish videos, JGard's house, Rave shopping, 
ski trips, Gangstas 98'. ACTIV: soccer, s. track, 
Leo Club, Peer Leader, NHS, Ski Club. AMB: 
marry a loving man & have a wonderful family. 
FAV. SAY.: The future belongs to those who believe in 
the beauty of their dreams. OTHER: Mom & Dad, I 
love you both with all my heart. Chad, good luck 
w/hs & soccer. Shane, you have many special 
qualities. You can be anything you put your heart to. 
Jessie, BFF. PH, AMLFY. BT, thanx 4 your luv. 

Rachael Marcotte 


LIKES: my friends, the beach, homerm w/MM, KM, 
EM, DM & HM, popcorn, cool people, bike rides w/ 
CR, the NOVA, rips, coffee, my kitty, swimming @ night, 
fireflies, Thai food. DISLIKES: getting lost, slping in cars, 
fights, North, working, mushrms, headaches, worry- 
ing. FAV. MEM: RTC '00, Kirby's house, Rock Parties, 
Boston Babes '00, boat days, Sketchy deli, rowdy hockey 
games, BS house w /no parents, Skenyon's class, Kyle's 
lake, DMB, DECA trips w/KC, cheercamp, 5:00 @ the 
Esplanade, ZIPS, the squirrel, Operation Snipemode, 
trips w/EK, yellow ribbons, Mendon w/BS. ACITV: 
fall varsity chrleading, varsity gymnastics. AWARDS: 
fall chrleading (2 yr. capt.) 99-00, MVP 98-99, unsung 
hero, capt. gymnastics, letter and jacket. AMB: to be 
happy and successful when I grow up. OTHER: Thanks, 
Mom and Dad, for always supporting me. I love you. 
Bob, you're the best brother anyone could have, & to 
the Class of 2001, best of luck in everything you do. 
DM, you're forever in my heart. 

Jamie Marks 

Beano, Marxie, Marks 

LIKES: #15, snow, mtn biking, $, soccer, Local Mo- 
tion, black, parties, animals, my car, plimpsoles, 
snwbrding, family. DISLIKES: cops, rules, Wrenth., 
people high on themselves, fake blonds, getting 
caught, boy bands, schl wrk, 5am pract, Feehan. 
FAV. MEM: Mustang incident @ Star Market frosh 
yr, Hagen's conflict w / Giadono in showers, Frageau's 
Hawaii trip, states 1st time in 25 yrs. ACTIV.: soccer 
1-4, hcky 1-4, term. 1,2, Stdnt Cncil 1-4, Pond Home 
DJ. FOUND: rink, lake, slopes, car, cruisin subways, 
Kirby's. AWARDS: Hock Champs soccer '99, vars. 
let. /jack., soccer & hcky capt, Head Sped Award, 
PTT award. AMB.: conquer the world & be happy. 
FAV. SAY: Never, never, never give up-Churchill. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Michael, Andrew for 
helping me. Couldn't have done it w/o you. I love 
you all. Andrew & Mike, good luck w/everything. 
You guys are the best. Thanks to my friends for the 
fun & memories. I love you Drew! 

Kate Martin 


LIKES: Chris, gymnastics, shopping, lip gloss, 
money, Pepsi One, ER, The Sopranos, pasta, white 
fluffy clouds, friends, summer, sandals, having 
fun, new clothes, autumn. DISLIKES: bananas, 
fighting, smoking, homework, mean people. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: gymnastics 1-4, yellow rib- 
bons, North Carolina with CD, NYC with JP, New 
Year's '00, Boston Babes 2000, Thanksgiving 
nights, summers. ACTIVITIES: fall cheerleading 
1-4, gymnastics 1-4, Ski Club 1,2. FOUND: with 
Chris, gymnastics, World Gym, shopping, with 
friends. AWARDS: gymnastics Hock All-Star 2,3, 
captain 4. AMBITION: To go to college, get mar- 
ried and have a big family, and live a happy life. 
OTHER: Thank you Mom and Dad for everything. 
I love you! Good luck Class of '01... 

Michael McCabe 


LIKES: basketball, hanging out with friends, KK, 
gym class, the Rock, parties, girls, the NOVA, 
#33, Jay-Dude. DISLIKES: homework, getting up 
early, chemistry class, North, losing, school food. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: beating North, KF's house, 
Prom '00, Cali with LT, CD, CC, MP, & KF. AC- 
TIVITIES: basketball 1-4, golf 2. FOUND: KF's 
house, with KK, BG, CD, LT, KF, BC, CM, playing 
basketball. AWARDS: area All-Star. AMBITION: 
To be successful and happy. OTHER: Thank you, 
Mom and Dad. 

Joseph Thomas McCormack Michael Richard McCullough 

Elephant, Mack 

LIKES: Katelyn, chocolate, beach, OCB, clubbin, 
piano, silver, singing, CMX, strawberry frappes, 
fried chicken, orange soda, Ruby Tuesdays, egg 
nog, holidays, family, NFL 2KI, mirrors, Dawsons, 
slippers, roses, breakfast, Drew, Mr. Finase, Croc. 
Hunter, Boucher, Mormons. DISLIKES: breath 
mints, injuries, fender benders, losing. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: 3/22/00, 4/4/00, 5/11/00, foot- 
ball camp, quarry jumpin, bootleggas, Hard Knock 
Life concert, cash money, Ruff Ryders Tour. AC- 
TIVITIES: indoor/outdoor track, football. 
FOUND: bothering RM. AWARDS: w. track Hock 
League MVP, 3rd in Decathalon (and in team), 
MVP for s. and w. track, freshman/sophomore 
state record for 300, school records- 50, 100, 200, 
300 indoor long jump. AMBITION: To conquer 
any obstacle put in my path and some day have a 
wonderful family of my own. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: Money!, Thong tha thong thong thong! OTHER: 
Best wishes 2001! Thanks Mom, Dad, Kelly and 

Mikey, Magoo 

LUCES: #33, the van, winning, BK, Cape Cod, honest 
people, true friends, Larry Bird, Coach Finase, mul- 
lets, Bosstones. DISLIKES: losing, injuries, posers, con- 
ceited people, people who think they're funny, Pan- 
thers, Foxboro. FAVORITE MEMORY: beating Franklin 
on turkey day, jumping from Insanity, falling twice over 
the hurdles, Wellfleet trips, Warped Tour 99', 00'. AC- 
TIVrnES: football 1-4, b-ball 1, w. track 3-4, s. track 24, 
NHS. FOUND: inthevanoratBKw/ MR, BR, CS, SR, 
BM, CB, MK. AWARDS: letters for football and track, 
jacket, spring track captain, Most Improved Award- 
spring track 00', Boys' State. AMBITION: To have a 
beautiful wife and family, live a long, happy and suc- 
cessful life. FAVORITE SAYING: Live every day like it's 
your last. OTHER: Mum and Pup- you have no idea 
how much your love and support over the years have 
been appreciated. I love you both bigger than the uni- 
verse. Kev and Luke- thanks for showing me the ropes. 
1 couldn't have asked for two better role models and 


Eric McDonald 


LIKES: dank, workin in tube shop, oaps, n. lights, 
crusin w /Mr. Vega, flame thrower, the hog, the candy 
cane, little blue, cool glass, the woody, NICU, 
Alieneyed. DISLIKES: bunk, coopa, brown, school ski 
trip 00', two kids crashing in my truck. FAV. MEM: 
Grandfather turtel, turbo Kirbo's Irish feasco, duckin 
the cops with NR, Animal House, the sorcerer, chillin 
poolside DM style, Hartford 6/30/00, Straw, knowl, 
twilight frisbee, Boom Stony Brook styles, BR's grav, 
Ian's 1st day of summer, late night 3rd floor Kirb's, 
Basebo, freshman animal house, snowball fights, 
Skippin, flying. ACTIVITIES: varsity frisbee, 
hackysack capt., lawnjob co-pilot, dishonorable dis- 
charge from Ski Team. FOUND: rippin on the Mr's of 
VT, pullin bubbler duty, cruisin, Stony brook, sleeping, 
Kirbo's, getting sick at IB's. AWARDS: 2's champ of the 
world, final 4 prom night, king of confusion. AMB.: Find 
lost city of Atlantis, then find Fountain of Youth, take a 
little trip, open a tube factory. FAV. SAY: Is this illegal? 

Evan Leigh McGrath 

Ev, Evy, Evan-Ieigh 

LIKES: JC, my best buddies- MJ, BH, IB, HC, KM, MM, 
AM, MS- 1 love you guys so much!- sleeping, shop- 
ping, talking, laughing, music, spending money, blue 
eyes, the sun, DB, Tylaw, pillows, kids, being happy. 
DISLIKES: mean people, trash, bugs, waking up early, 
hazards, getting sunburnt, working, fights, 
backs tabbers, snobby people, lobster, meat, my alarm 
clock, SC. FAV. MEM: OOB 99' w/JB, MJ, parties at 
BH's and HC's, DMB 00', w/JC, times at my house 
with the crew, Newport w/JB, HC and the Hazards, 
all nighters, tomato plants. ACTTV.: Softball 1-2, win- 
ter track 3, babysitting, teaching CCD. FOUND: my 
house, Justin's, the Jacksons, out to eat, babysitting, 
HC's house 99'. AMB.: To live a long happy life with 
many children. FAV. SAYING: Life is short, but sweet 
for certain. -DMB, Your momma said you're ugly. It's not 
where, but who you're with that really matters. -DMB. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. I love 
you!, Good Luck Lukey! XXOO 

Melinda Rachel McGrath 

Mindy, Min, Melinder, Linda 

UKES: Chris, family, slping, drawing, snow days, vacays, 
summer, red, candy, Habeeb & Big Head, happiness, art. 
DISLIKES: schl days, bad grades, slow drivers, sickness, 
BR, acad. classes, rain, snow, rude people, JC. FOUND: 
anywhere w /CC, w LD, drivin aimlessly with JB, work- 
ing, at the gym. FAV. MEM: all the mems. with my 
friends, Prom '00 with CC, NewsCenter 5 with LD, 
graduating in my kitchen with LD, arts & crafts at LD's 
with JB. AC II V.: sftball frosh yr. AMB.: To be a success- 
ful artist, to work with children. To make my parents 
proud of me. To be happy with what I do with my life. 
FAV. SAYING: I believe that you can do something in an in- 
stant that uill give you lieartachefor life; that we don 't have to 
change friends if we understand tlmt friends change. OTHER: 
Mom and Dad- thanks for always letting me learn my 
own lessons. I love you both so much. Without you, I'd 
be a mess. Colleen & Jamie- thanks for all the advice and 
mistakes I didn't have to make on my own. You will 
always be my best friends. 

Jennifer McKay 

Jen, Jennie 

LIKES: AG, Aerosmith, friends, smiles, teddy bea 
weekends, metal, free mounds, Softball, money, indi- 
viduality, the CAV, ice cream, mama mias, hugs, the 
ocean. DISLIKES: feet, horses, hmewrk, bees, celery, 
bad elbows, conformity, fish. FA V. MEM: adventures 
in the CAV, physics story time w/HM, KO, hiding 
from horse w/ MC, CM, Espanol con Lucia, vids w/ 
Bowl, 9/15/00, Hanover Rd trip w/HM. ACTTV.: 
IHTC president. FOUND: in the CAV w/my friends. 
AMB.: to be happy and rich. FAV. SAY.: You wereborn 
with wings, why prefer to crawl through life? definitely, 
tough face. OTHER: Mom, Dad, and Mike- Thank you 
for all of your love and support. I can't thank you 
enough. I love you. JB: TAGTFT. Let the force be with 
you. SM: You are forever my brother and my IS. I love 
you. HM: We finally grew up! Who would have ever 
thought? You mean the world to me, and you are 
proof thattruefriendshipscanstand the test of time.xoxo 
Class of '01: We made it! Good Luck in everything! 

Meghan McKenna 

Schmeg, Nutmeg, Scout, Meg-o 

LIKES: Griswolds, lemon moist towelettes, hugs, 
British, capers, P. Simon, DMB, glowsticks, maple 
sugar, accents, Simmers, Spoon, my apple tree, 
Sharpies, small forks. DISLIKES: carnies, tests, 
loose couch cushions, vampires, mint jelly, slping 
w/out a fan, Olsens, bickering, PIP. FAV. MEM: 
AZ WGI '97 & Dayton '00, Emmanuel visits 97, 
98. PS & BD enert '99, Ol 'Country Buff., Cape w/ 
KM.SS, Cape boy-John?, no Dave, Sea St. MK, 
Span. Polka, F'g Steel, 6 Flags 00' w/JK, EB, KF, 
Cran. 99', BF, plhse-g r aham crackers, BC night- 
out, dancing in halls. ACTIV: march, band/per- 
cuss, ens. 5 yrs, drama 3-4, Pr Med. 2-4. Found: 
w/SS/KM, at practice, in the pit w/JD, Amaz. 
hunting crocs. AWARDS: MB-USSBA champs, 
Percuss. WGI silv. meds 97' & 98', Wrld Champs 
00'. AMB.: Be happy/have fun, visit Ire. FAV. SAY: 
Assume the spoon position! Wait ... what? ?, It tastes great 
on a cracker!! (w /Eng. accent), / carried a watermelon. 
OTHER: Ma& Pa-your support w /band has always 
amazed me. Thanks so much, Kate-you'll always 
be my best big sis and best friend. Thanx for stick'in by 
3Q me, Shalyn-I will miss you to death. LUV you ALL! 

Melissa McLacklan 


LIKES: off ramp, C. Water Reserv., chicken fing, road- 
side cafe, tlie muscle, w. island, ocean, rain, snowdays, 
Thayer St, bl. bracelet, rndmness, cactuses, cowboys, 
my pillow, 90210 reruns, corners, green. DISLIKES: 
caterpillars, moths, ignorance, dirty fingernails, state 
schl cops, off mike, clocks. FAV. MEM.: S. Miller 98, 
summer 99, N. Year's 98, corrupting MC, bandaids, 
Xmas Eve w/BR, scary gas station, hitchhiking, 
snippers w/MC, liey mister w/RM, BL's 00', stealing 
statue w/RM, lining to ski/sit, seeing people above 
gas station w/CF, losing ski w/MC, midget spotting 
w/CF, wlio brought tlie freak RM, KD, CF, MC, KM, GY, 
KF, smuggle it, whippers w/MC, frosh sftball w/CH, 
xc camp 98' AWARDS: 3rd in toss up w/MC, varsity 
xc/w. track 98'-00 ACnV: xc 97-00, w. track 98-00, 
sftball 98, NHS, Leo, FHS. FOUND: running w/friends, 
at Horse & Carriage, black magic, Mazda w/CF. FAV. 
SAY: McFly! OTHER: Mom and Dad, thanx for always 
being there when I needed a shoulder to lean on. Your 
advice has got me through a lot. I love you both. Beth, 
I couldn't have asked for a better sister. Thanx 4 letting 
me sit on your bed and talk, love you! Rae-K, Maggot, 
Mackenzies, my second family, thanks for everything! 

Brian McLellan 

Big Dog 

LIKES: football, rippin'at the barn, log rolls, chill- 
ing with Berry, Coach Finase, Old E's, Red Snap- 
per, Bass, Gene's mullet, laser tag, football camp, 
contacts, union, brown, Wesley Pipes, snow 
boarding, Wilson, the guy on the couch, squirrel 
master, side burns, rain, Barkley, food, chillin' w/ 
ting injured, playing hackey sack, no snowdays, 
losing a car, tests, B.F, Sat. detentions, running, 
undersized shorts, chicken, SATs, broken strings, 
nasty Nate, practice heroes, Bo, E.M, losing, N. 
Attleboro, pulling your inguineal, waking up, 
when bobcats hit your van, poison ivy. FAV. 
MEM.: 9/2/2000, 9/9/99, 10/30/99, Winter's 
house, Wonderland, Pop Warner football, the 
rock, Brown U, Union, making pancakes w/ Berry 
and Mikey, Hurricane Bob, Mr. Guernon's joke 
of the day, DM. ACTIVITIES: football 1-4, bas- 
ketball 1-3, baseball 1-4. FOUND: Wilson is King 
of Prussia, my dog eats throw up. AMBITION: to 
get rich and waste the time away FAV. SAYING: 
The will to win means nothing without the will to pre- 

Kathleen McMahon 

Kat, Katie, the kat, Samantha, Ben 

LIKES: OSB, the Cape, my girls, episodes, 
BBHDPD, mini- me, parties, peaches, 7 hour TV 
days with MT, homeroom, Betsy, Dixie Chicks, 
N'Sync, BSB, tours of Plainville backroads with 
BH, chem with Jacques, snow, volleyball, parties 
& lip medex withJG, turning into Samantha, math, 
chem and rips with BS. DISLIKES: liars, cheaters, 
feet, mayonnaise, bees, TK, fights, dirty looks, 
grabs at lunch. FOUND: with HC, MT, CB, EM, 
MK, BR, at the beach, at parties, on the couch, in 
my corner :). OTHER: Mommy and Daddy, thank 
you so much. I love you! John Jay- good luck. 
Make the best of th next two years. I love you! 

Grammy, thank you for lookin over me until 

we meet again. HC- thank you for being the best 
friend in the world, eeeee! CB- my Bessy! DM- one 
sweet day. 

Douglas J. Miller III 



LIKES: Emily, wolves, wrestling, family, Foxboro, 
Eric, trucks, bull riding, hockey, boxing, football. 
DISLIKES: backstabbers, people who thought I 
wouldn't make it, white Mustangs. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Sept. 21, 1999, the day I started going 
out with Emily Germain. ACTIVITIES: wrestling 
1-4, football 1, 4. FOUND: Emily, and that you can 
do anything you put your mind to. And to never 
lose faith. AMBITION: To get married to my high 
school sweetheart and have a good paying job 
and three kids. OTHER: Thank you for every- 
thing Dad, Mom, Brandon, NANA, Shawn, Emily, 
my friends Eric, Chuck, Scottie, everyone who 
helped me without my knowing. I will make you 

Keith Monahan 

Chewy, Monahog 

LIKES: being alone thinking, Mountain Dew, 
Wrentham's exciting night life, procrastinating, 
Phish, thunder and lighting, loud music. DIS- 
LIKES: rude people, losing, working, people who 
talk during movies, excessive sarcasm, people 
who don't think before they act. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: every Phish show, Chincoteague, sum- 
mers, Leary's gatherings, killing the deer. AC- 
TIVITIES: soccer 1-4, basketball 1, baseball 1-3. 
FOUND: sleeping, headquarters in the periwinkle 
blue jeep, Cook's Hall, my brother's house, the 
Barn. AMBITION: To be as rich as possible with as 
little work as possible, marry a beautiful woman, 
and have lots of kids. OTHER: Thanks, Mom and 
Dad, and the rest of the Monahan Clan for putting 
up with me and turning me into what I am today 
(whatever that might be). 

Brian Moore 


Jennifer Moore 

JMOH, Emilio 

LIKES: bears, Bernard, JP's impressions, classes w/ 
KF, clones, eating, P. Swayze, OG, Bat. costume, Stone 
Cold, rice and seltzer, the vegis, Dirty Dancing, 
slpovers w/FF. DISLIKES: Off. Mike, Smudges, 
caps, KP's hair. FAV. MEM: concerts w /KF, KG, Semi 
'99, Bost. trip w/ AL, JP, KG, cruise w/JP&Drew, cat 
fight '99, parties at Ghosh's/ Yusif's, J. Buffet w/KG, 
JK, MD w /KP, triple date w /EG, CK; ghetto clothes/ 
string bikini, CTF at Drew's, excursions w/JP&DP. 
ACTIV.: Stud Cncil 1-4, chrlding 1-4, tenn. capt. 1-4, 
Leo C. 3,4. FOUND: laughing, earing inbugw/AL,JP, 
KG, CH, lost in Hull w/EG, movies w/BH, Grille w/ 
JP and AL. AMB.: Be happy, successful, married to a 
rich man. FAV. SAY.: I'm not 15, I'm 17, Which way to 
the gym?, I cloned you. OTHER: Thank you so much 
Mom, Dad, and Kyle. I love you so much! Best of luck 
in the future, Kyle. KG, JP, CH, AL, I love you guys and 
I'll miss you next year. Best of Luck to the Class of 2001 ! 

Lord Marie Morganelli 

Lon, Lonima 

LIKES: Fridays, sunny days, DMB, my girls- JF, 
JM, MJ, LD, KO, KC, KM, HB, SH,SM, English, 
math, vacation, summer, driving, dancing. DIS- 
LIKES: rainy days, KP bathrms, rude people, 
stress, road trip '00. FAV. MEM: DMB '98 , '00 w/ 
JR, PM, BR, BSB w/JF, Dancin Queens w/JF, MJ, 
Prom '98, '00, BCH, Venu w/JK, BNL w/BR, 
Talks w/Tony, Morin Parties, Abees w/LD, PM, 
DW. ACTIVITIES: colorguard 1, Peer Leadership 
2-4, SADD 3,4- executive board 4, NHS 3,4, Power 
Pace. FOUND: w/Jimmy, w/my girls, Braintree, 
clubs, Boston at CMJ. AWARDS: Academic Excel- 
lence, N.E.C. w/ colorguard/skating, NHD, P. 
Ldrshp. AMBITION: to be wealthy/successful. 
FAV. SAY: There are a lot of things in life that will 
catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart. 
Pursue those'. Fawty, Shady. OTHER: Thanks to my 
family and friends for your love and support. 
Grandfather, I wish you were here. Mom, thanks 
for all your advice! Thanks to all my teachers who 
have advised me and guided me along the way! 
And to Jimmy, S'agapo! 

Stephanie Morris 


LIKES: #5, hurdles, running, organization, clothes, 
shopping, winning, success, sarcasm, gold stars, 
encouragement. DISLIKES: snakes, criticism, be- 
ing cold, math, worrying, drivers ed, nerves. FAV. 
MEM: Rebel nights, hurdle corner chats, Spanish 
videos. ACTIVITIES: FH 1-4, indr track 2-4, spring 
track 1-4, NHS 3,4, Yearbk 3,4. FOUND: hurdling, 
rm 217, running somewhere, the mall. AWARDS: 
varsity letter/jacket, FH Unsung Hero, Hock/ 
Sun Chronicle All Star for FH/ Indr Track, cap- 
tain for FH , Indr/ Outdr track, editor Chieftain. 
AMBITION: to live a successful, happy life filled 
w/family, friends, fun, love, travel & new experi- 
ences. OTHER: I want to thank all my fh girls and 
track buddies for making my 4 years ones full of 
happy memories! To the Rebels, the laughs, memo- 
ries, & good times we've shared are ones I'll never 
forget. LYLAS! Mom & Dad, thanks for all your 
encouragement and support. All the games and 
meets you came to meant so much to me. I can 
never thank you enough. Danny ,good luck. Set 
your goals high. You can reach them. I love you! 

Jessica Morse 

Jess, Jessie 

LIKES: summer, beach days, friends, playgrounds, 
Roland,high ponytails, Swedish Fish, apples, mov- 
ies, Shout Wipes, bowling, TJMaxx, ice cream 
(half baked), Hi sign, sports.DISLIKES: home- 
work, donuts, Franklin Library, flat tires, wire 
cutters, rollerskating, running with distance. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: fight with Franklin frosh, 
beach days in the rain, putting the ruck in ruckus, 
handcuffed by officer Hoist, pepper throwing, 
flat tire with KC at 12 am. ACTIVITIES: winter 
and spring track 2-4, soccer 1-2, gymnastics 1. 
FOUND: out with AB, KC,ES, JR, Applebee's, 
Friendly's, Spruce Pond, working at the Big Apple. 
AWARDS: winter and spring track unsung hero, 
varsity letter and jacket. AMBITION: To live a 
long and happy life. OTHER: Mom and Dad, 
thank you for all your support. Josie, good luck in 
high school. 

Judith Mullaney 

Judy, Jude, Ju-ju 

LIKES: firewrks, summer, anml crckrs esp. mnkys, 
gd surprises, beach, shags, fam, friends, gfiness, 
dancin, DMB, Guster, rainy nghts, gd hair dys, Pond 
H. Posse, Fab 4, cute, nerdy boys, ED, dog gone 
good, hotdishes, clicky shoes, AM, croc huntr, 
pinwhls, strawberries. DISLIKES: arrogance, bd hair 
dys, rainy dys, F- ham, Quadzilla, sunburns, bd 
mds, Edge, superiority complexes, disappointmnts, 
sitting still, paper cts, NM, fanny pcks. FAV MEM: 
dance parties w/KO, KC, Cape/DECA trips, 
Scotty's, striptease, shag drags, Remember Dolly's 
there, darkness, Kook/water, DMB, Guster, all gd 
times w/gd pals, oh geez there's salt in water, is it 
frosting on yr face, I don't care if it's yr bday, honk, 
honk, beep, beep, WWR ACT: track, Leo Cb, Loser 
Cb Prez, Sadd, Pact, IHT cb. FOUND: napping, 
wrking, wasting tme, mking fl of myslf, w/Mango 
Shango, SD, HB, BS, EH. AWARDS: countless. 
AMB.: Make the best of every situation. Be happy 
doin it. FAV. SAY: Oh mymna, oh geez, brother, 4 real. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad, Lolly, Janey, 
Mattey- Big Suze luvs you guys. Thanks to all my 
closest buds. You guys are best. I luv you. 2i\ 

Robert Murawski 


Colleen Murphy 


LIKES: friends, DMB, wkends, my car, color guard, 
poetry, DECA, summer, PK, 2:25pm, hangin out. DIS- 
LIKES: fake people, stupidity, backstabbing friends, 
DECA, ppl who lie right to me, spders, homwrk, clip. 
FAV. MEM: DMB w/ CT bth yrs, advntres in car w/ 
JM, seein Guster 2x, PJ w/evryne, Hell w/JM, hiding 
at stares, going to NJ in mb, bowling w/CT/ BO. 
ACTTV.: DECA, colorguard, Sachem. FOUND: that 
growing up is hard to do. AMBITION: to be success- 
ful in whatever I do/ whereever I end up/have a fam- 
ily. FAV. SAY: To all the people who have had an impact on 
my life whether positive or negative, I say thank you for 
helping me become the person 1 am today. OTHER: to my 
sis Jessica, you've come a long way. I'm so proud of 
you. I'm glad you came back. Good Luck! To my fam, 
thank you for helping me along the way. To Jen, you're 
the best even tho you're a snach. I still love you. To 
Cheryl & Brian, my best friends always, thank you 
so much. You guys mean the world to me. 

Dan Nyman 


LIKES: hockey, movies, games, animals, hotels, 
friends, music. DISLIKES: country music. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: lots of them. 

Brian Patrick O'Connell 


LIKES: chocolate, taco day, band, tech, the cat- 
walk, purple Skittles, the big blue beast (my van), 
band trips. DISLIKES: stupid people, motion 
detectors, holes in the field. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: DMB with Cheryl and Colleen, turn- 
ing 18, Toronto, kicking at $$ in marching band 
every time, Quabbin. ACTIVITIES: marching 
band 1-4, jazz band 1-4, drama 1-4, concert band 
1-4, Sachem 1-4, Jazz Combo 3-4. FOUND: at 
practice, in my room, at practice, with Cheryl, 
and/or Colleen, at practice, back stage, at prac- 
tice, at practice. AWARDS: student of the month, 
USSBA champions, BOA division AA champions, 
NESBA champion, MICCA champion. AMBI- 
TION: To become an animatronics technician in 
Hollywood and win an Oscar. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: Sure, why not, urn. 


Jessica Nelson 

Acissej Noslen 

LIKES: happiness, friends, the woods, riding 
horses, phishing, laughing, Montana, making 
people smile, sitting by a fire, getting the mail in 
the rain, turtles, bike rides, my cottage, barefeet, 
flying, my 3 friends, being w/Dave and Bob. DIS- 
LIKES: mean people, getting in trouble, seeing 
people sad, Massachusetts, ignorance, when my 
car stalls. FAV. MEM: Drew, fires at the bridge, 
flying w/Davey, Plymouth w/Dave and Bob, Ply- 
mouth all the time, countless imaginary games 
w/Marissa, CA w/Mere, karaoke nights, ski trips, 
Phish Tour w/Dave, walking to the stadium w/ 
Steph, all the times w/my 3 friends. ACTIVITIES: 
field hockey, horseback riding, falling asleep, 
laughing. FOUND: In MSSF, with good people, 
outside, by a fire, with Dave. AMBITION: to ride 
my horse in Montana. FAV. SAYING: Happy Birth- 
day! OTHER: Thanks and love to my family and 

Jayme Nickerson 

Bubba, Buddha 

LIKES: sports, fishing, horror movies, pizza, ice 
cream, spicy food, hunting, camping. DISLIKES: 
snobs, freaks, maniacs, mean cops, English class, 
getting in a car accident, slobs, reading books. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: going camping when I was 
younger in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and 
New York. ACTIVITIES: playing sports outside 
of school, playing floor hockey in a league at 
Stoughton sportsplex. FOUND: Plainville park 
playing sports, home playing Playstation, fishing 
with BB, golfing with JH, JN, BB. AWARDS: sec- 
ond place in Plainville athletic league world se- 
ries. AMBITION: To graduate high school and 
move on to bigger and better things. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Whatz up. It's true, it's true. 

Kaitlyn O'Connell 

K-K, Betsy, Mango/Shango 

LIKES: fam, friends, stars, Ire., nicknames, shags, rd 
trips, phish food, Fab 4, r-r's, ED, ice coffee, snorts, A. 
Sandlar, mango, mx tapes, DMB, Guster, beach, ski- 
ing, Anti, dance parties, rainy nites, hot dish. DIS- 
LIKES: stress, seafood, loss, akw silences, math, end 
of summer, Edge, F-ham. FAV. MEM.: DMB 98-00, 
proms, semis, wwr, golf balls w/Scott, DECA trips, 
dark, crazies, kooks & D. Duck w/JM, SM strippin' 
forG, visor incident w/KC, dancin', bargains w/JM, 
physics, Cape w/my girls, wata. ACTIV: Leo C. 1-4, 
SADD 1,2,4, w. track 2-4, s. track 1,3,4, DECA 3-4, 
PACT 3-4, IHT Club 3-4. FOUND: w/my girls, JM, 
KC, SH, EH, HB, KS, BS, in my cougs, Appleb's. 
AWARDS: 3rd in district comp., top ten in states. 
AMB.: To do what makes me happy, make a differ- 
ence, have lots of kids, find true love, never have any 
regrets. FAV. SAY: To the world you are one person, but 
to one person you are the world. If you laugh a lot, when 
you get old your wrinkles will be in all the right places. 
OTHER: Mom & Dad, thank you! I wouldn't be who 
I am today w/out you. Colleen & Janel, you are the 
best sis's in the world. I'm goin to miss ya guys so 
much next yr. Joshy, you're the cutest. I love you all! 

Kevin O'Loughlin 



LIKES: wake boarding, people with a sense 
humor, hanging out with the guys. DISLIKES: 
mean people with no sense of humor. FAVORfTI 
MEMORY: Delgrosso showing full moon out the 
window of Dougy 's car on the highway. ACT1\ 1 
TIES: work, socialize, Lego's cars and trucks 
AMBITION: To go to college and get an electri- 
cal-mechanical degree, have fun while workii 
hard. FAVORITE SAYING: cereal-yea, Bear 
Citricel yea -RM, -JM 

Shannon Ober 

Pu, Neenee 

LIKES: happiness, jeep, roses, butterflies, smiles, sip, 
laughing, sunsets, beach, North, LL, fall, good days, 
laving fun, happy endings, fires, memories, Italians, 
rust, slush puppies, good friends. DISLIKES: gdbyes, 
nean people, broken promises, fights, tests, betrayal. 
PAV.MEM: DM, Superjam '97, disputes w/PU, Baby 
3ulga '00, LL w/KC, KK, Stever Miller '98, stargazing 
DM, RTC 500', sideout LK, Corrie's witch light JP, BL 
casement, Stonybrook, JK house, Covis & Bran w / DR, 
Strangefolk w/KG, KF, moosehead w/DM, Seekonk 
/v/KK/boys, Xazebo, big mama jokes. ACTTV.: fid 
lockey l-4,bball 1, SADD 2-4, track2, drama 1-3, Health 
Club 3,4, SC 2 -4, Leo 2-4, P Lder 2. FND: w/JB, KK, 
ilping, working, w/friends, eating w/big mamas. 
\ WARDS: capt. fh, unsung hero. AMB.: To live a 
iilfilled life full of happiness, love, adventure. FAV. 
SAY: Hi Hun, cup or cone ? OTHER: Thanks, Mom, for all 
/our support and love. I love you! Laus- sitah, I lov ya! 
Congrats and best of luck to the Class of 2001. 

Rebecca Lee Pelrine 

Becky, Chloe, Reba 

LIKES: Tony, theatre, singing, attention, hugs, sil- 
ver jewelry, roses, the color champagne purple. 
DISLIKES: liars, fake people, meat, spiders, being 
discouraged, crying, having my nose touched. 
FAV. MEM.: Valentine's D. 98', Quabbin Poetry 
Conf., Mrs. T's fashion design class and all its 
wonderful ensembles. ACTIVITIES: Girl Scouts, 
Walp. Children's Theatre, Sachem, Peer Med., 
Drama Club. FOUND: in the spot light. AWARDS: 
Miss Sunburst Massachusetts 2000, Who's Who of 
Amer. H. S.l Students 98', 99', 00'. AMBITION: To 
entertain the world. FAV. SAY.: That's more than I 
need to know. OTHER: Thank you to my family for 
always being my personal fan club, to Mrs. V for 
helping me discover my inner goddess, and Mrs. 
Tower and Mrs. Greenleaf for helping me develop 
my own artistic style. Tony, I can't even begin to 
explain how much you mean to me. I just have to 
hope you already know. I love you, Angel Boy! 

Jed Perry 


LIKES: socializing, being with friends, playing 
football, indoor and outdoor track, women, trav- 
eling, OCB, JB. DISLIKES: being made fun of, 
people not believing that my first name is Jed, 
getting sniped. FAVORITE MEMORY: being with 
my whole Class of 2001 from the beginning to the 
end, and all that has happened in between, OCB. 
ACTIVITIES: football, indoor and outdoor track, 
Student Council, Leo Club, Boys' State, National 
Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine. FOUND: 
with friends, JB, DR, BR, JP, SO, MJ. AWARDS: 
Honor Roll, varsity letter for wrestling and foot- 
ball. AMBITION: To get my doctorate degree in 
biology and chemistry. 

Mathew Robert Pieroway 

P-Way, Peradill, P dude, "P" 

LIKES: running, chilling w/the boys, Sweatt Beach, 
playing ball, 40s, #2, slping in, Fri., rips, moments, 
cups. DISLIKES: getting up, HW, being dank, Mon., 
OA, skunk golf balls, break ups, drinking/driving. 
FAV. MEM.: New Year's 99', 00', sneaking out, BG 
running into the fence, corner BG's St., the rock, 
Cal w/LT, MM, KF, CD, CC, the moon, in the hur- 
ricane with the xc boys, 7/4/98, Australia 00', Lof 's 
house w/the boys & Johnny O. ACTIV: bball 1, trek 
2-4, xc 3-4, ftball 1-2, baseball 1-4. FOUND: Rachael, 
xc. AWARDS: capt. baseball 3-4, trek, xc, hock all- 
star, Sun Chron. All-Star, 3rd in US in xc. AMB.: To 
make something of my life, be a good father. FAV. 
SAY: Wazzzup! If you love something let it go. If it comes 
back to you it's yours. If it doesn't it never was. OTHER: 
RIP Drew. I will see you when I get there. Thanks 
Mom & Dad for putting up with me. C. Boucher, 
thanks for your help in finding what I am good at. 
The Marcottes, thanks. I love you, Class of 01'! 

Ryan J. Pinsoneault 


LIKES: girls, food, running, days off, driving, con- 
certs, traveling, Horeshoe Dr., rips, BK. DISLIKES: 
slow people, OA, Mendez, Toyota Truck, chemis- 
try, doors, cops. FAVORITE MEMORY: DMB 98', 
99', 00', Australia trip, Allaire vs. Mascot, being 
Div. State Champs twice, junk yard, the wood, 
Bourke's basement. ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-2, XC 
3-4, indoor track 2-4, spring track 1-4. FOUND: 
in the Prelude, BK, Rieger's house, running, at 
the stadium, with the boys. AWARDS: Hock 
League All-Star for xc, indoor and outdoor track, 
varsity jacket, school record in 800 meter and 600 
meter, a bunch of relay records. AMBITION: To 
overcome anything put in my way, and to be 
happy with what life gives me. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: seriously guys, sick, awwl Suburban, Koool-Aid! 
OTHER: Thanks to my Mom and Dad for being 
there for everything and supporting my choices 
and to my sister who I will always look up to for 
everything. Family, friends, and anything I for- 
got... thanks. I miss you, Drew. 

Julie Mercedes- Lonardo Poirier 

Jules, "V" 

LIKES: angels, smiles, laughing, Applebees, sun- 
flowers, friends, red, gymnastics, kippy, butter- 
flies, stars, candy. DISLIKES: car accidents, cry- 
ing, rainy days, headaches, nightmares, being 
cold, goodbyes, lies, rumors. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: 2/11, St. Patrick's Day, Prom at the 
Park Plaza, b-ball games with KK, road trip 500 
with SF, RM, EK, SO, LK, which light SO, sharing 
birthdays with CR, mailboxes with JB,CH, beat- 
ing Canton, yellow ribbons, the night before 
Thanksgiving, Boston Babes 2000,. ACTIVITIES: 
varsity cheerleading 1-4, gymnastics 1-4, s. track 
1, yearbook 3-4, SADD 3-4, Leo Club 4. FOUND: 
with JK, friends, driving the Rodeo. AWARDS: 
unsung hero cheerleading 99', gymnastics capt., 
pins and jacket. AMBITION: To always be happy 
and successful with whatever I do. OTHER: Thank 
you, Mom and Dad, for everything you've done. 
Good luck Class of 2001. May you have success in 
everything you do. "V" Best of luck next year! 

Jim Prentice 

Jimbo, Cheri 

LIKES: Fridays, indoors, snowboarding, money, 
snow days, BK, off-roadin, thrashin, mean rips, 
inside out glass, BMWs, blue tubies, slabds, fun- 
nels, cruisin, 30's, mullets, sockers, Nesquik, 
Nascar. DISLIKES: shwag, freaks, naddy ice, Po- 
po's, the Spins, aol, metal pieces, sketchy people, 
lisps, English, flood pants, ghetto gliders, diesel 
fuel, thinking hard. FAVORITE MEMORY: falling 
on my head at TD's house, cruisin with DT, off- 
roadin with ML, breaking some kid's quad. AC- 
TIVITIES: gas pumpin, skateboardin, tube rippin, 
cruisin, eating mad food, slackin, studying 
hardcore, bumpin bass. FOUND: at Sunoco, 
asleep, cruisin in the Prelude, at some type of 
party, BK parking lot. AWARDS: no type of 
awards. AMBITION: To stay young as long as 
possible. FAVORITE SAYING: Light that diesel beef. 

Katharine Prevost 

Katie, Prev, Beav 

LIKES: pb, clothes, NYC, traveling, Gone with 
the Wind, laughing, coffee, football, romance 
books, cowboys, Robert Redford, being right, ac- 
cents, politics, Marvin Gaye, backmassages, 
VanMorrison, sauce, Swatches. DISLIKES: vio- 
lence, celery, thunder, Off. Mike. FAV. MEM: 
Span. vid. w/KF, EG, BM, Ani-UMass, drama- 
Ghetto Hartford, UMD w/JM, fun w/CK, eating 
at JK's house, sweet 16, Semi '99 w/KG, soccer 
camp '99, stalking w/KF, 10/31/99, Mr. F's w/ 
JP, KF, 52ing ACTIV.: soccer 1-4, b-ball 1, track 1, 
drama 1-3, Peer Leadership 2-4, NHS 3-4. FOUND: 
w/friends, fights w/CK, at Video World, hang- 
ing out at DR's house, looking for fun w/JK, EG, 
& DR, w/Swedish cotton AMB.: To live a long 
happy, healthy, successful life as an actress, ro- 
mance writer, politician married to a muscular 
star quarterback Cowboy and have a ton of kids 
while traveling the world, helping society and 
wearing Versace. FAV. SAYING: If not for love then 
tvhy? OTHER: Thanks,Mom and Dad, whom I love 
very much for giving me much in life and letting me 
experience the world. Also, good liJck Brett! 33 

Jennifer Lynn Pulsone 

Pu, Slab, jenga, Pulsone 

LIKES: Italian, singing, Arnold, D. Dane, p. boas, mak- 
ing fun of B., pol./br. bear, China, ET, Fievel, s. board, 
Ainsley, Mr. F, burr burr, trains w/BM. DISLIKES: 
skunks, DP/AL's stories, CK's attitude, unruly clones, 
math, giants, Bernard, KPP's evilness, KG scaring me. 
FAV. MEM: drama conf. in da ghetto, cat fight '99, 
Boston tow w/JM, AL, KG, class comps, Span, vids, 
dubbin' w/Den, yrs w/KG, gettin lost w/KF, KM, JM, 
2/14/99, MASC w/curt, nap., sofa, rides w/Pu, pit 
drama 1-4, Leo 2-4, NHS 3-1 (VP), SC 2-4, soccer 1-2, 4. 
FOUND: w/JMOH, S. bangs, #1 mom, binkie, cruzin' 
w/A., weddings in NY, lost w/EG. AMB.: entertain the 
world! FAV.SAY.: Wlio bietv! There's a little Nunz in all of 
us! EEEEE! Ya cloned me! OTHER: Mom and Dad for 
always being there, I love you much. DP for being the 
best friend and sis in the world, Fab 5, for being the best 
buds eva.allmy family/friends that have supported me 
along the way! Good luck 2001 ! 

Nicholas Ray 


LIKES: parties, indoors, girls, glass, Vegas, money, 
quality blonds, Nikes, zigs, New Castle, O's, Ani- 
mal House, the route. DISLIKES: shwag, cops, new 
faculty, bunk, backwoods, waiting, nutty ice, tow 
quality, summer 2000. FAVORITE MEMORY: time 
spent with D.W.M., Prom night jr. year, Yousif's 
house, St. Patrick's Day 2000, Fraso's Luav, state 
toumey. ACTIVITIES: pushin' weight, hustlin' in 
Iraq, hockey 1-4, ultimate frisbee blue & green 
tubes. FOUND: cruisin', backroads, Kirby 's house, 
the ville, rips. AWARDS: final four prom night, sec- 
ond place microwave game, hardest hitter. AMBI- 
TION: To make a million, summer house in the 

Christopher Rice 

Rice, Ricey, Chris 

LIKES: Simpsons, Motorola, #7, my car, golf carts, 
chrome, loud music, slabs, paintball, mountain 
biking, want ads, soccer, drawing, snow days, 
imports, Snickers, money. DISLIKES: the outlet 
security, welts, rain, getting kicked out of WWF 
with MF, Wal-mart employees, Umi chicken lady, 
selling out!, elderly drivers. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: LPP 2000 with SM, waling thru Provi- 
dence with MF, food court '99, Gettysburg trip, 
Pinz hangin' from the lift. ACTIVITIES: soccer 1- 
3, winter track 1, work. FOUND: Nautica, Setter's 
kitchen, the PBF, in the Cutlass. AWARDS: best 
penmanship in 2nd grade, 1st place in the long 
run in 5th grade. AMBITION: To make myself 
happy! FAVORITE SAYING: My bad, That's sick! 
OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help! 

Michael Rieger 


LIKES: girls, summer, wkends, my neighbors, par- 
ties, Eminem, Blink 182, TX, bball, ping pong, the 
beast, water, singing, skiing, online, movies, ckouts, 
gym, pool, nature. DISLIKES: Span., hmwrk, dentist, 
fishing, the devil (cat), annoying people, Mendez, 
double sessions. FAV. MEM: JG house '99, This old 
house, camping, Brown trips, chilling w/RB, proms, 
semis, the wood, neighborhood snowball fights. 
ACTTV: soccer 1-3, bball 1-4, track 1-4. FOUND: w/ 
BR, MK, JG, SR, JR, RP, TO, MM, MK, CS, Bone, at BK, 
stadium, my house, Triboro (sum. '99). AWARDS: 
straight A's in 6th gr., Boys' State, var. jack. AMB.: To 
haveabeautifulwife/behappy! FAV. SAY.: skit, mad 
chill, smiiiiife, Jonny Baby! OTHER: Thank you to all 
my friends. You have made high school the best 
years of my life. To my family- You know I love you 
all. Steve- Have fun being a senior! Jeff- A big freshman! 
Mom & Dad- You did an excellent job raising me. You 
two are cool! 

William Robertson 


Crystal Rogers 


LIKES: ice cream, blue, summer, sunsets, flowers, 
good friends, beach days, rippas, snow fights, 
Mexican vampires, food, my bed, showers. DIS- 
LIKES: cold rainy mornings, car accidents, fight- 
ing, bad news, sad faces. FAV. MEM.: DMB '98 & 
'99, Steve Miller '99, France '00, Mission Impos- 
sible, rips at EG, JK, KF, JB, snow games at Drew's, 
Stoney Brook w/AG, DM, BG, EM, NR, summer 
'99, softballs w/CK & CH, shopping & growing 
up w/CH, B & R w/ CK, Rollen B's w/AG, 10/2, 
missing the millenium, shopping w/SO, cat fight 
'99. ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-2, track 1-2, Leo 2-4, 
secretary of Leo Club. FOUND: on Real World. 
AMBITION: To live a long, happy life filled w/ 
love, friends, family, and anyone else w/whom I 
may cross paths. FAV. SAYING: You are my sun- 
shine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when 
skies are gray... OTHER: Mom, Dad, Dave, Nana, 
Poppy, thank you for your constant love, support 
and guidance. Good luck David and Erin. Follow 
your hearts. Best wishes 2001 


Darby- Lee Rose 


LIKES: laughing, hypermode, having taretts w/ 
CF, la playa, long talks w/SO, star gazing, old 
school, adventure, autumn, the jeepski, hugs, 
midgets, hoodies, road trips, blue, kricket, memo- 
ries, pictures, night, sleeping, eyes, food. DIS- 
LIKES: psychos, chem., Turko, rules, fake people, 
stress, authority, fair weather friends, bad driv- 
ers, cops, tests, WT, tough guys, smelly feet, ru- 
mors, fights, regrets, mullets, restrictions. FAV. 
MEM.: Cape w/CF, SF, JB, Louis & Bran w/SO, 
KP falling through my door, Jimmy Buffet '99 & 
'00, Steve Miller '99 & '00, PA, smoothies w/GY, 
Ani Difranco w / EG, down camp w / JN, art w/JK, 
Drew's hugs. ACTIV.: winterguard 1, percussion 
ensemble 1, field hockey 1-4, softball 1-4, Leo 3-4. 
FOUND: in the jeepski, chillin' w/CF, World 
Gym, w/my mom, w/the Flynns, out and about. 
AMB.: To keep smiling and live life to the fullest. 
FAV. SAY.: How you doin"! , Wasabi!, What a Joker! 
OTHER: Thanks, Mom, for keeping me smiling, 
thank you, Dad, for giving me the best I can get, 
and thanks, Ashley, for being the best role model, 
inspiration, and best friend. I love you all! 

Derek Rose 


LIKES: football, track, winning, #66, 
summer, weekends, friends, Coach Finase. 
homeroom, the Pats, playing video games, laugh- j 
ing. DISLIKES: losing, Monday, homework 
Sweatt Hill, football camp, running 5 miles at 
midnight, Spanish. FAVORITE MEMORY: beat- 
ing Foxboro 11-7 in '99, beating Mansfield and 
Franklin in FB, Hock Champs in spring track and 
winter track state champs. ACTIVITIES: football 
1-4, spring track 2-4, winter track 3-4, basketball 1 
baseball 1. FOUND: at home, practice, weight 
room, with friends. AWARDS: football schobr 
athlete award freshman year, 7 pins, jacket, honor 
roll. AMBITION: Live long, happy life and run 
great family. OTHER: Thank you Mom, Dad. riul 
Grandpa, and Grenny. You mean a lot to me 
Good luck to all my friends. 

Jennifer M. Ryan 

Jen, Tildy 

Matthew Sanchez 

Mexican, Mexmode, Dirty Mexican 

Lisa Marie Santucci 

Toochie, Sporty, Santooch 

Jennifer Irene Sebago 

, Jenn, Winebago 

LIKES: friends, summer, beach, sunflowers, smiles, 
dance, laughs, tennis, hanging out, gd books, writing 
poetry, peach rings, DMB, Guster, choc, Eng. accents, Ir. 
brogues. DISLIKES: hm wrk, slow drivers, stress, fights, 
peas, rudeness, Indian sprints. FAV. MEM.: beach, we 
put the nick in ruckus w / KC, AB,JM, ES, sum. 2000, chick, 
dance w /IM, B. & E. stories w / ES, Creed concert w /CS, 
soph, gym class w /JC, soph. Semi '99, Prom '00. ACTTV. : 
dance 1-4, fid hcky 1-4, tenn. 1-4, track 1, Pr Ldrshp 2-4, 
Leo 2-4, CCD teach. 3-4, Fr. Hon. Soc. 3A. FOUND: out 
w/ES, AB, KC, JM @ Appleb's, @ work. AWARDS: K P 
Key, Excell. in Creative Writ., acad. awards. AMB.: To 
live a long, happy, successful life doing something I love 
to do. FAV. SAY: This world is but a canvas to our imagina- 
tions. -Thoreau. OTHER: Thank you Mom and Dad for 
everything. I love you. Kevin, good luck next year. I 
know you'll do great! Thanks to all my friends for all 
your friendship and support. You guys have made 
these 4 years great! 

LIKES: soccer, parties, games, girls, anything that 
doesn't require much thinking, taco day, gym, 
food fights. DISLIKES: school, work, people with 
attitudes, golf, math, stupid drivers, doubles, 
tough freshmen. FAVORITE MEMORY: fresh- 
man soccer and the Foxboro J.V. soccer team with 
J.G. (Dougie). ACTIVITIES: varsity soccer, wres- 
tling, winter track, spring track, Wrentham youth 
soccer, Wrentham summer track league. FOUND: 
on the field with a ball, wandering the halls or at 
work, blowin' through the soccer fields, hazing 
freshman. AWARDS: Sun Chronicle All Star 
(track). AMBITION: Get through life in one piece. 

LIKES: hanging out w/ friends, snowboarding, mu- 
sic, boys, skateboarding, blue, art, going to the beach, 
last day of school, talking on the phone, sports. 
DISLIKES: schoolwork, working, snobs, being sick. 
FAV. MEM.: going to France w/the class, sum. 2000, 
River Rave '99 & '00 w/Kelly S., beach w/A, getting 
lost w/Jen S., w. track, hanging w/Mich. H.-who's 
been there for me. ACTIV.: socc. 1-2, w. track 1-2, w. 
cheerleading. FOUND: my famous Blinkmobile, in 
Franklin w/MH, concerts, friends' houses, work. 
AMB.: To go to a good college, get a good paying job, 
succeed in life. FAV. SAY.: Someone said tomorrow is 
one step closer to death, I say tomorrow is one step closer 
to life. MxPx. OTHER: Just like to say thanks to Mom, 
Dad, and Mikey, for always being there for me and 
putting up with me. I know it has been tough. And 
thanks Kelly and Michelle for being there for me 
when I needed you guys the most and being two of 
my bestest friends. 

LIKES: going to clubs, parties, boys, the beach, 
rollerblading, my friends (you know who you 
are), music, the summer, roadtrips, water and lol- 
lipops, vacations, lemonade, parking lot sessions. 
DISLIKES: liars, work, snobs, school dances, el- 
evators, spiders, midgets (don't dislike, just 
scared of). FAVORITE MEMORY: falling off the 
trampoline-scarred for life, getting lost with LS, 
Russian dance, Emerald Room with MH, driving 
with Day and listening to Baby Got Back, seeing 
midget at Pulse with KS. FOUND: in the DY- has 
tie, complex, sleeping, mall, Stop & Shop, work- 
ing. AMBITION: To get a good job, win the lot- 
tery and move to a Caribbean island. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Whud-up? OTHER: What up to Amanda 
S. Thanks to my parents and my friends for put- 
ting up with me all these years. 

Justin Setter 


Rebecca Sevy 

Becky, Bookie, Bekas, Becca 

Steve Shaw 


Laura A. Shockro 

Shock, Laooora, Shockahocka 

LIKES: Kristen, fearsome foursome, Coast Guard, 
Cape, DECA, soccer, certain things. DISLIKES: 
doubles, workouts, homework, liars. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: 10/8/99, NARCON 99', Shanes, Cape 
with KH, Coast Guard with SM, JM, KO ACTIVI- 
TIES: soccer 1-3, winter track 2-3, xc 4. FOUND: 
Banana Republic, DECA room and store, with 
foursome, with Kristen. AWARDS'Districts 2nd, 
States 3rd. AMBITION: To reach all my goals. 

LIKES: Eric, my awesome friends, blue, the moon, 
having fun, FOOD, my blanket, my car, laugh- 
ing, buddha's & bonsai's, MN, Lauren, POP, Jan. 
4, weekends, DMB, making people laugh, Kody, 
The abyss, elephants, my birthday, dreams, Italy, 
flowers, winter, payday. DISLIKES: being sick, 
sunburns, stress, jerks, wicked, seafood, my alarm 
clock, trouble, hot weather, traffic. FAV. MEM.: 
Italy 99' w/KC, MJ, AD & LM, DMB 00', 99', 98', 
Jan. 4th down by the bay w/KC, the Losers in 
98', xc camp 99', Boston trips w/EF, SM, & RP, 
trips out w/my best buds EH, HB, KC, KO, JM, 
SH and KS, anytime w/Eric. ACTIVITIES: xc 2-3, 
w. track 1-4, s. track 1-3, Leo Club 1-2, Peer Lead- 
ership 3-4, The Loser Club V.P. FOUND: in my 
car, at EB or KC's house, at the table eating, at 
work, at Applebees w/my girls, at track. 
AWARDS: varsity letter and jacket. AMBITION: 
To lead a long, happy, successful and meaning- 
ful life surrounded by people who care for me. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. I 
love you guys. Good luck, Katie and Pat, in ev- 
erything you do. 

LIKES: Drew, skiing bumps, beating the system, Stony 
Brook, girls, the route, the grav, the sky, VT, cruises, fd 
fights, slping, snowball fights, snow daze, cold rips, 
Ponds, the lot, skipping, fires, tipping rubes, ping house 
w/opengarage,3amigosgeftingdown. DISLIKES: schl 
days, useless laws, practice, miles at midnight, getting 
caught, Brown Frown. FAV. MEM.: all the times w/ 
Drew, prom night '99, Kirby's: St. Patty's Day, ski trips, 
the gazebo, Animal House, Ghosh's dog, cruisin' w/ 
Vega, Leary's, blasting The Who with Drew, Ponds/ 
Colcords, plside, college days. ACTIV.: ftball 1-4, tenn. 
3, frisbee & hackey sack 1 -4, discharge: ski club. FOUND: 
up to no good. AWARDS: 1 st place microwave game, 3 
fumble recoveries in one game, final four prom night, 
hard hitter award. AMB.: To learn a lot about anything 
& todefinitely have fun doingit. FAV. SAY.: Humankind 
has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread. Witliin 
it whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves. All things are 
bound together. All things connect. -Chief Seattle. OTHER: 
Mom & Dad, thanks for putting up with me. I hope I 
make you proud. Laurie and Dana, you guys are the 
best. Thanks for being so cool. 

LIKES: friends, Friday nights, summer, BB & TT's, 
Bennigans, satin sheets, Charlie, trips to Boston, car 
rides to basketball games, chillin at Cheri's, going to 
football games, shopping, Connecticut, pasta nights, 
JW. DISLIKES: sunburn slappers, dressing rooms, Mon- 
days, bad games, Franklin's locker room, immature 
guys, driving on 95 South, rude people, hotels in 
Maine. FAVORITE MEMORY: going to Providence 
Place w/JH, yoooooouwhooo, Prom '00 and the fun 
NA, the trip to Scarborough, beating North by 25 
points, trip to Six Flags Maryland, trip to Boston with 
KC, JR, ES, JM, & AB, Vie Big Willy -CL, slick willy -KC. 
ACTIVITIES: basketball, AAU, refereeing, working 
out. FOUND: KP is better than North, MB will always 
be afrosh, narcolepsy, beefsteak covered with cheese on 
a hoagie bun at DQ, J R is hilarious when she gets tired, 
OTHER:To my fellow underclassmen, good luck next 
year. Class of 2001, best wishes. 


Benjamin Sias 

Sen, Bud, 

ienny, Buddy,Benji, Budman 

LIKES: Boy Scouts, wrestling, Bugle Boy, Twinkies, 
Seinfeld, movies, Super Smash Bros, OA. DIS- 
LIKES: spontaneous combustion, ravenous street 
dogs, bad experiences involving roofs, PA sys- 
tems, and cameras. FAVORY MEMORY: Alaska, 
Tod, Uno, Steve's gazebo, cuses, Moreto come. 
ACTIVITIES: Boy Scouts, wrestling. FOUND: 
Scout House, BB, online, in a large green van. 
AWARDS: Ironman 98 & 99. AMBITION: To en- 
joy life. 

Christopher Smith 


LIKES: the stadium, #31, parties, OCB, winning, 
AOL, BK, golf, basketball. DISLIKES: Feehan, 
Franklin, homework, the bus, rats, duck hooks, 
mornings, Mondays, losing, running, shadows. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Down time with D-Lo, 
camping trips, hittin' the links, making the state 
tourney in basketball, Smiiiiight calls at the bas- 
ketball games, this old house. ACTIVITIES: basket- 
ball, golf. FOUND: with MR, BR, MK, JG, SW, 
MT, MM, JB, DR, accounting allstars. AWARDS: 
Boys' State, Golf Unsung Hero, letter, captain, 
jacket. FAVORITE SAYING: True dat, true dat, 
, solid, DT, nice, all types. OTHER: Thanks Mom, 
Dad, and Scott. 

Eric Smith 


Kelly Marie Sprout 


LIKES: friends, summer, stars, music, nighttime, 
Bubba, miniature, triple stack turbos, blue, parties, 
puppy wiggla, nice cars, laughing, GH, Pepsi, 
flowers. DISLIKES: mean people, bad attitudes, 
winter, snow, mall, slow drivers, bad drivers, the 
game, stress, working. FAV. MEM: River Rave '99 
& '00 w/LS, bottle incident, Bridge of Death w/ 
MH, rolling w/MH, JS, walks to the park w/MH, 
6 Flags w/LS, midget at Pulse w/JS, AS, JB, Creed 
concert w/LS, MH, AS, Michelle driving my car, 
weekend parties w/MH, Baba, stealing signs w/ 
MH. FOUND: driving to Providence w/JS, MH, 
with LS, MH, JS, AS, the apartment, at home, 
driving around. AMB.: To live my life to the full- 
est, go to college, and get a great paying job. 
OTHER: Thank you, Mom and Dad, for putting up 
with me, and keeping me on the right track. Thank 
you Michelle for always being there. Thanks to all 
my friends for all the good times. 

Rebecca Stanley 


LIKES: EK's, chicken noises, ketchup, my wonder 
cheerleading team, Figgy cake, Eminem, gym class, 
Applebee's, Deion Sanders, yellow, hot boys, mus- 
tangs, 21, the Nova, my watch, RM's dad's bread, 
phan toms, Ashfag, night before Thanksgiving, danc- 
ing, cell phones. DISLIKES: mathematicians, disre- 
spectful frosh, North, math, my feet, RM's kitty, call 
waiting, fire alarms at the movies, matching socks, 
Christina Aguilera, Bellingtrash. FAV. MEM: ZIPS 
the Rock, getting lost in Chinatown w/ AG, the Hill 
Game, Cash Money Rough Ryders concert, going to 
Brown w/the McKinneys, cheerleading camp, Mr. 
Jacques' class w/KM, 12s w/ RM, Old Orchard w/ 
LK, Skenyon's class w/RM, Prov. w/JB, Mendon 
w/RM, double dates w/KC. ACTIV: cheerleading. 
FOUND: w/EK, RM, KC, KF, LT, BG, MM, doin 
absolutely nothing, Lids. AWARDS: MVP fall (2 
yrs), unsung hero. AMB.: To succeed in everything 
I attempt. FAV SAY.: Peter! What's happenin, Pun- 
ish! Heeyy, What! OTHER: Thanks, Mom and Dad, 
for absolutely everything. I love you. Kyle, I'll love 
you forever. DM, forever and always in my heart. 


Melissa Steverman 


LIKES: stars, dancing, Cookie Monster, glitter, baby 
animals, roller coasters, long phone convos, my 
gallant Galant, chicken fingers, flamingos, singing 
in the car. DISLIKES: snakes, summer reading, 
teenyboppers, Britney Spears, people who spit when 
they talk, clowns, cigarettes, fake people, trying on 
clothes. FAV. MEMORY: Cruise 6/00, 6-22-00 7:30 
a.m. in a club, 8-8-00, Showstopper competition 4- 
00, going to Boston and getting lost w/DF, Six Flags, 
visiting MT, MH, TG, MG, and LB, driving around 
w/JN, being a part of the Dancin' Angels competi- 
tion team. ACTIVITIES: fall cheerleading 1, year- 
book 3-4, Sachem 1-4, chorus 4, dance 1-4. FOUND: 
DDA, work, in my car driving around. AWARDS: 
line leader of the week, first grade. AMBITION: To 
make a difference in as many lives as possible, be 
happy with whatever I do, win another gold medal 
to hang in my car. FAV. SAYING: Live each day as 
though it were your last, for you can never be certainzvhat 
tomorrow may bring. OTHER: Thanks for everything, 
Mom and Dad. Good luck Andrew and Emily. I 
love you all! Best wishes to the Class of 2001 ! 

Erin Elizabeth Strauss 


LIKES: friends, flashing tens, talking, laughing, 
daydreaming, beach days, summer, lifeguards, 
french fries, ketchup, UU, youth group. DISLIKES: 
stress, worrying, homework, alarm clocks. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Plus One concert w/KC, AB, 
Prom '00, convertible rides w/AB, KC, JM, JR, 
Bert & Ernie stories w/JR, Barbie parties w/AB, 
rides w/JM, trampoline talks w/KC, movie nights, 
locker fights w/ LS, JR. ACTIVITIES: tennis 2-4, 
NHS 3-4, Peer Leadership 2-4. FOUND: 
Applebee's or Spruce Pond w/JM, JR, KC, AB. 
AWARDS: King Philip Key. AMBITION: To be a 
light for God. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, and 
Andy for your love and support. Thanks to my 
friends for always being there and for the best 
times ever! 

Eric Sueltenfuss 


LIKES: tattoos, B.P., Dave, Beano 1&2, DK, J.C., 
Benker, piercing things, watching Fraggle Rock, 
S.H., G.B., C.B., hazing. DISLIKES: hippies, Mr. L., 
razor burn, bad hair days, freshmen. Ford Tempos. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Too confused to remember. 
ACTIVITIES: kickboxing, BMX, T-Hawk, BASS, 
hazing. FOUND: a shiny nickel, the love of my life, 
J.W. AWARDS: biggest feet. AMBITION: Becomes 
kung fu fighter. FAVORITE SAYING: Wanker. 

Paul Sundquist 


Magan Swanson 

Meg, Maggie 

LIKES: chocolate, Green, flowers, picnics, band 
competitions, cars, sleep, ice cream, running, tacos, 
soda, my puppy. DISLIKES: snotty people, liars, 
cold, snow, sunburns. ACTIVITIES: marching 
band 0-4, winter guard 0-2, jazz band 1,3, sym- 
phony band 1-4. AMBITION: To live a long, happy 
life and never give up. OTHER: Thanks so much, 
Mom and Dad. Dad, you are a special person. Not 
many people would have done what you have 
done for us kids. Mom, I don't know what I would 
do without you. You mean the world to me. Good 
luck, Kristin, in the rest of your high school years. 
Nancy and Kenny, I love you guys so much. 

Ted Sweeney 


LIKES: METAL. ..Emperor, In Flames, Slayer, 
fortydaysrain, Shadows Fall, Coalesce, Converge, 
Dillinger Escape Plan, Soilent Green, etc. DIS- 
LIKES: EMO, KoRn freaks, Hefferneffer funnels 
(that was a bad idea), kids from suburbia who 
think they're ghetto (aka white kids who wear 
FuBu). FAVORITE MEMORY: In Flames, May- 
hem, Exhumed, Slayer, and so many more awe- 
some live bands that rocked. ACTIVITIES: bassist 
for Sarin, before practice BC's, and warping my 
fragile mind listening to that deranged-satanic- 
brainwash music - ha! AMBITION: To bust out 
the Warlock for Kerry King, Hellhammer, and 
Ozzy. FAVORITE SAYING: You carry the loyalty of 
dogs, so you shall be led to the slaughter as swine- 

Mosiula Tatupu 

Lofa, Lof "T" 

LIKES: #8, ftball, Kristen, friends, family, parties, skis, 
getting lifted, clean breaks, walks on the beach, candle 
dinners. DISLIKES: KPHS, rules, locked doors, five-0, 
annoying girls, loneliness, a.m. headaches, Franklin, 
losing. FAV. MEM.: CA w/the boys, Hard Knock Life 
Tour 99', cash money, Ruff Ryders 00', Party Train, 
concerts @G W. ACTIV.: ftball 1-4, bball 1,3,4, water 
polo 14, intram. soccer 2-A. FOUND: w/Kristen, hang- 
ing w/friends, Cave, Fiske, Gulino and C-Beano, the 
Rock, Kyle's house, ftball field, L. Pearl, swilling skis. 
AWARDS: ftball capt., bball capt, Hock All-Star, Sun 
Chron. All-Star, ftball def . MVP 99', bball Unsung Hero. 
AMB. : Be rich, famous, happy, own lots of stuff, get w/ 
Britney Spears. FAV. SAY.: whasssiip, ohfasheezey.. up in 
this lieezey, oh fa sho!, oooimoeel, Dank, What is you ignanll, 
Punish! OTHER: RIP Drew. We love you. Thank you, 
Mom and Dad. You've done a great job and I love you. 
Nea, I love you too. Red, I love you. Kristen, thank you 
for always being there for me. I love you. 

Sarah Teague 


LIKES: anatomy, science, music, love stories, cats. 
DISLIKES: mean people, shallow people, history 
(yuck!), slackers, big dogs. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
being in an operating room and watching a triple- 
bypass being performed. ACTIVITIES: working 
at CVS, going to doctor's, volunteering at 
Norwood Hospital. FOUND: CVS Pharmacy, 
reading a book, doing homework, Norwood Hos- 
pital Units 21 & 22. AWARDS: Alumni to the 
National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine. 
AMBITION: To be a cardiac surgeon and to be 
happy. FAVORITE SAYING: People who live in 
glass houses shouldn't dress in the basement. 

Matthew Tierney 


LIKES: football, #78, the shocker, the rock, Thurs- 
day night at DM, gameday, NH- hizzie, Croteau 
talking ghetto, BK, mullets, DMX, Nelly, Coach 
Finase, hockey games, loud pipes. DISLIKES: slots, 
running at 12 a.m. at camp, Panthers, homework, 
losing, 5-0. FAVORITE MEMORY: my almost 
touchdown on JV, DMB 00', Hardknock Life 98', 
Up in Smoke 00', freshman football, AP history-F, 
OCB, summer 00'. ACTIVITIES: football 1-4, base- 
ball 1, Professional Playstation Player, chillin wit 
all my boys and ladies, you know who you are, 
loungin, cruisin, flossin, bling blingin. FOUND: 
at my hizzie with SA playing Playstation, driving 
Amahog around. AWARDS: good grades frosh. 
and soph years. AMBITION: To get a tasty job and 
make mad money. FAVORITE SAYING: OH FA 
TAAAADOW. OTHER: Mom, Dad, Katie thank 
you for everything. I love you. To all my friends, 
thanks for making high school the best time of my 

Derek P. Travers 


LIKES: Kiba, cruisin, relaxing with friends, 4 
footers, indoors, good times, boomers, The 
Benzeino, glass, supertips. DISLIKES: poles, the 
nasty brown swigs, plastic, metal, the handbook, 
school food, Saturday detention. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: the milky white clouds. ACTIVITIES: 
tippin rubes. FOUND: around. AWARDS: I wish 
I had one. AMBITION: The greens. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Miesty capa, Wingbaka, whadupl, Reasty 

Cheryl Anne Tripp 


LIKES: hanging out with close friends, being CM's 
partner in crime, music of all kinds, going to the 
movies, mini golf, bowling, swimming, roller 
blading, funny jokes, the ocean, horesback riding, 
flowers. DISLIKES: hypocrisy, back-stabbing, 
people who think the world revolves around them, 
huge crowds. FAVORITE MEMORY: DMB con- 
certs 99', 00', Giants Stadium, playing at Sym- 
phony Hall B.O.A. '99 & '00, Leadership Forum 
summer 00', college day spring 00', Riverside 99' 
and Six Flags 00', Prom 00'. ACTIVITIES: march- 
ing band 1-4, symphony band 1,2,4, NHS 3-4. 
FOUND: at school, out with friends especially 
CM, BO, work, home. AMBITION: To live life to 
its fullest and do what makes me happy. OTHER: 
Thank you, Mom and Dad, for everything. Your 
support and encouragement has meant so much 
over the years. Also, thank you Lee. You have 
been there for me for as far back as I can remem- 
ber, and I appreciate it so much. Hang in there. 
You only have one year left! 


Marissa C. Tuohy 


LIKES: friends, my Cabrio, family, Cape Cod, ocean, 
my cell phone, summer, food, my KPP, memories, b- 
days, bball, horseback riding, my animals, sleepovers, 
DISLIKES: running, spiders, slow drivers, FAV. 
MEM: cars that look like LH's, History Day and 
projects w /LH, my b-day w / MJ, JN, Providence w/ 
MJ, JN, SG, breaking down on 95, bball season, 
UMASS, Mt. Washington, camp, beach w/EJ, RB, 
SM, LB, LF, JB, Gettysburg, spilling water w/ JK, 
SG's breakfast, steamroller, physics w/ AL, KP, LH, 
JN, gym w/ LH, bus rides w/ MC, LG, RG, Spanish 
w/ LH, KM, chicken pox w / RM, Karaoke Night w/ 
SH, JN, MJ, ACTIVITIES: bball 1-4, P-Leadership 1- 
4, SADD 3-4, NHS 3-4. FOUND: Cruisin' in the 
Cabrio, eating anywhere. AMB: To find happiness, 
love, and to have fun while doing so. FAV. SAY: 
Wanna go out to eat? OTHER: Mom, Dad, thanks for 
always supporting me and giving me everything I 
need. I love you! Pat, good luck at Rivers! 

Robert F. Ulrich 

Bob, bab 

LIKES: hanging out with friends, parties, ani- 
mals, summer, blue. DISLIKES: people without a 
sense of humor and try too hard. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Nantucket summer 00', Prom 00', 
November 22, 1999, October 16, 1999, with my 
buds, Halloween 99'. FOUND: with GD, EG, SW, 
JW, MC, having a good time. AMBITION: to be 
happy and be doing something I like to do. FA- 

Kristen Sara Verdeaux 

Krissy, Baby Luv 

LIKES: Jettas, Bill, the boys, drummers, Eeyore, sun/ 
rain, GAP, Brown, Wings, Max, Umi, Stan, my pic, 
Scott, Peep, Polo Sport, my locket, CCS, music, mac/ 
chse, Thayer St. DISLIKES: pettiness, accidents, 95%/ 
horn line, hurt animals, cold, tofu, gross guys. FAV. 
MEM.: PSW Champs 00', Dayton, NY00',BMG,6/9/ 
99, w/MM, East. 00', 3/26/00, summ. 00' w/BB, GP, 
6/9/00, band w/SG,DMB99'-00'. ACTIV.: march, b. 
1-4, Schl Cncil 3-4, w. perc. 3-4, jazz ens. 2-4. FOUND: 
Bill's, rehearsal, GAP. AWARDS: march b.-all 1st 
place 96'-00', perc.-PSW World Champs 00', Jazz- 
gold med 99, 00, cone, b.-gold med. 98-00. AMB.: Stay 
young at heart, remember my roots, be happy w/Bill. 
FAV. SAY.: The heart is the core of the mind, body, and 
soul. Cherish it always. OTHER: Mom, Dad, John, Thanks 
so much for all your love and support. I love you! Mr. and 
Mrs. B, I love you guys. Thank you!, Bill, thanks for your 
unparalleled love and caring. I will always hold you in 
my heart. I love you hon. Never Let Go. 

Michael P. Walsh 

Walshy, Mike 

LIKES: pickoffs, linedrives, textbook blocks, hon- 
est people, a good hearty meal, sXe, sleeping, 
Sports Center, 90 deg./ humid, amusing people, 
the Jeep, 23, sweethearts, vacations, organization, 
being healthy. DISLIKES: stupid people, pop- 
ups, passed balls, dumb questions, useless com- 
ments, liars, bad weather, English, history, alarm 
clocks, cops, injuries, arrogance, quietness. FAV. 
MEM.: growing up with my class, driving range 
w/Cotter, Blair, and Lisa, chem. corner and 
umm...No, Cape League '00. ACTIVITIES: base- 
ball 1-4, ftball 1-3, wrestling 1. FOUND: home, 
field, gym, car, cages. AWARDS: letter, jacket, un- 
sung hero, MVP, Best Defensive, Sun Chron. All- 
Star, honor roll. AMB.: To get paid for playing ball, 
if not, to be twice as good as I'm supposed to be, 
build field of dreams. FAV. SAY.: One life, poison free. 
Who's on first?. OTHER: Mom, Dad, Mackenzie- 
Thank you so much for your support and help. 

Scott Wardner 


LIKES: weekends, cars, money, BK, thrashing, 
hockey, golf, mullets, ronas, shockers, slabs, 
Hizaays, mint, girls, seniors, rap, rips, 5-speeds, 
loud pipes, freshies, the rock, the border. DIS- 
LIKES: school work, detentions, the hill, duck 
hooks, tests, chods, 6am, sprints, po-po's, traffic, 
naddy ice, chilli dips, waterfalls, splinters. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: ski trips, prom, Columbus 
Day 99', Hockey State Tourney, cash money, Up 
in Smoke. ACTIVITIES: pushing rhymes, Bling 
Blingin professional Playstation, hockey, golf. 
FOUND: JG's house, BK, NHL sessions, Links, Da 
crib, loungin. AWARDS: player of the year, var- 
sity letter, 425000 in warehouse. AMBITION: To 
be successful and make money. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: £Z Smithers, No type, Taaaadow, Keep in 
gangsta. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Kelly, and 
Lori. Good luck to all my classmates. 

Steven Wason 

Stone Cold 

LIKES: sports, punk music, Buffalo Bills, girls, the 
Sunfire, Maxim, friends, snowboarding. DIS- 
LIKES: working on weekends, bossy people, be- 
ing broke, Bills losing, buying gas, followers. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: MxPx 98', 00', Blink-182 
98', Warped Tour 98', 99', 00'. ACTIVITIES: 
snowboarding. FOUND: in the Sunfire or at work. 
AMBITION: To afford a Navigator. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Don't worry about that. 

Danielle White 

Dill, Dough, Munchkin 

LIKES: hugs, music, shows, Ani D, Tori A., friends, 
winter, butterflies, skating, jong, hoodies, baggy 
pants, my flame shoes, originality, blue, rain, art, 
gobstoppers, feminism, skankin', PH Posse. DIS- 
LIKES: stuck-ups, prejudiced people, KPN, lies, 
being depressed, breakups, broken promises, cur- 
fews. FAVORITE MEMORY: Ani 98700', Tori 
Amos 98', KITH shows, concerts, Em at Ozzfest, 
UFO sighting, white water rafting, Vermont 99', 
laps around school at lunch with SJ, 
snowboarding, coyote chase on Sweatt Hill, Bos- 
ton w/RW and JC. FOUND: Somewhere with 
Sarah, Em and Andrea, shows, work, Russ's base- 
ment. AMBITION: To take everything in dav by 
day and be happy. FAVORITE SAYING: Who ya 
gonna be if you can't be yourself?- Ani DiFranco. 
OTHER: Thanks to everyone who has helped me 
or hurt me. You've made me who I am today. 
Thanx Mum, Dad, Rach, and Mai, SJ, AA, and EA 
for all your support. I love you guys! 

Erin Mae Wilensky 


LIKES: life, friends, Zeppelin, my car, diet peach 
snapple, organic kiwis, MG's, untouched land, 
road trips, Jolly Island, laid back people, intelli- 
gence, my dijeridu, turquoise, Rod McKuen, Re- 
ality Bites, handmade clothes, individuality, Joni 
Mitchell, cats, fall, Cat Stevens, night time. DIS- 
LIKES: ignorance, loud people, bad music, car 
trouble. FAVORITE MEMORV: all the concerts, 
all the laughs, J's with everyone, skips with Kate, 
all the times at the field, picking up hitchhikers in 
Amherst, Phish shows, dancing to spinning 
wheels, Friendly's with Elin and Kate, Mt. Wash- 
ington, crazy nights of chess with Bob. FOUND: 
in my car, in my room, somewhere searchng tor .1 
good time. FAVORITE SAYING: Not all who wan- 
derare lost. -JRRTolkein, The Sun isn't yellow. It'< 
chicken- Bob Dylan. 











Victoria- Lyime Wilfert 


LIKES: (loves) Justin, skiing, purple, silver, bnie 
bbies, sun, Muse's $, Camaros, Mustangs, my car. 
DISLIKES: Amy's driving, people who key people's 
cars, snobs, freaks. FAV. MEM.: 2/23/00 best day 
of my life, skipping w/ AS, CM, JC, Amy's house 
w/AS, Muse, Becca, Jess- lawn job, license plate #?, 
FV, M's house-I luv U Mandy. AWARDS: lots for 
chrlding, 3 for dance, 2 for Softball. AMB.: Go to 
college, get married to Justin Gwynn and be happy, 
successful and live life to its fullest. FAV. SAY.: 
Yeah J know! OTHER: Thank you, Mom, Dad, Barbi, 
and Donna for being there for me. Mom, Dad, I 
hope I made you proud- 1 tried. You guys are the 
greatest. Justin, thank you so much for being there 
for me, helping me and believing in me. You made 
my last year of school special because I have you. I 
love you always and don't ever forget that. Congrats 
'01. RIP Drew- we all miss you! Sandi, I love you 
and I'm sorry for what you're going through! 

Lauren J. Woessner 


LIKES: smiling, laughing, being w/ friends, Matt, 
roses, white fluffy clouds, green, Christmas, Dan's 
hair, french horns, emeralds, the ocean, trampolines, 
Juniper Breeze, Shirley Temples, puppies, ice cream, 
Figgy cake, fireworks, chocolate, stars, red M&Ms. 
DISLIKES: liars, pessimists, standards, stress, sun- 
burns, zits, french showers. FAV. MEM.: 10/14/98, 
anytime spent w/ MS, BOA Regionals 99, and 00, 
BOA Nationals 00, SA sleepovers w/ KM and KB, 
France trip 00, 8/4/00 w/quintet, physics class w/JC, 
JD, LF and Foulis, semis and proms. ACTIVITIES: 
Softball 1, gymnastics 1-2, marching + symphony 
bandl-4, NHS 3-4, Fr. NHS 3-4. FOUND: babysitting, 
at rehearsal, driving Old Blue, w/MS. AWARDS: 
varsity letter and jacket, band lyre. AMB.: To remain 
happy and accomplish all my goals. OTHER: Thank 
you to all my friends and family, especially Mom and 
Dad, for all the support and love you've given me 
throughout the years. Good luck and best wishes to all 
of the Class of 2001! 

Justin Wolfrum 


George Yousif 


LIKES: friends, ladies, AB, Friday night, week- 
ends, silver bullets, expedition, making Mom 
mad.DISLIKES: weekdays, homework, English, 
football practice, running. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
riding The Expedition with my friends, parties at 
BL's and my house, football games, going to Six 
Flags with KM, RM, MM, KF, CF, MC. ACTIVI- 
TIES: football, playing N64. FAVORITE SAYING: 
You know this, oh, sharmuia, kisslahum, ahba, muss 
air, mus kiss. 

Other Members of the Class of 2001 

Jason Corkum 


Amy Serena 


Erik Kennedy 


Richard Wennerstrand 


Senior Class Officers 

Kristin Kehrmeyer 

Vice President 

Nicole LaPointe 


Senior Class Officers 

Christine Holmes 


Andy Howard 



Remembering Drew 

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. 

Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. 

And we are never, ever the same. -Source Unknown 

In each and everyday 

The essence of your life 

Will forever be in our hearts. 

With each rising sun 

We'll know that you 

Are now our guardian angel, 

Watching over us 

With the same sincere 

And kind ways we once knew. 

Your beautiful eyes 

Two bright stars in the sky, 

Always above us through our journeys, 

And still share in our memories. 

Your soul burns deep in the hearts 

Of everyone you've ever touched 

Through your path, we call life. 

A life that was cut short 

In the midst of its beauty. 

A beauty we all 

Are so privileged to have known. 

The warmth you have brought 

To the lives of many 

Will never be forgotten, 

The smiles and the sparkle in your eyes 

Will be etched in the cherished memories 

Of all who Loved you. 

Your life will never cease in our eyes 

It will be carried with us everyday 

Remember the boy, everyone Loved... 

Drew Martucci-forever in our hearts 


-A Friend 

'• ' *&■#<+ V. 

'',•♦ W .';'• •. < r» l i'4 



Best Eyes 

Maggie Casey 

Derek Darling 

Most Dramatic 

Katie Prevost 

Chris Lawn 


Jon Bluhm 

Melissa Gray 



Class Flirts 

Rachael Marcotte 


Chris Darling 

Best Dressed 
Matt Lupfer 


Emily Holt 

Most Likely to Stay 

in the Area 

Christine Holmes and Eric Boulter 


Most Musical 

Linda Boulden 

Dan Kolodzeij 

Class Partiers 

Kyle Fiske 


Joanna Balzer 

Best Hair 

Stephanie Gilbert 


Dan Kolodziej 


Can't Carry a Tune 
in a Paper Bag 
Christina Knowles 

Joe McCormack 

Katie Prevost 


Jed Perry 

Most Fun To Be With 

Keith Monahan 


Emily Ghosh 


Most Pessimistic 

Steve Kalliavas 


Melissa Bell 

Most Likely Not 
to Grow Up 

Kyle Fiske 


Meg McKenna 

Best Looking 

Brian Moore 

Meredith Jones 


Remember When. . . 

How beautiful is 
youth! How bright 
it gleams 
With its illusions, 
aspirations, dreams! 
Book of Beginnings, 
Story without End, 
Each maid a heroine, 
and each man a 

~Henry Wadsworth 

Rebecca MacDonald, Brian Gulino, 
Steven Bruno, Melissa Gray, and 
Andrea Chruney anxiously await 
their first kindergarten field trip. Little 
did they know there would be many 
more to come! 

Too Cute for Words 

In the Swing of 


Ready, Set, 

A Little Cake 

Lindsay Dumont 
and Laura Kraby 

try desperately to fit 
together on one of 
the playground 
swings. Although it 
doesn't really work, 
they have lots of 
fun trying! 

Momentarily resting 
from various activi- 
ties, Jen McKay, 
Bryan Bocock, and 
Jenny Beaton try to 
figure out what they 
would like to do next. 
These playmates were 
always having fun. 

Frank Cook and 
Eric Boulter were 
competing long be- 
fore high school 
started. They're pre- 
pared for the hun- 
dred yard dash, an 
event at field day. 
May the better man 

These three girls are 
ready to dive into the 
cake in front of them. 
Darby-Lee Rose, 
Marissa Tuohy, and 
Rachael MacKenzie 
quickly blow out the 
candles and make a 


PRETTY PLEASE? (far right) 
Mindy McGrath puts on her best 
begging face, complete with a 
pouting lip as she prepares to plead 
for an extended bed time. Oh, Mom 
and Dad, can I stay up late, pretty 

Darby-Lee Rose and Jess Nelson 

try to keep warm while building a 
snowman on a cold December 
afternoon. They can't wait to warm 
up with hot cocoa. Remember when 
we couldn't wait for it to snow? 

Jen Ryan, Jillian DiNunzio, and 
Jen Chillemi settle down for the 
evening in their comfortable pajamas. 
They decided to stay up late to watch 
a movie and eat popcorn. 

Katie Prevost, Joe McCormack, and 
Brian Allaire lead their pre-school 
class in a Christmas show. They 
began developing their excellent 
leadership skills at a very young 
age; their hard work has paid off! 

Good support from friends goes a 
long way at any age. Erin Johnson, 
Liz Flannery, and Rosie Boyle take 
a quick reprieve from field day 
events to enjoy a moment together. 


Marissa Tuohy and 
Rachel Mackenzie are dressed up 
in their favorite costumes, in 
anticipation of Halloween night. 
They can not wait to go trick-or- 
treating to show off their beautiful 
dresses and collect a lot of candy. 

Remember When 

April Barker, Kaitlyn O'Connell, 
Erin Strauss, Kristin Smyth, 
Judy Mullaney, and Sasha Said are 

celebrating their graduation from 6th 
grade. Junior high, here they come!. 

WE LOVE RECESS! (below) 
One of the aspects of elementary 
school that is remembered fondly is 
recess. Becky Hewitt, 
Melissa McLacklan, Jessica Sims, 
Linda Boulden, Maggie Casey, and 
Katie Prevost enjoy the fresh air 
and sunshine. 

Two Peas in a Pod 

? <*" - 

Twin Grins 

Double Trouble 

Partners in Crime 

Two for Tea 

Stephanie and 
Whitney Griffin 

are tired of waiting 
for dinner. They put 
their heads together 
to devise a plan to 
make their mom 
serve them faster. 

Lauren Woessner 
and Emily Andreozzi 

are distracted from 
their daily mischief. 
The two girls have 
been neighbors and 
great friends since 
they were born. 

Meredith Jones and 
Becky Pelrine sport 
their costumes for 
their class Halloween 
party. Their day was 
filled with games, 
apple bobbing, and 
eating candy. 

Johanna Krouk and 
Stephanie Gilbert get 

all dressed up for a 
very important tea 
party. Often, the two 
enjoyed playing 
dress-up together 
after school. 


PIZZA PARTY (below right) 

Kate Martin and Elizabeth Kinney 

are enjoying each other's company 
at a birthday party. Sleepovers and 
pizza parties were just as fun then 
as they are now. 

SWING WITH ME (far below right) 
Bill Bauser and Kristin Kehrmeyer 

always knew how to have a good 
time. Playing on the swings was one 
of the many things they used to do 
together day after day. 

Melissa Gray, Becky Stanley, 
Jen Severson, and 
Jayme Fitzgibbon were too hot to 
trot at their sixth grade graduation 
party. How ironic that the same 
boys that were chasing them back 
then are still chasing them now. 

MACHO MEN (right) 
What could be more important to 
two 8 year old boys than a Popsicle 
and a trophy? Chris Darling and 
Mike McCabe show off their prize 
possessions to prove that statement. 

TADAHHH! (above) 
Jen Sebago, Heather Lanagan, and, 
Jayme Fitzgibbon do their grand 
finale pose after a dance that they 
made up. These girls spent hours 
rehearsing the perfect dance to 
show their parents. 

Mindy McGrath and 
Sarah Connolly show off their 
matching shower caps at Camp 
Bournedale. These girls enjoyed the 
week playing dress up before 
bedtime to amuse the other girls in 
their cabin. 

Jen Brown is looking a little love- 
struck when she sees Derek Rose at 
her 6th Birthday party. What a 
birthday surprise to find that Derek 
is a little love-struck too. 


Mike Kraby and 
Kristen Verdeaux 

hold hands and 
smile quickly for 
the camera. Though 
they were great 
friends in pre- 
school, holding 
hands was really 
pushing it. 

Do we have to? 

Ed Gately and 
Nick Ray were being 
silly boys at Nick's 
eighth birthday party. 
Their day was filled 
with games, lots of 
laughs, and, of course, 
cake and ice cream. 

See food! 

Christine Holmes 


Christina Knowles 

were preparing for 
a fun day of sum- 
mer camp. The two 
had a great week 
making new friends 
and having fun in 
the sun. 

A camping we will go! 

Elizabeth Flannery 
and Erin Johnson are 

so excited that they 
just won the sneaker 
race on field day. 
These girls were 
walking on cloud 
nine sneakerless that 

Smile sneaker style! 

p«« wy *— yw. 

HJB* > •»« ^HkS 

W^ ' 


BLiim <Bii » 

Wi \m 

M i 

-"'■■:■'■" : 

VB^P ^^E' : - fli 

I Don't Wanna Grow Up 

PARTY TIME (above) 

Courtney Howard and 

Katie Prevost are having fun at a 

friend's birthday party. These two 

are waiting patiently in line to play 

a game of pin-the-tail-on-the- 


Jillian DiNunzio and 

Jen Ryan are dressed for a night 
out on the town. They enjoyed 
going trick-or-treating together 
every year. 

Remember When. . 




W© river can return to 
its source, yet all 
rivers must have a 
beginning. 99 


Juniors. . . 54-65 

Sophomores. . . 66-75 

Freshmen. . . 76-89 



Now this is not the end. It is not even 
the beginning of the end. But it is, 
perhaps, the end of the beginning. 
-Winston Churchill 

Junior year is the end of the beginning of 
high school. Juniors have survived two years 
of school and are looking forward to their 
final two years. The Class of 2002 is commit- 
ted to bringing joy to the rest of their high 
school experience, already having organized 
many events, like last year's ping-pong 
tournament. They're sure to make this year 
the best yet! 

Junior girls pose for a picture at last 
year's Newport Mansions field trip. 
They all enjoyed their last school 
outing before the summer and look 
forward to their senior class trip. 

Maggie Church and Sarah Cronin 

celebrate Hawaiian Day in 
Mr. Ahern's class. Maggie and 
Sarah always manage to brighten 
up the room with their smiles and 
cheerful attitudes. 

Christine Albert 

Nicole Alger 

Matthew Andrews 

Emily Angeloni 

Steven Anthony 

Nicole Armitage 

David Arvidson 

Kathryn Astley 

Susanne Aulisio 

Amy Avitabile 

Katherine Baker 

Cyndi Banks 

Kristen Beaver 

Morgan Bent 

Michael Berlo 



Matthew Bethoney 

Harleigh Billian 

Kate Blair 

Lisa Blomquist 

Brock Bousquet 

Rebecca Brennan 

Evan Brock 

Lee Brown 

George Bryant 

Stephanie Burgess 

Jacob Cacciapaglia 

Brian Cameron 

Meagan Capone 

Chris Cardinale 

Kerri Carlson 

Shannon Carney 

Amy Carr 

Michael Carter 

Christopher Cerrato 

Eleni Ceven 

Danielle Charbonneau Raymond Chaves 

Margaret Church 

Richard Chute 

Rebeccah Colcord 

Nathan Cole 

Katelyn Coleman 

Megan Conley 

Kristin Cook 

Jeremy Coombs 



Guinevere Deevy 

Robert Delano 

John DeLorie 

Andrea Demone 

Maryanne Devine 

Jenna Dubose 

Brian Dugdale 

Justin Dunn 

Christina El-Far 

Adam Ewer 

Kelly Dinand 

Kara Fienberg 

Keith Fienberg 

Sarah Fisher 

Christopher Fitzgerald Kevin Flaherty 

Thomas Flanagan 

Erin Flinn 



Ryan Shaughnessy: 

My favorite thing 

about being an 

upperclassman is the 

fact that I only have 

one year left until I 

graduate high school! 

What is your favorite thing 
about being an upperclassman? 

Heidi Murphy: 

What I like most about 

being an 

upperclassman is the 

fact that I feel a little 

bit more confident this 


MOTLEY CREW (above) 
Jim Foulis, Adam Ewer, 
Nafeesa Rahman, and 
Kathryn Astley were recently 
inducted into the Key Club. 
They shine not only in 
academics, but also in many 
other fields. 

Nicole Alger and Nicole Armitage 

lean in to kiss a stuffed mole. This 
was one of many projects on display 
for Mole Day, a day celebrating the 
creation of the Mole. 

Lauren Flynn 

James Foulis 

Edward Gately 

Joshua Geller 

Michelle Fontan 

Max Furst 

Jennifer Gaudioso 

Thomas Gemelli 

Keith Foster 

Lisa Galano 

Adam Gawthrope 

Daniel Gero 

Peter Getty 

Benjamin Ghosh 

Vito Giacalone 



Brian Gibeault 

Darcy Gilmore 

Scott Goodman 

Christopher Gibson 

Angela Giguere 

Michael Gleason 

Lauren Goodman 

Trevanna Grenfell 

Nicole Hall 

Shayna Harper 

Lorna Hatch 

Alana Haun 

Meghann Hickson 

David Higgins 

Ania Hoagland 

Dave DeBlasio: 

What I remember 

best is Mr. Finase's 

history class. I'll 

never forget that 


What is your favorite high 
school memory so far? 

Anna Iannetti: 

My favorite memories 

are the girls' nights 

out I had with my 

friends! Those were 

the greatest! 

MAY WE HELP YOU? (above) 
Rob Tuveson and Pete Getty sign 
up participants for the Red Cross 
blood drive. There's no doubt that 
these boys' sparkling personalities 
convinced many to participate. 

MIRROR, MIRROR. . . (left) 
Twins Kim Murdock and 
Meg Capone pose back to back on 
Halloween. Between their 
matching clothes and identical 
smiles, it's hard to tell which one 
is which! 



Kristin Hogarth 

Matthew Jillson 

Amy Kenney 

Andrew Koziol 

Emily Holt 

Jennifer Ho in 

Lauren Hovey 

Annamaria Iannetti 

Brad Jurgens 

Christopher Kade 

Patrick Kane 

Peter Katapodis 

Marguerite Keyes 

Andrea King 

Megan Kirby 

Matthew Knell 

Heidi-Marie Krajewski Corienne Lafond 

Kristy Lamothe 

Rebecca Larson 

Shane Jackson 

Sean Kelley 

Aart Knyff 

Derek Leavitt 

Jeffrey Litvin 

Jonathan Lodge 

Mary Lodge 

Andrew Lovley 

Benjamin Lown 

Julie Lyon 



Josh Geller: 

If this school could 

have one thing better 

for next year, it would 

be a better heating 

system. This school is 

always so cold! 

If you could change one thing 
for next year, what would it be? 

Lisa Galano: 

If I could change one 

thing for next year, I 

think that I would 

want more senior 


Julie Lyon, Dominique Werboff, 
Shelby Trahan, and Nada Yousif 

wait for the bell to ring at the end 
of their French class. Vive la 


Pals Megan Conley and Ellie Straw 

like to spend lots of time on the beach 
in the summer. During school hours, 
the two are often spotted hanging out 
between classes, or eating lunch 

Sean MacNeil 

Katelyn Mackenzie 

Nicole Magnuson 

Adam Mahoney 

Shaunelle Matte 

Jenna Mattson 

Kristin McCann 

Charles McClure 

Jennifer Mackun 

Daniel Martin 

Michelle Matz 

Andrew McCoy 

Katherine McDonald 

Nichole McElroy 

Evan McGill 



Colleen McGuire 

Christopher Minks 

Jacqueline Murawski 

Matthew McHugh 

Kerry McKinney 

Kristy McKinney 

Gregory McMorrow Christopher McNamara 

Eric Monty 

Michael Moore 

Shannon Moore 

Michael Moses 

Robert Murawski 

Kimberly Murdock 

Rebecca Mure 

Denis Murphy 

Sean O'Connor 

Sean O'Neil 

Lauren Ober John Olivieri 

Jennifer Osborn 

Lauren Mulcahy 

Heidi Murphy 

Daylene Padua 



Joseph Pender 

Joseph Perella 

Ross Piette 

Jenilee Pike 

Michael Poles 

Kyle Pouliot 

Kristina Powers 

Michael Prentice 

Patti-Grace Quick 

Nafeesa Rahman 

Blair Rainsford 

Bridget Rasicot 

James Ravinski 

Andrew Redfearn 

Katharine Reidel 

Kandice Rench 

Geoffrey Rice 

Sean Richner 

Steven Rieger 

Katy Robbins 

Jessica Rodio 

Jacqueline Rose 

Keith Rose 

Lael Roye 

Houssam Samrout Gregory Santabarbara Allison Savidge 

Steven Scott 

Kyle Sebring 

Keith Sharron 



Russell Wells: 

I think the thing that 

I will miss most 

about the seniors is 

the friendly vibe that 

comes from them. 

What will you miss most 
about the seniors next year? 

Kate Reidel: 

J think that I am 

going to miss lunch in 

the courtyard with the 

seniors most of all. 

The juniors proved their class 
spirit by wearing lots of red 
during Spirit Week. Sarah Fisher 
gets her face painted by 
Ania Hoagland as a final accent 
to her outfit. 

Pete Katapodis and Jenilee Pike 

take a break during lunch. They 
have been friends for a long time 
and enjoy chatting about the day 
and eating a nutritious lunch. 

Ryan Shaughnessy 

Matthew Sieloff 

Shawn Sluss 

Danielle Souza 

Michael Shruhan 

Jenna Shulsk 

Joanna Silvi 

Caitlyn Slovacek 

Katelyn Small 

Daniel Smiley 

Michael Sprout 

Courtney Stasis 

Kristen Stewart 

Mark Stoddard 



Amanda Strojny 

Jennifer Thomas 

Marissa Suchy 

Shelby Trahan 

Arthur Turner 

Robert Tuveson 

Melissa Taddeo 

Lauren Tangstrom John Teiner Jessica Terrio 

Corey True 

Steven Urquhart 

Amanda Vogan 

James Wald 

Nicole Webber 

Lael Roye: 

I think that, 

if anything, I am 

mostly nervous about 

applying to colleges. 

But it is also very 

exciting too! 

How do you feel about having 
to apply to colleges soon? 

Ben Lown: 

I'm not sure how I feel 

about it. I think that 

it is too much of a 

hassle to fill out all 

those applications! 

<m '*" 








Kristy and Kerry McKinney 

show off their outfits in 
Mrs. Lambert's class on Old 
School Day. These two always 
participate in school events and 
spread their school spirit to 

ALOHA! (left) 

Darcy Gilmore sits patiently in 
class with her Hawaiian coconut 
friend. She is always ready to add 
a zany twist to any situation! 


Russell Wells 

Dominique Werboff 

Elin Wilcox 

Victoria Wilfert 

Kelly Williams 

Alison Winget 


ii - ' ,^H 

Ip-m »»*«-^ 



fjli* ■ :. :,fl * v ' ' 


■b-^P^** v 



Nada Yousif 


Cathleen Doane 

Kristopher McDonald 

Amie Speroni 

Beau Thibeault 

Victoria Vlachos 

Matthew Walker 

PJ DAY, ALL THE WAY! (right) 
During lunch on Pajama Day, this 
group of sophomores shows off 
their school spirit. They all agreed 
that this was one of the most 
comfortable and fun days to 
participate in! 

TRES AMIGAS (below) 
Cate Smith, Jill Malcolm, and 
Steph Howard are scoping out the 
scene at the dance for the perfect 
guys. These three love going to the 
dances together. 

Sophomore year is the year that students 
really experience what high school is all 
about. They have conquered the nervousness 
that accompanies being freshmen and form 
many lasting friendships. This year's sopho- 
mores are very close and work incredibly 
well together. The Class of 2003 is already 
setting a great example for the freshmen and 
will no doubt continue to do so in the future! 

Life's truest happiness is found in 
friendships we make along the way. 


Jessica Allen 

Landon Amaral 

Brett Amidon 

Elizabeth Andreozzi 

Adrian Ashman 

Amanda Barrett 

Megan Barry 

Siobhan Barton 

Ryan Beans 

David Beaver 

Julie Belek 

Melanie Bernier 

Rosanne Betts 

Timothy Blinten 

Molly Bloomer 



Alyssa Bona 

Justin Bourke 

Richard Bremilst 

Lauren Briere 

Christopher Bright 

Timothy Burt 

Jonathan Butler 

■ W* J I ■ 

Allison Byrne 

Joanne Caffrey 

Rachel Cardillo 

Leanne Carey 

Heather Cassidy 

Barry Costello 

Christopher Catani 

Matthew Chin 

Benjamin Chruney 

Kathleen Clancy 

Meghan Cassey 

Matthew Clark 

Shawn Coulsey 

Elizabeth Cove 

Kristin Crisafi 

Jessica Cullen 

Christina Cummings 



Laura Czyzewski 

Stephen Dacko 

Abigail Dalton 

Sean DeForest 

Megan Demers 

Harold Dinkins 

Stephen Ericson 

Matthew Ferencik 

Kristin Fiori 

Nicole Fleck 

Megan Fogg 

Colleen Foley 

Michael Foley 

Brendan Ford 

Lauren Flocco 

Jason Fobert 

Matthew Fox 

Esther Friedman 

Brian Furbush 

Benjamin Gaetani 

Scott Gagne 

Deirdre Galluzzo 

Dennis Garofalo 

Laura Gaudioso 



Alyson Gavrilles 

Christina Gilbert 

Alicia Giovannelli 

Amanda Gray 

Alicia Greaves 

Emily Greaves 

Jeffrey Gustafson 

Caitlyn Hawkins 

Scott Hooban 

Kevin Hall 

Sondria Hall 

Brandi Hamlin 

Adam Harcovitz 

Michael Hassell 

Thomas Hayes 

Brian Hill 

Agnieszka Hoagland 

Harley Holmes 

Jonathan Holt 

Melissa Hootstein 

Siobhan Howard 

Stephanie Howard 

Nicole Hoyceanyls Doug (Edward) Huber 

Jillian Jackson 

Jeffrey Jacobson 

Emily Jaronski 

Cheyne Johnson 

Kathryn Johnson 

Ryan Johnson 



Lauren Keeler 

Ryan Kelley 

Sean Kern 

Lindsay Khouri 

Lindsay King 

Stephanie Knowles 

Filiz Korkmaz 

Jeannel Lake 

Jenna Kraby 

Bryan LaBlue 

Ross LaBrie 

Jeffrey LaRue 

Craig La Valley 

Nicholas Lalos 

Jon Langille 

Brett Lavalla 

Matthew Lawless 

Andrea Lecke 

Lauren Leclerc David Leon Joshua Leventhal 

Kristin Lewis 

Zoe Lodola 

Alisha Lomasney 

Sean Maguire 

Jill Malcolm 

Robert Maloof 

Lindsay Marshak 

Michele Martel 

Elizabeth Martello 



CUTE 'N' CUDDLY (right) 
Shana McElroy and Kevin Downing 

cuddle with the large panda which 
serves as a pass for Mr. Guernon's 
history class. His passes range from a 
paper pass to a toilet seat. 

LIGHT THE WAY (below) 
Molly Bloomer, Sondria Hall, 
Abigail Dalton, Janine Molino, and 
Lauren Flocco shine brightly in the 
darkness of a dance. Glow sticks are 
often given out as prizes by the DJ or 
as favors at the door. 

Shalyn Simmer: 

I think that it was a lot 

easier this year. I 

knew where everything 

was, and that made 

things a whole lot 


Was starting school any 
easier this year? 

Tim Burt: 

Actually, I didn't find 

it easier this year! 

The schedule was 

different. It had letters 
indicating each day 
instead of numbers. 

Travis Martin 

Allison Martino 

Nicholas Martucci 

Keith Mattar 

Christopher Matte 

Shana McElroy 

John James McGinn 

Jason McGrath 

Kim McNamara 

Dustin Mead 

Gregory Mirliss 

Janine Molino 

Emma Moloney 

Kathleen Moore 

Timothy Morris 



Kelly Morrison 

Peter Morriss 

Julie Mulcahy 

Jessica Murphy 

Matthew Murphy 

Michael Murphy 

Mikaela Noble 

Brian Oles 

Kerri Pedro 

Brett Prevost 

Megan Nye 

Rachel Nye 

Michael O'Connell 

Meaghan O'Malley 

Jaclyn Olson 

IWAWMA-l ■Htrl-Vl-lI.l 
Nathan Partridge 

Matthew Pasionek 

Vivek Patel 

Christina Perry 

Jill Petruchik 

Lisa Pittsley 

Justin Poirier 

Robert Proctor 

Nicole Puddester 

Benjamin Purkis 

Minhaj Rahman 

Kathleen O'Neil 

Andrea Patton 

Christina Powers 

Geoffrey Rankin 



Samuel Raymond 

Wesley Roberts 

Renee Robinson 

Tina Rogers 

Nathan Schneider 

Katherine Sevy 

Erica Shapiro 

Kelli Ann Smith 

Leah Stewart 

Dana Shaw 

Jennifer Siakotos 

Shalyn Simmer 

Vincent Sitkauskas 

Vanessa Sotir 

Amanda Spinney 

Matthew Squire 

Jennifer St. Amand 

Caitlin Smith 

Shannon Steele 

Shawn Stewart 

Ian Stone 

Elizabeth Streeter 

Michael Stuart 

Christopher Suchy 

Kathryn Sullivan 

Paul Sullivan 

Ryan Sullivan 

Carolyn Sweeney 

Robert Tangstrom 

Kristen Taylor 



Kayla Thomas 

Kimberly Thomas 

Nicole Thomas 

Bret Tolivaisa 

Jill Treen 

Brian Tufts 

James Walsh 

Christopher Watkins 

Susan Watson 

Seth Weaver 

Jason Webber 

Gregory Whitehouse 

Joanne Caffrey and 
Jackie Olson put their creativity 
to work. For many students art 
class is a break from the stress of 
academic classes. It provides 
them a creative release. 

These sophomores went all out 
for Green and Gold Day. 
Although this is only their 
second year, they have already 
displayed their school spirit! 

Kate Sullivan: 

I'm very relieved that I 

am not a freshman. It 

was an added stress 

that I don't have to 

deal with anymore! 

What do you like best about not 
being a freshman anymore? 

Barry Costello: 

I think it is great that 

I am not a freshman 

anymore because now 

I don't get beat up 

as much. 



Marcella Wieners 

Kendra Willette 

Daniel Williams 

Keith Williams 

Jenna Wirtes 

Jeffrey Wood 






Even the highest towers begin at the ground. 
-Chinese Proverb 

This year's freshman class has already begun 
to fit in with the rest of the student body 
extremely well. Although they are young 
and inexperienced in the ways of the school, 
they have been welcomed with open arms. 
The freshmen have started to experience the 
strong K.P. spirit that is prevalent through- 
out the school. The Class of 2003 shows that 
it is just as enthusiastic as the classes preced- 
ing it! 

These freshmen girls discuss the 
latest gossip at their lunch table on 
Class Colors Day. Freshmen, as well 
as all the other classes, enjoy taking 
part in Spirit Week. 

LADIES' MAN (right) 
Kyle Moore stands between his two 
good Student Council friends, 
Emily Bhatti and Laura Tuveson. 
These three have enjoyed their time 
on Student Council so far and are 
looking forward to many more 
good times in the next three years! 

Ayaan Agane 

Katelyn Arvidson 

Beth Juline Bailey 

Christopher Barb 

Yusef Agane 

Sarkis Apar 

Daniel Ayres 

Tiffany Bagby 

Jacqueline Banks 

Kevin Banks 

Alyson Barker 

Nicholas Bartelloni 

Kelley Bassett 

Michelle Beaver 

Rosalind Becker 



Linda Bentley 

James Boyce 

Matthew Burke 

Joseph Cameron 

Valerie Bernier 

Lora Bertoldi 

Emily Bhatti 

Matthew Birmingham 

Kelly Boulter 

Taylor Brown 

Jonathan Bullock 

Jonathan Burgess 

Rachel Burgess 

Michael Butler 

Jared Cacciapaglia Samantha Cacciapaglia Breanne Callahan 

Nicholas Campo 

James Carey 

David Carloni 

Caroline Carr 

Brittany Burke 

Joseph Calzaretta 

Stephen Casey 

Jenna Cassoli 

Laura Catlow 

Colby Caulmare 

Kaleena Chartrand 

John Chaves 

Noah Cherella 



Kathryn Connelly 

Sean Connor 

Justin Conrad 

Joseph Conroy 

Victoria Vlachos 

Amy Coombs 

Sarah Corkum 

Michael Cox 

Kate Cronin 

Megan Cronin 

Jessica Crowell 

Kevin Crowley 

Joseph Cuddihy 

Caitlin Cuozzo 

Brian Czarnowski 

Alexander D'Anjou 

Amy Daniel 

Amanda Darling 

Daniel Darling 

Ashley Daubenmire 

Justin DeForest 

Christopher DeLorie Joseph DelGrosso 

Anthony Delaiarro 



David Hannon: 

I was not 

intimidated by the 

upperclassmen at all. 

I found them all to be 

very friendly and 


Were you intimidated by the 
upperclassmen this year? 

Jamie Guild: 

I was a little bit 

intimidated by them at 

first. But as I got to 

know them better, they 

seemed less frightening. 

These freshmen are excited to be 
in the new environment of high 
school. They are looking forward 
to all the fun times that they will 
have in the next four years. 

Kristen Gilchrist diligently 
works to finish her English test. 
Freshmen often find after they 
have adjusted to the daily 
routine of high school, that the 
work load is really not too bad. 

Ralph DiDomenico 

Kathy Diaz 

Travis Dickson 

Judy Doane 

Stacey Doiron 

Jamie Domenica 

|bLi»"i » *?~| 

i BPi %* 1 

^HtfK " iim *'~ \*m 

If g#* ' JB 

i. . -'-• ^ ,.; 

Mil iQj 

^■r^^Bwy ,\^^H 


Scott Donahue 

Jessica Donegan 

Reid Eichelberger 

Ashley Eisele 

Jasmin Endisch 

Anjelique Espinosa 

Sarah Ferrara 

Michael Field 

Daniel Fisher 



Carolyn Fitzpatrick 

Siobhan Flinn 

Nicholas Fontana 

Allison Foote 

Nichole Frederickson 

Davin Freitas 

Ashley Frietas 

Andrew Fulton 

Sam Furst 

Gregory Galano 

Kristen Gard 

Meredith Gaynor 

Hilary Geyer 

Christina Giacalone 

Megan Giampa 

Michelle Wilson: 

I am looking forward 

to all the clubs that I 

will join. Also, I am 

looking forward to the 

sports that I will play. 

What are you looking 
forward to in high school? 

Greg Galano: 

I'm looking forward to 

hockey and baseball. 

Actually, I'm just 

looking forward to 

sports in general. 

Mrs. Villiard's science class takes 
a break from its studies of 
physical science. These students 
enjoy the intriguing world of 
inertia and momentum just as 
much as Mrs. V's craziness! 

Kristen Quartarone displays her 
creativity in her Hershey Kiss 
costume on Halloween. Hers was 
by far the cutest outfit of the day! 



Elyse Gianfrancesco 

Victoria Grecho 

Sarah Haber 

Stephen Hamilton 

Bryan Healey 

Kristen Gilchrist 

Kyle Gordon 

Michael Goyette 

James Grant 

" .mkMm 
Heather Greenwood Trevanion Grenfell 

Andrew Griffin 

Andrew Guertin 

Ryan Hadfield 

Emily Hall 

Jennifer Hall 

Kimberly Hall 

David Hannon 

Ryan Hansen 

Adam Harrison 

Evan Harwood 

Jacqueline Healey 

Meredith Healey 

Ross Helliwell 

Benjamin Henderson 

Michelle Graves 

Jaime Guild 

Julie Halpin 

Joshua Hasenfus 

Robert Higgins 



Shawn Hogarth 

Michael Holt 

William Hootstein 

Michael Hume 

Timothy Huth 

Kayla Jomides 

Ryan Joyal 

Alex Jurgens 

William Kalalas 

David Kell 

Chrisopher Kimball 

William King 

Taylor Knowles 

Arielle Knyff Christopher Kowalski 

Jessica Kraby 

Carlee Kurkjian 

Brittney Lambert 

Jennifer Lechak 

Joel Lee 

Cherry Jackson 

Aimee Kern 

Derek Koziol 

Kaitlin Lesbirel 

Steven Levy Katelyn Lorimer Matt Loveitt Jared Lowndes Michael Lyon Timothy MacDonald 



Jonathan Maciel Stephanie Mackun Jennifer Maloney Chad Manigan Richard Mattson David McCann 

Shawn McDermott 

Marc McMorrow 

Katelyn Moore 

Luke McDonough 

Nicholas McEvoy Brendan McGovern Thomas McGuire 

Gretchen Meixner 

Kevin Mihalec 

Bridget Miller 

Lauren Miller 

Kyle Moore 

Peter Moore 

Jenna Morganelli 

Nicole Morse 

Crystal Mullen 

Paul Nadeau 

Crystal Nelson 

Julie Nolan 

Danielle Norton 

Liam McHale 

Bryan Moore 

Joseph Moses 

Justin O'Brien 



Greg Sluss: 

To be perfectly honest, 

I have not received any 

advice at all this year. 

But I don't think any 
advice could have 

prepared me for this. 

What is the best advice that 
you have gotten this year? 

Meghan Stark: 

The best advice that I 

have received this 

year was to be 

prepared for 

a lot of work. 

Jen Maloney, Carolyn Osborn, 
Lisa Watson, Kayla Jomides, and 
Valerie Bernier leave their lunch 
table to go to the school store. The 
freshman love the new privilege of 
being able to buy candy after lunch. 

LET'S DANCE! (right) 

Dan Spigarolo and Chris Barb 

amuse themselves by dancing 
around the hallways before the first 
homeroom bell. Most students 
would agree that it is entertaining 
to see such antics in the corridors. 

Melissa O'Donnell 

Carolyn Osborn 

Michael Pacitto 

Anna Perrelli 

Krista Palermo 

Derek Partridge Nicholas Pasquantonio 

Gary Perry 

Erin Ouimet 

Thomas Pittsley 

Alisha Plante 

Jessi Parmenter 

Michael Pedro 

John Phillips 

Joshua Plante 



Chelas Poirier 

David Rando 

Wendy Ritchie 

Dustin Rosata 

Emily Poon 

Chad Power 

Katherine Powers 

Sasha Provost 

Jamie Raymond 

Timothy Read 

Libby Renner 

Heather Richner 

Carmen Rivera 

Tracy Robbins 

Kaitlin Robertson 

Kerri Rogers 

Erin Rose 

Desiree Russell 

Asir Samrout 

Teala Satterfield 

Kristen Quartarone 

Christopher Rieger 

Christopher Roode 

Holly Schrader 

Laura Schubert 

Rachel Schwartz 

Alex Serena 

Samantha Shapiro 

Andrew Shaw 

Kaylan Shaw 



Steven Shaw 

Marcus Spencer 

Kyle Shea 

Mary Shea Jillian Shiebler Matthew Short Eric Siegmann 

Samantha Sieloff Andrew Simard 

Sydney Singer 

Gregory Sluss 

Cynthia Smith 

Adam Spagna 

Marc Speroni 

Daniel Spigarolo 

Meghan Sprout 

Meghan Stark Andrew Steverman 

Scott Sundquist 

Jay Surro 

Sherelle Swanson Patrick Sweeney 

Chris Tate 

Rachel Tessier 



Pat Sweeney: 

Originally, I thought 

that the school 

seemed so big, but 

then I realized that it 

is actually really 


What was your first 
impression this year? 

Kate Moore: 

When I first came into 

the school, I was 

overwhelmed because 

it is so big and I felt so 

small compared to it. 

HEY! LET ME SEE! (above) 
Joe DelGrosso struggles to see 
above buddies Jasmin Endisch, 
Katelyn Lormier, and 
Rachel Burgess. These four used 
the opportunity to goof around 
before hurrying to next period. 

Fiona Cohen proudly takes part 
in decorating her homeroom's 
door. Although her homeroom 
did not win, they put forth a 
valiant effort. 

Matthew Toledo 

Lynn Tornabene 

Namrata Trivedi 

Tara Tsoodle 

Lindsey Tufts 

Katelyn Tuminelli 

Laura Tuveson 

Shane Tyree 

Kathryn Vanderwyk 

Andrew Varey 

Marike Visser 

Christopher Voght 

Derreck Warchal 

Sarah Ward 

Stephen Waters 



Lisa Watson 

Abigail Wessman 

Christine White 

Mariah White 

Rachel White 

Stephen White 

Marra Wilcox 

Jenna Willard 

Jaime Willette 

Jason Willis 

Michelle Wilson 

Laura Wind 

Kara Winslow 

Kelly Winslow 

Lee Wolfrum 

Sarkis Apar: 

I don't really know 
what is most different 
about this year. I guess 

that we have more 

freedom than we did in 

junior high. 

What is the biggest change 
from junior high? 

Carlee Kurkjian: 

This year we have the 

store. Also, the 

lunchroom is different 

too. You can have as 

many people as you 

want at a tablet 

Liam McHale, Kevin Banks, 
Mike Holt, and Taylor Knowles 

anxiously await the lunch bell. 
Mike seems especially hungry! 

Jamie Domenica stares down the 
camera while Michelle Wilson 

watches her classmates play 
basketball. The freshmen are 
required to take gym for their first 
two years of high school. 




Stephen Beal 
Elizabeth Clontz 
Brian Goldman 
Meghan Jope 
Angela Lombardo 
Kelly Medico 

Todd Murray 
James O'Malley 
Sara Procyk 
Cynthia Spiess 
Nicole Walsh 
Thomas Williams 

Joseph Zahner 

Karaline Zeigler 



66 Each warrior wants 

to leave the mark of his 
will, his signature, on im- 
portant acts he touches. '' 

Pat Riley 


Spring Sports. . . 92-105 

Fall Sports. . . 106-123 

Winter Sports. . . 124-141 



Mike McSullough, Jqe-McCormack, and Ryan Pinswieault idolized last year's 
captains, md wer^^la ted that they were selected t^Tead this year's team; Together 
they have helped to strengthen the bonds of their/eam's rnembers. ,<"s 

/ ., 

\ BOYS' TENNIS (abx>ve 
-■Mike Kraby and Derek DarlingSed^ their team through yet 
aViother successful season. Their enthusiasm kept the other team 
m'&rnbers going even wfi^n times got tough!"' 




GIRLS' TENNIS/ above) 

Tennis captains Jen Moore ancWEmily Ghosh had big shoes to fill when last 
year's captairjs graduated. This- fear they proved themselves and led their 
team while establishing lifelong friendships. / \ 

BASEBALL (above) 

Captains S^ottAjriidon, Matt Pi'erbway, and Chris Darling (not pictured) 
have ace 0rnplishea"rruich, as captains and even more as players throughout 
this year, they have beerricle models to the team and have had an 
unbelievable season for themselves. 


Boys' Tennis 

Great works are performed, not by strength, 
but by perseverance. 

-Samuel Johnson 

EASY DOES IT (below) 

Jeff Litvin lines up his perfect return. With his talent and tennis experience, 

Jeff hopes to obtain a captain position for his senior year. 

GOT YA! (above) 

Ben Ghosh does his best impression of 
swatting a fly during a follow-through. 
Despite the awkwardness of his return, 
Ben came through with the win. 

FLYING HIGH (above) 
Steve Rieger goes up for a high one. 
Steve's height certainly puts him at an 
advantage over shorter opponents. 


A tennis captain is not just a captain, but also an assistant coach. It was 
2000 Captain Aaron Bourke's job to lead the team and aid Coach Conley 
whenever needed. 




Mike Kraby 

Derek Darling 


SAY WHAT? (below) 

Derek Darling doesn't seem to understand what Coach Conley is trying to say to 

the team. Looking at the season's final scores, it's certain that he figured it out. 

LAST PLAY (below) 

Derek Darling and Steve Rieger don't 

let the heat and long hours get in the 
way of a great practice. No matter the 
time, no matter the temperature, these 
guys comes through for KP. 


* ft 4 j 



.'"'■'\i y ' 

4 f f 


• 4 * .*, ^ 


SWIFT SCOOP (above) 

He's got style and grace, and 

Ben Ghosh isn't afraid to show it! A hard 

hit, and a drive to the net will guarantee 

Ben a game set match. 

To what do you credit 
this season's successes? 

The season's successes were mainly 

due to off-season training.... We got 

together on many occasions and just 

practiced for hours at a time. 

Jeff Litvin 

We have a real group of work horses. 

I'm really proud to be a part of this 

tight unit. We owe this year's 

successes to teamwork and great 

leadership from, not only our 
captains, but also our new coach. 

Andy Koziol 

i think we have a really solid team. 

Everyone has a lot of natural ability 

to put the ball over the net and score 

points. I also give credit to 

our team captains. 

Steve Rieger 


Back row (1 to r): Coach Conley, Aaron Bourke, Ryan Miles, Mike Kraby, 

Mark Kenney, Gregg Santabarbara, Steve Rieger. 

Front row (1 to r): Andy Koziol, Ross LaBrie, Ben Ghosh, Scott Tooker, 

Jeff Litvin, and Derek Darling. 

KP Them 













Oliver Ames 


















N. Attleboro 









N. Attleboro 



Oliver Ames 






ONE OF A KIND (above) 
Sporting his KP green suit, newly 
arrived Coach Conley prepares his 
team for battle. Mr. Conley was 
more than ready when offered the 
coaching position. 


Why is your team one 
of the closest at KP? 

Since the Tennis Team is such a 

small team, we all get to know each 

other really well. Bonds form, and 

teammates become life-long friends. 

Erin Strauss 

Because we don't have a definite 

freshman and jv team, you really 

become friends with girls from all 

grades. We have a really eclectic mix 

of people on the team too, so you get 

to meet people you normally 

wouldn't befriend. 

Jen Ryan 

The great part of the King Philip 

Girls' Tennis Team is its size. Since 

the team is so small, we get to know 

each other like a family. 

Heidi Murphy 

I'LL BE THERE (above) 
Coach Goldberg doesn't just stand 
around and watch his team work, he 
gets right in there with them. Coach 
Goldberg has always stood behind 
his team 100%. 













Oliver Ames 














N. Attleboro 








N. Attleboro 



Oliver Ames 






JUST US (below) 

Seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen make the KP Girls' Tennis Team a 
giant mixed family. Some will stay and some will go, but the bonds formed 
during the 2000 season are sure to last forever. 

SHOOT! (below) 

Heidi Murphy makes a miraculous 
return. Her perfect form and 
amazing talent make her a shoo-in 
for next season's MVP. 

ON THE GO! (above) 
Katie Cove hits a long drive while or 
the move. What are you doing, Katie 
The courts are back that way! 


Back row (1 to r): Melissa Bell, Christine Holmes, Katie Cove, Heidi Murphj 

Kerry McDermott, Courtney Murphy, Coach Goldberg. 

Middle row (1 to r): Emily Ghosh, Courtney Howard, Patti Quick, 

Carolyn Sweeney, Kayla Thomas, Melissa Hootstein, Shannon Steele. 

Front row (1 to r): Jen Ryan, Erin Strauss, Jen Moore, Desiree Bliss, 

Meghan McHale, Wendy Rukstalis. 


The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. 

You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, 

but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime. 

~ Babe Ruth 

Girls' Tennis 

ONE MORE TIME (above) 
Captain Jen Moore walks around to 
pick up all the balls she and her 
teammates have hit. This is one of the 
non-glamorous parts of tennis. 

GO, CHRISTINE! (above) 

No serve is too difficult for 

Christine Holmes. As you can see, she 

makes every play look like a piece of 


ANYTIME NOW (above) 

Emily Ghosh patiently waits for her opponent to begin the game. After a 

number of faults, her opponent finally got a fair ball over the net. 


After a long day of practice, the King Philip Girls' Tennis Team proves 
that there's always time for the girls. It doesn't matter if they win or lose, 
the tennis team is having a great time along the way. 









Emily Ghosh 

Jen Moore 


97 Mk 

ATTENTION (below) 
Coach Kramer watches over his 
Warriors. With the numerous events 
represented in spring track, this is 
one coach that never gets to rest. 















Oliver Ames 



N. Attleboro 










Back row (1 to r): Coach Kramer, Matt Sanchez, Jed Perry, Brendan Halpin, 

Chris Mahoney, Jon Genovese, Jason McGrath, Jeff Perry, Chris Wagner, 

Aaron Af arian, Kevin Breitenbach, Jon Holt, Derek Rose, Mike McCullough, 

Coach Sorrento. Middle row (1 to r): Josh Gould, Mark Stoddard, 

Andy Neviackas, Eric Monty, Justin Bourke, Jay Olivieri, Kevin Downing, 

Dan Williams, Derek Leavitt, Dave Deblasio, Jeremy Coombs, Rich Chute, 

Tom Flanagan, Brian Allaire. Front row (1 to r): Ryan Pinsoneault, 

Ken Tellum, Tim Burt, Chris Bright, Ryan Johnson, Matt Chin, 

Brian Furbush, George Bryant , Jeff Gustaf son, Keith Mattar , James Brady. 

Everybody worked 

really hard and had 

yet another great season! 

Jed Perry 

This season was one of the best 

experiences of my life. 

I'm truly going to miss all 

my teammates next year. 

Brian Allaire 

This season was the epitome of 

everything I love about track. The 

hard-working atmosphere makes 

every year enjoyable. 

What are your final 
thoughts on the season? 




James Brady gives his all during shot 
put practice. The look of determina- 
tion on his face is enough to show that 
James gives 100% to each competition. 

UP, UP AND AWAY! (right) 
Matt Sanchez takes running to a 
whole new level. The long jump com- 
petition requires speed and timing, 
things KP Warriors excel in. 


Lofa Tatupu takes the high jump with speed and strength. Perfect form is important 

when attempting a jump, but thaf s never an issue when it comes to Lofa. 




Mike McCullough 

Joe McCormack 



HEAD START (right) 

Ryan Johnson and Eric Monty break out into an early lead. The team 
members know they can count on the newcomers to take on even the 
hardest opponents. 

GET READY! (below) 

Mike McCullough lets out a big breath and gets ready for his next 
throw. The javelin is one of the most challenging events, but is no match 
for this Warrior. 

READY, SET, GO! (below) 
Joe McCormack takes a sprint and 
prepares for his long jump. As a jump 
veteran, Joe is expected to produce 
winning results with each competition. 

HIGH FLYING (below) 
Josh Gould makes those jumps look 
like a piece of cake. As a senior in the 
2001 season, Josh will face new hurdles 
and difficult opponents. 

If you set a goal for yourself and are able to 

achieve it, you have won your race. Your goal 

can he to come in first, to improve your 

performance, or just finish the race — 

it's up to you. 

-Dave Scott- 

Boys' Spring Track 


Melissa Gray 

Rosanne Boyle 






. , n*«r 

START 'EM UP (left) 

Molly Bloomer, Melissa Gray, and Allison Milld take on Franklin. 

Despite the cold weather, these girls left their opponents in the dust. 

UP AND OVER (below) 

Liz Burger takes the hurdles one step at a time. Each King Philip 

competitor possesses the poise, grace, and natural ability it takes to 


HEAVE! (below) 

Robin Giampa shows the spectators 
that she doesn't need a practice throw. 
Robin is living proof that it takes a lot 
to become a true Warrior. 

A JUMP AWAY (below) 
Brandi Hamlin hops to success. Brandi 
proves that just because you're a new 
team member doesn't mean you can't 
bring home the win. 

Girls' Spring Track 


Think big, believe big, 
and the results 

will be big. 

Back row (1 to r): Coach Allen, Coach Fink-McAlice, Jackie Olsen, 

Laura Gaudioso, Laura Czarnowski, Jill Petruchik, Jen Siakotos, 

Blair Rainsford, Nicole Magnuson, Kathryn Astley, Katelyn Mackenzie, 

Brandi Hamlin, Christy Cummings, Allison Byrne, Colleen Foley, 

Lindsay Khouri, Coach Bremer. Middle row (1 to r): Molly Bloomer, 

Amanda Gray, Emily Holt, April Barker, Liz Burger, Stephanie Morris, 

Jessica Morse, Melissa Gray, Kaitlyn O'Connell, Becky Sevy, 

Rosanne Boyle, Robin Giampa. Front row (1 to r): Kendra Willette, 

Tina Gagas, Kate Allen, Katie Andreozzi, Grace Becker, Allison Milld, 

Kristen Hooker, Heather Blair, Emily Andreozzi. 


KP Th 














Oliver Ames 



N. Attleboro 









Melissa Gray takes a cool down lap. 
As one of the most dedicated 
runners, Melissa will always go the 
extra mile for her team. 

Jessie Morse takes the race all the 
way to the end. Jessie always 
pushes herself to the limit, and 
gives her team her 100%. 


Becky Sevy takes on the high jump like a pro. It's her talent, experience, and 

knowledge of the event that puts Becky one jump ahead of her opponents. 

Stephanie Morris looks a little 
nervous about her jump. Lucky for 
the other King Philip contenders, 
Stephanie never lets her team down. 

Stephanie Morris 

What will I miss the most? 

Practice. Even though we all 

complain about the running, I'll 

miss the great friends I've made 

on the track team. 

Liz Burger 

I'm going to miss the entire track 

atmosphere, the memories, and 

the people. 

Rosanne Boyle 

I'll miss seeing all my friends 
after school and bonding with 
new people during long- 
distance runs. 

Seniors: What will you 
miss the most? 



My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I 

was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off 

the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging. 

~ Hank Aaron 

LIGHTNING (above) 

Senior pitcher Scott Amidon gives it 

his all during warmups. Known for his 

fast as lightning pitches, Scott is ready to 


GET AWAY (above) 
A tricky curve ball slips out of catcher, 
Mike Walsh's, glove. Only a pitch 
from a K.P. Warrior can slip by this 
team veteran. 


From his balanced feet, to his squared shoulders, Matt Pieroway has a 
winning stance. He's able to help King Philip maintain its winning 
tradition, both on the field and at bat. 


First baseman Brian McClellan seems a little tired as he waits for the 
pitch. Baseball isn't always nonstop excitement, but these Warriors 
certainly make it out to be. 




Scott Amidon 



ESCAPE (below) 

Chris Darling anxiously awaits the perfect opportunity to make his break for 
second. With this captain's speed and agility, the Franklin players won't 
know what hit them. 

Brian Gulino prepares to head to the 
plate. His strong hits at bat 
contributed to the team's winning 

QUICK PLAY (right) 
Joe Pender ends the inning with a 
great play at second. His quick field- 
ing and fast hands make this K.P. 
Warrior unstoppable. 

What expectations do you 
hold for the season ? 

Well last season no one expected any- 
thing from us, but after making it to 
the quarterfinals, this year, they will 
be expecting a lot. We have everyone 
returning, except for one, from last 
year. If we practice hard we should 
exceed our mark from last season. 

A. J. Turner 

It's definitely going to be a 
breakthrough season for us. We 
learned a lot last year and are now 
ready to bring a league 
championship (to King Philip). 

Mike Walsh 

This season will be exciting. 
We should do well in the league 
and hopefully beat Franklin. 

Eric Boulter 


Back row (1 to r): Head Coach Ed Moran, Chris Darling, Josh Cooney, 

Eric Boulter, Mike Walsh, Brian McLellan. 

Front row (1 to r): Joe Pender, Matt Pieroway, Ben Lown, A.J. Turner, 

Matt Griffith, Brian Gulino. 

KP Them 




Oliver Ames 





































Oliver Ames 



TEAM HUDDLE (above) 
The varsity team gathers around their 
coach as he gives them last minute 
words of advice. His encouragement 
propelled the team to victory during 
the season. 


What is your favorite 
memory of the season ? 

Beating Taunton, 

our toughest opponent, and 

all the fun times with the team. 

Kayla Burt 

Our state tournament game 

vs. Hyde Park and 
the bus ride getting there. 

Andrea Lyons 

Defeating Taunton in a great match, 

and every game I got to play in 

with this great team. 

Laura Kraby 

TIME OUT! (above) 

Kristy Lamothe's slide into third 

was so powerful that it moved the 

bag! It's this kind of effort that 

allows KP to bring home the 



BRING IT IN! (below) 

The varsity girls work themselves into a little frenzy before a big game. The KP 

softball players possess the ability to stay focused on each job at hand. 

QUICK PLAY (below) 
Heather Cassidy sweeps second for a 
simple double play. Her fast hands and 
quick feet obtained the out that ended 
the game and maintained their 5-4 led. 


Being on the softball team, catche 
Laura Kraby never gets a break. The 
team's success can be attributed to 
the talent present in the field, at bat, 
and behind the plate. 

Us Them 



Oliver Ames 








N. Attleboro 



















N. Attleboro 



Oliver Ames 










Back row (1 to r): Coach Crisafi, Chrissy Flynn, Laura Kraby, 

Colleen McGuire, Judy Cronin, Kara Murphy, Heather Cassidy, 

Darby Lee-Rose, Andrea Lyons, Coach Turco. 

Front row (1 to r): Kristy Lamothe, Kate Colman, Julie Lyon, Kelly Wardner, 

Kelly Cronin, Kayla Burt, Christina Policastro. 

Ask not what your teammates can do for you. 
Ask what you can do for your teammates. 

-Magic Johnson 


Judy Cronin follows through on an 
amazing double. As one of King 
Philip's power hitters, Judy will remain 
an important member of this family. 

Kayla Burt certainly doesn't need to 
aid Andrea Lyons in obtaining this out. 
With such seniors coming back, the 
team maintains their high expectations. 


Kate Coleman looks a little anxious. The members of the King Philip 

Softball Team form one of the most dedicated teams at KP. 

WARM UP (right) 

Heather Cassidy gets a little pre-game practice in. With the oppositions' 
improvements in the infield, King Philip really has to increase its power 
hits at the plate. 



Andrea Lyons 






Laura Kraby 




Melissa McLacklan, Erin Johnson, artd Rosanne Boyle, three girls \yho 
devote 50% of their tipfie and 100% of their efforts to their teami^hese 
unbeatable captains helped the team through every minpr setback, and\ 
showeSMjCP what it takes to go the distance. 

Becky Stanley and Rachaj&L$larcotte devote their fall to an ,.- 
activity they a - e very-plissionaie about. It takes amazing spirjt'to 
keep a crowdioaring on thqse freezing October nights. These\two 
love che^rleading too much to let that kind'of weather stand in\ 
their i^ay. 


GOLF (above) y' / N / y FIELD HOCKEY (above) 

Chris Smith, Jon Genovese, and Stfott Wardner had tfie challenge of turning a group \ Despite the large shoes the 1999 field hockey captains left to fill 

of individual golfers into,a tearrfwor'thy' Of the King Philip name. Tljese boys really 
had to wcrk at perjectir/g their skills in a difficult sport, but all their 
certainly ?aid off in the end. / 

\Shannon Ober and Stephanie Morris took the captains' positions 
tyith pure enthusiasm. The rest of the girls on the team share in 
this team spirit, which accounts for their amazing season. 




BOYS' £0CCER (below)/ / \ 

Captains Matt Sanchez, Matt Lupfer, Matt Griffith, Keith MonahanVjamie Marks, and 
KeVinHealey show tha^ it takes a lot of work to lea/ a group as successful as the Boys' 
Soccer-Yearn. No matter how busy oxbow urea, tne'se boys are always there to lend ' a" 
helping hand to a fellow tearnmate. 

GIRLS' SOCCER (below) 

Elizabeth Kinney, Lydia Helliwell, and Andrea Lyo^'are 
three amazing soccer players with tremendous goals. As 
captains, tljfeireyes are always on target, and their hearts / 
always%^tt>e ga'rne. / 

\ "'"'"-.. ""-■:. .-'''' / 



Whether training/in the Weight room or running through town, 

R yan Pircs^meatilt, Matt PrerowHy, and Brendan HalpW stand behind their 

team 100%. These three are^o'mpietely dedicated to the sport of running. 
and proved it during the 20kf season. 


\ V\ 


SO SERIOUS (below) 
Coach Holt watches over his team 
with intensity. On the field it is all 
work and no play for this coach. 
His ability to coach has brought the 
team many outstanding victories. 


Them ! 






Oliver Ames 

N. Attleboro 













Oliver Ames 



N. Attleboro 









Jamie Marks 

When the season started, I started at 
sweeper. I did not enjoy this position 
so I moved to the mid field to keep the 
field locked up with Griff. I was then 
moved to striker the last three 
games. I like stiker the best. 

Matt Griffith 

My coach felt that the 

team would benefit most 

with me as a midfielder. I 

always like the position 

and eventually accepted 

my responsibility. 

Kevin Healey 

Everyone plays where the team 
would most benefit from them. I play 

on the left side because lama 

naturally left-footed player, which is 

something you don't always find. I 

have always played offensively, and 

I play the left forward or center. 

Why did you choose the 
position you play? 


Back row (1 to r): Kevin Healey, Ben Chruney, Brian Furbush, Dave Leon, 

Nate Schneider, Derek Leavitt, Chris Gibson, Rich Chute, Ryan Shaughnessy, 

Coach Holt. 

Middle row (1 to r): Eric Monty, Jamie Marks, Matt Griffith, 

Matt Lupfer, Keith Monahan, Matt Sanchez, Dave Arvidson. 

Front row (1 to r): Andy Neviackis, Chris Tate, Brian Oles, Jeff Rice, 

Tim Blinten, Andy Koziol. 

BACK OFF (left) 

Andy Koziol goes elbow to elbow 
with his opponent. His desire to win 
and his skill with the ball help him 
with these confrontations. 

I'M OPEN (right) 

Nate Schneider yells to his teammates 
to let them know he is there and wait- 
ing for a pass. He is sure to make an 
amazing play when he gets that pass. 



Kevin Healey, Matt Lupfer, Matt Sanchez, Jamie Marks, Matt Griffith, and 

Keith Monahan are the best role models the team could ever hope for. 



Keith Monahan 

Matt Lupf er 




Are these two practicing their dance moves or are they making an amazing 
play? Either way, Dave Arvidson, a junior on the team, has talent that is 
crucial to the team's success. 

ALL FOR ONE (below) 

Tim Blinten concentrates closely on the ball. He uses his great skill with 
his feet to get control of the ball. Control is a key factor in the game of 
soccer and Tim, like the rest of the team, has this skill in the bag. 

The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I 

will, and I am. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate 

their waking thoughts on what they should have or 

would have done, or what they can't do. 

~Dennis Waitley 

Keeping your eyes off the ball and 
ahead of you is an important skill in 
soccer. It is clear that Ben Chruney has 
this skill and many others under wrap. 

Matt Griffith and Derek Leavitt look 
up to see if their great strides to get the 
ball into scoring position worked. With 
their talents, it most likely did. 

Boys' Soccer 


Lydia Helliwell 

Elizabeth Kinney 





Back row (1 to r): Coach Heagney, Kerri Carlson, Siobhan Howard, Erica Shapiro, 

Jen Pulsone, Rebecca MacDonald, Kelly Boulter, Caitlin Cuozzo, Coach Massotti. 

Middle row (1 to r): Judy Cronin, Kathryn Astley, Kristy Lamothe, Kate Blair, 

Katelyn Small, Katelyn MacKenzie. Front row (1 to r): Lydia Helliwell, 

Katie Prevost, Rachael MacKenzie, Emily Ghosh, Elizabeth Kinney, Andrea Lyons. 

HOW'S THAT TASTE? (above left) 

Juniors Judy Cronin and Kate Blair celebrate a big win over Sutton by having a cake 

fight. Let's hope that cake tastes better than it looks on them! Good aim girls! 


Outstanding junior forward, Judy Cronin, fakes out a defender. Judy's I 
amazing talent resulted in her nineteen goals on the year, and helped 
lead King Philip to a second place finish in the Hockomock League. 

WHICH WAY? (left) 

Freshman Kelly Boulter debates which way she should turn in order to 
avoid Mansfield's double coverage. Hey girls, looks like she could use | 
some support! 

Girls' Soccer 


Andrea Lyons 











at Foxboro 


at Oliver Ames 







at Sharon 








at Canton 


at Stoughton 





Oliver Ames 



at N.Attleboro 



at Mansfield 



at Franklin 


at Rockland 





tm ■*-■-- 

First year coach, Greg Massotti, 
shows a look of determination as he 
decides the starting lineup. His first 
year was a successful one ending 
with a record of 14-4-1. 

GOOFING OFF (below) 
While waiting to board the bus, KP's 
seniors show one of the many uses of 
their new warm up suits. Looking 

sharp girls! 

Michelle Wilson 

I met a lot of new people on the trip 

to Martha's Vineyard, and this 

made my soccer experience more 


AIM AND FIRE (above) 
Junior Kathryn Astley aligns a shot 
on net. Kathryn was a main key to 
keeping King Philip's midfield 
together this year. 

Aimee Kern 

I liked being able to get to know 

people better before school started. 

If I ever got lost in the halls one of 

my soccer sisters would 

help me out I 

Meghan Stark 

It was great meeting new people 

and getting more involved. It was 

fun having pasta dinners and 

being with friends. 


Back row (1 to r): Coach Lamaraux, Jen Hall, Janine Molino, Aimee Kern, 
Jackie Olsen, Heather Cassidy, Elizabeth Andreozzi, Amanda Spinney, 
Melissa Hootstein, Judy Doane. Middle row (1 to r): Colleen Foley, 
Meredith Healey, Kelly Morrison, Kate Cronin, Katelyn Arvidson, 
Abigail Wessman, Michelle Wilson, Samantha Shapiro. Front row (1 to r): 
Laura Tuveson, Kristin Taylor. 

What was your most exciting 
experience as a newcomer? 

1 1 1 


The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack oj 

strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. 

-Vincent T. Lombard! 

I'M COMING (above) 
Rob Maloof may not be in first place, 
but he's not far behind. Rob certainly 
proves that even the newest members 
can make a difference. 

EASY GOING (above) 
It may look like Ken Tellum is just 
beginning his race, but he's actually takin 
a sprint to the finish. As a new member, 
Ken has certainly pulled his weight. 


Justin Bourke takes a few warmup laps on the track. With only one year 

of x-country behind him, he has already proven to be a true Warrior. 


The King Philip Boys' and Girls' X-Country Teams start ahead as usual. 
No matter if it's the annual X-Country Jamboree or a state competition, 
both KP teams stay together until the end. 


Ryan Pinsoneault 


Matt Pieroway 



■ < 









S-T-R-E-T-C-H! (below) 

Greg Whitehouse warms up his shins before heading to the starting line. 

Each King Philip runner knows the importance of preparing his body for each 


ON THE PROWL (left) 
Frank Cook and Brian Leary lead the 
pack around a sharp corner. Normally, 
a turn like this would pose a threat, 
but not for these top runners. 

STRUGGLE! (right) 
Tom Flanagan races to the end at 
the 2000 Jamboree. The Jamboree is 
the perfect time for King Philip to 
show its true colors and rise above 
the rest. 


Back row (1 to r): Tom Flanagan, Dan Aires, Seth Weaver, Colby Caulmore, 
Second row (1 to r): Coach Hearon, Josh Plante, Keith Mattar, Ken Tellum, 
Nick Fontana, Tim Huth, Coach Boucher. Middle row (1 to r): Rob Maloof, 
Greg Whitehouse, Pete Getty, Matt Chin, Justin Bourke. 
Front row (1 to r): Scott Maloney, Justin Setter, Frank Cook, Ryan Pinsoneault, 
' Matt Pieroway, Brian Leary, Brendan Halpin. 

What did you enjoy most in your 
x-country season at KP? 

I had a great first season. Everyone 

enjoyed hanging out at practices, 

competing at meets, and getting to 

know each other at spaghetti 

dinners. I'm looking forward to 

showing the rest of KP 

what we're made of. 

Nick Fontana 

My favorite part of the season was 

proving everyone wrong when it 

came to our strengths and talents. I 

look forward to getting to know 

everyone better in future seasons. 

Ken Tellum 

I had a great time this season. 

We have a tough group of very 

dedicated runners. People doubted 

our ability, but in the end we 

proved everyone wrong, and 

came out on top. 

Tim Huth 

KP Them 




Oliver Ames 





































Oliver Ames 



TRUE COLORS (above) 
Two coaches and three amazing 
captains all worked together to 
make this year's cross country 
season one to remember. 


What does the sport of 
cross country mean to you? 

Cross country means so much to me. 

I always look forward to practice and 

the girls on the team are like my 

sisters. Til never forget the 

memories and the bonds that we 


Blair Rainsford 

It means a lot of hard work, hut it's 

fun and it's worth the effort that is 

put into it! I learn something 

everyday about myself and the 

passion needed to run. 

Carolyn Sweeney 

Being a part of cross country means 

being part of a family with people 

that you can really trust and that 

will always support you. 

Jen Maloney 

This homemade banner marks KP 
territory at away meets. It allows 
the team to express their green and 
gold pride for their favorite sport. 


These seven members of the girls' cross country team ran a memorable last race 
at the state meet at Franklin Park, Boston. The weather was cold, and the trails 
were covered with inches of mud, but these girls worked hard and had fun 
despite the obstacles. 

KP Them 













Oliver Ames 






N. Attleboro 






Melissa McLacklan uses her final 
strength on the last meters of a race. 
The cheering she receives from her 
teammates adds to her motivation. 

Erin Johnson stays on her opponeii 
until she can make her move. Evenir 
races of three miles, the outcome car 
depend on the final seconds of racing 


Back row: Coach Hearon, Jen Maloney, Kristin McCann, Megan Fogg, Lisa Dono' 
Lauren Briere, Laura Gaudioso, Christy Cummings, Becky Colcord, Jess Rod! 
Coach Boucher. Middle row: Molly Bloomer, Joanne Caffrey, Christina Duczako 
Jill Jackson, Brandi Hamlin, Carolyn Sweeney, Kate Sullivan, Amanda Gray 
Jill Petruchik, Kendra Willette. Front row: Maggie Casey, Melissa Gray, 
Stefanie Hayes, Melissa McLacklan, Rosanne Boyle, Erin Johnson, Elizabeth Burgf 
Meredith Jones, Blair Rainsford, Sarah Fisher. 

The more I train, 

the more I realize 

I have more speed in me. 

Leroy Burr ell 

i i i i 

Girls' X-C 

MOVING ON UP (above) 
Christy Cummings is in her second 
year of cross country. Providing she 
continues to work hard, her talent will 
shine in years to come. 

Maggie Casey was taught to keep both 
a strong mind and body in races. 
Runners cannot be discouraged, and 
KP knows how to keep moving! 

FOCUS (above) 

Senior captain Rosanne Boyle has run for the cross country team for 
three years and she knows more than the just the basics to running. Her 
determination and strength have really helped the team. 

HUDDLE UP (right) 

Led by Coach Boucher, the girls of the cross country team meet at the 
starting line for words of wisdom. Coach Boucher holds the team 
together by teaching them courage and vigor. 




- — 








^- 1 ^B 




.*.*&** ' • 




Melissa McLacklan 

Erin Johnson 


HOLD IT (below) 

Senior Chris Smith aids his teammate's 

putt by removing the flag. Considering 

his leadership qualities, he will be 












Oliver Ames 2.5 


N. Attleboro 












Chris Smith 

I like golf best because 

though we are a team, 

We get to excel personally. 

Scott Wardner 

Golf gives me the opportunity to 

advance in something I enjoy. 

Golf is a nice break before 

hockey season. 

Jon Genovese 

Each golf season brings about 

new challenges and experiences. 

I had a great time playing for 

King Philip, and will miss 

all the guys. 

What do you like best 
about golf? 

GOLF TEAM (below) 

Back row (1 to r): Jacob Cacciapaglia, Nathan Cole, Steve Rieger, 

Jake Nyborn, Coach O'Halloran. 

Front row (1 to r): Scott Wardner, Chris Smith, Jon Genovese. 

Nathan Cole makes a beautiful shot to 
redeem himself. It's uncommon for this 
talented golfer to get himself into such 
a position. 

ALIGNMENT (right) 
Jake Nyborn is having difficulties 
recognizing which ball belongs to 
him. Considering his abilities, it 
must be the one closest to the hole. 


Scott Wardner, Chris Smith, Jon Genovese, and Coach O'Halloran are three 
talented captains and one amazing coach, all of whom prove their greatness 
each day on the green. 





Scott Wardner 




SB % 1 


• ~* w& 

• J* '» 





Chris Smith 


PUTT- PUTT (right and far right) 

Steve Rieger lines up his up-the-hill shot and follows through. It takes 
much concentration and experience to master the art of putting. Even the 
smallest hill or curve can prove extremely challenging for any golfer. 


Senior captain Scott Wardner makes his first drive attempt. It was this 

perfect form that helped Scott advance to the state finals for King Philip. 

You have to perform at a consistently higher level 
than others. That's the mark of a true professional. 

~ Joe Paterno 

Jon Genovese aims for the fifth hole. 
Despite certain challenges, Jon seems 
pretty happy to be spending a beautiful 
fall day out on the greens. 

Wedge in hand, Jacob Cacciapaglia 
shoots down the fairway. With the new 
talent present this year, the team 
enjoyed one of the best seasons ever. 



Stephanie Morris 

Shannon Ober 






Fourth row (1 to r): Coach MacDonald, Marissa Suchy. 

Third row (1 to r): Laura Czyzewski, Christina Cochrane, Courtney Woods, 

Emily Greaves, Biz Cove, Vanessa Sotir, Jenna Kraby. 

Second row (1 to r): Jess Allen, Cherry Jackson, Erin Ouimet, 

Jaime Guild, Rachel White, Elin Wilcox, Jess Colcord. 

First row (1 to r): Ellie Straw, Melissa Taddeo, Shelby Trahan, 

Harleigh Billian, Katie McDonald, Becky Mure, Amanda Strojny. 

The senior girls were given balloons 
from the underclassmen in honor of 
their last home night game. These girls 
have played together since freshman 
year and had a great season together. 

Courtney Howard has her complete 
focus on the ball during the game. She 
has been a varsity goalie since her 
freshman year and is a great contribu- 
tor to the team. 

Field Hockey 

Great works are performed not by 

strength but by perseverance 

-Samuel Johnson- 



Back row (1 to r): Sydney Singer, Sarah Haber, Caroline Carr, Karaline Zeigler, Emily Bhatti, 
Kelly Winslow, Sasha Provost. Middle row (1 to r): (enna Cassoli, Samantha Cacciapaglia, 
Jessica Kraby, Laura Schubert, Kathy Cocharane, Lora Bertoldi, Rose Becker, Emily Hall. 
Front row (1 to r): Kaleena Chartrand, Amanda Strittmatter, Heather Richner, Alisha Plante, 
Ashley Dobermier, Kristin Quortaroni, Holly Schrader, Kathy Vanderwyc. Missing from 
picture: Amanda Darling 

KP Them ! 



Oliver Ames 


2 ! 


N. Attleboro 














Oliver Ames 


N. Attleboro 










Kristn Kehrmeyer lines up with the 
ball in order to smack it past her 
defender to her teammate. The 
forward line worked well together 
all season. 

TEAM HUDDLE (below) 
Raise your sticks up to the sky. ..mighty 
warriors passing by. This was a 
famous chant used to get the team 
pumped for games. 

^ <£M if ^ & 

BREAK AWAY (above) 

Jess Nelson dribbles the ball up the 

field by herself. She has always been 

a tremendous help to the warriors 


Laura Kraby 

My favorite season memory was 

going to field hockey camp in 

Deer field. We did some crazy 

things together and had great 

team-bonding time. 

Christine Holmes 

I love the fact that our whole 

team got along so well. We had so 

many wonderful memories this 

season because we all were 


Joanna Balzer 

Big Mama jokes! We always got 

a good laugh with Big Mama 



Back row (1 to r): Jen Ryan, Heidi Murphy, Amy Carr, Katy Robbins, 

Courtney Howard, Coach Tower. 

Middle row (1 to r): Meg Conley, Nicole Magnuson, Jessica Nelson, 

Joanna Balzer, Christine Holmes, Colleen McGuire. 

Front row (1 to r): Laura Kraby, Kristin Kehrmeyer, Stephanie Morris, 

Stefanie Flynn, Darby Rose. 

Missing from picture: Shannon Ober, Stephanie Gilbert and Kristen Stewart. 

What was your favorite 
season memory? 



The spirit, the ivill to voin, and the will to excel are the 
things that endure. These qualities are so much more 
important than the events that occur. 
—Vince Lombardi 

PIG PILE (above) 

Two KP football players attack the 
opponent and nail him to the ground. 
The KP defense proved to be 
extraordinary the entire season. 

Andy Croteau strives to get those extra 
yards and land in the end zone. 
Andy's talent in running the ball gave 
the team many of its touchdowns. 


The huddle before everyone of the games gets the adrenaline pumping 
and brings the team together to play. This huddle is extra close because 
the men are about to play a very important game. 


The football players walk on the field and make a formidable wall. The 
team is very close and this show of their unity can make the other team 
very nervous to play against them. 


Andy Croteau 



Brian McLellan 




Brian Cameron, Andy Howard, and Matt Tierney take a breather while 
watching the team prepare for the next play. As upper classmen, these three 
help out the team both on and off the playing field. 

Why was this season 
special to you? 

We all worked really hard to become 

what we are now. For many of us it 

was our last season so we really 

came together and put everything 

we had into the game. It was the best 

season ever because of how well we 

played and how good a time we had. 

Derek Rose 

GET OPEN (left) 

Bret Tolivaisa steps back and looks 
down the field in search of an open 
receiver. The passing game was a big 
part of this great season. 

This season was special because all 

of the hard work we put into the 

team over the years finally paid off 

and we did really well. 

Brian McLellan 

QUICK PLAY (right) 

The referees and the players all 

struggle to see which team recovered 

the ball. As always, KP came out on 


This season finally made the rest of 

the league, and the state, respect the 

King Philip Football Team. 

Mike McCullough 


Sixth row (1 to r): Dana Shaw, Bret Tolivaisa, Jon Holt, Matt Lawless, Mike Stuart, 

Jason McGrath, Jon Bluhm. Fifth row (1 to r): Minhaj Rahman, Dan Williams, Dennis Garof alo, 

Matt Clark, John Condlin, Sean McGinn, Bryan LaBlue, Jeff Wood, Skip Ericson. Fourth row 

(1 to r): Brian Cameron, Shane Jackson, Travis Martin, Tom Daniel, Mark Stoddard, 

Kevin Flaherty, Mike Poles. Third row (1 to r): Joe Pender, Eric Cunane, Ben Lown, Mike Moses, 

Chris Darling, Kyle Fiske, Mike McCullough, Brian Dugdale, D.J. Miller. Second row (1 to r): 

Scott Amidon, Joe McCormick, Andy Howard, George Yousif, Brian Moore, Lofa Tatupu, 

Brian McLellen, Steve Shaw. First row (1 to r): Coach Tatupu, Jed Perry, Chris Mahoney, 

Andy Croteau, Matt Tierney, Bill Robertson, James Brady, Brian Gulino, Derek Rose. 

KP Them 













Oliver Ames 











/ have coached football in five different 
decades at King Philip. I have found thai 
the players of the King Philip football 
team are as tough and as dedicated as any 
players I have ever coached. 

-Mr. Siinarrian 


What was the most exciting 
event of the season ? 

One of the most exciting things 

that happened this season was 

going to cheering camp and 

learning new cheers and 
how to flip out of a mount. 

Jill Malcolm 

The night before Thanksgiving is so 

exciting. It is so much fun going to 

decorate all the football players' 

houses and to have our team 
sleepover at the end of the season. 

Steph Howard 

Going to our competition was 

very exciting. It was our first 

competition. It was a lot of hard 

work, but well worth 

it in the end. 

Cate Smith 


Back row (1 to r):Stephanie Mackun, Ashley Fratias, Leah Sugrue, 

Erin Rose, Nichole Fredrickson, Beth Bailey, Katlyn Lormier, 

Danielle Struhar. 

Front row (1 to r):Lynn Tornabene, Teala Satterfield, Rachel Burgess, 

Katlyn Moore, Jasmin Endisch. 

Mrs. Bucchanio and Mrs. McCann 

attend every practice. They helped 
to organize the fundraisers and 
keep cheering fun for all the girls. 

Sisters Nichole and Shana McElroy 
enjoy participating in a school sport 
with one another. They will continue 
to cheer together in the winter. 

Jen Moore and Megan Kirby lead the 
homecoming parade to the school. 
These girls bring a fun and 
excitement to the cheerleading team. 


Back row (1 to r): Jen Moore, Kate Martin, Julie Poirier, Becky Stanley, 
Rachael Marcotte, Kim Cox, Kerry McKinney, Coach Bucchanio. 
Middle row (1 to r): Christina Powers, Anna Iannetti, Shana McElroy, 
Megan Kirby, Kristy McKinney, Jen Mackun, Cate Smith, Meagan Capone. 
Front row (1 to r): Steph Howard, Jill Malcolm, Nichole McElroy, 
Caitlyn Hawkins, Nicole Puddester. 


Ask not what your teammates can do for you. 
Ask what you can do for your teammates. 

-Magic Johnson 



Julie Poirier takes her stance as she 
waits for the next cheer. She's always 
ready to cheer the boys on and never 
misses a move. 

LEAN ON ME (above) 

Meagan Capone and Kim Murdock 

celebrate after the victory of the 
Homecoming game. These two girls 
sure seem proud to be cheerleaders. 


These sophomore girls give the cheerleading team a lot of energy. 
m - When it comes to practices they always give what it takes. 

A GO BIG GREEN (right) 

I During the pep rally Jill Malcolm, Megan Kirby, and 
J Nicole Puddester had the school cheering, Go Big Green. With help 
from the team they sure made it clear KP was on the way to a victory. 





Rachael Marcotte 



Becky Stanley 





Becky Stanley, Kim Cox, and Jen JFriedman areVhrilled that they 
GIRLS' BASKETBALL (£elow) were selected to l ead the Basketb all Cheerleaders \his season. 

Nicole LaPointe, Lau/a Shockro, and fiydia Helliwell show of f their sk ills! These ---. x Throughout their yeaj-s at King Philip they have proved to be.--^" 
^ric^ro am^mg playprg an d bring an irnbelievahlf? amount of spirit to\the teamf! spirited and hardworking. Their hard work will ensure,.their 

Could'rhey be the future stars of the WNBA? /'"' \ / team a fantastic season^. "> ...-•'' 

\ / / V 

Kate Martin, Kristin Kehrmeyer^-ftachael Marcotte and Julie Poirier are respected 
by their teammates for their dedication. They accommodate and compromise to 
ensure that the tearnfias an unbelievable season. These girls are,e6nsistent in their 
routines and prove to be great assets to the team 

W WRESTLING (above) 

\ Juniors Shawn Sluss ; a rtd l^ich Chute act out a match, while 
Xsophomore Brian Hill referees":- --These boys are determined to 
iiqad their young tean\to victory ancLmeet personal success as 






''' ! 


GIRtS^ WINTER TRACK (below) / 

Captains Stephanie Morris, Elizabeth Burger, Eriryjohnson, and Mel\ssa Gray are four 
girls wirkone big job. They are responsible ror leading a very large team. This requires'' 
dedicauonknd lots of team spirit, something these girls display daily. ...>■"' 

HOCKEY (below) 

Derek Darling, Jamie Marks, and Eric Boulter amuse Ij's.ivith 
their antics, but don't let them fool you. The three -are great '/ 
players. Tfteir amusing personalities create a.fti'n setting fo/ 
gruelirig^re-gaine practices. /'' / 

\ X. '■■■, ..--'■' ,■•' / 

% •■•■ \ y / 


Andy Croteau, Joe McCormack, Derek Rose, and Matt Pieroway aren't 
intimidated by the task at hand! As a matter of fact they are confident that 
V'they can lead their team through a successful season. Considering last 
year's record they rjave <Uot to live up to. 



BOYS; BASKETBALL (above) / ,,.--■" 

Kyle Fistke, Mike McCabe, and^L'bia Tatu'pu (not pictured) have v b,een 

playing basketball together since tjiey'were children. These boys have-been \ 

member 5/6f the varsity team since their freshmen and sophomore years.'-- 
They are the best of friend^, and will surely make fantastic captains. 



READY, SET, GO! (below) 
Jeff Gustafson sprints in front of 
his opponents. Being only a 
sophomore, Jeff is going to be an 
important part of the team in the 
years to come. 














N. Attleboro 









Oliver Ames 



Matt Pieroway 

At the beginning of the season, I 
was in great shape but then... my 
appendix was taken out. However, 
the team strived to overcome this 
and other problems. We were able 
to win our fifth Hock title because 
of our determination. 

Jon Genovese 

This track season was very 

exciting. It was great to win the 

Hock for a fifth consecutive time 

and to graduate with a 

44-0 winning streak. 

Brian Allaire 

This year the team was dominated 

by the seniors and the juniors. 

However, it was great to get 

some points from the sophomores 
and the freshmen on the team. 

That helped to take some pressure 
away from the seniors. 

What was your favorite 
part of the season ? 


First row (1 to r): Brendan Halpin, Brian Allaire, Joe McCormack, Matt Pieroway, 

Andy Croteau, Derek Rose, Matt Sanchez, James Brady; Second row: Jake Cacciapaglia, 

Frank Cook, Ryan Pinsoneault, Matt Lupfer, Jon Genovese, Chris Mahoney, Jed Perry, 

Mark Stoddard, Mike McCullough, Bryan Bocock; Third row: Andy Fulton, 

Pete Getty, Nick Fontana, Dave Rando, Eric Monty, Greg McMorrow, Justin Bourke, 

Chad Manigan, Tom Flanagan, Ken Tellum, Tom McGuire; Fourth row: 

Ted Copparini, Jon Holt, Jason McGrath, Andy Neviackas, Ryan Johnson, Seth Weaver, 

Sean Kern, Keith Mattar, Matt Chin, Jeff Gustafson; Fifth row: Dave DeBlasio, 

Ryan Kelley, Anthony Delaiarro, Kyle Moore, Bryan Healey, John Phillips, 

Jared Cacciapaglia, Rich Mattson, Brian Furbush, Greg Whitehouse, Chris Bright, 

Rob Tuveson, Tim Huth; Sixth row: Joel Lee, Andrew Steverman, Dave McCann, Joe Conroy, 

Mike Lyon, Dan Fisher, Colby Caulmare, Josh Plante, Chris Rieger, Shaun McDermott. 

AWAY WE GO! (below) 
In order to become a good shot putter, 
Jason McGrath makes sure his form 
is correct. He tries to get as much 
power as he can to get a long throw. 

REMEMBER ME (above) 
Sprinting to get alongside his oppo- 
nent, Eric Monty runs as hard as he 
can in the mile. Eric helped get impor- 
tant points for the track team. 



In his first year on the team, Anthony Delaiarro has become a very talented 
hurdler. He has picked up the form that is needed to gain speed and 
the hurdles with ease. 



Derek Rose 

Matt Pieroway 





Coach Boucher is the man who commands the King Philip Boys' Track 
Team. Along with Coach Kramer and Coach Sorrento, Coach Boucher 
decides on all of the match-ups in the lineup that will be important, and 
strategizes on how to beat the team's opponents. Through his help the 
King Philip Boys' Track Team has become a dominant force, undefeated 
for five years straight with a 44-0 winning streak. 

We must either find a way or make one. 

UP AND OVER! (below) 
Senior hurdler Mike McCullough gets 
over the hurdles easily. Mike is a very 
important member of the team because 
of the points he scores. 

ARE YOU READY? (above) 
The King Philip Boys' Track Team 
comes together to find out the game 
plan from Coach Boucher. He is very 
good at motivating his athletes. 

Boys' Winter Track 



Elizabeth Burger 

> 4 m 




Stephanie Morris 




Sophomore Caitlyn Hawkins has worked hard in the two years she has 
been a member of the track team in order to perfect her form. With two 
more years to go in her career, Caitlyn is sure to become an excellent 
hurdler. The 55 meter hurdle consists of five hurdles and one's strength, 
speed and form all contribute to a good finish. 

AN EXTRA MILE (below) 
Melissa Gray, Molly Bloomer, and 
Katelyn MacKenzie are mile runners. 
Endurance is key in their performances, 
for at the Franklin field house, the race 
is eleven laps long! 

A team huddle is a tradition in King 
PhilipTrack. Coach Boucher is known 
for his inspirational speeches and the 
whole team rallies to cheer each other 
on to their best runs. 

Girls' Winter Track 

The road is 

never crowded 

on the extra mile. 




EUk row: Caitlin Cuozzo, Karaline Zeigler, Mariah White, Laura Dugdale, Cate Smith, 
Caitlyn Hawkins, Julie Lyon, Lindsay Khouri, Katelyn MacKenzie, Jess Rodio, Jen Maloney, 
Kristin McCann, Christy Cummings. 4th row: Coach Kramer, Nicole Magnuson, Kate Blair, 
Sasha Provost, Emily Hall, Rose Becker, Jaime Guild, Alyson Barker, Krista Palermo, 
Meg Conley, Marissa Suchy, Bridget Rasicot, Liz Streeter, Lauren Briere. 3rd row: 
Coach Sorrento, MollyBloomer, Miranda Converse, Lizzie Andreozzi, Kate Sullivan, 
Kendra Willette, Amanda Gray, Jen Siakotos, Mikaela Noble, Courtney Woods, Jess Allen, 
Laura Czyzewski, Janine Molino, Abby Dalton, Coach Boucher. 2nd row: Emily Bhatti, 
Brandi Hamlin, Meredith Healey, Jill Petruchik, Sarah Haber, Lora Bertoldi, Sarah Fisher, 
Blair Rainsford, Ashley Daubenmire, Alisha Plante, Sara Streeter, Emily Poon, 
Mandy Strittmatter, Ashley Eisele. 1st row: Abby Wessman, Erin Ouimet, Jen Hall, 
April Barker, Jesse Morse, Liz Kinney, Liz Flannery, Rosanne Boyle, Katelyn Small, 
Vanessa Sotir, Jill Jackson, Carolyn Sweeney, Christina Duczakowski. Front: Liz Burger, 
Melissa Gray, Erin Johnson, Stephanie Morris. 

KP Them 










Oliver Ames 



N. Attleboro 









■ Franklin 



Coach Boucher is the head coach of 
both boys' and girls' track. With the 
help of Coach Kramer, he is able to 
help the runners of these different 
teams be the best they can be. 

Nicole Magnuson uses the hurdling 
technique called 3-stepping. This 
technique helps one's speed by 
cutting down the number of steps 
between hurdles. 

Stephanie Morris 

BREAK AWAY (left) 
Katelyn MacKenzie puts space 
between herself and the opponent 
chasing her. In a race of multiple 
laps, it is important to pace yourself. 

When you step out on the track 

you're alone, and even though 

you're racing for the team, 

in the end the accomplishment of 

winning is yours alone. 
Still, I know I couldn't achieve 

my track success without 
the support of my teammates. 

April Barker 

Track is both a team and 

individual sport because even if 

you have a bad day, you can still 

walk away a winner. 

Brandi Hamlin 

In competition, each runner has 
individual goals that need to be 

met in order to win a meet. 

However, I know that track is a 

team sport in which you're 

surrounded by people who 

motivate you to 'get the job done!' 


Julie Lyon is in her third year of winter track, but did not begin high jumping 
until this, her junior year. She amazed the team by jumping well at the JV meet 
and earning her way into the varsity line-up. 

How is track both a team and 
individual sport to you? 


Ice Hockey 

ONE ON ONE (above) 
Nick Barteloni fights his Durfee 
opponent for the puck. With his quick 
skates and fast hands, this freshman 
has already made a name for himself. 

WIDE OPEN (above) 
Dave Higgins keeps possession as he 
looks for an open man. KP's overall 
success can be attributed to quick 
thinking and amazing ability. 

There are only two options regarding commitment. 

You're either IN or you're OUT. 

There's no such thing as life in-between. 

-Pat Riley 


Add one more to the score, because King Philip did it again. This team 

shows team spirit and KP pride with every goal scored. 


The King Philip Hockey Team awaits a line change as they watch the 
second period action from the bench. No matter what happens on the ice, 
every player knows he's got an entire team standing behind him. 


Eric Boulter 


Jamie Marks 




IN THE ZONE (below) 

Mike Kraby wraps the puck around Dan Gero in the KP net to start up on 
the attack. As a senior and team leader, Mike has the experience and talent 
needed to bring home the wins for King Philip. 

TO THE FINISH (below) 
Senior captain Eric Boulter races a 
Durfee opponent to the puck. With 
Eric's speed and size, you can be 
confident that he will pull through. 

AMAZING! (above) 
Captain Jamie Marks snatches the 
puck out of the air with his stick! 
It's effort and talent like this that 
put KP above all others. 

What will you remember 

the most about your 

senior season ? 

Roode and Higgins 

fighting in the locker room. 

Despite our minor conflicts, 

we remained a close knit team. 

Derek Darling 

Delgrosso throwing water bottles 

at people in the showers. 

I will never forget the fun times 

we shared as a team this year. 

Eric Boulter 

Hitting Roode in the face 

with the puck. 

I had a blast playing hockey 

these past few years. 

Chris Delgrosso 


Back row (1 to r): Brad MacDonald, John Carde, Chris Delgrosso, Nick Ray, 

Derek Darling, Eric Boulter, Mike Kraby, Scott Wardner, Jamie Marks, 

Bill Piotti, Coach Bob Piotti. Middle row (1 to r): Dan Gero, Mike Cox, 

Andy Guertin, Joe Cameron, Nick Barteloni, Luke McDonough, 

Dave Higgins. Front row (1 to r): Chris Roode, Jake Nyborn, Nick McEvoy, 

Greg Galano, Jeff Dolan, Tim MacDonald, Dana Lasher. 

Tim MacDonald gels ready to 
deliver a crisp pass towards the rtei 
With players like Tim, more 
successful seasons an 


What do you like most 
about cheerleading? 

I like cheering with my friends. 

It's also been a lot of fun going to 

the away games as well. 

Laura Gaudioso 

I liked going out with 

the team for dinner. 

It really brought us all together. 

Nichole McElroy 

Friday night games are the best. 
It always makes cheering fun 
when a lot of people attend. 

Teala Satterfield 

Sweat plus sacrifice equals success. 
~Charlie Finley 


Not only are these girls close on the court they're friends off the court as well. 

With friendships like these it's easy to have a successful team. 

Teala Satterfield stands proud as she 
cheers the boys on. She has had team 
spirit all season and countinues to have 
fun on the team. 

YELL GREEN (above) 
Jill Malcolm is one of the team's 
best flyers. She has been part of 
many difficult mounts, including 
the twist mount. 



V-TEAM GIRLS (above) 

In one of the team's many formations the girls line up in the center of 
the court in the shape of the V. They shout out their victory cheer. 
With yet another team victory they have much to cheer about. 


Back row (1 to r): Kristy McKinney, Leah Sugrue, Teala Satterfield, Kim Cox, 

Jen Friedman, Lisa Santucci, Beth Bailey, Tina Rogers. 

Front row (1 to r): Laura Gaudioso, Nichole McElroy, Nicole Puddester, 

Shana McElroy, Jill Malcolm, Kara Fienberg, Kerri Rogers. 


Winter Cheerleading 


Kerry McKinney and 

Nicole Frederickson stand on the side 

while the boys warm up. They help to 

get the boys fired up for the game. 

SHAKE IT (above) 

Shana McElroy cheers on the side line 
during the boys' basketball game. She's 
always into the game and focused on 
the team. 


Jen Friedman and Kim Cox make great captains. They have worked 

hard to make the dances and all the cheers with mounts just right. 


The King Philip cheerleaders are always on hand to give the Boys' 
Basketball Team support. This year these girls have also attended many 
of the teams' away games. 







Kim Cox 

Jen Friedman 



GO SMIIIFE! (below) 

Chris Smith drives right past his 

opponent and takes the ball to the 

net. His specialty in three pointers 

earned him a starting position this 







Oliver Ames 









N. Attleboro 















Oliver Ames 









N. Attleboro 












Greg Santabarbara 

The rebounding ofLofa and 

Big Dog, the scoring of Kyle and 

Smiiife, and the overall clutch play 

of Mike McCabe. 

Chris Gibson 

The seniors always had a 

way of making our 

practices fun. 

I'm going to miss that 

the most. 

I'm going to miss having a 

Go-To-Guy like Mike McCabe. 

The team is really going to miss 

them all next year. 

What will you miss the 
most about the seniors? 


Back row (1 to r): Coach Reddington, Shane Jackson, Lof a Tatupu, Kyle Fiske, 

Mike McCabe, Brian McLellan, Andy Lovley. 

Front row (1 to r): Steve Rieger, Brian Dugdale, Mike Rieger, Chris Smith, 

Chris Gibson. 

GIVE AND GO (left) 
Kyle Fiske receives a pass from his 
teammate and is preparing to shoot. 
He is among the leading scorers in the 
league this year. 

SHOOT FOR TWO (right) 

Not only can he rebound, but he can 

shoot too! Lof a Tatupu looks for the 

perfect shot while trying to outwit his 



MEN IN CHARGE (above) 

Kyle Fiske, Coach Reddington, Lofa Tatupu, and Mike McCabe make great 

leaders for their team. Together they make magic happen on the court each week. 



Mike McCabe 


Lofa Tatupu 



The KP bench is stacked with many great players. This promises for another 

great season next year. 


When Mike McCabe gets the ball, the other team gets very nervous. He has 
been a varsity player since his freshman year, and this year he has shocked 
the Hock with his skills. 

Coming together is a beginning. 

Keeping together is progress. 

Working together is success. 


Brian McLellan's size is just what the 
boys needed this year. After he took 
last year off, the team was glad to have 
him back to help them win this year. 

Back row: Kyle Fiske, Lofa Tatupu, 
Mike McCabe. 

Front row: Mike Rieger, Chris Smith, 
Brian McLellan. 

Boys' Basketball 


Lydia Helliwell 

Nicole LaPointe 



Varsity Team 

Back row: Coach Mulcahy, Judy Cronin, Marissa Tuohy, Megan Barry, 

Heidi Krajewski, Jackie Olson, Amanda Strojny, Coach Schmidt. 

Front row: Kristy Lamothe, Kathryn Astley, Lydia Helliwell, Nicole LaPointe, 

Laura Shockro, Siobhan Howard. 

DRIVE BY (above) 

Kristy Lamothe, a junior, drives through 
the lane during the game. As point guard, 
Kristy has to take control to lead her 
team on the court. 


TAKE AIM (above) 

Sophomore Jackie Olson squares to the 
basket to take a shot. This is her first year 
on varsity and her excellent shot has 
helped lead the King Philip Warriors to 
many victories on the battle field. 

NICE SHOT (above) 

Judy Cronin takes a shot between two players on the Stoughton team. 
This junior smiles and jokes around off the court and is notorious for 
tripping her other teammates, but don't let this facade fool you. Once on 
the court she is all business, making steals and grabbing rebounds under 
the boards. Judy is one of King Philip's top rebounders and everyone is 
glad that she still has another full year to play. 

Besides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart and mind, 

confidence is the key to all the locks. 

-Joe Paterno 

Girls' Basketball 

Laura Shockro 








Notre Dame 



Oliver Ames 












N. Attleboro 















Oliver Ames 









N. Attleboro 






Notre Dame 









Coach Mulcahy, Marissa Tuohy, 
Lydia Helliwell, Nicole LaPointe 
Laura Shockro and Coach Schmidt 

are the backbone of the team. They 
lead the team on and off the court. 

HOOP DREAMS (below) 
Laura Shockro dribbles the ball up the 
court past a Stoughton defender. This 
senior who moved to King Philip last 
year from North has become a key part 
of the team. 

Siobhan Howard 

Something new happens 

every day and we all enjoy 

working together. 

BOX OUT (above) 
Heidi Krajewski boxes out her 
opponents under the hoop. She is a 
force under the boards and teams 
fear playing against the big "K." 

Kathryn Astley 

Despite the "intensity" of 

Coach Schmidt the team is 

still able to have fun. 

Megan Barry 

It is a dramatically fun 
learning experience. 

Junior Varsity Team (above) 

Back row: Coach Mulcahy, Joanne Caffrey, Kayla Thomas, Colleen Foley, 

Judy Doane, Kelly Boulter, Laura Tuveson. 

Front row: Samantha Sieloff, Kate Cronin, Amanda Strojny, Erica Shapiro, 

Meg Fogg. 

How would you describe 

your experience playing 

on the Girls' Basketball Team? 



It's a little like wrestling a gorilla. 

You don't quit when you're tired. 

You quit when the gorilla is tired. 

-Robert Strauss 


Brian Hill, Rich Chute, Shawn Sluss, and Travis Martin are the young captains 
of the Varsity Wrestling Team. They are all underclassmen and they have shown 
the league that even a young team can be the best team. These captains are 
dedicated to leading the team to great success. 

HANGIN' TOUGH (above) 

John Bullock stays strong as a member of the other team tries to over- 
come him. John is sure to keep his cool and win the match. 


Dan Spigarolo shakes the hand of his opponent. As a freshman he is one 
of the newcomers to the team. He has brought with him the ambition to 
win every one of his matches. He is dedicated and as the years go on he is 
sure to become a great asset to the team. 


Rich Chute 



Brian Hill 






The men all line up and walk into the gym as a team. This formidable wall 
has the ability to greatly intimidate the other team. They are all strong willed 
and determined to win every match. 

How has wrestling 

influenced you and 

your outlook on life? 

The past few years on the team 

have shown me what 

physical and mental toughness 

really are and 

the true meaning of work. 

VICTORY (below) 

John Bullock has a huge smile on his 
face. He knows that the match he just 
won will help the team in the long run. 
He is very proud of his victory. 

UP AND OVER (above) 
Brian Hill takes on his opponent and 
gains a solid lead from the very begin- 
ning. He has a talent that will lead 
him to many victories in the future. 

Keith Sharron 

Wrestling is 

the hardest workout ever. 

It helps build physical and mental 

strength both on and off the mat. 

It shows that girls can do anything 

if they set their minds to it. 

Kristin Hogarth 

My teammates are 
my best friends because 
we have both failed and 

succeeded together. 

They will always have 

my back. 

Scott Maloney 


Back row (1 to r): Coach Kris Rench, Coach Mike Rench, Pete Katapodis, 
Brian Hill, Rich Chute, Shawn Sluss, Travis Martin, Kandice Rench, 
Kristen Taylor, Coach Walter Lasky. Second row (1 to r): Keith Sharron, 
Kevin Hall, Dan Spigarolo, Vito Giacalone, Jim Carey, Shawn Hogarth. 
Front row (1 to r): Dennis Garafalo, Shayna Harper, Kristin Hogarth, 
John Bullock, Eric Siegmann. 



























N. Quincy 















B.C. High 


















N. Bedford 



Coach Lasky has complete 
confidence in his team. He knows 
that they will always do their best 
and give 100% for him. 


What will you remember 
most about the season? 

During my first meet, I finished my 

routine. I didn't know I had to 

salute the judge. Sol got my new 

nickname "salute." 

Kristen Quartarone 

The thing I will remember most of 

the season is everyone calling me 

"thumper" when I ran down the 

vault runway. 

Caroline Carr 

One of the things I will remember 

from the season is the newspaper 

saying "we got help from an 

unlikely source." 

Steph Mackun 


The gymnastics team gathers in a circle before each meet to get psyched up. 
The captains share motivational thoughts with the girls and have a team 
huddle with their mascot "Kippy." 

CHALK TALK (below) 

Kate Martin and Rachel White 

conference about the upcoming event. 
They're both top scorers and are great 
contributors to the team. 

Captains Kate Martin, Julie Poirier, 
Kristin Kehrmeyer, and 
Rachael Marcotte sit on the vault. 
They are always joking around. 

UP ON TOP (above) 
Julie Poirier sits on top of the bar as 
she practices her routine. She has 
always competed bars as a high 
school event. 















































Back row (1 to r): Kate Martin, Kristin Kehrmeyer, Julie Poirier, 

Rachael Marcotte. 

Middle row (1 to r): Coach Buffy, Lael Roye, Ellie Straw, Katy Robbins, 

Gwen Deevy, Amy Carr, Shannon Moore, Felix Sola. 

Front row (1 to r): Kristen Quartarone, Steph Mackun, Arielle Knyff, 

Rachel White, Caroline Carr. 

Ask not what your teammates can do for you. 
Ask what you can do for your teammates. 

-Magic Johnson 

BEAM QUEEN (above) 

Amy Carr performs a backwalkover on the balance beam. She is 
constantly poised and has a graceful elegance. She always remains calm 
as she performs. - 

PILE UP (right) 

This year the Gymnastics Team has had a tremendous season. They have 
grown close as a team, embracing many newcomers into the sport and 
together have enjoyed many memorable moments. 


UPSIDE DOWN (above) 
Freshman Rachel White hits a 
handstand as part of her bar routine. 
She has been an "all around" competi- 
tor this season. 

Rachael Marcotte shows her flexibility 
as she does a perfect split. Her 
performance on floor is exciting to 
watch; she choreographed it herself. 




Kate Martin 

Bit. ■ 




Julie Poirier 



ft There are places I remember all my life, 
though some have changed. . . .Ah these 
places had their moments with lovers 
and friends I still can recall. Some are 
dead and some are living. In my life I 
loved them all. ^^ 

Student Life 

Spring Events.. .144-149 

Summer Events. . . 150-151 

Fall Events.. .152-163 

Winter Events... 164-175 

Other Events... 176-179 


Class Competition 

A time for classes to unite 
to prove their strength. 


The freshman class gets 
restless as they wait for the 
seniors to begin play. They're 
excited to join in on their first 
Class Competition, a 
highlight of their first year of 
high school. Volleyball is one 
of the favorite and most 
competitive activities of the 

The whole school looks forward to Class 
Competiton. It is a night when students from differ- 
ent grades compete against each other for the title 
of class champs. Colors of green, red, blue, and 
white fill the gym throughout the night as students 
cheer for their classmates. The pride held for each 
class is obvious as the night unfolds and more 
events are won. This year, the junior class proved 
that it is the toughest class at KP by beating the 
seniors at a competition they usually win. For that 
reason alone this night will be long remembered. 


This was the first time, within 
recent memory, that the seniors did 
not receive the most points during 
the night. These tough juniors are 
just some of those who beat those 
big, bad seniors. 

GO 2003!! (right) 
Freshmen always have white as 
their class color because it repre- 
sents the fact that they are still new 
to the school. This class shows off 
its colors well, while having a great 
time at their first class competition. 


It's certain that Micah Jackson 

would much rather be carried 

during the piggyback race instead 

of carrying her partner 

Scott Amidon. He helps her out by 

cheering her on the whole way. 


What was the 
most thrilling 
event of Class 

Throughout my competitions, 
I've learned what 
winning is about. 
A plain and clear lesson- 
giving up is the easy way out... 
-Sara Nachtman 

BRING IT ON (left) 

The hula hoop event requires quick, 

skilled people to pass a hula hoop 

through their chain of bodies before 

the other teams do. Here they 

practice before the real test of agility 


Kate Blair and Heidi Murphy show 
off the pride they have for their 
class by covering themselves in 
blue. The girls always look forward 
to this night, where they can show 
off their athletic talents and prove 
their class spirit. 

Only the strong 

Nicky LaPointe 

Orange Pass- 
neat stuff. 

Kris McDonald 

Obstacle Course- 
I was in it! 

Siobhan Howard 

Julie Lyon is doing her best to stay on 
the balance beam during the obstacle 
course. She's doing a great job! 


Semi Formal 

Everything I Do, I Do It For You 
Semi Formal 2000 

Amanda Spinney, Kate Sullivan, 
Liz Martello, Emily Greaves, and 
Biz Cove, are elated to be at their 
first Semi. Every year the 
underclassmen get all dressed up 
for a night of dancing and 
downright fun. 

The King Philip Semi Formal was held at 
Luciano's Lake Pearl Ballroom on March 24, 
2000. This is an event that the underclassmen 
look forward to each year. For the freshmen 
this is the first formal dance that they have 
attended in their high school lives. The theme 
for the Semi was Everything I Do, I Do It For 
You, a song by Brian Adams — a perfect song 
for a perfect evening. 

ALL HAIL (above) 
The 2000 Semi Court: 
Kristen Stewart and her date, 
Lofa Tatupu, Kelly Williams 
and her date, Mike Hassell, 
Kristin McCann and her date, 
Kevin Healey, King Eric Cunnane 
and his date, Kate Martin, 
Queen Amy Carr and her date, 
Joe Pender, Brandi Hamlin and her 
date, Eugene Valusso, 
Christina Powers and her date, 
Beau Thibault, and 
Siobhan Howard and her date, 
Pete Lown. 

ANGELIC (above right) 

Meg Capone and Kim Murdock 

look like angels in their gowns. 
Although they enjoyed the Semi, 
they are both looking forward to the 
Prom, which they will be attending 
their junior year. 

CLASSIC (right) 

Nichole McElroy, Amy Carr and 
Julie Lyon went for traditional with 
black dresses. Black is one of the 
most common colors at these 
dances, but always looks classy. 


A Night to Remember 

What was your 

most memorable 

moment from the 

Semi Formal? 

Dancing with 

It was fun dancing 

with friends and 
having a good time. 

Hangin' out with 
my friends 

ROYALTY (above) 
Amy Carr and Eric Cunnane were on 
cloud nine when named King and Queen 
of the Semi. These two had the time of 
their lives and looked great doing so. 

Rich Chute 

Alisha Lomasney 

Dana Shaw 

Christina Powers and 
Beau Thibault enjoyed their time at 
the Semi with each other and their 
friends. They took advantage of 
every moment they had. 

JUST THE TWO OF US (above left) 
Kris McDonald and Patti Quick 

take a break from their dancing to 
be together. Frantic dancing is tiring 
and an opportunity to sit and talk 
can be very inviting. 

Kerry McKinney, Kathryn Astley, 
Harleigh Billian, Judy Cronin, 
Amanda Vogan, Kristy Lamothe, 
and Kristy McKinney are enjoying 
themselves so much they want to 
take a picture to remember the 
moment. Almost everyone brings 
along a camera to remember this 


An Evening of Enchantment 

My favorite memory 

is dancing with my 


Hanging out with 

my friends while 

dancing all night is 

one of my favorite 


I liked being able to 
do something with 

my friends and 

boyfriend, who goes 

to another school. 

What is your 


memory of 

the Prom? 

Krista Anthony 

Mike Rieger 

Becky Pelrine 

A single dance is always set aside 
for just the Prom King and Queen to 
dance to. This year's royal couple 
were Tim Mele and Beth Gaetani. 

HAVING FUN (above) 
Christine Holmes and Scott 
Amidon get close during one of the 
many songs. Being great friends 
helped to insure that they both had 
tons of fun. 

ROYALTY (above right) 
The Prom Court looks gorgeous as 
always with Allison Milld, 
Derek Darling, Katie Holt and her 
date, Beth Gaetani, Tim Mele, 
Maria Baptista and her date, 
Elizabeth Kinney, and 
Brian Gulino. They all had a 
spectacular time. 


Best friends Kristin Kehrmeyer and 
Eric McDonald are bustin' a move 
on the dance floor. The Prom is a 
time when friends can bond before 
graduation and summer take them 
away from each other. 


Junior-Senior Prom 

The Prom is an event that juniors and seniors 
look forward to all year. It is one of the last 
events of the school year and also one of the 
most exciting. It's the big night to dress up and 
look fantastic while dancing the night away. 
The theme for this year's Prom was When you 
Say Nothing At All. And we can tell by these 
pictures that the prom goers don't have to say 
anything for someone to know that they are all 
having a great time. 

When You Say Nothing At All 
Junior-Senior Prom 2000 

Bobby Ulrich, Gwen Deevy, 
Kalena Coulsey, and Dan Nyman 

look psyched to be here. It is always 
a privilege to be invited to the Prom 
by upperclassmen, and these girls 
are thrilled to be a part of the big 


Kristin Conrad, Erin Strauss, 
Jess Morse, April Barker, and 
Jen Ryan take some pictures before 
they meet up with their dates for 
the evening. Beautiful flowers like 
these made the night special. 

MACHO MEN (above) 
These guys have been dancing all 
night to songs such as Party Up and 
Jump Around. They are definitely 
having the time of their lives while 
celebrating the end of the school 
year with all their friends. 


Holly Ciavattone and Jen Bryant 

take a break from the fun to pose for 
a picture. The excitement for the 
evening has just begun and these 
gals are ready for it all. 



Summer Time 

WE LOVE SUMMER (below right) 
Melissa Gray, Liz Burger, 
Brian Leary, Gregg Santabarbara, 
and Melissa McLacklan are enjoying 
the last light of a beautiful summer 
day. They are resting for the next 
day's cross country workout. 

JUST HANGING OUT (far below right) 
These seniors celebrate 
Maggie Casey's birthday at 
Courtney Howard's house. A 
birthday is a great excuse for a 
summer party. 

Meredith Jones, Jessica Nelson, 
Darby Rose, and Marissa Tuohy 

celebrate a double birthday party at 
Johanna Krouk's house. Summer 
birthdays mean a full day of fun. 

The cross country girls just finished a 
hard day's practice and they are still 
raring to go. Cross country summer 
camp is an exciting annual event. 

Jen Ryan, April Barker, 
Kristin Conrad, Maureen (Kristin's 
friend), Laura Shockro and 
Jessie Morse are cooling off in the 
Frog Pond in Boston. The quick run 
through the pond was a terrific 
ending to a hot summer day. 

Hot sunny days and 

long cool nights 

full of friends and fun. 

All students look forward to summer. By May 
they are anxiously anticipating the lazy days 
and wild nights of summer. Trips to the beach, 
late night talks, sports camps and, of course, 
trips to a favorite ice cream shop are among 
the best memories of the summer months. 
These days always seem to go by too quickly, 
like the years in our lives. But as September 
approaches students look forward to catch- 
ing up with friends they have not seen for two 
months and returning to the work of school. 


Summer Lovin ' 

Marissa Suchy tries to take a bite of her 
heaping ice cream cone, but is having a 
pretty rough time. Looks like she got more 
on herself than in her mouth. 

Did you 
travel to any 

new and 

exciting places 

this summer? 

I went toMASC 

for Student Council. 

It was a great 


Well, I traveled to 
New Hampshire 

Shane Jackson. 

I went to Martha's 

Vineyard for camp. 

I had a lot of fun. 

Lauren Briere 

Dave Arvidson 

Rose Becker 

Andrea Lyons, Emily Ghosh, 
Lydia Helliwell, Katie Prevost, 
Elizabeth Kinney, Jen Pulsone, and 
Rachael MacKenzie are enjoying a late 
night talk at soccer camp. The camp is a 
lot of hard work but memories make it 
all worth while. 

LIFE'S A BEACH (above left) 
Meg Capone, Meg Conley and 
Ellie Straw show off their skills at 
climbing lifeguard chairs at Compton 
Beach. These three made every day of 
summer unforgettable. 

The Girls' Field Hockey team takes a 
breather from their strenuous practice. 
Many KP sports teams have summer 
camps to help improve the athletes' 


September Events 

In September, the end of the summer 

brings new beginnings 

to students in all grades. 


Erin Johnson and Blair Rainsford 

demonstrate their K.P. pride at 
cross country camp. For many of 
the members of the team, camp is 
the last event of the summer and 
the first event of the school year. 

September signifies the end of the summer 
and the beginning of the school year at the 
same time. Freshmen are a little intimidated 
when they enter the big high school to start 
new classes with new teachers. The sopho- 
mores are just glad not to be freshmen any- 
more. The juniors are finally confident as up- 
perclassmen. The seniors are happy to be at 
the end of their high school careers, but sad 
that soon theyTl have to leave so many friends 
and memories behind. 

TIME OUT (above) 
Kristy McKinney, Amy Carr, and 
Shane Jackson pause on their way 
to the first football game of the year. 
All three have been involved in KP 
football since they were freshmen, 
whether they play, cheer, or support 
the team as spectators. 

Rick Brooks designs the cover for 
this year's Chieftain. KP has worked 
with Rick for years, and he has 
always come up with fantastic 
covers, this year being no exception! 

Lauren Briere and Meg Fogg chat 
while Lauren hangs up a poster she 
made for the first day of school. 
These girls enjoy catching up on 
each other's summer adventures 
after being away for a few months. 
Don't they look pumped to be back? 


How did you 

feel when 

you first 

entered the 

school in 


See you in September 

See you when the summer's through 

It's a long, long time to remember 

There's magic in the 

summer moon above 

So I'll see you in September 

or lose you to a summer love. 

-1960's rock and roll hit 

Jen Moore, Elizabeth Kinney, 
Jen Pulsone, and Andrea Lyons 

collect money for the Welcome Back 
dance. The first dance of the year is 
always memorable and this one was 
loved by all who attended. 

HANGIN' TOUGH (below) 

Joe McCormack and Andy Howard 

pose for a picture at the Welcome 
Back dance. Luckily, these boys' 
personalities are not as tough as 
they appear to be! 

I felt like a little fish 
in a big ocean. 

Kyle Gordon 

I had a bittersweet 
feeling once I entered. 

Katie Prevost 

J felt very 


and lost. 

Joe Delgrosso 

Kate Cronin gives her speech at the 
freshman class elections. This is the 
freshman class's first exposure to 
school government. 

2>- £ 


Spirit Week 

Spirit week is a time when the school is able 

to express its class spirit in an interesting 

and exciting new way. 

RED HOT (right) 
The junior girls show off their 
school spirit for class colors day. 
Juniors' red was seen throughout 
the school. Although they did not 
win this day, the juniors put forth a 
valiant effort. 

Spirit week is a time when the entire school looks 
like a carnival. Each day students dress according to 
a schedule. This year the days were: Pajama Day, 
Old School Day, Hawaiian day, Class Colors Day 
and Green and Gold Day. The seniors were victori- 
ous in the competition of Spirit Week. At the close 
of this fantastic week there is a pep rally to excite the 
school for the Homecoming Game and a parade on 
Saturday. The pep rally and Homecoming week- 
end are a time for the entire school to come together 
to support each other and to enjoy themselves in 
friendly competition. 

ALOHA (above) 

Sefiora McCourt's Spanish class is 
all dressed up and ready for a trip 
to Hawaii. Even Sehora thinks that 
the class should travel to a warm 
destination. Maybe instead of Spain 
the class should go to Hawaii. 

BREAK TIME (right) 
Lisa Galano and 

Gregg Santabarbara rest by their 
lockers before heading over to the 
pep rally. These two juniors love to 
dress up for green and gold day and 
they can't wait for Spirit Week next 



These freshmen were awake bright 
and early to decorate the door of 
Miss Figueiredo's room. This was 
the first year that the school has had 
a door decorating contest. Hope- 
fully it will become an annual 

Express Yourself 


Kirsten Larrabee, Melissa Gray, 

Elizabeth Burger, and Rosanne Boyle 

are all ready for Pajama day. They even 
have the slippers as a finishing touch. 

What was your 

favorite day of 

Spirit Week? 

Class Colors Day 

was my favorite 

because it helped to 

express class unity. 

Old School Day, 

because I got to 

wear exotic makeup 

and clothes. 

Hawaiian Day, 

because I could wear 

sweat pants. They 

were comfortable. 

Minhaj Rahman 

Megan Barry 

James Brady 

Rich Chute is demonstrating the 
fashionable poodle skirt of the 50's. 
He forgot one minor detail though. 
These skirts were made for girls, not 
boys. That must be why he was 
getting strange looks all day long. 

Christine Holmes, Andrea Lyons, 
Elizabeth Kinney and Jen Pulsone 

are dressed up to lead the school at 
the pep rally. Jen looks like she 
might be in trouble since those 
Warriors are ready to crush the 
Hornets. The girls' enthusiasm was 
contagious and by the end of the 
pep rally the entire school was 
ready for the homecoming football 
game and parade the next day. 


A Fight Til the Finish 

The concession 

stand had a variety 

of items to choose 

from. I liked having 

many options. 

The parade was fun 
and the float was 
pretty great too. 

Playing in the 

game was 


What did you 

like best about 


this year? 

Ben Gaetani Miranda Converse John Condlin 

PIG PILE (above) 
Becky Sevy, Stephanie Morris, 
Erin Johnson, Rosanne Boyle, 
Elizabeth Flannery, and Melissa Gray 

get ready for their last homecoming as 

This year all the grades came 
together to build one float. This 
year's theme was Survivor and the 
outcome of their hard work spoke 
for itself. 


The Homecoming King and Queen, 

Mike Rieger and Kristin Kehrmeyer, 

get settled in a convertible while 
waiting for the parade to start. They 
are both very excited to be such an 
important part of the day. 

Winning is not a sometime thing; 

it's an all time thing. 

You don't win once in a while, 

you don't do things right 

once in a while, 

you do them right all the time. 

Winning is habit. 

-Vince Lombardi 



When the air starts to feel a little cooler and the trees 
become decorated with many colored leaves, students 
begin to sense a certain change in the air. It's the 
beginning of fall; Spirit Week and float building are 
just around the corner, and with those comes Home- 
coming. KP students were filled with this spirit on 
Saturday, October 21st. As the bleachers overflowed 
with people dressed in green and gold, it became 
apparent that this was going to be one of the best 
games KP has seen in a long time. The huge victory 
over Mansfield was definite proof that the League 
had better watch out for the mighty Warriors! 

King Philip vs. Mansfield 

A tailgate party was added to the 
festivities this year before the 
parade began. Class officers from 
each grade came early to help 
prepare all the delicious food that 
KP students were invited to eat for 

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, Victory is our battle cry!!! 


Once again, the band did a great job 
with their half-time routine. Each 
member always puts hours upon 
hours of hard work into practicing 
the music and every time the 
performance turns out better than 
the last. 

THE COURT (above) 

The homecoming King, Queen, and 

Court are chosen by all the students 

in the school. The perfect selection 

made this year is Elizabeth Burger, 

Mike McCullough, 

Kristin Kehrmeyer, Mike Rieger, 

Emily Ghosh, and Steve Shaw. 

LET'S GO KP! (left) 

King Philip's devoted fans cheer on 

the team throughout the game. This 

is always one of the most attended 

games of the season and everyone 

who goes always has a fantastic 


We were confident going into the game 
because we knew that we were coming 
off a good week of practice. The coaches 
told us that if we played hard as a team 
then we would come out with the win, 
and we did. It was a big game for us. 
-Brian Cameron 


October Events 

Katie Cove, Erin Johnson, 
Melissa Gray and Becky Sevy are 
proving their math skills at the 
math test in the cafeteria. The 
students who took this exam are in 
level one math classes and many of 
them did exemplary work. 

LET'S EAT (below) 
These seniors are enjoying them- 
selves at the Senior Supper. Here, 
pizza and soda were provided. The 
winners of the superlatives were 
also announced. Can you spot some 
superlative winners? 

Kelly Morrison, Colleen Foley and 
Christina Duczakowski are having 
a ball at the Mardi Gras Dance. This 
dance was almost cancelled because 
the DJ did not arrive until 7:30 that 

6.02 X 10 TO THE WHAT? (right) 
Rob Tuveson and Judy Cronin hold 
up a figure of a mole during Mole 
Day. This is an event that the 
chemistry classes organize in honor 
of the mole a unit of measure which 
is equal to 6.02 X 10 23 . During this 
day, students put together an entire 
carnival which includes games and 
even a pie eating contest. 

Ghosts and goblins, green and gold 

were all the sights 

October would hold. 

Seeing autumn colors and feeling the crisp air are both 
signs that October has arrived. The students have now 
finished a month of school and everyone is settling in 
quite nicely. Students and teachers are becoming com- 
fortable with one another and the school year is under 
way. Many events took place in this month. The stu- 
dents' value for life was evident at this year's successful 
blood drive, where students and faculty members each 
volunteered to donate a pint of blood. This month also 
held Spirit Week and the Homecoming Game, which KP 
won. October was, as usual, home to Halloween and on 
that day students from each grade dressed up and 
paraded the hallways of King Philip in costume. 


Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! 

Jen Pulsone sits in the cafeteria in her 
Bert and Ernie slippers for Pajama Day. 
Jen has dressed up for Spirit Week each 
of her four years in high school. 

How did you 
enjoy the 
events in 

Spirit Week was the best 

because seniors won. 

Go seniors 1 . 

I liked beating Mansfield 

at the 

Homecoming Game. 

I enjoyed the events in 
October much like the 
events in September. 

Jen McKay 

Sean McGinn 

Emily Ghosh 

Melanie Bernier is all dolled up for 
Costume Day on October 31 st . It is 
Halloween and the students all love 
to dress up. Some even went trick- 

A LIFESAVER (above left) 
Mike Rieger is raising his arm after 
donating a pint of blood. For every 
pint of blood donated, three lives are 
saved. Mike and many other 
students were selfless and donated 
their blood to save the lives of 

CHARGE! (left) 

The King Philip football team marches 
onto the field before the Homecoming 
Game held on Saturday, October 21 st . 
KP crushed Mansfield in an easy win 
for the Warriors. The crowd loves to 
see the green and gold come out 
victorious at one of the only home 
games the football team has this year. 


Thanksgiving Day Game 

Teamwork is the fuel that allows common 
people to produce uncommon results. 

The King Philip Color Guard 
throws their flags during the half 
time show at the Thanksgiving Day 
game. This group works extremely 
hard and is dedicated to the school 
and their wonderful art. They 
follow the band in all of the shows 
that are performed during the 
football games. 

The Thanksgiving Day game was held on, you 
guessed it, Thanksgiving Day. This day was freez- 
ing cold but that did not stop the fans from pouring 
in. It also did not stop the King Philip Warriors 
from crushing the Franklin Panthers. KP played a 
great game that all of the fans enjoyed. Everyone 
was proud of the efforts of the winning King Philip 
football team. Because the Thanksgiving Day game 
was played in Wrentham this year we were able to 
have the king and queen. They were Keith Monahan 
and Maria Baptista. 

These hard workers are glad for the 
end of a superb game. After four 
years they know when they have 
played well. They are so kind they 
even pause for a moment for a crazy 
fan to take their picture. 


The King Philip Marching Band 
heads onto the field for the award 
winning half time show they have 
created. This talented group of 
musicians plays at every football 
game and when not playing they 
are practicing for long strenuous 

1 firmly believe that any man's finest 

hour — his greatest fulfillment at all he 

holds dear — is that moment when he 

has worked his heart out in a good 

cause and lies exhausted 

on the field of battle, victorious. 

-Vince Lombardi 


Laura Czyzewski, 

Stephanie Knowles and Katie Sevy 

braved the cold weather to cheer on 
their team. These girls were 
rewarded for their efforts by the 
victorious football game. Now they 
can go home for a great 
Thanksgiving feast. 


WHO'S DOWN? (left) 
The football players pile onto the 
field during a play. King Philip did 
an excellent job beating Franklin. 
These boys put forth their hearts and 
souls for the team. The victory made 
their fans and the community proud. 

GO KP! (below left) 
The King Philip Cheerleaders pause 
from their constant support of the 
football team to capture a memory. 
These girls can always be heard at 
the football games, getting the crowd 
involved, and cheering on their 
team. Their support is always 
welcomed and needed. 

Keith Monahan and Maria Baptista 

are the Thanksgiving Day King and 
Queen. The school voted for these 
two wonderful people. 

Joanne Caffrey Eric Siegmann Terita Heath- Wlaz 

What do you 
plan on doing 

after the 


Day game? 

After the game 

I am going home 

to eat dinner. 

I can't make the game 

because I am going 

to New York. 

I'm going out 

to eat dessert 

with my friends. 

A MINUTE'S REST (above) 
John Phillips takes a quick break from 
the game to grab a drink of water 
before heading back on the field. Keep 
up the good work! 

KP Carves a Victory! 



November Events 

Staying warm and getting close 

with friends adds to the 
fun-filled times that are ahead. 

GO KP!!! (right) 

Scott Amidon catches the ball just 
in time. The team played a fantastic 
game against Franklin by beating 
them 34-7. They should be very 
proud of their performance. 

: ~'"^*3Cfc i 



November brings fun and excitement to everyone. 
With fall sports ending, students become involved in 
other activities that begin in the later fall months. 
Inductions into Leo Club, NHS, and Peer Mediation 
are just some of these activities. Another is the junior 
and senior girls' preparing for and playing in the 
Powder Puff game. After the game, the bonfire helps 
bring friends closer together as they try to get warm 
after standing in the cold. And who can forget the 
Thanksgiving Day game? Once again, KPbeat Franklin 
winning the game 34-7. Everyone who attended thor- 
oughly enjoyed the game. 

The superb King Philip Marching 
Band takes a break to watch some of 
the game before they have to go on 
the field for the halftime show. 
Their performance is always greatly 
anticipated during the game and 
enjoyed by all who are privileged to 
see it. This year was no exception to 
their streak of perfect performances 
as the band showed Franklin and 
King Philip just how good they are. 

History Day is a stressful time for 
students because of all the hard 
work they have to put into their 
projects. Jake Cacciapaglia and 
Dave DeBlasio are bringing their 
finished project into the Media 
Center in order for it to be graded 
and possibly go on to the state 

One of the best parts of History Day 
is finally finishing the whole 
project. Janine Molino and 
Laura Czyzewski are extremely 
relieved to have their's done and 
ready to be seen by everyone. By 
the looks of it, they should be proud 
of their hard work and time spent 
working on the project. 


Turkey Day is Here Again 

Which event 

. _ T .J Beating North in football 

Ifl NOVetnbeT was awesome!! 

was most 

The cheerleading 

The Thanksgiving 
football game. 

|EW INDUCTEES (above) 

enna Kraby, Micah Jackson, 

Vlatt Murphy, and Jill Jackson are all 

smiles at the Leo Club induction. They 
:an't wait to participate in all the activities. 

Jeff Wood 

Caitlyn Hawkins 

Greg Mirliss 

PIGGIN' OUT (above) 
After three long afternoons of Peer 
Mediation training, these new 
members get to chow down on some 
well-deserved ice cream. During the 
training process, students who were 
nominated to become new members 
had to learn ways to resolve conflicts 
and help out their fellow students. 

STAYING WARM (above left) 
These freshmen get close in order to 
stay warm before the bonfire is lit. 
Each year, students from all grades 
enjoy going to the bonfire and 
getting pumped for the Thanksgiv- 
ing game together. 

These junior girls just finished 
playing a vicious game of powder 
puff football against the senior girls. 
They had a ton of fun playing their 
first powder puff game and are 
already looking forward to playing 
again next year. 

163 , 

The Gift of Giving Love 

She grabbed the book and 

was so excited and 

thankful. She was so 


His eyes lit up and he 

had the biggest smile on 

his face. 

He was completely 

overwhelemed and 

adorable. He gave me a 

kiss and a hug. 


Darby-Lee Rose 

How did 

your child 

react to his/ 

her gifts? 

Bill Robertson 

Maggie Casey 

George Yousif takes a moment to talk to 
his child. Sometimes, the simple act of 
showing love was even better than the toy. 

Laura Kraby removes the covers 
from some of the goodies that the 
seniors brought with them. Food is 
always welcome at an event and at 
this one the delicious food was 
appreciated and devoured by 

I LOVE MY GIFT (above right) 
Heather Lanagan and 
Janice Bishop's child smiles from 
ear to ear with her new rainbow 
colored Slinky. These girls did a 
great job shopping; after all, 
everyone loves a Slinky. 

INCOMING (right) 
King Philip seniors pile off the bus 
at the St. Mary School in Provi- 
dence. All the seniors came armed 
with bags of marvelous presents for 
the children that they were 
assigned. The seniors look just as 
excited to give the presents as the 
children were to receive them. 


Holiday Party 

The Holiday Party is a community outreach project 
run by the Student Council. Each senior chose a 
partner and then each group was assigned a child. 
The seniors went out with their partners and spent an 
alloted amount of money on their child. Then, on 
December 15 they travelled to the St. Mary School in 
Providence to give their gifts. Each senior was excited 
to give gifts of love and hope and the children were 
filled with anticipation to meet their new friends and 
receive their brightly colored packages. The KP stu- 
dents left a little happier knowing that they had 
brightened the day of one of these children. 

There's no point in being grown up if you 

can't be childish sometimes. 

-Dr. Who 

Andy Howard and his child are 
ecstatic to have a new remote 
control car. The remote control cars 
were among the most popular gifts 
for the seniors and their children. 
The children loved driving the cars 
all over the gym and occasionally 
into the foot of one of the 
unsuspecting seniors. 


Bill Bauser and Kristen Verdeaux 

were assigned a young girl to buy 
gifts for. They had great adventures 
buying gifts for their little girl, and 
she had a grand adventure opening 
all the gifts. 

WHAT'S THAT? (above) 
Chrissy Flynn shows 
Joe McCormack and their child 
how to put together one of the toys 
that she and Joe had bought for 
him. These three had a wonderful 
time together talking and playing, 
but were sad at the day's end when 
they had to part. 

Becca MacDonald and Jay Barron 

were lucky enough to have two 
children to buy for. They both are 
very generous and love to be with 
children. It is always great to have a 
number of people to share with and 
these four friends were able to joke 
and laugh the entire day they were 


Ski Trips 

SLOPE STARS (right) 

Joe Cuddihy and Brian Czarnowski 

slowly make their way back to their 
rooms. Both boys were exhausted, 
but by the next morning, they were 
ready to go! 

Lauren Keeler and Jess Rodio 

huddle for warmth in the hallway 
of the ski lodge. These girls were 
both freezing from their day of 
action, but they quickly got warmed 

SKI COAT CLAN (below) 
Ryan Hansen, Chris Rieger, 
Josh Plante, and Joe Cuddihy wait 
in line for refreshments in between 
taking runs down the slopes. A cup 
of hot chocolate not only warms the 
body, but also renews the soul for 
more skiing! 

The freshmen from the ski trip take 
a breather in the lounge of the ski 
lodge. No matter how tired they 
were from their day on the slopes, 
the skiers made time to have fun. 


Powdery snow, mittens, skis, and good 
company ensure a successful ski trip. 

King Philip's ski trips are always a memorable 
experience for everyone involved. This year's trip 
to Bolton Valley, Vermont, was no exception. Just 
about all of the K.P. students returned from the 
weekend invigorated by their brief escape to the 
mountains. The many snowboarders who went on 
the trip proved that you don't have to be a skier to 
enjoy a skiing trip. The conditions for the trip were 
perfect, with hardly any waiting in line. As usual, 
the skiers and snowboarders had as much fun off 
the slopes as they did on them. All these factors 
combined will make the next ski trip even better! 







Hon; would 

you rate the 


from 1-10 

and why? 

They were not a 


The mountains 

were small but there 

were no lines! 

It didn't have 

everything that 

I wanted. 

Kathryn Vanderwyk and 
Carolyn Fitzpatrick prepare to board the 
ski lift for the first run of the day. The 
pleasant weather made for a great day! 


Ellie Straw 

Ryan Hansen 

WHAT A VIEW! (above) 

Emily Greaves and Elizabeth Cove 

admire the sunset before going for 
their last run. One of the best things 
about Bolton Valley was the 
undisturbed beauty of nature all 


Skiers and snowboarders may have 
different forms of slope entertain- 
ment, but off the mountains, they all 
hang out in one big group. The ski 
trip strengthens friendships and it 
also fosters new ones. 


December Events 

Anticipation of the upcoming vacation 
makes for an exciting month 

TAKE A BOW (right) 
Molly Bloomer, Jen Lechak, 
Carolyn Osborn, 
Gretchen Meixner, and 
Filiz Korkmaz are just some 
of the cast and crew mem- 
bers from the Drama Club. 
The spectacular performance 
this winter was A Christmas 

December is always an exciting month for students at 
King Philip. With winter vacation just around the 
corner, everyone becomes anxious to finish last minute 
projects before beginning their week of fun. This 
December, students were almost overwhelmed by all 
the activities taking place. The music program was 
successful with the annual Pops Concert, while the 
drama program produced a fantastic performance of 
the play A Christmas Story. DECA hosted a dance 
which turned out to be a great night. For the Senior 
Class, the Holiday Party in Providence proved to be 
an enjoyable time for all. 

It looks like Bill Robertson and his 
child for the day are having a good 
time while taking a break from all the 
excitement. The annual Holiday Party 
was a success and tons of fun. 

IS THAT A MONET? (right) 
Melissa Gray takes a look at some 
of the artwork displayed in the Art 
Show. Each year students from a 
variety of art classes choose one 
piece of work that they like and 
display it for all to see. It is amazing 
how creative students at King Philip 
can be. 

Emily Bhatti, Amanda Darling, 
Sarah Haber, and Kyle Moore gave 
rave reviews of the second dance of 
the school year. DECA did a superb 
job hosting this dance party, and 
everyone who attended was pleased 
with the results. 


TEST TAKERS (above left) 
The sophomore and junior classes 
are having an assembly about how 
to prepare for the upcoming PS AT 
and SAT tests. Hopefully, the real 
test will be more exciting than the 
video they are watching. 

GET BACK TO WORK (below left) 
NHS members, Sarah Fisher, 
Heidi Krajewski, Melissa Gray, 
Elizabeth Flannery, and 
Elizabeth Burger take a break 
during the Winter Pops Concert to 
enjoy the music. They had a great 
time listening to their favorite 
holiday songs while serving the 
fans of the KP Music Association. 

Bobby Ulrich is getting measured 
for his cap and gown for gradua- 
tion. The Senior Class is only just 
beginning to realize that their years 
in high school are coming to a close. 

Meg McKenna 

Susan Watson 

Anna Perrelli 

What's your 

favorite part 

of the Pops 


The sing-a-longs were 

I really enjoyed hearing 
Adam sing. 

It was so cool playing in 

it for one of the last 


Sean O'Connor and Dave DeBlasio did 

a fantastic job dj-ing the DECA dance. 
They played only the best tunes in order 
to get everyone on the dance floor. 

Winter Wonderland 


January Events 

A new semester, a new season, and 
new events to experience are 
all features of the New Year. 

SOUP-ER BOWL (right) 
Andrea Lyons shows her 
support for the fund-raiser 
Student Council held this 
month. As Student Council 
president, Andrea always 
shows her school spirit by 
participating in every event. 

Exams, exams, and more exams... January is not all 
fun and games. The stressful week of midterms is 
never something that students look forward to. This 
year, however, the economics class relieved some of 
the stress by selling stress-relief kits the week before 
exams began. Another event that added some spirit to 
the hallways was Star Day, when students walked the 
halls trying to find their very own stars. Other events 
of the month included the Father-Daughter Dance at 
Lake Pearl, the Senior Symposium, and one of the 
many ski trips of the year. With events like these, the 
long winter months seem much shorter. 

IS IT "A" OR "B"? (above) 
Scott Maloney doesn't look too 
scared while taking his last midterm 
of the week. After four days of test 
taking and hard studying, everyone 
was looking forward to the 
weekend and a break from the 
stress of school. 

LISTEN UP! (right) 
2000 KP graduate Chris Wagner 
spoke to the Class of 2001 about his 
experiences so far as a college 
student. The senior class became 
even more anxious to be college- 
bound after hearing all the 
interesting speeches from former 

The morning of Star Day, Student 
Council members were seen putting 
stars all along the walls of the 
hallway. Jen Pulsone is just one of 
the students who diligently worked 
on her stars in order to add more 
spirit to the school. 


! A New Beginning 

Bekah Fisher is working hard to make 
the stress-relief kits sold before 
midterms. The economics class Was 
extremely successful in their project. 

What's your 
New Year's 

I am going to try harder 
in all my classes. 

My New Year's 
resolution is to get a job. 

I am going to think of a 
resolution for next year. 

Katelyn Small 

Peter Morriss 

Meredith Jones 

Meg Capone and Kim Murdock 

ring in the New Year in style. They 
spent the evening in Providence, 
enjoying all the excitement of the 

Kate Cronin and 
Anthony Delaiarro are busy 
hanging up stars on Star Day. These 
two Student Council members put a 
lot of effort into making their stars 
and can't wait to find the ones with 
their own names on them. 


Soup bfKVE^ 


In My Father's Eyes 

/ was so glad to be 

able to spend a 

whole night with 

my Dad. 

The night was special 

for me because I was 

able to spend time with 

my father. 

I liked being able to 

hang out with both my 

friends and my Dad at 

the same time. 


What made 

the night 

special for 


Biz Cove 

Sandria Hall 

Rebekah Fisher 

Blair Rainsford, Rosanne Boyle, 
Elizabeth Flannery, Erin Johnson, 
Jill Jackson, Kristin McCann and 
Melissa Gray are all smiles at the 
Father Daughter Dance. These girls 
enjoy spending time with each other 
and their fathers, not to mention 
taking a break from their strenuous 
workouts with the track team. 

Freshmen Caitlin Cuozzo, 
Lora Bertoldi, Meredith Ffealy, and 
Emily Bhatti are livin' it up at their 
first Father Daughter Dance. These 
four girls had a fantastic time at the 
dance and they cannot wait to go 
next year when they will be able to 
attend again as older, wiser 

The Girls' Gymnastics Team is together 
even when not in the gym. These girls 
love to have fun and are so glad to be able 
to be at the Father Daughter Dance. 


Father Daughter Dance 

The Father Daughter Dance took place on January 6, 
2001. This dance is an annual event that the girls in 
the school look forward to with excitement. The dance 
is an event that all grades can attend and it gives the 
girls an opportunity to be with their friends and 
fathers. Most of the time the fathers sit and watch their 
daughters enjoy themselves on the dance floor, but 
there is always the occasional father who dances the 
night away with the girls. For the seniors this is the 
last Father Daughter Dance they will attend in high 
school and both the girls and their fathers became a 
little teary-eyed at the end of the night. 

No matter how old she grows, 

a daughter always has a special place 

in her heart for her father. 

LAST DANCE (left) 
Mr. Cox, Kim Cox, Jen Friedman, 
and Mr. Friedman enjoy their last 
high school Father Daughter Dance. 
They have loved attending the 
dance each year because they enjoy 
dancing and spending hours 

Nicole Puddester, 
Siobhan Howard, Cate Smith, and 
Jill Malcolm love to dress up and 
go out with their fathers. Of course 
at this moment their fathers are 
nowhere to be seen; maybe they are 
getting the girls some water. 

The senior girls capture a quick 
memory of the dance. Many of the 
girls have attended the dance for all 
four years and they have looked 
forward to this event every year. 

CAMERA MAN (left) 
Mr. Kehrmeyer films the last dance 
of the Father Daughter Dance. All 
the girls will be able to look back at 
the dance and remember the great 
times they had. He has filmed every 
dance and everyone is always 
grateful to him. 

It is admirable for a man 

to take his son fishing, 

but there is a special place in 

heaven for the father who 

takes his daughter shopping. 

-John Sinor 


February Events 

Terita Heath-Wlaz advertises the 
Sachem flower sale during lunch 
while waiting for more people to 
purchase flowers for their friends. 
Each year Sachem sells a variety of 
carnations for students to buy for 
Valentine's Day. 

Mr. Levine announced this month 
that Erin Strauss and Jen Ryan are 

Co-Valedictorians of the senior 
class. Throughout high school they 
were constantly working hard to get 
those superb grades that earned 
them this special title. 

THE RUNNER UP (right) 
Linda Boulden is recognized as the 
Salutatorian for the Class of 2001. 
Her strong work ethic allowed her 
to be among the top students in her 
class while still enjoying every 
moment of high school. 

Lauren Briere is working hard to 
get everything ready for Singled 
Out. Members of the Student 
Council spent many hours working 
on the set, getting props, and 
planning out all the details; their 
dedication to this project resulted in 
a fun-filled evening for all who 

Roses are red, violets are blue, 

February brings good times 

to both me and you. 

Febuary, the month of love. King Philip High School 
was full of love for all kinds of activities this month. 
Sachem sold flowers for students to send to the people 
they care about on Valentine's Day. SADD sold lolli- 
pops in the shape of lips; the student body was happy 
to lick those up to support the SADD program. Par- 
ents showed their love for their children when they 
attended the 8th grade orientation to learn about 
where their children would be spending the next four 
years of their lives. Students also showed their love 
and pride for their school by purchasing class rings 
from Balfour. All in all, it was an exciting and love- 
filled month for everyone at KP. 


Hearts and Flowers 

What are your 

plans for 



I'm not sure what I'm 

doing.... It's supposed to 

be a surprise. 

I'm going out to dinner 
with my family. 

I'm going to have a 

romantic evening 

with Joe. 

For Kate Martin and Chris Darling 

Valentine's Day is as common as 
talking on the phone each night. 
Aren't they so cute together? 

Chrissy Cummings Alisha Lomasney Katelyn MacKenzie 

AND I LEAVE THIS TO... (above) 
Towards the end of the school year 
the senior class gets to write their 
Senior Class wills. Deanna Ho is 
remembering all the fun times she's 
had since she came to KP. By the 
time she's done writing, she will 
have a long list of all the fond 
memories she has of her friends. 

READY TO GO (above left) 
This group of underclassmen are 
pumped to go to their first Singled 
Out game. They not only have the 
chance to win a date with an 
upperclassman, but they also get to 
have fun watching and participating 
in all the excitement of the game. 

These girls are trying to win a date 
with one of the male contestants 
during Singled Out. They laughed a 
lot at the interesting and 
embarassing things they had to do 
in order to win the date. 


The Extra Mile 

There have been angels in my life.... 

They perform their acts in human guise, 

sometimes borrowing the face of family and friends, 

sometimes posing as zvell meaning strangers. 

Jen Moore stands with her Student 
Council Advisor, Mrs. Barnes. She 
is the person behind most events at 
K.P., the person who supports the 
students who put on the special 
events at K.P. 

There are many activities at K.P. that go 
unnoticed everyday. There are special acts of 
kindness that our students and teachers per- 
form that we sometimes take for granted. 
These little activities make K.P. such a spe- 
cial community. This page highlights just a 
few of the many special projects and people 
who succeed in making our days that much 
brighter. We may not notice them everyday 
but we would certainly notice their absence 

Miss Ryan, Mr. Skenyon and 
Ms. Slagle have all been hard at 
work this fall and winter. Each 
teacher has taken ample time out of 
his or her schedules to correct 
seniors' college essays. Without 
these three wonderful teachers, 
many students would not have the 
perfect work to submit. 

STAR OF THE DAY (right) 
Lisa Watson participates in her first 
Star Day and appreciates the 
surprise from Student Council. 
Every year, Student Council makes 
over 1,000 stars for the student body 
and faculty. This simple gesture 
helps to lessen the stress of 
midterms and bring smiles to our 

A NEW HOLIDAY (right) 
Mrs. Carneiro hands Kayla Burt a 
piece of candy on Student Apprecia 
tion Day. Every year Mrs. Carneiro 
picks a day in March for this 
occasion. She greets students at the 
door with a thank you and a 
handshake. Students also receive 
little tokens such as candy and 
small prizes. There is no question 
that all of Mrs. Carneiro's students 
make a point to let her know how 
much she is appreciated! 

Since the beginning of their high 
school careers, Tom Flanagan and 
Bekah Fisher have been delivering 
media equipment to teachers. This 
dedicated pair report to the library 
every morning ready to wheel T.Vs, 
VCRs, tape recorders and other 
classroom supplies to classrooms. 

BON APPETIT (below left) 
Ms. Figueiredo's class gathers around 
as their mouths water for cake. Every 
year Ms. Figueiredo treats her 
students to her delicious cake. The 
cake is so renowned with her students 
it is now affectionately referred to as 
figgy cake. 

JUMP BALL (below) 
Every Saturday, high school basketball 
players help with the youth basketball 
programs. This is just one of the many 
activities in which KP branches out 
into the larger community. 

Why do you 
think that the 

little extra 

activities at KP 

are so 


Colleen Foley 

Because they make KP 
come together. 

Kyle Moore 

The activities that go 

unrecognized are the 

ones that make people 

feel the best. 

Evan Brock 

Because they make you 

feel warm and fuzzy 


Students are always in the guidance 
office asking Mrs. Crehan for the 
correct forms, their G.P.A.'s, or class 
rank. She always seems to have the 
answers and can reassure the students 
with a smile. 




Always leave enough time in your life 

to do something that makes you happy, 

satisfied, even joyous. 

IT'S MY PARTY (right) 
Seth Weaver and 
Lauren Briere are having fun 
celebrating Lauren's sweet 16 
birthday by having a party 
with all their friends. With 
good friends like this, who 
needs the party? 

Monday through Friday is a time for classes, home- 
work and tons of studying. It isn't until Friday after- 
noon, when all the classes are done and over with, that 
students at King Philip High School can fully enjoy 
the freedom of being young. The stress of everyday 
life, homework, projects, and sports is forgotten over 
these two awesome days that all the students look 
forward to. Weekends are a time when friends gather 
together and have the time of their lives. Between 
working after school at part-time jobs and being in- 
volved in many other activities, everyone needs a 
break. The weekend provides fun for everyone. 

LOVIN' LIFE (above) 
Kerri Carlson tries not to laugh too 
hard as Kathryn Astley finally 
decides what to order at the 
Cheesecake Factory. Even though 
they waited two hours for their 
seats, they still enjoyed the bustling 
city of Providence. 

BUNDLING UP (right) 

Andy Croteau and Jamie Marks get 

ready to go out into the cold fall 
weather. Their plans for this 
evening are up for grabs. Who 
knows what may happen when 
these two guys get together? 

At the end of our time on earth, if 

we have lived fully, we will not be 

able to say, "I was always happy." 

Hopefully, we will be able to say, 

"I have experienced a lifetime of 

real moments, and many of them 

were happy moments." 

-Barbara Deangelis 


During a weekend, Iza Hoagland, 
Erin Conroy, and Chrissie Duffey 

get all dolled up to waitress at a 
wedding. Their matching uniforms 
are very stylish and all three girls 
had a wonderful time watching the 
wedding guests and serving food. 

Not Your Average Day 

Cook's Hall is a popular place to go 
during warm fall evenings. These girls 
are a perfect example of the Hall's most 
satisfied customers. 

What do you 
enjoy doing 

on the 

Sam Elfar 

I work in the day and t 
out at night. 

Linda Boulden 

I enjoy getting 
lots of sleep. 

Rob Tuveson 

/ always hang out with 
Kevin Flaherty. 



WE ARE FAMILY (above) 
Judy and Kate Cronin are having a 
special sister moment. They love 
being on Student Council together 
and always have a great time when 
they hang out. 

Eric McDonald, Keith Monahan, 
and Brian Leary leave the stands at 
the Homecoming Game in order to 
take a closer look at what's 
happening on the field. These boys 
are always able to have tons fun 
together no matter what the 

You'll seldom experience regret 

for anything that you've done. It 

is what you haven't done that will 

torment you. The message, 

therefore, is clear. Do it! Seize 

every second of your life and savor 

it. Value your present moments. 

-Wayne Dyer 




Do all the good you can, by all 
the means you can. in all the 
ways you can, in all the places 
you can, at all the times you can, 
to all the people you can, as long 
as you ever can. ** 

~ John Wesley 

Clubs and 

Art Club /Design Your World. .. 1 82 -183 

Band... 184- 191 

Chieftain... 192- 193 

DECA... 194-195 

Diversity/Gym Leaders... 196-197 

Drama... 198- 199 

GAPS /Photography Club... 200-201 

Key Club /Boys' and Girls' State. ..202-204 

Leo Club... 204-205 

NHS... 206-207 

French NHS /Peer Mediation... 208-209 

Peer Leadership... 210-211 

Sachem... 212-213 

SADD... 214-215 

Student Council... 216-217 


Art Club is great. 

It's a place anyone 

can go to let their 

creativity really flow. 

It's awesome to be 

able to share your 

artistic ventures with 

other people. 

-Erin Wilensky 

It's a great club if you 

love to create or make 

something expressive. 

-Kaela Goldstein 

The Art Club offers 

students interested 

in art an opportunity 

to explore their own 

interests as well as to 

take part in 

workshops that 

introduce new 

mediums and ideas. 

The club also invests 

in several 

community -oriented 

projects each year 

designed to offer 

children and their 

parents some quality 

time through the 
art-making process. 
-Mrs. Greenleaf 
Club Advisor 


Erin Wilensky, Kaela Goldstein, Marguerite Keyes, Keith Foster, and Emily Angeloni are just a few of the 

members of the Art Club. They joined the club because they all love art and like creating new forms of art. 

Art Club 

READY! SET! DRAW! (left) 
Maggie Church collects all of the 
materials that she will need to use. 
Maggie also takes several art 

CREATIVE CARDS (below and right) 
Every year Art Club and Art class 
students make greeting cards to sell. 
This card has a painting by Art Club 
Advisor Mrs. Greenleaf. 


With colored pencils in hand, 
Nafeesa Rahman tries to figure 
out the perfect shade for her 
drawing. Nafeesa has become a 
better artist with practice over 
the past years. 


Erin Wilensky is the victim of 

Becky Pelrine's and 

Kaela Goldstein's latest artwork. 

Marguerite Keyes and 

Russell Wells look on in awe at this 

strange form of art. 


Kaela Goldstein, Jen Pulsone, and Keith Monahan are working hard 
to create the best possible drawing. They have been in the program for 
two years and enjoy making the video announcements. 

Preparing a video announcement 
section takes a lot of hard work and 
determination. Kaela Goldstein and 
Lindsey Fliger however, are always 
excited to see their work please 
other students 

DRAWING DUO (above) 
In Design Your World, students 
have to hand draw some of their 
drawings. Melissa McLacklan and 
Chrissy Flynn are up to the 
challenge of making a perfect drawing. 

Design Tour World 


The Design Your World class is always working to create masterpieces. They design video announcements, 

calendars, as well as other interesting things. 

It's a valuable class, 
which incorporates 
computer skills, art 

and creativity. 
Melissa McLacklan 

Design Your World is 

a class like no other. It 

allows students to get 

their ideas out about 

the school. 

-Jen Pulsone 

Take two parts Frasier, 

one part Friends, five 

parts ER and one part 

Will and Grace and 

you will get a show 

that is nothing like 

Design Your World. 

-Andy Calnan 

Design is a good class 
because it gives kids a 
background in com- 
puter programs that 
will be valuable later 
in life. 
-Keith Monahan 


The Band of the Decade. . . . 

BACK ROW: Joe Fussell, Scott Spaulding, Gilies Oullette, Jeremy Gill, Josh Wolloff, George Hinman, Peter Tileston, Ed Develin, 

Michael Lombo, Robin O'Neil, Nicole Morrison, Nick Perreli. 

FOURTH ROW: Matt Sieloff, Dave Hannon, Charles-Ross Sherwin, Magan Swanson, Teresa Hunt, Adam Gawthrope, 

Jillian DiNunzio, Meghan McKenna, Marguerite Keyes, Jess Terrio, Rebecca Brennan, Kieth Foster, Anna Perrelli, Dan Albert, 

Charles Roland, AJ Simard, Mike O'Connell, Joe Zahner, Jim Foulis, Bill Bauser, Rob Proctor, Steven Dacko, Mike Moore. 

THIRD ROW: Sebastian Zervos, Elizabeth Streeter, Leo Small, Chris Barb, Stephen Foulis, Nicole Hoyceanyls, Andy McFarland, 

Sarah Clark, Benjamin Purkis, Josh Geller, Adam Ewer, Matt Jillson, Brian O'Connell, Christian Keyes, Dan Kolodziej, 

Jeff Jacobson, Jess Donegan, Lindsay King. 

SECOND ROW: Samantha Sieloff, Cheryl Tripp, Lauren Paetznick, Erin Kim, Kelly Brenna, Jen Chillemi, Kristen Verdeaux, 

Sarah Cronin, Crystal Nelson, Emily Loughlin, Kara Davey,Katie Baker, Ryan Beans, Jill Dubendris, John Baker, Vito Giacalone, 

Devon Geller. 

FRONT ROW: Ellen Morris, Laura Daley, Katie O'Neil, Alison Cobb, Lauren Mulcahey, Lindsay Dumont, Christine Albert, 

John Majewski, Josh Clark, Stacey Doiron, Stacy Jillson, Julie Nolan, Rachel Cardillo, Renee Robinson, Shayln Simmer, 

Kristen Gilchrist. 

Piano Concerto No. 2 


Neil Larrivee, Lou Allard, 

Hal Dinkins, T.J. Morris, 
Bill Cobb, Susan Barb, 

Jen St. Amand, Mike Butler, 
Abby Dalton, Lauren Woessner, 

Amanda Tusley, Erin Pisarki, 
Kyle Sebring, Derreck Warchal, 

Kaitlyn Winter, Namrata Trivedi, 
Christine Giacalone, Batina Keyes, 

The Pride and the Passion 

Waking up before dawn, rehearsing at sunrise, and with a 

determined and focused face preparing to compete against the 

best high school marching bands in America. 

That was a day that will never escape the memories of the extraordinary 
musicians at King Philip. In the fall of 2000 the King Philip High School Marching 
Band once again brought its excellence to new heights. Beginning at band camp, 
we knew we faced something new and different. For the first time ever the King 
Philip Marching Band was traveling to Indiana to compete in the Bands of 
America Grand National Championships. Through the cold October and Novem- 
ber months we moved ourselves forward each week with the determination to 
play the inspirational music of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #2. Many times 
the band was forced to practice in the harsh elements of wind, rain and snow. It 
made us feel like some kind of superheroes out there, working to improve despite 
the severe weather. The real supermen were Mr. Tileston and Mr. Larrivee, who 
taught us to be excited about working hard and to be satisfied only when we had 
achieved the best we could be, and showed us that all the long hours and hard 
work were worth the pride we felt in the end. We also felt a debt of gratitude for 
the many members of the staff, an incredibly dedicated group behind the whole 
band, who frequently fail to get the recognition they deserve. They all have 
extensive experience and knowledge which they share freely in order to improve 
the band as a whole and each individual member. We cannot express in words 
how much their dedication means to us. They are too outstanding. 

When the time came for the Indianapolis competition, the band had been 

polished to a classy shine; we reached our peak at Grand Nationals. Being the only 

competition from the New England Region, we were the smallest out of the 90 

bands, which came from all over the country. King Philip captured the bronze 

medal of Division III in the competition, making the cut for semifinals, proving to 

ourselves and the country that we weren't just a small band from the Northeast, 

but that we were the little band that could. The experience of performing the best 

show ever at Grand Nationals is the greatest satisfaction; it helps to explain why 

it's worth all the work and sacrifices. Seniors with tears in their eyes had come to 

realize how special this event was, and that it was a final step for them in the legacy 

of the King Philip Marching Band. However it is certainly not a final step for the 

band. King Philip will continue to strive for excellence. I, like many others, am 

very proud to have been a part of this program, but sad to realize that I can't 

participate in the extreme force that the band will be next year. My best wishes to 

the members of that future band. 

-Meg McKenna 


Winter Percussion last 
year was a blast! We 
worked hard, had fun, 

and learned a lot. 

Winter Percussion has 

been a life-enriching 

experience that 

culminated with our 

capturing first place at 

finals in Dayton, Ohio. 

I am sorry that next year 

is my last year to 

participate in this 

activity, but I will 

always have the 

memories, and they will 

last me a lifetime! 

-Bill Bauser 


Ryan Beans, AJ Simard, Jim Foulis, Steve Dacko, Rob Proctor, Kyle Sebring, Bill Bauser, Kristen Verdeaux, 

Dave Hannon, Adam Ewer, Nick Perelli, Joe Cook, Chris Pantazi, Mike O'Connell, Mike Moore, 

Dan Albert, Andrew Kellogg, Marguerite Keyes, Jillian DiNunzio, Keith Foster, Meg McKenna, John King, 

Stephanie Gilbert, Jess Terrio, Bill Cobb, Melissa Hootstein. 


Winter Percussion/Guard 

I CAN DO IT! (above) 
Jillian DiNunzio 

concentrates on her music 
and practices hard for the 
upcoming performance in 
order to sound perfect. 

THE ENEMY (above) 

In the production Of Kings 

and Warriors, 

Kyle Sebring played the 

leader of the enemies. 

Kyle tried his best to look 

the part. 

Mike Moore and Joe Cook have 
worked hard in order to make their 
beats and steps precise and 

RIGHT?! (right) 
Meg McKenna listens intently 
while trying to figure out exactly 
what her percussion director 
wants her to do. 



Meg McKenna and 

Jillian DiNunzio enjoy being 

members because they like to 

express themselves through their 


TRYING TRIO (above) 
Through arduous practices over 
the years Stephanie Gilbert, 
Meg McKenna, and John King 
have become very talented 

WAY TO GO\ (below) 
Percussion arranger and director 
Mr. Larrivee was the man in charge 
of putting the production together. 

BEST PIT IN WGI (below) 

Back row (1 to r): Keith Foster, Stephanie Gilbert, John King, Chris Retscihulte, 
Nick Perelli; Middle row: Marguerite Keyes, Meg McKenna, Melissa Hootstein, 
Bill Cobb; Front row: Joe Zahner, Dan Albert, Jillian DiNunzio, Jess Terrio. 

Of Kings and Warriors 


The Winter Guard celebrates their 

two trophies in triumph. 

| ■ 




Renee Robinson, Emily Jaronski, Lauren Mulcahy and Shalyn Simmer 

enjoy a laugh after their Winter Guard performance. 

Jess Terrio and Keith Foster 

performed well. Their teamwork 
made the production of Of Kings and 
Warriors sound perfect. 

THINKING HARD (far above) 
Meg McKenna is trying to make her 
music sound as precise as possible. 
Her concentration and dedication 
have helped her to make the 
production incredible. 

The percussion 
ensemble at King 
Philip sets higher 
standards each year, 
not only for ourselves, 
but for our competitors 
from around the 
nation. To have the 
opportunity to play 
music professionally, 
act, and practice for 
perfection has been one 
of the greatest experi- 
ences in my life. 
-Jillian DiNunzio 


Adam Ewer's acting 
talents helped to make the 
production successful. He 
enjoyed performing the 
role of the king, . 

Mike Moore's incredible 
dedication to Winter 
Percussion has allowed 
him to sharpen his 
musical skills. He will 
hold a major role in the 
productions to come. 



Preparation in concentration and confidence are important for an impressive performance that will win titles. 
This year alone the Marching Band has won the MICCA State Gold Medal, BOA NE Class 2A Regional 
Championships and Regional Grand Championships. They are ranked 3rd in the country in class 2A. 


I tit, . M. /■/,.. p nt J 

Marching Band 

T.J. Morris keeps a strong 
aperture in order to get the most 
out of his brass instrument. 

Bonds between marching band 
members like Jillian DiNunzio 
and Meg McKenna are valued. 

Rebecca Brennan is skilled in 
multiple instruments. Her 
dedication makes her versatile 
and her passion creates beautiful 



The horn section of the Marching 

Band is credited with creating 

the loudest sounds. Their notes 

are heard loud and clear at all 

the essential moments. 

Being able to practice for 
the King Philip Band is 
a really good experience, 

not only for the 

competitions we go to, 

hut for the traveling we 

get to do. 

-Vito Giacalone 

I have been part of the 

hand since eighth 
grade.... It has been a 

truly enlightening 
experience. The travel- 
ing is the best part about 
-Jill Dubendris 



Josh Clark, along with 

John Majewski, were the 

two marching band 

seniors chosen to act as 

drum majors this season. 

PRIDE AND JOY (above) 
Nicole Hoyceanyls takes 
great pride in what she 
does. Hard work and 
dedication adds to the 
wonderful talent that she 



Renee Robinson and 
Shalyn Simmer love being 
in Color Guard and having 
fun together. Each 
performance and practice 
creates more memories. 


PLANE (above) 

Well not really. Traveling 

is an important part of 

being in Color Guard and 

is a great way to see new 


My favorite memory of 

the Color Guard is all 

the places we went to. 

It's so much fun and we 

are all doing a wonderful 

job of it. I love going to 

competitions and being 

able to meet new people. 

-Renee Robinson 


After the stress of a show is over the 

Color Guard can relax for a photo. 

The excitement that these girls have 

for their activity is evident by their 


Katie O'Neil has participated inColor 
Guard for several years, but playing 
in front of thousands was one of the 
most amazing moments. 


Several members of Color Guard 
are students at King Philip North. 
Many veterans began when they 
were in the junior high. 

Color Guard 


Renee Robinson, Shalyn Simmer, and Meghan McKenna all get together for a mid-morning chat after working so 
hard during practice. These girls get a short break while preparing to perfect their performance. It is understandable 
how the common dedication of each member to Color Guard also brings each member together in a trust that helps 
them all perform at their best. 


Mr. Tileston works us hard, 

but we appreciate it 

afterwards. He makes it 

easier for us to work hard. 

~Jessica Terrio 

I don't think Til fully 

appreciate the joy of the 

music that we play in 

concert hand until it's gone. 

Then, I'll just have the 

recordings and memories. 

-Matt Sieloff 

My favorite part of concert 

hand is being up on stage 

and seeing everyone 

-Rebecca Brennan 

IN CHARGE (below) 

Mr. Wolloff and Mr. Tileston keep the band in sync 
during rehearsals. These two men are known around 
KP as strong leaders, and as a team they produce 
nothing but excellence. 

The band shows everyone what they are made of at 
the Winter Pops Concert. They put on an amazing 
show that blew the audience away. 

Concert Band 

PLUGGIN' AWAY (above) 
Dan Kolodziej and 
Sebastian Zervos work 
hard to get it just right. 
All the KP band members 
know that only practice 
makes it perfect! 

BREAK TIME (above) 
Worn out from hours of 
rehearsal, Jess Terrio and 
William Cobb get to relax 
while other sections of the 
band are critiqued. This 
process can be grueling, 
but it pays off in the end. 

The band's sounds blend together 
in harmony. With so much time 
spent together, they seem like family. 

Michael Butler puts full effort 
into his music. He has high hopes 
for a future in music. 

Sonorous music fills the air as 
Morgan Bent plays his trombone. 
He has put in hours of practice to 
produce this beautiful sound. 


TIME TO PLAY (above) 
Jennifer Siakotos, Sean Kern, 
Rebekah Fisher, and 
Rebecca Brennan are just getting 
warmed up. These clarinet players 
have proved themselves worthy ol 
the KP name. 

Lindsay Dumont keeps her voice 
warm and in top shape. The chorus 
can perform well in any conditions. 

Mr. Tileston keeps the KP Chorus in 
tune. Without his brilliant instruction, 
chorus would not be the same. 

LEAN ON ME (above) 

The jazz band values the talents of 

Brad Jurgens and Steve Dacko. 

Mr. Tileston is just a 

big teddy bear. 
His bark is much worse 

than his bite. 
~Bethany LaValley 

Singing is an art. 

We aim to please.. 
No matter how much 
you shake and dance, 
chorus still RULES! 

-Craig LaValley 

Chorus is a relaxing 

class. If you love to 

sing, it is perfect. 

You also learn 

music theory. 

~Julie Lyon 

Jazz allows you to 

express yourself in a 

way that cannot be put 

into words. 

-Josh Gellar 

Jazz Band and Chorus 


The King Philip Jazz Band waits patiently as 

Mr. Tileston tells them exactly what they need to do 

to fine tune their already jazzy sound. Their patience 

will allow them to sound absolutely amazing when 

they hit the stage. 


Matthew Murphy, Craig LaValley, 

Melissa Steverman, and Sasha Provost have the best 

seats in the house. Warm-up exercises are often done 

sitting down, but when things get going, everyone is 

on their feet. 

PIANO WOMAN (above) 
Linda Boulden's piano 
accompaniment rounds 
out the jazz band's sound. 
She has been sharing her 
talent since grade school, 
when she provided 
musical background for 
class concerts. 


THE BIG CHIEF (above) 
Stephanie Morris was 
chosen to be the editor of 
the Chieftain this year. Her 
leadership qualities have 
helped the class produce a 
great '01 yearbook. 

SMILE (above) 

Kate Blair and 

Elizabeth Flannery smile for 

a picture. Here they are 

making their layouts for the 


Yearbook is a great learning 

experience and I've always 

had a fun time! 

Elizabeth Burger 

Creating the yearbook is a lot 

of hard work, but it is always 

well worth it in the end! 

Julie Poirier 

Being in the yearbook was a 

lot of fun. This was my first 

year and looking back at all 

the memories was 

the most fun! 

Danielle Charbonneau 

TEAMWORK (right) 

Blair Rainsf ord and Elizabeth Burger 

put the final touches on the '00 supple- 
ments. The class worked hard putting 
the books together by hand. 

Heather Lanagan chooses the best 
picture for her page. Though it was 
stressful, it came out great. 

OUR OWN STAR (above) 
Ms. Coutu lends a helping hand to 
Andrea King. She is always putting in 
extra effort to help our class succeed. 

Modern Publishing 


Every year the Chieftain staff welcomes our Jostens artist to sketch our ideas for the yearbook cover. 

Rick Brooks came all the way from West Virgina for one morning in the media center to help us design the 

cover for the 2000-2001 yearbook. 


Kristin Kehrmeyer and 
Julie Poirier count the votes for 
superlatives. It's a fun job for 
these two seniors to have. 


Nicole Armitage assists 

Kristin McCann in choosing pictures 

for her page. Everyone helps each 

other out in yearbook. 

CREATOR (below) 
Andrea Lyons livened up 
the yearbook's pages with 
her drawings. She also 
kept the Chieftain bulletin 
board current with the 
latest yearbook announce- 

DEVOTION (below) 
Erin Johnson guarantees 
a great yearbook. She 
spent many hours typing 
and editing profiles to 
make sure the Senior 
Section was done on time. 

The Chieftain 


The 2000-2001 Chieftan Yearbook Staff has worked very hard this year. The yearbook is created by students in the 
Modern Publishing class. This year's class consists of 13 seniors and 6 juniors. The staff advisor is Miss Coutu, and 
staff members are: back row (1 to r) Kate Blair, Kristin McCann, Danielle Charbonneau, Rosanne Boyle, Blair 
Rainsford, Meagan Capone, Nicole Armitage, Frank Cook, Melissa Steverman; middle row(l to r) Erin Johnson, 
Elizabeth Flannery, Elizabeth Burger, Julie Poirier, Holly Manigan, and Andrea Lyons; and front row(l to r) 
Stephanie Morris, Andrea King, and Marissa Tuohy. Missing from the photo: Heather Lanagan 

This class probably gives me 

the most stress but it is also 

the most fulfilling. It is by 

far the best class 

I have taken. 
Holly Manigan 

Yearbook is my life. I get 
really stressed out some- 
times, but there is always a 
great reward! 
Erin Johnson 

It's a lot of fun being able make my 

senior yearbook. 

Frank Cook 


My favorite memory is 

getting pizza from Scott. 

-Kaitlyn O'Connell 

I really enjoyed all the 

trips and the job of being 

Vice President. 

-Scott Maloney 

I really liked working 

with all the people in my 

class. It has been nice 

getting to know all 

of them. 

~Meg Curley 


Kaitlyn O'Connell, Jen McKay, Lindsay Dumont, Judy Mullaney, and Emily Holt prepare for a conference. The 

DECA program attends many conferences throughout the year. 


My favorite time was 
being able to stay in 

and sight see in 

Baltimore, MD and 

Louisville, KY. 

-Emily Holt 

My favorite memory of 
DECA was ivhen I 
went to Nationals 

last year! 

-Justin Setter, 


WE ARE FAMILY (below) 
Jen McKay and Beth La Valley share a 
quick hug. The nature of their work 
allows them to become very close. 

Rachael Marcotte works behind the 
counter. DECA has a variety of 
candy available to the student body. 

1 ' S f? 

'* **1H 


^\ . 






Justin Setter, Geoff Rice, and 
Kerry McKinney are hard at work 
selling food and drinks. Everyone at 
the dance appreciated their efforts! 

Jess Rodio, Dave DeBlasio, 
Nichole McElroy, and Amy Carr are at 
the Narcon Conference. This is one of 
the many events that DECA attends. 



Geoff Rice, Kim Cox, Rachael Marcotte, and Josh Gould work at a dance sponsored by DECA. They sell a variety of 

refreshments in order to raise money for their program. 

The competitions are 

fun, as well as the 

business opportunities 

this program provides 

for college. 

~Dan Gero 

I like attending all the 
~Lael Roye 

The best part of DECA 

is all the 

interesting trips! 

~Cathy Doane 

For the Business World of Tomorrow 

DOUBLE DUTY (below) 

Dave DeBlasio DJ's for dances. He's 

only a junior, but is an asset to DECA. 

CASHING IN (above) 
Mr. Guillemette helps Eleni Ceven and 
Cathy Doane count profits. During the 
year, DECA runs many fundraisers. 

Jake Cacciapaglia has just finished 
decorating for the Holiday Dance. He is 
now waiting for students to arrive. 

I like the fact that 

DECA teaches us 

important skills 

for the future. 

~Amy Kenney 

I really love the 

atmosphere that DECA 

provides all of us! 

-Geoff Rice 


WE ARE FAMILY (below) 

Diversity Club was created to promote tolerance. Issues involving acceptance are discussed in the meetings. The 
members are: (top) Ayaan Agane, Brittany Burke, Kaleena Chartrand, Lauren Flocco, Trey Grenfell, Marc Speroni, 
Brett Lavalla, Melanie Bernier, Mr. Sumner, Ms. Bremer, (bottom) Allie Savidge, PJ Cummings and Amie Speroni. 

Diversity Club 

ALL IN THE GANG (below) 
Members take a quick break to grab 
a snack. Soon they will get back to 
their conversation. 

TWO OF A KIND (right) 
Brittany Burke and Ayaan Agane 

are two of the nicest gals in the club. 
Speaking up is what they do best. 

Amie Speroni, and 
Allie Savidge show off their 
History Day project about civil 
rights. Their project helped to 
inform many about prejudice. 

LEAN ON ME (above) 
Some of the members of Diversity 
Club goof around before the 
meeting starts. These kids 
demonstate the closeness of all of 
the members. 

Everyone in Diversity 

gets along. When we 

are together we all feel 

loved. This club is a 

really enlightening 

~Amie Speroni 

This club is a very 
important club. It helps 
keep teens aware of the 
diverse community we 

live in. It also keeps 

everyone's minds open 

to differences that 

surround us. 
~Marc Speroni 

WHAT A PAIR (above) 
Mr. Sumner and 
Ms. Bremer are the 
advisors of the club. Each 
enjoys listening to kids' 
ideas and beliefs. Both are 
inspirations to the 
members of the club. 

HOW CUTE (above) 
Even though PJ Cummings 
is a graduate, he still 
comes to the meetings. He 
also enjoys spending time 
with Amie Speroni. 


GIRL POWER (above) 
Lauren Goodman likes 
the cooperation she gets 
from the students. She 
fully enjoys being there 
for them. 

NUMBER ONE (above) 
Mike Rieger is a hard 
working leader. He's 
always willing to help the 
students get motivated. 

Being a gym leader is 

fun and I love working 

with the students. 

~Megan Conley 

A gym leader is fun to be 

because it is so much 

better than being stuck 

in a classroom. 
~Lauren Goodman 

Being a gym leader is 

fun because you get to 

flay a role as a teacher. 

~Mike Poles 


Dave Arvidson is not playing around! 

He takes his leadership role seriously. 

BEST PALS (below) 
Megan Conley and Rich Chute like to 
get involved in their gym class. Making 
the period fun is their top priority. 


James Brady and Ryan Pinsoneault 

lead the class in activities. It's Ryan's 
2nd year as a gym leader. 

Gym Internship 


Mike Poles positions himself to bump the volleyball in his 
gym class. He loves to show off his athletic abilities to the 
other students. 

HEADS UP (above) 

Ellie Straw loves to participate in gym class. She 
is one of the finest gym leaders. Her enthusiasm 
gets the students motivated and makes them 
participate more. 


KP Drama is one of the 

largest and most active 

of the co-curricular 

activities offered by 

King Philip Regional 

High School. Upwards 

of forty students 
perform in two to three 

shows each year in 
collaboration with the 
students of the Grady 
Auditorium Produc- 
tion Staff. This year, 
KP Drama was 
enhanced by the 
appointment of 
Ms. Slagle. 

In addition to the other 

terrific developments, 

KP Drama partnered 

with the KP Music 

program to produce KP's 

first musical in nearly 

two decades. 

KP Drama performed the 

classic Cole Porter 

musical "Anything 

Goes" and nearly 

seventy KP students 

auditioned for the show 

with over fifty selected 

for the performance. All 

in all, it has been yet 

another exciting year for 

KP Drama and the work 

of the student body 

should be 

commended as an 

example of their interest 

in performing arts. 

-Mr. Ferreira 

In A Christmas Story, Matt Murphy was selected 
to be the character Ralph. Matt played the part 
perfectly using real emotion. 

UH-OH! (below) 

Bethany LaValley and Adam Ewer make a formidable pair 
as husband and wife in the play. They made themselves fit 
into their characters' lives beautifully. 

Drama Club 


Bethany LaValley and 

Adam Ewer are searching for a 

Christmas tree at 

Kristin Conrad's tree farm. 

Stefanie Hayes, Kristin Conrad, 
Liz Burger, Liz Flannery, and 
Melissa Gray are ready for their 
drama production. 


All dressed up in her costume, 
Meg McKenna gets ready for the 
play. Meg always makes her 
character very entertaining. 

OH-YES! (above) 

Matt Murphy looks at an 

advertisement for an air rifle while 

Susanne Aulisio portrays the 


.OS I 

OH WOW! (left) 

Filiz Korkmaz, Susanne Aulisio, 

Matt Murphy and 

Deirdre Galluzzo are wearing 

costumes for the play. 

The sound effects for the play were 
taken care of by Harley Holmes. 
Harley helped to coordinate the 
timing of the sounds. 

MAKEUP! (above) 
Lisa Galano took care of the 
performers' makeup. She made 
them look right under the lights. 

Drama brings different 

people from all 

different social groups 

and ties them together. 

All the hard work that 

is put into rehearsals 

finally pays off when 

the curtain opens on 

opening night and you 

have the complete 

attention of the 

~Kristin Conrad 

Acting is a very 

peculiar thing. 

It allows you to try on 

somebody else's life for 

a while. It's refreshing 

to not have to be 

yourself from 

time to time. 

~Adam Ewer 

It's Okay to Be a Thespian 




The senior members of the Drama Club are Andy Calnan, Meg McKenna, 

Liz Burger, Liz Flannery, Kristin Conrad, Bethany LaValley, Stefanie Hayes, 

Melissa Gray, and Chris Lawn. They are proud of all of the hard work that they 

have put in to their drama productions, this year and in past years. 

Drama is a way of 

experiencing the many 

different feelings and 

emotions that you may 

never go through in 

your life. 
~Susanne Aulisio 



Photography Club has 
been a different type of 
activity for me. I joined 
junior year and I enjoy 
learning a lot about 
dark room develop- 
ment. This year we 
have focused more on 
the actual composition 
of taking photographs. 

I have found that, 
thanks to this experi- 
ence, even my photos of 
simple, everyday 
snapshots look much 
better than they did 
before I joined the club. 
A general knowledge of 
photography is 
something I think 
anyone can put to use. 
I know I've enjoyed my 
experience with the 
club here at KP. 

~Josh Clark 

The club's major 

goal is to help 

students learn to 

look at the world 


-Mrs. Cress 

LISTEN UP! (right) 
Club Advisor Mr. Hosford offers 
advice to his members on lighting 
techniques for outdoor photos. Mr. 
Hosford founded this club last year 
and it continues to grow. 

BACK IN A FLASH! (below) 

Sebastian Zervos and 

Meg McKenna listen intently to the 

instructions regarding the camera's 


This topic must be very interesting 
because Josh Clark is deep in 
thought. Josh is an original member 
of the club and enjoys taking 
pictures in many different ways. 

Photography Club 

l ..;•+ ?*« 

»,«**..:. i ::*• 

WWmt ~^t— 

Wi&M lHfc' : 

-**; #■'**».» ..m 

W-L& sil 5 i ♦* -J- \ * 

^L ■ N 

ISi 'w 

?£••£,, « 

ilSlii- l.'fjjij 


%%.%' ■ •■'/ 

MSfed BriiiH^li 

If 4-« .1 w« ft ? 



• 1 1 


,: j*»R»" 

■ Wi'i > - *<• 

ap»*r^ i 








' •-'.^-JPS^gB 


/' Am 

^^^^^*-^ ■■ **•'***■ 

~yP^tlf m, W9l 


^mSE^M 1 

""""- ^i 

^^^^^^^^^ aS^^I^j 

I* A «1 

* *' 

i^^^I *J 





Back Row (1 to r): Mrs. Cress, Meg McKenna, Marguerite Keyes, Mr. Hosford 

Front Row (1 to r): Kaela Goldstein, Terita Heath-Wlaz, Josh Clark. 

ALUMNI HELP (below) 
This rotating stage was borrowed 
from Rhode Island College. King 
Philip Drama benefits from its asso- 
ciation with RIC by being loaned 

LET'S DO IT (right) 
Tom Gemelli, Adam Gawthrope 
and Adam Ewer put up a wall for 
one of the many plays. They have 
been active members of drama and 

Mr. Ferreira, Adam Ewer and 
Dan Jacobson inspect part of the 

LISTEN UP! (above) 

Members of GAPS always listen 

to Mr. Ferreira. 

This year, GAPS began 

augmenting its 
learning opportunities 

by developing a 

learning partnership 

with the theatre 

program at Rhode 

Island College in 

Providence, RI. Several 

current KP students in 

GAPS have begun 

attending workshops at 

RIC. The explosion of 

interest in the 
performing arts, both 
here at KP and across 

the country, are 

making programs such 

as GAPS both viable 

and sought after by an 

increasing number of 


~Mr. Ferreira 

Grady Auditorium Production Staff 


First Row (1 to r): Missy Taddeo, Deirdre Galluzzo, Christine White; Second 

Row: Jeff Jacobson, Molly Bloomer, Jenna DuBose, Sarah Ward; Third Row: 

Adam Harcovitz, Dennis Garafalo, Adam Ewer, Sara Streeter, Lauren Flocco, 

Kaleena Chartrand, Cynthia Smith; Fourth Row: Adam Gawthrope, 

Susanne Aulisio, Jen Lechak, Brian O'Connell, Dan Jacobson, Matt Murphy; 

Fifth Row: Jesse Mackenzie, Tom Gemelli. 

LOOK OUT BELOW! (above) 
A GAPS member will do whatever is necessary to 
get a job done. Missy Taddeo goes under a 
ladder to help screw in a support beam. 

This is my fifth 
year being a part 

of GAPS. 
I was recruited as 

a 7th grader... 

now look at me. 
~Adam Gawthrope 


The week started off 

slow, but by the 

end, it was a great 

experience learning 

about politics. 

-Matt Griffith 

It was a great 

experience meeting 

kids from all over 

the state and I 
learned about the 
government too. 

-Greg Beloff 

Not only did I learn 
about the U.S. govern- 
ment, but I also met a 

great group of girls. 
-Melissa Gray 

/ liked Boys' State a 

lot. I made friends with 

kids from all over 

Massachusetts and 

learned a lot about the 


-Mike Rieger 

Boys' and Girls' State, an American Legion Sponsored event, is designed to teach students good citizenship. Junior 
girls and boys who exhibit exemplary qualities are chosen from each town. During the last week of the school year 
these students visit a college campus, where they learn about citizenship and how the government is run. Through 
a reenactment of state government, students run for offices and experience a democracy first hand. This week 
provides time for King Philip students to bond with fellow students as well as students from all over the state. 

Boys' And Girls' State 

Mike Rieger and 
Mike McCullough were 
candidates for Boys' State. Since 
the two were already friends, 
this time was especially rewarding. 

FUTURE PREZ? (right) 
Lydia Helliwell, Melissa Gray, 
and Katie Prevost travelled to Bay 
Path to study the state govern- 
ment. Perhaps this experience will 
lead them to political careers. 

' ' ' 



M^ 1 

/ ' .* 




Frank Cook, Greg Beloff, 
Kevin Healey, Jed Perry, 
Matt Griffith, and Mike Rieger 

were chosen to represent their 
towns and King Philip at Boys' 
State. It was a rewarding 
experience for all of them. 

Lydia Helliwell, Katie Prevost, 
and Melissa Gray celebrate with 
their peers at the end of Girls' State 
week. A banquet was held to honor 
and celebrate a job well done. 

Jen Ryan, Erin Strauss, Jen Brown, Erin Johnson and Linda Boulden have been recognized, through membership 
in the Key Club, for their academic achievements. To be a member of the Key Club, one must earn straight A's for 
six terms. Students in this distinguished group are rewarded with a key that allows them free admission to school 
functions, including sporting events, drama performances, school dances, and art gallery openings. 

Key Club 

(Girl i 

Seniors Matt Griffith and 
Lydia Helliwell know that hard 
work pays off. 

Jim Foulis keeps his grades up de- 
spite his busy schedule. Time man- 
agement is a skill that is necessary in 
order to earn exemplary grades, espe- 
cially if one's schedule is full of other 


Emily Holt, Nafeesa Rahman, Heidi Krafewski, Andrea Demone and 
Kathryn Astley feel privileged to have been inducted to the King Philip 
Key Club. 

I feel like a VIP- 

being able to walk 

into an event, and 

not have to pay I It's a 

wonderful privilege. 

-Linda Boulden 

It's exciting that 

we are rewarded for 

our achievements, 

just athletes are 

recognized for their 


-Jen Ryan 

It is a reward for the 
countless hours of hard 

work and diligent 
study that we under- 
take daily. 
-Adam C. Ewer 

I was really excited to 
find that my efforts 
would be awarded in 

such a fun way I 
-Andrea Demone 


The Leo Club is affiliated with the Lions Club, a group of adults who work to help the community. The Leo Club 
has meetings about twice a month and together students and advisors plan ways to make life better in the King Philip 
area. From spending time with senior citizens to helping those who are less fortunate, this group of students have 
the privilege of sharing special moments with complete strangers. The many moments shared will not be forgotten 
and Leo Club members will remain in the hearts of many people. 

Leo Club 

LETS DANCE (below) 
The Leo Club annually spends a 
day of line dancing with senior 
citizens in Wrentham. 

DINNER TIME (right) 
These three girls just finished 
serving roast beef dinners to some 
members of Saint Mary's Church. 

A popular pastime is planting 
flowers. Every spring the Leos go 
out and plant many beautiful 
plants to brighten up lives. 

Erica Shapiro, Colleen Foley, 
Kelly Morrison, and 
Liz Andreozzi are ready to go 
spend time with the residents of 
the Pond Home. 

The Leo Club is not 
only fun; it is for 
a good cause. 
-Jenna Mattson 

Senior citizens are so 
happy when they know 
we are coming. 
-Katie Johnson 

I like being a role 

model for kids 

who are younger. 

-Steph Knowles 

I love being able to 

have an active role in 

community service that 

is done in our towns. 

-Christine Holmes 

Leo Club is a great way 

to have fun while 

helping the 


-Kaela Goldstein 


There is a wide range 
of people who have 

come together to make 
others' lives better. 
-Elizabeth Kinney 

J enjoy having a direct 

influence on the 

activities we do 

around our towns. 

-Crystal Rogers 

Leo Club is my way of 
reaching out 
to people. 
-Cindi Banks 

Every one should join 

Leo Club; 

it is so much fun. 

-Terita Heath- Wlaz 

I enjoy being able to 
make someone have a 
good day. 
-Nada Yousif 


Joanna Balzer and Crystal Rogers 

lend an artful hand. There are 
annual visits to Wrentham State 
School to spread holiday cheer. 

Christine Flynn and Shannon Ober 

bundle up for a night of caroling, a 
favorite of the senior citizens. 


Kelly Dinand walks up to receive 
thanks for her efforts. The hard work 
of the club does not go unrecognized. 

Working to Help Others 


Joanna Balzer, Treasurer, Kaela Goldstein, Norfolk Director, Crystal Rogers, Secretary, Elizabeth Kinney, 
President, Melissa Gray, Vice President, Holly Manigan, Plainville Director, and Emily Andreozzi, Wrentham 
Director, are the board of directors of the Leo Club. They have all devoted much time and energy to the club. It 
is their organization and devotion that keeps the club running smoothly and efficiently. They love what they do 
and are happy that the Leo Club is such a big success. 


NHS is a good organi- 
zation because its 
members are role 
models. We have 
pledged to honor the 
goals of the society: 
Scholarship, Service, 
Character and 
-Jennifer Friedman 

NHS serves both our 
school and commu- 
nity through projects 
such as recycling, 
reading to younger 
children, and collect- 
ing food for pantries. 
~Jen Brown 

Being a member of 

NHS is an honor 

and I hope that my 

involvement can 

make a difference. 

-Trevanna Grenfell 


Most of these seniors are veterans of National Honor Society, while some were inducted this year. All have beer 
willing to carry out their required hours of community service and many have surpassed the minimum number 
of hours. Members of NHS participate in recycling, delivering media equipment, caroling during the holidays, 
and keeping the KP Rt.l mile clean. 


jh^^ ■W"-"ml 

m 11 

i: " ^fli ^ tlT 

27 .^H 



>s m 



Mt '» 

>/ i r 





■** < 

V" t S r ^r* 






4 r 

1 9^L 

F 4 '* * 



— V 



National Honor Society 

Inductees at the November NHS 
induction listen intently to the words 
spoken by various speakers. 

Tom Flanagan has helped the 
library deliver t.v.'s to homerooms 
even before he was inducted. 

it 1; 19 

^^^^W^|| ({ |P| |S| 

■9B Br \, ^Bgm> 4Br 

■' pBr^^fiis* ■ j| l ' IS 

*&$fm £f 

■I ^Hh ■ 


^^^^g^m M 

i ■yk' | "^3 

Senior Rebekah Fisher works in 
the Media Center most mornings, 
filing returned books to their 
proper shelves. Her help is 
greatly appreciated by the library 

Stephanie Gilbert, 
Jayme Fitzgibbon, Johanna Krouk, 
and Katie Prevost attend one of the 
first new NHS meetings. Meetings are 
held at 7 a.m. on Thursday mornings 
in order to discuss upcoming events. 


Secretary Linda Boulden, President 
Jen Brown, Vice President 
Jen Pulsone, and Treasurer 
Greg Beloff. 


These junior ladies and gentlemen were recently inducted into National Honor Society on November 27, 2000. 
During the induction the new members listened to invited guests speak about the responsibilities that a member 
of National Honors Society has, as well as the true meaning of being an active member. These students hold a 
promising future in the leadership of next year's NHS. 

The early morning 

meetings are not as 

bad as I had 


-Andrea King 

Being honored with 

membership to NHS 

signifies that hard 

work does pay off. 

We are then able to 

work hard for others. 

~Kate Blair 


GRACEFUL (above) 
Lindsay Marshack loves 
what she does. This is 
what makes her perfor- 
mance worth seeing! 
She's always focused and 
graceful on the ice. 

DIZZY MUCH (above) 
Jessica Rodio performs 
her skating with much 
skill. You have to be 
skilled to spin as she 
does. With years of 
experience it's no 
wonder she's so good. 

This has been the most 

successful year. Last year 

we made it to finals and 

being the smallest team, we 

were all proud of the great 

work we had accomplished. 

Liz Fliger is our team 

president and she has 

worked very hard to be 

what she is now. Being able 

to make it to the finals 

made our small team seem 

very large! It has been a 

wonderful experience to be 

in this club. 

-Jessica Rodio 

Jessica Rodio gets pumped up for her 
performance. She can't wait to get her 
skates on so she can be on the ice. 

CONGRATS (below) 
Will Raymond enjoys what he does. 
His performance is worth seeing even 
though he has graduated. 

CALMNESS (above) 
Lindsay Fliger takes a few quick breaths 
before she goes out on the ice. This is her 
only time to relax. 

Figure Skating 

These are just two of the most dedicated figure skaters. This once was not an official club, but ever since the 1998 edition 
it has been given a spot in the yearbook. These team members practice just as much as some of the other sports at KP. 
These girls love what they do. Lindsay Fliger and Jessica Rodio have been on the ice skating team for a while now and 
they still love going to every practice. The reward for all this hard work and dedication is the possibility of winning a 
medal. This is one of the best reasons to be in the Ice Skating Club. 



Lauren Ober, Jacki Rose, and 
Danielle Charbonneau love to 
help out when needed .This club 
gives them the chance to use their 
advice for a good cause. 

Jake Cacciapaglia, Lauren 
LeClerc, and Tom Daniels 

couldn't wait for the training to 
end. They really enjoyed the ice 
cream sundaes. 


Chris Mahoney and 

Jake Cacciapaglia learn the ropes for 

this year. These two students are a 

great asset to the club. 

HOLD ON (above) 

Pete Morris, Nate Schneider, 

Nicole Armitage and Chris Lawn 

have to work together on this one. 
They have to stand up with out 
letting go of each other's hands. 

Peer Mediation 

#1 MEDIATOR (below) 
Mrs. Viles-Antonellis loves 
kids. This is why she 
teaches this rewarding 
course. She never likes to 
see any kids in fights! Her 
contribution helps students 
to get their issues resolved. 

As well with being a gym 
teacher,Mrs. Pfeff er helps 
out in the training of the 
mediators. She enjoys the 
students and loves to help 
out anytime. 


With the new members included, this is the Peer Mediation family. These students were trained for three full days in 
ir the Media Center. Their instructor was Mrs. Viles-Antonellis. With the help of Mrs. Pfef f er, they managed to conduct 
f activites and group discussions. Peer Mediation is all about learning how to help give others advice without making 

them feel that they are to blame. 

Peer Mediation is a 

great experience. This 

club helps you build 

patience and lets you 

be able to see more than 

one side to each 

problem or issue. It can 

also help you not just 

in school, but in the 

real world as well. 

Being faced with 

conflicts is tough, but 

when you have 

someone there to help 

you it makes it a lot 


-Jacki Rose 


Peer Leadership is 
my way of helping 

out others. 
-Shane Jackson 

I really enjoy 

hearing from the 

sixth graders. 

-Kate Blair 

It is cool to know 
that I am a role 

model for the kids. 
-Tim Davis 

J really like the fact 

that I can make others 

feel better about 

themselves. • 

-Dave Rando 

I like FUN NIGHT. 

It is like Class 
Competition, only 
better because 
they are small. 
-Mike Moses 

Peer Leaders work with their fellow classmates and younger children. They earn money by having flower sales in 
which students can send happy messages to friends in home room, they write to pen pals in the sixth grade, and they 
even go to the elementary schools to speak to the kids about the pressures and challenges they will face in junior high 
and high school. Every event the club holds is meant to promote having a good time, along with a safe time. The Peer 
Leaders are dedicated to a healthy life style. 

Peer Leadership 

This group of Peer Leaders helps 
put the friendly messages on the 
flowers that students send. 

Kathryn Astley and 
Maggie Church make posters to 
hang in the hallways of KP. 

HAPPY TO BE US (left) 

Jen Brown and Jen McKay are 

working to get the name list 
ready. The club provides tutors 
for elementary kids. 

Marissa Tuohy, Meg Conley, 
Harleigh Billian, Johanna Krouk, 
Katie Prevost, and Tom Flanagan 

are the great minds behind the club 


in jn |. 

es in 


Katie Prevost, Loni Morganelli, Jen Ryan, Erin Strauss, Heather Bronsdon, and Becky Sevy are all seniors in 
Peer Leadership. They have all been part of the club for quite some time and have come to know exactly how it 
is that they can help out the younger kids and their friends. They are all on the right track in life and they enjoy 
helping others see all that they can be if they make the right decisions. They have devoted so much of their time 
that even when they graduate the children they have helped will probably never forget them. 

I like working with 
the police and the 
DARE program. 
-Tom Flanagan 

It is interesting to 
learn and teach the 

right choices. 
~Iza Hoagland 

I love working with 

the younger kids. 

They are so cute. 

-Jeff Litvin 

Making the Right Choices 





inr- c 

Mrs. Gallagher is the director of the 
Peer Leaders. As a health teacher, 
she knows all the right choices. 

These sixth grade boys are excited 
about FUN NIGHT. They're just 
some of the few that came. 

Sarah Fisher and Ania Hoagland 

are organizing flowers. Students 
send them to friends at Homecom- 
ing time. 

I love the fact that we 

make a difference in 

helping to shape the 

future generations. 

~Katie Prevost 

I feel like I've made a 
difference with the 

elementary students 

we work with. 
-Johanna Krouk 


These are the main members who attend every meeting. They are in charge of all the publications. Pictured are: 

Chris Cerrato, Trevanna Grenfell, Terita Heath-Wlaz, Kaela Goldstein, Nicole Armitage and Amie Speroni. 

Sachem gives me an opportunity 
to share with so many wonderful 
people a passion that I someday 
plan on turning into a life-style. 
~Amie Speroni 

Writing is an essential part 

of my life, so I consider Sachem 

my outlet for creativity. 

It gives me an opportunity 

to express my feelings. 

-Nicole Armitage 

Sachem is a good club to be in. 

Many different people come to 

this club and put their minds 

together. The creativeness keeps 

getting better and better each year. 

-Chris Cerrato 


%oco~2jdo1 A.B. 

As the Sachem advisors, 
Mrs. Villiard and 
Mrs. Melendy do a lot of 
reading and listening. 
Being able to listen to all 
of the poems makes their 
job very interesting. 

Chris Cerrato is this 
club's main artist. He 
creates amazing designs 
for the covers and pages 
of all of the Sachem 


Terita Heath-Wlaz and 
Kaela Goldstein love 
what they do. Being in the 
club gives them an 
opportunity to express 
their feelings. 

Shayna Harper is 

preparing for her next 
piece of work. No matter 
where she is she is always 
thinking of great ideas to 
be published. 


Inside the flesh that covers the core of my being 

There are thoughts and emotions which I cannot detain 

They flutter in my mind like a butterfly on a tepid spring day 

I recount the day's episodes in solitude 
Inside the bleak walls which encircle me 
I confess the sins that I have committed. 

I have loved who people say is an unauthorized person 

But tis' only to the quintessence of my heart that I obey 

And with every niche of my heart I do love thee 

I have packaged myself tightly in the principal combat 

This amid the people that I adore and cherish 

I wish neither to witness nor comprehend its consequence 

I have not ceased and glanced at the countenances of others 

Thus I have not allowed anyone to precede myself 

I have been parsimonious and egotistical 

I sanctioned myself to be hurt by the criticisms of others 

I let the critiques which flowed from their mouths torment me 

Feeling as though I'd been bruised and abused inside where it counts 

I did not produce what I could have in this spell which we call a day 
I know that I'll be lucky to tomorrow wake up in the enigma which I call 

my life 
To try again to satisfy myself and all those, family members or not, 

around me 
So that I may feel if I was to die tonight that I've lived a fulfilled life, 

No Regrets 

~Nicole Marie Armitage 

It Could Be Tbu 

WHAT A TALENT (below) 
This is what Sachem kids do in their 
spare time — one of the many 
rituals they do before preparing to 
create their great pieces of artwork 
or poetry. 

Kristin McCann and Nicole Armitage 

share the same hobby - their love for 
writing poetry. Their work has been 
published in various Sachem issues. 

Amie (Kiki) Speroni, 

Heidi Krajewski and I 

attended the Worcester 

County Young Writers 

Conference in November. 

We all came back with 

great ideas from the 

workshops we attended 

and the poetry prompts. 

This was a great 
experience and we now 
have many ideas to use 

in Sachem. 
-Trevanna Grenfell 


Here are the most talented students in Sachem. Members come every week to have their works of art or poetry 
published. This week found: top row (1 to r) Chris Cerrato, Matt Murphy, Amie Speroni, Terita Heath-Wlaz, 
Kaela Goldstein, Jenna Dubose; middle row (1 to r) Melanie Bernier, Nicole Armitage, Trevanna Grenfell, and 
Gretchen Meixner; bottom row (1 to r) Lauren Flocco, Jeffrey Jacobson, Trey Grenfell and Ayaan Agane. 


It's also a good way 

to show you 

respect yourself. 

-Rachel White 

Being a member of 
SADD is a great 

way to make 
everyone aware of 
the dangers of 
driving under 
the influence. 
-Jill Jackson 

EVENT PLANS (above) 
These girls are part of the 
activity committee. They 
are helping to plan the 
upcoming SADD Week. 

FREE SHIRTS (above) 
Every year SADD is able 
to give free t-shirts to the 
participants of the walk. 
The members of SADD 
create the logo for the 


Melissa Bell, Shannon Ober, Courtney Howard, Loni Morganelli, Maggie Casey and Mrs. Lambert are the leaders 
of SADD. They are always open to suggestions and have helped to make SADD a successful club. The club has even 
produced a page on the KP website. These girls have done a tremendous job getting the club's message out. 

Students Against 

WALK OF TEARS (below) 
The five SADD officers led the walk. 
It was amazing how many people 
contributed to the walk. 

Mrs. Lambert is always helping 
the members with new ideas. She 
is a wonderful leader for the club. 




Lael Roye and Joanna Silvi are 

part of the decorating comittee. 
They are always ready to help 
decorate the front bulletin boards 
to let everyone know about up 
coming events. 


SADD DANCE (above) 
Shannon Ober, Holly Ciavattone, 
Micah Jackson, Christina El-Far, 
Jen Bryant and Marissa Tuohy 

went to the Jr. High to get the 
point across that drinking and 
driving don't mix. They helped 
host a dance at the school. 

BOW TIES (right) 

Micah Jackson ties ribbons on cars 
in the parking lot. The ribbons 
remind people not to drink and drive. 

Members attended a SADD 
conference this year. They received 
a jar of candy for their hard work. 

Kerry Feeney gave a speech to every- 
one who attended the walk. She spoke 
out on the dangers of drunk driving. 

mi; ii ifj-inr ir 
* II*" ii |[" ||~ n» 

LISTEN UP (above) 
Loni Morganelli takes a 
moment to listen to one of 
the member's suggestions 
about SADD Week. 

These two girls have been 
putting ideas into 
creating the perfect logo 
for the t-shirts. The final 
logo is perfect. 

Destructive Decisions 


Maggie Casey, Melissa McLacklan, Kerry Feeney, Courtney Howard, Marissa Tuohy, and Shannon Ober 

stopped at Cooks' to get a scoop of ice cream to cool off after the walk. The Walk of Tears was a huge success as 
always and everyone who attended raised money towards the prevention of drunk driving. 

SADD helps to 

express that you 

are against drunk 

driving and want 

to make a 


-Lael Roye 

It's a great way to 
show you care 

about what 
happens to the 



-Sarah Ward 


WHAT A JOB (above) 
Advisor Mrs. Barnes 
gives up countless hours 
of hard work and 
dedication to the Student 
Council. She is the main 
reason for its success. 

COOL DUDE! (above) 
Gregg Santabarbara 
poses with Jen Moore. 
Little does she know 
Gregg is doing his famous 
Elvis impression. 


The seniors on the Student Council are 

often found putting their heads together. 

HAPPY EASTER! (below) 

Ben Ghosh and Kerry McKinney are 

ready to dine with the Easter Bunny! 

These junior members are always up to 
something. They get along great which 
makes it easy for them to work together 

Student Council 

2000-2001 Executive Board 


Andrea Lyons 

Vice President: 

Jennifer Moore 

Corresponding Secretary: 

Jen Pulsone 

Recording Secreatary: 

Gregg Santabarbara 


Jamie Marks 

Publicity Coordinater: 

Kerry McKinney 

Delegate at Large: 

Elizabeth Kinney 

Student Council Advisor: 

Mrs. Barnes 


Student Council members Kerry McKinney and 

Judy Cronin make a bridge for a blindfolded 

Pete Getty. Jen Moore cautiously guides Pete through 

this man-made obstacle course. This activity was one of 

many that the students participated in during their team 

building day. 

FOLLOW US! (above) 

Juniors Katelyn MacKenzie and Judy Cronin lead a 
group of eighth graders around the school. The Student 
Council took time out of their studies in December to 
give the junior high students a tour, and let them know 
a little bit about high school life. 



Prepared for Honolulu rather than 
Wrentham, these girls show their 
spirit on Hawaiian Day. In grass 
skirts and leis they are anything 
but ready for the October chill. 

Sophomore Lauren Briere (center) 
holds on tightly to fellow 
classmates Lizzie Andreozzi, 
Travis Martin, Siobhan Howard, 
Tim Blinten and Dana Shaw. 

These freshmen show their 
desire to be leaders. Their 
positive attitude and fresh 
ideas are well respected. 

Student Council members and Mrs. Barnes sit 
together at a formal dinner at their M.A.S.C. 
Conference. The Student Council goes there 
every year to meet with other councils. 

HELPING OUT (below) 
Freshmen Emily Bhatti 
and Laura Tuveson did 

an excellent job guiding 
parents around the 
building during KP's 
Open House. Thanks a 
bunch, girls! 

I'M LISTENING (below) 
Sophomore Dana Shaw 
listens intently to 
instructions given. Dana's 
creative ideas are always 
a great help when 
brainstorming projects. 

Who's got that beat, that Student Council beat!? 

\ *^^^,. r* *cM 


I ^ 

m y 

' ^3fc 



Junior Gregg Santabarbara just can't get enough of this 
Spanish speaking chihauha. He even went as far as to 
name it Muchisimo. This inflatable dog was used with a 
candidate's campaign slogan at the annual M.A.S.C. 
Conference. Lookin' good Gregg! 

SHOW ME THE WAY (above) 

Meredith Jones, Ben Ghosh, and Jon Bluhm try to find 
their way through a human maze. This activity showed 
the students the importance of working together to 
achieve a common good. 

I had a dream as a 

freshman that I would 

be elected to the 

Student Council. 

My dream came true, 

and I am currently a 

two year member of 

King Philip's 

Student Council. I love 

working to help 

promote spirit 

and pride 

within our school. 

-Dana Shaw 

Once a job has begun, 

do it well until its done. 

Be the task great or small, 

do it well or not at all. 

-Edmund Kimtis 




ww One hundred years front now 

it will not matter what kind of ear 
I drove or how much money I 
had, hut the world may be a little 
better because I was important in 
the life of a child* ^^ 


Administration. . . 220-221 

Faculty. . . 222-239 

Staff. . . 240-241 

Faculty Baby Pictures... 242-243 


Superintendent's Office 

Mr. William McAlduff Jr. (right) 


Do not go where the path may lead, 

Go instead where there is no path 

and leave a trail. 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Mr. Brian Sirianni (below) 

School Business Administrator 

Mrs. MacRae 

Financial Secretary 

Mrs. Moresi 

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent 

Mrs. Shepardson 

Payroll Coordinator 


Principal's Office 

Mr. Michael J. Levine (left) 


It takes more muscle to frown 

than to smile - 

therefore, I always smile. 

~Mr. Levine 

Mrs. Elaine Hanson 

(below left) 
Vice Principal 

Mr. William Rice (below) 

Vice Principal and Athletic Director 

I in 

Miss Lessard 


Mrs. Antonellis 


Mrs. Berry 


Mrs. Medici 



Ms. Slagle (right) 
Above all, to thine own self be true. 

-Shakespeare's Hamlet 

My favorite KP event is attending 

sporting events and working with 

the drama department/productions. 

Mr. Skenyon (right) 

To understand all 

is to forgive all. 

My favorite KP event is 

basketball games. 

Ms. Donnelly (below right) 
Every expert was once a beginner. 

Mrs. Melendy (below) 

I celebrate myself, and sing myself, 

and what I assume you shall assume. 

For every atom belonging to me 

as good belongs to you. 

My favorite KP event is the 

KP Ski Club trips. 

Mr. Ahern (above) 

So we beat on, boats against the current, 

borne back ceaselessly into the past. 

My favorite KP event is 


Miss Southworth (above) 

The more things change, 

the more they stay the same. 

My favorite KP event is 

Homecoming Floats. 

Mrs. Huckle (above) 

To understand all 

is to forgive all. 

My favorite KP event is Spirit Week. 

Mrs. Barnes (above) 

Attitude is a little thing 

that makes a big difference. 

My favorite KP event is Spirit Week. 

Language Arts 


Mr. Besaw (left) 

What is essential is 

what the eye cannot seel 

My favorite KP event is 


T ■■'"■' 

"t ' 

What was your most 

embarrassing moment 

in high school? 

Going to school with a huge 

hole in the crotch of my 

pants-I hadn't noticed it 

when I got dressed! I had to 

wear my gym shorts the 

rest of the day. 

~Mrs. Greenleaf 

On a school field trip to 
N.Y.C. I missed the bus 
from the hotel to a Broad- 
way Show. The bus had to 
come back for me! 
-Mrs. DeLuca 

Miss Ryan (above left) 

There are no lies, 

only distorted truths. 


My favorite KP event is graduation. 

Mr. Houde (left) 

Just get it done! 

My favorite KP event was 

when we had a REAL 
student activities program. 

Read not to contradict and confute, 

nor to believe and take for granted 

...but to weigh and consider. 

-Francis Bacon 

Ms. O'Donnell (above) 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I 

took the one less travelled by, and that 

has made all the difference. 

What was your most embarrasing moment in high school? 

As a freshman in high school, I was one of the "chosen few" promoted to theJV/ 
Varsity basketball team from the freshman squad, which meant an everyday 
practice schedule with intimidating seniors. Determined to prove myself worthy, 
I ran every drill hard. Unfortunately, I sometimes exerted too much effort. During 
one infamous practice while running fast breaks, my momentum was so strong 
that it sent me sailing head-first into one of the ball racks on the sidelines. 
Basketballs flew everywhere as I landed on top of the rack! The attention I drew 
to myself was staggering- even to this day my friends and teammates won't allow 
me to forget it! 

-Ms. Slagle 


Ms. Bremer (below) 

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

My favorite KP event is Star Day. 

Mrs. Viles Antonellis (below 

This too will pass. 
My favorite KP event is 
the Junior/Senior Prom. 

^ ■«-*- 

*•*'* **.<* M 


Government of the people, 

by the people, 

for the people, 

shall not perish 

from this earth. 

-Abraham Lincoln 

Mr. Ferreira (right) 

All the world's a stage and all the people 

in it merely players. 

My favorite KP event is 

the Junior /Senior Prom. 

Mrs. Erickson (far right) 

Learn from the Past, 

Live in the Present, 

Plan for the Future. 

My favorite KP events are concerts, 

plays and soccer games' 

^J ^F'^'itm-^*M{At4?jmjU^J*.^^g\ 'Zi^rf**^^^!^^^* - ■ 

^ shhkif 

The Most Outrageous Thing I Saw in High School 

During my junior year, our Drama Club produced a musical called 
"The Pajama Game. " This musical had some fairly active dance 
scenes, many of which took place on our extension stage, called a 
thrust. During a dress rehearsal on the Saturday before the show 
opened, two actors, including my best friend Dave, were dancing to 
the song, "I Would Trust Her" on the thrust stage. Unfortunately, 
and unbeknownst to either the dancers or the crew, no one had 
remembered to bolt the stage platforms that held the stage together. 
As the two dancers went into a very spirited pirouette, the stage 
parted beneath their feet like Moses parting the Red Sea and both fell 
to the floor four feet below. After we determined that neither of them 
had been hurt, we all laughed at the fact that my friend, who had a 
reputation with the ladies, had conveniently fallen on top of his 
dance partner. We all kidded him that this reflected poorly on his 
sense of chivalry (he should have fallen first to break her fall!) and 
on his questionable intentions to attract her attention in this 
manner. Needless to say, we never failed to check to see that our 
thrust stages were properly secured in the future. 

~J. Ferreira 


Ms. Coutu (below) 

Forsitan et liaec olim meminisse iuvabit! 

My favorite KP event is the 

Senior Breakfast. 

Mr. Finase (below) 

You have to pay the price. 

My favorite KP event is 

Homecoming and Class Competition. 

Mr. Simarrian (below) 
There's no hope for the satisfied man! 

My favorite KP event is the 
Thanksgiving Game, KP vs. Franklin! 

Mrs. Harrington (left) 

Do or do not. 

There is no try. • 

My favorite KP Event is 

the first day of school! 

Social Studies 

What was the funniest 

thing that happened at 

your high school? 

Mr. KP competition. 
-Mr. Boucher 

Students put the principal's 

Volkszuagon on the front 

porch of the school, a flight of 

stairs from the parking lot. 

-Mr. Runeman 

Streakers running through 

the plaza. 

-Mrs. Knight 

Two girls got into an 

argument during lunch, and 

one ended up with salad 

dressing all over her head! 

-Mrs. Cress 

When my all boys school put 

on football rallies — 

where some dressed as girls. 

-Mr. Houde 

Mr. Guernon (above left) 
Some men see things as they are 

and say "Why?' 

I dream things that never were 

and say, 'Why not?' 

My favorite KP event is 

the last day of school bar-b-cue! 

Mr. Breen (left) 

My favorite KP event is 

the teacher cookout. 

Teaching is the most difficult 

of all arts and 

the most profoundest 

of all sciences 

-Horace Mann 

Mr. Jacques (below) 

Whatever you do, strive to get better every day! 

My favorite KP event is the first day of school 

because it is filled with excitement and energy for learning. 

Mrs. Villiard (below) 

If you are not a part of the solution, 

you are a part of the problem. 

My favorite KP events are 

the Pops Concerts. 

Mrs. Knight (right) 

The best and most beautiful things in the 

world cannot be seen or touched. 

They must be felt with the heart. 

-Helen Keller 

My favorite KP events are 

the Prom and graduation. 

Mr. Ligor (far right) 

Don't ever give up. 

My favorite KP events are 

Homecoming and Spirit Week. 

I like that week. 

Choosing a favorite book is choosing a book that changed who I am 
and how I live. About seven years ago I had reached a crossroad in 
my life. But then I started to read A Return To Love by Marianne 
Williamson. This book and its wisdom so resonated with my inner 
self it changed the way I expressed myself to the world forever. This 
book is about the practice of love and that there are only two positions 
from which people operate, fear or love. I looked back on a life lived 
making choices from those inner-fear-based "thou shall nots" and 
began to understand how much this was limiting my existence. 
From all the wisdom that the book contained, one potent thought 
leaped out." Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. " It is that 
we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness 
that most frightens us. We are all meant to shine as children do. For 
many years I had been thinking if I sent that beam of love outward 
I would somehow make those around me uncomfortable. Being 
afraid of another's reaction, I was not able to be myself. By limiting 
my light I allowed those around me to limit theirs. Today lam likely 
to give a hug or a smile quite freely. I value the joy of being a "warm 
stove on a cold night." 

-Mrs. Villiard 


Mr. Cormier (below) 
Opportunity comes to those 

who arc prepared. 

My favorite KP event is 

the NHS Induction. 

Mrs. Lambert (below) 

God is our refuge and strength, 

a very present help in trouble. 

My favorite KP event is Mole Day. 

Mr. Schmidt (below) 

No Baggage. 

My favorite KP event is 

the Jr./Sr. Prom. 

- /»f- : '■ • 

I c? 







) i 

/ 1 

What is Your 
Favorite Book? 


-Anna Lee Waldo 

~Mr. Lazzara 

The Fountainhead 

-Ayn Rand 

-Ms. Slagle 

The Greatest Generation 
-Tom Brokaw 
-Mr. Schmidt 

The Chronicles OfNarnia 

-C.S. Lewis 

-Mrs. Lambert 

Cross Country Chronicles 
-Pete Boucher 
-Mr. Kramer 

he Journal d'un 
Cure' de Campagne 
-George Bernanos 
-Miss Figueirdo 

The Giving Tree 

-Shell Silverstein 

-Mrs. Cress 

Mrs. Masciarelli (left) 

Treat the earth and 

all that dwell thereon with respect. 

My favorite KP event is the 

Homecoming Football Game which 

is the only event I have attended 

since it is my first year here. 

Mr. Pultz (left) 

Knowledge is 

equal for everybody; 

effort, usually, is not. 

My favorite KP event is 


Mr. Lazzara (left) 

Work-Love-Have Fun... in that order. 
My favorite KP event is Arbor Day. 

Science Department 


What Sayings Were Prevalent 
When You Were in High School? 

What seemed so grown up in high school now 
just seems so embarrasing. A typical conversa- 
tion between myself and a friend about an up- 
coming party could have been: 

"Friday's going to be wicked. " 
"Yeah, the units are out of town 'til Saturday!" 
"Did you hear Nancy bagged on Tim last week- 

"Flip my head right out! Sarah will befumin!" 
"There's going to be some bad atoms Friday. 
"Yeah, later..." 
"Later much..." 

-Mrs. DeLuca 

Mrs. Neubauer (far right) 

Unless you try to do something beyond 

what you have already mastered, 

you will never grow. 

My favorite KP event is the 

Freshman-Sophomore Semi-Formal. 

Ms. Szczepaniak (right) 

Genius is 10% inspiration and 

90% perspiration. 

My favorite KP event is 

Class Competition. 

In the company of friends, 

writers can discuss their books, 

economists the state of the economy, 

lawyers their latest cases, and 

businessmen their latest 

acquisitions, but 

mathematicians cannot discuss their 

mathematics at all. And the more 

profound their work, the less 

understandable it is. 



Miss Smestad (above) 

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. 

Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. 

My favorite KP event is Class Competition. 

Mrs. Barrett (above) 

Recognize defeat and move on. 

My favorite KP event is 

the first day of school. 



Mr. Webb (left) 

Take time to 

smell the flowers. 

My favorite KP events are 

Class Competition and Spirit Week. 

Miss Frey (above) 

You can do it! 

My favorite KP event is 

Class Competition. 

Mrs. DeLuca (above) 

Smart is beautiful. 
My favorite KP event is the Prom. 

Miss Strekouras (above) 

Be thankful not only for what you have, 

but also for what you have escaped. 

My favorite KP event is the Prom. 

If you disregard the very simplest 
cases, there is in all of mathematics 
not a single infinite series whose 
sum has been rigorously deter- 
mined. In other words, the most 
important parts of mathematics 
stand without a foundation. 
~G. F. Simmons 

Mr. Kramer (above left) 

Bring it!! 

My favorite KP event is 

Class Competition. 

Mr. Kummer (left) 
When the going gets tough, 

the tough get going. 

My favorite KP event is 

Class Competition. 

What sayings were 

prevalent when 

you were in high 


Wicked Cool! 
Mrs. Chilson 

Be cool! 
Mr. Simarrian 

Mrs. Cress 

Mrs. Raymond 

Far out! 
Mrs. Tower 

Let's go bombing around. 

(driving around town) 

Mrs. Mullaney 

Up your nose 

with a rubber hose! 

Mr. Kummer 



Ms. Peeples (right) 

To thine own self be true. 

I haven't experienced KP events yet 

because it is my first year. 

Miss Figueiredo (below) 

Stand to be seen, speak to be heard 

and keep your silence to be respected. 

My favorite KP event is graduation. 

Mrs. McCourt (right) 

Dios Mio! 

My favorite KP event is 

the Prom. 

Mr. Lanciaux (far right) 
L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux. 

My favorite KP event is 
watching and hearing the KP Band! 

It is the supreme art 

of the teacher 

to awaken joy 

in creative expression 

and knowledge. 

-Albert Einstein 


World Languages 

Mrs. Chilson (left) 

Carpe diem. 

My favorite KP event is final exams. 

Mrs. Zuercher (below) 

Tomorrow is another day! 

My favorite KP events are 

Senior Prom and graduation! 

Where did you go 
to college and grad school? 

Undergrad: University of Rhode Island 

Grad school: Rhode Island College 

~Miss Strekouras 

Undergrad: Boston University 

Grad school: Cambridge College 

-Mrs. Antonellis 

Bryant College 
-Mrs. Dombkowski 

Boston State College 
-Mr. Levine 

Undergrad: American University 

Grad school: Syracuse University 

-Ms. Bremer 

Providence College 
-Ms. Donnelly 

Undergrad: U Mass Dartmouth 

Grad school: Cambridge College 

-Mrs. Cress 

Undergrad: Springfield College 

Grad school: Cambridge College 

-Mrs. Gallagher 

Undergrad: Worcester State College 

Grad school: Framingham State College 

and University of Mississippi 

~Mr. Cormier 

Undergrad: University of Rhode Island 

Grad school: Harvard University 

~Mr. Guernon 

Undergrad & Grad: Boston University 
-Mrs. Raymond 

Undergrad: Emmanuel College 

Grad school: Boston College 

~Ms. Coutu 

Mrs. Mannering 

My favorite KP events are 
the Semi and the Prom. 

Prior to my first year of teaching at King Philip, I attended graduate school at 
Assumption College in Worcester. As part of the program, I was very fortunate 
to have been chosen as one of twenty graduate students to complete part of my 
Master's degree in teaching foreign languages by spending ten weeks in Paris 
during the summer. The course of study abroad included intensive classses in 
conversation, grammar, literature, culture and methodology, all offered in 
conjunction with La Sorbonne. The most valuable part of the program was the 
fact that we were housed at the Cite Universitaire Internationale, a residence 
campus of the University of Paris, consisting of thirty-seven buildings, each with 
its distinctive architecture representing the country that sponsors it. Students in 
my dorm were from Spain, China, Holland, Sweden, Greece and a host of other 
countries. While we were a diversified, international group, our language of 
communication was Trench, one of the few things that we all had in common. 
My advice to any student who has the opportunity to study abroad would be... 
go for it! 

~Mr. Lanciaux 


Mrs. Tower (below) 

Fear came knocking at my door. . . but 

when I answered it, no one was there. 

My favorite KP event is the 

Mr. KPHS competition. 

Mrs. Greenleaf (below) 

We don't see things as they are. 

We see things as we are. 

My favorite KP event is watching the 

percussion and the color guard. 

Mr. Tileston (below) 

Never settle for 

your present level of achievement. 

My favorite KP events are all of the 

music program performances. 

Creativity is merely a 

plus name for 
regular activity. . . any 

activity becomes 

creative when the doer 

cares about doing it 

right, or better. 

~John Updike 

Mrs. Carneiro (right) 

Problems become opportunities 

when the right people come together. 

My favorite KP event is Spirit Week. 

Mrs. Cress (far right) 

If you reach for the moon and miss, 

you'll be among the stars! 

My favorite KP event is wearing PJ's 

to school during Spirit Week. 

What was your nickname 
in high school? 

In high school, I was a basketball player on the 
varsity team. I wore number 23 and gray wool 
flop socks which emulated my role model, 
Pistol Pete Maravich, giving me the nick- 
name "Pistol Pete. " Pete Maravich broke all 
scoring records in his NCAA college careers 
and was known as a "wizard with the round 
ball." Although it could be said I tried to 
emulate his style, it didn't mean that I was 
good enough for the professionals. Thus, I 
teach music instead! 

~Mr. Tileston 

Fine Arts 


Mrs. Dombkowski (below) 

Happiness and love 

are just a choice away. 

My favorite KP event is 


Mr. Lavallee (below) 
If you do less than your best, you're a 
traitor to yourself and your country. 
My favorite KP event was beating 

Franklin on Turkey Day! 

Mrs. Campos (below) 

Never give up. 

My favorite KP event is 

all of Spirit Week. 


What was your nickname 
in high school? 

Macho Man. 
Mr. Boucher 

Mrs. Cress 

Mrs. Huckle 


Mrs. Carneiro 

Mrs. Greenleaf 

Pistol Pete. 
Mr. Tileston 

Miss Frey 

Long Bod. 
Mrs. Tower 

Mrs. Antonellis 

• . 

■ ■ v: 

. ■..;'flf)fcv:--'Vif'' 

L t 

■ A. 

:.;,■, '. ;- . 


"' -,_ ■ * 




HHH I ; 

r^ 1 



r A%y^ 

Mrs. Stankiewicz (left) 

The days go slowly 

but the years go quickly. 

My favorite KP events are 

the drama productions. 

Mr. Guillemette (far left) 

Luck is taking ten thousand hours of 

practice and meeting opportunity. 

My favorite KP event is 

the DECA sponsored dance. 

Mrs. Raymond (left) 

There is no substitute 

for daily preparation. 

My favorite KP event is the 

teachers' end-of-the-year barbeque. 

I have learned that success 

is to be measured 
not so much by the position 
that one has reached in life 

as by the obstacles 

which he has to overcome 

while trying to succeed. 

-Booker T. Washington 



Student Services 

Mr. Doherty (below) 

Aim high; there is plenty of room. 

My favorite KP event is 

Academic Awards Night. 

Mrs. Heagney (below) 

Miracles rest not so much on faces or 

voices, but upon our perceptions 

being made finer. 

My favorite KP event is 

Class Competition. 

You can't direct the wind, 

but you can 

adjust the sails. 


Mr. Bergquist (above right) 

Man's mind stretched to a new idea 

never goes back 

to its original dimension. 

-Oliver Wendell Holmes 

My favorite KP event is 

the band assembly. 

Mrs. Bowe (right) 

Life's short — play hard. 

My favorite KP event is 


Ms. Chamberland (right) 

Do unto others, 

as you would have them do unto you. 

My favorite KP event is Spirit Week. 

Mr. Keleher (middle right) 

The race is not always to the swift, 

but to those who keep on running. 

My favorite KP event is 

Academic Awards Night. 

Mr. Young (far right) 

Smile and the world smiles with you. 

My favorite KP event is 


Mrs. Crehan (right) 

Do your best every day; 

no one could ask for more. 

My favorite KP event is the 

Homecoming Parade 

with the court and floats. 


Pearls of Wisdom for the Class of 2001 

Respect and follow your dream! Keep it alive! Be positive about 
yourself — Don't sell yourself short. Be open to life's lessons- 
Embrace yourself! 

Adopt a grateful attitude; life is better that way — the glass will 
be half filled rather than half empty. 

Yes, it is important to plan for the future, but live in the moment 
as much as possible and breathe deeply — it reduces stress! 

Most of all, keep a sense of humor — it makes life so much more 
enjoyable for you and the people around you. 

We have truly enjoyed working with you during these four 
years. We wish you much happiness and success. 

-The Student Services Staff 

Mrs. Winslow (far leftf 

What goes around, comes around. 

My favorite KP event is the 

Colorguard and 

Percussion Ensemble performances. 

Mr. Reddington (left) 

That's garbage! 

My favorite KP event is 

basketball season. 

Mrs. Pavao (far left) 
Give to the world the best you have, 
and the best will come back to you. 

My favorite KP event is 

Mrs. Sullivan (left) 

The secret of happiness is not 

in doing what one likes, 

but in liking what one has to do. 

My favorite KP event is 

Class Competition. 


What advice 

would you give to the 

graduating seniors? 

Now is the time to take 

advantage of all the 

opportunities available to you. 

Don't hold back! 

-Ms. Donnelly 

Remember who your 

very best friends are, 

and hang on to them! 

-Mrs. Huckle 

Drive across country 

at least once. 

-Mrs. Melendy 

Find something you love to do 

and then get paid for it! 

- Mrs. Cress 

Enjoy college! Take advantage of 

the experience. 

- Mrs. Gallagher 

Never stop learning. 

- Mr. Sumner 

Listen to your father! 

- Mr. Lavallee 

Think out of the box. 

Your future has NO LIMITS! 

-Mr. Guillemette 

Be true to yourself- 
don't compromise your values. 

- Mrs. Lambert 

Carpe diem! 

- Mrs. Chilson 

Mrs. Buchanio (below) 

If you believe- you can achieve! 

My favorite KP event is the 

Thanksgiving Day Game. It's great 

to see everyone who is home! 

Ms. Karnow (below) 

Life experience is the true teacher. 

I'm too new to have 

a favorite KP activity. 

Mrs. Mullaney (below) 

Be careful what you say; 

it may come back to haunt you. 

My favorite KP event is 

Spirit Week. The costumes are great! 






Mrs. MacDonald (above right) 

Keep your face to the sunshine 

and you cannot see the shadow. 

My favorite KP event is 

Class Competition. 

Mrs. Landry (above right) 

Don't sweat the small stuff. 

My favorite KP event is 

Class Competition. 

Mrs. Anderson (above) 

Believe in yourself... You can have it all. 

My favorite KP event is 

the Holiday Pops. 

Mrs. Brennan (above) 

Inch by inch, life's a cinch. 

My favorite KP event is 

Class Competition. 

Mrs. Bertram (above) 

fust do it! 

My favorite KP event is the Prom. 


Special Education 

Mrs. Houde (left) 

And dreams that you wish for 

come true. 

My favorite KP event is 

the last day of school. 






~ ,s 

Ft -.v-^.^r ■-':■.': 


'■"■ ;v ' — 



■ ' v '^-^**" 







Mr. Massotti (above) 

He/p change lives. 

My favorite KP event is 

graduation day. 

Mr. TatupU (above) 

You don't work, you don't eat! 

My favorite KP event is the 

Thanksgiving Game. 

Mrs. Tower (above) 

It takes a village to raise a child. 

My favorite KP event is 

Class Competition. 

The job of an educator is 

to teach the students 

to see the vitality 

in themselves. 

Ms. Rumsey (below left) 

True success, overtime, is measured by 

the depth of our humanity. 

I love all of KP's events. 

Ms. Lawn (below) 

If a man speaks or acts with pure 

thought, happiness follows him like a 

shadow that never leaves. 


My favorite KP events are the plays. 



m 4^ W 

\ *&' f 

Er ' -^H M^^ ' 

k "% A k 

k ; m k 

Ms. Meuser (above) 


Mr. Riley (below) 

The secret of happiness 

is not in doing what one likes, 

but in liking what one has to do. 

My favorite KP event is pep-rallies. 

Mrs. Carr (below) 

You only get out of something 

what you are willing to put into it. 

My favorite KP event is 


Mr. Hosford (below) 


My favorite KP events are the 

'House of Art" exhibit openings. 

Mrs. Solomon (below) 

Be true to yourself. 

My favorite KP event is graduation. 

A teacher affects eternity; 
he can never tell where his 

influence stops. 
-Henry Brooks Adams 

Mr. Sumner (far right) 

If the world hands you a lemon, 

make lemonade. 

My favorite KP events are 

Diversity Club activities. 

Mr. Runeman (right) 

Just because time passes, 

it doesn't mean you will. 

My favorite KP event is Spirit Week. 

After graduating from North Attleboro High School 
at the age ofl 6, 1 worked for a year before attending 
Wentworth Institute. My job at the Mason Box 
Company in North Attleboro as afoot press opera- 
tor convinced me that I needed an education. The 
machines I operated applied paper "stays" to the 
corners of cardboard boxes. Boxes would then be 
covered and used in the jewelry industry so each 
order consisted of thousands of boxes. 

~Mr. Sumner 


Technical Education 


Mrs. Pfeffer (below) 

Life is good! 

My favorite KP event is 

Class Competition. 

Mrs. Smith (below) 

Character is what you are 

when no one is looking! 

My favorite KP event is 

Class Competition. 

Mr. Boucher (below) 

Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome! 

Bring it! 

My favorite KP event is 

Class Competition. 

When you were in 

high school, what 

after-school job did 

you have? 

I worked at McDonald's. 
-Mr. Tileston 

J was a lifeguard. 
-Mrs. Lambert 

I worked at Papa Gino's. 
-Mrs. Melendy 

I was a dishwasher. 
-Mr. Houde 

I worked in a supermarket. 
-Mr. Guillemette 

/ worked in a hospital 

as a dietary aide. 
-Miss Strekouras 

/ was a telephone operator. 
-Ms. Southworth 

Technology is just a tool. 

In terms of getting the kids 

working together and motivating 

them, the teacher 

is the most important. 

-Bill Gates 

Mr. Carneiro (above) 

It's all about you! 

My favorite KP event is 

Class Competition. 

Mrs. Gallagher (left) 

Beauty is only skin deep. 

My favorite KP event is 

the Semi-Formal. 

A sound mind 
in a sound body. 
-Ancient Greece 

Physical Education 


A school is a building 

that has four walls — 

with tomorrow inside. 

-Joseph Addison, 1711 


Mr. Hassell, Custodial Manager, 

Mr. Brindley, Mr. DaSilva, 

Mr. Fenton, Mr. Gardner, 

Mr. Howard, Mr. Hunchard, 

Mr. Marchand, Mr. Raymond, 

Mr. Willis. 

AFTER HOURS (right) 
Mr. Howard, Mr. Willis, and 
Mr. Marchand pose before going off 
to work in the late afternoon. Most of 
King Philip's custodians work 
during hours when there are few 
students at school, either early in the 
morning or later at night. Everyone 
should have pride in King Philip and 
an appreciation for the custodial 
staff, and we can exhibit both by 
doing our parts in keeping KP clean. 

MR. HASSELL (far right) 

MR. BRINDLEY (right) 

Mr. Hassell and Mr. Brindley are 

two of the custodians who work 
among the students during the day. 
Their faces are familiar in the halls of 
King Philip. 

STEPPING UP (below) 
Across the country, students are less 
fortunate than we are because they 
do not have a school in such good 
condition as ours. Mr. Spencer and 
Mr. Gardner are two of the men who 
help to keep our school at its best. 


Custodial Staff 

-IOME COOKING (below) 

Tie K.P. population can always find three or four meals to choose from at lunch. Thanks to the dedication of the cafeteria 

vorkers, students are provided nutritious meals to help them absorb knowledge through to the end of the day. 

John Zervas is King Philip's crossing 
guard. He helps control the traffic be- 
fore and after school and helps stu- 
dents who walk home cross safely. 


The King Philip bus drivers provide our students with exceptional service both 
:o and from school as well as to extracurricular activities. They are dependable 
m all weather conditions and their services are greatly appreciated. 

What is your favorite 

cafeteria lunch? 

Chicken Caesar Wrap! 
-Judy Mullaney 


Spicy Chicken Burger... 
1 and I always get an apple. 
-Keith Foster 


: Pizza. 

-Brian Hill 

This year's new Wrap Station. 
-Emily Holt 


Taco Day! 
-Kyle Moore 

-Greg Whitehouse 

Stuffed Crust Pizza. 
-Christina Cummings 

Pork Chop Patty. 
-Frank Cook 

Crispy Chicken with bacon and 

mystery sauce. 
-Ryan Johnson 

Well, Stuffed Crust Pizza 

is the day I buy two lunches. 

-Brett Amidon 

Other King Philip Staff 



from the 


Miss Strekouras 

When I was a kid, I used to watch 

Leave it to Beaver and The Three 

Stooges every day after school. 


Mr. Giiillemette 

When I was a kid, I collected 

baseball cards and my mom did not 

throw them out. I paid one penny 

for a Mickey Mantle rookie card! 

Mrs. Manneriiig 

When I was a kid, I used to have to 

walk to school, barefoot, 

in the snow, uphill both ways... 

Mr. Sumner 

When I was a kid, the only T.V. in 
the neighborhood was at my next 

door neighbor's house. All the kids 

in my neighborhood would watch 

Howdy Doody at 5:00. 

Mrs. Barnes 

When I was a kid, life was simple. 


Mrs. Neubauer 

When I was a kid, 

1 liked to play outside 

and read books. 


Mrs. Greenleaf 

When I was a kid, I used to write letters 
to angels and God. 

Mrs. Viles-Antonellis 

When I was a kid, I liked the beach. 


Ms. Lessard 

When I was a kid I went bicycling with my family 
and we would stop on the way to buy ice cream. 

Mrs. Melendy 

When I was a kid, I was petrified of peacocks. 

Mrs. Smith 

When I was a kid, I was shy. 


Miss Southworth 

When I was a kid, I never missed 
Ding Dong School with Miss Frances. 

Mrs. McCourt 

When I was a kid, 

I loved to play in the snow 

during a snow storm. 

Ms. Coutu 

When I was a kid, 
I thought I knew all the answers. 


Mrs. Brickson 

When I was a kid, 
I was on top of the world. 


Ms. Slagle 

When I was a kid, if you didn't 

wear jellie bracelets up to your 

elbows, own a Cabbage Patch Doll, 

worship New Kids on The Block, or 

watch The Cosby Show on Thursday 

nights then you weren't cool! 



Mrs. Gallagher 

When I was a kid, 
I hated my curly hair. 

Ms. Bremer 

When I was a kid, I believed 
everything I was told. (My parents 

would never deceive me.) As an 

adult I became more cynical but in 

many ways I'm still a Pollyanna. 

It's not a bad way to be. 

Mrs. Harrington 

When I was a kid, 
flowers had power. 




If you want to make 
money, go where the 
money is. 99 

Joseph I? Kennedy 

Baby Ads 



Jennifer Ryan 


Congratulations on a job well 
done. We are so proud of 
you... of all your accomplish- 
ments, and most importantly, 
of the person that you are. We 
wish you all the best as you 
begin the next chapter of your 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad, and Kevin 

Kyle Paul Flske 

Sometimes being the 

youngest isn't always easy. 

One has to live in the 

reputation of his siblings. I'm 

proud that you chose to pave 

your own way in becoming a 

young man, with a positive 

and happy outlook on life. 

Congratulations and 

remember that I love you. 



Heather Lee Lanagan 

To our little Spike 

We know you'll succeed in all you do! 

Love Always 

Mom & Dad 

Kimberly Ann Cox 

Nicholas Ray 

Congratulations Kim! 

We are both very proud of 

you and wish you the best of 

luck in college. Thank you for 

all the great memories. We 

will treasure them always and 

the many more to come. 

We love you. 

Love Always, 

Kristen and Michael 

Jennifer M. Beaton 


You have brought much love 

and laughter in our lives. 

We are so proud of the 

person you have become! 

Follow your dreams!! 


Mom, Dad, Jeff and Michelle 

Nick Ray 

Thank you for 

being such a 


son. I am so 

blessed to 

have you in 

my life. 

Love always, 



Lindsey Fliger 

See you in Hollywood 

Christopher Darling 


Remember that you are as good as anyone 
else and better than most. You have made 
Dad and Mom very proud of you. 

Dad & Mom 

Rachael Lyn Marcotte 

Congratulations ! 
Our little girl has grown 

into such a beautiful 
woman. Our wish came 
true when we had you. 
Be the best at what you do 
and all your wishes and 
dreams will come true. 
We are so proud of you, 


We love you so much, 

Mom and Dad 


Christopher Walter Smith 


Good luck in college. We hope 
for your health, happiness, and 
increased knowledge. 

Mom, Dad, and Scott 

Heather Ann Bronsdon 


You were a beautiful baby 

and now a beautiful woman. 

Love you 

and very proud of you. 


Kristin Miclielle Kehrmeyer 

Congratulations, Kristin 

You were the little girl who brought 

so much love and fun to our family. 

Now you are a beautiful young lady, 

we are all so very proud of. 

We know your spirit, enthusiasm and great 

personality will always bring you to the top. 

We Love You, 

Mom, Dad 

Kevin, Karen and Kevin 



Co«gK/j£W £toi&uf 

CouffKuueriti of 

Professional Photography 

1 062 Taunton Avenue Rt. 44 

Seekonk, Massachusetts 02771 


Yowv Yeaibook 


Daniel Joseph Nyman 


From the moment you were born you were always on the go! 

The curiosity in your eyes and the smile on your lips have always been there to light up 

the lives of the people lucky enough to share in your life! 

We love you — The world is at your fingertips — Move Ova Buddy! 

Mom, Dad, Jarred, Luke & extended family 

Melissa Kathryn Gray 


Keep on smiling, Be happy 

You are the light of our lives, 

our shining star, 

and our dream come true. 

We are so very proud of you 

your 110%, and your big heart! 
Congratulations, but especially, 
THANK YOU for just being YOU! 

Don't stress out or be sad 

No matter where you venture- 
remember, you never go alone, 
our hearts remain with you forever. 

Mommy and Dad 


Maria Fatirna Baptista 

Every day I thank God for this wonderful gift 




My emotions are running high, at your photo I stare 
Your childhood so quickly vanished, as I fight back the tears. 

I wish I could live in yesteryear, I wish this could be. 
When I was your knight in shining armor, and all your love was focused on me. 

But now you're a beautiful young lady, in a world you're eager to explore. 

But please don't forget, my beloved daughter, I will always be here waiting for you, 

with love in my heart and a welcome mat forever at my door. 



You will always be Daddy's little girl 



Stephen Fonlis 

Congratulations ! 
With all our love, 

Mom, Dad, 
Bob, Jack, and Jim 

Crystal Leigh Rogers 



All my love, 


Brlanna Hooley 


Your courage and generous heart will see you 
through all of life's challenges. I am very proud of 
the wonderful person you have grown up to be. 

Love forever, 


Don't be afraid to take big steps. 

You can't cross a chasm in 

two small jumps. 

-David Lloyd George 

James Harrison Brady 

Keith Monahan & Shannon Ober 

Class of 2001 

Cook's Hall Ice Cream Shoppe 


Best of luck in school next year. 

We are proud of you and we love you. 

Mom, Dad, & Michael 



King Philip Regional School District 

Standing (left to right): Sam Williams, George Cronin, William McAlduff 
Seated (left to right): Jennifer Moore, Jeanette Mattar, Jane Morris, Karin Cobb 

The King Philip School Committee 

wishes each member 


Class of 2001 
Health, Happiness, and Success. 


Kevin Joseph Donovan 


You have been such a 

joy in our lives. We 

wish you a happy 

and healthy future. 

Dad, Mom, and Lisa 

William Pierce Robertson 


You finally made it! 
We always knew 
you would, and we 
are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Kaitlin 

Kathleen L. McMahan 

Jessica Morse 


We are so proud of you. 

You're as beautiful inside as 

you are beautiful outside. 

Best wishes to you and 

The Class of 2001. 


Mom & Dad 

Best of luck 

to my 

big sister! 



You're my favorite 


Luv ya, 


Ta Ta Leigh 

You have filled our lives with joy and 
happiness — never a dull or quiet 

moment since you were born. 

We love you and are proud of you. 

Dad • Mom 

Justin • Jason 


I'm proud of you, 




Ryan Pinsoneault | 

There are 
only two 
that we can 
give to our 
One is 
roots, the 

We love you, Ryan. 

Mom, Dad and Sara 

Darby-Lee Rose 

Dance, Dance, wherever you may be 
Let your spirit dance wild and free. 


Mom and Dad 

To ray first class at Freeman-Centennial School 

I wish each of you a lifetime of successes and happiness. 

Mrs. Woessner 

You are 

our constant source 


joy and pride 

(and entertainment!) 

We love you, 

Mom and Dad 

Elizabeth Anne Kinney 

Michael R. McCtdlotigh 

Grandma and Pappy, Aunt Kara, Uncle Ed, Matthew, Melissa, 

Becka, Heather & Melody, Aunt Ton, Uncle Eric, Nath and Tesa, 

Uncle B, Aunt Nancy, Stephanie, Chelsea, Whit and Kortnee, 

Aunt Na, Uncle Brian, Evan, Mack and Ali 


In the 

Year of Mike 

you have 

grown into 

such an 


young man! 

You have 


shown such 

a great sensitivity towards 

everyone. We are so 

Blessed to have you as our 

wonderful Son and 

Brother. Thank you! 

Much Love, 

(Greater than the Universe) 

Mum and Pup 

Kev and Luke 



Laura Elizabeth Kraby 

From the first 

day of 
kindergarten to 
high school 
It has been 
a pleasure 
watching you 
grow into the 
amazing person 
you are today! 

m m 

n Mil ■ 

Our love always, 
Mom and Dad 

Christine Joan Holmes 

Dear Christine, 

We are so proud of you! 

Congratulations ! 

Your future is very bright! 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Andrew and Erin 

Elizabeth Marie Burger 


Oh, what a beautiful baby! 
Oh, what a beautiful girl you've become, both inside and out! 

Love you much, Lady Jane! 
Mom, Dad & Andrew 

Andrew V. Calnan 

Congratulations, Andy 

We are all very proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, and Chip 

24 Things to Always Remember... 
And One Thing to Never Forget 

Your presence is a present to the world. 
You're unique and one of a kind. 
Your life can be what you want it to be. 
Take the days just one at a time. 

Count your blessings, not your troubles. 
You'll make it through whatever comes along. 
Within you are so many answers. 
Understand, have courage, be strong. 

Don't put limits on yourself. 
So many dreams are waiting to be realized. 
Decisions are too important to be left to chance. 
Reach for your peak, your goal, your prize. 




<m m- 


Nothing wastes more energy than worrying. 

The longer one carries a problem, the heavier it gets. 

Don't take things too seriously. 

Live a life of serenity, not a life of regrets. 

Remember that a little love goes a long way. 
Remember that a lot.... goes forever. 
Remember that a friendship is a wise investment. 
Life's treasures are people.... together. 

Realize that it's never too late. 
Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. 
Have health and hope and happiness. 
Take time to wish upon a star. 

And don't forget... even for a day... how very special you are. 

-Collin McCarty 


Melissa Jane Bell 



We are so proud of you and 
all your accomplishments. 

We love you very much. 


• .A: » 

Mom, Dad, Nana, Bop-Bop, Grammie, Aunt Holly, Carol, and Eva 

102 SOUTH ST. • WRENTHAM, MA 02093 • (508) 384-6101 • FAX (508) 384-8547 

Elizabeth Flannery 

Elizabeth Flannery... 
Your future is so bright ! 

We love you! 

Uncle Tony, Auntie Laura, 

Taryn & Dean 


Brian Allaire 


We are very proud 

of you. 

Good luck in 



Mom & Dad 

Dear Lydia, 

You've been a great sister. You were always 
there for me. I know the future has big plans for 
you. I just wanted to say thanks for everything. 



Keith Monahan 


It's been a long time since I was 
taller than you, but even when we 
were younger I looked up to you. 
Life is such an amazing thing. I'm 
so glad you're in mine. 

Peace and Love Always, 

James Christopher 
Paul Marks 


Jennifer Y. Chillemi 

Always a glowing outlook, 
now on to a bright future! 

Lots of Love, 
Dad, Mom & Peter 

Jamie — 

As you follow your dreams — 

look to the sky — for that is your limit. 

Most of all... 
Hang Loose 

Be Happy. 

Love Always 
Mom & Dad 


The Big Apple 


Matthew Loren Lupfer 


We guess we'll keep you! 
Congratulations on all you've accomplished. 

Dad, Liz, David & Christopher 

Scott Amldon — Kayla Burt 

Love from all of us and we wish you the best of everything to come! 

Beem and Bup 

Auntie Donna, Uncle Wayne, Matt and Tim 

Auntie Karen, Uncle Barry, Brett and Patrick 

Uncle Craig, Callie and Katie 

Uncle Chuck, Aunt Debbie, Madeleine and Emily 

Scott Amidon 

I wish you the best of 

luck in whatever you 

do, and I know you 

will be happy. 



Stephanie Griffin 

Roses are Red 

Violets are Blue 

Do you 

Know Who's Who? 

Love Mom & Dad 
(we did at the time!) 

Meaghan Leigh Curley 

% , 


I am very proud of you! We've been through a lot together 
and you're always smiling. No one can ever make me laugh 
like you can. Sisters like you come by once in a lifetime and 
I'm honored I was chosen to be yours. Reach for the stars! 



Joshua Laurence Clark 

Kaela Goldstein 


You have always filled 
our hearts with pride, joy 
and happiness. Follow 
your dreams, reach for 
the stars and soar. 

We love you, 
Mom and Dad 


Everything is within 
your reach. Explore, 
enjoy and continue to 
embrace life with your 
special passion. 

We love you. 

Mom & Dad 

Emily Ghosh 

i Ik 

r \f 


To EM, 

What a lovely 

young woman 

you've become! 


It's been a fun ride and 

I couldn't ask for a better 

person to have shared it 


Congratulations and 

good luck next year. 




Erin Johnson 


Congratulations and good luck! Thanks for being 

the greatest sister I could ever ask for. I'll miss you! 



Emily K. Andreozzi 

You are: 
Always Smiling, 
Always Caring, 
Always Giving, 
Always Sharing. 
You are: A Defender 
and Protector of the 
Rights of Children, 
Elders, Animals, and 
You are: 
A Loyal Supporter of 
Family, Friends, School, and Community. 
Your life has made a Difference and 
we are so very, very, very, proud! 
Love Mom, Dad, Kristen, 
Katie, and Lizzie 

Class of 2001 

W.T. Holmes Transportation Co. 

22 Myrtle Street 

Norfolk, MA 02056 

(508) 528-4550 

Andrea Lyons 

It's been a pleasure 

growing up 

with you! 

Tom and Ed 

Kayla I. Burt 

We are so proud of you! 

Be happy and always 

follow your dreams. 

Mom and Dad 

Christine & Stefanle Flynn 

Chrissy and Stefi- 

You have both brought so much joy and laughter into my life. 
I've watched you grow up together, but at the same time become 
unique individuals. I am very proud to have both of you. 
Continue to have fun in life. Follow your dreams and reach for 
your goals and you will accomplish anything. 

I Love You 

Johanna Kronk 




Katie Cove 



You've made it. 

I'll miss you 

Love Biz 

Heather Ann Bronsdon 

Best of luck at college, Heather — 
We will miss you! 


The Zammitos 

Paul, Helen, Kara, Julie, & Michael 


Stephanie Morris 


Hope all your dreams come true. 


pUtmlitt Cabinet Carp. 


JCT. RTE. 1A&RTE. 115 

NORFOLK, MA 02056 


Jennifer Friedman 

Our little polychenelle 

Our pride and joy 

Love, grammy and grandpa 

I know this space should be for your picture, but I wanted to 
publicly say that I love you. I'll leave a warm spot. 

Love, Simba 


Reeve Eric Boulter 

Congratulations, Eric! 
We are so proud of the young man you have be- 
come. Always keep your positive caring and light 
hearted attitude. Be happy and work hard so all 
your dreams will come true. 

Love you always, 

Mom, Dad, and Kelly 

Christopher Lawn 



Doda & Moma 

Will you sit with me on the bus? 

Don't mess with me! 

Elizabeth Marie, 

Follow your heart! We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Justin, Jake, Erika, 

Nathan, Josh & Ryan 


Meaghan Leigh Curley 

Ta Daa!! Look Who's Made It!! Kudos! for a great job, Meaghan! 

Mom & Mike 

Emily M. Holt 

Call: 528-0731 


- A Full Service Oil Company - 

George Cronin 

Heating & Plumbing 

• Complete Heating Installations 

• 24 Hour Burner Services 

• Automatic Fuel Delivery 

5 George St. 
Norfolk, MA 02056 


We are so proud of you! 
You have filled our lives 
with so much joy and 
happiness. May all your 
dreams be fulfilled as 
you continue to achieve 
all that you strive for. 

Remember — we will always be there for you. 


We love you, 

Mom, Dad, and Michael 

Melissa McLacMan 

To Lissa — 

You're the best! 


Mom, Dad and Beth 

Christine & Stefanie 

Chrissy and Stefi, 

May your futures hold as much happiness and joy 
as we have received from you both these last 
years. Although twins, your unique qualities have 
enabled you to also be individuals. You deserve 
the best life has to offer so take advantage of the 
opportunities you are presented. Remember how 
proud we are of you both and also never forget — 
you are loved. 

Grammy Pat and Bumpa 

Julie Mercedes-Lonardo 

Brendan Halpin 

Hello world. Here I am! 

So glad you came to ours. 


Mom, -Dad 


Class of 2001 


262 Danism &ml, fiL 1A 
MwWk. HA 02C6G 
Pli; 3K-3&1-777S 
Fax: GUU-atK-HlCT 

Mew Erolaatfs ri SkkK&ncrE^aJcr 


My funny little guy has grown into a wonderful 
young man. I wish for you a lifetime of happiness 
and success. Always do your best and follow your 
dreams. I'm very proud of you. 




Jillian Marie DiNttnzio 


We love you, and are so proud of you! You have worked so hard to achieve such 
wonderful accomplishments in your young life! 

Use your God-given talents, along with all that you have learned to go forth and 
continue to do good. Share your gifts with others and help to make this world a better place. 

Mom & Dad 

Meaghan Leigh Curley 


Good choices make for great lives. 

I am very proud of the person you've become. 

Live your dreams! 

Love, Dad 

Meghan Frances McKenna 

Nicole W. LaPointe 

Oh! The Places You'll Go! 
Congratulations! Today is your day. 

You're off to Great Places! 
You're off and away! ~ Dr. Seuss 

Keep your magical spirit! 

We love you very much! 

Mom, Dad & Kate 

Congratulations, Nicole, and our very best 

wishes for your success and happiness. 

You are a joy and a blessing to us! 

Love you, 

Nana and Bampa 


Donald E. Fisher, D.D.S. 

14 Common Street 
Wrentham, MA 02093 


Rebekah Lura Fisher 

Sparkling eyes, bright smile, 

Loving heart, deep thoughts, 

Faithful steps: 

We love you, Bekah! 

Mom and Dad, Sarah and Dan 

Rebecca Lynn Macdonald 

We are both so very proud of you and 

all your accomplishments. 

It has been so wonderful watching 

you grow into a beautiful, talented, 

smart, caring, sweet person. 

Never change! 

The world awaits you and we know that 

you will succeed at whatever you do. 

Congratulations and remember that 

we love you, Kibbins! 

Mom & Dad 

Matthew Griffith 

Congratulations on your success and all of 
your achievements. You have made us proud 
and watching you grow into a fine young man 
has been a joy. The future is certainly yours and 
while reaching for the stars, remember to have 
fun and be happy. 

Go, Matt. 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, & Mike 

Katherine Anne Grlch 


Good luck at school next year. We hope only the 

best for you as you begin a new chapter of your 



Mom, Dad 

Sarah and Christine 

158 Main Street, Norfolk, MA 




c *r* 

Joanna Kate Balzer 

For Faster 
Service Call: 


3 Ws 



Today is your day. 

You're off to 

Great Places! 

You're off 

and away!" 

We're so proud 
of you, Joey! 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad & Sam 


Lindsay Marie Dumont 



We are proud of you 

and of your accomplishments. 

May you live your dreams and 

may God bless you continuously. 

Keep smiling! 

Mom & Dad 

Andrew Howard 


Your cheerful enthusiasm towards others 
will take you wherever you want to go. We 
are so proud of what you've accomplished. 
You deserve the best. 

Mom, Dad, Danielle, & Stephanie 

Micali Jackson and Evan McGrath 

We grow prouder and prouder of you two with each passing day. 
We love you both dearly and we know you will be successful in whatever you choose to do. 

The McGraths and The Jacksons 

Andrea Lyons 

Andrea - 

You've always under- 
stood the importance of 
surrounding yourself 
with great friends. 
Good luck in college! 
Mom and Dad 

Steven Shaw 

Dear Steve, 

Good luck next year, 

and the years to come. 

You're a good brother. 

Thanks for all the rides. 



Lauren Nicole Bettencourt 


A whole new world awaits, 

Keep your mind and heart 

As wide open as those blue eyes 

And Soar! 

We Love You! 

Mom, Dad, and Margaux 

The Rebels 

Rosanne Boyle, Elizabeth Flannery, 
Elizabeth Bitsy Burger, Erin Johnson, 
Melissa Lissa Gray, Stephanie Morris 

Sometimes people come 

into your life and you 

know right away that 

they were meant to he 

there, to serve some sort 

of purpose, teach a 

lesson, or to help you 

figure out who you are 

or what you are to 

become. You never know 

who these people may 

he, but when you lock 

eyes with them you 

know at that very 

moment they will affect 

your life in some 

profound way. 

-Source Unknown 

Dearest Rebels, 
Thank you so much for 
everything! I could always 
count on you guys for a 
smile, a shoulder to cry on, 
a hug, a laugh and someone 
to pull me up when I was 
down. We have survived it 
all: random nites, weird 
allergies, heartbreaks, 
dropping our forks, and last 
but not least Burgerville — 
and we are still going 
strong. Over the years, you 
have become more than just 
my friends. You are my 
sisters, and I don't know 
what I'll do without you- 
I love you guys! 

Love always, 



Kerry Anne-Lu Feeney 

Living With You! 

From that sunny 
July morning when 
you were born 
You looked upon us 
with those beautiful 
blue eyes 
You were a 
Broadway hit in 
progress, day after 

And it has been one 
curtain call after 
All the choices 
you've made, 
Have made us 
proud of you and 
we will always love 
you Kerry Berries 

Mom, Dad, Stacy, Haley, Sean, Lisa & PD 

Marlssa Clair Tuohy 

Strong roots to grow, 

Broad wings to fly, and 

You are blessed with both. 

Go now and fly as high as you dare, 

Knowing that we will always be there. 

You are an extraordinary young woman 

who brings pride and honor to our family. 

Thank you, Marissa. We love you! 

Mom, Dad, John, Jennifer & Patrick 

Heather Ann Bronsdon 


You're the sweetest girl in all the world! 

Don't stop thinking about tomorrow. 

I love you. 


Kate Martin 

Dear Katie, 

Listen to life, it is the wisest teacher of all. 

(except for your mother) 

No one could wish for a more wonderful 

daughter and sister. 

We're very proud of you and wish you all the 

happiness in the world. 

Love you lots, 

Mom, Dad, David, Ian and Tony 

Holly Caroline Clavattone 

"Butterfly Kisses" 
to my little ballerina 
-Always Remember- 
Never give up on your dreams, 
in every drop of rain there is a rainbow! 
Love, your biggest fan 

Rachael Lyn Marcotte 

You Did It! 
Good Luck with your future. 

The past has 

been great 

growing up 


If you need 

me, I will be 

there for you 

just like when 

we were kids. 

Love Always, 



Brian Patrick O'Connell 

Congratulations ! 

We are so proud of you. 

Continue to set your goals 

high but remember to smile 

and savor each moment. 

Everything is possible and 

we are very excited 

for all the possibilities 

that lie in front of you. 

We love you very much! 


Mom, Dad, Erin, and Shannon 

Equipment, Inc. 

Izabela Hoagland 

Parts and 





508-384-0011 • FAX 508-384-8667 • 800-696-3120 



...a true gift enriching our lives, 

caring, helpful,and beautiful - 

We love you, 

Mom and Dad 

Shannon M. Ober 

You're special and beautiful! I'm so very proud of who 
you've become thus far. On your new, exciting journey in 
life, may you find Happiness, Fulfillment and Peace as you 

Reach for 
the Stars. 
And always 

remember ... the hero is found within you. 

Mom and Lauren 


Michael J. Rieger 


It's been fun going 

through high 

school with you. 

I'll miss you next 

year. Good luck in 





You've been a 

great older brother. 

Have fun at college 



Kevin J. O'Loughlin 

Dear Kevin, 

Good luck with the future ahead. I will be 

right by your side always. 



Joshua Laurence Clark 

Emily IL Andreozzi 

Congratulations, Josh! 

Thanks for being a 

wonderful big brother. 

Good luck in college - 

I will miss you! 





•_a «a«. 

Wain Stzeet 76azdwaze & SuppCy 
of TlozfoCk, One. 



NORFOLK, MA 02056 


Thanks for all the "cuddles" over the years. 
Congratulations and good luck in the future. 
Your little brown doggie — 

Since the day you were born, your smile has lit up 
our lives. As you go through life, we have no doubt 
it will light up the world! 

Mom & Dad 

Look how far youVe come and what amazing 

things youVe already accomplished. We 

couldn't be prouder or love you more! 

Robin & Laurie Giampa 

Dear Robin and Laurie, 
You are each so very priceless to us in 

your own special ways. 
Pursue all your dreams and live your 

lives to the fullest! 

We love you both very much and we 

will always be here for you. 



Mom & Dad 



Margaret Maggie Casey 


You have made 
us very proud. 


remember to 

stay true to 



Mom, Dad, 

Stephen and Katherine 

Nicole LaPoiiite 


You were always the brave 
one and still are. I know 
you will follow your heart 
and all your dreams will 
come true. You deserve the 
very best this life has to 
offer. I wish you luck in 
college and life. I love you 
and I will always be here for you. Congratulations! 

Love, Diana 

Scott Amidon 

Learn from the past, 

but look to the future. 

The possibilities are endless. 

We're very proud of you. 

Congratulations ! 


Mom, Dad, Brett and Patrick 

Melissa Kathryn Gray 

Jessica Morse 

Congratulations, Jess. 
Love, Mom, Dad, & Josie 

Steven Shaw 

To My Sissy - Melissa, 

You are the best sister anyone in the world could ask for! 

Now you are ready to spread your wings and fly... 

Wishing you a life full of joy and happiness. 

May all your dreams come true. 

I know you will succeed as you reach for your stars. 

Hope you fulfill all of your goals. 

May good luck follow you everywhere. 

I am going to miss you very much 

Congratulations! You will always be the best! 

Love You Forever, 

Casey (Tammy & Tucker, too) 


So many memories... 

So many yet to come. 

Go and follow your dreams. 

We love you very much. 

Remember, home is never 

far away. 

Mom, Dad 
Laurie & Dana 

Derek Michael Darling 


You are what every parent hopes that their 
son will grow up to be! Congratulations on all 
of your many accomplishments! 

Love Forever, 

Mom and Dad 

Dee Man, 

A lifetime wouldn't be long enough 
for me to tell you what having you in 
my life has done for me. Thank you for 
always being there. You're the best big 
brother I could have ever wished for 
and I'm really going to miss you. You're 
definitely a tough act to follow! 
I Love You, 


We are glad to see 
that all that brotherly 
abuse we heaped on 
you didn't stop you 
from becoming 
someone we are both 
very proud of. 
We Love You, 
Paul and Philip 

Crystal Leigh Rogers 

Heather Ann Bronsdon 

t>». «■» 

Heather Feather 

We Love You. 

We're so proud of you! 


Scott and Mom 

Kevin J. Cotter 

Congratulations, Sunshine! 

All our love forever, 

Mom & Dave 




We're very proud 

of you! 


Mom and Dad 


Lauren J. Durette 

Dear Lauren, 

Congratulations! We're very proud of you. 
May your future be filled with happiness and success 
and may all your dreams come true. 
Remember that we'll always be here for you. 

Mom, Dad, Chrissy and Steve 

Izabela Hoagland 


So kind and so thoughtful, 

A winning smile, too, 

May happiness follow, 

whatever you do! 

Much love, 


Frank B. Cook 


"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. 

Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal." 


Thank you for being a wonderful son! 

Thank you for living the ideas that we have taught you! 

And thank you for being our best friend!! 

Congratulations Good luck! 

We love you! 
Mom and Dad 

Katie Cove 

If I could reach up and hold a star for every time 

you've made me smile, the entire evening sky 

would be in the palm of my hand. 


Dad & Mom 

Lisa Marie Domenica 


You are everything we thought you would become 
and more. You have made us very proud. We love 
you very much! 



Mum, Dad 

Cheryl, Deana, and Jamie 



PHONE 384-7788 

Matthew Sanchez 

You are very special to us. 
We are so proud of the young man 

you have become. 

May God continue to guide you on 

the journey ahead. 

It will be exciting — 

a time of many choices. 

We love you, Matt! 

Your Godparents, Carol & Tommy, 

and brother, Tyler 

John Christopher 

Kimberly Ann Cox 

With Love Always 

Congratulations, Pompec! 

Always proud to be your big sis. 

We love you!!! 

Viggs & Chris 

We are very proud of you and 

all of your accomplishments. 

You have grown into such a 

compassionate, confident, 

beautiful young woman. 

We know you will continue to 

succeed in your education. 

Remember, we will always be 

here cheering for you. 


Mom and Dad 


Kevin J. O'Loughlin 

Dear Kevin Joseph, 

Keep smiling through all 

your successful years ahead. 


Dad and Mom 

Michael Patrick Walsh 

You have given us so 

much to be proud of. 

Thank you for being 

such a good son. 

Remember that no star 

is out of your reach. Let 

the journey begin! 

We love you, Michael. 

Mom & Dad 

Steven Shaw 

Do you remember playing feet wars on 
the couch, singing Thimbled Jeans in the 
car, playing Knight Rider, Big Foot, or 
Man Hunt all summer long, Dolphins in 
the pool, building the biggest forts of all 
time in the basement, or all the ghost 
stories and sitting in the dark we did? 
We've grown up a lot since then but one 
thing has never changed and that's how 
much fun everything is when I'm with 
you. You are the best brother a sister 
could ever ask for and I can't believe 
how old we are. I know you'll be a 

shining star wherever you a rebut don't ever forget about me. I love you and I'm so proud of all you've 

Congratulations, Love Always, 

Andrea Lauren Chruney 

Judith Ann Mullaney 

Dear Judy, 

Always be the best 

you can be. 

Love always, 
Mom, Dad, Laura, 
Jane and Matthew 

Rebecca Lee Pelrine 


You'll always be our "Sunshine after the rain." 

We love our Andrea. 

Mom and Ben and Family 

Becky - 

You've always been 
"Most Unique" to us. 
As you go on in life, 
Never lose that quality. 
Mom, Dad 
Laura, Brian and Kevin 

Bryan Robert Bocock 


From the second you 

were born you have 

brought so much 

love and laughter 

into our lives. We are 

so proud of you. We 

wish you all the good 

things that life holds. 

Be Safe — Be Happy! 

Love Always 

Mom, Dad 
and Matthew 

Jennifer Alice Capachin 


From a cute little girl 

to a beautiful young woman. 

We are very, very proud of you! 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad, and Julie 

Sarah Michelle Teague 

Crystal Leigh Rogers 

Congratulations, Sarah. 

We look forward to 

watching you attain 

your dreams 

of the future. 


Nonnie and Papa 

Our Crystal 

Heather Ann Bronsdon 





I ■ 




1 ti 

To Heather Bronsdon 

With great pride and love 

from her Gramma and Grampa 

Beauty, style and grace. 

Our love, 

Nana & Poppy 

Mathew Robert Pieroway 


Congratulations and Thanks! 

For being the Brother 

we look up to. 

The Son we are so proud of. 

The Grandson who was 

always there. 

The Person who made our 

family as strong as it is. 


Nicole, Rich, Mom, Dad 

and Nana Pieroway 

P.S. Good luck in college. 

Meredith Ellen Jones 

Believe in yourself as we believe in you! 

Love always, 
Mom and Dad 

Kerry Anne Feeney 

Your smile and laugh are truly 

your personal trademark 

When you come into a room, 

you chase away the dark 

Chase your dreams 

with the energy of a newborn pup 

And, when tough times come, 

never, never give up 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Darby-Lee Rose 

Deep within you is 

everything that is perfect, 

ready to radiate through you 

and out into the world. 

We Love You Darby-Lee 
Mom, Dad & Ashley 

Elizabeth Marie Flannery 

You are my favorite granddaughter. 

Elizabeth - 1 love you very much. 


Laura Elizabeth Kraby 

Hey Laura, 

It's been great fun having you for a sister. 

I'm sure going to miss you! 

Love you, 



From the first day of school, to the last day of school, you've remained true to yourself. 

Your outstanding 

character and 

unwavering integrity 

will bring you much 

success in the future. 

We're so proud of you! 

Mom and Dad 

Sarah Lynn Johnston 


To Sarah, 

We are all so proud 

of you. Keep up 

the good work. 

You'll always be 

Mama's little girl. 

Love, Mom, 

Al & Heather 

Scott Maloney 

You make us laugh, you make us cry, 
and you make us crazy, but most of all 
you make our lives complete. Your love 
and loyalty are unsurpassed. Your suc- 
cess is assured because of the value you 
place on what is truly important. As you 
travel on life's highway always remem- 
ber to value yourself — fight for your 
own happiness and know that we will 
always be there for you. 

All our love, 

Mom & Dad 

at m 

Jennifer Pulsone 

Dear Jennifer, 

To a wonderful Granddaughter. 

Success in all you do. I am very proud of 

you and love you very much. 

Love, Grandma 

Stefanie M. Hayes 

Lydia Hehiwell 

. Your undying determination and loyalty 
make me proud. 
Stay awake to each day's endless 

possibilities with an open heart and 
mind and Irish eyes a-smilin' 
And you will achieve your heart's dream. 


Friends, a gift we give ourselves. 

Class of 2001 





Terita Heath-Wlaz 

You always 
light up our 
lives! Watch- 
ing you grow 
has filled us 
with wonder, 
awe and 
Your joyful 
exuberance , 
sense of 
humor, and 

sensitivity are 
a constant 
delight to us 
and all who 
know you. 
You are so 
creative and hard-working, and we are tremendously proud 
of all your many accomplishments. With your wonderful 
strengths and talents you can blaze your own path to 
happiness. Where are you going next? Remember, call when 
you get there! 

We love you very much, 
Mom and Dad 

Stephanie Morris 


You have always been 

the best PUMPKIN in the patch. 


Mom and Dad 

Erin Rose Johnson 

Your kindness, intelligence, 

and character bring 

so much joy and comfort 

to your family and friends. 

May that joy and comfort 

return to you again and again! 



good luck — 

We are so proud of you! 


Mom and Dad 

Jennifer Pulsone 


It's amazing. I never thought this would happen, but you, my little sister, turned into 

my best friend. There were times when you followed my footsteps and flattered me. 

Now you have your own 
distinct personality; you are 
one of a kind. Sometimes I 
wonder who is older? 
You've always worried 
enough for both of us. You're 
my best critic, best friend, 
and above all else, an awe- 
some sister. I will always be 
there for you. I am truly 
proud of you. 

Good luck, peace. 
Love, Denise 

Jennifer Rose Brown 

Lauren Jessica Woessner 

We are very proud of you. 

Dare to Dream ** Reach for the Stars 

Wishing you happiness and success 

as you continue life's journey. 


Mom, Dad, and Pam 

Dear Lauren, 

We have given you strong wings; you are now 
ready to fly. Soar to capture your dreams! You 
have our love and support always... 

Mom & Dad 


Joanna Kate Balzer 

Congratulations, Jojo! 

You're the best big sister! 

I'm going to miss you when you go away! 

Love, Sam 

Erin Rose Johnson 

W .- Tr H ^ 

Congratulations and good luck! 

Heather Bronsdon 

My gift from the Gods. 

I love you and 

I am so proud of you. 


Kevin Cotter 

- Kevin - 

You're the best brother 

in the world. 

I wish you luck in college. 

Love always, 

- Caroline - 

Derek E. Rose 


We hope only the best 

things in life for you. 

We are so proud. 



Mom & Dad 

Colleen Marie Murphy 

May God Bless you 

and Guide you. 

We are so proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, 

Jessica, Jeanne, Johnny 

& Rosemary 

Sarah Michelle Teague 

Good luck, Sarah. 
Love, Becky 

Darby Lee Rose 


With a sister like you, 

I know I'll always 

have a wonderful 

best friend. 

I love you, 


Jennifer M c Kay 


We are very proud of you and hope you make all your 
dreams come true. Good luck in school next year and 
remember that we will always be here for you. 

Mom and Dad 

Kelly Marie Sprout 

Keith Jude Monahan 

Dear Kelly, 

Have faith and confidence in what- 
ever you choose to do. Most of all, 
be strong and believe in yourself 
for life will hold so many opportu- 
nities for you. I will always be here 
for you. 

Congratulations and good luck. 

I'm so proud of you. 

All My Love, 


Justin Setter 

Dear Justin, 
We are so proud of all that 
you have accomplished. 
We wish you much success in 
obtaining your future goals. 
We love you, 
Mom, Dad, & Nathan 

Eschew obfuscation. 

"...take your time, think a lot, 

think of everything you've got 

for you will still be here tomorrow, 

but your dreams may not." c.s. 

Love, Mum & Dad 



Dear Christina, 

Congratulations! We can't believe that you're going to 
college already. It won't be the same withut you! You're 
a terrific big sister. We had tons of laughs, fights, and 
great times. We'll miss you! Good luck in college. We 
know you'll do great. We love you Stinal 

Love always, your favorite sisters, 
Stephanie, Michelle, and Heather 

P.S. Huhhhhh (You know the sign.) 
Just kidding! We still love you. 

Rosaime Elizabeth Boyle 

To our special Rosa! 

We are so proud of all your accomplishments. 

May peace, happiness, success, and the continued 

blessings of God always be a part of your future. 

You are loved so very much. 

Hugs and Kisses from Mom and Dad 

Moslula Meaalofa Tatupu 

Your name translates as 
The gift of Love' 
Truly what you are to all of us. 
Now, take the gift of Life that you 
have been so blessed with and make 
the future of your dreams. 
Remember: Excellence is not a gift given, but a skill perfected. 
We are all so proud of the man you are becoming. 
Dad, Moma, 'Nea, Nana, the Picariello Family, and the Garcia/ Tatupu /Fontes/ Perez Clans! 





Rt. 1A Norfolk, MA 02056 



Class of 2001 


Jennifer Moore 


'And even though 

I know we may be 

miles apart, 

it helps to think 

we might be 

wishing on the 

same bright star.' 

I will miss you. 

Love, Kyle 

Michael Kraby 


We hope you have a 
very happy and 
successful future, and 
best of luck in college. 
Your sisters, 
Jenna and Julie 

Jennifer Moore 


Always remember our song, 

Somewhere out there, someone is saying a prayer, 
that we will find one another, somewhere out there, 
out where dreams come true. 

We know that your dreams will come true. 

We love you, 
Mom and Dad 

Michael J. RLeger 


We are very proud of the fine young man you've become. 

Always know your family is here for you. 

Good luck in college next year, and keep on smiling. 

Dad, Mom, Steve, and Jeff 



With a song in your 
heart and a bounce in 
your step may you 
move happily through 

You have earned all the 
happiness the world has 
to offer. 

We love you. 


Mom, Dad, and Simba 

Congratulations to Jen Ryan 

Brian Phillip Moore 


It is the Journey. 

Kathy Ryan Dance Studio, Inc. 

206 Main Street 

Units 5 & 6 

Norfolk, MA 02056 

(508) 520-3623 
(508) 384-7014 


Rachael MacKenzie 


We wish, for you, 

all the very best 

that life has to 

offer. Our love 

will follow you as 

you reach for 

your dreams. 

We love you, 


Katelyn and 


Bethany L. LaValley 


Your beauty - talent - 

morals and brain will take 

you to the height of your 


Best of Luck 
Gram & Pop 

Nicole LaPointe 


I have watched you grow from my little 
girl into a beautiful young woman. You 
have always been determined to get 
what you want out of life. I am so proud 
of you and wish you the best of luck in 
everything you do. 


Love you, 


Heather Lanagan 

Laura Kraby 



Uncle Ed, Aunt Donna, 

Derek, Erica & Gram 






»V *T^ 

S5l v '» 





* ■ 

- • 




Thank you so much for 
always being there for 
me. I hope you have the 
greatest time in college. 
Good Luck! 
Love, your cuz, 

Whitney G riffin 

Heather Bronsdon 



Mom, Dad 


& Adam 

and, of course, 

Soap Fizz! 



Kerry Anne Feeney 

Congratulations, "Berries" 

We always knew you could do it! 

Just remember, if times get tough, 

we'll always be there for you! 

"Together Forever" 


Stacy & Sean 

Rebecca Lynne Sevy 

Congratulations, Rebecca! 

We are so very proud of you. 


Mom and Dad 

Katie and Patrick 

Christina Knowles 


Our "Little Pirate" has grown up. 

Good luck in college and beyond. 

Love always, 

Mom & Dad 

Emily Renu Ghosh 

No matter if 

you're happy or blue, 
No matter what 

you say or do 
We'll always love 

and cherish you. 
Mom & Dad 

Brian Christopher Leary 


May your years ahead be filled 
with all the love, joy, and happi- 
ness you have brought to us. 
Mom, Dad, Sean, Kelly & Pat 


Becky Stanley 


Becky Lee, 

You'll never know the happiness 
you have given us. 

Thanks for the memories. 

The prettiest of eyes, 
The brightest of smiles, 
The funniest of laughs 


May the grandest dreams you dream 
be the future you find. 

Take our LOVE with you wherever 
life may bring you. 

Mom & Dad 

Bethany LaValley 

Michael Patrick Walsh 

Never stop dreaming, Beth! 

Reach for the stars! 

There's nothing you can't do! 

We believe in you! 


Mom, Dad 
Keith, Craig, & Michelle 

Makes people smile! 
Cares for people 
Honor roll student 
Awesome baseball 
player & athlete 
Excellent brother 
Love, Mackenzie 

-k -k Michael, I hope you have a great time at college and I will really miss you. :*-) :0) :P) ~fc * 

Lauren Woessner 


You're finally done. 

On to bigger and better things. 

Best of luck 

in all of your adventures, 

and remember, wherever you go, 

there you are, and I'll be right 

behind you the whole way. 




For Fast Service Call 


40 Randall Road 
King Philip Plaza 
Wrentham, MA 

Open 7 days a week 
11:00 A.M. - 11:00 P.M. 

Andrew Kyle Croteau 


Pursue your life the same 

way you play football, 

with your heart and 

determination, and 

you'll be a huge success. 


Mom, Dad, and Greg 

Bethany La Valley 


We are truly blessed to 

have you as our little girl. 

You'll always be our 



Mom & Dad 

Holly Lyti Manlgan 



You may not know all that the world has to offer.... 

You may not know which path to follow.... 

As all of your tomorrows open themselves to you, 

never forget how proud we are and how much we love YOU. 
May life bring you much happiness and success.... 

Mom, Dad, Chad and Shane 

Rebecca Lynn MacDonald 



to the 

Class of 2001 

Rebecca — 

You're a great sister that's always been 
there for me. I'll really miss you when 
you're gone to college. Have fun! 



Sarah Michelle Teague 


We are so proud of you! 
Can't wait to see what 

comes next. 
No matter where life 
takes you, remember we'll 
always be here for you. 
Mom & Dad 

Municipal and Commercial 
Graphic Design and Lettering 

and associates... for every graphic detail 

Chris Arnold 

Local (508)384-0925 

Toll Free (888)372-0925 

Fax (508)384-9536 

The Chieftain Staff 

Emily Ghosh 

The time after 


the captions we 


the pictures we 


the events we 


all our hard 

work finally 

paid off. 

-Stephanie M. 

How dear you are, 
How dear you've been; 
our precious girl 
our "youngest" twin. 
Mom & Dad 

Eric "EB" Boulter 

Laura Shockro 

Don't worry! I have it under control. 

Thanks for being such a great son 

and getting the job done. 


Mom & Dad 


Success is to be measured not so much by 
the position that one has reached as by 
the obstacles which have been overcome 
while trying to succeed. 

Good luck! 


Mom, Dad & Justin 

Now serving our 3 new menus featuring: 







SERVED MON. thru FRI. 3:00 to 6:00 

SAT. and SUN. 12:00 to 5:00 





218 Dedham St, Rt 1A, Norfolk, MA 

Nicholas Ray 

Mck Ray; 

You conquered tfce wori4 once- 

Y*u can <jo it agaW. Good (** c k* 

Love 9 t>B4 <£<(e* 

Melissa Jean Steverman 

Eric Sueltenfiiss 

To our wonderful daughter, 
You are so dear and special to us. 

Our pride and 


Our dancing 

Love and happiness always, 
Mom, Dad, Andrew, Emily 

Dear Eric, 

With Love and Happiness Always, 

Mom, Dad and Peter 

Christopher Edward 


We always knew you were meant to play football. 
Good luck next year. Always do your best. 


Mom and Dad 

Lisa and Jim 

Magan Fay Swanson 


Number two of five 

and so special in life, 

So different from the rest 

always giving your best, 

You push yourself with 

honor and pride 

until you reach the goal 

you strived. 

So as you go along your way 

know that you make us proud each day. 

Love, Mom, Dad and Family 

Jed V. Perry 

Jo (l\f Brotperj Joqifefy prefatory poeyi\ 

/Tydp^t-ip po /rydjqfiynpr tape. Jrpe brea^erj lajr; tf?e jlporej 

Jtye yufcpo of tip joytejjjupe. I5 ^allir$ out of doorj: 

fad tpou pa^t vapijr/d fro/i\tr^e ovwj, Jo tr/at wr^l? I00I5 1(6 rejt. 

Jrue brother, or/ly to be l(powr/. By H705C \uty> kjue tljee bejt. 

/T\idj?i$t~ar/d joyie^Jupe $oi?e by. /to?d f ro/i\ tfpe deluded par^ 

Jpe <;u^oo of a worjejtdy, I5 ^aflir^ tl?ro' tije darlf 

But tfyou art ^iteQt ur/der§roupd,/fe?d ore tt?ee 5trea/r$ tije raiij, 

Jrue poet, purely to be f oupd, U/r^o Jrutt/ i$ f oui?d a§afy. 

/tyd i?ow, ip tr^e ur^u/iyr^r d 5^5. JIpe ju/iyipr bird 15 5UU, 

par off a pi7aptxyi\ ^uql^oo qriej, pro/i\out a pi^gto/i\ fyifc 

/tyd ttyro' H^ /^dr^t breal$ tpe 5017. Of $lxty yearj away. 

JI?e li^ of dayj wiper; life be$tn>, Hpe dayj Upat 5ee/i\ to-day, 

U/lpep all/ty $rief5 were jt/ared U/M7 tpee,/^ all/iy l?ope$ were tljerr 

/*5 all tljou wert wa$ oije wftr//r<8./iyry all tpou art be/r^el 

/Hf red lord Jer/pyjop 1879 














Norfolk, MA 


Crystal Leigh Rogers 

Congratulations, Mel! 
We love you! 
Aunt Terri, 
Uncle Chip, 

Lisa Marie Santucci 


Congratulations on all your accomplishments. 
You've worked very hard this year, and we are all 
very proud of you. We know you'll be great at 
whatever you decide to do in the future. 

Be happy and live life to the fullest. 

We Love You. 

Mom, Dad & Mike 

Jed V. Ferry 

Micah Amber Jackson 

k)or am an££l, RAieeLY a CAiur, 

ftUr CTiLL H6AV6M ££Mr! 

we A£e eo peoup of you, 



Each friend represents a world in us, a world possi- 
bly not born until they arrive, and it's only by this 
meeting that this new world is created. For as long 
as I can remember you have been my greatest 
friend. I love you and will miss you next year! 

* Jilly 



Michael Adam Ferrara 

Dear Michael, 

The world 

is there for you 

to conquer. 

Follow your dreams and make them a reality 

Love you always, 

Mom, Dad, Victoria & Adam 







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Over 25 Years Specializing in Small Business and Individuals 
"The Income Tax Preparation Professionals" 

(508) 384-7898 

206 Declham St., Ste.-EI2 -Junction Rts. 1A & 115, Norfolk, MA 02056 


Complete Personal & Business Insurance 


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Life, Health & Disability Tradesman Programs 

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'We provide integrity, safety &. security tor all your insurance needs' 

206 Dedham St., Junction Rts. I A & 115 Norfolk. MA 02056 

We Believe 

in the 

Class of 2001. 
They're Headed 



The King Philip 
Teachers' Association 

Heather Lanagan 

Good Luck in the Future 

May all your dreams come true. 


Eric James McDonald 

Katharine Elizabeth 

Wishing you every happiness always. 

Love and God Bless, 

Mom, Dad, Kris 

Nan and Gramp 

You were 

curly haired 

and sweet. 

Now the 

curls are 



always said, 

"I'm my 




grown up 

and done 

that well. 

We are so proud of you. 


Love, Mom, Dad, and Brett 


Rosaline, Melissa M. , Erin, Me 
Melissa G. , Bitsy, & Steph 

We started the season with a typical underclassman naivete. "A five mile run in ninety degree heat? 
Sounds like fun!" This was our typical self-righteous, I-can-do-it-myself attitude. You quickly 
taught us that running was not always fun, but the team was. You also showed us that we could not 
accomplish anything without the support of one another. You encouraged us in everything we did 
whether it was the yell of Come on, girls, we're tougher because we work harder, during circuits, or the 
out-of-breath Nice job, you're almost there, during races. We laughed together when times were good 
and we cried together when things didn't go the way we had hoped. But most of the time we 
laughed. Ten years from now, we won't remember the practices or the races, but we will never 
forget the sunsets on the dock at camp, or doing the wave during warm-ups, or the spaghetti 
dinners. We will always look up to you, and although we will miss you terribly, we wish you the 
best of luck in the future. When you graduate and we Send You on Your Way, we hope that you will 
never lose the memories from our time together and that you will always look at the world through 
the Eye of the Tiger. Our shirts say, What began as a dream, became a passion, now is a legacy. Well, you 
made that true for us. We were together as a team for just four months, but we will be together in 
our hearts forever. 

We love you all. 

Blair, Jess, Kristin, Sarah, Becky, Chrissy, Kate, Garolyn, Jill P., Jen S., Molly, Kendra, 
Joanne, Jill J., Brandi, Christina, Lauren, Meg, Amanda, Lisa, and Jen M. 

Christine & Stefanle Flynn 

.best friends are we, my sisters and me. 

Chrissy and Stefi — 

I am so proud of you, and 

I very much treasure the friendships we have built. 

Best of luck and lots of love! 


Kevin W. Healey 

Dear Kevin, 

You have brought us so much love and joy as 
a son and brother and we thank you. We are 
all so very proud of you, Kev, and wish you 
much happiness and success! 

With Much Love, 

Mom, Dad, Keith, 
Bryan and Meredith 

Loni Marie Morganelli 

Melinda (Mindy) IVLGratri 

Roses are red 

Violets are blue 

We're so proud 

To have a sister like you! 

We love you, Loni. 

Jerry, Jason and Jenna 

Congratulations, Mindy! 
We are all very proud of you! 

Jamie, Colleen, Mom & Dad 


Jonathan William Bhihm 


We are all very proud of you, and we know you 
will be successful in everything you do. 

All our love, 
Mom, Dad, David and Alex 

Victoria Lynne Wilfert 

You did it! 

Now as you 

move on to 

the next step, 


we'll always 

be here for 


Be Strong 


Be Happy! 

Love You Always, 

Mom and Dad 

Stick to your dream... head for the O.R. 

Heather Ann Bronsdon 

Nicholas Ray 

Nick Ray 

Yeah — you on the right in the helmet! 

We sure had some good times together. 


Your crazy cousins, Chris and Gage 

(Aunt Sandy and Grandpa Bob) 

All our love to our 

Adored Big Sister! 
Riley and Isabella 



Afarian, Aaron 98 

Agane,Ayaan 76, 196, 213 

Agane, Yusef 76 

Aires, Dan 113 

Albert, Christine 54, 184 

Albert, Dan 184, 186, 187 

Alger, Nicole 54, 57 

Allaire, Brian 12, 48, 98, 126, 260 

Allard, Lou 184 

Allen, Coach 101 

Allen, Jessica 66, 118, 129 

Allen, Kate 101 

Amaral, Landon 66 

Amidon, Brett 66, 241 

Amidon, Scott 12, 93, 102, 121, 144, 

148, 162, 261, 263, 281 
Anderson, Mrs. 236 
Andreozzi, Elizabeth 66, 111, 129, 217 
Andreozzi, Emily 12, 49, 101, 262, 279 
Andreozzi, Katie 101 
Andrews, Matthew 54 
Angeloni, Emily 54, 182 
Annese, Andrea 12 
Anthony, Krista 12, 148 
Anthony, Steven 54 
Antonellis, Mrs. 231, 233 
Apar, Sarkis 76 
Armitage, Nicole 
Arvidson, David 
Arvidson, Katelyn 76, 111 
Ashman, Adrian 66 
Astley, Kathryn 54,57, 101, 110, 111, 

136, 137, 147, 178, 203, 210 
Aulisio, Susanne 54, 198, 199, 201 
Avitabile, Amy 54 
Ay res, Daniel 76 


54, 57, 193, 209, 212, 213 
54,108, 109, 151, 197 

Bagby, Tiffany 76 

Bailey, Beth 76, 122, 132 

Baker, Jonathan 12, 184 

Baker, Katherine 54, 184 

Balzer, Joanna 12, 42, 44, 119, 272, 293 

Banks, Cyndi 54 

Banks, Jacqueline 76 

Banks, Kevin 76 

Baptista, Maria 12,148, 160, 161,251 

Barb, Christopher 76, 184 

Barb, Susan 13, 184 

Barker, Alyson 76, 129 

Barker, April 9, 13,49, 101, 129, 149, 150 

Barnes, Mrs. 176, 216, 217, 242 

Barrett, Amanda 66 

Barron, Jason 13, 165 

Barry, Megan 66, 136, 137, 155 

Bartelloni, Nicholas 76,130, 131 

Barton, Siobhan 66 

Bassett, Clifford 13 

Bassett, Kelley 76 

Bauser, William 13,50, 165, 184, 186 

Beans, Ryan 66, 184, 186 

Beaton, Jennifer M. 13, 47, 246 


Beaver, David 66 

Beaver, Kristen 13, 54 

Beaver, Michelle 76 

Becker, Grace 101 

Becker, Rosalind 76, 119, 129, 151 

Belek, Julie 66 

Bell, Melissa 13, 46, 96, 214, 259 

Beloff, Gregory 14, 202, 207 

Bent, Morgan 54, 190 

Bentley, Jeremy 14 

Bentley, Linda 77 

Bergquist, Mr. 234 

Berlo, Michael 54 

Bernier, Melanie 66, 159, 196, 213 

Bernier, Valerie 77 

Bertoldi, Lora 77, 119, 129, 172 

Bertram, Mrs. 236 

Bethoney, Matthew 55 

Bettencourt, Lauren 14, 274 

Betts, Rosanne 66 

Bhatti, Emily 77, 119, 129, 168 , 172, 217 

Billian, Harleigh 55, 118, 147, 210 

Birmingham, Matthew 77 

Bishop, Janice 14, 164 


is a high price 

to pay for 

growing up. 

Blair, Heather 101 

Blair, Kate 55, 110, 129, 145, 192, 193, 207, 

Blinten, Timothy 66, 108, 109, 217 
Bliss, Desiree 96 
Blomquist, Lisa 55 
Bloomer, Molly 66, 100, 101, 114, 128, 

129, 168,201 

Bluhm, Jonathan 14,42, 45, 46, 121,311 

Bocock, Bryan 14,47, 126,286 

Bona, Alyssa 67 

Boucher, Mr. 113, 114, 115, 127, 129, 233, 

Boulden, Linda 2, 14, 44, 49, 174, 179, 

191, 203, 207 
Boulter, Eric 14, 43, 47, 103, 125, 

130, 131, 266,309 
Boulter, Kelly 77, 110, 137 
Bourke, Aaron 94, 95 

Bourke, Justin 67, 98, 112, 113, 126 

Bousquet, Brock 55 

Bowe, Mrs. 234 

Boyce, James 77 

Boyle, Rosanne 5, 15, 48, 93, 

100, 101, 106, 114, 115, 129, 155, 

156, 172, 193, 274, 295 
Brady, James 15, 42, 98, 121, 126, 155, 

197, 252 
Breitenbach, Kevin 98 
Bremer, Ms. 101, 196, 231, 2 
Bremilst, Richard 67 

, :4 

Brenna, Kelly 184 

Brennan, Mrs. 236 

Brennan, Rebecca 55, 184,188, 190 

Briere, Lauren 67, 114, 129, 151, 152, 

174, 178, 217 
Bright, Christopher 67,98, 126 
Brindley, Mr. 240 
Brock, Evan 55, 177 
Bronsdon, Heather 15,211, 248, 264, 275 

282, 286, 293, 299, 309, 311 
Brooks, Rick 152, 192 
Brown, Jen 15, 50, 203, 206, 207, 210, 292 
Brown, Lee 55 
Brown, Taylor 77 
Bruno, Steven 47 
Bryant, George 55, 98 
Bryant, Jen 15, 149, 214, 
Bucchanio, Mrs. 122, 236 
Buffy, Coach 140 
Bullock, John 77,138, 139 
Burger, Elizabeth 15, 93, 100, 101, 114, 125, 

128, 129, 150,155, 157, 192, 193, 

198, 199 257,274 
Burgess, Jonathan 77 
Burgess, Rachel 77, 122 
Burgess, Stephanie 55 
Burke, Brittany 77, 196 
Burke, Matthew 77 
Burke, Sarah 15 

Burt, Kayla 15, 104, 105, 176, 261, 264 
Burt, Timothy 67,98 
Butler, Jonathan 67 
Butler, Michael 77, 184, 190 
Byrne, Allison 67, 101 

c * 

Cacciapaglia, Jacob 55, 116, 117, 126, 

162, 195,209 
Cacciapaglia, Jared 77, 126 ._.. ' 

Cacciapaglia, Samantha 77, 119 
Caffrey, Joanne 67, 114, 137, 161 
Callahan, Breanne 77 
Calnan, Andrew 16, 183, 199, 258 
Calzaretta, Joseph 77 
Cameron, Brian 55, 121, 157 
Cameron, Joseph 77, 131 
Campo, Nicholas 77 
Campos, Mrs. 233 
Capachin, Jennifer 16, 286 
Capone, Meagan 55, 122, 123,146, 151, 

171, 193 
Carde, John 131 
Cardillo, Rachel 67, 184 
Cardinale, Chris 55 
Carey, James '"77, l5T 
Carey, Leanne 67 
Carloni, David 77 
Carlson, Kerri 55, 110, 178 
Carneiro, Mr. 239 
Carneiro, Mrs. 176, 232, 233 
Carney, Shannon 55 
Carr,Amy 55, 119, 140, 141, 

146, 147, 152, 194 
Carr, Caroline 77, 119, 140 
Carr, Mrs. 238 
Carter, Michael 55 

Casey, Maggie 16, 42, 49, 114, 115, 150, 

164, 214, 281 
Casey, Stephen 77 
Cassey, Meghan 67 
Cassidy, Heather 67, 104, 105, 111 
Cassoli, Jenna 77, 119 
Catani, Christopher 67 
Catlow, Laura 77 
Caulmare, Colby 77, 113, 126 
Cerrato, Christopher 55,207,212, 213 
Ceven, Eleni 55, 195 
Chamberland, Ms. 234 
Charbonneau, Danielle 55, 192, 193,209 
Chartrand, Kaleena 77, 119, 196, 201 
Chaves, John 77 
Chaves, Raymond 55 
Cherella, Noah 77 
Chillemi, Jennifer 16, 48, 184, 260 
Chilson,Mrs. 231,236 
Chin, Matthew 67,98, 113, 126 
Chruney, Andrea 16, 47, 285 
Chruney, Benjamin 67, 108, 109 
Church, Margaret 55, 182, 210 
Chute, Richard 55,98, 108, 124, 138, 139, 

147, 155, 197 
Ciavattone, Holly 16, 149, 214, 276 
Clancy, Kathleen 67 
Clark, Joshua 16,184, 200 263, 279 
Clark, Matthew 67, 121 
Clark, Sarah 184 
Cleary, Erin 78 
Clinton, Michael 16 
Cobb, Alison 184 

Cobb, William 78, 184, 186, 187,190 
Cochrane, Christina 67, 118 
Cochrane, Kathleen 78, 119 
Cohen, Fiona 78 
Colcord, Jessica 78, 118 
Colcord, Rebeccah 55, 114 
Cole, Nathan 55, 116 
Coleman, Kate 55,104,105, 141 
Concannon, Timothy 67 
Condlinjohn 67, 121, 156 
Conley, Amy 78 
Conley, Coach 94, 95 
Conley, Megan 55, 119, 129, 151, 197, 210 
Connelly, Kathryn 78 
Connolly, Sarah 17, 50 
Connor, Sean 78 
Conrad, Justin 78 

Conrad, Kristin 17,149, 150, 198, 199,254 
Conroy,Erin 17, 178 
Conroy, Joseph 78, 126 
Constantineau, Beth 67 
Converse, Miranda 67, 129, 156 
Cook, Frank 17,47, 113, 126, 193, 202, 

241, 283 
Cook, Joseph 17, 186 
Cook, Kristin 55 
Coombs, Amy 78 
Coombs, Jeremy 55, 98 
Cooney, Josh 103 
Cooper, Ian 67 
Copparini, Theodore 56, 126 
Corkum, Jason 39 
Corkum, Sarah 78 
Cormier, Mr. 231 
Corrigan, Lindsay 56 

Costello, Barry 67 

Cotter, Kevin 17,282, 293 

Coulsey, Kalena 56, 149 

Coulsey, Shawn 67 

Coutu, Ms. 192, 193, 231, 243 

Cove, Elizabeth 67, 118, 146, 167, 172 

Cove, Katherine 4, 17, 96, 158, 264, 284 

Cox,Kimberly 17,122, 124, 132,133, 

173, 195,246, 284 
Cox, Michael 78, 131 
Cox, Mr. 173 
Crehan, Mrs. 177, 234 
Cress, Mrs. 200, 231, 232, 233, 236 
Crisafi, Coach 104, 140 
Crisafi, Kristin 67 
Cronin, Judy 56, 104, 105, 110, 136, 140, 

147, 158, 216, 217 
Cronin, Kate 78, 111, 137, 153, 171, 179 
Cronin, Kelly 104 
Cronin, Megan 78 
Cronin, Sarah 56, 184 
Croteau,Andy 9, 18,44, 107, 120, 121, 

125, 126, 178,302 
Crowell, Jessica 78 

A friend is 

someone who 

knows the song 

in your heart 

and can sing it 

back to you 

when you have 

forgotten the 


Crowley, Kevin 78 

Cruz, Belzail 18 

Cuddihy, Joseph 78, 166 

Cullen, Jessica 67 

Cummings, Christina 67,101, 114, 115, 

129, 175,241 
Cummings, PJ 196 
Cunnane,Eric 56,121, 146, 147 
Cuozzo, Caitlin 78, 110, 129, 172 
Curley, Meaghan 18, 194, 263, 267, 270, 194 
Czarnowski, Brian 78, 166 
Czyzewski, Laura 68,101, 118, 129, 160, 



Dacko, Stephen 68, 184, 186, 191 
Daley, Laura 56, 184 
Dalton, Abigail 68,129, 184 
Daniel, Amy 78 
Daniels, Thomas 56, 121, 209 

D'Anjou, Alexander 78 
Darling, Amanda 78, 119,168 
Darling, Christopher 18, 43, 44, 50,93, 

102, 103, 107, 121, 175,247 
Darling, Daniel 78 
Darling, Derek 18,42, 92, 94, 95, 131, 148, 

DaSilva, Mr. 240 
Daubenmire, Ashley 78, 129 
Davey, Kara 184 
Davis, Tim 56, 210 

DeBlasio, David 56,98,126, 162, 169,194 
Decelle, James 56 
Deevy, Guinevere 56, 140, 149 
DeForest, Justin 78 
DeForest, Sean 68 
Delaiarro, Anthony 78, 126, 171 
Delano, Robert 56 
DelGrosso, Chris 18, 131 
DelGrosso, Joseph 78, 153 
DeLorie, Christoph 
DeLorie, John 56 
Demers, Megan 68 
Demone, Andrea 56, 203 
DeSimone, Ashleigh 56 
Develin, Ed 184 
Devine, Maryanne 56 
Diaz, Kathy 79 
Dickson, Travis 79 
DiDomenico, Ralph 79 
Dinand, Kelly 56 
Dinkins, Harold 68, 184 
DiNunzio, Jillian 18,48, 51, 184, 186, 187, 

188, 269 
Doane, Cathy 195 
Doanejudy 79, 111, 137 
Dobermier, Ashley 119 
Doherty, Mr. 234 
Doiron, Stacey 79, 184 
Dolan, Jeffrey 68, 131 
Dombkowski, Mrs. 231, 233 
Domenica, Jamie 79 
Domenica, Lisa Marie 18, 284 
Donahue, Bryan 68 
Donahue, Scott 79 
Donegan, Jessica 79, 184 
Donnelly, Ms. 231, 236 
Donovan, Kevin 19, 254, 303 
Donovan, Lisa 68, 114 
Downing, Brian 19 
Downing, Kevin 98 
Dubendris, Jill 68, 184 
Dubose, Jenna 56, 201, 213 
Duczakowski, Christina 68, 114, 129, 158 
Duffey, Christine 19, 178 
Dugdale, Brian 56, 121, 134 
Dugdale, Laura 68, 129 
Dumont, Lindsay 19, 47, 184, 191, 194, 

Dunn, Justin 56 
Durette, Lauren 19, 283 


Eichelberger, Reid 79 

Eisele, Ashley 79, 129 

El-Far, Christina 56, 214 

El-Far, Sameer Hany Zenobius 19, 179 


Endisch, Jasmin 79, 122 
Erickson, Mrs. 243 
Ericson, Stephen 68, 121 
Espinosa, Anjelique 79 
Ewer, Adam 56, 57, 184, 186, 187, 198, 
199, 201, 203 

Feeney, Anthony 19 

Feeney, Kerry 19, 43, 215, 275, 288, 300 

Fenton, Mr. 240 

Ferencik, Matthew 68 

Ferrara, Michael 20, 307 

Ferrara, Sarah 79 

Ferreira, Mr. 198, 201 

Field, Michael 79 

Fienberg, Kara 56, 132 

Fienberg, Keith 56 

Figueiredo, Miss 154, 177, 230 

Fink-McAlice, Coach 101 

Fiori, Kristin 68 

Fisher, Daniel 79, 126 

Fisher, Rebekah 20, 171, 172, 177, 190, 206, 

Fisher, Sarah 56, 114, 129, 169,211 
Fiske, Kyle 20, 44, 46, 121, 125, 134, 135, 

Fitzgerald, Christopher 56 
Fitzgibbon, Jayme 6, 20,46, 50,206,280 
Fitzpatrick, Carolyn 80, 167 
Flaherty, Kevin 56, 121 
Flanagan, Thomas 56,98, 113, 126, 177, 

206,210, 211 
Flannery, Elizabeth 3,20, 46,48, 51, 129, 

156, 169, 172, 192, 193, 198, 199, 

260,266, 274,289 
Fleck, Nicole 68 
Fliger, Lindsey 20, 183,208,247 
Flinn, Erin 56 
Flinn, Siobhan 80 
Flocco, Lauren 68, 196, 201, 213 
Flynn, Christine 20, 104, 140, 165, 183, 

264, 268, 310 
Flynn, Lauren 57 
Flynn, Stefanie 20, 119, 264, 310 
Fobert, Jason 68. 
Fogg, Megan 68,114,137,152 
Foley, CoUeen 68, 101, 111, 137, 158, 177 
Foley, Michael 68 
Fontan, Michelle 57 
Fontana, Nicholas 80, 113, 126 
Foote, Allison 80 
Ford, Brendan 68 

Foster, Keith 57, 182, 184, 186, 187, 241 
Foulis, James 57,184, 186, 203 
Foulis, Stephen 21, 184, 252 
Fox, Matthew 68 
Frageorgia, Daniel 21 
Fratias, Ashley 122 
Frederickson, Nichole 80, 122, 133 
Freitas, Davin 80 
Frey, Miss 233 
Friedman, Esther 68 
Friedman, Jennifer 21, 124, 132, 133, 173, 

206, 265, 298 
Friedman, Mr. 173 


Frietas, Ashley 80 
Fuller, Melyssa Rose 21 
Fulton, Andrew 80, 126 
Furbush, Brian 68, 98, 108, 126 
Furst, Max 57 
Furst, Sam 80 
Fussell, Joe 184 


Gaetani, Benjamin 68, 156 
Gaetani, Beth 148 
Gagas, Tina 101 
Gagne, Scott 68 
Galano, Gregory 80, 131 
Galano, Lisa 57, 154, 199 
Gallagher, Mrs. 211,231, 239, 243 
Galluzzo, Deirdre 68, 199, 201 
Garafalo, Dennis 139, 201 
Gard, Kristen 80 
Gardner, Mr. 240 
Garofalo, Dennis 68, 121 
Gately, Edward 51, 57 
Gaudioso, Jennifer 57 
Gaudioso, Laura 68, 101, 114,132 

Just living is 

not enough.... 

One must have 

freedom, and 
a little flower. 

Gavrilles, Alyson 69 

Gavrilles, Steven 21 

Gawthrope, Adam 57, 184, 201 

Gaynor, Meredith 80 

Geller, Devon 184 

Geller, Joshua 57, 184, 191 

Gemelli, Thomas 57, 201 

Genovese, Jonathan 21,98, 106, 116, 117, 

Gero, Daniel 57,131, 195 
Getty, Peter 57, 113, 126, 216 
Geyer, Hilary 80 
Ghosh, Benjamin 57,94, 95, 216 
Ghosh, Emily 21, 45, 93, 96, 97, 110, 151, 

157, 159, 263,300 
Giacalone, Christina 80, 184 
Giacalone, Vito 57, 139, 184 
Giampa, Laurie 21, 280 
Giampa, Megan 80 
Giampa, Robin 22, 100, 101, 280 
Gianfrancesco, Elyse 81 
Gibeault, Brian 58 
Gibson, Christopher 58,108, 134 
Gifford, Ashley 22 
Giguere, Angela 58 
Gilbert, Christina 69 

Gilbert, Stephanie 22, 44, 49, 119, 186, 187, 

Gilchrist, Kristen 81, 184 
Gill, Jeremy 184 
Gilmore, Darcy 58 
Giovannelli, Alicia 69 
Gleason, Michael 58 
Goldberg, Coach 96 
Goldstein, Kaela 22, 45, 182,183,200,212, 

213, 263 
Goodman, Lauren 58, 197 
Goodman, Scott 58 
Gordon, Kyle 81, 153 
Gould, Josh 22, 42, 98, 99, 195 
Goyette, Michael 81 
Gray, Amanda 69, 101, 114, 129 
Gray, Melissa 22,42, 47, 50, 93, 100, 101, 

114, 125, 128, 129, 150, 155, 156, 

158, 168, 169, 172, 198, 199, 202, 

250, 274, 281 
Greaves, Alicia 69 
Greaves, Emily 69, 118, 146, 167 
Grecho, Victoria 81 
Greenleaf, Mrs. 182, 232, 233, 242 
Greenwood, Heather 81 
Grenfell, Trevanna 58, 81, 196, 206, 2 1 1 
Grich, Katherine 8, 22, 272 
Griffin, Andrew 81 
Griffin, Stephanie 22, 49, 263 
Griffin, Whitney 23, 49, 299 
Griffith, Matt 23, 43, 44, 103, 107, 108, 

109, 202, 203, 207, 272 
Guernon, Mr. 231 
Guertin, Andrew 81, 131 
Guild, Jaime 81, 118, 129 
Guillemette, Mr. 195, 233, 236, 239, 242 
Gulino, Brian 23, 47, 103, 121, 148 
Gustafspn, Jeffrey 69,98, 126 


Haber, Sarah 81, 119, 129, 168 

Hadfield, Ryan 81 

Hall, Emily 81, 119, 129 

Hall, Jennifer 81,111, 129 

Hall, Kevin 69, 139 

Hall, Kimberly 81 

Hall, Nicole 58 

Hall, Sondria 69, 172 

Hall, Thomas 23 

Halpin, Brendan 23,98, 107, 113, 126, 268 

Halpin, Julie 81 

Hamilton, Stephen 81 

Hamlin, Brandi 69, 100, 101, 114, 129, 146 

Harmon, David 81,184, 186 

Hansen, Ryan 81, 166, 167 

Harcovitz, Adam 69, 201 

Harper, Shayna 58, 139, 213 

Harrington, Mrs. 243 

Harrison, Adam 81 

Harwood, Evan 81 

Hasenfus, Joshua 81 

Hassell, Michael 69, 146 

Hassell, Mr. 240 

Hatch, Lorna 58 

Haun, Alana 58 

Hawkins, Caitlyn 69, 122, 128, 129, 163 

Hayes, Stefanie 23, 114, 198, 199,290 


Hayes, Thomas 69 

Heagney, Mrs. 110, 234 

Healey, Bryan 81, 126 

Healey, Jacqueline 81 

Healey, Kevin 3, 23, 107, 108, 146, 202, 

Healey, Meredith 81, 111,129, 172 
Hearon, Coach 113, 114 
Heath-Wlaz, Terita 23, 161, 174, 200, 212, 

213, 291 
Helliwell, Lydia 5, 24, 43, 44, 107, 110, 

124, 136, 151, 202, 203, 260, 290 
Helliwell, Ross 81 
Henderson, Benjamin 81 
Henderson, Michelle Lee 24 
Hewitt, Becky 49 
Hickson, Meghann 58 
Higgins, David 58,130, 131 
Higgins, Robert 81 
Hill, Brian 69, 124, 138, 139, 241 
Hinman, George 184 
Ho, Deanna 24, 175 
Hoagland, Agnieszka 69 
Hoagland, Ania 58, 211 
Hoagland, Izabela 24, 178, 211, 277, 283 
Hogarth, Kristin 59, 139 
Hogarth, Shawn 82, 139 
Holmes, Christine 24, 39, 43, 51, 96, 97, 

119, 148, 155,257 
Holmes, Harley 69 
Holt, Coach 108 
Holt, Emily (Gr. 11) 59 
Holt, Emily (Gr. 12) 6, 24, 42, 43, 101, 

194, 203, 241, 267 
Holt, Jonathan 69,98, 121, 126 
Holt, Katie 148 
Holt, Michael 82 
Hooban, Scott 69 
Hooker, Kristen 101 
Hooley, Brianna 24, 252 
Hootstein, Melissa 69, 96, 111, 186, 187 
Hootstein, William 82 
Horan, Jennifer 59 
Hosford,Mr. 200, 238 
Houde, Mr. 239 
Houde, Mrs. 237 
Hovey, Lauren 59 
Howard, Andy 24,39, 42, 46, 121, 153, 

165, 273 
Howard, Courtney 4, 6,25, 44, 51, 96, 

118, 119, 150, 214, 215 
Howard, Mr. 240 
Howard, Siobhan 69, 110, 136, 137, 145, 

146, 173, 217 
Howard, Stephanie 69, 122 
Hoyceanyls, Nicole 69, 184,188 
Huber, Doug 69 
Huckle,Mrs. 233, 236 
Hume, Michael 82 
Hunchard, Mr. 240 
Hunt, Teresa 25, 184 
Huth, Timothy 82,113, 126 

Iannetti, Annamaria 59, 122 


Jackson, Cherry 82, 118 

Jackson, Jill 69, 114, 129, 163, 172, 214 

Jackson, Micah 25, 144, 163, 214, 215, 273, 

Jackson, Shane 59, 121, 134, 152, 210 
Jackson, Terral Vance 25 
Jacobson, Dan 201 
Jacobson, Jeffrey 69, 184, 201, 213 
James, John McGinn 71 
Jaronski, Emily 69, 187 
Jergens, Brad 191 
Jillson, Matthew 59, 184 
Jillson, Stacy 184 
John Christopher 284 
Johnson, Cheyne 69 
Johnson, Erin 25,46, 48, 51, 106, 114, 115, 

125, 129, 152, 156, 158, 172, 193, 

203, 262, 274, 291, 293 
Johnson, Kathryn 69 
Johnson, Ryan 69, 98, 99, 126, 241 
Johnston, Sarah 25, 290 
Jomides, Kayla 82 

To accomplish 
great things, we 
must not only act 
but also dream, 
not only dream, 
but also believe. 

Jones, Meredith 25, 44, 46, 49, 114, 150, 

171, 288 
Joyal, Ryan 82 
Jurgens, Alex 82 
Jurgens, Brad 59 

K j 

Kade, Christopher 59 

Kalalas, William 82 

Kalinowski, Alex 25 

Kalliavas, Steve 26, 46 

Kane, Patrick 59 

Karnow, Ms. 236 

Katapodis, Peter 59,139 

Keeler, Lauren 70, 166 

Kehrmeyer, Kristin 26, 39, 46, 50, 119, 124, 

140, 148, 156, 157,173,248 
Kelener,Mr. 234 
Kell, David 82 j^ 

Kelley, Ryan 70 
KelleySean 59, 126 
Kellogg, Andrew 186 


Kennedy, Erik 39 
Kenney, Amy 59, 195 


Kenney, Mark 95 

Kenney, Michael 26 

Kern, Aimee 82, HI 

Kern, Sean 70, 126, 190 

Keyes, Batina 184 

Keyes, Christian 26, 184 

Keyes, Marguerite 59, 182,184,186,187, 

Khouri, Lindsay 70, 101, 129 
Kim, Erin 184 
Kimball, Chrisopher 82 
King, Andrea 59, 192, 193,207 
King, John 186, 187 
King, Lindsay 70, 184 
King Philip Teachers' Association j 
King, William 82 
Kinney, Elizabeth 2, 50, 93, 107, 110, 129 

148, 151, 153, 155, 216, 256 
Kirby, Megan 59, 122, 123 
Knell, Matthew 59 

Knowles, Christina 8, 45, 51, 295, 300 
Knowles, Stephanie 70, 160 
Knowles, Taylor 82 
Knyff,Aart 59 
Knyff, Arielle 82, 140 
Kolodziej, Dan 44, 184, 190 
Korkmaz, Filiz 70, 168,199 
Kowalski, Christopher 82 
Koziol, Andrew 59,95, 108 
Koziol, Derek 82 
Krabyjenna 70, 118, 163 
Kraby, Jessica 82, 119 
Kraby, Laura 9, 27,47, 92, 104, 105, 

119, 140, 164, 257, 289 299 \ 
Kraby, Mike 27, 43, 51, 92, 94, 95, 131 
Krajewski, Heidi 59,136, 137,203 
Kramer, Coach 98, 127, 129 
Krewko, Jennifer 27 

Krouk, Johanna 27, 49, 206,210,. 211, 264 
Kurkjian, Carlee 82 


LaBlue, Bryan 70, 121 

LaBrie, Ross 70, 95 

Lafond, Corienne 59 

Lake, Jeannel 70 

Lalos, Nicholas 70 

Lamaraux, Coach 111 

Lambert, Brittney 82 

Lambert, Mrs. 214, 236, 239 

Lamothe, Kristy 59, 104, 110, 136, 140, 

i 147 
Lanagan, Heather 27, 50, 164, 192, 193, 

246,299, 308 
Lanciaux, Mr. 230, 231 
Landry,Mrs. 236 
Langillejon 70 
LaPointe, Nicole 39, 124, 136, 145, 281, 

Larrabee, Kirsten 27, 155 
Larrivee, Mr. 184, 187 
Larson, Rebecca 59 
LaRue, Jeffrey 70 
Lasher, Dana 131 
Lasky, Walter 139 
Lavalla, Brett 70, 196 
Lavallee,Mr. 233, 236 

aValley, Bethany 27, 43, 191, 194 198, 

199,299, 301,302 
La Valley, Craig 70, 191 
Lawless, Matthew 70, 121 
Lawn, Christopher 28, 42, 46, 199, 209, 266 
Lawn, Ms. 237 . 

Leary Brian 28, 113, 150, 179,300 
Leavitt, Derek 59, 98, 108, 109 
Lechak, Jennifer 82, 168, 201 
Lecke, Andrea 70 
Leclerc, Lauren 70, 209 
Lee, Joel 82, 126 
Lee-Rose, Darby 104, 140 
Leon, David 70, 108 
Lesbirel, Kaitlin 82 
Lessard, Ms. 242 
Leventhal, Joshua 70 
Levine, Mr. 231 
Levy, Steven 82 
Lewis, Kristin 70 
Litvin, Jeffrey 59, 94, 95, 211 
Lodge, Jonathan 59 
Lodge, Mary 59 
Lodola, Zoe 70 
Lomasney, Alisha 70, 147, 175 
Lombo, Michael 184 
Lorimer, Katelyn 82, 122 
Loughlin, Emily 184 
Loveitt, Matt 82 
Lovley, Andrew 59,134 
Lown, Benjamin 59, 103, 121 
Lown, Pete 146 
Lowndes, Jared 82 
Lupfer, Matthew 28,43, 107, 108, 109, 

126, 261 
Lyon, Julie 59, 104, 129, 140, 145, 146, 

Lyon, Michael 82, 126 
Lyons, Andrea 28,44, 92, 104, 105, 107, 

110, 111, 140, 151, 153, 155, 170, 

193, 216, 264, 274 


MacDonald, Brad 131 

MacDonald, Coach 118 

MacDonald, Mrs. 236 

MacDonald, Rebecca 28, 47, 110, 165, 271, 

MacDonald, Timothy 82, 131 
Maciel, Jonathan 83 
Mackenzie, Jesse 201 
MacKenzie, Katelyn 60, 101,110, 128, 

129, 175, 217 
MacKenzie, Rachael 28,47,48, 110, 151, 

Mackun, Jennifer 60, 122 
Mackun, Stephanie 83, 122, 140 
MacNeil, Sean 60 

Magnuson, Nicole 60, 101, 119, 129 
Maguire, Sean 70 
Mahoney, Adam 60 
Mahoney, Christopher 28,44, 98, 121, 

126, 209, 305 
Majewski, John 28, 184, 188, 284 
Malcolm, Jill 70,122,123,132,173 
Maloney, Jennifer 83,114, 129 
Maloney, Scott 29, 113, 170, 194, 290 


Maloof, Robert 70,112, 113 

Manigan, Chad 83, 126 

Manigan, Holly 6,29, 193,302 

Mannering, Mrs. 231, 242 

Marchand, Mr. 240 

Marcotte, Rachael 29, 43, 106, 122, 123, 

124, 140, 141, 194, 195, 247, 276 
Marks, Jamie 29, 107, 108, 125, 130, 131, 

178, 216, 260 
Marshak, Lindsay 70, 208 
Martel, Michele 70 
Martello, Elizabeth 70 
Martello, Liz 146 
Martin, Daniel 60 
Martin, Kate 29, 50, 122, 124, 140, 141, 

146, 175, 276 

Friends are 
like pillars on 

your porch. 

Sometimes they 

hold you up, and 

sometimes you 

lean on them. 

Sometimes it's 

just enough to 

know they are 

standing by. 

Martin, Travis 71, 121, 138, 139, 217 

Martino, Allison 71 

Martucci, Nicholas 71 

Massotti, Mr. 110, 111, 237 

Mattar, Keith 71, 98, 113, 126 

Matte, Christopher 71 

Matte, Shaunelle 60 

Mattson, Jenna 60 

Mattson, Richard 83, 126 

Matz, Michelle 60 

McCabe, Michael 2, 29,50, 125, 134, 135 

McCann, David 83, 126 

McCann, Kristin 60, 114, 129, 146, 172, 

193, 213 
McCann, Mrs. 122 
McClellan, Brian 102 
McClure, Charles 60 
McCormack, Joe 29, 43, 45, 48, 92, 99, 121, 

125, 126, 153, 165 
McCourt, Mrs. 154, 230, 243 
McCoy, Andrew 60 
McCullough, Michael 29,45, 92, 98, 99, 

121, 126, 127, 157, 202,256 

McDermott, Kerry 96 

McDermott, Shawn 83, 126 

McDonald, Eric 5, 30, 148, 179,308 

McDonald, Katherine 60, 118 

McDonald, Kris 145, 147 

McDonough, Luke 83, 131 

McElroy, Nichole 60, 122, 132, 146, 194 

McElroy, Shana 71, 122,132,133 

McEvoy, Nicholas 83, 131 

McFarland, Andy 184 

McGill, Evan 60 

McGinn, Sean 121, 159 

McGovern, Brendan 83 

McGrath, Evan 30, 273 

McGrath, Jason 71, 98, 121, 126 

McGrath, Melinda 30, 310 

McGrath, Mirtdy 4, 45, 48, 50 

McGuire, Colleen 61, 104, 119 

McGuire, Thomas 83, 126 

McHale, Liam 83 

McHale, Meghan 96 

McHugh, Matthew 61 

McKay, Jennifer 30,47, 159, 194, 210,294 

McKenna, Meghan 30, 46, 169, 184, 185, 

186, 187, 188, 189, 198, 199, 200, 270 
McKinney, Kerry 61, 122, 133, 147, 194, 

McKinney, Kristy 61, 122, 132, 147, 152 
McLacklan, Melissa 30, 49, 106, 114, 115, 

150, 183, 215, 268 
McLellan, Brian 30, 103, 107, 120,121, 

134, 135 
McMahon, Kathleen 30, 254, 303 
McMorrow, Gregory 61, 126 
McMorrow, Marc 83 
McNamara, Christopher 61 
McNamara, Kim 71 
Mead, Dustin 71 
Meixner, Gretchen 83, 168,213 
Mele, Tim 148 
MelendyMrs. 236, 243 
Meuser, Ms. 237 
Mihalec, Kevin 83 
Miles, Ryan 95 
Milld, Allison 100, 101, 148 
Miller, Bridget 83 
Miller, Douglas 31,121 
Miller, Lauren 83 
Minks, Christopher 61 
Mirliss, Gregory 71, 163 
Molino, Janine 71, 111, 129, 162 
Moloney, Emma 71 
Monahan, Keith 31, 42, 45, 46, 107, 108, 

109, 160, 161,179, 183,260,29^ 
Monty, Eric 61, 98, 99, 108, 126 
Moore, Brian 31, 46, 121, 298 
Moore, Bryan 83 
Moore, Jennifer 43, 93, 96, 97, 122, 153, 

176, 216, 297 
Moore, Katelyn 83, 122 
Moore, Kathleen 71 
Moore, Kyle 83, 126, 168, 177, 241 
Moore, Michael 61,184,186,187 
Moore, Peter 83 
Moore, Shannon 61, 140 
Moran, Ed 103 

Morganelli, Jenna 83 

Morganelli, Loni 31, 211, 214, 215, 289, 

Morris, Ellen 184 

Morris, Stephanie 31, 93, 101, 106, 

119, 125, 128, 129, 156, 192, 193, 
265, 274, 291 : 

Morris, Timothy 71 , 1 84, 188 

Morrison, Kelly 72, 111, 158 

Morrison, Nicole 184 

Morriss, Peter 72, 171, 20S 

Morse, Jessica 31, 101,129,149,150,254, 

Morse, Nicole 83 

Moses, Joseph 83 

Moses, Michael 61, 121, 210 

Mulcahy, Coach 136, 133| 

Mulcahy, Julie 72 

Mulcahy, Lauren 61, 184,187 

Mullaney, Judith 49, 194, 241,285 

Mullaney, Mrs. 236 

Mullen, Crystal 83 

Murawski, Jacqueline 61 

Murawski, Robert 32, 61 

Murdock, Kimberly 61,123, 146, 171 

Mure, Rebecca 61, 118 

Murphy, Colleen 32, 293 

Murphy, Courtney 96 

Murphy, Denis 61 

Murphy, Heidi 57, 61, 96, 119, 145 

Murphy, Jessica 72 

Murphy, Kara 104 

Murphy, Matthew 72, 163,191, 198, 199, 
201, 213 

Murphy, Michael 72 

Muse, Christine 61 


Nadeau, Paul 83 

Nelson, Crystal 83, 184 

Nelson, Jessica 32, 46,48,119, 150 

Neubauer, Mrs. 242 

Neviackas, Andrew 61,98, 108,126 

Nickerson, Jayme 32 

Noble, Brandon 61 

Noble, Mikaela 72, 129 

Noiles, Jamie 61 

Nolan, Julie 83, 184 

Nolan, Mark 61 

Norton, Danielle 83 

Nybom,Jake 61, 116, 131 

Nye, Megan 72 

Nye, Rachel 72 

Nyman,Dan 32, 149,250 



Ober, Lauren 61, 209 

Ober, Shannon 33, 43, 44, 45, 106, 11 J 

1,19, 214, 215,278 
O'Brien, Justin 83 
O'Connell, Brian 32,184, 201,277 
O'Connell, Kaitlyn 32, 49, 101, 194 
O'Connell, Michael 72,184, 186 
O'Connor, Sean 61, 169 
O'Donnell, Melissa 84 
O'Halloran, Coach 116 

Oles, Brian 72, 108 
Olivieri, John 61,98 
O'Loughlin, Kevin 32,279, 285 
Olson, Jaclyn 72,101, 111,136 
O'Malley, Meaghan 72 
O'Neil, Kathleen 72, 184, 189 
O'Neil, Robin 184 
O'Neil, Sean 61 
Osborn, Carolyn 84, 168 
Osborn, Jennifer 61 
Ouimet, Erin 84, 118, 129 
Oullette, Gilles 184 


Pacitto, Michael 84 
Padua, Daylene 61 
Paetznick, Lauren 184 
Palermo, Krista 84, 129 
Pantazi, Chris 186 
Parmenter, Jessi 84 
Partridge, Derek 84 
Partridge, Nathan 72 
Pasionek, Matthew 72 
Pasquantonio, Nicholas 84 

The roots of 



he in the will 

to become 

the best that you 

can become. 

Patel, Vivek 72 

Parton, Andrea 72 

Pavao, Mrs. 235 * 

Pedro, Kerri 72 

Pedro, Michael 84 

Peeples,Ms. 230 

Pelrine, Rebecca 33, 49, 148, 182, 285 

Pender, Joseph 62,103, 121, 146 

Perella, Joseph 62 

Perelli, Nick 184, 186, 187 

Perrelli, Anna 84, 169,184 

Perry, Christina 72 

Perry, Gary 84 

Perry, Jed 33, 45, 98, 121, 126, 202, 297, 

305, 306 
Perry, Jeff 98 

Petruchikjill 72, 101, 114, 129 
Pfeffer,Mrs. 209,239 
Philips, John 126 
Phillips, John 84, 161 
Pieroway, Matt 33, 93, 102, 103, 107, 112, 

113, 125, 126, 127,287 
Piette, Ross 62 
Pike, Jenilee 62 

Pinsoneault, Ryan 6,33, 92, 98, 107, 112, 

113, 126, 197, 255,303 
Piotti, Bill 131 
Piotti, Bob 131 
Pisarki, Erin 184 
Pittsley, Lisa 72 
Pittsley, Thomas 84 
Plante, Alisha 84, 119, 129 
Plante, Joshua 84,113, 126, 166 
Poirier, Chelas 85 
Poirier, Julie 6,33, 122, 123, 124, 140, 141, 

192, 193,268 
Poirier, Justin 72 
Poles, Michael 62, 121, 127 
Policastro, Christina 104 
Poon, Emily 85, 129 
Pouliot, Kyle 62 
Power, Chad 85 

Powers, Christina 72, 122, 146, 147 
Powers, Katherine 85 
Powers, Kristina 62 
Prentice, Jim 33 
Prentice, Michael 62 
Prevost, Brett 72 
Prevost, Katie 33,42, 45, 48, 49, 51, 110, 

151, 153, 202, 206, 210, 211, 308 
Proctor, Robert 72,184, 186 
Provost, Sasha 85, 119, 129, 191 
Puddester, Nicole 72, 122, 123, 132, 173 
Pulsone, Jennifer 42, 45, 110, 151, 153, 155, 

159, 170, 183, 206, 216, 290, 292 
Purkis, Benjamin 72, 184 


Quartarone, Kris ten 85, 119, 1 
Quick, Patti 62,96, 147 


Rahman, Minhaj 72, 121, 155 
Rahman, Nafeesa 57, 62, 182, 203 
Rainsford, Blair 62, 101, 114, 129, 152, 

172, 192, 193 
Rando, David 85,126, 210 
Rankin, Geoffrey 72 
Rasicot, Bridget 62, 129 
Ravinski, James 62 
Ray, Nicholas 34, 51 , 131 , 246, 304, 

309, 311 
Raymond, Jamie 85 
Raymond, Mr. 240 
Raymond, Mrs. 231, 233 
Raymond, Samuel 73 
Raymond, Will 208 
Read, Timothy 85 
Reddington, Mr. 134, 235 
Redfearn, Andrew 62 
Reidel, Katharine 62 
Rench, Kandice 62,139 
Rench, Kris 139 
Rench, Mike 139 
Renner, Libby 85 
Retscihulte, Chris 187 
Rice, Christopher 34, 45 
Rice, Geoffrey 62, 1 94, 1 08, 1 95 
Richner, Heather 85, 119 
Richner, Sean 62 


Rieger, Christopher 85, 126, 166 
Rieger, Michael 8,34,134, 135, 148, 156, 

157, 159, 197, 202,279, 297 
Rieger, Steven 62, 94, 95, 116, 117, 134 
Riley, Mr. 238 
Ritchie, Wendy 85 
Rivera, Carmen 85 
Robbins,Katy 62, 119, 140 
Robbins, Tracy 85 
Roberts, Wesley 73 
Robertson, Bill 43, 121, 164,169 
Robertson, Kaitlin 85 
Robertson, William 34, 254, 303 
Robinson, Renee 73, 184, 187,189 
Rodio, Jessica 62,114, 129, 166,194,208 
Rogers, Crystal 34,252, 282, 286, 306 
Rogers, Kerri 85, 132 
Rogers, Tina 73, 132 
Roland, Charles 184 
Roode, Christopher 85, 131 
Rosata, Dustin 85 
Rose, Darby-Lee 34, 47, 48, 119, 150, 

164, 255, 288, 294, 303 
Rose, Derek 34, 50, 98, 121, 125, 126, 

127, 293 
Rose, Erin 85, 122 
Rose, Jacqueline 62, 209 
Rose, Keith 62 

Roye,Lael 62, 140, 195, 214, 215 
Rukstalis, Wendy 96 
Rumsey, Ms. 237 
Runeman, Mr. 238 
Russell, Desiree 85 
Ryan, Jennifer 35,48, 51, 96, 119, 149, 

150, 174, 203, 211,246 
Ryan, Miss 176 

Said, Sasha 49 

Samrout, Asir 85 

Samrout, Houssam 62 

Sanchez, Matthew 35, 98, 107, 108, 126, 

Santabarbara, Gregory 62, 95, 150, 154, 

216, 217 
Santucci, Lisa 35, 132, 306 
Satterfield, Teala 85, 122,132 
Savidge, Allison 62, 196 
Schmidt, Coach 136 
Schneider, Nathan 73, 108, 209 
Schrader, Holly 85, 119 
Schubert, Laura 85, 119 
Schwartz, Rachel 85 
Scott, Steven 62 
Sebago, Jennifer 35, 50 
Sebring,Kyle 62, 184, 186 
Serena, Alex 85 
Serena, Amy 39 
Setter, Justin 35, 113, 194, 294 
Severson, Jen 50 

ievy, Becky 4, 35, 101, 156, 158, 211, 300 
Sevy, Katherine 73, 160 
Shapiro, Erica 73, 110, 137 
Shapiro, Samantha 85, 111 
Sharron, Keith 62, 139 
Shaughnessy, Ryan 57, 63, 108 


Shaw, Andrew 85 

Shaw, Dana 73, 121, 147, 217 

Shaw, Kaylan 85 

Shaw, Steven 35, 46, 86, 121, 157, 274, 

281, 285 
Shea, Kyle 86 
Shea, Mary 86 
Sherwin, Charles-Ross 184 
Shiebler, Jillian 86 

Shockro, Laura 35, 124, 136, 137, 150, 309 
Short, Matthew 86 
Shruhan, Michael 63 
Shulsk, Jenna 63 

Siakotos, Jennifer 73,101, 129, 190 
Sias, Benjamin 36 
Siegmann, Eric 86, 139, 161 
Sieloff, Matthew 63,184, 190 
Sieloff, Samantha 86, 137, 184 
Silvi, Joanna 63, 214 
Simard, Andrew 86, 184, 186 
Simmer, Shalyn 73,184, 187,189 

Don't walk in 

front of me, 

I may not 


Don't walk 

behind me, 

I may not lead. 

Just walk 

beside me and 

be my friend. 

Sims, Jessica 49 

Singer, Sydney 86, 119 

Sitkauskas, Vincent 73 

Skenyon, Mr. 176, 207 

Slagle,Ms. 176, 243 

Slovacek, Caitlyn 63 

Sluss, Gregory 86 

Sluss, Shawn 63, 124, 138, 139 

Small, Katelyn 63, 110, 129, 171 

Small, Leo 184 

Smiley, Daniel 63 

Smith, Caitlin 73, 122, 129, 173 

Smith, Christopher 36,106, 116, 134, 135, 

Smith, Cynthia 86, 201 
Smith, Eric 36 
Smith, Kelli Ann 73 
Smith, Mrs. 239, 243 
Smyth, Kristin 49 
Sola, Felix 140 

H I 

Solomon, Mrs. 238 
Sorrento, Coach 98, 127, 129 
Sotir, Vanessa 73, 118, 129 
Southworth, Ms. 243, 239 
Souza, Danielle 63 
Spagna, Adam 86 
Spaulding, Scott 184 
Spencer, Marcus 86 
SperonLAmie 196, 212, 213 
Speroni, Marc 86, 196 
Spigarolo, Daniel 86, 138, 139 
Spinney, Amanda 73, 111, 146 
Sprout, Kelly Marie 36, 294 
Sprout, Meghan 86 
Sprout, Michael 63 
Squire, Matthew 73 
St. Amand, Jennifer 73, 184 
Stankiewicz, Mrs. 233 
Stanley, Becky 36,50, 106, 122, 

123, 124, 301 
Stark, Meghan 86 
Stasis, Courtney 63 
Steele, Shannon 73, 96 
Steverman, Andrew 86, 126, 167 
Steverman, Melissa 36, 191, 193,304 
Stewart, Kristen 63, 119, 146 
Stewart, Leah 73 
Stewart, Shawn 73 
Stigall, Samantha 86 
Stoddard, Mark 63, 98, 121, 126 
Stone, Ian 73 
Strauss, Erin 36,45, 49, 96, 

149, 174, 203, 211 
Straw, Elaina 63,118, 140, 151, 167 
Streeter, Elizabeth 73, 129,184 
Streeter, Sara 86, 129, 201 
Strekouras, MisS 231, 239, 242 
Strickland, Ryan 86 
Strittmatter, Amanda 86, 119,129 
Strojny, Amanda 64, 118, 136, 13i 
Struhar, Danielle 86, 122 
Stuart, Michael 73, 121 
Suchy, Christopher 73 
Suchy, Marissa 64, 118, 129, 151 
Sueltenfuss, Eric 36, 304 
Sugrue,Leah 86, 122,132 
Sullivan, Kathryn 73,114, 129, 146 
Sullivan, Mrs. 235 
Sullivan, Paul 73 
Sullivan, Ryan 73 
Sumner, Mr. 196,236,238,212 
Sundquist, Paul 37 
Sundquist, Scott 86 
Surro, Jay 86 

Swanson, Magan 37, 184,305 
Swanson, Sherelle 86 
Sweeney, Carolyn 73, 96, 114, 129 
Sweeney, Patrick 86 
Sweeney, Ted 37 


Taddeo, Melissa 64, 118,201 
Tangstrom, Lauren 64 
Tangstrom, Robert 73 
Tate, Chris 86, 108 
Tatupu,Lofa 37,107, 121, 125, 134, 
135, 146,295 


Tatupu, Mr. 121, 237 

Taylor, Kristen 73, 139,1 

Teague, Sarah 37,286, 294 

Teiner, John 64 

Teiner, Kevin 74 

Tellum, Kenneth 74, 98, 112, 113, 126 

Terrio, Jessica 64,184, 186, 187, 190 

Tessier, Rachel 86 

Tetreault, Gregory 74 

Thibault, Beau 146, 147 

Thomas, Jennifer 64 

Thomas, Kayla 74, 96, 137 

Thomas, Kimberly 74 

Thomas, Nicole 74 

Tierney, Matthew 37, 121 

Tileston, Peter 184, 190, 191, 232, 233, 239 

Toledo, Matthew 87 

Tolivaisa, Bret 74, 121 

Tooker, Scott 95 

Tornabene, Lynn 87, 122 

Touhy, Marissa 214 

Tower, Mrs. 119,232, 233, 237 

Trahan, Shelby 64, 118 

Travers, Derek 37, 125 

Treenjill 74 

Tripp, Cheryl 37, 184 

Trivedi, Namrata 87, 184 

True, Corey 64 

Tsoodle, Tara 87 

Tufts, Brian 74 

Tufts, Lindsey 87 

Tummelli, Katelyn 87 

Tuohy, Marissa 3, 38,47, 48, 136, 150, 

210, 215, 275 
Turco, Coach 104, 140 
Turner, Arthur 64, 103 
Tusley, Amanda 184 
Tuveson, Laura 87, 111, 137, 217 


Tuveson, Robert 
Tyree, Shane 87 


64,126, 158, 179 

Ulrich, Robert 38, 149, 169 
Urquhart, Steven 64 


Valusso, Eugene 146 

Vanderwyk, Kathryn 87, 119,167 

Varey, Andrew 87 

Verdeaux, Kristen 38, 51, 165, 184, 186 

Viles-Antonellis, Mrs. 209, 242 

Villiard, Mrs. 212 

Visser, Marike 87 

Vlachos, Victoria 78 

Vogan, Amanda 64, 147 

Voght, Christopher 87 


W.T. Holmes Transportation Co. 262 

Wagner, Chris 98, 170 

Wald, James 64 

Walsh, James 74 

Walsh, Michael 38, 45, 46, 102, 103, 285, 

Warchal, Derreck 87, 184 
Ward, Sarah 87, 201, 215 

Wardner, Kelly 104, 140 

Wardner, Scott 38, 106, 116, 117, 131 

Wason, Steven 38 

Waters, Stephen 87 

Watkins, Christopher 74 

Watson, Lisa 88, 176 

Watson, Susan 74, 169 

Weaver, Seth 74, 113, 126, 178 

Webber, Jason 74 

Webber, Nicole 64 

Wells, Russell 65 

Wennerstrand, Richard 39 

Werboff, Dominique 65 

Wessman, Abigail 88, 111, 129 

White, Christine 88, 201 

White, Danielle 38 

White, Mariah 88, 129 

White, Rachel 88, 118, 140, 141, 214 

White, Stephen 88 

Whitehouse, Gregory 74, 113, 126, 241 

Wieners, Marcella 75 

Wilcox, Elin 65, 118 

Wilcox, Marra 88 

Wilensky, Erin Mae 38, 182 

The hardest 

thing for some 

people to say in 

twenty five 
words or less is 


Wilfert, Victoria 39, 65, 311 

Willard, Jenna 88 

Willette, Jaime 88 

Willette, Kendra 75, 101, 114, 129 

Williams, Daniel 75,98, 121 

Williams, Keith 75 

Williams, Kelly 65, 146 

Willis, Jason 88 

Willis, Mr. 240 

Wilson, Michelle 88, 111 

Wind, Laura 88 

Winget, Alison 65 


88, 119 

75 _-* 

Winslow, Kara 
Winslow, Kelly 
Winslow, Mrs. 
Winter, Kaitlyn 
Wirtes, Jenna 

Woessner, Lauren 39,49, 184,292, 
Wolfrum, Justin 39 
Wolfrum, Lee 88 
Wolloff, Mr. 184, 190 
Wood, Jeffrey 75, 121, 163 
Woods, Courtney 75, 118, 129 
Wyman, Lindsay 75 


Young, Mr. 234 

Yousif, George 39, 43, 121, 164 

Yousif, Nada 65 

Zahner, Joseph 89,184, 187 
Zeigler, Karaline 89, 119, 129 
Zervas, John 241 
Zervos, Sebastian 75, 184,190 
Zuercher, Mrs. 231 



My Favorites in 2001: 



Musical Artists: 



TV Programs: 



Day of the Year: 




There is no substitute for hard work. 

-Thomas Edison 

And this is the team that worked so hard, 
laughed so easily, and loved so openly. 

Stephanie Morris, Editor in Chief 

Nicole Armitage • Kate Blair • Rosie Boyle 

Elizabeth Bitsy Burger • Meagan Capone 

Danielle Charbonneau • Frank Cook • Elizabeth Flannery 

Erin Flynn • Kristin Kehrmeyer • Andrea King 

Heather Lanagan • Andrea Lyons • Holly Manigan 

Kim Murdock • Julie Poirier • Blair Rainsford 

Melissa Steverman • Marissa Tuohy 


Day by day, 
nothing seems to change. 
But pretty soon, 
everything's different. 

v he the party 

bUt let 'sdatvce. 

Don't wish Upon a star 
reach for one. 



\i e " 

^ e , v «v^i f *^ 


***. 1 VJV^./oocV^- 


And in the «*, 

°Tr^ZT s 

, b ? laughter ere 

L 4o£u aSUres - 
befnr best 

for Your f riend 




Enjoy yourself. 

These are the 

good old days you're 

going to miss in the 

years ahead. 

i\XS e 




Nothing is ended with honour 

which does not conclude 

better than it began 

~Samuel Johnson 

We have focused on words this year because the Class of 2001 loved to talk. If you had watched 
them in the halls of K.P. or in their classes, you would know that they were excited about everything 
they learned, everything they experienced, and everything they dreamed about. And they wanted 
to share everything with everyone even when it meant having to hold off class until the group could 
quiet down, or at least everything had been said. Enthusiasm is probably not a word they used 
often, but it is the one that describes them best. 

The group who produced this book were as bubbly as the rest of their classmates. They came in 
laughing and jumping up and down. They listened carefully each day to what I had to say, but even 
I could see that they were like an elastic band under tension, just waiting to be released . And never 
did I ever hear an unkind word spoken. Dear and sweetie were the two most common forms of 
address, and they were always said in the most loving way. Even the non -verbals were unique to 
this group. They had a way of sighing together that meant that they truly appreciated even the 
smallest kindness done for them. They were special, this yearbook class, one I will always 
remember even after the rest of teaching has faded to a soft memory. 

As always, we owe special thanks to special people. Our administrators, Mr. Levine, Mrs. Hanson, 
and Mr. Rice all played key roles in producing a great book. We also want to thank the staff — 
teachers, guidance counselors, aides, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers — who 
helped by contributing words and pictures and by being patient with us. Sometimes neglected, but 
essential to our success, is Pauline Lessard, the principal's secretary, who generates every 
conceivable kind of list and label and coordinates the underclass picture -taking. Outside of the 
school we get help from our Jostens rep. Arnie Lohman ,who makes sure that everything goes right 
in the production of the book, even helping to pay for a little mistake we made. Kristin Ellerbe is 
our Winston-Salem eyes and ears, a dear woman who works incredibly hard to make sure that what 
gets printed is what we would want. Another star is our artist, Rick Brooks, from Pennsylvania. It 
just wouldn't seem right to start the year without his visit. The cover, the inside cover, the divider 
pages, and the folio art are produced in a matter of hours as he listens ever so carefully to what 
the students want and works his magic right before their eyes. Chestnut Hill Studios and the 
Geoffroy family are another reason why we are so successful. Whether it's a wrestling match or the 
Senior Prom, they take great photos and get us the prints we need before our deadlines. We're 
thrilled that next year they will be producing our underclass pictures, as well as our senior 
portraits. And now to the non -professionals. If you saw how long our ads section was, then you know 
that we have a community of loving parents and generous businesses. We have never seen so many 
ads with such beautiful babies as we did this year. Beyond the extra revenue it generated, it made 
for a much more interesting book. We suspect that many readers will spend hours looking at these 
adorable children. And finally, our biggest debt of gratitude goes to the students of King Philip, 
seniors and underclassmen alike. Thank you for your pictures and your words, and thank you for 
your words of encouragement. Everytime you tell us that you're grateful for the yearbook we 
produced, you make us feel that the sacrfices are worth it. 

And so another year of hard work, fun, tears, frustration, and accomplishment ends. And 
another group of students go off to new adventures, great successes, more growth, and per- 
sonal happiness. This is what we wish for you. This is what we expect of you. No matter what 
anyone else says, we know that you are truly 

The Class of the Century, The Class of the Millennium. 

~Miss Coutu 



>» 2000-2001 

NEWS > > > 


NEWS >» 

8 TBI I 


If |~]ES 

OS r ^ 

Q The Millennium Bridge, a 
footbridge across the River Thames 
connecting London's St. Paul 
Cathedral with the Tate Modern Art 
Gallery, opens in June. It is the first 
bridge to be built over the Thames 
in 100 years. 

Q Gas prices soar across Europe. Heavy taxation policies in France and 
England cause massive protests and transportation blockades. Both 
governments eventually promise relief. 

A Floods in Southeast Asia are 
caused by days of pounding rain. 
Millions are forced to leave their 
homes and more than a thousand 
people die in the region's worst 
flooding in decades. 

A President Clinton travels to 
Southeast Asia in November to help 
mend relations between the United 
States and Vietnam. He is the first 
U.S. president to visit Vietnam since 
the end of the war in 1975. 

A a cable car carrying skiers 
and snowboarders in Austria 
catches fire inside a tunnel, 
killing more than 150 people 
on board. It is the worst Alpine 
disaster in the country's history. 

GS Former KGB agent Vladimir Putin 
is sworn into office as Russia's new 
president in May 2000, succeeding 
long-time leader Boris Yeltsin. 
Despite fears of an authoritarian 
style, Putin's public approval ratings 
remain hiah. 

**" ' T i?s? 

A Yugoslav President Slobodan 
Milosevic is ousted from office in 
October, ending 13 years of violent 
rule. Vojislav Kostunica becomes 
Yugoslavia's first democratically 
elected president. 




H Australian 
street artists 
called "Strange 
Fruit" perform 
feats around 
the world. The 
performers float 
above the audience 
on 1 5-foot 
fiberglass poles. 

President Clinton makes a last- 
ditch effort to broker a Middle East 
peace deal before his term ends 
in January 2001 by drafting a plan for 
leaders of both Israel and Palestine 
to review. Israeli Prime Minister 
Ehud Barak and Palestinian Yasser 
Arafat agree to review Clinton's 
proposal, but no deal is signed 
before month's end. 

A Singapore Airlines jumbo jet 
crashes during takeoff in Taiwan, 
killing 81 of the 179 people on board. 
In a blinding rainstorm the pilot uses 
the wrong runway and collides with 
construction equipment. 

H Canada mourns the death of former 
Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who 
served the country for nearly 16 years. 
Trudeau, who was 80, is remembered 
for his flamboyant style and his 
commitment to keeping Canada a 
single nation. 

> > 2000-2001 


Q In August, the Russian nuclear submarine 
Kursk sinks to the bottom of the Barents Sea 
after an unexplained explosion. All 118 crew 
members are killed. 



C! Two hundred North and South 
Koreans separated from family 
members since the 1950-1953 
Korean war reunite in August. The 
four-day visits are a goodwill gesture 
by both countries' leaders, who met 
for the first time in June. 

AIDS reaches epidemic proportions 
in southern Africa. Leaders and 
citizens throughout the world 
conduct a massive educational 
campaign on World AIDS Day 
December 1 to teach people about 
the disease that is killing 6,000 
sub-Saharan Africans each day. 

Uganda is struck by an occurrence 
of the deadly Ebola virus that is 
linked to more than 100 deaths. 
The outbreak is traced to a Gulu 
woman who died in September 
and whose body infected other 
people during the ritual cleansing 
of the dead. 



NEWS >» 

Missoulian, Michael Gallacher/AP/Wide World Photos 

M The U.S. Senate passes the 
Permanent Normal Trade Relations 
in September to open up trade 
between the United States and China 
The bill is expected to increase U.S. 
exports by $13 billion annually. 

! D In the worst forest fire season in 50 years, more than 20,000 firefighters 
battle blazes in the western United States. More than 80 major wildfires 
burn across 13 states, forcing hundreds of people to leave their homes. 

D Firestone initiates the largest tire 
recall in history after dozens of 
rollover accidents appear to be 
caused by faulty treads. At least 148 
deaths in the United States are linked 
to the defective tires, although other 
problems with sport utility vehicles 
also are under investigation. 


Atomic Weapons 
| unci Special Nuclear 

Moferioifi Rewards Act 
1 >■ ■ ■- i J ...s:-i- ! r,j . a RcmtBd i„ 

: : J 


« ■£■< 

* m 

i if 


A Summer air travelers wait out 
some of the worst flight delays on 
record. Bad weather and heavy air 
traffic cause delays that reach a 
peak in June, when only 66% of 
the flights arrive on time. 

A Illegal downloading and missing 
computer tapes threaten the security 
of the Los Alamos nuclear weapons 
lab in New Mexico. Several 
workers at the lab are penalized 
for mishandling nuclear secrets. 

A The Women's Museum: An 
Institute for the Future opens in 
September in Dallas. The museum 
profiles 3,000 remarkable 
American women and features 
more than 20 interactive exhibits. 

A Many brands of taco shells and 
corn chips are pulled from store 
shelves and restaurants after a 
consumer group detects traces 
of genetically modified com not 
approved for human consumption. 


Q Convicted of 
monopoly practices 
in the software 
industry, Microsoft 
Corporation is 
ordered by a federal 
district judge in June 
to break into two 
separate companies. 
Company chairman 
Bill Gates files for 
an appeal. 

A wave of Internet startup 
companies, once the darlings 
of the online economy, file for 
bankruptcy after falling short 
of stockholders' earnings 
expectations. The NASDAQ stock 
exchange, where most dot-coms 
are traded, loses 39% of its value 
for the year. 

Millions of Californians go for hours 
without power in January 2001 as 
utility companies cut off electrical 
supply due to low reserves. The 
crisis, blamed on aging generating 
plants, deregulation, soaring 
wholesale prices and debt-ridden 
utilities, spurs other states to 
begin devising prevention plans. 

H The Oklahoma City National 
Memorial is unveiled in April 2000. 
The memorial is built to honor the 168 
people who died in the 1995 bombing 
of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. 

» 2000-2001 ^ 


Amy Sancetta/AP/Wide World Photos 

Q On December 4, 2000, the U.S. presidency remains in 
limbo as both Florida and New Mexico officials recount 
ballots to determine who will win their state's electoral 
votes. New Mexico goes to Gore. Ultimately, Bush wins 
Florida which gives him a narrow victory. 



Q In the closest presidential election 
in more than 100 years, Republican 
George W. Bush of Texas beats 
Democrat Al Gore from Tennessee. 
The race isn't decided until 36 days 
after the popular election, when 
Florida's hotly contested \\tfk 
25 electoral votes are awarded to Bush 

On election night, several TV 
networks prematurely declare Al Gore 
the winner in Florida, only later to 
reverse themselves, twice. The 
fiasco confirms many Americans' 
distrust of polling and early "calling" 
of elections. 

In one of his first duties as President- 
elect, George W. Bush nominates 
Colin Powell to be Secretary of State. 
The four-star Army General becomes 
the first African-American in history 
to serve in this role. 

= Recount 




A Chads, dimpled chads and butterfly 
ballots become common terms 
during the election as Florida officials 
assess voter intent. The confusion 
generates national discussion for 
uniform methods of voting. 

A The U.S. Supreme Court casts 
the deciding vote in the nation's 
election. The court ends the Gore- 
Bush legal battles in Florida by 
stopping all recounting, an action 
that effectively gives Bush victory. 

A in a fiery and highly publicized 
political battle, Hillary Rodham 
Clinton beats Republican Rick Lazio 
decisively to become senator from 
New York. She is the first first lady 
to be elected to public office. 

A Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan 
is elected to the Senate days after he 
dies in a November plane crash. His 
widow, Jean Carnahan, agrees to 
serve as senator in his place. 

1 H The Federal Trade Commission charges the film, recording and 
video-game industries with marketing violent and adult-rated materials to 
teens. The entertainment giants are requested to stop the practice or face 
legal intervention. 

H In October, the USS Cole is bombed while refueling in Yemen. A number of 
terrorist groups are suspected of the blast that kills 17 sailors and injures 39. 


NEWS >» 

B Personal Digital 
Assistants (PDAs) 
capable of calendar 
scheduling, note taking, 
e-mailing, phoning and 
Web browsing go 
t mainstream in 2000. 
Competition among 
manufacturers heats 
p with Microsoft, 
BlackBerry, Palm and 
other brands vying 
for shares of the teen 
and business markets. 

Paleontologists identify a new 
species of dinosaur from fossils 
found in northern Italy. The 
26-foot-long, meat-eating 
Saltriosaur is one of the world's 
oldest dinosaurs, dating back 200 
million years. 

Scientists are forced to rethink the 
traditional definitions of a star and 
planet when 18 massive planet-like 
bodies that don't revolve around 
a sun are discovered in the Sigma 
Orionis cluster. 

□ Final touches are made to the 
International Space Station for its 
first residents. American astronaut 
Bill Shepherd and two Russian 
cosmonauts live on the space station 
for four months starting in November. 

> > 2000-2001 


Q Wireless devices that send 
real-time personal messages 
between users become the latest 
communication craze. The "instant 
messages" can be typed, written or 
spoken, depending on the brand, 
and devices cost less than $100. 

Q In 2000, both Honda and Toyota launch gas-electric 
hybrid cars. Operated by a battery-powered electric motor 
and a gas-run engine, the hybrids get up to 70 miles per 
gallon on the highway and release minimal emissions. 

New Internet domain names are 
created to lessen the load on the 
old .com standard. The new names, 
slated for use in mid-2001, include 
.info for general use, .biz for 
businesses, .name for individuals 
and .pro for professionals. 

Scientists complete a rough "map" 
of the genetic code that makes 
a person human. The map will aid 
in the detection and prevention of 
cancer and other illnesses. 

D Amtrak introduces the nation's first high-speed train in 
November. The "Acela Express" travels up to 150 miles per 
hour and runs between Washington, D.C., New York and Boston, 
with other routes planned for coming years. 


NEWS >» 

□ New prepaid credit cards and 
online credit lines are the latest 
high-tech means for parents to 
control their teens' spending. 
Depending on the account, parents 
determine the spending limit or 
the online stores where the money 
can be spent and receive monthly 
statements of purchases made. 

Q A new Web site,, lets users design their own 
sneakers. Starting from scratch or selecting a prefab model, users 
can pick everything from the colors and styling to the fabric and 
personalized logo at a cost of $80 to $95 a pair. 

Q MH-18, billed as the first national 
lifestyle magazine for guys 13 to 
18, hits newsstands in August. The 
Men's Health offshoot covers sports, 
fitness, school, relationships and 
issues teenage boys face growing up. 

D Wordstretch bracelets become 
a trendy accessory in Hollywood 
and around the nation. The 
multi-colored elastic bands come 
inscribed with "Call me," "Money is 
overrated," "Snap out of it" and 
other simple messages designed 
to spark conversation. 




David Young-Woltf/PhotoEdlt 

Q Message T-shirts become fashion statements 
among teen girls. "Foxy Lady," "Princess" and "Monkey 
Around" are just a few of the tongue-in-cheek logos 
that appear on the popular shirts. 



Q High-tech, fold-up metal versions 
of the old scooter are one of the year's 
hottest modes of transportation but 
also a leading cause of injury. 


- -'-.-r — 


En [* *e- ir^—i ink tM> 

U»k »le> H*s:!i I lew 5»*Ul 1 MM M "« H*' (« D. 

Atfto|«]M D *» M UftU«NIC» ^^^^^^^^ 


!A] M/lfll... 


By the end of 2000, an estimated 
75% of U.S. universities offer 
courses online and more than 5.8 
million students have logged on. 

With the 2000 unemployment rate 
at a low of 4%, college students 
working as summer interns 
command wages up to $20 an 
hour, along with compensation 
packages, from high-tech and 
Internet companies. 


=- v'Seolavbi 

itlii 3 


::;,'m.; ',■-.■: ::iiii/mM .pss* a-; 

A Companies like Estee Lauder, 
Origins, Hermes and Blistex begin 
to market products in portable 
single-use packets. Products include 
nail polish remover, scented wipes, 
hair conditioners and moisturizers. 

A Stick-on crystals and gems 
become popular fashion accessories 
for teen girls, accenting the face, 
neck and shoulders. 

A Mail-order clothing pioneer 
Lands' End introduces "scan wear." 
The technology captures customers' 
body measurements, and allows 
users to virtually "try on" clothing 
when ordering via the Internet. 

A "Personal TVs" by TiVo and 
ReplayTV allow users to control 
live TV by pausing or rewinding 
and to record their favorite shows 
without having to set a VCR timer 
or purchase videotapes. 

CS Chrysler rolls out its 1930s retro car, the PT Cruiser, in spring 2000. 
The five-door "personal transportation" wagon is a hot seller, beating the 
popular Volkswagen New Beetle by two to one in the first month. It also 
wins Motor Trend magazine's 2001 Car of the Year. 

H Teens involved in anti-smoking organizations such as The Truth and 
Target Market strike back at Big Tobacco for marketing to youth, by 
launching their own in-your-face advertising campaigns targeting cigarette 
makers. The print and broadcast ads are sponsored by funds won from 
tobacco suit settlements. 






NEWS >» 




Q A new computer video game called 
"The Sims," which simulates the life of 
a suburban family, develops a fanatical 
following with teens. Players create the 
characters and guide them through 
building a house, furnishing it, finding 
a career and running a family in their 
pursuit of happiness. 


H The Millennium Force, the world's tallest and fastest roller 
coaster, opens in May 2000 at the Cedar Point amusement park 
in Sandusky, Ohio. The ride has a 300-foot drop and travels up 
to 92 miles per hour. 

itliinnifiif i: fp 


Maxis/Electronic Arts 

D Jim Carrey stirs up trouble in the 
town of Whoville in an adaptation of 
the Dr. Seuss classic, How the Grinch 
Stole Christmas. The Grinch, which 
opens in November, is the highest 
grossing film of 2000. 



igBiotheT-? £ 



A Meet the Parents, starring Robert 
De Niro and Ben Stiller, opens in 
October. The movie wins Favorite 
Comedy Motion Picture at the 
People's Choice Awards, and De Niro 
earns a Golden Globe nomination. 

A in July, CBS launches "Big Brother," A uPN's weekly series "WWF 

a reality-based show in which 10 Smackdown!" starring professional 

people share living quarters for three wrestler The Rock is the network's 

months until all but one are voted most-watched show in 2000, with 

out. Viewers can monitor contestants 7.3 million viewers. 
24/7 on the show's Web site. 

1 1 ■ 


A in December, Cast Away \% 
released, starring Tom Hanks as a 
crash victim stranded on a desert 
island for four years. For his nearly 
one-man performance Hanks wins 
Best Actor at the Golden Globes. 

Koji Sasahara/AP/Wide World Photos 



The first big hit in 2001 is Save 
the Last Dance, which opens in 
January. The teen romance, 
starring Julia Stiles and Sean 
Patrick Thomas, earns close to 
$50 million in its first two weeks. 


•c x* 

H Gamers camp outside 
electronics stores to 
|| secure the long-awaited 
Sony PlayStation 2, which 
goes on sale in October 
in limited quantities. The 
new version allows users 
to listen to CDs and watch 
DVD movies in addition to 
playing games. 

Pay It Forward, a movie based on 
the idea of performing random 
acts of kindness, opens in October 
starring Haley Joel Osment, 
Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. 

H Tom Cruise reprises his role as 
Ethan Hunt in the action sequel 
Mission: Impossible 2. The May 
release is summer's biggest box-office 
draw and 2000's second-highest 
grossing film, earning more than 
$215 million. 

>> 2000-2001 


Q Popular television series prompt the introduction 
of board game versions. "Survivor" and "Who Wants 
To Be a Millionaire" lead the list of new releases. 



H NBC's White House drama 'The 
West Wing," starring Martin Sheen, 
Allison Janney and Richard Schiff , 
sets a record for receiving the most 
Emmys in a single season with nine 
wins, including Outstanding Drama Series 

In November, illusionist David 
Blaine is encased in ice for 62 
hours in New York's Times Square, 
assisted only with air and 
water tubes and a catheter. Blaine, 
who was seeking notoriety over 
national TV, survives the stunt but 
requires hospitalization. 

Russell Crowe becomes a 
household name with the release 
of Gladiator. The epic film wins 
a Golden Globe Award for Best 
Drama as well as an acting nod 
for Crowe. 



r ^r- 


A NBC's 'Will & Grace" is one of 

television's 10 most watched shows 
in 2000. Actors Sean Hayes and 
Megan Mullally win Emmys for their 
roles as Jack and Karen. 

A Scary Movie, the Wayans brothers' 
spoof on horror movies, is among 
the year's 10 highest grossing films. 
The July release earns more than 
$157 million and is voted the Teen 
Choice Awards Movie of the Summer. 

A Fox's "Dark Angel" is voted 
Favorite New Television Dramatic 
Series at the 2001 People's Choice 
Awards. The series, set in the year 
2019, explores the life of a genetically 
enhanced heroine named Max. 

A in July, Wolverine, Cyclops, 
Storm and other super-powerful 
comic book characters are brought 
to life in X-Men. The movie grosses 
over $157 million, one of the year's 
10 biggest box-office draws. 

□ Charlie's Angels, based on the popular 70s TV series, is one of the top 
20 box-office draws in 2000. The movie, starring director Drew Barrymore, 
Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, earns $40 million its opening week in 
November and grosses more than $123 million during its run. 

D The year's hottest TV show is CBS's 
"Survivor," in which 16 contestants 
compete for a million dollars by surviving 
on a tropical island for 39 days. More than 
51 million viewers tune in for the final episode. 
Based on its success, CBS launches a second 
"Survivor" series in January 2001 set in the 
Australian Outback. 


NEWS >» 

CS In response to the growing interest in Latin music, CBS airs the 
"1st Annual Latin Grammy Awards" in September. The show is the first 
primetime network Spanish language telecast on American TV and draws 
7.5 million viewers. 

Q A new board game called "Hip- 
Hop Hall of Fame" capitalizes on 
the popularity of the music genre. 
Players make their way around 
an album-like board by answering 
questions about Hip-Hop performers, 
songs, culture and history. 

Alex Cao/APAMde World Photos s 

Hip-Hop remains one of the year's 
dominant sounds, with acts such as 
DMX, Jay-Z and Ludacris all making 
Billboard's Top 40 with new songs 
and selling more than a million 
copies of their latest CDs. 


BE t& t - : 

A 'N Sync's No Strings Attached 
becomes the top-selling album of 
2000 with 10 million units sold. The 
lead single "Bye Bye Bye" wins three 
MTV awards and receives a Grammy 
nomination for Record of the Year. 

A Pop star Bjdrk wins MTV's 
Breakthrough Video Award for "All 
Is Full of Love." The Icelandic 
newcomer is also nominated for a 
Golden Globe and a Grammy for 
her music in Dancer In the Dark. 

A Macy Gray wins MTV's Best New A Lee Ann Womack wins the 
Artist in a Video award for her hit Country Music Association's award 
single "I Try." Gray is also nominated for Best Single with "I Hope You 
for three Grammys. Dance." Womack also receives 

several Grammy nominations. 



H New brands 
and styles of 
portable MP3 
players inundate 
the market in 2000. 
The new-generation 
devices store and 
play digital music 
from the Internet 
and feature more 
playing time than 
their predecessors. 

Madonna scores a record-setting 
12th No. 1 single with the release 
of "Music." In December, she 
weds director Guy Ritchie in a 
Scottish castle. 

Irish artist Samantha Mumba 
makes the music charts in 2001 
with her hit song "Gotta Tell You." 
The 17-year-old joins fellow 
countrymen U2 and The Corrs 
on the American airwaves. 

G3 Creed, with lead singer Scott Stapp, 
proves to be one of 2000's hottest rock 
bands, with their singles "Higher" and 
"With Arms Wide Open" hitting the top 
5 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles list. 
The group wins American Music 
Association's Favorite Alternative Artist 
and Favorite Pop/Rock Album. 


G Opening week sales records are shattered in 2000 with 
benchmarks set for the number of albums sold. Britney 
Spears' Oops... I Did it Again, Eminem's The Marshall Mathers 
LP, Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored 
Water and Backstreet Boys' Black & Blue all break the 
million-unit mark. 



H Napster loses several court battles with the recording 
industry over copyright infringement. The popular online 
music sharing service, with over 60 million users, faces 
shut-down unless it can create a new business formula 
that satisfies the major recording labels. 

The Beatles begin 2001 atop the 
Billboard album chart with the 
album 1. The CD sells more 
than 5 million copies over the 
holiday season. 

Sisqo, a member of the R&B 
band Dru Hill, goes solo in 2000. 
The singer tops the singles chart 
with "Incomplete" and "Thong 
Song" and takes home awards 
from Billboard and the American 
Music Association. 

Chip Wass 

Ben Vanhouten/AP/Wide World Photos 

□ Rock music dominates the music charts and award shows in 2000. 
Groups including matchbox twenty, Vertical Horizon and 3 Doors Down top 
both the rock and pop singles charts with their respective singles "Bent," 
"Everything You Want," and "Kryptonite.' 

D Baha Men's hit song "Who Let the Dogs Out" reaches anthem status 
at sports stadiums across the country. The song also wins a Grammy 
nomination for Best Dance Recording. 



NEWS »> 

: _ 

! The New York Yankee defeat the New York 
Mets four games to one in the first "Subway 
iSeries" since 1956. It is the Yankees' third 
| straight World Series win and their 26th overall. 

D American Marion Jones, 24, becomes the first woman to 
win five track and field medals in a single Olympic Games 
at the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney. Jones wins the 100- 
and 200 meter sprints and the 4x400 relay, and finishes 
third in both the 4x100 relay and long jiimp. 



Af \ * 


Q Tiger Woods, 24, wins three of golf's 
four major tournaments to become the 
youngest player to win a career grand 
slam. Woods also breaks the eari 
record for a single year with winnings 
of more than $9 million. 



u ii 



* ■ ^ • v -^ . 

r %o^i s * 





A Bobby Labonte wins the 2000 
NASCAR Winston Cup, his first after 
eight years on the circuit. Labonte 
and his brother Terry, winner of two 
previous Winston Cups, are the first 
brothers to win titles. 

A The Houston Comets beat the 
New York Liberty to win the 2000 
WNBA championship. The win is 
Houston's fourth in a row, and 
star Cynthia Cooper is named the 
finals MVP. 

A In the 2001 Orange Bowl, the 
underdog Oklahoma Sooners defeat 
the Florida State Seminoles 13-2 to 
win the National Championship. It 
is Oklahoma's first title in 15 years. 

A Australian Karrie Webb is named 
the LPGA's Player of the Year for the 
second time in a row. Webb wins 
seven titles in 2000, including the 
U.S. Women's Open in July, and sets 
an earnings record of $1.8 million. 

S3 Venus Williams dominates women's 
tennis. The 20-year-old has a 35-match 
winning streak, which includes the titles 
at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open as well 
as an Olympic gold medal. 


2sS**>** a 


l'?< : 












yi r 

With a win against the University 
of Dayton in September, Yale 
becomes the first college team 
to win 800 footbaif games. 

in January 2001, after a three-year 
hiatus, legendary Mario Lemieux 
returns to play for the Pittsburgh 
Penguins, the hockey team 
he now part-owns. Lemieux 
becomes the first owner/player 
in the history of the NHL. 



Vk &>,. ~i 






■ J Tali 


Q Cyclist Lance Armstrong wins his 
second consecutive Tour de France in 
July. Armstrong, a cancer survivor, also 
writes his autobiography It's Not About 
the Bike: My Journey Back to Life. 


» 2000-2001 



: m» 

Q The Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA 
championship, the franchise's first in 12 years. 
The Lakers beat the Indiana Pacers in game six of 
the finals. Center Shaquille O'Neal is named MVP. 



D In June, the New Jersey 
Devils win their second Stanley 
Cup in six seasons by defeating 
defending champion Dallas Stars 
four games to two in the finals. 
Scott Stevens wins the Conn 
Smythe Trophy for postseason MVP. 

The racing world is stunned when 
NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr., 
a seven-time Winston Cup champion, 
is killed on the last lap of the 
Daytona 500 in February 2001. 
NASCAR does not retire numbers, 
but car owner Richard Childress 
said he will never again race 
Earnhardt's black No. 3 car. 

Xtreme Football debuts in February 
2001. The game combines 
conventional football rules with 
some of the mayhem of professional 
wrestling. Eight teams play in the 
league's first season. 

ivork Djansezian/AP/Wide World Photos 


A Laura Wilkinson overcomes 
three broken toes to win the 
women's 10-meter platform diving 
competition. Wilkinson is the first 
American woman to earn the gold 
in this Olympic event since 1964. 

A in a huge upset, American 
Greco-Roman wrestler Rulon 
Gardner defeats Russian legend 
Alexander Karelin for the gold in 
the super heavyweight class. The 
loss is Karelin's first in 13 years. 


A American swimmer Misty Hyman 
beats out heavily favored Susie 
O'Neill of Australia to win the 200- 
meter butterfly. Hyman's winning 
time of 2:05.88 is an Olympic record. 


A American runner Michael Johnson 
makes history by winning the 400- 
meter run for an unprecedented 
second time in a row at the Olympics. 
Alvin Harrison, also from the United 
States, wins the silver medal. 

Q The Baltimore Ravens beat the New York Giants 34-7 in Super Bowl 
XXXV for their first NFL title. Ray Lewis of Baltimore's highly touted defense 
is named MVP of the game. 

Q Cathy Freeman carries the Olympic torch at the opening ceremonies 
of the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney. Freeman goes on to win the 400- 
meter dash, becoming the first Aboriginal Australian to earn an individual 
Olympic gold medal. 



NEWS >» 

Q Paula Prince of Port Richey, 
Florida, wins the sixth annual Ugly 
Couch Contest, sponsored by a 
slipcover manufacturer, with her 
vintage 70s entry. Prince and two 
other contest finalists appear on 
ABC's "Live! With Regis" in October. 

D Comedian Dennis Miller debuts as co-announcer on ABC's 
"Monday Night Football." Miller's offbeat humor gets a mixed 
reaction from fans, and the series earns some of the lowest 
ratings in its 31 -year history. 

GS Fred Rogers, host of the children's 
PBS show "Mister Rogers' 
Neighborhood," announces he will tie 
his tennis shoes for the last time, 
when his final new episode airs in 
August 2001 . Rogers will continue to 
work on Web sites, books and special 
museum projects. 

H In honor of the late 
cartoonist Charles M. 
Schulz, 101 fiberglass 
Snoopy statues — each in 
a theme wardrobe — are 
displayed in Schulz's hometown 
of St. Paul. Several are 
auctioned off in October 
to raise money for 
aspiring cartoonists. 

Video gamer Josh Griffith, 17, 
starts a business filling in for 
other gamers involved in an 
online roleplaying game called 
"Asheron's Call." Players are 
required to put in hours of 
game time to keep their online 
characters powerful. Busy 
executives pay Griffith up to 
$40 an hour to play for them. 

After a record 3,545 wins and 
$81 million in earnings during 
her 19-year career, jockey Julie 
Krone becomes the first woman 
inducted into the National Racing 
Hall of Fame. 

Q Controversial Indiana University 
basketball coach Bob Knight is fired in 
September after allegedly violating a 
University-imposed code of conduct. 
During his 29 years at Indiana, Knight 
was often criticized for temper 
outbursts. His dismissal provokes 
student protest demonstrations. 

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>_•. - 

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< .-• 

■ f 


i** i 


.-■"V.'cr^- 4 



: «',2*v.;. 

■.••. ,oa «... ivrtiiY .- 











3 5899 00081 4339 

When All 
Is SaicL 


King Philip Regional High School 

201 Franklin Street 
Wrentham, Massachusetts 02093 



Sara Procyk, Joseph Kettell, and Dana Lasher 
stand together as new students in the fr eshman 
class. As soon as they arrived, these students 
knew they would enjoy their stay at KP. 


MUGSHOTS (above) 
Nicole Walsh has had tons of 
fun since she got here. New 
friends, new scenery, and 
many activities have helped to 
brighten her stay so far. 

BIG, BAD SENIOR (above) 
The Senior Class can't get 
enough of their new classmate, 
Jennifer Wind. She brightens 
the hallways with her presence 
each day. 

David Powers and Katie Fredrickson have lots of 
freshman spirit. By the time they are seniors, they'll 
know what KP is all about 

THE LAW (above) 
Officer Brady does his best to 
keep students safe in a friendly 
school environment. Where 
would we be without the 
protection he gives? 

Mrs. Belcastro is a new addition 
to the KP faculty. Students are 
always having a great time in her 
class and look forward to getting 
her again in the future. 

i' ; ■ < 

m.M ;&,, '■ Jill 




THE ARTIST (left) 

CAPT. PLANET (right) 

Mr. Oles is used to 

Imagine moving into a 

hearing rave reviews 

class halfway through 

about his art. Now he 

the year. Now imagine 

hears positive remarks 

having to teach that 

all around KP 

class! Mr. Overstreet 

about his teaching skills. 

did a great job teaching 

We're very glad to have 

Environmental Science 

him here. 

this year. 

Welcome to KP!! 

Mrs. Heagney's newborn 
baby, Liam Patrick Heagney, 
is an adorable addition to KP. 
His small smile brightens up 
any gloomy day. 

Kelly Lacasse and 
Patrick Martin are pumped to 
be a part of the Class of 2003. 
They have been excited over 
the huge number of activities 
to participate in. 

Timothy Gaffney, Chad Pouliot, and 
Matthew Grant are just three of the new 
sophomores this year. They can't wait until next 
year when they get to be upper classmen! 


Aaron Goode and Melissa Luciano are 

experiencing, first-hand, the life of a freshman. 
This includes taking midterms and finals. 

MOVING UP (left) 
Megan Fredrickson 
and Joshua Goode love 
being juniors. Just wait 
until next year when 
they are 

seniors and can "rule 
the school. 

ALMOST (right) 
Joseph Andrade and 
Christina Bellmore 

are the newest 
additions to KP. So 
far, they only have 
positive remarks 
about the school. 

IT'S A BOY!! (above) 
Mrs. Cress brought a new life 
into this world in the form of 
Evan Paul Cress. This tiny 
boy has been spotted visiting 
the school with his mom. 

NEW FRIENDS (above) 
TJ Williams and Brad Nelson 
are both new to this year's 
freshman class. They can 
relate because they are both 
going through the same 
experience of moving from a 
different town. 

New Kids onthe Block* 


Jon Bluhm looks on in amazement as 

Joanna Balzer is questioned by 

Andy Howard. Jon must be thinking of a 

better response. 

THIS IS SO FUN! (below) 

Brandi Hamlin, Lindsay Wyman, 

Colleen Foley, Mikaela Noble and 

Tim Blinten had a great time at Singled Out. 

They can't wait until the game next year. 


Andy Howard and Jen Pulsone look on as Chris Darling shows 

off his make up skills. He created a masterpiece with 

Kyle Moore's face. 

AW WWW! (right) 

Aren't they cute? Joe Pender and Miranda Converse look as if 

they have found true love. 

When Valentine's Day rolls around, 
every one wants a date. Singled Out is a 
great way for a person to find his or her 
perfect match. Students compete to win 
a date with a junior or senior. There are 
always outrageous comments from the 
contestants as well as the occasional 
cross-dresser. It is a great time whether 
competing in the game or sitting it out. 





Singled Out 

What was 

your favorite 


Kristin Kehrmeyer 

My favorite part of the game 

was when Jon Bluhm won a 

date with Andy Cmteau. 

Colleen Foley and Tim Blinten are two of the 
participants in the game. They are both trying 
to win a date with a hot guy or girl. 

The co-host for the show is Andy Howard. He 
helped to get the crowd pumped up. Along with 
Jen Pulsone, he provided some great entertain- 

The competitors and their dates line up on 
stage so that the crowd can see who is going on 
a date with whom. 

That is what Andy Croteau will find out when 
the competitors walk past him. He is hoping 
that he will end up with a hot date. 

AND MY DREAM DATE IS (far left) 

Ben Ghosh! This is exactly whom Amy Carr 
won a date with but she won't receive the good 
news until after they have turned around. 



FA LA LA LA LA! (left) 
The King Philip Chorus performs nine songs 
in multiple languages at the Spring Concert. 
This flawless performance came as a result of 
many hours of practice. 

These Peer Leaders and Mediators are 
enjoying a break from meetings to have 
breakfast. The theme of this year 's confer- 
ence was Peace Takes Practice, an idea which 
they will try to incorporate in their daily 
lives at KP. 



Emily Andreozzi passes the candle light of the ceremony to 
Emily Angeloni. These two girls along with many others wer e 
inducted into this year 's National French Honor Society. 

March was a very happening month at KP! 
The spring season was filled with many 
activities sponsored by different clubs and 
organizations. SADD sponsored a week of 
events in addition to White-Out Day, and 
the Drama Club had a romance film 
festival featuring Casablanca and You've Got 
Mail. The artistry of KP was also displayed 
in a student art show. The two largest 
events of the month were the Freshman 
and Sophomore Semi-Formals. 


March Events 

What do you like 
best about spring? 

Barry Costello 

I love the warm 
weather 1 1 

Caitlyn Hawkins 

The new spring 

clothes lines are 


■■■!■■ " ' 


Geoff Rice proudly displays his project for Mrs. Lambert's second annual Chemistry Night. 
Students think of an original idea for a project, and then carry out experiments for a month. On the 
big night, these budding scientists display their inter esting and perhaps shocking discoveries! 

Keith Foster plays the marimba in the Percussion 
Ensemble at the Spring Concert. He was part of the 
World Championship group last year, and he now 
displays his exemplary musical talents. 

MENTAL MAN SAYS... (left) 
Laura Shockro and Kristin Conrad review math- 
ematical facts on Pi Day. This day was created in 
order to increase awareness and appreciation of the 
mathematical symbol pi. 


Lauren Miller, Sydney Singer, and 
Bridget Miller didn't stop having fun all night 
long. These three girls had an absolute blast with 
good food, good friends and good music for the 
whole night 

JUST THE BOYS (below) 

Nick Campo, Rich Mattson and 

Tom McGuire loved getting dressed up for 

this big event. You can tell by the smiles on 

their faces that they are having a great time! 










The Freshman experienced their 
first big KP formal on March 16 at 
the Freshman Semi-formal. The gym 
was transformed into a night time 
wonderland after being decorated 
by the upperclassmen. The food was 
great and everyone was cheerful. It 
was a great way to celebrate their 
entrance into high school and will 
surely be remembered by all. 

TWO PEAS IN A POD (right) 

Lora Bertoldi and Chris Bright have known each other since 
their playground days. They had a great time seeing all of their 
old friends all dressed up and having fun. 




Freshman Frolic 

What was the most 

exciting part about 

your first formal? 

ifiL, ■ 


:;■'.! *T 

*«cjyH "" j 



''% ■^ 1 &:£&* ;: *'' 






Sarah Haber 

Getting ready 
and taking pic- 



Tom Walczak and Chad Manigan get into the Irish spirit a day early. The DJ provided lots of cool 
props like these snazzy green hats that these boys are wearing. The energetic DJ helped everyone to 
get into the Semi spirit and enjoy their first formal. 


John Phillips, Jared Cacciapaglia and 

Anthony Delaiarro just finished off a great dinner. 

They are now ready to get up to attack the dance 

floor. Watch out for these three! 

SQUISH! (left) 

Amanda Strittmatter and Bryan Moore squeeze 
together for a quick pic. The two could only take a 
second away from dancing — They didn't want to 
miss any of their Semi! 



Mikaela Noble, Lindsay Wyman, 

Carolyn Sweeney and Courtney Woods 

got a little wild at the Semi. These four 
sophomores love to have a good time 
wherever they are. 

GOOD TIMES (below) 

These bubbly sophomores attend all the 

dances they can. They are always 

prepared to dance and laugh the night 


Brandi Hamlin, Colleen Foley and 
Kristina Cochrane are taking a moment away 
from their dates to have some girl talk. The girls 
usually separate from their dates during fast 
songs to chat and dance with friends and meet up 
with their dates again for the slow dances. 

The Sophomore Semi took place on March 
23, 2001 at Luciano's Lake Pearl Ballroom. 
This is the first year that the Sophomores 
and the Freshmen have had a separate 
semi-formal. The Sophomores enjoyed their 
special night with their dates, eating, danc- 
ing and talking the night away. The Semi 
had been anticipated since September. 
Dates were asked in December, dresses and 
suits were bought in January and three 
months later the Semi finally occurred. 


Lofa Tatupu and Eric Cunnane enjoy showing off their muscles 
at the Semi. It is a privilege for upper classmen to be invited to 
the Semi-formal and they made the most of it. 



Sophomore Semi 

Did you enjoy 

having a 
separate Semi? 

— .<-• — — «~ 

Stephanie Gilbert 

Yes, everyone was 
more comfortable 
with themselves 


Andy Croteau, Nicole Puddester, Dana Shaw, Aga Hoagland, Megan Barry, and Patrick Tuohy are 

thrilled to be on the court. Everyone looked incr edible and it was a difficult decision to make. 

These sophomores are ecstatic to be at the Luciano's 
ballroom. Girls think of the Semi Formal as a chance 
to dress up, dance and chat with their friends. 


Miranda Converse, Kate Sullivan, Jill Petruchik, and 
Jen Siakotos are glad to be spending time together at 
the Semi. These four girls are inseparable. 



Michael O'Connell poses in his US 
camouflage. The long hours of practice all 
pays off in the end when the audience 
shows its appreciation. 

Marguerite Keyes plays on the marimba 
while the battery marches behind her. She 
has been a part of the program since her 
freshman year. 

The King Philip Winter Guard and Percussion 
Show has become an annual event for the 
students here at KP. The show took place in 
the wooden gym where the students could 
watch the fantastic work that their peers are 
capable of. The assembly always takes place 
as a send off before the percussion and color 
guard go to finals, which were held in Mil- 
waukee this year. This show is a perfect 
opportunity to witness the excellence of the 
percussion and winter guard and to be proud 
to be a student at King Philip High School. 


Kristen Verdeaux cries in fear for her child. She is posing as a 

young Vietnamese mother during the Vietnam War. 



Winter Percussion 

What was your 
favorite part of the 
percussion show? 


The Winter Percussion, adorned in their Vietnamese 

clothing, play the marimbas. They all concentrate on 

the piece they have worked for many months to 



The Winter Guard members throw their flags during 
the assembly for the school. These girls are dedi- 
cated to their work and have spent countless hours 
after school practicing for their competition. 



Shannon Carney, Jenna Shulsk, 
Laura Gaudioso and Chris Minks warm up 
by the cozy fire during the night. One of the 
best parts of the ski trip is getting warm 
after a long day at the slopes. 

READY...BREAK! (below) 
This group of skiers stops for a quick 
meeting before attacking the mountains. 
They were ready to go even before they got 
off the bus. They all look super sporty in 
their goggles. 

Kelly Winslow, Samantha Shapiro, and 
Katelyn Arvidson are having a blast on their first 
ski trip! They are not wasting a moment of their 
precious slope time! Freshmen have a great time 
on the field trips, meeting and hanging out with 
all the upperclassmen, who love to take them 
under their wings. 

Ski Trip 

The ski trip is looked forward to all year. 
Everyone who attended the second ski trip of 
the year to Jay Peak agreed that it was just as 
good, if not better, than the first! The weather 
was perfect for tearing up the slopes. As 
usual, it was as much fun for everyone to play 
off the slopes as it was to be on them! 

LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW.... (right) 

Who cares what the weather is like when you can cuddle up with 

a cute guy like Mike Prentice? What a lucky girl Vanessa Sotir is! 

(ft 14 

Senior-Senior Prom 

What do you 
think is the best 
part of the Senior- 
Senior prom? 

Lizzie Andreozzi 

Crowning the king 
and queen. 

Erica Shapiro 

Seeing all the 

senior citizens 


EAT UP! (above) 

The music was hoppin', the company was cheery, and this bunch couldn't stay away from the table. 

Just a small break from dancing won't hurt; they've been working har d! 

No decorations were needed with these ladies 
around. Their beautiful faces lit up the cafeteria 
all by themselves. The senior citizens really 
enjoy the chance to get to see the high school 
students and remember what it was like when 
they were in high school. 

Linda Boulden graced the prom-goers with her 
beautiful music. Her genius was enjoyed and 
applauded by all attending. Her musical talent 
is well known throughout the high school. 




Justin Poirier shows off his artistic talent at 

the art show. He is a second year art student. 


Jenna DuBose, Valerie Bernier, 

Lauren Durette, and Amie Speroni give out 

pins to everyone who signed the Diversity 


Matt Sieloff admires Linda Boulden as she plays a 
very difficult piece at the Art Show. Linda is a multi- 
talented musician. She plays at many different KP 
events including the Senior -Senior Prom, the art 
shows, and the Band's concerts. 

i t"j ;■■■! ■■;■■■■. . . 

The weather was not too hot, or too cold; it 
was just right. The month of April con- 
sisted of not only georgous weather, but 
wonderful activities as well. If the students 
weren't helping out by giving blood to the 
American Red Cross, they were busy 
enjoying the activites in and around school 
such as the art show or the band perfor- 
mance. Overall, the month of April was 
filled with many exciting activities. 


All of these juniors and seniors gave blood to support the 
American Red Cross blood drive. It is estimated that each of 
them saved three lives by giving blood. 



April Events 

How was your 
April Vacation? 

Steve Kalliavas 

I had a great vacation. 

I spent the whole week 

with my friends. 


Jim Foulis, Bill Bauser, and Rob Proctor show off their drumming skills in their army suits. The 

band took home a second place finish in the world championship. 

Harleigh Billian 

I went to Washington 
D.C. over vacation 
to look at colleges. 



ALL ABOUT ART (above) 
Meg McKenna admires all the beautiful 
artwork at the art show. The students and 
teachers work very hard to put the art show 
together each year. 

BYE BYE BYE (left) 

Kristin Conrad, Laura Shockro, Chrissy 
Duffey, and Iza Hoagland fill out their future 
colleges on strips of paper. Mrs. Carneiro's art 
students made a poster to follow where each of 
the seniors is going to school next year. 




This group of senior girls went rumaging 
through their closets for all the greens they 
could find. They sure look, well, green. 

ON FIRE (below) 

These junior girls are all decked out in red 
to represent the junior class. The juniors 
came in third place after a very competi- 
tive night. 

This year's Class Competition was a great 
success. In the hours before the competition, 
the tension was high and the expectations even 
higher. No one could wait to see what would 
happen. The entire night, the sophomores and 
the seniors were neck in neck, striving for the 
trophy. After many grueling matches, the Class 
of 2001 walked out of the gym as champions. 
Because they had won the year before as 
juniors, they were the first class ever to win 
back to back class competitions. 

UP AND OVER (right) 

Sophomore Siobhan Howard leaps over the finish line of the 
obstacle course. She and many of her classmates showed gr eat 
sportsmanship and spirit and it is those qualities that helped 
them come in second place after the seniors. 






Class Competition 

What was your 
favorite event? 

Katelyn MacKenzie 

I really liked the three 
legged race. 


This rowdy bunch of senior guys is getting ready to join in the fun. Before they enter the gym, they 

have to get the adrenaline pumping. 

KEEP IN LINE (above) 

One of the events of the evening that requires the 
most coordination is the Hula Hoop. In this event 
every person must work together and pass the hula 
hoops over their heads to the next person. This is 
one of the events that is the most fun to watch. 

HOLD ME UP (left) 

Sophomores Ryan Johnson and Katie Johnson 

practice for the wheel barrel race. They must have 
great strength and balance to do well in this race. 



CHEERS (left) 

Here at the Snowflake Ball at Maple's 
Nursing Home, Meg Capone brings a smile 
to the face of one of the Home's inhabitants. 
Meg's energy and enthusiasm definitely 
brightened up his day! 

TOUGH GUYS (below) 
Chris Delgrasso and Mike Moses pose 
after giving blood. These two guys wer e 
glad to help save lives, even though it 
meant some temporary discomfort!. 

THREE OF A KIND (below) 
Judy Cronin, Siobhan Howard and Lisa 
Galano came to support the fight against 
drinking and driving. They all participated in 
the walk and helped to raise much-needed 
money. The SADD walk is always a well- 
attended event that many students love to 
participate in. 

Every year the students of King Philip get 
involved in many charity events. The 
month of May was no exception. The senior 
class sponsored the blood drive, there were 
numerous charity walks, and SADD held its 
annual walk against drunk driving, with 
the help of Franklin High. It was a huge 
success. The Relay for Life was an uplifting 
event in which many students from KP 
came to the track to walk at night. The track 
was lit up by candles in memory of family 
members who were lost to cancer or who 
are fighting the battle. All in all, May was 
the month for helping others. 

TEARS (right) 

Emily Ghosh and dog Shebia were on hand at the SADD walk, 
hese two were quite the team. 












■ - 



KP Helps Out 

What's the best 
part of helping? 

Katie Grich 

It's great know- 
ing the blood I 
donated will 
save 3 lives. 


Jen Moore, Jamie Marks, and Andrea Lyons loved helping out at the Relay of Life wher e everyone 
gathered to walk the track in remembrance of those who died of cancer. The school's Student Council 
took part in this event in hopes of contributing much-needed time to the cause. The ef forts of the 
members of KP's Student Council as well as the work that others put in helped to raise lots of money 
to aid cancer research. 

Andrea Lyons 

Knowing I 

helped someone 

in need. 

Crystal Rogers, Liz Kinney, Shannon Ober, Jen 
Moore and Jen Pulsone attend the SADD walk 
held at Franklin High to support the fight 
against drunk driving. SADD is one of the 
school's clubs that attracts many members 

All SMILES (left) 

Kate Blair and Heidi Murphy are attending the 
Walk For Hunger. They were able to get 
community members to sponsor them for this 
event. For these two athletic girls, the Walk was 
no big effort. 



The Senior Parade is a tradition at KP. On 
the last day of classes, the seniors decorate 
their cars and drive into school all together. 

FUN NIGHT (below) 

The Peer Leadership Fun Night gives kids at 

the Junior High a chance to interact with KP 

students. The members of Peer Leadership 

provided positive role models for the children, 

playing games such as Mine Field in a positive 


The month of May: it is a time for fun, 
laughter, and good memories. With the 
flowers beginning to bloom, everyone 
seems to be in a good mood and high 
spirits. When students aren't participating 
in various musical events, they are more 
than willing to help out with volunteer 
work or just have fun at KP events such as 
the Senior Parade and Awards Night. 


James Brady received a well-deserved award for Most Likely to 
Wear Shorts in 30 Degree Weather at the Senior Barbecue. No 
matter what the weather was, rain or shine, he always came to 
school showing off his awesome shorts. 



May Events 

Did you enjoy 
the musical? 

Shawn Sluss 

The musical was great! 

I especially enjoyed all the 

outfits on the chickies. 




Emily Hall, Jen Lechak, Meg Capone, Chelas Poirier, Maggie Church, and Lisa Galano show off 
their snazzy costumes for the musical number Take Me Back to Manhattan. The dancers in this show 
had a variety of costumes, each bright and flashy to catch the audience's eye. 

Kendra Willette 

I thought there was lots 
of talent and if there 

is another one, 
I will definitely go! 

During the Pops Concert, percussion gave an 
awesome performance of Miss Saigon. This past 
March the KP winter percussion brought Miss Saigon 
into competition and brought home a silver medal. 

Jen Osborne and Johanna Krouk lather up the 
teachers' cars in the parking lot for Teacher Apprecia- 
tion Week. NHS participates in numerous voluntary 
acts such as this. 



ISN'T SHE LOVELY? (far left) 

Jen Lechak curls Meredith Gaynor's hair for the 

play. Hairstyling is one of Jen's many talents. 

Julie Lyon and Adam Ewer lean in during their 
duet for the only on-stage kiss of the play. They 
pulled it off quite nicely! 

BACKSTAGE (right) 

Andy Calnan and Adam Gawthrope provided 
entertainment for the whole cast backstage befor e 
and during each show. 

The first musical in over twenty years was a 
huge success! Anything Goes, starring our 
very own Meredith Jones, Brian 
O'Connell, Julie Lyon, Adam Ewer, Kate 
Reidel, Matt Murphy, Becky Pelrine, and 
Chris Lawn, earned front page headlines in 
our local newspapers and a huge amount of 
community support. The play was so suc- 
cessful we can be sure to see another one 
within the next few years! 

HEAVEN HOP (right) 

Meg Capone and Kristin Conrad show off their student-made 
Heaven Hop costumes. Heaven Hop was one of the more memo- 
rable songs from the musical. 







Anything Goes 

What was your 

favorite scene 

in the musical? 

,:>>> y ':::.:7 / < ****■ 

Nicole Armitage 

I loved the scene when 

Brian O'Connell and 

Meriedith Jones sing 

Let's Misbehave. 

Ellie Straw, Chelas Poirier, and Maggie Church 
take a break during intermission to hang out in 
the courtyard. These three worked hard for the 
performance and deserved the fresh air. 

GABRIEL! (below) 

For production numbers the entire cast was on 
stage putting on their biggest smiles. This number 
of Elmo Gabriel was rehearsed over and over until 
everyone on stage got it right! 

READY TO SHINE (far left) 
Mrs. Harcourt, AKA Becky Pelrine, played the 
mother of the beautiful Hope Harcourt. Becky was a 
key role in the play, providing many laughs for the 
audience as well as many costume tips backstage. 


Meredith Jones and Brian O'Connell rehearse their 
duet Let's Misbehave while trying to keep straight 
faces. This number had the entire cast laughing no 
matter how many times they had seen it. 



EASY, BOYS.... (left) 

Rich Chute, Mike Shruhan, and 

Scott Maloney show off their silly sides. 

Anyone who knows these guys knows 

that a tendency to make crazy faces and 

an offbeat sense of humor are part of 

their personalities. 

Even these junior boys had to admit that 
the prom was a fun time. Although they 
don't have to go through the same ordeal 
ofpicking out formal clothes as girls do, the 
guys still take pride in their appearance. 




The Junior-Senior Prom took place on 
March 25, 2001 at Luciano's Lake Pearl 
Ballroom. Everyone had a great time 
dancing to the awesome music, espe- 
cially the prom's theme, I Had the Time of 
My Life. The juniors enjoyed their first 
really formal gathering of high school, 
and the seniors loved the chance to have 
a last get together before they go their 
separate ways. 

SAY CHEESE! (right) 

Lindsay Dumont and Matt Lupfer had a great time at their last 

ever KP prom. Although the will be going different places next 

year, these two friends will have the memories from this night 






Junior-Senior Prom 

What was the 

best part of the 


Rosanne Boyle 

Dinner, because I had 
an awesome table! 


Crystal Rogers, Kristin Kehrmeyer, Joanna Balzer, Elizabeth Kinney and Kate Martin gather in to 
share some gossip on the dance floor. Although they took a brief break, in no way were they finished 
dancing. In fact, they were just getting started! 

Ryan Pinsoneault 

Getting to see every- 
one one last time. 

'■- mi 

Meagan Capone, Kim Murdock, and Megan Conley 
crowd around Liz Burger. All of them sure are glad 
that the prom is for both juniors and seniors. 
Although they come from different grades, they are 
all good friends! 


This year's court consisted of (left to right): 

Stefanie Flynn, Jen Friedman, Lofa Tatupu, 

Laura Kraby, Maggie Church and Judy Cronin. Chosen 

for their dancing ability and overall personality, Lofa 

and Laura definitely were a fitting king and queen. 




Jamie Noble, Kandice Rench, Jackie 

Murawski, Amy Kenney, and Lee Brown 

ditched their dates for a few minutes to talk 

and look at each other in their beautiful 


Amie Speroni, Jen Krewko, and Theo 
Hamos dazzled everyone with their 
gorgeous white gowns. Even though they 
wore matching dresses, they all managed to 
look uniquely beautiful. Not many p eople 
wore white, so they sure stood out! 


Christian Keyes, and his date, Amy Coombs, whirl around and 
around on the dance floor. As a freshman, Amy was extremely 
flattered to be invited to the prom with Christian, who is a senior 

WEJAMMIN' (right) 

Although Joe McCormack is dancing all by himself, he doesn't 

seem to mind at all. Guys and girls alike admir ed his dance 

* moves all night long . 

I Had the lime of My life 

What did you 

do after the 


Denis Murphy 

I stayed up watching 

Cartoon Network in 

my jam-jams. 


Eric Sueltenfuss and Meredith Jones give Britney Spears a run for her money with their rockin' 
dance moves. The whole crowd parted to watch them get down. Forming cir cles for people to dance 
in the middle is one of the many traditions that takes place at the pr om. 

Brian Hamlin, Kyle Fiske, Mike McCabe, and 
Lofa Tatupu are in various stages of undress. It often 
gets so hot on the dance floor that the guys take of f 
their jackets, or in some cases their shirts! These boys 
had a great time, shirts or no shirts. 


Kevin Cotter and Caitlyn Slovacek celebrated their 
second prom together this year. These two lovebirds 
have been a couple for a long time and they ar e hardly 
ever seen apart. They were both excited to have this 
last time together before Kevin graduates. 



The seniors wait patiently to receive their 
scholarships. They had the honor of sitting 
on the stage. 

DRUM ROLL PLEASE (above right) 

Here Janice Bishop receives two scholarships. They are the 
Anne PolicastroMemorial Scholarship and the Stephanie 
Glazier Memorial Scholarship. 

Kevin Cotter was given the Wrentham American Legion 
Scholarship and the Lawrence and Dorothy Perkins 
Memorial Scholarship. 

King Philip held the annual awards night on 
May 16th to acknowledge all the hard work of 
students this year. Seniors were given their 
scholarships from both school and community, 
including the Sports Booster Scholarship, the 
Music Association Book Grant, and the Ameri- 
can Legion Scholarship. Awards were handed 
out by administrators, teachers, and coaches. 



KP Awards 

Which awards 
did you receive? 

Blair Rainsford 

/ received an award 
for getting honor 
roll for three con- 
secutive terms. 


Derek Darling is given the Sports Boosters Club Scholarship by Mr. Levine. Derek's outstanding 

athletic abilities helped push KP to the top. 

The underclassman, along with family and 
friends, were invited to sit in the audience and 
watch as they say goodbye to the seniors. Soon, 
these underclassmen will be seniors them- 
selves, the ones receiving the awads on stage! 

Christine Holmes received the Norfolk Fire 
Fighter Scholarship. Her excellence in academ- 
ics paid off in the end. 



These senior girls took this moment to 
capture one of their last high school 
memories. They all looked great in their caps 
and gowns. 

PLAY ON (below) 

The underclassmen were thrilled to play at 
the graduation. They applauded very loudly 
for all the seniors that had been members of 
the band. Great job guys! 


Kristin Kehrmeyer, Elizabeth Kinney, Nicole LaPointe, and 
Courtney Howard have been friends all through high school. 
They have all been great leaders for their class. 

SO CUTE (right) 

Kristin Kehrmeyer and Mike McCabe smile proudly together 
after the ceremony. These two have been through it all togeher 
over the years. 




SMILE (above) 
Kristin Conrad was all 
smiles at graduation. 
Over the years, her fun 
loving personality was 
appreciated by everyone. 


Co-valedictorians Jennifer Ryan and Erin Strauss are accompanied by Salutatorian Linda Boulden. 

These girls have worked diligently in school as well as in their extracurricular activities over the years 

Liz Burger's smiling face 
stands out from KP's 
crowd of graduates. You 
can tell that she is 
enjoying her time in the 

Student Council Vice President Jen Moore, Student 
Council President Andrea Lyons, Class Vice 
President Kristin Kehrmeyer, and Class President 
Andy Howard have led their class through the good 
times and the bad over the past years. It seems fitting 
that they lead the graduation procession. 


Juniors Meagan Capone and Megan Conley pose for 
this picture with Scott Maloney. While they are sad 
to see him go, they are happy that he is on to bigge 
and better things. 



LIMBO! (left) 

Another activity that was a big hit with the 
seniors was the limbo. Darby-Lee Rose 
takes her turn with no problems getting 
under at this early stage of the game. 

DEAL ME IN! (below) 
John Majewski and John Baker are in the 
game still and obviously playing their car ds 
right! By the end of the night their piles of 
chips were looking good. Too bad no real 
money was involved! 

.-#*' :^>Mi 

The Senior All Night Party was held 
on the night of graduation. The Par- 
ent Network had planned since the 
start of the year to make the night a 
great success. There were activities 
ranging from volleyball to poker and 
from the limbo to an ice cream treat! 
This was the last chance for the en- 
tire class to be together and everyone 
had a blast! 

WHO'S IN THERE? (right) 

As if we all don't have enough trouble telling the Flynn 
twins apart! Can you tell which one this is? It's Chrissy! 
She is getting ready to fight Kristin Kehrmeyer. 



Did the night 

live up to your 


All Night Party 

Kristin Kehrmeyer 

The parents did a 
great job I It was more 

than any of us 
could have expected. 

Andrea Lyons 

Yes! It was anight 

I'm sure none of us 

will ever forget! 


Deanna Ho, Becky Pelrine, and Jenny Beaton play dress up. For some seniors this is the last time 

they will see one another, but that's the last thing on these girls' minds! 

W$$$^$^M^^>''£' r %&%^$M 


Stt JP* 

HYPNOTIZED! (above) 

Part of the night included a performance by a 
hypnotist — or should we say by the people he 
hypnotized!? He had boys and girls on stage 
doing things they'd NEVER usually do! 

SNAP! (left) 

Stefanie Flynn and Shannon Ober begin to fall over 
as they desperately try to make it to the end of the 
bungee track! There were a lot of laughs during this 
competition all night long! 



TO YOUR MARKS... (below) 
Mike McCullough gets in the set 
position. As a captain, Mike helped to 
lead the team to a league champion- 
ship. Mike was very successful in the 
hurdles this season. 

Derek Rose warms up before throw- 
ing the discus. Derek's strength in the 
shot put this winter carried over to the 
throwing events in spring, where he 
also excelled. 

Brendan Halpin collects his nerves 
before a race. Brendan did very well in 
the 100 meter high hurdles this season. 
As one of the premier hurdlers on the 
team, his influence and experience 
will be missed. 

The 2001 seniors (r to f, 1 to r), 
Frank Cook, Scott Maloney, 
James Brady, Chris Mahoney, 
Brian Allaire, Brendan Halpin, 
Jed Perry, Matt Sanchez, Derek Rose, 
Joe McCormack, Ryan Pinsoneault, 
and Mike McCullough, led the team. 




The Spring Track senior girls (b to f, 1 to r), 

April Barker Jessie Morse, Erin Johnson, 

Melissa Gray, Liz Burger, 

Stephanie Morris, and Rosanne Boyle, 

are an extremely talented group who all 

played a major role in this season. 

Melissa Gray strides her way through 
the end of a race. What Melissa lacks in 
size, she more than makes up for in 
talent as a miler and two-miler The mile 
and two mile races each require a lot of 
endurance, and Melissa did both! 

UP, UP, AND AWAY! (above) 
Stephanie Morris practices the long 
jump before her meet. Stephanie's 
prowess in not only field events, but 
also running events contributed 
greatly to the team's success this 

Jessie Morse forges through the 300 
meter hurdles. The 300 meter hurdles 
test sprinting and agility as well as 
endurance, making it a very difficult 
race. Luckily, Jessie is skilled in all 
those areas! 



Always there for each other, this team 
gives secret psychers before each match. 
This demonstrates their great unity 
and maybe even the secret to then- 

SERVE IT UP (below) 
Courtney Howard concentrates on the 
ball as she gets ready to smash it into 
her opponent's side of the court. She 
has become a very dynamic part of the 
team over the past season. 


A TEAM PLAYER (above) 
Senior Christine Holmes always 
knows how to give it her all when she's 
on the court. When she's not playing, 
you can find her cheering her team- 
mates on from the sidelines. 


Co-captains Jen Moore and 

Emily Ghosh, along with 

Coach Goldberg have all worked hard 

to make this season a great one. Their 

outgoing personalities and tennis 

skills served them well all season long. 



Co-captains, Mike Kraby and 
Derek Darling, and the team's new 
coach, Coach Puddester, led this 
year's team. With the coach's skills 
and the captains' experience they laid 
a foundation for great years to come. 

WHAT FORM! (below) 
New this year, Brian Moore 
focuses hard to hit the ball with 
strength and determination. With such 
great technique he was a welcomed 
addition to the team. 

Back row: Jeff Litvin, Brian Moore, 
Mike Kraby, Derek Darling, 
Sean McGuire, Coach Puddester. 
Front row: Andy Koziol, Ben Ghosh, 
Steve Reiger, Gregg Santabarbara, 
Chris Gibson. 

TOP GUN (above) 

Andy Koziol returns a shot with his 

skillful backhand. When he wears his 

trusty Top Gun hat, no one can stop 










COOLING OFF (below) 
Scott Amidon, Chris Darling, and 
Joe Pender all stand in the dugout to 
take refuge from the sun. The baseball 
team practices and plays in all kinds of 
weather. These boys have become 
accustomed to the heat. 

SENIORS (below) 

Seniors Mike Walsh, Brian Gulino, 
Matt Pieroway, Chris Darling, and 
Scott Amidon have led their team 
through an unbelievable season. They 
will surely be missed by the 
underclassmen on the team. 


P 1 


CATCH THIS (above) 
Junior Joe Pender was the catcher for 
the baseball team this year He proved 
to be a great asset to the team. Suiely 
he will play a big role in the outcome 
of next year's season. 

Captains Matt Pieroway, Mike Walsh, 
Scott Amidon, and Coach Moran 
have led this team through thick and 
thin. These four have been the back- 
bone of the team. 



CATCHER (below) 
Senior catcher Laura Kraby has 
worked hard during her years on the 
softball team. Her wonderful person- 
ality, and crazy antics are sure to be 
missed by next year's team. 

The intensity of this sport is easily seen 
here on Senior Andrea Lyons's face. 
She has devoted much time and effort 
to this team, and her love for the game 
will surely be missed. 



Coach Crisafi and Coach Turco stand 
proudly alongside Senior Captains 
Laura Kraby and Andrea Lyons. 
These four people not only provided 
unbelieveable guidance for this team 
throughout the season, but also 
demonstrated their fabulous talent and 

GOOD EYE (above) 

Junior Julie Lyon keeps her eye on the 

ball as she prepares to hit a home run 

for her team. She and the other 

juniors on the team cannot wait to be 




f 1 









WHAT A CATCH (below) 
Number 27 raises his stick high after 
after catching a flying ball. His 
dedication and commitment to this 
team have allowed the team to come 
out of their first season with a record 
of 9 wins and 1 loss. 

GUARD (below) 

The King Philip boys have worked 

extra hard on their guarding 

techniques. It is important to always 

be in the vicinity of the player with the 

ball, and to try to take the ball from the 


wrrm. -* j 

, ■<■ >***.) k* *s& : ii^M^u^m^m 

COMBAT (above) 

These boys are locked in combat. The 

game against Franklin proved to be a 

grueling one. However, these boys 

played hard and came out with a 7-3 


King Philip's Number 15 prepares for 
one of the biggest plays of the season. 
His dedication to this team could not 
be matched this year. Hopefully he 
will return next year. 



Erica Shapiro, Jackie Olsen, and 
Mikaela Noble sport their new 
equipment with style. These girls were 
thrilled with the new equipment and 
were glad to be a part of the team. 

Lydia Helliwell acted as captain for 
the girls this season. Unfortunately 
her first season was her last consider- 
ing that she was a graduating senior. 
The underclassmen were proud to ^"^t 

have her as a leader in their new { ■ /A 

endeavor. ^^j J 

WE'RE OPEN (above) 
King Philip team members 
Laura Schubert, Kalena Coulsey, and 
Maggie Church are just waiting for 
one of their teammates to see them 
open for a pass. They cherish this time 
for a quick breather; most of the time 
they never stop running! 

LOOKING ON (above) 
Katelyn Ardvidson, Emily Hall, 
Laura Schubert, and Coach Olsen 

look on as the newly founded Girls' 
Lacrosse Team makes an amazing play 
This year's team members were the 
pioneers for what will hopefully 
become a trademark sport for King 










Spring Sports 


Coach Moran 

All League- Brian Gulino & Chris Darling 

MVP- Brian Gulino 

Unsung Hero- Scott Ami don & 

Matt Pieroway 


Coach Puddester 

MVP- Derek Darling 

Unsung Hero- Gregg Santabarbara 


Coach Goldberg 

All League- Emily Ghosh & Heidi Murphy 

MVP- Emily Ghosh 

Unsung Hero- Jennifer Moore 


Coach Kramer 

All League- Joe McCormack, 

Ryan Pinsoneault & Matt Sanchez 

MVP- Joe McCormack 

Unsung Heroes- Ryan Pinsoneault &c 

Matt Sanchez 


Coach Bremer 
All League- Stephanie Morris 

MVP- Stephanie Morris 

Unsung Heroes- April Barker & 

Katelyn MacKenzie 



Coach Turco 

All League- Heather Cassidy & 

Kate Coleman 

MVP- Kate Coleman 

Unsung Hero- Andrea Lyons 

Winter Sports 

boys' basketball 

Coach Reddington 

All League- Kyle Fiske & Mike McCabe 

MVP- Mike McCabe 

Unsung Hero- Kyle Fiske 


Coach Schmidt 

All League- Heidi Krajewski 

MVP- Laura Shockro 

Unsung Hero- Siobhan Howard 


Coach Rabuffo 

All League- Amy Cany Gwen Deevy & 

Stephanie Mackun 

MVP- Rachel White 

Unsung Hero- Lael Roye 


Coach Donnelly 

MVP- Kim Cox, Jennifer Friedman & 

Shana McElroy 

Unsung Hero- Nicole Fredrickson 


Coach Laskey 

MVP- Richard Chute 

Unsung Heroes- Vito Giacalone & 

Shawn Sluss 


Coach Boucher 

All League- Ryan Kelly, Joe McCormack, 

Matt Pieroway, Ryan Pinsoneault, 

Matt Sanchez & Mark Stoddard 

MVP- Joe McCormack 

League MVP: Joe McCormack 

Unsung Hero- Ken Tellum 


Coach Boucher 

All League- Stephanie Morris 

MVP- Stephanie Morris 

League MVP- Stephanie Morris 

Unsung Hero- Melissa Gray 


Coach Piotti 

All League- Eric Boulter, Derek Darling & 

Jamie Marks 

MVP- Derek Darling 

Unsung Hero- Scott Wardner 

Fall Sports 


Coach Tatupu 

All League- Andy Croteau, Joe McCormack, 

Brian McLellan & Lofa Tatupu 

MVP- Lofa Tatupu & Andy Croteau 

Unsung Heroes- Steve Shaw & 

Chris Darling 


Coach Buchanio 

MVP- Rachael Marcotte & Becky Stanley 

Unsung Hero- Kate Martin 


Coach Boucher 

All League- Matt Pieroway 

MVP- Matt Pieroway 
Unsung Hero- Brian Allaire 


Coach Boucher 

All League- Rosanne Boyle 

MVP- Rosanne Boyle 
Unsung Hero- Melissa Gray 


Coach O'Halloran 

All League- Scott Wardner 

MVP- Scott Wardner 

Unsung Hero- Nate Cole 


Coach Massotti 

All League- Judy Cronin, Lydia Helliwell & 

Kristy Lamothe 

MVP- Lydia Helliwell 

Unsung Hero- Kathryn Astley 


Coach Holt 

All League- Matt Griffith, Jamie Marks & 

Keith Monahan 

MVP- Matt Griffith 

Unsung Hero- Jamie Marks 



Lydia Helliwell & Matt Griffith 



Lofa Tatupu & Stephanie Morris 




Department Awards 


Excellence in Design Your World 

Excellence in Art 

Christian Keyes 

Darby-Lee Rose 

Excellence in 3-Dimensional Studio 

Excellence in Ceramics 

Brian 'Connell 

Justin Wolfrum 

Excellence Technical Support 

Geoffrey Swan Award Excellence in Drawing 

Andrew Calnan 

Robin Giampa 

Language Arts 

Excellence in Painting 

Excellence in English 

Johanna Krouk 

Lydia Helliwell 

Art Book Awards 


Margaret Chrurch and David Pavidis 

Excellence in Mathematics 

Linda Boulden 


Excellence in Accounting 

Air Force Math & Science Award 

Michael McCullough 

Excellence in Retail Marketing 
Justin Setter 

Excellence in Office Technology 
Linda Boulden 

Excellence in Word Processing 
Laura Czyzewski 

Design Technology 

Excellence in AutoCAD 
Kevin O'Loughlin 

Excellence in Computer Aided Design 
James Marks 

Excellence in Design Concepts 
Deanna Ho 

Excellence in Design Technology 
Kevin Cotter 



Linda Boulden 

Massachusetts Association of Math Leagues 

2000 Olympiad Competion High Scorer 

Stephen Foulis 

2001 American Competitions High Scorers 

Stephen Foulis (AMC 12) 

Benjamin Purkis (AMC 10) 

Qualifying for and participating in 
American Invitational Math Exam 

William Bauser 

James Foulis 

Stephen Foulis 


Excellence in Chorus 
Jennifer Friedman 

Excellence in Music 

Linda Boulden 

Jillian DiNunzio 



John Phillip Sousa Award 
Janice Bishop 

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award 
Joshua Clark 

Physical Education 

Excellence in Physical Education Internship 
Michael Rieger 


Bausch and Lomb Scince Award 
Andrew Neviackas 

Excellence in Biology 
Jennifer Chillemi 

Excellence in Chemistry 
Michael Rieger 


Bausch and Lomb Science Award 
Andrew Neviackas 

Excellence in Biology 
Jennifer Chillemi 

Excellence in Chemistry 
Christina Duczakowski 

Excellence in Environmental Science 
Jennifer Brown 

Excellence in Physics 
Linda Boulden 

Social Studies 

Alice Church Award 
Christopher Lawn 

Excellence in Economics 
Joshua Clark 

Arnold Macktaz Award Excellence in Law 
Holly Manigan 

Clara Manteca Award, Excellence in History 
Terita Heath-Wlaz 

Stanley Glowinski Award 
Loni Morganelli 

Xerox Award in the Humanities 
Adam Ewer 

World Languages 

Excellence in French 
Johanna Krouk and Jennifer Ryan 

Excellence in Latin 
Adam Ewer and Heidi-Marie Krajewski 

Excellence in Spanish 
Elizabeth Burger and Jennifer Chillemi 

National French 

Krista Anthony 

April Barker 

Jennifer Beaton 

Lauren Bettencourt 

Eleni Ceven 

Frank Cook 

Laura Czyzweski 

Erin Johnson 

Johanna Krouk 

Jennifer Ryan 

Lauren Woessner 

National Latin Exam 

Kathryn Astley 
Rebecca Brennan 
Margaret Church 

William Cobb 

Andrea Demone 

Ashleigh DeSimone 

Adam Ewer 

Thomas Gemelli 

Darcy Gilmore 

Trevanna Grenfell 

Marguerite Keyes 

Joel Lee 
Joshua Leventhal 

Andrew Lovley 

Janine Molino 

Lauren Mulcahy 

Andrew Neviackas 

Erica Shapiro 
Caitlyn Slovacek 

Marra Wilcox 



Grade 11 

Kathryn Astley 
Adam Ewer 

*** High Honors *** 
Three Consecutive Terms 

Grade 10 

Abigail Dalton 

Christina Duczakowski 

Lindsay King 

Stephanie Knowles 

Janine Molino 

Benjamin Purkis 

Erica Shapiro 

Grade 9 

Rosalind Becker 

Kaleena Chartrand 

Meredith Gaynor 

Timothy Huth 

Erin Ouimet 

** Honors ** 
Three Consecutive Terms 

Jonathan Baker 

William Bauser 

Jennifer Beaton 

Gregory Beloff 

Jennifer Capachin 

Jennifer Chillemi 

Kevin Cotter 

Kimberly Cox 

J ay me Fitzgibbon 

Harleigh Billian 

Rebecca Brennan 

Jacob Cacciapaglia 

Kerri Carlson 

Christopher Cerrato 

Eleni Ceven 

Margaret Church 

Judith Cronin 

Sarah Cronin 

Eric Cunnane 

Andrea Demone 

Ashleigh DeSimone 

Grade 12 

Elizabeth Flannery 

Jennifer Friedman 

Laurie Giampa 

Robin Giampa 

Stephanie Griffin 

Matthew Griffith 

Kevin Healey 

Lydia Helliwell 

Elizabeth Kinney 

Grade 11 

Cathleen Doane 

Sarah Fisher 
Thomas Flanagan 

James Foulis 

Thomas Gemelli 

Trevanna Grenfell 

Marguerite Keyes 

Andrea King 

Heidi Krajewski 

Kristy Lamothe 

Derek Leavitt 

Julie Lyon 

Christopher Lawn 

Rebecca Macdonald 

James Marks 

Jennifer Ryan 

Justin Setter 

Christopher Smith 
Erin Strauss 
Sarah Teague 

Lauren Woessner 

Nicole Magnuson 

Lauren Mulcahy 

Jacqueline Murawski 

Kimberly Murdock 

Rebecca Mure 

Andrew Neviackas 

Nafeesa Rahman 

Blair Rains ford 

Lael Roye 

Joanna Silvi 

Amanda Strojny 

John Teiner 

Dominique Werboff 



Brett Amidon 
Elizabeth Andreozzi 

Megan Barry 

Molly Bloomer 

Joanne Caffrey 

Rachel Cardillo 

Heather Cassidy 

Matthew Chin 

Kristina Cochrane 

Laura Czyzewski 

Colleen Foley 

Matthew Fox 
Christina Gilbert 

Emily Greaves 
Melissa Hootstein 

Grade 10 

Siobhan Howard 

Nicole Hoyceanyls 

Jillian Jackson 

Jeffrey Jacobson 

Kathryn Johnson 

Ryan Johnson 

Sean Kern 

Jeffrey LaRue 

Lauren Leclerc 

Joshua Leventhal 

Shana McElroy 

Jason McGrath 

Brian Oles 

Jaclyn Olson 

Brett Prevost 

Katherine Sevy 

Caitlin Smith 

Vanessa Sotir 

Jennifer St. Amand 

Shannon Steele 

Kathryn Sullivan 

Carolyn Sweeney 

Kevin Teiner 

Brian Tufts 

Jason Webber 

Keith Williams 

Courtney Woods 

Lindsay Wyman 

Ayaan Agane 
Tiffany Bagby 
Kevin Banks 
Emily Bhatti 
Jonathan Burgess 

Brittney Burke 

Jared Cacciapaglia 

Caroline Carr 

Jenna Cassoli 

William Cobb 

Kathryn Connelly 

Brian Czarnowski 

Alexander dAnjou 

Amanda Darling 

Ashley Daubenmire 

Anthony DeLaiarro 

Reid Eichelberger 

Sarah-Ann Ferrara 

Grade 9 

Andrew Fulton 

Emily Hall 

Julie Halpin 

Evan Harwood 

Shawn Hogarth 

Cherry Jackson 

Alex J ur gens 

Aimee Kern 

Derek Koziol 

Carlee Kurkjian 

Brittney Lambert 

Jennifer Lechak 

Joel Lee 

Brendan McGovern 

Bridget Miller 

Lauren Miller 

Paul Nadeau 

Carolyn Osborn 

Kris ten Quartarone 

Timothy Read 

Elizabeth Renner 

Heather Richner 

Laura Schubert 

Jillian Shiebler 

Eric Siegmann 

Samantha Sieloff 

Sydney Singer 

Sara Streeter 

Kathryn Vanderwyk 

Mar ike Visser 

Stephen Waters 

Lisa Watson 

Rachel White 

Michelle Wilson 

***** King Philip Key Club ***** 

Grade 11 

Sarah Cronin 

Heidi Krajewski 

Dominique Werboff 

Grade 10 

Abigail Dalton 

Christina Duczakowski 

Lindsay King 

Benjamin Purkis 




Andrew Kary, Jr., Memorial Scholarship 
Jennifer Chillemi 

Anne Policastro Memorial Scholarship 
Janice Bishop 

Carolyn Miller Memorial Scholarship 
Stephanie Morris 

Carpe Diem Scholarship 
Shannon Ober 

Class of '95 Roberta Negus Memorial Scholarship 
James Marks and Jennifer Pulsone 

Drew Martucci Memorial Scholarship 
Emily Andreozzi 

Franklin Country Club Hall of Fame Award 
Matthew Griffith 

Franklin Rotary Club Scholarship 
Linda Boulden 

Garden Club of Norfolk Scholarship 
Eric Boulter 

Geoffrey B. Swan Memorial Scholarship 
Robin Giampa 

Holly Club Scholarship 
Stefanie Hayes, Meredith Jones, 
Jennifer Ryan, Lauren Woessner 

Kappa Sigma Scholarship 
Katharine Prevost 

King Philip Master Thespian Scholarship 

Bethany LaValley, Christopher Lawn, 

Meghan McKenna 

King Philip Music Association Book Grant Award 
Linda Boulden, Jennifer Chillemi, Joshua Clark, 
5Q J Mian DiNunzio, Lauren Woessner 

King Philip Sports Boosters Club Scholarship 

Elizabeth Burger, Derek Darling, 

Andrea Lyons, James Marks 

King Philip Student Council President's Book Grant 

Rosanne Boyle, Melissa Gray, Courtney Howard, 

Elizabeth Kinney, James Marks, Jed Perry, 

Jennifer Pulsone 

King Philip Student Council Scholarship 
Andrea Lyons and Jennifer Moore 

King Philip Teachers' Association Scholarship 
Jennifer Friedman 

Lawrence & Dorothy Perkins Memorial Scholarship 

Kevin Cotter 

Lillian Audrey Anderson Scholarship 
Jennifer Brown 

National Honor Society Book Scholarship 

Jennifer Beaton, Jennifer Brown, 

Stefanie Hayes, Jed Perry 

Neela Nadkarni Memorial Scholarship 
Lydia Helliwell 

Norfolk American Legion Scholarship 
Joshua Clark and Rebecca Sevy 

Norfolk Children's School Scholarship 
Margaret Casey 

Norfolk Community League Scholarship 
Joshua Clark and Erin Strauss 

Norfolk Firefighters Scholarship 
Christine Holmes and Emily M. Holt 

Norfolk Lions Club Scholarship 
Joshua Clark, Jennifer Friedman, Jennifer Pulsone 

Norfolk Police Association Scholarship 
Stephanie Griffin 

Norfolk Teachers Association Scholarship 
Jennifer Friedman, Emily Holt, Elizabeth Kinney 

Norfolk Teacher-Parent Association Scholarship 
Frank Cook and Erin Strauss 

North Attleboro/Plainville Rotary Club Scholar- 
Nicole LaPointe 

Patel Scholarship 
Katherine Cove 

Peter Lapierre Memorial Scholarship 
Johanna Krouk 

Pioneer Engine Company of the 

Wrentham Fire Department Scholarship 

Kay la Burt and Rebecca Pelrine 

Plainville American Legion Post 217 School 

Laura Kraby 

Plainville Beagle Club Scholarship 
Teresa Hunt 

Plainville Education Association 
Stephanie Morris 

Plainville Permanent 

Firefighters Association Scholarship 

Jed Perry 

Plainville Lions Club Scholarship 
Jennifer Brown 

Plainville Police Association Scholarship 
Terita Heath-Wlaz 

Robert Topham Jr. Post 9658- V.F.W. 
Stephen Foulis 

Ryan William Perry Memorial Scholarship 
Magan Swanson 

Sachem Literary Club Scholarship 
Terita Heath-Wlaz 

SADD In Memory of Maura Howard 

and Amy Callaghan 

Melissa Bell, Courtney Howard, Loni Morganelli, 

Shannon Ober 

6th Annual Scott Brown Book Grant 
Brendan Halpin and Erin Johnson 

Sons of American Legion Scholarship 
Melissa Gray 

Stephanie Glazier Memorial Scholarship 
Janice Bishop 

Trinity Episcopal Church Scholarship 
Elizabeth Flannery 

Walter Holmes Scholarship 
Erin Johnson 

Wrentham American Legion Scholarship 
Kevin Cotter 

Wrentham Elementary Teachers' Association 

Jennifer Capachin and Michael McCullough 

Wrentham Lions Club Scholarship 
Melissa Bell 

Wrentham Mobil Scholarship 
Melissa Bell 

Wrentham Police Association Scholarship 
Loni Morganelli 

Wrentham Youth Baseball/ Softball Scholarship 
Michael McCullough and Kristin Kehrmeyer 

Principal's School Leadership Award 

Elizabeth Kinney, Andrea Lyons, Jennifer Moore, 

Jennifer Pulsone 

Principal's Academic Excellence Award 
Gregory Beloff, Lauren Bettencourt, Deanna Ho 

Daughters of the American Revolution 

Good Citizen Award 

Melissa Gray 




Brian Allaire Plymouth State College Christopher Darling Employment 

Scott Amidon Massasoit Community College Derek Darling Merrimack College 

Emily Andreozzi Keene State College Christopher DelGrosso Wentworth Institute 

Andrea Annese. Becker College Jillian DiNunzio Boston University 

Krista Anthony. Mass College of Liberal Arts Lisa Domenica Mass Bay Community College 

Jonathan Baker UMASS Amherst Kevin Donovan Bridgewater State College 

Joanna Balzer. University of Delaware Brian Downing.... Day tona Beach Community College 

Maria Baptista Military Christine Duffey. Worcester State College 

Susan Barb UMASS Amherst Lindsay Dumont Framingham State College 

April Barker Eastern Nazarene College Lauren Durette Mass Bay Community College 

Jason Barron Southern Virginia College Sameer El-Far Employment 

Cliff Bassett Bryant College Anthony Feeney. Dean College 

William Bauser. Boston University Kerry Feeney Undecided 

Jennifer Beaton Mass College of Liberal Arts Michael Ferrara Employment 

Melissa Bell ..Boston College Rebekah Fisher Gordon College 

Gregory Beloff University of Michigan Kyle Fiske Curry College 

Jeremy Bentley Employment Jayme Fitzgibbon ...Boston University 

Lauren Bettencourt Clark University Elizabeth Flannery. Northeastern University 

Janice Bishop University of Hartford Lindsay Fliger. Hofstra University 

Jonathan Bluhm Berklee College of Music Christine Flynn Champlain College 

Bryan Bocock Rutgers University Stefanie Flynn Johnson & Wales University 

Linda Boulden. Boston University Stephen Foulis UMASS Amherst 

Eric Boulter Mass College of Liberal Arts Daniel Frageorgia Western New England College 

Rosanne Boyle Fairfield University Jennifer Friedman Quinnipiac College 

James Brady. University of Central Florida Melyssa Fuller. Massasoit Community College 

Heather Bronsdon.... UMASS Dartmouth Steven Gavrilles ITT Technical Institute 

Jennifer Brown Stonehill College Jonathan Genovese University of Hartford 

Jennifer Bryant Undecided Emily Ghosh University of Arizona 

Elizabeth Burger University of Dayton Laurie Giampa Wenthworth Institute 

Sarah Burke Westfield State College Robin Giampa Lesley College 

Kayla Burt UMASS Amherst Ashley Gifford University of Rhode Island 

Andrew Calnan Mass Community College Stephanie Gilbert Ithaca College 

Richard Cannon Undecided Kaela Goldstein UMASS Amherst 

Jennifer Capachin UMASS Amherst Joshua Gould .Undecided 

Margaret Casey Merrimack College Melissa Gray. Stonehill College 

Jennifer Chillemi Lasell University Katherine Grich Champlain College 

Andrea Chruney Nichols College Stephanie Griffin Mass Maritime Academy 

Holly Ciavattone Massasoit Community College Whitney Griffin Mass Maritime Academy 

Joshua Clark UMASS Amherst Matthew Griffith Babson College 

Michael Clinton Mass Community College Brian Gulino Teikyo Post University 

Sarah Connolly. Career School Thomas Hall UMASS Amherst 

Kristin Conrad Liberty University Brendan Halpin UMASS Darthmouth 

Erin Conroy. Worcester State College Stefanie Hayes Syracuse University 

Frank Cook Villanova University Kevin Healey. UMASS Amherst 

Joseph Cook Employment Terita Heath-Wlaz Brown University 

Jason Corkum Curry College Lydia Helliwell MIT 

Kevin Cotter Northeastern University Michelle Henderson Undecided 

Katherine Cove University of Vermont Deana Ho University of Central Florida 

Kimberly Cox Nichols College Izabela Hoagland Salem State College 

Andrew Croteau UMASS Amherst Christine Holmes UMASS Amherst 

Meaghan Curley. Mass Bay Community College Emily Holt Providence College 


Brianna Hooley. Mass Bay Community College 

Teresa Hunt University of Rhode Island 

Micah Jackson University of Connecticut 

Sarah Johnston University of Vermont 

Terral Jackson Undecided 

Erin Johnson Syracuse University 

Meredith Jones UMASS Amherst 

Alexander Kalinowski...Mass Bay Community College 

Steven Kalliavas Undecided 

Kristin Kehrmeyer. University of New Hampshire 

Erik Kennedy Employment 

Michael Kenney. Career School 

Christian Keyes Merrimack College 

Elizabeth Kinney. University of Delaware 

George Kleczka Wentworth Institute 

Christina Knowles UMASS Amherst 

Daniel Kolodziej UMASS Amherst 

Laura Kraby. Merrimack College 

Micheal Kraby UMASS Dartmouth 

Jennifer Krewko Employment 

Johanna Krouk UMASS Amherst 

Heather Lanagan University of North Carolina 

Nicole LaPointe UMASS Amherst 

Kirsten Larrabee UMASS Amherst 

Bethany La Valley. Framingham State College 

Christopher Lawn University of Rhode Island 

Brian Leary. Bridgewater State College 

Matthew Lupfer. Elan University 

Andrea Lyons Purdue University 

Rebecca MacDonald Assumption College 

Rachael MacKenzie UMASS Amherst 

Christopher Mahoney. UMASS Amherst 

John Majewski Johns Hopkins University 

Scott Maloney. Becker College 

Holly Manigan Northeastern University 

Rachael Marcotte Keene State College 

James Marks University of Vermont 

Kate Martin Northeastern University 

Michael McCabe St. Joseph College 

Joseph McCormack UMASS Amherst 

Michael McCullough Boston College 

Eric McDonald Undecided 

Evan McGrath Mass Bay Community College 

Melinda McGrath Mass Bay Community College 

Jennifer McKay... Bryant College 

Meghan McKenna UMASS Amherst 

Melissa McLacklan St. Michael's College 

Brian McLellan Springfield College 

Kathleen McMahon Mass Bay Community College 

Keith Monahan University of Connecticut 

Brian Moore Military 

Jennifer Moore University of Rhode Island 

Luni Morganelli Regis College 

Stephanie Morris Manhattan College 

Jessica Morse Westfield State College 

Judith Mullaney. Bridgewater State College 

Colleen Murphy. Framingham State College 

Jayme Nickerson Employment 

Daniel Nyman University of Hartford, Hillier 

Brian O'Connell UMASS Amherst 

Kaitlyn O'Connell St. Michael's College 

Kevin O'Loughlin University of New Haven 

Shannon Ober. Springfield College 

David Pavidis Employment 

Rebecca Pelrine Nazareth College 

Jed Perry. SUNY Stoney Brook 

Matthew Pieroway. Westfield State College 

Ryan Pinsoneautt UMASS Amherst 

Julie Poirier. Johnson & Wales University 

James Prentice Framingham State College 

Katharine Prevost George Washington University 

Jennifer Pulsone Fordham University 

Nicholas Ray. Massasoit Community College 

Christopher Rice Curry College 

Michael Rieger. UMASS Amherst 

William Robertson Military 

Crystal Rogers University of Rhode Island 

Derek Rose Northeastern University 

Darby-Lee Rose Lasell College 

Jennifer Ryan Assumption College 

Matthew Sanchez Colby Sawyer College 

Lisa Santucci Mass Bay Community College 

Jennifer Sebago Employment 

Justin Setter Bryant College 

Rebecca Sevy. University of Vermont 

Steven Shaw St. Michael's College 

Laura Shockro Hartwick College 

Benjamin Sias UMASS Amherst 

Christopher Smith North Carolina State University 

Eric Smith Employment 

Kelly Sprout Mass College of Liberal Arts 

Rebbeca Stanley. Franklin Pierce College 

Melissa Steverman University of Rhode Island 

Erin Strauss Messiah College 

Eric Sueltenfuss Employment 

Paul Sundquist Massasoit Community College 

Magan Swanson Undecided 

Edward Sweeney. Norwich University 

Mosiula Tatupu Universtiy of Maine, Orono 

Sarah Teague Northeastern University 

Matthew Tierney UMASS Amherst 

Derek Travers Employment 

Cheryl Tripp Roger Williams University 

Marissa Tuohy. Fordham University 

Robert Ulrich Undecided 

Michael Walsh Hofstra University 

Scott Wardner Bryant College 

Danielle White Massasoit Community College 

Erin Wilensky Bridewater State College 

Victoria Wilfert Quincy Community College 

Jennifer Wind Smith College 

Lauren Woessner. The College of Holy Cross 

Justin Wolf rum Employment 

George Yousif Employment 



The Class Will 

We, the Class of 2001, being of sound mind 
and body, do make, publish, and declare this 
to be our last will and testament... 

Brian Allaire: BH- a fight w/ pins, serious conversation, the lawnmower 
man, mexmode. JB- Latter Day Saints, some of my muscles. EB- meals you 
owe me at BK. JG- DUI 12/00 w/ MP. MK- skee bop, gittie up, Machu Pichu. 
MFC- my secret in retaining such a fantastic gut. BC- a log of happiness. BL- 
suspended from XC for Donut throwing. ML- some water pressure. JM- some 
of my athleticism, Saturday detention instead of Boys' State invite. BM- a 
new house w/ a fridge. JP- a point in track, one compliment. MP- DUI 12/00, 
running from the pop 1/01, going to games, New Year's '00. RP- mode, sick, 
lol, getting kicked out of anatomy, swerving on 495, my bball skills, grundle 
hockey, "that's a roastbeef curtains!". DR- 42 feet. MS- roid rage, eyoink, 
some paintballs. SW- a log. PG- some dedication to a sport.MM- a log of 
greatness. RS- Southworth's radio, my freestyle dance skills while pumping 
phat beats in the hallway. GS- XC camp, Ron Jeremy, heart to hearts in 
Bourke's basement, MILF, SILF, DILF?, little blue pills. RT- my taste in music. 
JB- good luck on being as cool as your bro, I think you can do it. MC- a 
crunched up coke can for anything you need. LD- me, we'll see where it 
goes. KD- academically ineligible? Nice. JG- my number one spot in shot 
put. Winter Track Team- Good luck in the future. Spring Track Team- Good 
luck in the future. You'll need it. Coach Boucher- Thanks for everything you've 
done for me for the past four years. I know we butted heads sometimes, but I 
appreciated it in the end. Because of you, I started a bum and evolved into an 

Emily Andeozzi: SJ- nervous tissue, "absolutely," our telepathy,taking sign 
at Ozzfest,Pisser Wisser, "maybe he has worms!", "whateva, I'm the best 
driva eva!", "Hi Billy.. .I'll be out in a jiffer", "pump,pump,the jam....," "la da 
da da di da da da, lova...lova...lova," a bunch of loose hair, Anthony 
no, you can have Bradley.. .Anthony 's mine! Your friendship means the world 
to me, I love you, the future holds so many more good times to come. IW- 
"Epple," forts in the woods, "smell those gloves," "they took him arav ." the 
leaf,walks uptown for ice cream,No Doubt '97,a squeaky bus seat, 18 years 
of an unforgettable friendship. KB- jr. high recordings, Ronnie, No Doubt 
'97,Cb-radio talks in the soccer fields,8 yrs. of good times and many more to 
come. KC- my fav. "Beastie,"fraps for crap, the "p-word,"and optional stop 
sign, a nice big gusher. JM- the greatest boyfriend ever,my deep voice,the "p- 
word",B.O.A.B. or B.O.A.R.B.B., "bonheur or bonner?" AH- 
rollin',rollin',rollin', Kitty Kat,Zoro,ooma and oosd forever! KA- thou art my 
friend, beatledog,enieledam, pond home impersonations. KB- all the great hair 
tips,cheesecake,a stick of margarine (for your dad,actually), No Doubt '97. 
LG- an egg (or the "liquid"),No Doubt '97, the home row, MISS EMILY!!!! 
RG- Robin of Loxley!,jr. English chats(Miss Southworth),softballers turned 
trackies. MC- I have gum. ..but not for Emilythe incredible hulk.good times. 
JN- an "Afghanistan rabiadoo",an "invisidible" pocketbook, all our pranks to 
headquarters, "I hate the burning sensation of the dalmation nation on the 
conservation of an Indian reservation. ..."TJ-T-Dawg,minature dogs to jump 
through your earrings.numerous honks by your house.a bottle of "straight 
curl." MB- a thousand hugs and kisses. BC- my Selena,ice cream walks up- 
town. LS- "that's b.s. Debbie,"microsoft word and office tech.chats. AB- 
elesig.a bunch of pond home impersonations. LB- enailil,pond home 
impersonations, our cool freshman suflball coach. SJ,KC,JM,LA, p.h. pusse 
forever- "Beatles" dances, "beauty mark" and cow & cat dress up....w/pics. 
KA- "I can make u laugh," hand tickles during church, putting up with me 
and all of Benny's nicknames. KA- environmental tips.javelin and disc, 
practices.teenie beanie,kathereeny caterpillar plum. MOM.DAD- lots of love 
and happiness and cuteness. BEN, MARIAH, ALEX, 



ANDREW,ANA,MOJO: all my love! 

Krista Anthony: JB-The mouse mistress, a non-locking oven, a lemon pickle, 
Romeo and Juliet Slideshow, Quiz Bowl fun, watching Mulan, all of your 
various nicknames, the bonehead answer tee-shirt that I never got, the book 
of crazy creatures, Jem,The Sprinkle Factory, "Homicide on the High Seas," 
and most importantly "Aday in the life of Us." AB- "Johnny hair star pool," 
"Chinese seuss tissue glasses," Sprinkles 'R'Us, the story notebook, a Dr. 
Bombay, more quiz bowl fun, the families in my sketchbook, Eliseg, the book 
of crazy creatures, and Armelle, Pierre, and Corinne (which I erased). EF- 
Kaleeki's underwear, Sully which is a private joke that you wouldn't under- 
stand, Alain, Woman's Day which is another private joke that you wouldn^ 
understand, Little Red Rappin Hood, lots and lots of orange juice which is 
another private joke that you wouldn't understand, and another and another 
private joke that you wouldn't understand. EJ- "Running on Ice," Grease in 
the neighborhood, commercial jingles on your IPS book, and Woman's Day 
magazine. KB- Driver's Ed., a bucket o' frogs, a day at P-town, the lilith fair, 
dancing at the prom, The quiz bowl (you and your Canada questions), your 
sparkly bra, Jim Henson and his Muppets, and Disney stuff, and morMONs., 
and my favorite: mystery liquid. SB- My inner flower, Dr Bombays, "Who 
beat up Joe?", my ceramics sketchbook (you know whatfc in it), "that's what 
I said before I was arrested," a Lakeville tennis hooded sweatshirt. EA- "Thou 
art my friend," beetledog,Paper clip bracelet power, La Classe de Francais, 
euqinimod. LB- Our trip to Georgia. To all- sorry if I forgot anything! 
April Barker: To KA- Quizbowl, bus rides, the prom, Dr. Bombay, "Who 
beat up Joe?", poodles, pirates, enieledam, the book of crazy creatures, the 
Lazer, Sprinkles 'R Us, red pants, "Chinese seuss tissue glasses," ICE.To JB- 
Mr. Fred, Starguy, notebooks, IMOSAI, "you look interesting...", ecoprojects, 
"shake you bon bon," ettedanreb, figgy cake, dialogues. To KB: Mrs. 
Erickson's class, Quizbowl, ecoprojects, dune grass, passing notes in biol- 
ogy, "Ed," "towel boy ."To LB- buffalo, summer beach days at Lake Pearl, 
the barracuda, the book of crazy creatures, French class, dialogues.To SB- 
My Ricky Martin CD, Matt P., "I do this to people I like!", "Your Mom!", 
"Who beat up Joe?". To CR- CERMANX, the race we never had (and never 
will!), Little Teddy, my sister (yeah right!). To The Clan- Homeroom, ceram- 
ics and French, AWESOME!, King Richard's Faire, trips to the Pond Home, 
quizzes. To KC- notebooks, "shmobies!", truth or dare, passing notes in Mr 
Ahern's class, the girly van, smash-ups, "I have to talk to you," plusone, 
Gregg, "I might think about it!", Yellow Tank Top Baptist, "Hi my name is 
Adam," Madlibs, Caged Monkey. To JM- Gettysburg, "my arm is broken!", 
the "story," track stories, #19, 300H, the 600, triple jump, Pinky and the Brain, 
fisherman hats, the gold team, frisbees, RUN FASTER!, Carebears stare!, 
Care cousins call!, DARKHEART, shiny jeans, high ponytails. To JR: 
Partyman (white spandex-YUCK!), frosh track, hurdles, Pat the trainee Spooky 
World, funky Halloween costumes, Unauthorized Electronics, scary New 
Year's Eve pictures, tank tops and wind pants, the March Girls, the electrobarn, 
freecell. To LS- Shockolate, Ms. Szcepaniak's class, sleep, squeaky desks, 
always being late to school, wearing KP sweatshirts to Medfield football 
games, "Enjoy your ride with your Daddy!". To ES- our intersection, Barbies, 
Baywalch Ken, Blair and Maniac, SciatchTickets, Dog Tags, "KccpThcm!?!", 
carpools, Erinism, Rinny, high ponytails, long phone calls, Madlibs, Caged 
Monkey, eyeliner, Matt P. "I do this to people I like!", plusone (Jason Perry is 
mine!). To the Fab 5: Flashing 10's, Applebee's Girls, Yolanda, Joshua, "brr! 
It's cold in here!", Charlie's Angels, beach days, movie nights, Spruce Pond, 
"It's my life!", Rev games, eating out. To BP- Trent McKleine, smelly 

Gettysburg tour guides, the "story", Happy Meal toys, my guardian angel, 
cheez-its for the maid, IMOSAI, staiguy. To AB- Abs, shiny jeans, my room, 
rides to school. To JL- my new best friend, "ride the pony!", hand-offs, halls. 
To NS- prom '00, KGB, sardines, another two years at Lakeside, bumper 
pool, hair gel that stays in, all my UU guestbook messages, your#l fan, the 
scary coconut pirate head, rides home. To JL- Rainbow Juice, chilled fruit. To 
HD- "how'd ya get to be so sweet?". To ES- another two years of KPtrack, 
"Jesus Loves You!". To Miss Fig- my list of verbs that take the auxiliary etre, 
figgy cake, "oh the patience 1 must have!" 

Cliff Bassett: JO- DMB concerts, Patriots and Red Sox games, afternoons 
w/ you, New Years, Valentine's Day, Christmas and Birthdays, Phantom, sum- 
mer in Maine, France, prom, times in the halls, my unending love! FC- all the 
great concerts we have been to, Bruins games, chemistry labs, France, wres- 
tling, French projects, A&G. JB- "Baby got Back", rides in the truck, 
homeroom, "Evan is awesome", my sister JM- French, tennis games, "Full 
Metal Jacket", parties, projects. MM- Ecoproject, history day football. DK- 
Anatomy class, rides in the truck, hugs in the hall. KB- rides to school, home- 
work, Jen, I love you! FOREVER! 

Bill Bauser: RP- $0.27, glass, metal, regulars, Bickfords. MO'C- transpor- 
tation, glass, Dirt, car freshener Hank- Heidlman, Dr. Seuss, stilts, el conguero. 
Stan- ritalin, Alf, Angela Lansbury, donkeys, freedom. SD- flannel shirt, mack 
boots, $40,000 in cheddar chesse, groove. RL- calcium, glass, bonsai. KV 
iceberg, Olive Garden, Gina, gas money, happiness, CD's, candles, heating, 
Oz, Borders, Chai Tea, roses, waves, Lauryn Hill: I Can't Take My Eyes Off 
of You, surgery, Newport, Umi Chicken, AWARENESS, the book, "morn- 
ing", Chachi, channel 84, love and peace, style, quality, bonus, classic, din- 
ners, always a seat beside me and always a place in my heart, FOREVER. 
Jennifer Beaton: KA- One pickle, a bonehead answer (I'm just joking), A 
Day In The Life Of Us, and Homicide on the High Seas, JEM tapes, the Spice 
Girls, and fishing, the World War II musical, the "Clan", Pierre, Armelle, and 
Corinne, Hanberial Bacsoap. But most importantly the Sprinkle Monopoly! 
AB- IMOSAI, Mr. Fred, and the number 20, a number that defines you as a 
person! The "Clan", Ed! The Jr. High Story, Flo, Bongo and the top hat. By 
the way, your hair looks very interesting, and you look tired! LB- One Voo- 
doo doll, the Spice Girls, the Mixfest with the Monkeys, "W", the World War 
II musical, the "Clan", Ice skating on the Common, and getting lost on theT, 
"What? What's going on?" KB- Flashing in NH, Strawberry D.'s, weekend 
sleepovers, Brad Pitt, our Eco-project (how fun), the dune grass- 1 swear it 
was the little kid!, The Lilith Fair, Beignets, and our dream of becoming house- 
wives!, The Quiz Bowl. BP- Acorn head, IMOSAI, Mr Fred and the grass- 
hopper joke, Deraperp eb, Senior Conference- 1 think one of your people is 
down there!, Hair dye, easy access pockets, the ji High Story, and GIRGO, 
Oh yes, there are no bones in ice cream except onTuesdays! SB- The fact that 
I can still beat you up!, Banana smoothies at Applebee's, and the right to 
make fun of Chris and his car. CR- "Frankie","Cermanix", my Christmas 
present, the "Clan", Sarah's insults, and your sick golf courses. LF- Your seat 
in Environmental! Miss Fig-figgy cakes, Pierre, Armelle, and Corinne, and 
of course Jerome! MB- None of my clothes, my c.d.'s, or anything in my 
room. But I will leave you four years of high school, college visits and week- 
ends to see me, and help with your homework when I come home. Oh yes, 
you do not get my phone! 

Melissa Bell: MB- Hola chica, Spanish pen pals. JB- recycling and the wheels, 
carrying a briefcase. JB- MA is bigger in France, hypochondriac, panic at- 
tacks, DA, Ferney, baby Huey, VP, F's dad, Triple B. CB- homeroom, your 
crazy sister. BB- homeroom, history homework. AC- MA is bigger than France, 
hypochondriac, panic attacks, VP, ingesting toenails, DA, Ferney, baby Huey, 
F's dad, white trash, emergency gas shut off sign. BO- my dad can kick your 
dad's butt, Ferney, baby Huey. FC- Ferney. KC- do you shave everywhere, 
snoring in English. JM- people that don't wipe their feet, sweaters and khakis 
and loafers. EK- hypochondriacs, VP. TH- drawing. EC- drawing. EB- Dopey, 
attention class. MG- Dopey, attention class, peppermints, calculus. 
Greg Beloff: MG- a midget sidekick, proper lighting for shadow puppets, 
grundle assembling, trips to Wendy's, airport drives, old-man lectures, anger 
management videos, much love for Barbara, new cue sticks for each time I 
beat you, Timberlake dance moves, extra Capri-Sun, Dominoes Pizza, props 
for getting me through Math, a list of things to rag on me for, long rainy 
walks through the crater, girl's bball games, emotional relationships, 7-straight 
at CB's, toilet papering. AC- a few dollaz, leftover food scraps, hot dogg and 
bun, talking w/Pud, Pud's reindeer, muscle shirts and beaters, fluffy hair, Ma- 
chismo, facial hair for the chin strap, mustaches, Pop Warner MVP honors, 

tolerance for college, Scrodo and Furry calls, healthy lunches,Tailgating and 
long distance vomitting, shoulder laughs, a job, 50 lbs, NANelly, ice-cubes, 
getting out the ghetto. BL- Giant Funnels, flying trash cans, Christmas rein- 
deer, tackling snowmen, street fights, bar fights, hockey scraps, basketball 
scraps, football scraps, soccer scraps, Ultimate Fighting Championship, 
pregaming, Pats tailgating, 40's, trips to Cancunn, phone stalkers/shadows, 
skipping Environmental and shooting pool, Bei-root games, running from 
FC. MT- Nelly tracks, Monday Night Football, pink vomit, thug thizzel, 'fo 
sheazey, hot cousins, solo dance parties, Up In Smoke, the ICE. SA- Beaver 
Street signs, climbin and burning trees, hot dogs and tailgating. GY gas for 
Expedition cruises, BK trips, long period with Lazzara, midget adee-b-muc 
employees, ringing doorbells during business, Crodo, running from FC, vol- 
leyball spikes, loud laughing, deezel. KH- tough guy fronts, being in love, 
ping-pong battles, wrestling with BL, yellow pit stains, white t-shirts, chats 
w/Drucie, Birch beer, Austin Powers lines, "who does #2 work for?", girls 
bball games, verbal jousting, Mchale, detentions w/McCourt, great stories 
and good comebacks. BM- ghetto fabulous, strip clubs, gold chains, big 
pimpin, Pam comin home, hardcore partying Parrot Bay straight from the 
bottle. CD- reindeer hunting, cellie calls, opened water bottles, heaad butts 
and karate chops, breaking stuff, Pizza Hut BATHROOM, Stoughton foot- 
ball game. KF- flying soda cans, beans, Jav va va va voom, McCourt repri- 
mands, dancing nights with CD, Goard photos. KP- prank phone calls, Girls 
nights, Medfiels honeys, hot pants, LL Cool J songs, a night with Terrell 
Davis or Mike Piazza. MC- Is it cold in here?, curls, jogging to get me in 
shape, band-aids. LH- snooty faces, girl's nights, my fraternilty paddle, A+'s, 
talks w/Lodge. NL- snappy days, rag on Greg days w/LH. MP- fishin trips, 
pit stops near the stadium. AL- good stories, good jokes, evil eyebrows, 
yardwork, math classes, bio videos, history day, bottomless pits, picture tak- 
ing, Pats Tailgating, Red Sox games, "Rack onAndrea"day. KG- wall-patch- 
ing skills and tools, large appetites, wakeboarding. CH- snowballs, runty dogs, 
Boston's crabs, $20 debts, spandex pants, strong arms,Tylenol, rides to school, 
trips to 

the basement, Ron Jeremy's phone number. JP- funny impressions, the "What 
is she thinking?" game, English papers, eventful NHS board meetings. DR- 
whirlpools, Tend, Stiffler calls, trick pleaze, you can do it... EG- beans, Javy 
calls, english videos. JB- a handle, physics tests, extra pens, lunch money 
RM- 508-528-3415. me... 

Lauren Bettencourt: To Jenny Beaton- Hello My Name is EmilyAndreozzi, 
I live in a dump with Benny, It doesn't matter where I live as long as we're 
together. So true, So tru. SoTure, So true. This Is Art. It isTis. Sahe is sooo 
stupied sometimes. Is she not? But is says Sahe. Does it not? Print me not a 
copy of task 32. Is that the list ting Mr and Mrs. winters? Jack be nimble, 
Benny be quick, Emily jump over the candlestick. It isTis. Is it not? Please 
Sir can Iyou add Some More? NOOOOOOO! !!!!!!! !The anger and The Pas- 
sion. Rasheed Mehfad is a gangsta. Is he Not? Reverand Crawford Woo. 
Crawford is not a last name in this case. Your first name is my last name and 
my last name is your first name. And my first name is your last name and 
your last name is my first name I knew there was something I liked about 
you. NOOOOOO!!! I have cool mittens. Cool as a cat. And he circled your 
thirty and underlined your excellent,. Why doesn't mine say good. Soulever. 
It isnt a carrot it is a knife, the knife of my soul. Rusty Blaze.Yes. Copppppeeee 
Cat. How dare it. Duncan, Poison Cheese Cake. The silent laugh. Yes my 
stuff is falling on the floor. It is gone its gone. My shoe is gone. A lot. AJlons- 
y, a lawn seat, its all the same to the clam. Going up? Our goal is to ride the 
elevator with Mrs. Stankiewicz. It is tis.The end or not the end. What does 
the daimond mean? And we Did itttt!!! Keychain, sparkle sparkle sprinkle, 
jimmy stoooooopppp@. 

Linda Boulden: SD-your grunts, correct endings to our combo charts, c- 
pump-a, the comfy mats in the carpentry shop, Friday nights, our thoughts on 
religion, new maracas. VG-Lisa's Walk, the holiday party ("Buzz"), repeti- 
tion, a thousand more gigs together AE-Bi-centennial Park, the corner of 
Main and Boardman, that interesting quote. MB-a new tape player for your 
car, unlimited Almond Joy bars, our chats on the way home from jazz, an 
education at BU next year. CC-one more rockin'year with Mrs. E., an inde- 
pendent study (like mine) for next year JR-straight A's in math all four years 
of high school since you had such a wonderful tutor! RD-more long philo- 
sophical talks on the meaning of life, and more road trips listening to jazz. 
AL-our online chats, a day when our plans actualy work out, a brand new 
bass. JM- six or seven?, all those books we never finished reading, the pov 
to one day have a company "under your control." KG-an old copy of^ 



Iceman Cometh, a silver bag filled with candy the video that should be burned. 
DK-hugs, a beautiful woman, the Beatles, aiguments over LD's situation. 
MS-secret lovers, clarinet power, your cool new glasses. KV-MC's earrings, 
thanks for the ride home from the train! JF-Tylenol that won't get stuck in my 
throat, a bucket of glitter for your congas, bus rides to jazz shows. MS-muskers 
and snicketeers, The Olive Garden, endless online chats, my mellow cd. MM- 
a big punch as revenge for all the times you've attacked me.TH-our lack of 
dancing w/LD and KG, your computer with a mind of its own, tapping your 
feet and singing the rhythm. BO-my talent of persuasion (Unbreakable), Sir 
Evelyn's part, a tap on the shoulder to wake you up in calculus. BB-our chats 
in physics, finding my prom date. JC-accounting class, obsessions, Jota-Jota, 
Spanish projects. SF-your annoying comments in class, a couple extra points 
so we're even, a solo that will make all the girls want you, ILSF, Foulis the 
Boulis. Mr. Tileston-Rhapsody in Blue, lugubrious, that wonderful round of 
pool in NH, a string program, an outstanding new accompanist and jazz pia- 
nist, a concert Steinway. Thanks so much for your enthusiastic commitment 
to music. You have taught, encouraged, and inspired me more than any other 
teacher. Mr. Cormier-a relaxing retirement, tickets to the BSO to see Geoge 
and me play one day. JC, JD, TH, LW-good times at Friendly's (Is it really 
that big?), Fiddler on the Roof, Luciano's, Shear Madness, quintet sleepovers, 
the Hindemith, that really good bacon-cheese dip, our countless gossip ses- 
sions/rehearsals. JMB- music theory, the awful second movement, those hun- 
dreds of notes (with one letter on each) you wrote me in 8th grade. IW- Leen- 
da, What, the dog.. .your great pool parties, Quincy, biology freshman year, 
the dent in your truck's bumper (oops!). RF-Tiger Woods, thinking too much, 
physics problems, In the Light, you'll always be Bekah MY Fisher! JLC-bus 
rides in the morning, the great advice you used to give me, a new pair of 
sneakers (to replace the ones I broke in 8th grade). JVC-our chats in homeroom 
every morning, your green walls, a free ride to Harvard Med School and 
plenty of hearts to practice on, fifteen more men, fun times at Great Woods, 
the sausage song. JD-four years in Boston together, something to cover the 
back of your neck in math class, freedoms, a cell phone to hold in your hands 
at all times, Sniff (the tissue), a piano duet to play togethei JB-Eco, silly 
stories about Macy Gray and Manchuria, my permanent position as your "ad- 
ministrative assistant," our supposed love-hate relationship (yeah right), our 
little parties, flip-flop GPA's, that LLcool J song. LD-Clueless, puppet team, 
bubbles, Fur Elise, Pachelbel's Canon, Awesome God for your dad, Phantom 
of the Opera, JW's house, watching people change, New Year's Eve way 
back when, the cute guy at the gas station, another Beatles CD, Junior High, 
a new C to replace the broken key on your piano, an incredibly relaxing sum- 
mer. For seven years you've there for me through everything. You're the 
best! I love you girl! GB- 3-25-99, Top of the Hub, the corner of lAand 115, 
4th of July, sorry, playing cards, the Muppets, stuffing lots of food in your 
mouth, Wilson, The Jungle Book, punching VG in the stomach, bad influ- 
ences, Walmart, silhouettes,the Nutcracker. The past two years have been 
absolutely wonderful and we've shared so many great times. You are my 
love, my passion, and my best friend. Don't ever change, honey! 
Rosanne Boyle: BR-chalk outlines, Halloween costumes, tennis courts, fro- 
zen pudding, virgos rule!, parachute pants, ghetto twins, light saber battles, 
sketchy corner people, Lance, NSYNC, the generation, fruit bribery, SBH, 
HDS, talking banana-man, non-freshman-like people, "where's the 
dumpster?", Barnstabilians, Blairby, Power Ranger Lazers, jeeps, 
bioluminessence, falling in dressing rooms, Tom Jones, looking for the R, 
durg, Christian Rudder fan club, pantaloons, Target, thrift stores, fist shaking, 
"Pride of the Runner," card tricks. EB-happy British days, honk and wave, 
moo @ some cows, hijacking cars, our twin dream, random nitesApril/May, 
cheating @ pool, everything Spanish, SA, Spida, online convosAppalachian 
Trail, advice, "fire it up," guys to pick up, sketchy Franklin boys, hot jeeps, 
juicy gossip, our appetites, getting lost, a car, look in the mirror..., 5am wake 
up call, pots in the oven, "that nite," you're NOT a leopard, noises in the 
trunk, BK runs, McDonald's CDs. HB-my ring, dances in Old Navy, mental 
man, the machine. KM-the KP dirty girls, violent games of spoons, salt shaker 
demonstrations. CC-Hendricken boys, NSYNC boardgames. CS-sippy cups, 
Barnstabilians, s-bomb, chalk outlines, generation gap, old school, fruit brib- 
ery, talking ii. in. mi,i-ii, ,i,i, fist shaking, puffy pants, mullet girl from Canton. 
JaB-1600, a seat behind me in every class. MF-late nite talks at camp, guy 
advice. SM-Britney Spears, everything Spanish, jrhigh soccer, being late to 
movies, Rose Cliffs, track convos, the-yearbook-guy-finding-game, dinner 
@ my house, skim milk, my math skills, rebellion, a car CM-96.1fm, deci- 
sion making skills, movie rentals, ET, mix tapes, Marvin Gaye. EJ-Dumb 



Flying Elephants, monkey face in a tree, cow cream, EGs locker frosh year, 
BNL concert, New Years, history day hand prints, xc boys, a ride home, our 
guy connection, xc video, "Hello World", 495 north or south?, a trip to AC 
Moore, Vermont, LYLAS, volvos. BA-online convos, a girl worthy of you. 
MC-friendship?...yes please!, art class convos, let us dance like children of 
the nite. RP-a twin sister, "love," omelettes, ice cream on your face, DMB 
concerts, a new car, NSYNC(on the floor!), a girl to keep you in line, punch 
buggy-no returns! !(haha). EF-my stupid pranks, Gettysburg, Pat the Bunny 
is a very good book, "are you having problems?", the lights are on, high 
school goals, Matchbox 20 concert, 1st time at DQ, Rich from Jiffy Lube, 
getting lost in Canton, "safety lists," acting as a mom, chocolate milk laughs. 
MG-friendly competition, reminiscing, convos on the trunk of a car, 
Gettysburg, outgoing-ness, "Banish the Boyfriend Blues," CLI, Nothin'But 
a G Thang, fire it up, a car ride-brake!, Boom 4 , BK runs, pool, sketchy Franklin 
boys, hot jeeps, Mel G, Zeenock5, frozen blueberries. LB-stu co meetings, 
art class, bottles and cans w/ PG+BG, boybands. JeB-chemistry antics, lots 
of laughs in English, notebook convos, Red Hot Chili Peppers, songs I write. 
EH-the cape, spying in the bushes, Horse N'Carriage, convos by the salad 
fridge, being rebellious. BS-cheesy valentines, xc, Al Green, pft-pft- 
pft(bottlecaps), Mrs. New-box-of-tissues. KL-"the nasty," Guster, Hallow- 
een'99, a Spanish journal. KS-MP crushes, car accidents, henna tattoos. 
Boucher-a daughter, many more championships, Vermont trips, Foss-thanks 
for introducing me!, xc everything!!. REBELS-boybands, jam, tubeing, 
sleepovers, heart-to-hearts, mix tapes, "OMM," Spice Girls, tons of memo- 
ries. VB+CB-The Cape Experience, sand dunes, U2 concerts, road trip to NJ, 
"Come On Eileen," thanks for always being there when I need you, I couldnt 
ask for better sisters. M+D-thanks for all your support and unconditional love 
you've given me, I won't ever disappoint you. 

Heather Bronsdon: LD- stalking at Dunkin Donuts. A Wedding Story . 5 ct. 
rings, so many memories, "beenies," love, happiness. JM- black 
beauty,morning runs for hot chocolate, mix tapes, random dancing 
(everywhere),KPIT. KO- ghetto babies,an amazing boyfriend.mullets. KC- 
all the hippy music you can handle,many unorganized trips,more memories. 
EH- Cape Cod.Xaverian boy,windy beach days,sun burns.a big hunk of red 
meat. BS- Maine vacations,a great sun tan,buddah bellies,flan,much love. 
SH- DD's,ree rees,yeast, a good man(maybe even Jason Wade). JB- my cow 
magnet, all my school work, "lick me" songs,parties, a wonderful future. MJ- 
YMCA dances,Plainville House,my lacrosse stick.a run in the pouring rain to 
Cumberland Farms,sa'mores,much happiness with Brian. RB- my eraser/'my" 
ring,machines,mental man,anything that has to do with baseball. LB- danc- 
ing in Old Navy,hijacking,many more smiles,hugs,lots of kisses. MC- 
Ralph,burning berries,a lot of laughs,much happiness. JW happiness with 
what ever you do, much luck, all our memories. LD- a lot of apologies. JG- 

Jen Brown: EA- the stacker. MLE- a friendly hi in the halls. KA- an alien. 
MB- tight hoods, Ricky Martin, Pack Up, the tallest girl & the shortest guy 
JB- gift wrapping skillls. LB- our story, C Run, my parties, the J&L party, 
shopping, KG's party (Mr. Bee), getting away w/ everything. RB, EB, EF 
MG, EJ, SM, MT- the beach. RB, KC, SH, JM, KO,- FF&RHCP concert (3 
ghetto guys, a hot man& Stefanie passing a test). RB- never paying attention 
in chemistry, a key chain, We'll forgive them- it's Friday. Facial Girls- a good 
time, HB, KC, SH, SJ, JM, KO, BS- mullet parties, a police scare, 5 in the 
bed, peanut butter. HB- leaving a note, we go to the bathroom together JBry- 
a rotten tomato, licenses. EB- cow magnet. Irene- Cover that temporalis up 
girl! KB- walking in the halls. AC- Star Systems, emergency animal crack- 
ers, The play, do you Talk to yourself? JCa- your 17th birthday party, bio, 
switching card names, JJ. JCh- cellular phones. HC- your old birthday pa? 
ties. KCon- Span, tutoring. EC- BoolPrincess of Slime! KCove- good taste in 
music, Dimensions. DD&KF- Simpsons art tile. LDo- our common bond. 
LDu- playing the piano in the NJ hotel, a party & a hockey game. CD- Me- 
morial Day BBQ. RF- prayers. JFitz- bonding frosh yr, Faith Hill CD, green 
& gold clothes. LF- American Pie. Jen(n)F- FSPA, raft, always winding up 
somewhere strange, getting yelled at by security (but 1 thought he just wanted 
the spot), 4 wheels are better than 2. KG- vertical tangent, lawn mower, sprin- 
kler, hot tub, New Year's 99, Boston, AS's parly, studying for Calculus, Let's 
Go, your party, dance video, it clicked, BBQ sauce. TG- swing dance, TM 
learning how to spell Philip, Church, SDT, Rocky, necklaces. SH- 5:30 night, 
highway driving, RRM, a new toilet. TH- Chops, whittling, tall & slightly 
bent, crow's nest, Cupcakes in the Mist, ice skating, your laugh, photo shoots, 
MEN, a long friendship. LH- SS Bio. IH- all the memories. KHo- families. 

EH- bio., BG, Diet. . . MJa- haunted house bday. SJ- talking at a party. MJo- 
a mentoring program. LK- a cat mask. BL- laughing. HM- tapping the truck, 
a 2nd accident, Jen's favorite cracker, a law test. EM- neighborhood memo- 
ries. JMcKay- license plate colors, bio, Steven, mxpx, Phyllis, my songs, we 
didn't start the fire, cvs binders, Col E, Jerry, Person who, "always thinking," 
Amazing, Bloody Mary, NY, Spotlight, Dave, the other 97%, Margarita, an 
unsplit flame, #109, stringy hair (RCMH), calculator, Plant Lady, lady slip- 
pers, a closer look, Bill C, champagne jelly beans, the CAV, gum, liter inci- 
dents, triscut& chips, LTFBWYTAGTFT. LM- surprise party, NHS party. 
SM- tooth fairy. JM- a big hunk of steaming Brownie, a 2 person dog, the 
clan plan. SO- talking in OT. KO- luscious mullet conversation, Oreo dessert. 
RP- The Sound of Music. JP- rolling quarters. LR- tallest girl at Starline. BS- 
becoming friends sr yr & 3 classes in a row, DMB. LS- JOLT! MS- your 
dance recital. KT- BYORB, being sisters, that's a little past..., making up 
dances, trips, Pawsox VIP box, pool parties, Full House, orphans, olden days, 
washing the floor w/ dish soap,AJllie,Emma& Mike, moving objects on bath- 
room walls. EW- procrastination, a bad Prov. trip, little yellow board, listen- 
ing to music, Jarod runs, I've decided plans, BPL man, getting stoppped by 
the police-what's in the plastic bag?, cheese&peach rings, Martha, garden 
party, country store (pickles), Tangerine car rides, All my Love dances, natu- 
ral highs, Vault (monopoly), my 15th bday, psychedelic kittty, orbit theory 
SERP, losing your bumper, 10 mph home, 85 on the off ramp, cranberries, 
SMB, Phish ticket, she wears white socks yet she enjoys printed. JW an 
illegal car ride home. JWind- 3 plates. 

Jen Bryant: HC- trends, voices, water & paint, cruises, long talks, a lifetime 
of inside jokes, Newport, Friendly's, "sure thing," "pewwwww," F Grub, 
Father Daughter Dance, our "mistakes," understanding, John Paul, "shaddup," 
spaghetti sauce, a go-cart, a ruined garden, our hot spot, singing to the Little 
Mermaid, Canobie Lake in the party van, curbs, our band, invisible instru- 
ments, good times, art classes, ug, deep secrets, playing Sega, "I'll never let 
you go Jack.. .ok bye," N Sync, Vermont, consequences, our memory box, 
sideburns, "whoa momma," a jeep, many memories, and an everlasting friend- 
ship. EV- O.O.B., the dragon, Newport, hazards, Geoige, the complex, $225, 
twirling hair, Josephine and some creamy delicious ice cream, "I'll wish I 
met a man," a trip to Ireland, sloppy shop, quotes, "Whoa house fire," a car 
wash, Shhmaka, "forget the bikes, come with us," YMCA, Y dances, a sweet 
psychology class. MJ- Sleepovers, barrettes, Y dances, a puppy, UG, Don 
Gomes, a fake English accent, a jeep and a mustang convertible, a Mexican, 
ET, spying, the ultimate shockers, Taebo, Sloppy Shop, Gilbert Grape & 
squishing bananas, Shaniqua, an eyepatch, a policeman, an aorangatang, 
Josephine & some creamy delicious ice cream. BEC- nights @ the rock, "you 
wanna fight. ..hit me," poems, the aftershock, odor eaters & a night to remem- 
ber, erotic mandy, bbbunts, cleaning lady runs, doofy, ciders, pool lady, un- 
derstanding, sweet art history projects, the Cape, BNL, long talks, robbing 
Deb's cabinet, a microphone, similar situations, random Tuesday nights. 
TUBES- sparking, our adventures, quotes, Nsync, Barb, Peachtree, "whoa 
house fire," hottie hotline, "I wish I met a man," rampages, tubies, driving 
aimlessly, Newport, Canobie Lake, Hampton Beach, washing my jeans in a 
puddle, my dolphin dance on the bed, sketchy guys @ the complex, sweet 
Abercrombie jeans. Flapps- sparking with tubes, Hampton Beach, Mr Hanky, 
fingerrrrs. Andy- a poke in the stomach, a goat, baby voice, chillen @ Jeff's, 
psychotic girlfriend, making me laugh, breaking down at South Street Mar- 
ket. BR- Walmart Runs, hunting gear, mall trips, Billy Madison, Big Grey, 
socks, massages, inventing "the mall," BT a resolution, a prescription. BH- 
eggs, birthday rips, sleepovers, rides to school, tickles, LHBP a night at the 
Super 8, and a bottomless jar of pickles. Courtney- a hand model, KM, 80s 
walk, "you wouldn't," J-LO, the Gap, Mrs. Carneir-o, President of the Fash- 
ion club, Daria, Full House, Professional Fortune Tellers, Julia Stiles, Helen 
Hunt, Sadd Dances, Monet, J-LO earrings. MR- "Dwiiiiiighhht", my lil com- 
panion, pondering, sleeping in English, the infamous 8th grade picture. Scott- 
scotty, feet, odor eaters, a great birthday, Big Daddy, BBB, special K, Big I, 
challenges, Babying, stairs, a sweatshirt, piggy bank,, nort, 
Sundays. Jed- a date, a new obsession, a trip to Marthas Vineyard, Yeeee 
hawwwww, a picture, Camp Bournedale, "pipe down," a tree fort, "cool your 
heels," a prom date, happiness. Darbs- Snarbs, Diibs, Sticky "your soo sticky, 
I'm stuck," Naked, hairnet, doofy, a balloon animal, cruisin in the jeep, 
Starbucks, smelly hands, art classes, and arm flab. MC- psychology and soci- 
ology, "the shoes," a never-ending game of football, and a good conversa- 
tion. JP- a French class to remember, Jed, and a lifetime supply of white 
markers. MM- Mikes, B. Clan, Onieda, a trip to Springfield, triple B towing, 

fun times at Wrentham house, puke green jeep, "you're just a little guy" 
"ahhhh Chill," arts & crafts. LD- junior high, Y dances, infamous sleepovers, 
"ahhh chill," Paul Hasenfuss, Joe Nagle, and arts & crafts. MB- a new boy- 
friend, our puppy, New Year's Eve, Vermont, New York, Eric and a night to 
remember. CF- BNL, "Can anybody hear me?", singers for Jon, "hello." LK- 
Dixie Chicks, BNL, laziness, our matching outfits, and all our art classes. 
DR- your best buddy. Kat- Katbag, Brewster country store, small check hunt- 
ing at WalMart, a sniping weekend, and a small fight. MD- Newport, Mat- 
thew, el pimpioso, Hampton Beach, a ride home from Chicopee, a small speed- 
ing ticket, Maffey, a trip to your house, Outback, a normal car, sleepovers, 
Mexican mobils, the typewriter, and my favorite friendship. 
Elizabeth Burger: REBELS- cookies shakes *to go*, band-aids, chicken 
soup and a movie, crumpled tissues, tubing, Stephs cliffs, What's upppp?, 
sandy beaches, jam... jelly.. .butta!, dropping our forks, Jeeps and Volvos, gold 
star, Burgerville the movie, "Math meetings," shaking fist and evil eyes, score/ 
erocs, awww Rebels, burning some calories, You guys will never know how 
much you have affected my life. You were there every step of the way when 
I needed a hand or a hug. Love ya lots! REB- Appalachian trail map, 009 
badge, Rebel "R," twin dream, poles and balloons, giving me millions of 
nicknames!, pump the smack, hey zeus!, SA's, mooing, cranberry bogs, just 
honk and wave, Malcolms and Ethans, cow print because itfe really leopard!, 
squeaky-squeaky, soup drinks and a dishwasher, put it through the machine, 
little Cory, windex cleans everything!, pots in the oven, Justin and Lance, 
cheating at pool, Spanish videos, invisible baseball, boca, 5am wake up call, 
TM in the backseat, April or May, earthquake!, early/late Sept-Dec. EMF- 
slave, sleeping in the dog house, Rebel "E," mad banana bread, poles and 
balloons (you had the original!), "special" people go in "special" rooms, double 
wedding to KB, wax paper balls, thin shirts, what theABC, overnights, His- 
tory Day endeavors, focus on Elizabeth Marie!, got a wooden spoon?, the 
sexy standard, go get me some lemonade!, Ken and Elmer, that's 35. ..urn no 
that's 30!, microfilm w/ EJ and WR, foster the idea. ERJ- Thanks for the 
nickname "Bitsy"!, Rebel "E," power of UCS, "The Rose," cry me a river, 
wanna cookie?, I am zee star go jump off zee stage!, pity parties, zipper bath- 
ing suits, pictures of JD...ME!, nobody likes you, what theABC?, go get me 
some leomonade!, History Day endeavors, microfilm w/ER WR, singing les- 
sons, smismoboskinfri, Justin and Lance, shaking your car, muscular backs. 
MKG-Excited?, Rebel "L," ski trip mode, opportunity at your door and the 
peephole, "Lean on me," heart-to-hearts, Spanish videos, fad (phat), cow print 
because it is really leopard!, fire it up!, Malcolms and Ethans, being analyti- 
cal, random drives, honking, floater, driving to the Cape, route 44, your black 
car that picks up jeeps, our poems, incense, soul searching, natural wonders, 
my sister forever! . SLM- PG, chipmunk peeing on us, research report.. .mines 
contaminated or somethin'!, queso mania, Oh I fogot!, lotion war, why is it 
so dark in the bathroom?, soup drinks and a dishwasher, hurdle corner chats, 
"Just do it!". SH, EH, HB, KaC, BS, KO, JM- sunburn party hijacker, shags 
parade, dancing around Old Navy, readjusting your eyes, floater. KB- Bif, 
Steven Q, supersoaker, Ralphy, Quizabeth, SNL, Spanish class (you saved 
my life!), jeep rides, car sound effects (err err), drat/tard, wickido, story game, 
sexy Ramon, captain's log, mockingbird, el nino, wonderwoman, my bum is 
on Kayla, why don't you just shut your big yapper?, homeroom, Irene. EH- 
trip to Boston, drama, bus/car rides, deliquent men, your Cape house, Ben 
and Jerry's, hemorrhoid cream, sentence games. KrCo- townies, physics, 
"Connie," our matching cords, different routes, Thanx for telling me your 
daily dramas! You always keep things interesting, jk. Much love. KS-mys- 
tery family relations, thanx for sweet 16 party and my first pet, Sheilas tech- 
nology, Dunkin' Donuts, Applebee's w/Brian, soccer camp (Diggles/Nigel), 
nobody likes you!, Quitter!, squirrel, ceramics class, noodies?... woodies!! 
chocolate covered stick, consuelo, I got sand in my ear!, cheese, ally-cat, wee 
willy winky, car rides (tractors, buses), verbal abuse, shalack, blue-eyed hunk, 
kicking your cat, the scrapbook we spent no time on, quiet coyote, hormones, 
henna. HB- homeroom, GOM, put it through the machine, mental man, sexy 
James, its just like baseball!, singing at our lockers, Irene, hitting mailboxes, 
sexy men, was it the Heather?. KaC- making fun of Lissa, ski-trip, fad (phat), 
cry me a river. BD- I am Chip Hazard Commando Elite, MTV marathons, 
Applebee's w/Katelyn, beach, Jack Jill and Jane, pedidle on the highway 
Rolling Stones wall, gel candles, potatoes, shags parade, incense, egging, 
your nanna's spaghetti, getting lost. BS- boom boom room, silk sheets. NM- 
The title of the coolest girl in the world, 3 stepping, pretty hair, the sole right 
to the North guys, not so secret crushes, goofy hurdles boys even tho^ 
they're great, my upmost respect for all your accomplishments and 



deepest thanx for the memories and your friendship. AB/JM- the air vent that 
sucked in our shorts, the rock relay team, visualization, hurdle corner chats. 
MM- moo/ruff, friggin', back pay for doing all your Spanish compositions 
and labs, ceramics class, making funny faces, Arsenic and Old Lace (Advil 
and Old Silk?), secret handshake, Ramon noodles, random phone calls, col- 
oring eggs, roller coasters (5-6-00 we got stuck!), Dayton '00, Spanish vid- 
eos (el poder de Rosas!), prom '00, singing Dave at the top of our lungs, 
barbie bed tent and Tim McFeelme, foreign accents, cool pink sunglasses, 
famous cable 8 stars, art class! Meg-a-lo-mania I am so glad that I got to 
know you. I hope you realize what a beautiful per-son you are inside and out! 
Luv ya babes! KF- roller coasters (5-6-00 we got stuck!) Puerto Rican ma- 
mas, I love you Selena wherever you are!, rummy, Prom '00, baked potatoes 
w/cheese bacon and sour cream, Dayton '00, Irish brogues, famous Cable 8 
stars. BR- He's not a pimp!, tellum/mullet, dog show, everything else from 
SNL, 2gether, 300 hurdles drill coach, hurdle sister, holey white t-shirt batman!, 
Birkenstock challenge, detective mysteries, cletus and 10 kids, tight shorts, 
awww Rebels, Justin and Lance, I shake my fist at you!, score/erocs, turbo 
turtles, call me, oh look I have to stretch, sugar overloads in yearbook, 
smismoboskinfri, max power does not abbreviate. CS- hurdle sister, Deke's 
sister's sippy cup, Barstabilians, detective mysteries, body outlines, tight shorts, 
9 kids with 10 different women, I shake my fist at you!, "bite me," score/ 
erocs, call me, turbo turtles, oh look 1 have to stretch. CH- "Buiger," hurdle 
sister, pedidle (w/BD, JM, BB) on the highway, talks about everything, squint- 
ing, our secret handshake, muscular backs. SG- cheesey Spanish motel song, 
green sudafed men, thanks for all the rides! 

Kayla Burt: LW-SA sleepovers, the vanilla ice cream, white water rafting, 
red, Friendly 's, doggy-don 't-eat-the-cookies-cookies, Wayne's World, record- 
ings, MC liking you, flugs, Hootie concert, No Doubt concert, the backseat, 
little league softball... sorry for hitting you!, 11 years of never ending friend- 
ship. EA-recordings, love-hate notes, deli cheese, variety shows, Hootie con- 
cert, No Doubt concert, all the cute drummers you could ever want, daisies, 
nine years of never-ending friendship. EB-Ralph, car noises, a not-so-secret 
handshake, your life (Spanish class incident), El nino, Spanish videos, a drat, 
Steven Q and Bif, a supersoaker, a bigwheel, a lifetime of laughing memo- 
ries. JL-If 1 could steal a star for every time you've made me smile, I'd have 
the whole night sky in the palm of my hand.TB-a ride to school, my car. BA- 
rides to school. SB-a boyfriend that stays straight...hehe, long homeroom talks, 
biting somebody else, to find out what drat really means, luck in everything. 
Andy Calnan: DG-You have my heart whether I'm here, or away, so I can't 
leave you something you already have, and you will always have my love. I 
want you to have my little red book, as it means so much to me, I cant think 
of anyone I would rather give it to. I also want you to have the million smiles 
that you always know how to give me, so that whenever you're" down and I'm 
not around, you can be happy. You've made me the luckiest guy in the world, 
and it's the least I can do in return. I'll always love you, and I dont need a 
will to tell you that. SK-A11 the mischief and mayhem that we have caused to 
the community. I also leave all the morally wrong conversations that we've 
had, and you can hold on to the fire extinguishers. I'll also leave you several 
300-calorie chunks that you can burn for me. JB-A11 the video games that I 
have, that you can't afford. My pink socks have to go to you. BS-You can 
inherit my taste in music. Chicks tend to dig things that are recent, as opposed 
to Billy Joel. AG-You can fight with Steve for the mischief and mayhem, but 
the soap is definitely for you. You can also take my collection of fat perm 
markers, the fight club quotes, and all my sound effects. MC-You can have 
my mad Photoshop skills; they'll get you further than anything you have in 
flash. CK-I have my rubber chicken that's going to need a home. You can 
take all my wacky gags with it. You can also have my beloved tiny god, and 
his fat pipe. I know you'll enjoy it. JL-We already gave you an Aye-rabb, 
what more could you want? All the loot for BB, and the other crazy stuff 
we've liberated. MT-You can have my stage presence. You need to get out 
from behind the curtain and shine there. HH-You can have your pick of my 
DVD's, and any of my liberated goods. GK-If I ever get a car, you can have 
that, but only if you trick it out. RM-I leave you my endless supply of off- 
color and dirty jokes, innuendos, and comebacks. God knows you could use 
them. MW-SIappy, you can have my hair. We're all tired of looking at your 
bald head. BB-You can have my Oscar Meyer bologna to avenge your car 
DE-You can have my mach 3, and all the extra cartridges. God knows you 
need them. RW-Man, I'm leaving you all my golden nuggets. I know you'll 
love them. A+S from BB-I want you to have the photos and souvenirs that I 
have from Europe. KM-My CD's couldn't go to a better person, Long 



live Gn'R. AA-You can share some of the golden nuggets with Russ. The 
Doctor- You can have my copy of The Big Lebowski on DVD. Lazarra-You 
can have my forwarded e-mails, I know you'd like them. Skenyon-I'd like to 
request that my bowling shirt be prominently displayed in your classroom, 
with a copy of the 10 Commandments of Skenyon right next to it. Mr F-You 
can have my Monty Python CD, and my Bella Lugosi DVD.Auto Paul-You 
can get the technical skills I acquired in your class. You 're gonna need some- 
one to do all that work without me next year DA- You can have my glasses. 
Now you can see when people don't write their English papers, and you can 
watch out for "uneven patches of sidewalk." EVERYONE ELSE-I ' m sorry if 
I forgot you, you can get my amazing wealth of cash money The good times 
are far from over, and if any of you ever need something, dont hesitate to let 
me know. I shall return. 

Jenny Capachin: To the entire class I leave my respect and admiration. I 
wish you guys could know what a huge impact you had on me. You are all 
great people with fantastic talents. I have spent the past 4 years trying to live 
up to all of you. BF-years of friendship, Bekah therapy talks about you- 
know-who. DH-driving the wrong way, it's not my fault. LB-accounting, talks 
about our men. Jen B-my 17th birthday, getting hit by a train, studying in 
homeroom. JB-all the stuff we probably should have done but didn't, talks in 
homeroom, instantly understanding me without a word (most of the time). 
TJ-got some money? I leave you all the money in the world so you can buy 
me candy. DK- hugs that have more power than you know. JC-Tad, four years 
of admiration, confusion, misery, happiness, regret, I wish I could tell you 
what you've been to me, what you'll always be. MJ-making me feel special 
for a month, being the only one who wanted me, thank you. SK-thanks for 
listening. *To my baby I leave my eternal love and undying devotion, thank 
you for listening and sometimes answering. Thanks for the memories, and 
remember if you smile for seven seconds your brain releases endorphins and 
you feel better, honest. HL-Cassius, I'll miss you. 

Maggie Casey: MM- a kindergarten friend, treasure tree, recyclable jugs, 
West Island, a mansion with Ducky, XC, AA, sledding down Sweatt Hill, VT 
walk around Burlington, sitting outsideAD's apartment, Singing Cecilia, NJ, 
snipers, a walk up to UVM, a car ride in the Morf, talk show tapes, hitchhik- 
ing, Judy's driving board, your trampoline, getting slapped by me, tire swing 
talk, Roadside Cafe, Statue war, Thanksgiving, OIB, a date with you and 
Brad, embarrassing game down the hall, your parties, obsessions, Polo, a 
visit to your Hr., DMB concert, push pops, trick or treat, a cowboy cool 
pictures, harassing Boucher, long phone calls, hair dye, DMB parking lot, 
random nights, quotes from Dumb and Dumber, EMs party, Good times in 
VT. next year! KF- corruption, the Allen's a sequel to Robin's Journal, drive- 
bys, playing cops, aFriendly's Kids meal, getting stuck in Toils, Thanksgiv- 
ing, Grape Juice, New Year's, Meeting Dave, sledding down Sweatt Hill, 6 
Flags, AL house-getting verbally attacked, sleeping at EM's- something in 
my back, a change of clothes for when you get sloppy driving Lisa, train ride 
home from Boston, Mr. Simarrian's class, online dance, Kiss 108 concert, 
Blair Witch, my stupid remarks, life size maze, a week on the boat, a drive 
through the baseball fields, Craigsville Beach, ride home from Hannibal, ly- 
ing down outside of HM's house, Bootleggers, a new back, car seats that roll 
up fast, a husband named Dave who has dreads and plays the guita* quarry 
jumping with the boys. NL- BL's party, ride home from BM's, bunk beds, a 
vacuum, Bootleggers, baseball games-yells to number 7, French videos, train 
ride home from Boston, Beach '98, N'SYNC 99/00, playing in thunderstorms, 
dressing as guys, gym class fresh, year, Deep Impact-no ride home, Living 
Room, New Year's. AC- call waiting, art classes, Buffy, my family room 
curtains, money, getting pulled over, a shoulder laugh, some gel so the fuzzy 
never appears again, quarry jumping, platforms, a razor, a punch. MG- a game 
of shadow puppets, getting stuck in Toils, a lock of the Babushka, s-talks. 
GB- a leather outfit and a motorcycle, N'SYNC tickets, a game of shadow 
puppets, a lock of the babushka. LH- holding it in, a train home from Boston, 
another one of "Lydia's stories," New Year's, English soph. year. BC- an 
intense XC workout, a great whaling partner, New Year's, XC camp, talks, 
eucalyptus leaves, a great senior year with no enemies, another year with 
Boucher-and him yelling at you, a shortcut through Wrentham State. JR- fun 
times at XC, XC camp, New Year's, good times at the Mackenzie's, eucalyp- 
tus leaves, a great senior year with no enemies, another great year of XC. 
KM- two wonderful years of Art, spanking the clay, 6 Flags, a date with a 
special someone, Band-Aids, WINTERFRESH! CF- car ride to VT, chemis- 
try, hockey games, MM parties, DMB parkinglot, a lighter in the wall, dance 
parties, Singled Out, EM's house, Mix cd's, good times in VT. next year! 

RM- keyboarding, Prince William, parties, Montreal, McClean's. RM- Of- 
ficer Mike, a double date, my toilet, French, evilness, Roadside cafe, Band- 
Aids, 6 Flags, some peen. MT- a morning visit to your locker, train ride home 
from Boston, BOB, B-land. JM- fresh, semi, a push up bra, English class, 
quarry jumping. KM- a story about Joe, Art History, car ride singing "Let's 
get it on." KS- a story about Lofa, the perfect guy Art History, art field trip, 
hugs at EM's house, a new job. JB- a football play, football practice, a foot- 
ball, psychology. CD- a party, New Year's, your head through BLs table, a 
dance in the family room with KF. CK- French class, Youth and Law, MF, 
CCD w/Terry. BL- a party at your house, xc, a lighter and lysol. GY- 6 Flags, 
rides in the expedition, a sharmuta, BK runs, New Year's, getting stuck in 
Toils, a party, all the money that I owe you, quarry jumping. BM- our Kaplan 
teacher with tapered jeans and long red hair SC- 3 more wonderful years at 
KP, the p.o.s civic, a clean bathroom. MT- Ghostbusters, aol, a polaroid and a 
40 from Andy. BH- second part of the trick. SG- an English video, French 
class, a perverted art table, a basketball in the face. D.R.-Steve Miller, sum- 
mer of '01, your pool, the gym, long talks, parties, rides in the jeep, Montreal, 
McClean's. K.V.-dance class, lemonade, mice, root canal. 
Jennifer Chillemi: Quintet-Luciano's, Brooks at 10pm, cheese log, match- 
ing outfits, "Where did you learn to play like that?", 1/27/00THW welcome 
day, chamber concerts, self editing, potluck dinners, Friendly s, LW cleaning 
pudding off of JD in the car, "Is it really that big?" "Yes, it is really that big!", 
senior center, our first paying gig, Shear Madness, sleepovers, photo shoots 
w/ Gail, the four greatest friends. JD-California, Maine, the trailer park, bum- 
bum dance in the elevator, your grandparent's house, driving everywhere, 
Gail no's, the whale's class, buck tooth beaver, "Don't touch," burning candles, 
the Ouija board, destroying your carpet, voodoo doll, falling down the stairs, 
walking into things, breaking my fence, the last day of school, burning your 
buns on my heater, your cold house, eating while driving, Baggy the Clown, 
the drive thru's, AP Chem, the meaning of art, edible bubbles, yellow lights, 
your hair for Soph, semi, getting sick on spiny rides, intestinal distress, driv- 
ing in the snow, talking on phone for hrs., living at your house, my gerbils, 
History Day and Spanish projects, turpentine pants, scraping wallpaper an- 
chovies, car sickness, double reed day w/ ice chunks and missing wipers, 
"friggen," you're my BESTfriend. LW-studying for AP bio, shopping, sitting 
in the middle seat of Old Blue, Boston and the "wowie" skirt, parties, under- 
wear shopping, locking up your maternal grandma, babysitting, talking about 
everything, your flaky moments, Cape '00, taking pics of hot guys on the 
beach, movie nights at your house, physics class, fresh, bio class, prom '00, 
you're my lucky star. LB-my Linda, George, your parents, church, car privi- 
leges, history day projects, homeroom, gossip, Rhapsody in Blue, your Chris 
Plummer episode, Dunkin Donuts, working in Cambridge, Buzzzzzz, you're 
a rebel, the tuba room incident, Officer Holt, sneaking you to see George, 
painting my room, your bad habits, hitting LW's truck, fresh, bio class, one of 
my bestest friends. THW-smiles, potluck rehearsal at your house when I for- 
got everything, being the mysterious valentine flower sending Jen, history of 
Don's Diner, our Blaise Pascal project in 8th grade math, stories about under- 
classmen, a good friend. JB-Miss Farnell's class, advance elementary band, 
Tippy, your waterbed, Walmart shopping sprees, running to catch the JH dis- 
trict bus, long talks on sleepover nights, missing '99 districts by 1 pt, March 
of the Marionette w/ JW and TL, working the coffee cart districts '00, band 
camp '96, sleeping w/ your clarinet and dropping it on my head, working 
hours at the Stadium cause of our parents, crying so hard we could barely 
walk after Giant's Stadium '96, a great friend. Hal-crying w/ you at Indy '00, 
seeing Mrs. S fall on the moving sidewalk, your wall, smiles and strange 
faces, our conversations about SW, band, semi '00, state house bus ride, see- 
ing you stare and smile at me everyday when woodwind rehearsal was over, 
lots of love. JR-Tildy, Periwinkle, meeting you and NS at Bridget's when we 
were 2, Miss O'Brian's, your dad being a "stage mom" at our first recital, 
Let's Dance, brother-sister dance, all of our sleepovers, the Children^ Place 
w/ Anthony, whiffle ball and soccer in your backyard, the biker men in the 
culde sac, Camp Bourndale, the variety shows, our cool white fringe shorts 
(Footloose), 6th grade square dance, your former neighbor, our guy code 
names, Red Hot Chili Pepper concert '00, Monday afternoon walks, CCD 
and our wonderful pupils, ihe "wowie" skirt driving to the wrong movie the- 
ater, Carla's and all your b-day parties, EGGS, fresh, world civ class, going to 
coffee houses to see AM, laughing so hard you need your inhaler, being a 
great friend forever. SF-your car, LW used dog, your disappointment in Mt S 
class about being 18, small ears, turtle and other faces, your dancing, Moun- 
tain Dew, your never-ending shaking, scary sneezes, prom '00, your outfits, 

all your frustrations. CT-5 years of MB w/ our fav. person, we are Mr. W's 
little girls and favorites, all of our stories, AP chem, anatomy class, fighting 
for our pics, concert band '00. TH-anatomy class, feeding me, rides home, 
lots of hugs and smiles. BF-fresh. bio class, yourTIDE t-shirt, my list of 15 
(and growing), the retreat, a harmless game of Connect 4 w/ Jon and Ben, our 
hike up the mountain and my fall down it, citizenship, my affair w/ Mr. S, the 
lock in, fresh, world civ, your understanding nature, all our laughter, a really 
good friend. To Everyone, I have shared lots of memories and happy times w/ 
you. I'll never forget you and wish you all the best. 

Josh Clark: DK-mashed potatoes, mullets in NH. HC-homeroom, farside. 
KC- Keiths, sock comps. JM- a ten foot pole. KC- a swift kick. SZ- the barn, 
rug scandal, the van, rugs, RFD fund, los hornos, hat in RI. RB-early morn- 
ing beatings, benker parties. HD-my sneakers from Indy MrT- my soul. KM- 
7 AM blues. JD-microwaves, cell phones, otto. MM-a donkey KS-you're 
wrong, very wrong. BC-Cheeseman, hotdogs. CB-low D.VG-a normal color 
sax. KD-NH house on lake. Stevo-251's. MB-shoelaces. 
Michael Clinton: JC, JC, KC, and EC-great homeroom memories. BB, DS, 
MA, JN, and JD-gym class. AC and CK-all of out fun in DYWand DT, with 
much more to come at MassComm. EB and RB-bum shots in adv D&P. BU- 
getting lost, and decoration my living room. LOTS of Dominos, "chode." 
EJ-memories, Les Miserables, telling me your lunch from work every day 
during the summer of '99. EG-trading Ninja Turtles, growing up together. 
GD-lots of respect for putting up with me and BU together KM-no more 
stalkers at dances. LB-nothing, you. .. SOPHOMORE, j/k, infinite friendship 
and memories of our two art classes. DN-the infinite title "LB." LD-clarifica- 
tions. SE-UO, CS, the Sims, handsprings, 2:00 laser tag inWalpole, Mobil on 
the run stops, Rockford, cell phones, Best Buy friendship since 6th grade, 
and a big fat chode. SW-my Stone Cold vest, Mario parties at my house, 
remembering FF. EB-cheek cells from sophomore biology. JC-2 new bumpers 
for the Golf. DD-home videos withTC, RN, and NI, great 6Cents memories. 
BD-a steady relationship. MF-dead whales. MG-good memories, like watch- 
ing "The Price is Right" while eating pizza. SK-fear Simply fear. RM and 
GK-drag race dreams. AC- Fight Club quotes. EK-all my thanks for the show 
in 8th grade. KC-lots of luck in the future, semi '99.CL-a man that will treat 
you like a queen. CE-a shower always open when you wake up in the morn- 
ing. KC-RlxHC shows. MC-carefree fun, it's what you love. BC-never change 
your hair, it's awesome! AG-all of my sweet lovin', j/k. MWa conscience. 
JM-battleship in Miss Ryan's class. DM-a special thank you for all your wis- 
dom and warmth. AG-a Viper and a good rank in the Marines. KM-more fun 
things to joke about, stories of getting away with soccer penalties. JP-DJ 
Punish T-shirts. CR and KO- car talk. MW-more lunches for you to stare at 
women. DW-volleyball. RB-friendship? Yes please! LK-an open armed wel- 
come to friendship. 

Kristin Conrad: AB & ES- the infamous dorks, "flashing 10s," closet to 
hide in, trampoline talks, convertible rides, Charlie's Angels, NY memories, 
schmobies, OVERSHARING shaving parties, caged monkeys, movie nights, 
mad libs, lifeguards, Plus one. JM- car rides to everywhere, hi sign, cute 5th 
grader, underwear shopping spree, a spare tire, trips to Spruce, dancing at 
Chuck E. Cheese Franklin Library, D-LO, pocket underwear, Viking Marine 
Queens. JR- purple, a taxi, burial service for my car, you drive me crazy, need 
a kleenex, Aimee. LS- Yoohoo Laoora, Wake up!, sleep, a guy that truly de- 
serves you, BB andTT's, driving lesson. AC- BFF 4ever, DB, stank's classes, 
Beast, a car that runs, Newport. SH- DB, boy talks, a block of dry ice, townies, 
ree rees. EB- designated townies, physics carols, hip hop classes, chocolate 
teddy grahams. JL- MSNBC kicks your butt, long boy talks. NS- Pennywise, 
a ride home, a cup of oil, a Henna kit. CH- Girlie Blonde, a boat trip to 
Bermuda, an open window at 12am, Peace out, Lysol. KE- SpaTky, white 
shoes (you've earned them), red hummer untinted windows, hole in the wall, 
water gun, a guardian angel, my bodyguard. JC- 3 more years of HS, my 
room (j/k), Donkey Kong, shotgun, Budha. JC- movie nights, slumber paF 
ties, a future presidency. EG- sophomore year. Market woman, whoa!, gar- 
den in the woods. EC, JC, HC- homeroom sock competitions. JS- Dress Barn, 
hot security guard, MH. LD- a "singles only"V-day party. AB- sugarlips, 
schmobies!! ES- Jesus loves you!, a smile in the hallway HD-"How'd yaget 
to be so sweet?" MJ, LD, LM- Spanish video, being "HOs" To everyone- 
Thanks for all the memories, laughs, and tears. I love you all! Good luck in 
everything you do! 

Kim Cox: BM-a leaf, forts, B's, Melanie, a screen to fall through, brother 
sister game, some weird food invention, jelly, my little pony, town spa pijj 
apple pizza, ceramics, Applebees, and a best friend forever EK-endless^ 



nights on my drive way and in my room, a purple jeep and a nun, our boat at 
Nicky's, some clothes of your own, a friend forever RM-corruption, DECA 
trips and some DECA projects done in one night, sleep talking, sleepovers, 
the wrong exit, and a friend forever KF-party train, my feet to cover. LT- 
party train. KM,KM-some wood to knock on, cheerleading memories. KK-a 
twin, 90210, girl scout camp, "old man's coming," "twins honor,"red hot 
stud muffins, some Mansfield boys, a friend forever SO-the Smith's, LL con- 
cert, LHBP (L'eggs), a shirt to change into at the movies, a friend forever 
MK-another "wonderful" year of cheerleading, someone to complain with, 
some wood to knock on. HM-a bunch of guys from other towns, a guy to 
fight over, Y dances, junior high memories, and a friend forever CDe-my 
attitude and dirty looks, my shoes to tie, freshman science (sorry!), a phone 
conversation. CDa-some "fun" memories. AC-something that never happened. 
CK-a trip to the mall, cheese, Chuck and some other sweet guys, a friend 
forever. JP-something to keep you warm, some one to complain with 
(cheerleading memories), a friend forever MC-three more years, a bribe, and 
a wonderful sister forever. 

Meaghan Curley: JM- Sexy American boyfriend, Jean, parties @ lil 
Johnson's house, Deca & SCHMETT!. KO- a night @ the mango, parties @ 
lil Johnson's house, stories about evil brothers. BL- ProjectileVomit @ Narcon, 
wait for it.. .wait for it...oww!, endless supplies of candy. SJ- jerky mcjerk 
face, lots of parties, coyote chase, always someone to talk to, mellow mood, 
Meaghan. ..rejection, little clay bird w/ one foot, Halloween (crappy and the 
dog), mucho gusto me Ilamo Bradley, road trip on your b-day. HB- RETAEH!, 
Ralph!, "These berries taste like burning," the perfect ball, ...nothing..., 
SHHUUTTUPP!, Do you have my math book?, parties @ lil Johnsons house, 
history jr year, Gorilla, Sexy American boyfriend, my worm crawled into my 
mouth and then I ate it. EA- my crappy Veagan, choking on lifesavers, parties 
@lil Johnson's house, always having a great friend to talk to, cheesecake, 
giant stuffed dog, SCROD! New Year's Eve, Halloween, Mountain Dew, pics 
of Benny, 2 yrs French, incredible Hulk!. KC- 4 yrs. homeroom w/Jackie, the 
necklace, parties @ lil Johnson's, New Year's Eve, Most evil satan I ever 
met, butterscotch beverage. RG- 9 yrs of friendship, prom, Halloweens, mall 
trips. LG- Mad TV, SNL, lock box, prom, trips to school, NorthEastern, look 
how high I go...AHH!, Taha, Tahee, the!, anool, anuu, anual!, RE BE 
Mexicano, 9 yrs of friendship, Al Gore Bob Dole and George W!. SB- 3 
whole days, a sound only dogs can hear, Irene, rich & babs, Helen, Paper 
Factory, BNL, Mad TV. LT- 13 yrs w/ my very best friends, "He said he was 
leaving me, No I said 1 was eating!", Spud died. ..want cold pizza?, Eves 
great!, Babe. ..Honey!, FPFT#, Papergirl, purple frosting the theif, parties @ 
your house, Danielle Fisher & Vanessa Fig, ceramics gross juice box & me 
breaking everything, a best friend forever, a shoulder to lean on. 
Chris Darling: Junior Class-John Finase. 

Chris DelGrosso: BC- love, hugs and kisses, walks in the halls, flowers on 
homecoming and Christmas and Valentine's Day, clogs, a rainy day at the 
outlets, chapstick, a picture, cards, KM's 9-15-00, MTV, movie nights, min- 
iature golf, a 5:10 lecture, a room w/o heat, a pink blanket, a song, a com- 
forter, hoots, memories, a camera, double stuff oreo's, fleece blanket, 
sweatshirt, Brown couch, clean shave, cards, album, a picture, low cut shirts, 
a guy to flirt with, dedication, trust. BL- a buddy midnight lumber comp., 
CitronV, Halloween 98' w/ BG, a babysitter, Preeve's mom, reindeer, cup of 
D&D water, a cat box, an ID, night out in Providence, snowballs on a roof, a 
rack, 45 year old punk, a Halloween w/ Sean, a new wooden table, Canton 
football game, mailboxes, trash barrels and a hockey stick, a slice, perks, 
steering home from big dogs, JG- Saturday nights, a slice, blue range; a 
cloudy room, Wednesday night funnel experiment, late night trip to Wendy's 
w/ BL, cruises, Chilum, sidecar, a rambling teacher, Birken-stock sandals, 
Febreeze, Best Buy cruise. BG-a cloudy room, Saturday nights, the Big Show 
a five gallon jug, cruises, the Jeep, gas money, C-notes, ripping in your room, 
a profitable business, the Captain, Febreeze, a buddy. GY- the chicken in my 
sink, a rag to clean my wall, ride to the gym, Seabreeze, Amanda D., solo 
cups, motivation, bearut. KH-steering home from Big Dogs, bearute in ga- 
rage, a ghetto couch, snowmen, FC, Dr's class. MM- Dunkachino, art class, 
the boardwalk, Stony Brook Bench, a fat slice. AC-Mrs. T's Glasses, rein- 
deer, wooden rabbit, Pop Warner Football, new car, backyard sessions, JR- a 
Dunkin Donuts cup, chilum, pillow fights. SF- Mrs. Pfeffer's gym class, driv- 
ing lessons. KC- D in Mrs. Lambert's class, DECA, rambling teacher, atti- 
tude, mood swings. RM- KP sweetness, DECA talks, phone call, trip to Phil- 
ippines, stupid girls. BM- Pizza Hut buffet, cruises in Camaro, wooden tips, a 
rowdy night at BL, thermogene, skips during physics pills. GB- reindeer. 



perks, ID, a night in Providence. MC- a ride home from KH party party 
nights. KF- New Year's Eve, a drink, FC house, a ditch, a dance, semi date. 
LC- snowballs in parking lot, dirty cooks. Kev. F- a zip and a Handle, boom- 
ing nights, a Friday before Feb. vacation. 

Jillian DiNunzio: JC- a best friend, the best vacation ever, Tijuana, 7 weeks 
to redo your room, paint tape, a hairdresser for the semi, a copy machine, a 
conclusion to a lab at 11pm, Taco Bell, The Beach, a VCR, escalators, TUMS, 
keeping your end of a bet, trips to Wareham and the "Taunton" mall, a dance 
for your confirmation, chemistry, a place in my house, yellow traffic lights, 
your elephant cup, Milano cookies and pizza Pringles, table manners, great 
Christmas gifts, dancing and yoga lessons, fabulous $26 haircuts, putting up 
with my parents as much as I do, breaking your fence, my carpet, "My Heart 
Will Go On," long talks, bonsai trees, getting your blue lamp, drinking your 
milk, nights out, the day you can drive me, same outfit days, "Jillian will do 
it," a nice warm bed, babysitting, chocolate milk, raisin whiteout, Poison 
concert, your account at the video store, shopping everywhere, dancing in 
elevators, my life, a thank you for everything. MMcK- 5 years of percussion, 
Riverdance, section leaders, "anyone got a hammer?", Spanish projects, no 
se, never-ending phone conversations, foigetting your gauntlets, the best pit 
ever, 10 perfect shots from the free-throw line, Muffy, your hats and scarves, 
not stressing, our own cars, sneaking out of hotel rooms, shrimp, all the laughs 
you've given me. KF- 100-degree weather with pink flamingos, a brand new 
marimba, Tori, yens for jelly donuts, garbage cans in the road, set 11, a chance 
at BOAfinals, a Dunkin Donuts open past 10 pm, surprise visits to Lucianos, 
"page protectors," the wave of my hair, driving on the right side of the road, 
cold apple pie, an indoor show without words and a gold medal for it, tri-pe- 
lets, mushrooms, teaching yourself Chemistry, Otto's tux, the best pit ever 
MK- seashells, a room without 6 layers of wallpaper, itchy shirts, turtles sun- 
bathing, shoveled driveways, the best pit, golfcart dates, semi dress shop- 
ping, hiding in your cabinets, bows on our dresses, an inspiration for art, a 
chance in BOA finals, parties on the beach. LB- co-ed dorms, the guts to 
finally do what you want, a Halloween party of your own, being "on the 
ball," tulips, your "pretty" necklace, a life-time at Dunkin Donuts, room- 
mates at BU, much needed and deserved freedom. LW- a guaranteed laugh, 
Caesar dressing, senior English, flying corks, matching socks, a quiet bath- 
room, a safe drive in your car, cleaning pudding off my lap. TH-W- pummalos, 
anchovies, going to the prom, my inspiration for writing poetry KV- potluck 
dinners, calzones, late night swims, sneaking out of hotel rooms, "Baby!", 
"handcream," watching the clock in the band room. CC- Scottish recordings, 
electronics, "step away from the car," "naughty," your obsession with 
Rachmaninoff. MM- the best semi ever, Bill Nyper, cold apple pie and car- 
rots, the best quadline and a gold metal for it, Donkey. The Quintet- a good 
laugh, Friendly 's, sessions with Mr.T, "is it really that big?", cheese log, a 
Brooks open at 10 pm, a senior citizen's bus, the best 18th birthday party 
ever, stop signs at Walmart, a ride everywhere, a gold medal. 
Brian Downing: LB-Road trips, Beach trips, Pedidles, rides home from Bos- 
ton, Eggs with Bub and James, the Hick's gun videos, chilling w/MM, BK, 
BD, JT, T, the snowday, the yellow submarine. MG-Softball games, V-day 
"00," my teachings. MM-parties, hockey games, pool hopping, the fat chick 
that said you were the best ever haha, the night, going swimming in the mini 
golf place. JT-The night, "Frank" kicked your butt, mullets, salty. JD-snowman 
tackling, pineapple stuff, apple cider. CL-"The Healer," the dime, stealing 
ferrets. MH-kleenex. BK- snowboarding in the center of town. BB- swab, all 
our trips with burger, "ferret," going to the beach, going to the Cape. JM- 
"bald eagle," ride home from Boston, the "pick up," Julie, me corrupting you 
trying to do the same to the hick. NC- trips to the beach, bbq, funway fire- 
works. CC- Tony Hawk, Asley next year, your gf burger, tea bag taby, racing 
(when I smoked you). EM- English class, breaking down, ride to NH, apply- 
ing to the worst school, not talking about you with JC.To my friends- Thanks 
for having my back (you know who you are). 

Lindsay Dumont: Linda-8 years of NLCC, piano duets, New Year's 
sleepovers, J.H. notes, endless phone convo's, sparkling cider, a lifetime friend- 
ship. LK-lst day of kindergarten, 1st sleep over, "hubba hubba Paul Daniels," 
roller coaster song- Caroline, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Cape Cod 
vacations, "squeaky voices," sledding downTrlsha's hill, Madonna & Tif- 
fany dances, "wow 16!", hockey games, friends forever HM-fighting over 
Laura, growing a great friendship, trips to McDfe and Normandy Farms on 
bikes, John Brachman and Jim Lanphear Dan-HUGS, "No!", "Ok," online 
therapy, car rides, cheesy movies, Beatles, Guster Justin-star watching w/ 
Dunkin beverage, heart to heart conversations, sneaking onto Katies dock, 

plans for England. Erin- "Simon Says," backpack across Europe, oiganic 
farmer, a can of seltzer water. Bethany-aka "Jessica," 4 years of drama, DECA 
junior year (ha!), "As the Deer," "you heartless...". Judy and Katelyn-I leave 
you Mama Lindsay, Giolshmetty. IH-flashcards, Washington D.C. and New 
York trips. SG-Drunk and Dancin Phil. ML-our fav. stores, Joe's Bar & Grill, 
future careers. HB-erasing sophomore year and extending our friendship over 
senior far. Meridith-chorus buddy, "No more shoes," eating is serious. Rosie- 
N'synco fish, shaking fists, pessimists in chorus. KG-my clone, wine on the 
cable, humus. Eric- "party all the time," big fake boobs, car rides. MC- Dirty 
Dancing, surprise parties, "Ozzy"! BC-16. KC-Spanish IVconvo's, anti- 
Valentine's chics. BD& Lisa-homeroom. Adam-my high school love. 
Kerry Feeney: MC-the Aliens, a friendly kids meal, cell phone, air fresh- 
ener, diary, online, the gym, Thanksgiving, drive-bys, officer Mike, snow- 
bank, a huge camera, random nights, nuns, sweet comments, ghostbusters, 
obsessions, getting yelled at at AL's house, not remembering what happened, 
a week on the boat, BK runs, Dunkin Donuts, feraky night at MM, waiting 
outside of HM house, peeing your pants, rides in expedition, train breaking 
down, Anne Proto, Y&L class, locking keys in car, something in your back, 
midget p-, talk w/JP, KG-DMB, the four seasons, the guy dancing at 
strangefolk, break ups that last a week, Friendly 's grilled cheese, Albany, my 
braces, talks about shocker @ lunch,AE, meeting Dave multiple times, see- 
ing Dave and not moving, all of our shows, trip to DE, the bunk beds shaking, 
funneling water, lying in the sun, long car ride home from Hartford, head- 
phones, Taylor spinning on floor, Jerome, boyd dancing, security guards. JM- 
Juanita y Juanita, all of our classes together, Mr. Espanol, Arrid commercials, 
football song, emillio, i'm sorry i'm sorry, hanging onto the pole @ DMB, 
Anne Proto, throwing skittles, running to lunch, OG, food, basketball din- 
ners, song we make up, art class, my lion, a fight over prom dates, help me, 
marriage w/DR, bananarama. JP-Mr. F's class, full house rap, EEEE, drama, 
hiyachicawaye, the pink boa, pandora, goals, physics class, the premiere of 
the beaer, "we the people" songs, Newport, Savastano's, Temptation Island, 
"can we leave," getting lost in Providence, Wyoming, flat tires, fin, nick- 
names, table dancing, desk fights, a walk down the hall not smiling, whateva. 
KP-office tech, umbros and old sneakers, Patriots game, premiere of the bea- 
ver, drama, Mr. F's class, field trip to Boston, "don't laugh at her!", tupperware, 
Spanish video, BOLAS, featuring da beav, hot pants, stalking people's houses 
during drama, "they call us babes in arms," AIM, a dewey bush, dolphins- 
dolphins... EG-Spanish videos, da bulls, it's not you it's me, sloppy peen, 
performing @ living room 8:15-8:18, our rap, OD, jav va va voom, deten- 
tions, da bears, Patriots game, hockey games, singing in the parking lot, da 
boots, beans, noises in Spanish, peety, math class, da beav, abba que abba 
quien, party train, BOLAS, waiting outside of L-stores, yo possiblemente, 
French singers, going to RM's house, dolphins-dolphins, come on you stink- 
ers. CH-a rushing river, math class, queen bee, running to lunch, throwing 
skittles, OG, Real World parties. GB-a leather outfit, jav va va voom, Spanish 
class, midget p-, beans. JB-art class, tanks, pants, new boat shoes. MJ-art, a 
story about Brian, "you guys crack me up", only 2 fights, ben and jerrys ice 
cream, my lion, cesped. DD-art classes, Simpsons tile, Mr Espanol, throwing 
stuff. CD-semi, a dance, mix drinks. CF-the Cape, plungers, "Christine, you're 
always thinking", big bangs, "u should be kicked in the head", m&ms and 
fritos, banging pots, an i'm sorry letter, breakup w/MB, Cpt. Morgan. SF-the 
Cape, sleepovers, plungers, corn masks, David? who's David?, m&ms and 
fritos, pro frisbee, writing a letter to Rosie, banging pots, ufos w/DM, tram- 
poline talks, "I think he likes me," big bangs. MG-snowbanks, "did I just say 
that out loud," talks in the expedition, Spanish class. KH-snowbanks, el 
grundle, noises in Spanish. CK-the Cape, bzz bzz, Geoge Washington, Mr. 
Barry, blimps, sailboats, 12 hashbrowns, dinner and a movie, golf club, a 
fight, your old cat, superbowl, New Year's, sledding, Mrs. V's class, Chrissy, 
Liz, journalism class, bike rides, perfume attack. LH-env. lunch talks, broken 
train ride, Spanish class, the Simpsons. LK-Tommy boy, Chris Farley mara- 
thons, deep talks about life. JK-a ride home from school, a car, good stories, 
a party, nice neighbors, Jimmy Buffet, long ride to Easton. NL-a soccer game, 
PAT, art class, broken down train, ice coffee, food, dinner w/basketball team. 
RMar-a windmill, x-games, video tapes, what were you like, crystal light, 
your mom, Mew Year's eve, Martha's Vineyard. AL-clean walls, an old boat. 
BL-chilling in your basement, party @ your house, manhunt, dreads in SF 
hair. RMac-officer Mike, Nicky's, car ride to Easton. MT-we'll see ya later, a 
dance party, fullets, fun times in math class, scary messages. GYthe expedi- 
tion, something on your antenna, sharmuta, "I don It like bee-", snowbanks, 
BK, Six Flags. AC-sleeping in Mr. Skenyon's class, Andyyyyyyyyy, office 

tech., strange noises. DerekR-math class, a marriage proposal, our funny skits, 
lunch menu. DarbyR-summer nights, derb, Spanish classes. MM-party at your 
house, sledding, obsessions, Thanksgiving. KJ & SK-the Cape, look a blimp, 
braces, sailboat. 

Bekah Fisher LB-our song "In the Light" at Bob's, Tiger Woods, memories 
of past physics beauties, The Scarlet Pimpernel, conversations with CP, Lin- 
coln and Jefferson. BB-our dancing, our bum. ..don't let his memory die. The 
Clarinet Section- my pencil. will need to provide your own one day to 
stink.. .it's a tradition that you must pass on. JCa-Tad (get over him!), Him 
#3. ..maybe someday, a good looking quality boyfriend, my lighthouse. ..I will 
live there one day!, my brain research (we will find a way!), the unfinished 
movie weekend, Shear Madness (I can't believe he kissed him...) 1945, try- 
ing to set me up.. .it'll never work, The West Wing is way better, score team!, 
the Newsies fetish, Rebekah and Jacob. ..a match made in heaven. JCh-Span- 
ish and calc, mental pictures, Monadnock, the 15 and counting..., I've got the 
brains but you've got the looks!, another babysitter scandal. DF-my sisterly 
love, Papa's spoon waking us up in the morning, sitting on that side of the 
table. SF- Providence. ..our lives are sitcoms. ..and other driving adventures, 
long evening talks, my lack of procrastination, my support, my encourage- 
ment, my pride in being your sister. DH-memories of past physics beauties, 
face stickers (they're still there!), my Star Wars pencils, the ability to see the 
energy, your dolls from National History Day. MJ-the mystery of the index 
cards, my buddy icon. HL-my letter from Grove City and No one's better 
than you. Except, of course, me. 

Elizabeth Flannery: REBELS-New Year's Eve 00', burning calories, ice 
cream & movie nights, Brittney Spears video, all sorts of rebelious times, 
forks on the floor, tubeing jam, JEEPS!!, the best 4 yrs ever, hugs to last 
forever. RP-bring home the bacon (spam). MM-Mirror trips in DYW flip, 
fliz, say it-say it!, braids. BS- Bioluminescence, soph yr(thanks), hockey 
boys, parallel relationships, clearence from the zoo. BR-getting lost in RI, a 
human blanket, piggy backs in YB, altoid talks in RB's car. SG- gym class 
fresh, yr. EJ- a memory of how we met, criteria, IMN cards, spas, "am I 
dreaming?", getting dressed up with no where to go, France, now & then 
nights, Dover Sherborn style, Cinderella, profiles, main trips, FB memories, 
hailty & faith (a steamy romance novel), boyfriend books, I blague you not, 
spit games, sexy French girls, brown eyed girl, hair dying @ 1 am, secret 
diary club, "late" night talks @ grams, send me on my way in the sprinkle; 
steps to sit on, dating twins, quick milk, "yes we are twins," everday is a 
winding road, French videos, Christmas Eves, the love of the green, Janet 
Hamm, summer going into jr. yr, hair pin turns, "it's the earth moving, not the 
clouds," "oh dear," a lifetime of wonderful memories. RJ- "I'm sorry" blue 
beads in Erin's room, thanks for saving my life, someone to practice your 
wrestling moves on. LB- French classes, "nathalie." KA- French classes, 
"nathalie," an issue of Women's World, orange juice,Sully, and that's another 
private joke that you wouldn't understand and that's another... BH- frozen 
toothpaste, an ordinary van, flowers on the island. SM- composure, a clif, 
bonjour bonjour..., journalism class, your spot in the hallway, the inability to 
walk down the hall, Batman & Robin, Beth & Charlie, the mob, sit ups, stir- 
fry, pace classes, "its going to come out," squirt gun attacks, a light in the 
nurse's bathroom. EB- a wooden spoon, a cookie shake *to go*, focus, the 
best middle names, too sexy-shock, the dog house, some food @ my house, 
the closet, your freedom, Les Mis, raman noodles, old & wrinkly (ew), hips, 
obnoxiousness @ the movies, burgerville, lemonade, blackmail pics, starbursts, 
101 rebellious things to do before track, loser in my car, KB, just foster the 
idea. MG- a missed bus the first day of 7th gr, good tears, follow your heart, 
the meaning of IMN, work, dancing queen, tanning when its cold, "I'm ex- 
cited," Dick? no Nick, car talks after drama, dirty dancing, my ribs hurt, let 
me clear my throat, Xaverian boys, "I like, I love em, I want em-just like 
boys," long phone calls, we are the best at everything, the mature one, Dairy 
Queen trips, I gotta go...I gotta go to the zoo, answers to all of your questions, 
is he retarded?, I'm gonna be a super model, a cell phone. RB- someone 
who's "like" your mom, RI trips, bunny, munchkin people, high school dances 
fresh year, labels, hypnotisms, pool parties, the zoo, matchbox 20, poles & 
balloons, can I flick that guy off? LGN. JD- your hat in the trash, thumbs, 
song #5, babysitting, a hug, live UU', Hampton (a bow), cam, kitchens, qual- 
ity car rides, pretty in pink. AD- a great senior year! SH- art class, drama 
memories. KC- some KP spirit. KM- 4 stars, a trip to Keith Island.AH- long 
talks @ work. JG- spit games in environmental. 

Christine Flynn: MM- 1 bad prom night, a cry, a trip to VT, a ride to SI 
box of PL's, "hairdresser chrissie," a boat ride, sunburn, 2 nasty guys, 



a long story, a secret, a real cowboy, a mess on my bed, an embarassing mo- 
ment, $75, a night of doing nothing, Down to You, a midget and his truck, 
laughter, an invisible squirrel, a free coffee, long talks about nothing, many 
great memories, a long lasting friendship, and a BFF! KG- A wild trip to VT, 
a trash can, a sketchy bathroom, a messed up crossing guard, a school that 
offers a major in directions, an aggravating car ride to Phish, "a nice looking 
black boy," one bad night, a glass of water, breastfeeding, a BI, one bad trip 
to the doctors, a regretful goodbye, a night w/MN, a really bad bruise, a flow- 
ered bathrobe, a pair of long Johns, a memorable car ride home fromAD's, 
the shivers, a crushed bush, one crazy vacation! a hole in your wall, a sister 
look alike, funny times, memories and a friend for life! KF- 8th grade memo- 
ries, futuristic bowling, a set of pans, a pair of plastic snow boots, a bad meal 
at Friendly 's, walkie talkies, a funny apology note to MB, a prank call, a 
plunger, trip to CC, a sunburn, Capt. Morgans, Santana and RR, a really stiff 
neck, so many memorable memories to last a lifetime. JM- A junior high 
relationship, a laugh, a juicy secret, MM's driveway, a trip to Office Max, 
Mission Impossible, a phone call, a regret, "eww, soo, no!", a hug, and a 
friendship forever. NR- a fun night at KG, a pair of plum gloves, an apology, 
a really big hug! RM- so many good times, orange couch, Gold Fork, laugh- 
ter, late night phone calls, a really big hug, Cali, all my love, a friendship and 
connection forever, a milkshake, trapped door, car ride, making fun of JR & 
NM, a best friend, jokes, TV, a good time, jean monkey, future max. JB- A 
trip to CC, long talks on your lawn, JF memories, 8th grade times, your punk 
stage, Joe's Rock, a slammed finger in the van, fun times, a pancake or 2, a 
laugh, many memories. AL- A trip to 'cuse, a weird Indian farm, another 
ticket, a fake ID, a good time, a FPJ lookalike, a free drink, a Northface 
jacket, a crazy frat party, a random story, the girl who looks like Bucca, many 
good times, an itchy nose attack. MM- A very hot-hot tub, red legs, a game of 
Tony Hawk, the word NEAT, car rides, a trip to NH & MN, a laugh, dinner on 
the table, LIZ, a sister for life, a great & fun senior yea; many great memo- 
ries, peace out my brotha. MC- a stolen CD, our fav. person, a trip to VT, a 
lighter in a hole, a trip to SB, a party, an obsession, action, food, gossip, 
straight hair, an awesome body, a drink., a $75 towing fee, a good laugh. JM- 
a very strange bra, bombs, TEIA, gossip, Mrs. DeLuca, an A in math, a high 
five, a good voice, platinum teeth. EK- white jeans, ice rink, the barn, a dan- 
gerous lollipop, gossip, gossip, Brema Face, sex talks, gymnastics in your 
mom's room, Chinese waiter. JP- Quides, Eugh!, a bunch of nerds, stupid 
questions, laugh Magistra Chilson, DYW a really hot man, good luck, happi- 
ness, a sad movie, boy talks, a gross story. 

Stefanie Flynn: EK-barn memories, a wild goat, slap in the face, some scis- 
sors, 2/22/01, some great dancing, a good paddle to the bum, some long talks, 
a ride in my dad's van with a lawn chair and some tools, ara awesome road 
trip. RM-a stromboli, a chicken dinner from table for two, a late night run to 
Dunkin Donuts, roller blades with a long skirt, singing in the car, a road trip, 
yo mama, English class, the pull out couch, a haunted room, a ride on the 
motorcycle, a good set of bangs, and many years to come. JB-lawn talks, a 
fall on the dance floor, a good squat, a walk from PC's house, Sunday break's, 
a box of lemon heads, clearasil, a song by Samantha Mumba, Cape Cod trips, 
2/22/01, some big mama calls, I'm pretty skinny I can eat nachos whenever I 
want!, a great friendship. CH-2/22/01, an evil face, some cheerios, a night at 
South St., a tan, a date with Clark Kent, gym talks, Junior Mints and gold 
fish, temptation island, some good Providence trips, an elliptical runnei; many 
more Providence trips to come. AL-a few good rides to Cuse, "you gotta be 
quick with me" calls, a walk up Sweatt Hill, JOEY some boots and a hot 
outfit, a recyclable lunch bag, a sweaty shirt, pong.AC-some great conversa- 
tions, weirdo calls, some good boyfriend tips, money a job. KF-Halloween, 
some pots and pans, homeroom, LosAngeles and Friendlys, some good laughs. 
BS-2/22/01, Challengers nights, a run to McDonalds, sneak outs, ants apart- 
ment, the bus move. KK-the spirit, field hockey camp 00, the yellow shirt 
with a hood, some good come backs. SO-Big mama calls, big ballooga, field 
hockey camp 00, good eats, a study session, some good laughs, road trip 500. 
MM-the horse, ML, jumping on the trampoline, Bryant and some good food, 
a lifetime supply of hair dye, the town truck night. 

Steve Foulis: CB- a bari sax and 3 fun filled years of playing it. LW- a used 
dog, a game ot strip padiddle, conversations in our science classes. LF- Physics 
class discussions, a lifted shirt. CT- the "hi-ing" face, all the great times 
we've had together. PT- a new bari player without my natural vibrato. RB- a 
severe beating for breaking the trophy. LB- the 2 points you always beat me 
by, all those great conversations/arguments we've had for the last 6 years. 
JD- a microwave, radiation, and all those other good things that Gail 



won't let you have. JC, JG and KS- a bill for all the money I've lent to you 
and never been repaid. JB- Grover the Frog, Cornelius the Pig, making fun of 
you-know-who in anatomy w/ HL. JM- "You are wrong, and I am right." JC- 
the brain eating scene of Hanibal, someone new to torture, all of your 
encouraging pieces of advice. JF- a fun senior year in high school. 
Emily Ghosh: KP-sweaty "BOLAS," 1st day of John Smith soccer camp, 
Virginia cowboys, crow's eyes, Alana & Phil, the Cider "Jacks" Rules, Bush 
Pond rippa on your back porch (singing), a grandpa's belly, parking lot fury, 
the Real World controversy, featuring da beav, sofa cushions @ UMass. KF- 
mister-misters, beans, sloppy pene, "Yoquiero bailar!" da.. .Bears, Bulls, Beav, 
etc., 3 min. of recording time, "Yo honey dis be wack...," 'ing'-woTds, Break 
it, Take it, Have it, the I-mights, "Yo soy Salvidar," jav-va-va-voom!, "Dol- 
phins," a stop sign, "Come on you...stinkers!," office detention, ser las pelotas 
en espanol, shredded up box of lemonheads (Petey). JK-Michael (mile high 
club), Veronica, Petey @ Jimmy Buffet, new neighbors, Irish roofers (the 
"damn" thing), saucy games @ JB, summer fun, trips toVT, Sweden, Conn., 
Providence, older men, Subway, Girls' Eye View, blue-streak, miscellaneous 
dialogue, the bet, the best jokes. CH-chem. study group, an F on the final (I 
want to see proof!), Raja, a little rascal, plump earlobes, study sessions @ 
Howards, "o-oh! Do you have to go to the bathroom?"AH-trips to the "gym," 
slaps on the * !6, girls' nights, prom night '00, "My momma says I'm a man!," 
"You're messing with the wrong chick!," cruises in Jasmine, acid, "No I'm 
sure, his car is right outside!," "You little rascal!" LH- a dungeon, a gutter, 
the view, a large pizza minus 2 slices, "I wanna dance tonight," communities, 
getting some shut eye on the way to soccer camp (in Rhode Island), bustin' a 
move, "YOU are beautiful," God will save us, "Happy *!@&%# NewYear!" 
JM-private lessons, triple date, the "perfect date," island hair, girls' nights, 10 
year olds, a corsage in a box, the bears, the clones, sputnik, moving in on the 
track kids, "You have $ don't you?," Genna, getting #'s in Hull, "Cha Cha- 
Cha," the weapons, "I can make you start to SMILE," "I'm not 15, I'm 17!," 
Easy "L" access. JP-party hopping at 2:00 AM, possums and other various 
nocturnal animals on the road, pickle, bur-bur (named after my great grand- 
mother), Ainsley, "Metallica Rules!," "There's a little bit of Nunz in all of 
us," butter, featuring Grand Master P, rhythm section @ hockey games. RM- 
Officer Mike, odd, formations out of soccer balls, the pit lounge, "Wre 
!@#$% A & in Easton," free drinks, "no pancakes for you!" MC-front row at 
Bootleggers, "hot bodies contest." CK-ghetto clothes and a string bikini, cor- 
ruption. KH-Juan, stolen batteries, my shoe in a box. KB- leavening agents, 
Garden in the Woods, random comments, bulkhead, the sketchiest night of 
my life. KG-getting hit by a sled @ Craig's, groovin' to Sublime, a tanning 
machine. BG-a ticket out of this school. AL-waitress @ Applebee's, arms 
popping out of Shruberry, Sweatt Hill, a tanning machine, Ron, training for 
the season, lucky dance. KC-Garden in the Woods, chorus sophomore year 
(market woman). GB-beans, Jav-va-va-voom! EK-survival gear, something 
cute. CH-lst doubs freshman yr, Goldstar, Sunapee, squirts, talks in math 

Stephanie Gilbert: LK- field hockey camp talks, braids, Maine (the way 
life should be),911 calls, sketchy situations, B-R ice cream w/ black jimmies, 
logical shipping, stair fright. MT- Prince Charming, Terry Crocker's breakfast, 
my mom, a new VWCabrio, steamrolling, Applebee's chicken finger basket, 
a new cell phone cover, Lynt pronounced Susan. MJ- a houce in CA, a new 
car (that's not plum maroon), a boulder, flared nostrils, Heath Fletcher, success, 
Bob Marley lives. JN- field hockey bus rides, use both hands, sleepovers, the 
way it used to be, VW bus and gas money. JF- Fridays, free time, French 
projects, Irish cream coffee, "flowers," the walk from French, evilness. ML- 
Monday, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun. MG- Locker memories! LB- rides to 
school, cheesy Spanish Motel song, Guster, Dave, Green Sudafed Men. KL- 
foggy windows, driving to work, nicknames, crimping my hair, non- 
mechanical men, jelly. CH- Anne and Diane! French forever! MM- 
reeereereereeraaa, Monster ballades, Dayton Dance parties, Johns sleepovers 
on New Year's, lost underwear. KM- my lip gloss, Tiarra, bowling shoes, a 
boy in the bubble, curly hair, a good prom. KV- galloping, Jazz Dance, Dayton 
'00, evil chats. ES- British accent and field hockey! MC-Art class! perverted 
table. RL- a quick two years, bus rides, good luck. KF- eyelashes,Tuesdays, 
a soccer ball, track shoes, mohogany pianos, epiphanies, an understanding, 
Istanbul, bus rides, a place and time, the scent, ani dance. 
Kaela Goldstein: THW-cheese, Wednesdays, the Ferris dance, the cat walk, 
"jack-knife!", lip gloss, the Cat Steven CD, better directions, payment for the 
long-distance phone bills and food costs, DCT a broken screen door, "Wasn't 
Me," cardboard pancakes, History Day, the frigid Cape, frisbee and 

kites(depending on the wind), bottled water, a bathing suit!, and all the thanks 
for everything. EMW (I)-a punching bag, engine oil, slow eating vegetarian 
dinosaur, dropping spoons, "nibble-worthy" ears, a cowboy Edgartown walks, 
a properly configured hammock, History Day, an endless supply of organic 
fruit. MEK-parmesan cheese, soft(non-wool) mittens, possessed kitchen knife, 
extra cabinet space, better walls, Wednesdays, compensation for all the 
"lumpy" 1 caused, driving license, corny jokes. JRB-"Creata' Potata," the 
discrete calculus notes, a fixed screen door, reduced fat oreos, a gold star for 
your patience. LEF-movie nites, a permanent cat the longest history, pita!. 
KWF-motivation, many more hours of sleep, "Bobby Delite" and "Keith 
Dreamy," DCT, matching outfits, midnight swims, green walls, fading Christ- 
mas lights, the new moon debt, a bathing suit(or not), orange juice, trip to 
Tibet, the best of "Combat Girl" and "Rock Star Chick" and "Show Girl." 
EMW (ll)-5 extra minutes in the morning, empty juice boxes, ski trips, pita!. 
CC-dance lessons, driving lessons after dark, the "lost" keyboard, ghostly 
shoulders. LMB-the evidence tape, dance lessons. LMD- "FreeYour Mind," 
my clone. JP-Mr. Goldberg and Kaela impersonations. KG-a drug store(aka- 
my purse). RM-ice to chew. LH-"rigghhhht". FAB FI VE-I leave all the memo- 
ries of all the years: from campfires to Boston and everything in between. 
Josh Gould: EH- All four years. CD- Saturday nights, Wendy's, DMB. DT- 
skippin' S's class. Corky- Montreal. BG- My high school diploma. JM- My 
mullet, DECA, Turtle. KC- Nicholas. Crack- Cruises. KM- Cruises. KM- 9 
with a 1. TS- Metal. JC- VW filled with snow DM- all the good times. JW- 
September 26. MG- locker buddies, Ryan Blaise. HB- S x E. LD- Excel class. 
SE- North track girls with Sprite. 

Melissa Gray: REBELS- jeeps, jam, Bickfords, New Year's '01. RB- sum- 
mer driving, cotton, Lindt's, frozen blueberries, randomness, nuttin'but a g'- 
thing, zoo, biology notes, good old fashioned fun, our outgoingness, 
Gettysburg, xc, rock, competiveness, ironicness, human pretzel, DMB, SC, 
helado, imaginary baseball, back car convos, 1 month breaks. EB- soul sis- 
ters, heart to hearts, road trips, summer, the beach, maps, cheap gas silent 
conversations, mix tapes, magnetic poetry, ski trips, Gettysburg, Take me 
there, DMB, Phish, traffic, beeping, Wampum talks, opportunity knocking, 
peep holes, Cape, my 1st archer, Marco Polo, fork droppings, the perfect day 
art fest, natural wonders, soul searching, Hello World, Spanish, being on the 
same page, knowing me better than I know myself. EF- missing buses, good 
shirt days, too little for hs, Dirty dancing excitment, crying, heart to hearts, 
Xaverian dances, sleepovers, I like um, I love um, I want urn, mature one, 
flirting, summer training, quality hs days, tanning in the shade, Gettysbug, 
zoo, Dairy Queen, dish washing devices, we are mixtures, MissAmerica, 
bookends, silently observing, gym walks, limbo gals, Is Jaron um retarded?, 
drama goals, too much, auditorium seats, concerts on the common, hot choco- 
late spills, puffy dresses, Raschel's, whack it, change is good, puddles, 
Adirondack, long phone calls. EJ- xc sisters, History Day Boston, coziness, 
French braids, strawberry cheesecake, Xaverian dances, orange pass, limbo, 
my 1st archer, Marco Polo, drama, Northfield perfectness, Vermont 00, Cape 
trips to Ems, car beepage, boyfriend in a box, state school runs, our peaceful 
tree, Time after Time, 1945, Anthropology, Salzburg cookies, Dawson's Creek, 
my fellow short person, ballet, center stage, unsung heroes, track capts. SM- 
track gals, Drop Dead Gorgeous, fireworks, espionage, AP history, stress, 
environmental, smiles, track capts, falling off cliffs. EH- Robin, chem. buds, 
Cape gals, the beach, sundae school, hotel swimming, Josh connection, pick- 
ing up boys, Miami beach bums, AP history, eye candy, Barnstable fairs, 
Salve Regina, Newport Mansions, no stress, surviving high school. KL- key- 
boarding, xc training 10th grade, my naivety, driving lessons, laughs, Span- 
ish videos, health class, never ending teasing. BD- scary movies, semi confu- 
sion '98, cd shopping, Valentine's Day 2000, Softball tournaments, mix tapes, 
teaching me. SH- Gypsies, chicken noodle soup, English, Esther Jane and 
Helen, Homeroom 120. BP- Adirondack summers, rides home, KFC, paying 
for a date, Friday nites, the semi '01, Dawson's Creek, chick flicks, mall 
trips, game shows, apple juice, never ending good byes, making me smile, 2/ 
14/01. KaC- Who brought the cool girl? Ski trip 99, That's phat, health class, 
Framingham boys. KO- kaleidoscopes, Pact. JM- dance class pictures, Ems 
Cape house swimming, your funniness. BeSe- Spanish all 4 years, xc slow 
runs. KeC- Spanish, teen mass, CL1, Lock-in, heart to hearts, Gettysburg, IPS 
partners, Pact, health class. SG- locker buddies, insightful chats. JG- locker 
buds, setting me up, laughs, the Cape, spring track. ScM- the matrix, drama, 
our scene in front of drivers-ed, icecream robberies. EK- our personalities 3/ 
2, Leo's, sc, track, everything else we do, outdoor captains, being stressed, 
our never-ending calendars. KK- 2nd grade crushes & curls, student govt 

10th, your cousin the priest. JF- waitressing, FSPA, sledding, Xaverian boys. 
MJ- Spanish, video projects, my yearbook page! making you oganized. RP- 
xc, DMB, our newspaper, Zeenock 5, your window seat. JR- our bus stop in 
jr. high, the lunch group, dance with Miss Melanie, 2nd grade gals. MW 
fresh gym class, Sat nite dinners, Hood cookies 'n' cream, dance recitals, 
baseball games. DD- Derek w/ck, your band and boys. BL- drama, sarcasm, 
cuteness, rabbits, Aunt Tilly. MB- Dopey, attencion clase la tarea es, failing 
Ap Calc. My Art- table, songs and the best drawings ever My xc/ track girls- 
you mean the world to ome, thanks for helping me realize that through pain 
hurt and exhaustion we become one team united. May the passions live on in 
your hearts forever, I'm gonna miss you all so much!!! CG- Best of luck to 
you sissy. These past years have flown by! Remember when we were singing 
Kids Inc songs and now you're in hs! May you follow in my foot steps but 
begin your own path!! I'm going to miss you so much, honey Remember 
follow your dreams, luv ya. Mom and Dad- thank you for everything, I would 
not be the person I am today without your help; you have given me life, 
happiness, and hope. I love you forever and I dont know how I am going to 
survive next year without all of you! 

Matt Griffith: AC-rides, pocket change, slice of pizza, rats, t-shirts that fit, 
indoor soccer, Willow and Peck calls, acorns, ice cubes, a Harley, rappin 
skills. GB-friends that accept you for who you really are, math helper pool 
tournaments, protection, a closet door to open, Ronda, slim fast, athleticism, 
braces, BK runs, senora, a steady relationship, "remember to knock,"Toile's 
End Hall of Fame. KH-times with Studderin' Pete, successful hunting, Bambie, 
stories, soccer memories, death matches, bowling skills, rims for your car 
raggin' on Javy, a guitar to sleep on, a singing career. AL-bio videos, worldly 
advice, tennis skills, my .260 average, snowboarding frustrations, math class, 
History Day. BL-anger control management, sleepovers, Bond, a car of your 
choice, chillin in the basement, veggie whoppers, running shoes, abs of steel, 
babysitting on New Year's Eve, great rips. MT-blue jeans, white shirt, pimp 
face, another cup of juice, Red Sox tickets, smaller car, a day in the ghetto, 
the bench press. SA-pop-ups, dieselness, "You can call me Eddie!", wack 
wounds, your new house on Madison St., cookie nips, straightA's, your very 
own Star Market, leaping ability. LH-your #1 fan, AP Calc, a peck on the 
cheek, boats for cars, burping, the Baby Shocker, camp tournament champi- 
ons. NL-fan club for life, math class, bundle of grundle, Camries, designated 
driver. MC-the Babushka, a razor, 5 inch soles, Economics, aol chats,Teacher 
of the Year Award in the future, digging out the Expedition. RM- "I hate 
you!" calls, privacy with George, another New Year's Eve together. KM- 
Tyson, Mr. Fisher, Barbados, apologies. GY-a bigger car, Toile's shoveling, 
an American wife, citizenship, ultimate frisbee, happiness with the Mobile 
Midget, a ride in shotgun. JM-control over the freak, body fat, sarcastic jokes, 
the prom, question and answer sessions. KM-soccer memories, our friends 
from Stoughton, driver's blind, a slap on the %#$, perrywrinkle blue, 
SWEEPA!, an older house, road kill. KL-strawberry car fresheners, all-you- 
can-eat BBQ chicken salad, double whoppers, toilet paper, the 5th, shooting 
stars, flowers, Winterfresh gum, mini golf, bowling, ice skating, the Scary 
Man, the old man, DMB, tickling, yellow t-shirts, snowball fights, the beach, 
a career in math, Frank Sinatra, 'Hike you,' a copy of Braveheart, a date with 
Mel, a house down south, all the great memories. 

Brian Gulino: MM-a dog with the leash you're on, time to hang out. KF-the 
worst date ever, time to talk at Mahoney's house, a dog with the leash you're 
on. JP-My ping pong table, a fat dip. EK-the best prom date. KG-4 years at 
Feehan, fights without me. BC-Halloween without me, bag fat dip. CD-more 
trips to Springfield, more times with me on the bed. LT-a place to stay. 
Brendan Halpin: BA-the mode, dirty south, Coach Hearron, new mailboxes, 
double cheese, two girlfriends, grand marquis, Bubicar Samb, Pins, a shotput 
that wasn't to be, S.T. GS-new timbos, a crushed ankle, "oh god," oggie, 
Jose, Antoine, mvp 2001 xc season, Coach Hearron, HAsien me!, Santamado, 
The Simpsons, "That's enough Gill." MM-Hurdles, Bill Myers, lol sick, out- 
door meet vs North, track meets, a victory in madden 2001. JM-movies, notes, 
a tough sport, my sweatshirt, stone cold, wrestling matches, New Year's Eve, 
snood, The Simpsons, Blue Man Group, A fun Valentine's Day gift, the list, 
visits at work, chocolate syrup, phone calls, salad and rice, my Valentine's 
Day present, golfing, an email, good cookies, my favorite pink sweater, a 
foot massage, vocab tests, my trust and respect. MK-lists in the doctor's class, 
brains!, Seinfeld, Bob Sacamano, Uncle Leo, "whatfc the deal with ovaltine?" 
GH Bass. JB-an older maxima, boggles, one slap, fights in environmental, all 
my homework since third grade. MP-my xc skills, paintballs, backyard f^ 
ball, good xc season, chicken parm, pool. MS-a former job, my 



maxima, a system, knee boarding. MS-longest jump ever, attitude, fights, 
bimbos, drivebys in the Caprice. NL-a job, a 1 on 1 game of bball. PG- 
Paintballs, someone's mom, free shoes, groundation, a Halloween assault. 
DR-a depleted shotput team, big jon. AD-a legacy. JM-quickness, "Joe it's 
me." JH-good luck. CS-a chipped tooth, the line, 3 pointer JG-the mode, 
hard work at practice. BR-lol sick, nuh, round 2, basketball games, tree!AM- 
my homework, "easy buddy," dlo. MK- dlo's class, sleep. HC-tim's, 
breakroom, shananagans. MC-the second part of the trick. RP-North girls, 
prelude, elude, lude, ude, bk, mad peeps. JB-track, Bay States, using his car 
in spring. MR-shadow North girls. 

Stefanie Hayes: KC- ReeRees, cold H20 bottle, Applebees, Guster, keys to 
my house and car, Lucy, horns, convos, butter, crocodile hunter, grocery 
shopping, a navi, Espanol videos, dave + lifehouse shows, Satan, woods/ 
hills, Demenshen's, stop wearing my clothes, weird movies, road trips with 
Ben & Jerry, H20 rafting, wheelchair, McD-was that u? who spilt the drink?, 
singing in the shags, testing skills, aloe parties, bumper cars, charity banquets, 
waking up to surprises. JM- trainee certificate, ski lesson, referees, stoplight 
dances, mullets, 5 in a bed, the fam, water, photo shoots, prized batmobile, 
charity banquets, smelly hogs, my laugh, ice coffees, treds, big balloons, 
beaches, wheelchair, freak nasty, hbo, ghetto babies, tissues, dave + lifehouse 
shows, RHCP-in control, sob, depends, pool-disappearing balls, testing skills, 
5 in a bed, peanut butter, mullets house, aloe party. KO- chiuahuas, taco bell 
y sombreros, mullets/house, coleslaw, reerees, the fam, mangoes, navi skills, 
my cell #, Espanol videos, disco bowling, space balls, anti, toids, ice cofees, 
treds, hbo, ghetto babies, movies w/ juvies, beach, testing skills, aloe party 
con's clothes, DMB- free show, did the race stop?, water, all dave + lifehouse 
shows, wheelchair. HB- reerees, 5 min., the fam, h-bomb/jimmy, shock tarts, 
logs, dd's, New Year's Eve, treds, KT, piercings, secret admirer/tulips, hbo, 
ghetto babies, movies w/ juvies, Hampton Beach, aloe party who's at the 
door? heath..., testing skills, all dave + lifehouse shows, depends, ice skating 
night, peanut butter, 5 in a bed, wheelchair. BS- reerees, mailboxes, cement 
walls, toe fungus call to Eric, charity banquets, bowling, las cosas para chicas, 
H20, aloe party, buddha, abyss, kpit, 5 in a bed, peanut butter, blink 182 
parking lot, mr. biglesworth/cigars, sombreros/taco bell, cold MN weather, 
jumping in a soda can. EH- reerees, charity banquet, disco bowling, applebees, 
toe fungus call at Beckas, dave shows, mullets, aloe party beach, suchi. SJ- 
reerees, Melvin, Walter, many other names, fun in the shags at Pond Home, 
New Year's Eve, demenshens. EA- reerees, ur stories about ur dog??, new 
years eve, dancing, his name is melvin. JB- reerees, rhcp-complete control, 
lists of rr's, some ghetto babies, 5 in a bed, peanut butter, police scare, testing 
skills. KC- reerees, d-barn, peach rings, block of dry ice, window shopping 
for guys, late nites at drama, convos, Keith's. SM- taping Spanjsh videos, life 
supply of nutra grain, dressing up at ruby's/running shirtless, mullets, taping 
my fake b-day at Applebees. MJ- watch out for the uvb rays, split some 
bagels, track partner. LB- peach rings, fashion shows, sleepover talks, p'game, 
freshman gym class, track, hijacking cars, aloe party beach. MG- chk noodle 
soup, gypsies, drama-spider, Helen's a+, king, ur guy list. KK- tree bushes, b- 
day cakes, dish of butter, Mr. Stone's class, snack time, steaks at epa. JN- 
Gettysburg, ice cubes w/ inky, hitting golf balls, seances, karaokee, plays- 
Romeo +Juliette, yardsales, midnight walks, playing in the streeet. MT 
Gettysburg, singin to Les Mis, stupid fights, Mr Stone's class, karaokee, plays- 
Romeo + Juliette, playing in the street at Jess's, MJ- Gettysburg, seances, 
karaokee, plays, study sessions, workouts??, runs, long talks, midnight walk. 
To all my friends- I luv you guys. I don't know what I would have done 
without you. You have taught me so much, I feel so lucky to have known you 
all. You guys are the wind beneath my wings.Thanks for all those wonderful 
memories. Remember we all take different paths in life but we each take a 
little bit of each other everywhere- everlasting friendships. Good luck 

Kevin Healey: JC-Applebee's, scary movies, socks, poetry, bowling, Provi- 
dence, DMB, Braveheart, tired eyes, late night conversations, "shut-up," 
chocolate, play grounds, curly hair, stars, venting, the claw, glasses, flowers, 
snowball fights w/RS, surprises, Donald Duck, and all the rest of the wonder- 
ful memories. KC-Bambi calls, answering the phone, and socially challenged. 
NL and LH-youi #1 fan. OB-uiy Uaekyaid, Toils, 210 lus., Tina's house, D- 
Lo, accounting, Opening closet doors, ping-pong,Timberlake, Nelly, grind- 
ing trees, Subway, wake boarding, Pawtucket ladies, and No. 2. MG-scrub- 
bing lockers w/Bruce and Studdering Pete, shadow puppets, hand gestures, 
midgets, grundles, HUNTING, teases, Donald Duck, story telling, and Span- 
ish videos. MT-long walks home from my house, Dance parties, Nelly 



Round #1, funnels, Bay Route games, and driving the MAXIMA. CH and 
JM-Fearless guide on strolls thru the woods, scraps in Spanish and OT, the 
freak, and eves dropping. KM-lawn ornaments, raccoons, scraps w/CK. GY 
Toils End, snow banks, BK, V-ball games, and FC's gun. MC-snowbanks, 
the BABOOSHKA, Band aids, and broken glasses. KF-Spanish, snowbanks, 
annoying senora, and Spanish raps. EG-Juan, Spanish raps, and annoying 
senora. JP-mullets, the commander. CK-getting you thru OT, mullets, and 
scraps. BL-a shadow, DMB concerts, Bay Route games, getting rowdy in 
GB's yard, form tackling snowmen, veggie whoppers, 2000 semi and prom, 
indoor soccer, and rocks thru fyberglass. AC-sleeve monsters, foreign lan- 
guages, the squirrel, money for the Pudd., story telling, trips to UMASS, 
Spanish videos, and scraps w/BLat RM's house. CD-running from FC, stron- 
ger vents for your bedroom, head butts, and broken Bay Route tables. AL- 
Julius Caesar, math, study groups, rips, not taking physics, and relationship 
advice. MH-couples, DMB, math, MAGIC, dump, pounding the chunk, and 
the Griswalds. BH-PS2, paintballs, flinching, broken wrists, "Can I have the 
keys?", and the RHINO. 

Terita Heath-Wlaz: CC- piano after school, Sachem covers, Hermes, my 
driving, playing Sardines, ice cream. ENFC- fun in French class, making 
blood sausage candy, laughing a lot. EMW- third grade, yard sales, St. 
Vincent's, Cape Point, Crow's Nest, Felix, FBI, veterinarian, "country," the 
hold-your-breath game (cheater!), the Beatles days, toads, Dons Diner Sat- 
urdays, the field, long-term loan, New Year's Eves, classes at MASS Art, 
walks to Cumby's, History Day, tennis at the park, driving around, canoeing 
in the pond, talking on the phone forever, drying flowers, set crew, baby- 
sitting Ryan and T.J, Bike rides, notes, dancing in thunderstorms, oganically 
grown, swimming at Plainville park, rides to school, decorating rooms, nights 
at the Vault, bagels at Dunkin Donuts, ten years of my life, all the laughs, 
freedom. JRB- camp counseling, helping each other out, two years of math 
classes, church suppers, NHS activities, The Vault, Applebee's, fun in col- 
lege. KEG- classes at MASS Art, Christmas lights, hot tub nights, Taco Bell, 
Shaggy, dancing on the table, the soup kitchen, videotaping, History Day 
movie nights, eating out, driving around, shopping, bad relationships, char- 
coal drawings, hanging out with Adrea, C's in English, Thursday-night baby- 
sitting, the Cape Point, all my love. KWF- hot tub nights, Sachem, the field, 
long hair, late nights in Kaela's room, good music, great poetry, Bobby Delite, 
Quabbin, losing "five fingers," a Brown shirt, being cold. KSV and SG- four 
years of concert band, lessons with Tim Fernando and Phyllis. MK- wallpa- 
per peeling, the soup kitchen, exploring the new house, stocked kitchens, 
dancing, singing, videotaping, parmesan cheese, a fulfilling art career The 
Quintet- sleepovers and dinner parties, MICCA, all the performances, 
Friendly 's lunches ("is it really that big??"), Shear Madness, fun rehearsals, 
Luciano's, the most I've loved music in high school. 
Lydia Helliwell: NL- "sweet" bball season, picking splinters, the cop car, 
Camry, all our obsessions-too many to name,but we know who they are, 
N'SYNC, rap, why do good girls like bad guys?, DMX, Nelly Summer of 
2000, sweet AP Calculus, WYB, my beach house, Days of Our Lives (Eric), 
remote control barbie cars, taste breakdowns at midnight in the middle of 
nowhere in the Camry or Marissa's piece, Don's Dinner, Dunkin Donuts trips, 
D.D employees who can't speak English, ghetto booty, hooded sweatshirts, 
sprints, random trips to guidance, a great best friend, messages onV-day, a 
really hot boyfriend. MT-History Day, 3rd place, getting queasy on paint, 
pulling all nighters, gladiators, fake blood, Spanish videos, Fidel Castro out- 
fit, falling in Lake Archer, math projects, lucky shamrock shakes, eating a lot, 
breaking down in your car on 95, all my rides home from bball, 4 "sweet" 
bball seasons, freshman gym class, the closet w/Schmidt, I just cant get the 
ball in the hole, story of my life. JK-soph. gym, we are so athletic, your sum- 
mer rippa 2000, sweet neighbors, chilling in your room, renting movies on 
Saturday night, prom, "Won't you sing me the blues?," never having class 
together, listening to my problems. KP-soccer season, hotpants, Robert 
Redford, long talks on the phone, movie expert, porno, innocent "sleepovers" 
at your house, soccer camp, used shinpads. EG-Diggles, John Smith not 
Brewster, community runs, running in general, the view, Coach Massotti, fun 
soccer seasons, why do good girls like bad guys, Lucky "what are we doing 
ill AP English?, did you lead llic book-1 might of, I wanna dance lonighl, 
Irene and Barbis, our sweet-smelling room, a laige pizza on MV. RM-throw- 
ing up in my lap, soccer camp, crazy soccer seasons, community runs, edu- 
cating me about anything and everything, being really perverted, teaching me 
how to be prime evil, random biting that hurts. CH-semi "98 and 99," parties 
and sleepovers at your house, Drew Barrymore, English w/Ms. Tirpak, "I 

broke my nose-now I'll never be a teen model. MC-dancing in your room, 
sophomore English, A+ research paper, DMX. BM-pink lemonade, 4 soccer 
seasons, your awesome spaghetti dinners, twins. MG-the baby shocker, a first 
grade kiss, my number one bball fan, our sweet yearbook pictures,AP calcu- 
lus, winning all the same awards, making fun of Greg, soccer camp-champi- 
onship team, SHUTUP. KH-my number one bball fan, staring contests, sweet 
homeroom, soccer camp. GB-spandex, learning to mute one phone when talk- 
ing on another. KA-soccer season, surviving Schmidt, talks in my car, Good 
Luck. KS-perversion, "sweet," bball 1 more year w/Schmidt, never touching 
that w/ your mouth, the best birthday, the nicest girlfriend. JC-3 great bball 
and soccer seasons, teasing, soccer running, making you cry HK-bum rush- 
ing, askew, seek and destroy, all our good times at bball. RH-have fun your 
next three years of high school (even if you have to take the bus), I love you, 
good luck! LS-Iots of caffeine (so you can stay awake), APbiology-the best 
class ever, precalculus naps, 2 great basketball seasons, tooling on N.A. and 
L.V., lots of good times at bball parties, good luck. GY- a drive in the Expedi- 
tion, "I"m gonna tell Racheal." 

Michelle Henderson: KS- Park to Park talks at the Park.Always the Bottle 
Incident, Halloween Night, Little Bike Ride, Bridge of Death,The Car Movie, 
Dunkin' Donuts', Shaving Cream fight atAri's house, Driving in the Trunk, 
Puppy Wiggla treats For Bubba, Gas Money to drive to the Cape, Lots of 
water, "Driving in the Car Song," Security Guard From the Creed Concert. 
JS- "The No Good Company," Venga Boyz CD, "Driving in the Car Song," 
Dancing in the Hallways, Car Alarm for the Dynastie, Paulister you can have 
him, New CD's since old ones were stolen, Ice Cream, Always having fun, 
Lawyer in case you get into a lot of TROUBLE. LS- 8th grade Cookout, 
Johnny and Ted, Winnie the Pooh, A trip to the Bathroom Floor, Our Fights, 
Code Fish, "Jeny Springer Show," Flowers of Death, Singing and Dancing in 
the Hallways, Holy Fudge, Baja Picanta, YDances, It's snowing out in Au- 
gust? Holy Macaroni, Eagle Brook, Drives to Providence. BD-Your A+ for 
the year. EM- After prom breakfast to Bickfords, Slinky. JN- Good Morning 
Helios. MF- #10 Boyfriend; Heart to HeartTalks, Pure Craziness. JG- Chillin 
Like.a Villain, Steering obsession, money to leave so you can buy me a birth- 
day cake. DT- a Pillow for sleeping in class, star that was stolen. BH- Bumps 
on the road to test our Shocks for your car, A new dog that Doesn't wake 
people up when they sleep over, Art History Class, Road Trip that is to be 
coming soon. Pretzels. JB- Nick Name "Jimmy" Chez It'z, My Bangs, Golf 
Course, Food Lots of it. LD- Art History, Tracing Paper, The Gravel Pit Song. 
KW- President of the Star Club, Nsync. PK- Baking Cookies. MS- Turtles, 
Eagle Brook, My Poems, James BondTheme Song, Clay lots of it. KS- Cow- 
boy Hat, Visor Club, and Car Rides with Lisa. DS/Binny-Tent Party, Stars, 
Joel, Dreams, Always be who you are! SM- Little Men Climbing the Fence, 
Parties, Glow Sticks, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Tanning Salon, 3:00 am 
Franklin Cops, Cats Jumping on Car windows, Driving around town.AA- 
Coco Puff Fight, our Friendship. Vinny and Scott: "You don't even know 
your family!" JP- Quote: "With the good comes the bad, which proceeds day 
in and day Out of our lives, But with the good and bad there comes memories 
and just as long as we can allow ourselves to relax, have fun, party and enjoy 
life we can be the people we truly are." Good Luck Joe! MS- Being Crazy 
Funny, your need to SIMMA SIMMA! Miss Jenna- The Pre school Kids, 
Being Silly, Math Class, Drives in the Car. MH- Pride, Love, Friendship, 
"Every Rose has its thorn," Never Change, I'll miss you and good luck sweetie. 
KR- math class. Fun times in class. Steven- Hidden popcorn on the ceiling 
fan. AG- feet, light jumping, drained out songs on Napster, Raving, "Shacks." 
Iza Hoagland: CD- Kampersville VT, getting in trouble, Nantucket, N'SYNC 
concert, "Beaches," "Brown Eyed Girl," cupcake, long phone conversations, 
email, drivers' ed, driving lessons, test day, breaking the law, "Are you two 
sisters," movie nights, Applebee's, Nicky's crew, chapstick, clothes, tent, soft- 
ball, summer, jokes, letters, smiles, art classes, coffee, "Bring it on," New 
York boys, "Charlie's Angels," MCLAvisit, first drinks, Bridgewater visit, 
the mall, spotlight on youth, "shotgun," Friday nights, I'm in excel, morning 
walks around school, summer parties, lots of rolls of film, foot stand on lunch 
table, best of luck with everything in the future. EC- trip to Upton, "Beaches," 
"Gladiator," "Scream 3," big red, orange, Applebees, the mall, Joshua Road, 

random stops at EG'e house, Charlie'E Angele, cunglaccec, "wipe" cream, 

gum, long phone conversations, pictures, summer, MCLAvisit, movie nights, 
playing pool, New York, flowers, our "corners," bad drivers, lots and lots of 
shoes, art classes, Friday nights, Pennsylvania, night drives to nowhere, morn- 
ing walks around school, summer parties, same crushes BG, MS, RJ, best of 
luck with everything in the future. LD- flash cards from 2nd grade, Camp 

Bourndale, best of luck with everything in the future. SM- movies, email, 
phone conversations, my best friend, Washington DC trips, best of luck with 
everything in the future,KIT!. JF- my wedding gown, baby s blanket, two art 
classes, boy talks, thanks for all the advice, best of luck with everything in the 
future. AH- Mrs. Erickson's math class, "my orange fingers are in New York," 
pens, math homework, homeroom chats, french vanilla coffee, good luck with 
everything, KIT! SM-smushed jello, 6th grade, EZALetter, spotlight on youth, 
Mrs. Brodka's class. Ania-the car, chats about life, clothes, haircuts, movies, 
many crushes, SD forever, Nicky's, trips, tartar sauce, Ruby Tuesdays, best 
of luck with everything in the future. Aga-Ania driving you to school, 2 more 
years at KP, getting up on time, no more loud music, MG, quiet upstairs, 
movie nights, best of luck with your last two years at KR 
Christine Holmes: KG- K, a psychic sista, tanning oil, a fit, DM's love, 
clean sheet, A-OK, frosh sleepovers, "shocker," hot pockets, Big AL, VT 
trips, plaster, my food, parasailing, a leg spasm, a F5, Arnie, a bestfriend 
always, a second family, countless memories. AL- a moonschlogger, a car 
game on my porch, a permabed, toast, Me Big, Mission "C," a Brewgie, #1 
mom, VT, BM, a snowbank, 5-0 's, sleepovers, a F5, aT-day tradition, Arnie, 
25 yr and 13 yr olds, haha, a best freind always, my other "home," many 
laughs. JM- real batman, backdoor JMOH, partner of gianthood, food, sweet 
tennis tourneys, LG's love, 3rd one out, a clomp, perfecting the "move," 
goldstars love, a F5, a bestfriend always, many scraps and good times, spanky 
JP- a snowjob, Chitalian 2001, a midget 4 eva, a 'move,' an evil face, a well, 
a drive to bm's, senquen train exit, an attitude, a F5, a bestfriend always, 
some height, more food, a lot of fun times. JB- a train, a mailbox, a snow- 
bank, a tire, a handle to share, a window screen, an applejuice, Provy trips , a 
good friend, superjam, lots of laughs. CR- an apt. in Boston, 5th gr memo- 
ries, a bestfriend, a game of make believe, a million memories, a full day of 
school. SF- an evil face, a trip to Provy, some boots, a fat day, chix wings and 
grilled cheese, a silly time, a good friend, lots of laughs. EM- a hole and some 
plaster, some marker too, our child, boat rides, some good times, a good friend. 
GB- water for Advil, Boston Crab's, plaster runs, clean pants, spandex pants, 
Nelly's love, GG. KH- help through the woods, scraps, Stank's. SA- a dill 
call, a N jar, good time at the prom, a fall. BR- a dill call, excel, a leaky day 
IM-ing. HS- a stallion, a Lebonese princess, triple sam, a true pimp. KR- a 
ham, FCC, FH laughs. HM- ho, protein, fraggle 4-eva, Bruce, g-star's love, 
"Cape" friends. KF- mint runs at OG, sweet handshake, grape juice, skittles, 
JC & DM's love 4-eva. AG- clean bathroom, butts, a crazy time. JP- $5, gum, 
a sweet nickname. CK- a softball, 18 yrs. of friendship. KM- Geoge Clooney, 
Tyson, DK, applejuice, FCC. EK- Boston trip, a "fun time." AH- a psycho 
GF, awesome prez, good friend. KK- KP's pride, 4 yrs of VP, FCC, FH memo- 
ries, superjam. SO- superjam 98, FH laughs, Big Mama, our song, keep smil- 

Andrew Howard: JM-the dance videos we made together- 1 love you man. 
BC-the school- he's the boss now! CM-my optimism and happiness. JB-my 
spiritual strength. MS-my problems, advice, and friendship. JWmy life long 
friendship. KK-the strength and leadership she showed me. KM, MJ, JB, HC, 
EM, BH-my happy times. KF, LT, BG, CD-my dead brain cells. EG, JK, KR 
JP-my goofy side. SS, DM, EM, JB, BG-new experiences. SA, MK, SW JG, 
BM-the good times. CB, BM, KM, BL, CM-my party experiences. UE, KF 
JM, AL, MC-my random memories. Kristin, Christine, Nicky-my maturity 
and memories. DW-French Maid Uniform, interesting times, my heart, Good 
Luck Wherever The Road Takes You! Mrs. Campos-best teacher award. Mr. 
Skenyon-my success. My family-my everything. 

Courtney Howard: CK-Claire! A friend forever, figgy cakes, an opened 
door, a keyboard, history classes, a clean locker, MADS, say what karaoke, a 
modeling career, a shoulder to lean on, long talks/complaints, skip day with 
Maureen, cool dance moves (haha). NL- a cursed birthday! A surprise party 
(one that you're invited to), figgy cakes, a clean room, a smelly dog/vacuum, 
long phone convos, French videos, a ride home from the movies, a bus acci- 
dent, a coupling on a train.. .only 10-15 mins. JLO-80^ walk, our boy, art 
class, my hoops (I miiight!), tomato, "you wouldn't!" a camera, Monet, JB. 
ERG-little rascal! fun/long study sessions for science, stilts, Mai (A.K.A. 
Rajah!) tennis memories, "Oh, Oh!" food (every ten minutes), dance moves, 

clubbing memories. SO a birthday twin forever, SADD, FH memoriec, teeth 

(real ones!), long talks, a clean room, secrets, a prom date. JP-Jinny! Altar 
serving memories! Canopie Lake Park, a ride home with Mr O'Connell 
(Christina??), Hustlers, softball, a backpack @ bus window, pizza, stu-co 
memories.. .Barnsie, random babysitting job, human bean, fun birthcj 
sleepovers (yeah right!), "I want to be a super model. ..and wear a 



pillow on my head!" an interview with Rosie, thanks for all the memories and 
all the rides over the years! LH-an "excellent" friend, a bus accident, a fun 
long ride home on a train, jokes. MM-breakup of the rebels, a paint job, figgy 
cakes, my shirt (well I kind of have no choice!), Fench class memories! JK-a 
deer, good car stories, figgy cakes, our "ice ice baby" remix, a ride home, 
French videos. HC-Mandy, good directions, a fall in my driveway, art class, 
thanks for always listening and for being a great friend! DLR-Mrs. Garrand, 
Trident, PPC membership card, a hair salon. MJ- Mandy, English classes. 
KP-Mr. Matz... scary memories! Karaoke songs, kiss me you fool! JN- FH 
MVP! long talks, nature woman, flower power, a cheering buddy! MT-Bob, 
dum-dee-dum, dinner, coke, a camera, a yearbook, a bus accident, a trip home 
on a broken down train! SG-Diane, French class, "I'm gonna knock you out!" 
FH talks. HM-Wort! Troop Beverly Hills, good luck in tennis/FH next yearH'm 
gonna miss you! HB-my orange FH pads, FH talks, Y/L memories, good luck 
next year without me! I'll miss you! MC-A hug, FH talks (during and after 
games!) Good luck as captain! I know you'll do an awesome job! I'm gonna 
miss you! KB-study sessions for science, AOL talks, skipping classes, BG- 
CRX. FH Team- Good Luck to all of you! I'll miss you! Feeney Family- 
Thanks for everything, Florida was awesome, and I will never foiget you. 
The Casey Family-Thank you for all the family dinners and talks and for 
making me feel like part of the family. I will always remember all of you. SH- 
my room. Team Howard-a hug! 

Micah Jackson: EM-mouthwash factory, long talks, childhood sleepovers, 
sleepovers, a hotel party, old orchard, beach, "Forget the bikes," boardwalk, 
Gram and pa's house, water wizz, a good boyfriend, eternal happiness, a room- 
mate, the complex, UG, minivans, the first elephant, walk-ins, mixed drinks, 
on the corner, UCONN and Jocelyn, long car rides, football games, Superbowl, 
JJ, first dates, frog look alikes, my cousin and best friend! I love you! HC- 
giant cookies, a house to live in, TK, Harve Benard, pretty in pink, dressed 
up, Eddie Murphy, white chickens, step children, a killer crab, s'mores, dads, 
Canobie Lake, Delila, SNL, ottomans, long talks, trundle beds,AS, prom, 
New Year's, home movies, one brother, F-Grub, the voice, BAPS, a the love, 
OSC, RJ, summer rips, UG, Hotel party, pillows, a Forever Friend. JB-Hair 
acessories, AP, drive bys, spy cams, child kidnappings, Nantucket deli, short 
runs, UG, date w/TK, Jed, Mounted heads, toes, D+D Olympics, hunting, 
DON GOMES, the voice, Jocelyn, OOB, prom, everlasting friendship. DLR- 
Alf, a fight over 'him.' BM-a flake steady desk, mascara. JP-sex education, 
"What are you gonna give him?", horses, a date with Jen. BS and KC-EE, 
Italian Stallions, a whistling bear, mother hen, Italy. HB-boyfights, numbers, 
Apcc, s'mores, Kool-aid,To Wong Foo. LS-a full ride to UCONN for basket- 
ball. JM-track scenes, elephants, wymps, summer memories, I'll 
miss you. LD and LM-dancing queens, prom and semis, long talks, opals, 
lasting friendship. BR-Dunkin Donuts Olympics, FIFO, hunting equipment, 
*97, Wal-mart. TJ-my 'real' twin sister. AH-Grandma's cookin,' sing alongs, 
turtle talks, advice! JJ-a clean house, a big fight, a boyfriend, the 'elephant,' 
my best sister, I love you Jilly! CH-a date with MY boyfriend. MM-mounted 
heads, a fight, sleepovers. JM and KF-a nice dorm at dean, Mr Espanol, 'You 
guys crack me up,' Olive Garden, all you can eat, the biography of Brian, a 
naked dog, a beak, I'll miss you guys, Have fun at Dean! DLR-a punch in the 
face. JP-a lifetime supply of white markers. AL-a ride to school, a date w/ 
him, Techno Tuesdays. BH-trips toWalmart, promises, kisses, the game, J+J's, 
yeching, Charlie, Jeeps, 2 weeks, seven, ugly boy, the Complex, Boyfriend 
Nazis, UG, rumors, CH (you know you want her), Monday night law, the 
mall, Next Friday, HC's house, New Year's, big fights, BSB, memories, se- 
crets, notes, breakfast, naps, the crab rangoon, jackhammer chop, all my love, 
Love you pea! 

Erin Johnson- RB- Moo creme, dates to the Zeotrope to see MIB, hypnotiz- 
ing sessions, end of the year pool parties, History Day and handprints in my 
basement, your very own XC boy(without the bad attitude), gold stars, tub- 
ing, XC passion and an awesome captainship, a car(maybe a jeep), a thank 
you. EF- a memory of how we met, all the lessons of our childhood, Quik 
milk, Now and Then, vanilla ice cream and Grasshoppers, list kisses, a boy 
that meets the 'requirements,' History Day, French movies, best friend kits, 
the shoes from Dirty Dancing, gold stars, a giant road trip (without hair pin 
turns), Ferry Beach, a thank you, wc can alway3 find 3tcp3 to sit and talk on. 
EB- cookie shakesTO GO, History Days and a clean pair of pants, gas money 
UCS power, singing lessons, gold stars, JELLY, townspeople roles in Drama, 
Arsenic and Old lace and the privilege to know the most important 
character(me!), hall of fame whale projects, the best indoor season ever, a 
car(maybe a jeep, maybe a honda), a thank you. MG- clothes that no 


longer fit me, a boy named 'Dick,'being fellow shortpeople, Chumba Wumba, 
gold stars, XC passion and a new bus buddy to all your upcoming meets, the 
best indoor season ever, knowledge of Boston and its transportation system, a 
thank you. SM- gold stars, your very own shopping mall, UCS power, a clue 
in calculus, deadlines that are always met, the best indoor season eve; appro- 
priate track apparel, a new ending to Sweet November, a thank you. RJ- your 
license and my car, the blue beads in my room, dish nights, strength to tear it 
up at track, snow forts, luck and happiness in your last two years, one more 
dance in a stage made of books. JB- a semi date, XC memories, a ride in the 
morning, Yohoos for life, luck and happiness in your last two years. NF- a 
new alarm clock, rides in the morning, PaDiddles, luck and happiness. BA- 
heart to hearts, Christmas cinnamon rolls and eggnog at Mobile, Best Man- 
ager Award, luck and happiness in your future. RP- World Civilizations, lunch 
money, MIAAsign. MC- mini golf, Quik milk, DiPepper chapstick, a thanks 
for your DYW wisdom. MM- a miraculous healing, green accessories, luck 
and happiness. KF- a lanyard to match each outfit, a wordless performance, 
acceptance into our DYW group, train tickets to come visit me in Syracuse, 
luck and happiness in all you do. DD- those four beats inShimmer, all the 
crunchies of ice cream cake, scars on my feet, 5 :28. XC GIRLS- cheesecake, 
spaghetti dinners, camp, Barstablians, bonfires, old school everything, good 
weather, happy feet, the passion and speed I know you all have to run away 
with the Hock title, and remember, the hills aren't as steep as they look! 
TRACK GIRLS- cough drops, a huge bus that holds all of you, the courage to 
kick some rump next year- 1 believe in you all! YEARBOOK GIRLS AND 
GUY(s)- an even better book than this year(good luck), met deadlines, gos- 
sip, fun and as little stress as possible. 

Sarah Johnston: E.A.- hard laughs, the mipper, nervous tissue, movie nights, 
New Year's, Hillarious, absolutely, Schrod, Stanky Man, big beefy steak, Tony, 
Dumb and Dumber, Heed paper now!, Montreal, snowboarding/skiing trip, 
Pond Home, vet visits, Hannibal, chance to swim with the dolphins, bodily 
functions, Maria and Benny love, HammaTime. K.C.- Vermont, Montreal, 
oranges, Pond Home, Hannibal, fart machine, grannies, New Year's. G.L.- 
Focker, That's Disgusting, p.pants, dry socks, stupidity, Dimensions, twin 
earrings, purple people eater. J.G.- Excel, snowboarding, Montreal, The 
Grinch, future plans. J.M.- Boston, Stanky, Hillbilly Countdown, Pond Home, 
Valentine honey, New Year's, gorilla arms, big dumb animals. M.C.- ceram- 
ics, cleptos, Cajun Man, New Year's, Sweatt Hill, illiteration, coyotes. S.M.- 
Universal the List, I'm moving!!, happy conversations, wrassling. K.O.- Bos- 
ton, future shoeing, New Year's, the perfect luscious mullet, Franklin, get- 
togethers. S.H.- Reres, Boston, future shoeing, New Year's get-togethers, 
Franklin, Montreal, Dimensions, Walter. H.B.- perfect round balls, heether, 
New Year's, Franklin, Oh my man! CD.- the hardest punch, Chemistry. 
R.&L.G.-Stanky, Excel, good times. B.L.- trampoline, get it. L.A.- 
Fouwa Mouwa Sanarios, Mr. Clean. CM.- a smile, Microsoft class. J.D.- 
batting eyes, opposing opinions, frizzy hair, my voice everywhere you go, 
thanks a lot. Family- loud voice, happiness, singing, craziness, my food, thanks 
so much for everything. To All- Thank you so much. I love you! Goodluck! 
Kristin Kehrmeyer: MM-Best friends forever, Applebee's, Irish Step danc- 
ers, a walk to Dunkin, 5AM phonecall, a swim, nothing to look forward to, a 
massage, 1000 points, Montreal, white picket fences, 3 out of 4 formals, the 
worlds combining, sleepovers, a dance to "I Believe I Can Fly" 7/7/07. LK- 
Trip to Pt.Sebago, Amadil, a getaway in Maynard, talks w/Chud, chocolate 
chip cookie dough, a love potion, a moment in Maine, a day of spilling your 
guts, DMB 5 years in a row, a Kristin-in-law appartment, best friends forever 
SO-Boston Brownie for $2.57, Bret Doyle, Riverside, belly rings, first double 
date, a raccoon to chase out the window, Shamoo, a twig bush to pee behind, 
Mt. Manadnock, Seekonk Speedway, "whatever sweet cheeks," friend for 
life. EK8-A parrot, pretty friends, social coordinator, sniping out at KM's 
house, bar-hopping with our moms, doubledates, Charlies Angels bar owner, 
a shopping spree to help me out, an A+ in math, a fight for you, a friend 
forever. EM-dance parties, BAG, I'm a tree, a bra for your antenna, your 
dad's truck, a full ride home, a girlfriend that you won't be bored with, dance 
partner for life, a friend forever. JP-C** & Coffee, the Ha Ha game, direc- 
tions to everywhere, baseball games, watching the wrong game, no backwings, 
gymnastics talks, spare keys, cage dancing, team mat, slccpovcr @ CDs house, 

a wire to trip over, friend forever. RM-(whistle), no backwings, gymnastics 
talks, team mat, "I can't believe you kissed him!", the Grind Workout, a dance 
lesson for me, "Rachie, ya dead?", firefly hunting, spying on EK, HM, and 
Bob, spaghetti and tuna, friend forever. KM-a friend =), basketball & base- 
ball buddies, C** & Coffee, a gymnastics video, hooting, cat fights, 7 hours 


in Cable 8, gymnastics talks, FCC memories, Spanish video, your car, Felix 
the Cat, "You 3 get salt, we'll stay here!", pretending to sleep. SA-an elemen- 
tary school moment, Point Sebago. KC-my twin, girl scout camp, Chud and 
Wull, "Old Man's Coming!", Applebee's, double date with MP& KF that 
should've happened. SF-Big Mama, video camera, field hockey memories. 
HM-yearbook chats, no more Paul problems, ski trips, box of tissues, Mrs.Ts 
right foot, good excuses, a can in the snow. KF-a date without Mike and I, a 
car accident, a day w/you and BG w/out Mike, a song about you. Gymnastics 
Team-Hockomock Title, another trip to states, Good Luck next year AH- 
great 2 years, growing friendship, class reunion (5 years). CH-great 4 years, 
class reunion (5 years), FCC memories,HR buddies. NL-great 3 years, class 
reunion (5 years), Bartman, elementry school memories. MG-second half of 
Titanic, an accident with LK in your driveway, wrestling in your living room, 
a nice Irish girl, friends forever. BL-an Adidas headband, stickers for your 
door, trip to the mall, freshman year memories, dreads, friends forever AL- 
red shirt dark hair day, trip to Loon, words to Bohemian Rhapsody, black 
socks. JM & JP-a Happy smile from me, festive earings for every holiday 
Big Buts Routine on Broadway. MK-trips to Point Sebago, game of Guestures, 
Mike-door. MR-My King, Bostones Concert, the stadium. MR, SR, BR, RP, 
& RB-Foxboro Stadium Info Staff memories, Thunder Thighs, good times. 
KR-Gymnastics Sleepovers, yellow ribbons, Felix's sneak attacks. ..pu, 
Brownie Sundae, FCC Memories, Sticking together AC-step up in life on 
beam, team mat captain, good teaching techniques, starting position in field 
hockey. ES-#24 (keep it alive), glue for your feet on beam, trumpet nose. HL- 
yearbook memories, bologna & cheese, girls scouts, softball. CR-you bench 
=). CM-Good times at FCC, field hockey starting position. BL-A sweet kid. 
AC-a fake looking wife, a bald head and a bandana, a burp, Freshman year 
memories, dance with the Bostones, a poem, a funny joke. CM-OT talks, 
road trip with GB & MM. KG-DMB "Lover Lay Down," Spice Girls video. 
JP-penetraiting eyes, freshman semi, a model look, jumping cables, ski trip 
to Wachusett. JB-bar hopping with our moms, NYC. EJ & EF-best friends 
superlative, yearbook talks. LO-another big sister, cruising in the jeep. KM- 
BAG, a big sister. Mom, Dad, KK, KZ, and KZ-thanks for everything! I love 
you all. Yearbook Class-great talks, the yearbook B's, a great yearbook. 
Michael Kenney: KM-I leave you "Betsy," a sandy blanket, My Jackalope 
Bob shirt, red fleece pants, a batch of Giant cookies, a case of pleurisy and 
headipus, the one room palace at the trailer park, Turkey slop, wheat thins, 
Italian bread, stolen Ben and Jerrys ice cream, my stinky red Newbalance 
shoes, last but not least 1 give you all my love; you can always have that. BR- 
I leave a full calzone from Northend Deli heated with sauce on it, my Jeep, 
one more camping trip, goods from the Brewster country store, Earth house, 
and the crazy horse, I also leave you hunting equipment fromWalmart and a 
broken side view mirror. MR-I leave a victory over the parents in the camp- 
ing trip b-ball game, Leo!, rights to call up "Hammer Toe" whenever you 
want, a giant ski jump @ Loon Mtn., a Heman and skeletonT-shirt, and a ride 
on the wrong train in Boston. MM-I leave "I Love Mullets" stickers for the 
van that I probably have yet to make, a phone call from FC every Fri. and Sat. 
night, and my "one good punch" line. JB-I leave crumpled papers, bent card- 
board, broken pencil tips, pen sharpening in the heaters. SR-I leave dead tires 
and balls of gum that stick to R.R sweaters and the "mediation." BA-I leave 
"Skee bop!", the reward for being the two biggest retards in environmental. 
MB-I leave crusty paint brushes, open jars of paint, and paint in someones 
face. AN-I leave bananas, noses, dry clay, my artistic ability and my knowl- 
edge of Latin, a "chill with Chilson day", and the "Dative Rap." CB-I leave 
all my Seinfeld stuff, my ping pong skills, chicken from Kenny Rogers Roast- 
ers, "most beautiful people people" magazine, pockets full of change and 
360's in the golfcart with Dixie, not to mention an "easy putt" that flew of 
the Green, life on the red planet, Mr. Marbles and pizza place where you 
make your own pies!, it's all supervised. SW-3 holes of golf and then a 
"walkoff," CS-Smiiiiiiiiiif banner, some gas money. RP-I leave spilled milk 
in Mr. Smith's red van. JR-memories of BR skiing and golf lesson from coach 
Coz. BH-My Seinfeld book, 8 ball jacket, all the lists from MrS. class, Don 
Johnson cartoons, brokenTimberland belts, phontom punches, crisp one dol- 
lar bills, shoes that don't fit, FDR, Fragile Frankie Mermen, a hole in the 

wuuJs, and llic Bemesliuii Bccia. 

Elizabeth Kinney: KF-a second chance to repeat 1st 3 years, 2.5 kids, my 
pink wallet, wrap around porch, 28 seconds, nights on your driveway 
sleepovers, laughs, Reese's, BB MVP, horse kisses, a backrub, more memo- 
ries, my love and friendship forever. RM-salt and pepper, Arizona, Florida, 
New Hamp, Jack and Gus Gus, leopard skin, Waterville Valley time, road 

trip, my maid of honor, sleepovers, cooking experiences, a place in my dorm 
room, inappropriate movies, the job of being my best friend forever MM- 
another little sister, 1000 points, long talks, a date w/KK w/o me and KF a 
baseball game, a porch to paint, a drink, my mom, a funny face, public scenes, 
my friendship forever and ever KC-twizlers, Top Gun, star gazing, sleepovers, 
eighth grade summer, sneaking out, tongs, eyebrows, Chinese food,Applebees, 
your clothes, friendship. LT-Lofie, an ice skating rink, a 6th grade relation- 
ship, identical parents, a constellation, poker, heart to heart talks, the Labrinyth 
worm, K.R., the perfect girl, a professional football game, my family in Bangor 
my friendship forever. BS-Becknuts, Old Orchard, mathematicians, the per- 
fect guy, dress ups, parties, DMB, a rose, my chicken noises, Boston, UCONN. 
CD-Bean, a better nickname, poker, a second chance w/me, an eighth grade 
relationship. SF-an ice skating rink, Chinese food, my 1st Junior High friend, 
scissors and a slap, spin the bottle, the barn, a mean goat, a club friend, Chris- 
tina Agulara, Rampage. KM-a baking partner, thoughts of Boucher, someone 
to run with, a ride home, a huge candy bar, a personal questions, Hock All- 
Stars. BG-prom, fun friends, some sleep, an apology. JP-an eighth grade rela- 
tionship, arms of steel, gum in my hair, a ping pong paddle, some friends next 
year, the best of luck. SA-spooky world, a deserted island. JB-Hobagga, a 
siren, red hair, the bes-a-bus, New York, double dates, bar hopping w/mom, a 
roommate, some clothes, your rug on my white pants, your ears, lemon heads, 
a long talk, trust, a summer at Normandy, a talented guy, my friendship for- 
ever. SO-New Year's 2000-2001, Spanish, Boston, a Spanish video,olderguys, 
some B.C., the best of luck. KK-Spirit, your sister's wedding, a fight for my 
sake, a date w/o me and KF, a basketball game, a snipe at KM's house, a good 
joke, fireworks, good laughs, aimless drives, a parrot. AL-some rhythm, a 
night in the bug, Papa Gino's, before game drills, community runs, some 
guys at MASC, a job at my bar, a swim in my stream, oreo. KM-Timberline, 
a 2-year old friend, D.K., a physics talk. JP-weird noises, a good impression, 
a potato famine, an imp, some height, soccer memories. CH-something fun 
to do w/everyone, a topsitail, Boston, bad ex's. CF-white jeans, ice skating 
rink, talks about the end of the world, best dressed. 

Christina Knowles: KP-a pantsing at soccer game, plays, a foot in a seat, 
The Player's Club, camp, a tuna can, Marty, a flat tire, an accident w/my 
mom, 6th grade, a hermit, fights, AG dolls. KF-Cape, bushonometry, 
Friendly's, our "boyfriends," Heather the Freak, dinner and a movie, sled- 
ding, allergies, Mall of America, chasing George w/no headlights, Linda & 
MT, soccer, Mrs. Roache, a GW video, your dad finding us boyfriends, a hunt 
for Stephan in RI. JP-CCD, Betty, Al, Terry, Doodle, weasel, mall patrol, 
Canobie Lake w/Denise, croissants, both Marias, MT, Cat Fight 1999, Whaaat 
Jennn!, death to your dog, Southwood, Boston w/Terry, World Gym Drop- 
outs, mailboxes, Halloween. KG-Friendly's, a Reese's? Sundae, a ride on my 
horse, Josh D., an inhaler, sledding, the Phishies, Juvenile, getting lost in 
Franklin, SACC, videos, Westwood, mailboxes, Shannon peeing her pants, a 
hunt for Stephan in RI. CH-keyb. & gym, an open door, a shine in left field, 
Southie, Karaoke, skipping with Maureen, MADDS, Helen, save the chil- 
dren, the Big Fig, the Pond Home staff party, CCD, Betty, Terry, Red vs. the 
tree, our dads, must be the $, who let the dogs out, my sheep. EG, JM-the 
triple date w/ghetto clothes, a string bikini, and a hot guy w/a girlfriend in the 
hot tub. JM-Cat Fight, throwing your dinner out the window at OG, being 
your mentor, Stone Cold, the infamousTD, SAABS, raccoon hunting, Nancy 
& MT plotting against us. AL-the best mom ever, hydroplaning into Mobil, 
Houde-dog's class, a scrap w/me and you, BM and the old shaggin wagon, 
rips at your house. MC-the Fig, Nadine, CCD, Betty andTerry, Mackey and 
Josh, Mr. Simmarian days. CH, CR- sterling, getting caught at the movies, 
shopping, Pam, Theresa, and Amy. CH-coffee, a bathroom, the horses, OT, 
being tormented by you and Kylee, burying your hamster, being late at FH 
camp, the cow bag. CR-FRANCE 2000, Breaking and entering, Rays, white 
vs. colored hangers, sacc, Sebago, Charles in Charge, babies, eyebrows, face 
masks, sneaking out, concussions, security, the gorgeous rainbow, Breadwin- 
ners, parents, Friendly's. JK-Homeroom, French, rides home, my fiancee and 
a pursuit, a ride w/Katie and I singing, the Star Spangled Banner, officer 
Mike. KM-doodle, bus rides, Dante, weasel, purchases, mall patrol. DLR-a 
fellow hobagga, Montreal, what's so different?. HC-mini-dump and the origi- 
nal dumper, lite Tabic, dancing queens, gumby and pukcy, llic smashed 

carebear. HM-tech-me, sweet guys, soccer, double dates. NL-Spare change, 
an A in French, guidance. BM-a ride to OG and getting lost, Montreal, env 
MM-gym, us on Wampum Corner, X-C, French, officer Mike, Nadine. RM- 
Nadine, an ugly name, officer Mike, the bet that I won, Journalism, a dout 
date. KH-a heated argument, a computer emergency, solitaire, 



Subvibe Electronix, mullets, 4 classes w/me!, my fav. country is Rome, my 
fav. state is Chicago. JP-angels, the mall, over spending, our men, DD, 
speedracers, dinners out, rings, kitties, OT mullets, partying, curfews. JB- 
being delinquents during double sessions, a horse 10 hands high, a worm, 
being late at FH camp, fighting in the shower, the cow bag, reindeer antlers, 
sledding at Sweatt Hill. KC-cheese, mall trips, all of our guy adventures, 
sharing clothes, Serge and Chuck. SO-Nelson at the mall, mailboxes, peeing 
your pants, a date w/the Walpole guys. EG-rips at your house, a bad influence 
in 5th. grade, brad bear, indoor soccer scraps. EK-Speedster, oily skin papers, 
Mrs. Roache, Dave O., sledding at Sweatt Hill, getting lost in the sketchy deli 
in the ghetto. RM-6th grade, camping, math class, our boyfriends, getting 
lost at the sketchy deli. CR-protection from Ryan, have a fun 3 years! Good 
Luck!. KJ-go home, Jack, MJ and MT, spazzes, laughing fits, makeup les- 
sons, Heather, bossiness, fights, I'll always be your big "sister"!! I luv ya!. 
SK-Michelle, Heather, MT, SP, the SAAB, the Big Heathen, fights over clothes, 
studying 2 months in advance, makeup lessons, the Xmas cards, have a fun 2 
years, you're the best, 1 luv ya! 

Laura Kraby: SF-Grammy Pat's, all nighter w/a skunk, a False break-in. 
CF-perfume from a magazine, All-Star tournaments, Grammy Pat, playing 
softball. KK-sleepovers, cookie dough, Chud, chillin' on the roof, Loon, 
Golden Girls, DancerTexas, "Tell Andy I say hi, etc., Point Sebago, Maynard, 
3 cookouts in a row, a tree to ski into, all the Cokes I owe you, our first drink, 
"Amadil!", best friends, a clean room, Manhunt at DMs house, "Westside," 
"dah-ahhh!", DMB 97-00, deodorant that works, a visit w/Caroline. JK & 
JK-the Kraby legacy, best of luck in the rest of high school. SO-APBio w/ 
ST., "side out!", some food-big mama!, a clean room, a fish that lives, field 
hockey, Road Trip 500 club. CM-softball, P.A.L., Turco, some rides home, 
escaping in Lowell, a decent guy. Softball team-State Champs, Turco, hot 
uniforms. JP-Jennifereth, the Bermanator, Mrs. Knight's class, "There'll be 
Pegboards lyin'!", Cormier's x-mas carol, "Burn, baby burn!", "I-I-l don't 
know Jeremy.. .Lofer... not O, Henry; not O'Henry; but O.Henry," Ruffing's 
class. AL-Loon, "I can walk to Foxboro stadium!", Erickson, Bohemian Rhap- 
sody, Ski trips, oldies, L-Rock & A-Bomb, softball tournaments, State Champs, 
Turco, Coz, and Mosi T, frozen green beans, co-captains. JF-some free time, 
AP Bio w/ ST. KM-bananas, "You will never do that exact thing, at that 
exact minute, on this exact day ever again!", Mr Ruffing's class. LD-the 
roller coaster song, "Stop! In the name of stuff!", best friends forever, Hubba 
hubba Paul Daniel, making up dances, pick-up truck girls, GAP/'Same time!", 
Tanner (and of course all the others). HM-Tigers Club, the pharoah, Old Or- 
chard, some parents (j.k.). SG-adventure at Lupo's, Bates, Maine-the way 
life should be, real morals, "Come on over," FH camp bonding? "Yeeeeaahh!", 
911, English accents, running up the stairs, black raspberry w/black jimmies. 
DD-Zuercher's class, "Like buttah!", lifesavers, Loon, sleepovers, boxing 
gloves, Lifehouse, 5 minute breaks, New Year's, golfing at State School, beat- 
ing me in hockey, beating you in bowling, "amazing," another awesome sum- 
mer, breaking down on 95, Providence, too many memories to write, and 
always making more! 

Nicole LaPointe: LH-a spare set of keys, a day at the beach house, AAA 
membership, tape of Dawson's Creek, a car that works in the snow, hot 
chocolate, Febreeze, Toy Story, remote control barbie car, homemade CD, 
Don's diner, math class, Days and Passions, *NSYNC concert, DMX, DMB 
concert, bball season, a backseat on the bus, threesomes never work, Lance, 
Roswell (even though I don't like it), a new class ring, splinters. JK-your 
house, French, ceramic bowls, physics class junior year MC-a ride home 
from Big Dog's, AOL, a clean room, blackmail pictures, a baseball game, 
figgy cakes, *NSYNC concerts (both), B.L.'s house, DMX concert, cook's, 
class comp, French videos, bunkbeds,Applebee's parking lot. MT-a spaghetti 
dinner, pictures, hot kid at the Cape, a bigger car, a cell phone, a song for 
everybody's name, "Like aTuohy," green and gold day, pool toys, going out 
to eat, summer league, the closet, getting the ball in the hole. CH-a clean 
room, NAPSTER, figgy cakes, a mix CD. JC-mt. dew, 7th Heaven, portable 
CD player, a visit to UMASS, "Ride Wit Me," online chat, a written warning, 
STOP!, new sandals, a star, my visor. A(K)S-build-a-bear, a TV for your room, 
a sleepover w/ BM, a cruise, perverted joke, belly button ring, a trip to Disney 
World, bball season, Maine (ihe kid next door), a great senior year! KC-T>ny! 
MS-a ride home, dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. RS-a CD no one wants to admit 
they have, a rowdy fan, Plentypack, a snowball fight. LS-a seatbelt, cookies, 
SHOCK, "I love Laura Shockro," hanger for your uniform. JP-"donl stat," 
English video sophomore year, Boston accent, caramel apple. MG-APCalc 
Review, my #1 fan, Skenyon's class, a chicken sandwich from BK, an 



older camry. GB- a drunk man's wisdom, a snowball fight, a test in the alloted 
time. BM-Mike's HL, Camry, a birthday card in your mailbox- who uses that 
red flag? HK-Harvard, spaghetti dinner, seek and destroy, a plastic cup. KL- 
tape, sandals. KM-a baseball game, go #7! RM-French class, EVIL, a piece 
of my hair. KF-a soccer game, New Year's Eve party, art class, grape juice. 
GY-a dinner at Rossi's, all the BK you can eat. MB-the walk, my waterbottle. 
KP-economics class, leather pants. BH-a day atTimberland. KH-a staring 
contest, my #1 fan, a fight with Mr. Skenyon, UMASS. J.M.-art class, 
Skenyon's class. M.J.-art class, environmental lunch. 
Bethany La Valley: EH-Puperfarket, PYF torch, Bullet, Brad Pitt, a Mr Finase 
impression, Clint- get that man a tissue, a big snort, Big Chief Darius, chicken 
finger basket with lots of ketchup. AK- Applebee's waiter (did you order a 
virgin?), a live rendition of "Paradise by the Dashboard Light," a guy who 
can keep your interest, a promise to take you on as a back-up dance? a trip to 
Hampton, old time photos @ Canobie. CL-CYC 4 EVA, lip syncing, weird 
phrases(i.e.-dino fever), random ways to freak people out, cheerleading rou- 
tine. CML-Everett, a kilt, a mullet, footloose, a spot on the SNL line up, 2 
more great years, money if you ever need bail. JM-a clone, better sense of 
centering, body piercings and tatoos, Newsie's video & soundtrack, sexy bald 
men, 7th rail crew CD. MC-a clone, Ralph Wiggum, Mamma Serena parties, 
a friend 4 life, "You remind me of the babe," Tim David, Curry Bowie. AC- 
beef & broccoli, 18 pink ping pong balls. JL&DW-French boys, gossip, life 
time of tarot readings. JS-personal psychic. LD-all my personalities you heart- 
less..., a semi date. MF-a girl who deserves you. To the Sweetest Kid in the 
class-one sarcastic remark everytime you smile (that should be quite a few). 
HL- years of frustration (jk), Yokal, Chester, a spot on the wall (he, he). ML- 
give me some sugar baby, every episode of SNL ever made, Thanks for put- 
ting up with me. To anyone I left out-I love you and in the words of Roy 
Rogers "Happy Trails to you until we meet again." And to those I remem- 
bered to leave out (you know who you are), you all receive the box award for 
being the biggest tools I've ever known. So too bad y'all totally get a "what- 

Heather Lanagan: CL- Home room, "nice job," all my nicknames for you, 
"nice job," "Lily" our little piglet, "nice job," "itb like changing a baby," 
Good luck my BGB. I love you, and I'll miss you very much. KH-The NE 
Revolution, a million passed notes, Jim's childhood stories at soccer practice, 
our awesome basketball team, "where 'd you get that sprinter?", mac and cheese 
at midnight, soccer on the Spanish channel, "Nella...thats a cow's name!", 
Paul in your sleeping bag, "relationship problems," the lady with the cat hair, 
Kris: We wasted so many years not speaking. What I wouldn't do to get back 
any one of those days. Have a blast in your senior year SK- The country bar, 
"do you like me?", your mom-God bless her, driving around in the egg mo- 
bile and the urine truck, "YeeHa" Scott and Tom, our competitive pool matches, 
getting lost going home, late nights on the phone, my bloody clothing, fight- 
ing on the couch, Keep smiling my friend. BL- Six years of seeing me every 
morning, our insults, harassing Chris, the Phantom, running for the train with 
a knee brace, lifting me up by the hair, cooking class, "Chester," "whatever," 
my old lockers. TJ- "Jackson," Texas, North Carolina, English class. NL-An 
avalanche from your locker on cleanout day. KK- 13 years of memories, a 
broken finger, "say bologna and cheese," girl scout camp at the beach. JL- 
Szczepaniak, the quality board, Brown University. KB- Your brother, long 
talks in the cafe. BF- "Who's cooler than you?", NHS ceremony on my birth- 
day. AK- France, "my bum is on the...", getting busted at theY, "girl, head of 
fake fire," you consoling Jen while I ice down your arm, "TheAIlison Situa- 
tion." JC- A great nickname, performing Julius Caesar SM- "Did you know 
that if you marry Patrick your name will be Shannon Shannon?", the pic of 
Scott, the Y, chemistry and physics class. HM- "Hey H."TH- Lots of good 
time, fighting like a married couple, the country bar the gym, "left side- 
strong side," following Scott around, the egg mobile. CT The Alaskan boy, 
good times at NYLF. No matter what I do or where I go, I'll never foiget 
where I came from. 

Andrea Lyons: JP- no es,LINDA, canteloupe and fish, whining, a Harry 
impression, a ride on the Barnabus, a scary night and fight w/Denise, a Bos- 
ton tow, Parrot Bay and a banana split, Spanish videos, some NY driving 
skills, a meis game, road rage 00, fights at the grllle,AJisa,a large back, best 
friend. JM- Mudslides, Cliquot, rafts, parking lot game, a night in the "lucky" 
glow room, MASC, lndy 500, Spanish videos, a trip down the Mt. back- 
wards, hicks and cheesehead fights, Jimmy Buffett - mono, a visit onThanks- 
giving Day, a new muffler, a game of ping pong, a best friend. KG- a $300 
ticket, a bottle of tanning oil, a turning chair lift and glade crotch holding, the 

great GBI, A-OK, some U V lights and a trip to the hospital, a trip up North, a 
day by the pool, a bagel, the bottomless pit, Stony Grass,Arnie movies, some 
squirrel hunting, a window parade, a leg spasm at 3 am, cousinAndrea, a best 
friend. CH- an afternoon on your porch, a car game, the GBI, A-OK, a 
cheerleading at large position, some toast, Mission "C," Bob, Mahi-mahi, 
Chadwick and Wendell, smoke alarm, Lil'P + Dreho, a sneakout to the ga- 
zebo, daquari's at Killington, a power drink from the gym, LLCJ, 
moonschlogger, cheesehead fights, Queen, hooded sweatshirt club, window 
parade, BL, a handle, permabed, a best friend. JM- a surprise party a winning 
History Day project, a grasshopper, ski trips, a treasurer's report, some doc's 
and a new house in Norfolk, a third SHO, a sleeve for the excellence award, 
New Year's '01, long talks, a fight, a best friend, a trip to Indiana. MG- a 
biology video, a dead frog, a night at the moon crater, a History Day project, 
a stalker, WR, Cesar, a trip off the side of the mountain, a plywood floor, 
THAT was cool, camp memories, relationship talks, any kind of talks, a best 
friend. EK- a night in the bug, a scrap at camp, times withAtilla and Ron, a 
curtain, a level 2 Spanish class, a monster, a David Prouty boy, our warmup 
suits, talks about her, a whack in the head with my locker, a trip to the frolic, 
a large cheese pizza, a job at Coyote Ugly, a cute outfit, some painted gold 
rocks, many memories. CF- a trip to 'cuse, a sink for a toilet, a random frat 
guy, a yummy fishbowl, softball memories, coach T, some new pitts, fun 
times with SNL, LM, a hockey game, a 5 hr. car ride, tight black pants, a 
ghetto Tiffany's bracelet, Freddie Prinz. GB- a biology video, 4 years of math, 
Edith, a date with Rhonda, a good mood, a game of tennis,New Year's '01, a 
friend, trip to Sunapee '01, a trip midwest, good luck. KM- Jays Peak '99, 
BM and C-shot, "sweet night '99," DK, shopping, Slurpees and pop, a trip to 
Applebees, our luck, 5-0's, our mom's talking- our luck..., your favorite Britney 
song, some bizcochos, a cheerleader at laige position, a trip to Providence, 
more ski trips, LM 's arm '98, semi '98. EG- a gosher pickle, Irene and Barbus, 
a lucky dance, a sweet week at camp, a rip at my house, a rip at your house, a 
lil' guy, a 25 yr. old coach, a monster, a community run, a progressive, a clean 
face and car, a trip to Sunapee, Indy 500. KF- the old Sail Boat, a DMB 
concert, some grape juice for my walls, a Beastie Boys dance. JB- Joho and 
Dreho, a date w/LM and DP, an IBC root beer, Big Red and our sweet cars, 
prom '98, sleepovers, three people in a bed. EM- some long hair, an 7th grade 
crush, a boat ride, some bumps, glades, Mike, some covers, Halloween '00, 
your woods. SF- an itchy nose attack, a trip to Syracuse, a look at Joey a 
clubbing outfit and some boots. AC- a game of tennis, a year with Edith, fun 
times, barbecue. LK- A-bomb, L-rock, boyfriends frosh yr., a sweet coach, 
Star Market parking lot, a new piece of china, New Year's '98, trips to Loon, 
one armed Kraby, a co-capt., a game of hearts. RM- a chemistry game, semi 
date '99, ski trips, pit lounge, 720 on the highway 25 yr. old club. CR- neigh- 
bor, run around the block. MK+SW- skittles, a game w/skittles, math class, 
sarcasm, Scottage and Mikage. SA- #6, double shocker, AOL, my ripski 11/ 
00. NR- prom '00. KM- art, English, Kathy, our stamps, you know who, a 
sign for your space. BL- rips, my house New Year's '99, the 8:42 train,a trip 
to Prov, a night with the old crew in your basement, door prize '00. KK + SO- 
black socks, Dare camp, P7, N8. JC- a ride to school, another year withTurc, 
soccer camp, monsters, the Hammer, communities, easy with two, states '99, 
captain, a win vs. OA, a Mt Dew, New Year's '01. KL- camp, another year w/ 
Turc, toilet paper, Sticky, states '99, a community run, a busride through the 
projects, Eliana. KH- math sessions, a Julius Caesar video, bird crap. 
Rebecca MacDonald: SA-my Cape house, our chats, an outside shower, 
some punch, summers at the beach, math nights, the treasure in the woods, a 
mudfight. LH-Pink lemonade, our twin hotties, crabland, soccer memories, 
the trampoline, a two mile race, one living cat. MTMy famous move, punch 
chillin on weekends. DR-Waaaasabi, my sweet handshake, Becca money bags, 
a fresh lobster, mice, sweet projects, dudn't, a rainbow. JB-the rock, "u wanna 
fight? Hit me!", Running from the cleaning ladies, the sleepover, some CJ's, 
a trip in the men's room, a BNL concert, doofy, a microphone, the finger, "the 
bunt," "pool lady," "a random night." MM-the corners, homeroom, ****calls, 
an unfinished poem. MC-moving snowball fight, keyboarding class, Prince 
William, Deep Impact, "Officer Mike." MJ-math class, a Band-Aid, ur 
mascara's running. NL-"porkchop," "icebox," an X dance party a concert, a 
homemade splint, an attic, Deep Impact. CH-Finases class, Deep Impact, 
basketball, girls' night out, prom. JP-Carl, "Dumbo," "Train," a new drill. 
JB-A trip to the temple, "jump around," Walmart, my leather vest, a abun- 
dance of gum, a mack truck. EG-a Spanish video, Victooooria!, Doubles, 
soccer camp, a community run. ML-a "cutie" call. JM-a song every morning, 
a game day. DR-rosy cheeks, a game day. SJ-a backyard friend, new golf 

balls, a game of whiffle ball, memories of the old days. KG-Nuttmegga!, 
Breen's class, a trip to Waterville, ski trips, keyboarding. CK-a***maniac, 
"officer Mike," math talks. KP-Hotpants, Spanish video, soccer HC-the fin- 
ger, a magic trick. EK-a sweet 400 race, soccer memories. MM-Fresh. semi, 
spring track, a ride home. KF-Spanish projects, keyboarding w/ MC and KG. 
SW-A Christmas party, my old school parties. LK-a hockey game buddy for- 
ever, Spanish class, ski trips. CM-track, homeroom, OTII. BH-bloody knuck- 
les, math, Spanish. KD-competitions against CM and BH, the perfect gift. 
SH-"carrot head," a ride to school in the Buick, ski trips,TM-"T-Rex," Striker, 
the Buick, a ride somewhere, "a sharpened pencil," three more years. 
Rachael Mackenzie: KM- long fights, growing up, treeball, the Jetta, all of 
my stuff- yeah right!, blackmail, throwing parties, mom's bad moods, listen- 
ing to phone conversations, bad moods, good moods, my room, doing 2- 
360's on the exit ramp. MM- window dancing, violent fights, Billy Madison, 
Black Magic Woman, the Jetta, throwing parties, the water reservation, all of 
Cumberland, coffee, insanity, sanity, corrupting MC, Officer Mike, all of our 
boyfriends, the exit ramp, the dirty gas station, growing up too fast, taking 
pictures of everthing, all of the blue Skittles ever made, the Celestine Proph- 
ecy, putting up w/me, getting piercings, Providence, our cool apartments in 
the city with plants on the roof, skipping school, diamonds. GY Burger King- 
yeah right, don't even think about it!, driving around in the Expedition, sing- 
ing like a girl, the spot- I'll never tell, shopping, a high school marriage, 
dropping me on my head, Eshlah, skipping school, taking a trip to PP and 
stealing pens, watching movies, my room, French class, your sweatshirt and 
Shaggy CD, Frank, getting lost in Boston and everywhere, Dawson s Creek, 
going to Bangcock. MC- corruption, stalking GY French class, writing 
P.E.N.E. everywhere. LH- long talks, and informational sessions, soccer, per- 
vertedness. EG-going clubbing, being young, Officer Mike, anticipations for 
college, boy talks, the Pit Lounge. JK- going to Providence, Officer Mike, 
wishing for an intellectual man. KP- New York, becoming a famous politi- 
cian, Gucci, Versace, intellect. JP- book covers, mother, Leslie B. Anne, soc- 
cer, the accent that everyone is envious of, math class, the Pit Lounge. KG- 
talks in math class, the devil side. MT- growing up, giving me the chicken 
pox. KF- growing up and causing havoc w/KK, taking GY to BK, stalking 
GY w/MC. KC- Paul, talks in ceramics, adventures w/MC and PC. BM- ce- 
ramics, Dick Clark. FC- 553-3860 - call it, Nicky's. BL- try dodging FC 
parties at your house, New Year's Eve 98-99. BC- trying to separate me and 
Katelyn, risking your life, being an older sister, Superbowl, my black shirt. 
JR- partying, putting up with Kate and Joe, putting up with other stupid people. 
KV- a better attitude, toys for Bill, Katelyn, laughs. JM- my house, my mom, 
fights, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, my mom's food, Katelyn- take her! CK- 
Officer Mike, a "maturity thing," talks about girly problems. NL- Buger 
King, George, Miss Fig, evilness, MattT. AL- bites on Martha's Vineyard, 
soccer, after soccer parties, Officer Mike, our petty fights, the Pit Lounge, 
soccer camp. MG- psycho, I still know what you did!, the old man attitude, 
New Year's Eve together, interrupting me and GY, my first grade crush. KH- 
our lockers, weirdo, soccer camp, the KPP, pervertedness, singing like a girl 
in the Jetta. RM- trips w/everyone in the front seat. MT getting ditched ski- 
ing. JM- Officer Mike. 

Scott Maloney: The J's-LPP, standard issue Trouble Making, my movies. 
JM-rides to school, good grades. BR-Framuss,The Narwhal, late night phone 
calls. BP-junk yard, near death experiences. MC-Padiddle, I have more. 
Rachael Marcotte: JM-my love, the prom, Kirby's, sleepovers, a friend 
forever. EK-a one way street, vacations, a bestfriend, "mathematicians," walkie 
talkies, doing nothing, suntanning. SF-chicken dinners, strombolis, sleepovers, 
longtalks, a bestfriend, motorcycle rides, the Cape, getting lost in sketchy 
places. KK-team mat memories, cold spagetti, "whistle," no backwings, 2 by 
4's, gymnastics. CR-bike rides, how to peel a grape, carving pumpkins, a 
dead squirrel. JP-a tumble twin, no backwings, the perfect boyfriend, a shoulder 
to cry on, a bestfriend, team mat memories, issues, tubing, road trip 2000. 
AC-capt. of team mat and sleepover talks. KC-corruption, DECA trips, little 
talks, a day at the zoo in the snow, skipping. CD-the sweetness, DECA. LT- 
memories to remember, a best friend forever. CD-cell phone call, the sexiest 
man in the world. BS-some zips, the rock, your parties, singing in your room, 
dancing, laughing together, the neon, the complex, the beama. CF-3 hour 
talks, hockey game rowdiness, your mutha's mutha, the perfect boyfriend. 
BG-flat hoots! KF-a small piece of chicken, the Nova, boat days. MP-lots of 
luck in everything you do, a friend forever KM-lifetime supply of chapstick 
and homeroom memories. CK-the mosquito, 6th grade, sweet math & 3^ 



Kate Martin: CD-Feb. 10, 1999, clothes that you like, summers doing noth- 
ing, movies, homework help, a quiet door, Spike, Mike and Joe, a fortune 
cookie, North Carolina, parkTerrace, drawing pictures, a massage, a glass of 
water, no more allergies, a personal slave, a new car, a Keebler elf, a kiss and 
a hug, 1 love you always. JP-NYC, Lisa, teacher maps, a wall to talk to, a tick 
in my eye, shopping bargains, doodle, lost at Natick Mall, JP's party, fasci- 
nating rhythm, dog names, Tom Sawyer video, my voice, Nunz, P.P. JM- 
cheerleading, the animals, our dog names, the ap, breadwinners, being a bus 
driver, fundraisers, your $20, Joe Corbi, the Goober, 6th grade. SO- "my only 
friend," talks, New Year's Eve at your house, roommates, English, Boston 
apartment, a good friend, Northeastern. JB-KD's house after DMB, baseball 
games, stops at gas stations, poker, Andrea's sleepovers, apple juice at AL's, 
eating at your house. EK-friends since 2 yrs.,Timberline memories, a spot in 
my wedding, 3rd grade bus slips, to be a coyote. KK-only having a few friends, 
basketball buddies, gymnastics, Quiggs, 2 pigtails w/yarn and ribbons, Felixs 
emotions, Spanish video, yellow ribbons, the black ribbon, ski trip @Jay 
Peak, bus talks. CH-FCC, apple juice, fire alarms at AL's, ski trip. AL-A 
working fire alarm, your cot, sleepovers, apple juice, Seinfeld, nose attacks, 
dog names, a peaceful shopping trip together KG-ceramics, baby story, 
Sugarloaf, fire alarms, ski trip, Johnny jupe, dry, died, fried hair. JP-ceram- 
ics, gymnastics, yellow ribbions, the black ribbons, cheerleading, " I feel 
naked," "1 like it," bus talks. KC-captain crunch, jv cheerleading. RM-bus 
talks, cheerleading, gymnastics, yellow ribbions, black ribbons. LR-getting 
ads, manager of team bars, and team B, synchronized bar movements, Bufy, 
door movement, car pools, yellow ribbons, team bubbles, dragon. RW-pro- 
motion to assistant manager of bars. 

Michael McCabe: KK-high school together, 1/2 piece of gum, can of coke, 
Friendship Forever. KF-left hand, sweet B-Ball practice, parties, double dates, 
English Class. CD-Gym class, parties, hanging out. BG-Sals stories, parties, 
J-Dude. LT-Sweet B-Ball practice, trip to Cali, visit to U-Maine, parties. JP- 
ride home, walk through the woods, J-Dude, parties, one more year BC- 
"The Coon," parties, one more year. EK-double dates, phone call, Red Sox 
games. B-Ball team-successful season. CM-cross overjump shoot. MP-a lap 
around the track. 

Mike McCullough: MR and BR- the Mexmode, 5 Mexmode salute, Brown 
trips, Prime Time. BR- Mexmode from hell, Bazookahoots, round 1. MR- 
Tarrik, night w/"Nellie." CS- Road Trip (Kyle), 3-pt touch. MP- Round 3. 
DR- couch in back of house. MK- backyard fires. BH- my hurdling skills. 
MT- "I believe it's pronounced Meeleewakaay." CM- moment in White's 
bathroom. JG- the prom competition. EC- a new mirror AD- also my legacy. 
Evan McGrath: MJ- The mouthwash factory, my chapstick, hair dye, a 
puppy, chicken marsala, rhubarb pie, a new car, skidproof tires, leopard prints, 
the African Elephant, Juniper Breeze, Memories, Mattapoisett addictive choco- 
lates, happiness, love and all my friendship forever! I love you! JB- a hottie, 
a reducer, my girley name, the club, a new job, OOB, a car, art class, paper 
and plastic bags, some REALpillows, a new puppy, the YMCA ladies, mov- 
ies, a scumbag only kidding, happiness and good luck. HC- a jeep, your 
momma said you're ugly quote, the police, windows to jump out of, all the 
hotties, wild nights, cruisin Hearve Bernard, Art Class, your best friend- you 
know who, all the joy & happiness life can bring. KM- a license, the com- 
plex, rides home, Marines, Target, pictures, the outlets, TGI Fridays, the land- 
scaper boy, all the luck, DMB 12/00. BH- love, happiness, laughs, waterfights, 
schizos, choc, chip pancakes, the New car, the hot car dealership man, a new 
camper, ski weekends, a muzzle for Nikki, all the hotties, a freshly baked 
cake, after a fun night, parties, the pool, Mike s, fun times, concerts, the beach, 
and my friendship forever! JK- the clubs, some you know what, Kims ID, 
hot men, purple haze, a car w/ heat, happiness, freedom & most of all good 

Jen McKay: HM-a detour to Hanover, A cracker that didn't quite fit, A+ 
Spanish projects, dropping me off in traffic for free DMB tickets, our band, 
an Aerosmith obsession, tongue ring envy, a mutual hatred for school, a smile 
and a hug, a mean comment about Paul, honesty, strength, blatant cheating, 
"He's a pig, He's a hog, He's a babe." stalling behind a bus, tapping a truck in 
the TJMaxx parking lot. JB-LTFBWY, TAGTFT, individuality, a ride home 
In ihe CAV, 3 bucks, lettuce, license plate colors, a story, sophomore math, 
amazing, an opinion, a mix tape, crackers and cheese, orange juice, a much 
needed smile, 1 white rose, changing for the better BL-a sarcastic joke, a 
punch in the arm, a flannel tissue, a ride to rays, a secret, a hug. KO-physics 
test and story time,T-Rex, the IHTclub, 1 fake "C" cup, a belly button ring, 
ullets galore, a story about Bumpin' and Grindin' making you feel 



good about yourself, pretending to be your mom. JS- a Spanish video, a rest 
room sign, an adventure in the CAV, free ice cream, the Waltham 99, a trip to 
California. JP-dead words. EH-Kensucky Queen, the IHT Club, stealing pil- 
lows. CM-clubbin' at Hell, a mullet, an adventure, "wants them young," Zack 
and friend, a Pearl Jam concert, a drag queen parade, a weekend at Grandmas, 
the puppies, the blinking red light, a good luck neigh. CD & EC-an apology 
and a realization. KV-math homework, an English T-Rex, a story about body 
piercing, laughing in math at ST, boyfriend stories, the Devil, a bad influ- 
ence, an online chat, a new awesome friendship, that thing. MC-hiding from 
horse, a story about Jamaicans. BC-gettingAB fired, Ruby Tuesdays, Bones, 
Late nights at Samsonite, a conference. JB-17 years of friendship, good luck. 
Meg McKenna: SS- random outbursts, ESP moments, Poolhouse Painting 
Co., Coke w/ cherries, the roof, Madonna brunette and blonde, megafied jeans, 
Chags, Chos& Mos, more Duo nicknames, Indiana balcony, biting, hair-do's, 
beach police boat & Mochachino in Chatham, cherry cigars, Day Off, 
Grenadine, Baby(Frances), I guess so, dance solos, roommates & cabinmates, 
the colorguard wannabee, lawnmower rides, the Top Bunk- Helen & Long 
Duck. KF- trip to see Dolores, squeeze hugs, Poster model photoshoots, Hot 
Kennebunkport shirt, red corduroys, 20 yrs old, pillow theft 4am, Raspberry 
swirls, long hair, the savatage plan, police chases, turning heads, G's & C's, a 
hammer in my back pocket, "keep the change," sweltering band camp sun, 
Go back to Boston, UMI, BF, bend over those bells, nice fotos. JD- No se, 
BF, the dance, colored tights, Pez, non-trip shoes, BD boat ride & croquet, 
front vest pocket, Harry & Spoonman. MK- small things, fabulous Sea St. 
memories, Giff, garage treasures, Barn O'Fun. Stan- donkey, summer times, 
a fun wedding date, "Only Zeul." SG- ree ree rare ree reer SZ- the Hyatt, 
great glass elevator, Wayne's World lines, the heater, mumbling. JP- our Stoller 
& Berman escapades, a Beatle haircut, flying oranges and other food, #1 
anchors. Gricha- Heimlich maneuver, a cure for that knot in your neck, "thank 
you." KM- 6 chickens 4 ducks, old houses, senora plaidjammin away on that 
sexy guitar. MMcL- a new nickname, a decorative locker, KP Crunchies. JN- 
those times when no one's looking. EF- say it, say it!, that awesome voice, 
Many Big hugs. EJ- muchos hugs, my pink tinted glasses. EB- a road trip, 
Facts of Life bowling, Ya Chonny, el poder de Rosas!, that perfect spaghetti 
dish, your name: Burgermeister, "Technical difficulties," intense canvas 
stretching, about 50 bucks for emergency Spanish, an Annual Summer Solstice 
Party- YOU'RE ALL INVITED, much love. To All- a silly smile, a big Meg 
HUG, and a demand to remain in touch, love&peace. 
Jen Moore: JP-finding your real parents, impressions, Goldie and Netto 
Show, Slaboroni, Dusty, met's, rebelling(spontaneously), cruise, kayaking in 
the Amazon, laughing too hard, special K waffles, wrestling, talks w/ Denise 
in CT, MASC, the widow, Clicquot, the rat w/ long hair, cranium, new hair, 
midget vs. giant, 5, Panda Bear, Onion, random phrases, Spanish videos, double 
date, the sloth, Big Butts, Sputnik, dogs, lobes, a cocoon in Woonsocket, 
pizza, double wedges. AL-walks up town, regulars at Nick's, MASC, the 
sofa, Clicquot, illegal employee at 14, car games at the outlets, immigrants, 
cranium, eating, Farmer, 5, muchisimo, apple, games, Spanish videos, Dave 
shows, CT w/ DP, Sunapee, public speaking course, Met's, UMass softball 
camp, sleepovers, #1 mom, smoke alarm, Indy 500. CH-tennis, skittles, 
Goldstar, eating for 2, living in Florida, white gold, UConn acceptance, 5, hot 
pockets, "Bangs," shiny, unbroken jewelry, snowboarding Forward, Sunapee, 
bread @ Longhorn, the gym is that way, a broken glass at GY, Nike Camp, 
tank tops, Spanish videos, pellets and snakes, officer Mike. KG-Jimmy Buf- 
fet, underwear that fits, dolphin trainer, marrying Dave, not going out w/ best 
friends, Dave concerts, eating, chipaburgs, Helene, Herman, Johnny Jupe, 
bike rides to Millis, being scared, scaring Kaylin, 5, Spanish videos, el com- 
mercial break, Atomic Ellis, times w/ Craig and you, trips to the Living Room, 
History Day. BH-movies, secrets, kid, dude, Victoria's Secret, Spanish rice, 
Chinese food, good times, JP's house, New Year's, summer'00, a real sport, 
wrestling, whateva kid, pink sweater, notes, the list, Jen and Emily, spelling 
tests, crying, a diamond platinum ring, Simpsons. EG-easy L access, Sput- 
nik, Flash me a 3, "I'm not 15, I'm 17," brown bear, frog, quackie, girls' 
nights, Goldstar, being hungry at tennis matches, tennis edict, vegetables, 
Boston, #3, going out to breakfast, double date, romantic times w/AB,TM, 
JD, seml"99, prom, the briefcase, Gruel, speeUwiltliig, being liatcU by cvciy 
teacher, swimming w/ the track kids, Jimmy Buffet, using JK, Genna and the 
10 year olds, Hull, finding guys that speak English. KF-Juanita y Jaunita, too 
many skits, Mr. Espanol, ceramics, help me, trips to the Living Room, a new 
tire, someone to change a tire, Spanish skills, football music, I'm not like 
that, English class, marriage to DR, being hated by every teacher, coming to 

school, help me, Officer Mike, banana rama. JK-studying(trying to study), 
staying on task, tofu. organic food, walking up town, biology, having fake 
servants, Ramen pride, San Francisco'98, a mole, Jimmy Buffet, Petey, con- 
trolling yourself, Australian accent, a good DNA molecule. MG-freak of na- 
ture, "you're so annoying," a real fight, karate chop, a date to the prom, new 
positions, a scrap w/ Skenyon. EK-Delegate at laige, stealing all of the MASC 
guys, David Prowdy, curtain, munchkin, the panda bear, "cute," pizza. KH-a 
guide in the woods, Freak, a new person to make fun of,TS, English Jr. year, 
OT mullets, eaves dropping. KM-the Saab, a ride to school, 3 more great 
years, being on time, lots of luck. KP-new hair, stationary eyebrows, foreign 
exposure, loving New York, MD, turning down sketchy guys. CK-a triple 
date in ghetto clothes and a string bikini, cat fights, nails, OT cool videos, 
modern dance, throwing meals on the highway, LG. CH-Howie!, English, 
being on time, Student Council. KM-a cup, a new bladder, George Clooney, 
ER, cheerleading, the animals, junior high memories, Joe Corby bread win- 
ners, the Goober. DR-a break from me and Kerry, a choice in who you marry, 
Rose!. NL-a tank, English and ceramics. MJ-lobster for Brian, lots of details 
about Brian, a good time @ UConn, a degree in Biology "you guys crack me 
up." KK-lots of cute earrings, spirit, green and gold house in the center of 
Wrentham. AH-another double date, a child in Providence, good talks, no girl 
problems, funny impressions. AC-fuzzy squirrel, chillin @ BL's, sleeping in 
Skenyon 's class, making fun of CK. Sherri-anA in OT, ZAP, eavesdropping, 
a piece of gum, a good present for "Elizabeth." GY-a fun prom date, the 
Benz, flying over a bridge. GS-a great SC prez, eavesdropping, control freak, 
the greatful Greggs, Santa, rides, muchisimo.Toshi Imoto. CR-egg, cat fight, 
being loved by history teachers, Sputnik. HM-a great tennis season, Goldstar 
Stupid Fraggle, Power Bars, singing, "Friends." RM-Officer Mike, Bread 
History Day, Freshman classes. DD-Mr. Espanol, your Sr. picture, ceramics, 
a break from me and Kerry, a fight w/ JB. JB-some pants, some normal shirts, 
a tank, a new pepper, a fight w/ DD. JM-some height, some pizza, squatting 
bear, two more great seasons. SM-pizza, sitting tree, two more great seasons. 
KMS-lots of days at Clicquot, rides, Student Council, lots of luck, cheerleading, 
talking slower, lots of trips to Florida. 

Loni Morganelli: SM- locker buddy (6 yrs.), homeroom fun! LD-Applebee's 
w/ PM& DW, 12/31/00, BC, Dancin' Queens, Great, Fabulous, super, won- 
derful. MJ- Dancin' Queens, singing in the cold w/ JF &AS, 11/10/00.JF- #1 
Dancin ' Queen, Ridin ' in the Jeep w/ BR, good times, Xaverian boys & dances, 
squeeze into the front seat of Jeep. KC- "Rock the Boat"- 11/10/00. 
Jessie Morse: The Fab Five- mozarella sticks & fries, Applebee's girls, 
Roland, Friendlys, Amy, separate checks, TJ Maxx, roller kingdom, rainy 
beach days, Bruins game, Furby, officer Hoist, the skulls, glow bowling, Bessie 
the cow, a "flashing ten," yolanda, spooky world, "cars," du in dumb, ruck in 
ruckus. AB- #19, my turn, the thief, Harlem Rocket #24, track, golf, walking 
team, binoculars, JC, the stories, Honda Accord, Gettysburg, chalkboard, 
weight room, obstacle course, Run Faster!, Omni fitness, Franklin Library 
National Geographies, rock relays, visualizing, Dude!, hurdle drills, shotput, 
high ponytails, sports bra days, Swedish Fish, care bears, darkheart, my little 
pony, splinter!, cheerleader jumps, pinky and the brain, St. John's Prep. ES- 
Mario Andretti Award, bowling backwards, red & lacy things, penny and the 
straw, testing chairs in Star Market, campfire, lil dude, yo yo yo, peace out, 
you owe me a hug, Jendy, AJ, blinking contacts, confusing ceilings, Willie 
Wonka, triple date, bob, surprise, everyone but you can know, pick up lines, 
20 husbands, flowers, love seat, quiero un beso! JR- roller skating, friendly 
floor duo, chicken dance, Jendy, AJ, Willie Wonka, #44, the shirt, Poles, Hall, 
smile wave, love seat, two turtle doves, action man, travis, flying fig newton, 
soap?, Willie Wonka lives, tangled webs, another "movie," taxis, tampon, car 
shopping. KC-car rides, Becky 's dancing, our dances, National Geographies, 
Franklin Library, pepper to throw, accounting, power rangers, trick or treat, 
VML, hi sign, policeman, James Roadside Cafe, Shout wipes, flat tire, bomber 
shirt, lil dude, campfire, pennywise, IT, ILLEGAL, "hold the pickles," girls 
just wanna have fun, white shoes, peace outside! LS- bottle opene; my dead 
chicken, "laser." AF- bets, knock on wood, #31, improvising, blurry vision, 
insecure, muscle shirts, shifty eyes, watching subs, 26, track, three more years. 
EB- soccer, track, rock relays, Dude!, 300 hurdle hurdling stretch, visualiz- 
ing. TJ- art classes, doing homework, reading magazines, seeing you atTJ 
Maxx. SB- carrots. MC- surprax! BP- Mr clean, Mr. green, Mr. bean, Mr. 
lean, xtra lean, chasing butterflies, the egg, M & M drawings, the story JL- a 
new best friend, the dances, one more yean AB- 1-800-ILUVJOE, my little 
pony, care bears, darkheart, shiny jeans, cheesebuiger for $.39 at McDonalds 
baby, three more years. GR- a pumpkin snowman, off roading in the jeep. JC- 

a dance with the broom, a 24 hour girlfriend. 

Judy Mullaney: EA- Pond Home Posse, t.r.e.j., SH victory, purple man, New 
Year's, I'll be out in a j iff er, figgy cake, mama seal and a lot of laughs and 
good memories. SJ- Pond Home Posse, girls' night out, New Year's, "Oh my 
man," Ms. Stanky, snort laughs and fun times. LD- Mama Lindsay Mr. T's 
anger management problem, "annoying me," Deca memories. JB- Devious 
plans to destroy the s. clan, facial party, Mullet's house. MC- Deca memories, 
taping the shrewd man to the wall, decorating committee, and a lot of laughs 
and jokes at other people's expense, New Year's, the alcove. SM- Fabulous 
Four opps make that three, Deca trips and memories, captain bank chair pegged 
pants, mulletts, painfully ugly portraits, your date to Rubys, half streaking 
and a lot of laughs. CM- Deca memories, mullets, last minute CM project, 
Polo aka Hell and a lot of laughs. BS- Loser Club, Hockey games, Cape trip, 
feet dancing, KPIT sunburns, beach trips with Miss Minnesota: "There k salt 
in this water," and a lot of laughs, sarcastic comments and good times. EH- 
Deca memories, Cape trip, Polo aka Hell, pizza with special sauce, sunburns, 
shrewd little businessman, Loser Club, KPIT mullets, and a lot of laughs. 
HB- Loser Club, Cape trip, KPIT, passive aggressive, countless rides to school 
dancing, HBO, SH from Wiggley, good times with the family, Mullett par- 
ties, KT, the Rock, Ms. T's arm hang, "Is that frosting I see on your face, I 
don't care if it's your birthday!" Guster and Dave shows and a lot of laughs 
and memories. SH- Good times with the family, the Rock, Mullett parties, 
Ree-Rees, ice coffee, captain navi beach trips, car towing w/ a 5 mile hike, 
movie nights, a shoulder to cry on Miss emotional, girls'nights out, Applebees, 
Bat Mobile, Chili Peppers, Dave and Guster shows and a lot of laughs and 
good times. KC- Lucy, secret admirer, Pond Home Posse, stupid fights and 
stubborness, SD, horns, Dave and Guster shows, gushers, arm hang, lucious 
mulletts, buffing, the wood, Lufe House, Applebees, girls' nights out, New 
Year's, shady mullett and F-Ham parties, shags, minis, cat naps, and a lot of 
laughs and good times. KO- shang, good times with our three families, Pat, "I 
can smell the rain," shags, minis, jewels, G-babies, Dave and Guster shows, 
lucious mulletts, shrewd little businessman, shrewd candy selling at the dump, 
KPIT professional business calls, Fab Four opps Fab Three, taco bell, little 
dog, a good times with Tammy, the jolly green giants and the abnormally 
large children, Donald Duck, the dark, crazies and water, um Bop, anger man- 
agement, Ms. T's rage problem, little women, Ganielle, road rage, girls'nights 
out, childishness, and endless laughs and good times. 
Kaitlyn O'Connell: JM-dance parties, crazies, dark, water & D.Duck, 
MMMBOP!, becoming part of my family, road trips, redlight dancing, all the 
Dave, Guster, & Lifehouse shows, Snow White, shrewd business woman skills, 
KPIT, our true love, MULLETS!, an Irish jig, Ghetto babies, the S hook-up 
rule, F-ham, Freak Nasty, klepto, long talks, the beach, stress relief, anger 
management, the fam, HBO, very embarassing moment, the breakup tape, 
mangos, RHCP & Stef passing a test, AUE, WWR, ice skating, IHTclub, 
sweet Nov. "Life is over," a run, TS, a cute geeky boy, my other half. KC- 
almost 15 years of friendship, roadtrips, Providence, bead works, first 
sleepover, all the Dave and Lighthouse shows, Satan, Lucy Fruity Pebbles, 
mangos, RHCP & the test, chicken caesar salad, Delhlia, shags, WWK, the 
steakout night, a sexy hippie, mix tapes, good advice, ski trips, Spanish vid- 
eos. SH-emotional movies, your # in my memory forever, movie nights, some- 
one to listen, roadtrips, Navy, ice coffee, kee-rees, D-D's, iceskating, ha-ha, 
beach days, good advice, shopping trips, HBO, the fam, water, fries, "I can 
smell the rain," "are we supposed to stop," SOB, WWK, mullet, Spanish 
videos. HB-a boyfriend who deserves you, D's Creek, Jasmine seduction, 
sushi, someone to listen, good advice, nice boys, no ghetto babies, red shoes, 
keeping warm, Kevin T, PW, hot chocolate, always taking care of me, the 
fam, HBO, quad, KPIT, the beach. KC-Elton, Billy, Surge, "you've got a 
friend," Dave shows, "it's in his kiss," WWK, the bester, ski trips, lying in the 
snow, the blanket, the toy chest, Mike, EGGS. BS-sumo wrestling, charity 
banquet, Spanish videos, the Dave shows, the Revolution, most-pit sista KPIT 
WWR, Buddha, hot dish, Minnesota, pop, food, your b-day parties. EH-2 
fun-filled years, beach trips, JG, shrewd business skills, KPIT I hate Polo, 
the IHTclub, "are you in DECA?," mullets. Barry-I dont know where we'll 
be but you'll always have a piece of my heart. CM-2 great years, K.K., the 
monster, mullets, IHTC, tne day the cop hit you. JM-pnyslcs, moral stability 
guys in skirts, IHTC. SM-golf balls, Lake Pearl, rippin' mis pants, I hate 
Polo, 2 great years, DECA trips. Colleen & Janel-not my room. Have fun 
guys, I love you! JB-RHCP & Stef passing that test, your tape, mullets. MD 
& Josh-thank you so much! Everyone else-thank you for making high 
school so much fun. Good luck! 



Ryan Pinsoneault: RB-ice cream on my face, endless fun, DMB concerts. 
MR-growing up together, "The Wood," chillin, BK. SR-sociology class, Lurch, 
BK, stadium info staff. SM-junk yard, near-death experiences. MP-that Sharon 
party, Frosh girls, mailbox baseball, Ms. D from homeroom. BA-my ca; get- 
ting arrested. JM-getting lost after BU meet, Finals at Class C '00. CM-mo- 
ments. BR-your funnel, being a moron, BK. MS-my Boo record. CS- always 
laughing at nothing, BK. EJ-high school reunion promise. BH-hitting every 
hurdle, ice cream and eggs on your cat MM-the van, winning hurdles, BK. 
JG-Sharon party, vese dance. PG-a fun last year of XC, Foss Camp. GW 
being a practice hero. JB-#2 Bourke (you moved up), using your house. MK- 
Mr. L's lies, fire pit. KT-that cool hat of yours. AG-toothbrush. ZLand CS- 
being your gym leader. FC-following everyone around. 
Katie Prevost: CK- my necklace, tuna fish can, plays, fighting. JF- sleepovers, 
popovers, Florida. DR- dinners, mishaps, screen door EG- hot pants, bolas, 
Virginia cowboys, the dewy bush, trips in hallways, leopard suit, used nap- 
kin. JK- lamb's heart, soy, car rides. KF- Spanish videos, drama, Mary 
Catherine dance. JM- a big ball of my dark curly hair, my eyebrows, MD. 
RM- coffee, books, NYC designers. JP- spaghetti sauce, pink boa. LH- cereal 
snacks, choice 76, large pizza, History Day. MT- PL meetings. EK- survival 
gear, Abbey's weight. AL- tailgating, Pats, soccer fight. MJ- Emily's sandal. 
KG- spare set of keys, DMB homeland. JN- VW memories, UMASS. CH- 
my outrageousness. RM- Spanish videos. ES- car incidents. BP- my room, 
my car, peace! KA- concussion bill. MC- curly hair SO- 1st time-stoneybrook, 
car rides during drama. 

Jen Pulsone: JM-Arnold, many more yrs. with Debbie, 2 slab, a push from 
behind, juicy Nick kisses, Ainsley, Burr Buit, a cocoon in Woonsocket, lobes, 
dogs, and a gobbler, Patrick, Baby Got Back Dance, a burnt tomato, Nildo 
Guano, a yellow obj. whirling by, my ft., my hair, Sputnik. AL-cantaloupe, 
fat-free cheese, Debbie's stories, No es, Spanish videos, my whining, grub 
from da Grille, Nunz, Smudges, my old school Nintendo, Game 3, Bob, a 
twed car, fish dinners, my class clown award, Mario. CH- a well, snow, toler- 
ance, a toilet, a push from behind, my Chitalian heritage, my superstar neck- 
lace, an evil laugh, food, a midget. KG-bangs, a clean tire swing, a 5th grade 
teacher list, Judy Jonny, Johnny Joupe, Taylor's ashes, Wayne and Garth, 
Helene and Herman, haircuts, Dr. Durette, a broken window, an oreo cookie, 
a boo bop magazine, Lauren Tapsell, Bob. EG-a pickle, butter, a date at the 
bowling alley or in the Ames parking lot, a back yd. to get lost in, communi- 
ties, Ainsley, Burr Bun, shotgun, a fight w/ Phil and Alana, a car ride w/ Mrs. 
T, Sputnik. CK-Betty, Terry, Al, Curtis, CCD times, mall patrol, brawls, con- 
trol, all of the cat fights. SO-Lays, Carl, breakfast, lunch, dinner, Dunkin 
Donuts, Papa Ginos, my thighs, a burnt letter and smashed bowl, Boston 
talks, Titanic song. KF- the purple mom, Pandora, pink boa, one line pis., 
FIN, goals, tweed jackets, class clown, directions to the living room. KM-a 
house w/ tulips, FIN, Weasel, a walk to tal to, NYC trips, a fax, teacher's 
house map route, Lisa, dance class, Mattie, Billy, Fascinating Rhythm. EK- 
munchkin, a whistle, a KM impression, soccer camp fights, my secretary 
position, a curtain, MASC times, a leg to suction onto. JB-white markers. 
KP-ghetto drama, a chickabye song, 4 angry women, Phil/Alana fights, Mr F 
speeches, spaghetti sauce, hot pants. CH-a bookbag to throw, an old lady 
who, a supermodel, altar server times, hustlers, a human bean, a st. sign. CR- 
1 egg, 1 strawberry, beggar, Sputnik, cat fights. AG-Golden girls. RM-mother, 
bookcovers, math w/ Kaela, evilness, the pit lounge, a "horrible" call, a 360 
on the highway, stolen bar stools. DR-Leslie B.Ann, Chinese table and fork, 
JT Maxima, KMON, Anyways, good times. LH-Maria, 7179. NL-a fight to 
start with. MM-Stoller/Berman impressions, Paulie, Parrot/Riley, the reject 
group, a pt. in Oliver. LK-flying, pegboards, Burn Baby Bun song, science 
classes, Lula Blah, Stoller yrs. CF-Eheu, Latin expressions. DP-a statistic, 
esp. made pants, the club, butterspray. JK-a haircut, the low fat milk, it's 
more healthier. SH-soccer rides, my touching life, an air freshener for my car, 
who let the dogs out tape. 

Jen Ryan: ES-Bert and Ernie stories, Erin cartoons, freshmen field hockey 
locker fights, AJ, the gas money I owe you, homeroom memories, the title 
co-valley girls! JM-taxis, the chicken dance, #44 lunches, sparkling apple 
cider that won't open at midnight, AJ, roller skating skills. AB-hurdles and 

track freshman year, Unauthorized Electronics. KjC-jjuiijIc, laAis. IAD FIVE- 

"we put the ruck in ruckus," sugar shots. LS-locker fights, homeroom memo- 
ries. JC-our 3rd grade cherubs, wowie, variety shows, the CPand Bridget's, 
10th grade gym class, Mr. Smiley and Kellogg 's Frosted Flakes and all the 
other crushes, our Mission Impossibles smuggling donuts into church, Lets 
dance, 16 years of friendship and hopefully many more! KaC-cucum- 



bers. ES-apple jacks, spoons. MC-art class, spoons, field hockey camp, a KT 
voodoo doll. MC-a green and gold house, spoons. HB-a soccer ball for slack- 
ing during double sessions, applejacks, Sherry and field hockey camp. LW- 
wowie!, After Grace, La mysteneuse femme en bleue. BP-cats and rats and 
elephants with little purple tails, bad movies from Texas, a starring role on 
Broadway, the pillow people from the 5th grade gym show AB-shiny jeans! 
KR-the Falmouth hairdo, best of luck the next four years at KE MY FAM- 
ILY-my love and my thanks for all your support and all your love, I'll miss 
you next year. 

Melissa Steverman: CL-vranch, Godziller the fevrocious monsta laying 
dinersaur eggs in the Fleet Centa, the GROUND ROUND, being the dorks of 
6th grade, "We're going to lunch now because that's what we do," the scared 
trout. MB-someone to listen and give advice whenever you need it (just be- 
cause you were always there when 1 needed to talk to someone). JF-a million 
thanks for putting up with me and my complaints about the situations I get 
myself into. Bosuf-a sister and friend for life, potato chips. "DW" and the rest 
of the team-lots of pla-ti-nums and no more shecond plashe. Mom and Dad- 
a promise that someday I will not fail to make you proud. To the Class of 
2001-We may have had our differences, but in some small way each of you 
has inspired me to become who I am now. Thank you for four memorable 
years; you will always have a place in my heart. 

Erin Strauss: JR- Bert and Ernie stories, Applebees, all the crushes, "wow 
that is one hot piece of flesh!", Abercrombie boys, 10 Things I HateAbout 
You, Officer Hoist, Mr. Finase's class, AJ, all the movies, tennis lessons, prom 
and the semis, Erin stories, taxis, Mrs. Lambert and Mrs. Nuebies class, 
Goldstar, eheu, Latin class, Willie Wonka, "my shorts are wet."AB- puddle 
jumping, Baywatch Ken, convertible rides, mad libs, New York, yellow tank 
top baptist, evilerin, PlusOne, flashing tens, Erinism, Applebees, Jay C, 
Charlie's Angels, scratch tickets, Lakeside, bosh and brawlers, Matt R, TJ 
Maxx, Wing Commander, Ford expeditions, Thanksgiving ' 99, prom, high 
ponytails, Officer Hoist, beach trips, Joshua. KC- dorks, VBC, New York, 
PlusOne, Applebees, beach trips, hot lifeguards, trampoline talks, cookies, 
popcorn, smashups, "don't dance too close," flashing tens, "I want it that 
way," birds, hole in the wall, clowns, convertible rides, Charlies Angels, 
scratch tickets, Lakeside, TJ Maxx, prom. JM- Swedish Fish, Willie Wonka, 
Chuckie Cheese, Applebees, high ponytails, scratch tickets, TJ Maxx, Officer 
Hoist, beach trips, hot lifeguards,AJ, Prom, going riding, bonfires at the Big 
Apple, candy apples, match power, salve, eheu, translating crazy Spanish 
message. LS- locker fights, homeroom, should I call LauraAnne, all the bball 
games. AB- schomobies, bashos, shiny jeans. JO- the old home movies and 
commercials. JL- eating cereal with two spoons. HD- "how'd you get to be 
so sweet." NS- KGB. JC, JL, ES, SS, CO- Lakeside. SH- all those days we 
had to deal with the craziness in anatomy. KO- red shoes, trick-or-treating 
when you were a jellybean. BS- homeroom with Mrs. Tower, diaros en 
Espanol. KC- tennis lessons with Paul. 

Cheryl TVipp: LB-admiration and respect, my everlasting gratitude, long 
conversations, many memories, an open invitation to my dorm, one more 
year. JD-blonde jokes, hugs, the power to defend yourself. MS-bowling, phys- 
ics, bad math teachers, one more year to win. SS- the piccolo section, a box of 
piccolos.. .maybe one will work, three more times at Grand Nationals, blue 
lines, memories of a great year AG-respect, many memories.. .he he he, "Dude 
where's My Car?," the puppy at the store, sarcasm, an invitation to come visit 
me. HD-the title "coolest Rookie Ever". ..your the best, keep smilin! JF-one 
year free from your brother. 

Marissa Tuohy: JN-third grade, little people, Diamond, Snowball and all 
the other animals, laughter, a car that works, tri town and freshman basket- 
ball, horseback riding, all our memories. MJ-a sprained ankle at camp you or 
me, a car different from the purple mini-van, Senora McCourtb class, a de- 
cent batch of chocolate chip cookies, your adopted sister,UMass... "I don't 
know where your shoe is. ..look I found a lighter.. I won't get in the car I hate 
you," promise you will still say you know me when you become famous. SG- 
best friend Stephanie!, dates, some friends other than me, wrestling matches 
at your house, I'm coming over for some breakfast from your mom, Thanks 
Mrs. Gilbert for always making breakfast for us every time we came over. 

yuui UiilhUtiv iJdity when sunicunc fell down the &laii»,AUus accident, Cen- 
ter Stage, Ballet, our trip to Ithaca, Getting lost everywhere. LH-you lying in 
another man's car that looked like your dad's, a pen spring, some ice to slip 
on, a train with a broken engine, some hot chocolate on your sweatshirt, ran- 
dom songs you sing, holding it in, spagetti dinner at Heidis, THE LUCKY 
SHAMROCK SHAKE History Day projects,"My bladder hurts from all these 

■ >r- ■ ■ St 

bumps!" You getting high on the paint fumes from the project, anatomy 
class, the two times you fell in anatomy, basketball, chillin'on the bench, bus 
rides, the Mansfield game, you on the cell phone during our pep talk afWalpole, 
a pea size piece of sodium, Spanish projects, all of our projects, my car break- 
ing down on 95, Lyds you rock! you have made High School so entertaining 
I'm gonna miss ya when we're not in the same school anymore. NL- a train 
with a broken engine, my car breaking down on 95, Lydia's car slidding off 
the road, our attempts to contact Shockro, basketball, rides on the bus,the bus 
accident, the punishers, you rapping to me, your car with the windows fallen 
down, pushing a girl in summer league, Madonna, food, the trip to the hockey 
game sorry I almost killed us. RB- stalking people, driving by peoples houses 
like 12453 times, trip to the beach, trying to go clubbing in Providence, the 
student life section, "none of my daughters are that white!," Thanks Mr. and 
Mrs. Boyle for fixing my computer, "That's what we need the flashlights 
for," our trip to the Cape. LS- SHOCKRO!, a yell in the hallway reffing on 
Saturday morning, "I can't get it off it came with my car," a brush, a uniform 
ironed and hung up in the back seat of your car, a tan, you actually answering 
the phone or the door when Nicky and 1 try to visit. CH-a kid at the holiday 
party, karaokee, trip to Newport, a train with a broken engine, many attempts 
at surprise parties, the bus accident, you are an awesome friend and I'm gonna 
miss ya. JK-Biology, youth and law, Judge Johanna E. Krouk presiding, bus 
rides on fieldtrips, I swear I don't think the new Volvos are ugly, "Trashbag!" 
a Peer Leadership meeting, your craziness all the time. KP-a person to enter- 
tain me during math class, last year in physics, a Peer Leadership meeting, 
for someone not to erase what you write on the board outside rm 121. MC- 
homeroom, B-Land, big hair, environmental. MM-B-land, someone to beat 
up in the hallways. RM-our childhood, all your lies that scared me, chicken 
pox,English with the cheater. EB-stupid girl, "It does not take an hour for you 
to get here from your house!" yearbook. BR-MV, summer, it's always your 
fault! HK-askew pants, dot dot dot,bumrushing, an ambulance ride after the 
bus accident,a big vocabulary word, your freak of nature frog.a train with a 
broken engine, luck with next season,spaghetti dinners at your house, bleach- 
ers to fall off and then a ball rack to knock over, a good appendix. KA-my 
seat on the bench so you don't have the end anymore,reffing, someone to 
laugh with,good luck next year don't be too much of a nerd. SH- "people do 
that for pleasure?" the trip to the North/Feehan game, Lord of the Flies, two 
more years. MB-thanks for reffing every week, a yell in the halls, my brother 
as your semi date, all your crazy music. KS- youth and law, my fall in that 
class, all your perverted jokes, last year reffing every day,the punishers. 
Kristen Verdeaux: BB-a kiss, Borders, horse and carriage rides, polar fleece, 
lifelong supply of CD's, gas money, Chai tea, a headrest, Calzones, Bubbler, 
movies, Pachelbel's Canon in D, a listening ear, long afternoons on the beach, 
Chinese food, wool socks, picnics, a promise, friendship, eternity a 3, an Ice 
Bell, happy times, awareness, intellectual conversations, "CantTake My Eyes 
Off of You", a guardian angel, anniversaries, my heart. SM-a ride anywhere, 
airhorns, good music, GAP discounts, long talks, donkeys, llamas, and all 
other funny animals, a kiss for Tyler. RP-Bickfords, will power, driving les- 

sons, metal, new kicks, M's, fat, 27 cents, friendship,Adidas. SS-velvet scarfs, 
all my perfumes, Canolis, Chop Suey, fabric softener, Malibu, KM, shoes, 
blender buns, loudness, toe shoes, friendship, a kiss forTilly. RR-remedy for 
all sicknesses, a Wendy's that is open 24 hours, Walmart, sneakers, a future 
with Jeremy, kisses from Max, a hug, BH, stories, rides in the Jetta, stories 
about Scott, an eternal friendship. SD-unlimited supply of ketchup, a good 
orthodontist, lemonade, a big goofy smile, more keys. JF-a free ticket to 
heaven, common sense, aggression control, a good time. MO-a big sister. 
Steely Dan Concerts, Dirt, quick comebacks, volume control, memories. 
MMcK-Percussion rehearsals, long talks, a ride, a good laugh, sleep, hair- 
styles, Sudafed, shrimp, sliding windows, Cape Cod, driving ranges, GoCarts, 
friendship. MM-a wonderful childhood, Donkey Kong,Arkanoid, Cake mix, 
oldies, GAK, shopping, Guiding Light, Beaches, Earls, a great friendship. 
KM-clips behind the counter, an understanding of art, a blanket that covers, 
niceness. MC-dance class, lemonade stands, root canals, economics, aces, 
talks, Nancy Kerrigan, friends forevei CoH-license, 4th grade enemies, math 
class, figgy, basketball, art, friends.. .never again enemies. JC-to be a leader, 
not a follower. JM-boyfriend stories, a listening ear, 4 classes, sleep, Ebola, 
IM, "Listen to this!", piercing stories, an EnglishT-Rex, a great new friend- 
ship. JC-the ability to be nice to me, a good slap. JB-$5. KO-and EnglishT- 
Rex, math homework, a good cry, boyfriend stories, a mullet. ChH-math home- 
work, gift ideas, stories about "him", advice, haircuts. 
Lauren Woessner: JD(i.e. Smiley)- 3 more wonderful years of marching 
band.a finalist performance in Indy, and,of course.a smile. AD- toe socks,a 
finalist performance in Indy. JJ- a haircut, dancing sheep, a finalist perfor- 
mance in Indy. LK- all the memories of the past marching band seasons, 
funny socks, Sweet Breath, a cure for your growl, a finalist performance in 
Indy, my spot next to Seb on the field, all the horn solos in the world, the best 
French horn section to ever grace King Philip. SZ- snot, wedge, set-GD- 
coordinates. ES-Old Blue, rides to school, the "good jeans." JLC-Christmas 
pins. Jill D- going home, secret lovers.THE QUINTET-Luciano's, Friendly 's, 
the cheese log, potlucks. JVC- physics, studying biology Boston, "Wowee," 
the Cape, Victoria's Secret. JMD- your dance, your 18th birthday, someone 
to clean up the filling from your donut while you drive, a safety glass in 
Friendly 's, "Yes, it's really this big," physics class, Gas-X.TH-W -creative 
writing, my smelly dog. LB-happiness and freedom at last. LF-the finger 
game, physics, France, French projects, Harry, "Lift you your shirt." EA- 
long and real nails, the Cape, nose kisses, je high bus rides, walks in the field, 
the leaf, Epple, tons of memories, sisters forever KB- sleepovers, ice cream, 
Friendly 's, secret stuff, Boston, secret agents. WW- rafting, "it's raining buck- 
ets," "look, a deer," tons of memories, friends forever. MS- our first bus ride, 
soft shirts, Frogger and ScTabb\e,Lullaby, Crush, France, seatdrop wars, tickle 
fights, endless phone conversations, semis and prom, 2 years of good memo- 
ries, a whole jar of cherries. SF- my used dog, 100 on the first physics test, 
"lift up your shirt," a trip to Vegas, our apartment and our puppy, a really 
good therapist. DK- baby carrots, "I thought it was a fire," semi and prom, 
Ruby Tuesday's, tons of memories. Mr. T- a kick butt french horn section and 
a Woessner-free band. 

Given This Month of June, 

Two Thousand One 

in Wrentham, Massachusetts 



Mr. Cormier (right) 

Advice: Work hard and be human. 

I will miss the students and my fellow 

teachers the most. 

Future Plans: Enjoy each day, travel, and 

take many pictures. 

Saying goodbye is never an easy task to do, 

especially when we have to say it to people we've 

known for years. The faculty at King Philip puts all 

its effort into what they do. After years of 

teaching and striving to help their students, we can 

only imagine the immense number of people 

whose lives they have affected. 

Miss Szczepaniak (left) 

Advice: Do your best and always remember- 

every year is a new beginning! 

I will miss the people, both students and 

staff, the most. 

Future Plans: Rest and relaxation for now, 

and educational consulting down the line. 

Favorite Memory: Classroom happenings, 

extracurricular activities, and 

class advisor experiences. 

Mr. Houde (left) 

Advice: Listen to your students, don't be 

afraid to try new teaching methods, and 

enjoy your job! If you can't, then find 

another profession. 

I will miss the daily interaction with my 

classes, staff members, and members of the 

student body. I will also miss the men's side 

of the faculty room. 

Future Plans: Travel with my wife, 

catch up on 36 years' worth of projects, 

and read more. 

Favorite Memory: The NH mountain climb 

in the 70's and the years I spent as student 

activities director. 



So Long, Farewell 

Mrs. Dombkowski (right) 

Advice: Ask Mr. Levine for a room with 


I will miss eating 3 rd lunch with a wonderful 

group of friends. 

Future Plans: Enjoy life. I hope to exercise 

daily. I may also take a couple of fun classes 

and possibly teach Adult Ed. next year. 

Favorite Memory: I have many fond 

memories and will miss everyone. 

Mrs. Houde (right) 

Advice: Enjoy the supportive Special Ed. 

staff. Keep your sense of humor. 

I will miss my colleagues. 

Future Plans: Enjoy my new home, 

travel with my husband, visit friends. 

Favorite Memory: Chaperoning dances, 

the Spelling Bee. 


Mrs. Brennan (left) 

Advice: Keep your priorities in order and 

enjoy teaching your students. 

I will miss the faculty and students. 

Future Plans: Travel, read and 

enjoy my granddaughter. 

Favorite Memory: The red light in the 

Tech/Draw room. 

Mr. Sumner (left) 

Advice: Be flexible, be positive, be 

enthusiastic and never lose your sense of 

humor. I will miss the way my students have 

performed in class and the way the staff has 

always been like an extended family. 

Future Plans: Perhaps do some camping 

along the Maine coast with my new car and 

possibly a trip to Italy. 

After that-who knows? 

Favorite Memory: I have many, 

too numerous to mention.